When His Eyes Opened Chapter 571 -580(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 571 -580(Chinese)

Chapter 571

Her eyes were scarlet, and she dialed a long-lost number.

After the call was made, a sweet voice came from there: “Doctor Shen, did you make the wrong call? You haven’t contacted me for a long time, I thought you didn’t remember me. Hehehe!” On the

other side of the phone was Tang Qian’s smug laughter.

At the beginning, it was Tang Qian who brought her from country B.

Tang Qian told her that as long as she was obedient, she would definitely get more returns than in country B!

But she didn’t listen to Tang Qian.

After she got the chips to hold Fu Shiting, she immediately kicked Tang Qian away.

“Tang Qian, what are you laughing at?!”

“I’m laughing at you! You’re already out.” Tang Qian’s tone was extremely happy, “I’ll kill you now, as easily as killing an ant. But I disdain that Do. Because I don’t want to get my noble hands dirty.”

“Really?” Shen Yu murmured, “What did you get? Fu Shiting belongs to Qin Anan! It’s not yours!”

“Hahaha! Fu Shiting is indeed not. Mine, but it’s not you or Qin An’an who is with him now.” Tang Qian said word by word, “It’s me. It’s me, Tang Qian! I have swallowed my breath for more than a year, watching you rise from tall buildings, watching you Banquet friends, seeing your building collapsed… I knew you would end up in today’s situation!”

“Oh? Then do you predict Qin An’an’s fate in the future?” Shen Yu’s tone was serious.

“Hahaha! She will end up the same as you! Don’t think that she can change anything by having more children!” Tang Qian held the ticket, “Shi Ting will not be bound by anyone, only me can give him the greatest freedom. .” After speaking on

the phone, Shen Yu felt nauseated.

She fought Qin An’an to death, but it was the mantis catching the cicada and the oriole behind!

Tang Qian’s palace is too deep! Gives a creepy feeling.

Even if she joins forces with Qin An’an, I’m afraid she is not Tang Qian’s opponent!

Qin Anan saw Shen Yu coming back and called Li Xiaotian.

“An An! You’re finally back! Are you at home now? I’m going to find you! I heard that you were shot before, and I wanted to go to country B to find you, but He Zhunzhi said that I would only affect your recovery in the past.” Li Xiao Sweet opened his mouth with excitement.

“My injury has healed.” Qin Anan rested on the sofa and relaxed, “I haven’t told Mike yet that I’m back! The first thing I thought of was you.

” Go to you now! I have a gossip that I must tell you face to face! Wait for me!” Li Xiaotian finished and hung up the phone.

Half an hour later, Li Xiaotian came over with a big bag of gifts.

“Li Xiaotian, why do you carry so many things every time you come? Aren’t you tired?” Qin Anan sighed.

“Have you forgotten that my family runs a supermarket?” After Li Xiaotian put the things down, she pulled Qin An’an and looked at her carefully, “You’ve lost weight! Is the baby in your belly okay? It’s you and the child who are worried.”

“My child and I are both okay.” Qin Anan pulled out a bright smile, changed the subject, and asked, “You said on the phone that you had gossip to tell me, what gossip?”

Li Xiaotian looked embarrassed: “I said I was afraid that you would be unhappy…but if I didn’t say it, I would panic again.”

“Then tell me! I won’t be unhappy.” Qin Anan promised again and again, “I’m mentally strong now. After all, I’ve only just experienced nine deaths.”

“It’s Fu Shiting, the bastard! He’s mixed up with Tang Qiang again.” Li Xiaotian snorted coldly, “It’s really a dog who can’t change to eat shit!”

The smile on Qin An’an’s face froze.

“An An, don’t be angry! It’s not worth it for this bastard man!” Li Xiaotian comforted.

Qin Anan wanted to say something to hide her emotions, but the mobile phone on the table suddenly rang.

She immediately picked up the phone—

Chapter 572

Chapter 572

is a text message from the bank.

Her bank card received a transfer of two billion.

“An An, I heard that you brought up the breakup between the two of you this time,” Li Xiaotian speculated, “I guess he did this to anger you on purpose.”

Qin Anan received 2 billion successfully and was in a good mood.

“What he wants is his freedom.” She took a banana from the fruit bowl, peeled it, and handed it to Li Xiaotian.

Li Xiaotian was unwilling: “That Tang Qian is really haunted! She was silent for more than a year before, and I almost thought she didn’t work in ST Group! She is really calm.”

