When His Eyes Opened Chapter 581 -590(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 581 -590(Chinese)

Chapter 581

“He’s too busy today to answer the phone.”

Staff member: “Okay! Miss, wait a minute, I’ll find the person in charge.”

About two minutes later, the staff member came to Tang Qian.

Tang Qian was surprised when she saw Li Xiaotian: “Why are you looking for Shi Ting? He is not available today.”

“Isn’t it just a broken event? Could it be that the event can’t be carried out without him?” Li Xiaotian teased, “Don’t he have time to drink water? Don’t have time to go to the toilet?”

Facing her arrogance, Tang Qian refused to give in an inch: “Li Xiaotian, what’s the matter with you? It depends on the relationship between your husband and Shi Ting. For the good’s sake, I can help you convey it.”

“I don’t need you to convey it! You let me in, I’ll leave after a few words with him!” Li Xiaotian said angrily.

“If it’s a normal occasion, I’ll let you in. But there are a lot of important people here today. I can