Qin Anan told Tang Qian very impressed. Although they have not seen each other for a long time.

“Tang Qian’s love for Fu Shiting is far above me,” Qin Anan said word by word, “Fu Shiting doesn’t like children, so she took off her womb to reassure Fu Shiting.”

Li Xiaotian was stunned.

“Fu Shiting is with her again, maybe because he wants to understand that it is the right choice to find someone who loves him more.” Qin Anan was relieved, “This is good. Life is back to the way it was.”

She was with Fu Shiting back then. When he first met, Tang Qian was by his side.

“What about your children? If you don’t have children, I won’t refute what you say.” Li Xiaotian couldn’t help but be as calm as her, “You clearly know that Rila has always wanted her father.”

“Then You should also know that Xiaohan doesn’t want his father.”

“What about this in your stomach?” Li Xiaotian said in dissatisfaction.

“This one in the stomach may not be born safely.” Qin Anan picked up the water glass on the table and took a sip, “Xiao Tian, ​​the relationship between two people is a matter of two people, and it has nothing to do with anything else. Since he chooses to reconcile Tang Qian is together, just respect him.”

Li Xiaotian said awkwardly: “He didn’t say that he was with Tang Qian. He just brought Tang Qian to dinner again…”

“You don’t need to pay attention to him all the time.” Qin Anan said lightly, “Apart from men, life is still alive. There are a lot of other things to do.”

“Oh, too. Are you really going to give him 10 billion? So much money…how to pay it back?” Li Xiaotian frowned, “I asked me Does Dad have so much money? My dad said I was daydreaming.”

“Haha! I thought I should have a lot of money, but after checking the account, I found that making money is not that easy.” The two billion in Cary were transferred to Fu Shiting.

After chatting for a while, the two went to Beijing University to pick up Xiaohan together.

When Xiaohan saw his mother coming to pick him up, his eyes were red with excitement.

“Mom, when did you come back?” Xiaohan took her hand.

“Mom came back today. I didn’t tell you in advance, I wanted to give you a surprise.”

A rare smile appeared on Xiao Han’s face.

“Xiaohan, I finally saw you smiling. You look so cute when you smile. You have to laugh more often! Otherwise, girls wouldn’t dare to play with you.” Li Xiaotian teased.

The smile on Xiao Han’s face disappeared immediately.

“Hahaha! Don’t be teased.” Li Xiaotian opened the car door, “Get in the car!”

Half an hour later.

The car pulled into the front yard of the villa and stopped.

As soon as Qin Anan got out of the car, he saw Mike holding Rila, followed by Zhou Ziyi, and walked out together.

After everyone entered the house, dinner began.

Qin An’an’s phone screen suddenly lights up.

She picked up her phone and saw the message from the bank.

The money she transferred to Fu Shiting was returned a lot because of the wrong information.

How can the information be wrong?

She successfully transferred money to him a few days ago.

Chapter 573

Chapter 573

“Brother Zhou, did Fu Shiting cancel the bank card he used frequently?” Qin Anan raised his eyes and looked at Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi was stunned for a moment: “He didn’t ask me to do this, so I don’t know. Can his card be transferred?”

Qin Anan nodded.

“I’ll ask when I go to work tomorrow.” Zhou Ziyi said embarrassedly, “He probably doesn’t want to take any more money from you!”

“It’s really interesting. Does he want An An to owe him a lifetime?” Li Xiaotian aimed at Zhou Zi Yi, “What is his relationship with Tang Qian now? He Zhunzhi said that he brought Tang Qian to dinner together last time.

” He has known Tang Qian for many years, so sometimes he will bring Tang Qian to dinner.”

“You are lying! He Zhunzhi said that Tang Qian served him vegetables, and he also ate… your company’s food. Is the relationship between colleagues like this?”

Zhou Ziyi: “Li Xiaotian, you don’t have to say this in front of Qin An’an and the children.”

“Do you feel ashamed too?” Li Xiaotian always said something , a little bit of character.

“What does this have to do with shame? Qin Ananti broke up with him. Since we broke up, my boss will be with whomever he wants…”

“You finally admit it. Tang Qian is together.” Li Xiaotian sneered.

“Why are you losing your temper with me? Didn’t Qin Anan let him go back to his original life?” Zhou Ziyi was a little excited, “If Qin Anan is jealous now, then I can only say that all this is Qin Anan It’s up to you!”

Li Xiaotian’s teeth were chattering with anger.

Mike Li shouted: “Zhou Ziyi! You’re going too far! You’d better see who is here!”

Zhou Ziyi jumped and stood up from his chair: “Sorry! I’ll go!”

After Zhou Ziyi left, the atmosphere in the dining room became extremely strange.

“An An, I’m sorry.” Li Xiaotian said guiltily, “It’s all my fault…”

Mike: “I shouldn’t have brought him back for dinner.”

Qin Anan finished the rice in the bowl and put down the chopsticks: “Brother Zhou is right. You are right too. It’s my problem.”

After she finished speaking, she got up and left the dining room.

She has always wanted to find a way to balance all aspects. But there is no such way at all.

The love in her eyes is two people making progress together, not one dragging down the other.

Even if she didn’t break up with Fu Shiting, she would pay him back the money she owed him.

Besides, she doesn’t regret her decision.

The pressure that hung over her was too great. In addition to the debt problem, there is also the problem of the child in the womb.

Back in the room, she closed the door.

After calming down for a while, she dialed Fu Shiting.

“Fu Shiting, has your bank card been cancelled?”

There was a man’s indifferent and indifferent voice over the phone: “How much money did you put together to pay me back?”

She ignored his sarcasm and retorted: “Do you want to? Do you want me to pay you back with cash?!”

“You contact Tang Qian,” he seemed to have no intention of arguing with her, and his voice returned to his usual calm, “to pay back the money in the future, you will contact her directly.

” blank.

“Qin An’an, are you satisfied now?” he said coldly, “Tang Qian is well-behaved, sensible, and never makes me angry. With her, I just need to enjoy her efforts. I don’t have to be like a fool, all the time. Guessing her emotions…”

Qin Anan felt nauseated in his stomach after listening to what he seemed to show off, “Ouch—”

On the other side of the phone, Fu Shiting’s voice stopped and his face changed suddenly!

Chapter 574

Chapter 574

After being silent for two seconds, he finally couldn’t control his emotions and called out her name, “Qin An’an!”

His voice made no secret of his concern and concern for her.

After she retched a few times, the nausea passed.

His emotions gradually calmed down, and he said in a hoarse voice, “Qin An’an, if you are not feeling well, go to bed and lie down.”

“Don’t have pity on me!” She was irritated by what he said just now.

Everything is fine with Tang Qian, he doesn’t need to tell her!

“I pity our children!” His voice tightened, his fingers tightening on the phone.

“Why do you have pity on him?” She sneered, “Pity him for not being beaten?!”

“Qin An’an, do you have to be so aggressive?!” Fu Shiting almost suspected that he was really the villain she described.

He was obviously very happy with the arrival of the child and was looking forward to the birth of the child.

When the accident happened, he was also very sad.

“Who was the first to be aggressive?” Qin Anan sat on the edge of the bed, her eyes were scarlet, her fingers clenched tightly against the sheets, “Tang Qian is well-behaved and sensible… You repeat what you just said!”

Fu Shiting thin His lips moved, but he couldn’t say a word.

“Don’t make me sick again!” she said sharply, and hung up the phone.

Fu Shiting closed his eyes in despair.

Just now, he was too impulsive.

He was so angry that he forgot that she was now pregnant with their child.

How could he say that to her?

“Shi Ting, let’s go eat!” Tang Qian knocked on his office door and called him off work.

He looked at Tang Qian.

In the past year or so, Tang Qian was like an invisible man, never saying a word in front of him. Only recently did she suddenly appear in his sight.

“You go first!” he said, “I’ll go home directly.”

Tang Qian nodded: “You look bad, don’t work overtime for too long.”

After she finished speaking, she turned and left.

He picked up his mobile phone, found Zhou Ziyi’s number, and dialed it.

“Ziyi, are you at Qin An’an’s house now?”

Zhou Ziyi pulled the car to the side of the road, “No. I quarreled with them. Everyone had a good meal, but Li Xiaotian suddenly talked about you and Tang Qian. , I couldn’t hold back and said a few more words. I may have said too much, but I have left Xinghewan now.”

Fu Shiting rubbed his eyebrows and confessed: “Be careful when you speak in front of Qin Anan. She is now Pregnant woman.”

“Well. I regretted it when I came out of her house. I will apologize to her another day.” Zhou Ziyi blamed himself.

the next morning.

Wei Zhen came to visit.

After the two met, they couldn’t help but give each other a hug.

“An An, don’t take what my mother said to you before. She’s old and her thoughts are more rigid.” Wei Zhen had been waiting for her to come back and explained to her, “I’m fine now. You What? How’s the injury?”

“I’ve been healed a long time ago.” She pulled Wei Zhen to sit down on the sofa and poured him a glass of warm water, “Brother Wei, if something like this happens in the future, you must not be so stupid. “

It won’t happen again. It’s you, now that your identity is public, you should pay more attention to safety in the future.” Wei Zhen reminded.

“Hmm. Your hand…” She sat down beside him and took his hand.

“It’s fine. It doesn’t affect my life at all.” Wei Zhen showed her his wounds generously, “An An, Fu Shiting asked me to be Yinyin’s teacher.”

Hearing this, she looked at Wei Zhen in surprise.

Chapter 575

Chapter 575

“I like the feeling of being with Yinyin very much, it’s very relaxing. So I agreed.” Wei Zhen said, “He secretly gave my parents a lot of money.”

Qin Anan smiled: ” Since he wants to give it, then you all accept it.”

Wei Zhen shook his head: “I asked my parents to donate the money. I don’t like the feeling of being given alms, as if I was pitiful. I never felt pitiful. Qin An’an: “

Brother Wei, maybe that’s not what he meant.”

Wei Zhen’s eyes were warm and his tone was calm: “I know he is kind. An An, since you can persuade me now, why can’t you think about it yourself?”

” Yes What?” She blushed slightly.

“It’s very unwise to break up with Fu Shiting. You are pregnant now and need someone to take care of you.” Wei Zhen looked at her face and said in a serious tone, “Can’t you see how he treats you this time? Do you have any intentions?”

She lowered her eyebrows, feeling even more uncomfortable in her heart.

“You are gentle, quiet, kind and reasonable in front of others, but you are arrogant and domineering in front of him.” Wei Zhen said, “He is used to it.”

“Brother Wei, why do you say that to me?” Qin Anan was a little aggrieved.

Wei Zhen’s tone softened: “I can’t bear to see you bring three children by

yourself.” “Xiaohan and Rila have grown up and don’t need me to worry much.” Qin Anan said, “You think Fu Shiting is mature and stable in front of outsiders. , in front of me too? He was mad at me with Tang Qian yesterday, naive and ridiculous. It’s better for me to take care of the child if I expect him to take care of me!”

Wei Zhen had no experience in this area after all, so he was at a loss for words.

In the afternoon, Qin Anan received a call from Tang Qian.

Last night, Fu Shiting asked her to pay back the money to find Tang Qian, but she didn’t find Tang Qian because she felt frustrated.

Unexpectedly, Tang Qian took the initiative to call to ask.

“Qin An’an, you can pay back money to Shi Ting in the future, just find me directly.” Tang Qian said in an official tone, “Shi Ting plans to set up a foundation and donate all the money you paid to the foundation. The foundation I will manage the affairs of the meeting.”

After Qin Anan listened to her words, Liu Mei frowned slightly, “Send me your foundation’s bank account.”

“The foundation has not yet been established, and I will notify you when it is officially established. You.” Tang Qian said.


“Qin An’an, take the liberty to ask, is there something wrong with your two children?” Tang Qian asked this sentence in the most innocent tone.

Qin Anan was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, and his emotions exploded, “What did he tell you?”

“No. The foundation he wants to set up is to help mentally handicapped children. He actually doesn’t like children very much, but However, this foundation is specially set up for mentally handicapped children, so I guess it’s because your two children… have problems in this regard.”

Qin Anan’s body went cold.

When she heard Tang Qian’s tone, she was clearly gloating.

At night, Qin Anan lost sleep.

She was lying on the bed, looking at the chandelier on the top of the wall, and countless fragments of memories flashed in her mind.

Obviously those memories seem to have happened yesterday, but the reality has long been different.

She must be stronger and stronger than ever for the sake of her children, and for the people who care about her!

The next day, Qin Anan was invited to attend an entrepreneur summit.

When she entered, a group of reporters surrounded her.

“Miss Qin, I heard that you lied to Fu Shiting for 10 billion. Excuse me, is this true?”

Qin Anan calmly faced the camera: “It’s true.”

Everyone: “… .”

“Miss Qin, are you kidding? If it’s true, why didn’t he sue you?” the reporter continued to ask.

Qin An’an: “Because Mr. Fu is so rich. Ten billion is nothing to him.”

Everyone: “……”

Qin An’an: “Who do you think? If you get rich, just lie to him. He is very easy to lie.”

Chapter 576

Chapter 576

This interview was posted online by a reporter.

Soon, this interview video became popular all over the Internet!

Originally, the news that Qin Anan had lied to Fu Shiting of 10 billion was extremely popular a while ago!

This is Qin An’an’s first public response to cheating money.

Unexpectedly, she actually deceived Fu Shiting ten billion.

And Fu Shiting not only did not sue her, but also did not seek compensation from her!

magic! Is Fu Shiting really so easy to deceive?

ST Group.

Fu Shiting opened a meeting and returned to the office, turned on his phone, and saw N new messages.

Each message is the same small video.

He frowned and clicked on the video.

——Ms. Qin, I heard that you lied to Fu Shiting for 10 billion yuan. Excuse me, is this true?

–it is true.

——Miss Qin, are you kidding me? If it’s true, why didn’t he sue you?

——Because Mr. Fu is too rich. Ten billion is nothing to him. Whoever of you wants to get rich, just lie to him. He is very deceitful.

Fu Shiting’s face suddenly became cloudy!

If he hadn’t seen her face in the video with his own eyes and heard her voice with his own ears, he would never have believed it was true!

The office door was pushed open, and Sheng Bei walked in with a smile.

“Shi Ting, have you seen the video?

Hahahaha! Did you mess with her?” Fu Shiting put down the phone, picked up the water glass, and took a sip.

“I think she looks pretty good.” Sheng Bei walked up to him, “Have you not seen her since she returned to China?”

I haven’t seen her, but I’ve already quarreled.

“Do you want to see her?” Sheng Bei asked, “If you want to see her, I can find a way…”

“No.” Fu Shiting put down the water glass, “If I meet her, she will either be angry with me or I’m mad at her. She’s pregnant now, and I don’t want to be mad at her.”

He also didn’t want to be mad at her, so it’s best not to meet.

“Can’t you two communicate well?” Sheng Bei sighed, “Just for the sake of the child! You can’t really let the child be born without a father!”

Fu Shiting: “She doesn’t want me to be the father of her child.”

Sheng Bei: “Then you should be stronger! You can’t be accustomed to everything.”

Fu Shiting glanced at Sheng Bei: “She can’t accept me if I am not strong. If I am strong, she will not share the sky with me.”

Sheng Bei: “. ……You can’t ignore her completely. In another month or two, her belly will grow. At that time, others will definitely guess the identity of the child’s father.”

Fu Shiting: “Wait until her belly is big. Now I have a headache.”

Sheng Bei: “Hahaha! She’s really annoying. But it’s because she’s different from other women, so you can’t let her go.”

Outside the office, Tang Qian listened to the conversation between the two of them. livid.

Fu Shiting admitted that he couldn’t let Qin Anan go, and when Qin Anan got a big belly, he would be responsible for Qin Anan and the child.

Ha ha!

What if Qin An’an’s belly is too big?

Tang Qian didn’t dare to do anything to Qin An’an directly, but she could use an indirect method to let the child in her stomach shed.

Excessive mood swings in pregnant women have a great impact on the fetus.

Qin Anan came out of the hotel under the protection of bodyguards after attending the summit.

The phone rang suddenly, she picked up the phone and answered the call.

She didn’t know what to say on the phone, she smiled and hung up the phone.

The bodyguard asked in confusion: “Boss, who is calling? Why didn’t you speak?”

Qin Anan put the phone in his bag: “You will find out later.”

After getting in the car, Qin Anan reported the name of a restaurant.

The bodyguard drove out of the car and guessed, “Boss, did Fu Shiting invite you?” When

these three words came out, Qin An’an’s smile suddenly solidified: “Okay, why do you mention him? Do you think he invited me to dinner, I Would you be so happy?” The

bodyguard closed his mouth.

Chapter 577

Chapter 577

A moment later, the car stopped outside a restaurant.

Qin Anan entered the restaurant and went straight to the private room.

“Si Nian, do you rest today?”

Jin Sinian booked a private room at a restaurant near Qin An’an’s company and invited her to dinner.

“Well, I will rest during the day today.” Jin Sinian helped her open the chair. “Fortunately, you have returned home safely. I was worried about you before.”

Qin Anan sat down, and before he could answer him, he was attracted by the card on the table: ” What is this? Your card?”

Jin Sinian sat down beside her: “Well. You take it first and pay back the money you owe Fu Shiting.”

Qin Anan pushed the card in front of him without thinking . I don’t want it. Sinian, although I owe him money, he didn’t force me to pay it back. I want to pay it back, and if I don’t want to pay it back, I won’t pay it back.”

Jin Sinian pushed the card in front of her, Stubbornly said: “You broke up with him, you should return the money to him as soon as possible! An An, you saved my life, and I can give you all the money I made.”

His eyes were clear and bright, so Every word he said was sincere.

“I didn’t come back because I love my job. It’s because I want to be a useful person, so that I can help you when you are in trouble.”

Qin Anan listened to his words and her eyes warmed.

“Si Nian, I really can’t accept your card. I’m very happy when you invite me to dinner. I can pay off the money I owe Fu Shiting on my own. Trust me, okay?”

She felt that the atmosphere was a little heavy , so he showed a smile, “I haven’t seen you for a while, you’ve become handsome again!”

“Don’t change the subject.” He put the card into her hand, “You keep it for me, and you will give it to me when I get married. .”

Qin Anan didn’t know how to refuse this request.

“The password is your birthday,” he said.

Qin An’an: “Why did you tell me the password?”

“I have a bad memory. Help me remember.”

Qin An’an: “…”

Three days later.

Fu Shiting’s foundation was established, and Tang Qian sent the foundation’s bank card account number to Qin An’an.

After Qin Anan received the account, he immediately transferred 2 billion in.

Tang Qian was stunned for several minutes after seeing the huge transfer.

How could Qin An’an have so much money? !

She paid back a billion before, and now she pays back two billion… Is her company making so much money? !

Tang Qian immediately told Fu Shiting about this.

Fu Shiting frowned, where did she get so much money? ! Who did she borrow it from? Who can lend her so much money?

Is it Jin Sinian? !

In his heart, a burst of anger suddenly rose!

After Qin Anan transferred the money, he put down the phone and started working.

About 20 minutes later, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the phone screen light up.

She picked up her phone and saw a new message.

It was sent by the hospital in country B, and her Down’s screening results came out.

Her heartstrings were taut as she unfolded the news—

Down syndrome: low-risk trisomy

18: low-risk

neural tube defect: high -risk high-

risk? !

Her fingers holding the phone suddenly tightened!

Her child…is there really a problem? !

Fu Shiting drove to the Qin Group, and he wanted to ask clearly how her two billion came from!

If she asked another man to take it, he would never accept it!

He didn’t make an appointment and broke in directly.

He strode to the elevator and pressed the open button.

The elevator door opened slowly, and Qin Anan’s crying red face came into his sight!

Chapter 578

Chapter 578

She glanced at him in despair, but with just one glance, she looked away dully.

She stepped out of the elevator and passed him by.

“Qin An’an!” His big palm held her arm tightly.

Her footsteps stopped, and immediately, her other hand beat his chest hard.

“Let go of me!” She growled hoarsely, “You let me go!”

Her violent reaction made him let go immediately.

He looked at the tears in her eyes, and her Adam’s apple rolled: “Qin An’an, what’s wrong with you?”

Her mood was not right, and he couldn’t imagine what kind of difficulties she encountered to make this happen.

She looked at his face, and the pain in her heart multiplied. If he hadn’t asked the doctor to give her medicine, perhaps their child would not have been like this.

She wanted to blame him, but her reason was pulling again. What’s the use of blaming him? He didn’t mean it.

“Fu Shiting, don’t follow me!” She said this with tears in her eyes, then turned around and strode away.

He looked at the back of her leaving, unable to calm down at all, he strode after her!

At this moment, the elevator door next to him opened and Mike came out.

It was the front desk who called Mike and asked Mike to come over.

“Fu Shiting! What are you doing here?” Mike strode over to Fu Shiting and grabbed his arm, “Are you looking for An An? What are you looking for her for?”

Hearing Mike’s voice, Qin Anan, who was not far away, looked back. at a glance.

Seeing that her eyes were flushed with tears, Mike immediately made up a big scene of her being bullied by Fu Shiting!

“Fuck! How dare you bully Qin An’an!” Mike threw a punch and hit Fu Shiting in the face.

Fu Shiting couldn’t avoid it and was punched heavily.

Fu Shiting looked gloomy, and he punched him back!

“Boss! The director and Fu Shiting are fighting!” The front desk was frightened and blocked Qin Anan, “Boss, go and persuade them!”

Qin Anan stopped.

“Boss! The director doesn’t seem to be able to win against Fu Shiting!” While watching the battle, the front desk was in a hurry.

Qin An’an took a deep breath and strode towards the two of them.

“Stop fighting!” She stood a step away from the two of them and shouted loudly, and the two suddenly truce.

The front desk was stunned!

It is understandable for the director to listen to the boss’s words, but wasn’t Fu Shiting deceived by the boss of 10 billion? Why does he listen to his boss like that?

“You have to fight elsewhere! Don’t bother me!” Qin An’an choked down and left these words, strode away.

Fu Shiting wanted to chase, but Mike pulled him back.

“Fu Shiting! What the hell did you do to Qin An’an?!” Mike wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his fingers and said angrily.

Fu Shiting looked at him fiercely: “I really wanted to do something to her, but I haven’t had time to act!”

“Then why is she crying?!”

“You fucking let go! I’ll ask her!” Fu Shiting shook it off his hand.

“It’s not you who made you cry?” Mike grabbed his arm again, doubtful.

At this time, the front desk came over with two glasses of warm water and handed them to them.

“Director, after Mr. Fu came over, he ran into the boss in the elevator…they didn’t say a word…the boss shouldn’t be the one who made him cry.” After a hasty explanation from the front desk, he couldn’t stand their quarrel. The low air pressure in between, quickly returned to his workstation.

Mike let go of Fu Shiting’s arm in embarrassment.

Chapter 579

Chapter 579

Fu Shiting looked outside the company door, Qin Anan had already driven away.

“That…sorry! I thought you made her cry!” Mike took his arm and walked towards the elevator, “I’ll treat you to tea! She told us not to bother her, you Don’t bother her now.”

Fu Shiting frowned: “You really don’t know what happened to her?”

Mike: “I don’t know! It’s good to come to work in the morning. Otherwise, I can think it’s you who caused it. She?”

Fu Shiting followed Mike into the elevator.

“Then do you know how she got her 2 billion?” Fu Shiting asked this question, “She paid me back 2 billion today. As far as I know, her two companies are currently unable to provide such a price. More cash flow.”

Mike: “You came to her just to ask this?”


“I don’t know!” Of course Mike wouldn’t tell him the truth, “She doesn’t tell me a lot now. Because I was too close to Zhou Ziyi, she felt that I was on your side.”

Fu Shiting’s eagle-like eyes fell on his face and did not move away.

Mike was flustered by him, so he forcibly changed the subject: “You are with Tang Qian, are you mad at Qin An’an on purpose? You are not afraid of getting mad at the child in her stomach?”

“You mean, she If I dumped it, I still have to protect her like a jade?” Fu Shiting retorted.

“Even if you can’t protect her like a jade, you won’t be able to get along with Tang Qian so soon, right? You can’t wait until her child is born?”

“Why do you think she cares about me and other women?”

“Why do you think she doesn’t care?”

“She dumped me!” Fu Shiting gritted his teeth, “If she cares, why would she dump me?!”

The anger he exuded made Mike swallow a sigh of relief.

When the elevator reaches the designated floor, with a ‘ding’ sound, the elevator door opens.

The two got out of the elevator and entered Mike’s office.

“Fu Shiting, haven’t you thought about why she wants to separate from you?” Mike closed the office door and asked him.

“She blamed me for not signing the surgery risk book without her consent. She blamed me for not putting the child first.” He was coherent and explained the reason for the breakup. “She didn’t think I would be a good father, so she didn’t want to. Raise the child with me.”

Mike frowned: “You’re right, and it’s not right. Even if she doesn’t trust you, she still loves you! She broke up with you because she was afraid that the child would have problems, and she wanted to be alone. Bear all the consequences!”

Fu Shiting’s mouth curled into an ironic sneer: “Did she say these words?”

“What the hell are you laughing at? What’s so funny?!” Mike cursed, “If Yin Yin’s illness doesn’t exist, If she has recovered to the current level, I am afraid she is still locked in a golden cage by you! If you have a problem with Qin An’an’s child, would you also lock up the child in question and prevent him from contacting the outside world?! Mike ‘s

words made Fu Shiting’s face suddenly gloomy: “I put Yinyin in a golden cage? How do you think of me?!”

“Why do we think of you this way? Isn’t what I said true?! Before the improvement, who around you knew about Yinyin’s existence?! You don’t let the outside world know of Yinyin’s existence, you feel that Yinyin is very embarrassing!” Mike’s tone increased.

Qin An’an didn’t dare to say these words to Fu Shiting, then let him pierce this layer of window paper!

Otherwise, Fu Shiting always thought that Qin Anan had dumped him ruthlessly, but he didn’t know that he had more problems!

Fu Shiting clenched his fists tightly, his eyes were cold!

His thin lips moved, trying to explain, but it was stuck in his throat, unable to say anything.

Not all pain can be shared with outsiders.


Qin Anan was lying on the nursing bed, ready to do amniocentesis.

The results of the Tang screening were not satisfactory, and the doctor reminded her to do further examinations as soon as possible.

If further examination results are still poor, the child must be aborted immediately!

Chapter 580

Chapter 580

“Miss Qin, did you come alone?” the doctor said, “You have to be observed in the hospital for two hours later. You should call a relative over here!”

If her mother was still there, she would definitely call her mother Come.

She opened the address book and finally dialed Li Xiaotian’s number.

Li Xiaotian heard that she was in the hospital, and immediately rushed over after asking which hospital and which department it was.

Two hours later, Li Xiaotian sent her home.

Because Qin Anan’s mental state was not very good, Li Xiaotian didn’t bother too much.

When driving out of Xinghewan, Li Xiaotian became more and more angry.

Although Qin Anan didn’t tell her what happened, she guessed that the child must be not well.

The child is not Qin An’an alone. Why is Qin An’an suffering now, but Fu Shiting seems to be fine?

It’s not fair.

She found Fu Shiting’s phone number and dialed it.

The phone rang for a while, but no one answered.

After the system hung up automatically, she found Zhou Ziyi’s number and dialed it, and the call was quickly connected.

“Zhou Ziyi, where is Fu Shiting now? I have something to do with him.”

Zhou Ziyi: “What do you have to do with him? Today the foundation was established, he is a little busy.”

“No wonder he didn’t answer my call.” He stopped and asked, “Where’s the address of the Foundation? I’ll go look for him.”

“Li Xiaotian, what are you looking for? If it’s not a serious matter, you can look for him another day.” Zhou Ziyi kindly reminded.

“Since I’m looking for him now, it’s natural that I’m in a hurry!” Li Xiaotian’s tone gradually became irritable, “Just tell me the address! If you don’t tell me, I’ll call Brother Bei!”

Zhou Ziyi took a breath: “Could it be that Qin An’an has something to do with it?”

Li Xiaotian must have nothing to do with Fu Shiting, and she and Qin An’an have a close relationship. She has an urgent matter with Fu Shiting, presumably because of Qin An’an. !

“Zhou Ziyi, why is it so difficult to communicate with you? If you are a man, just tell me the address of the foundation!” Of course, Li Xiaotian couldn’t tell Qin Anan’s going to the hospital everywhere.

Now she just wants to find Fu Shiting and let Fu Shiting take on his responsibility as the child’s father!

Zhou Ziyi was agitated by her words and told her the address: “Li Xiaotian, when will your hot temper change? If you didn’t have your father and your husband to support you, you would suffer.”

“You envy me . Is there someone to support me? Miss Ben’s temper will not change! Fu Shiting can’t do anything about me, let alone you!” Li Xiaotian said arrogantly and hung up the phone.

The event for the establishment of the foundation was held in the hotel, and many political and business people were invited to the scene.

There are luxury cars parked in front of the hotel.

Security personnel in black uniforms are everywhere.

Li Xiaotian drove to the hotel, and when he entered the event venue, he was blocked from the door because there was no invitation letter.

“Get out of the way! I’m Fu Shiting’s friend. If you don’t let me in, do you believe I’ll let Fu Shiting fire you?” Li Xiaotian raised her head high and said imposingly.

The staff is very embarrassed: “Miss, if I let you in without authorization, I will also be fired. Or you can call Mr. Fu and let him tell me?”

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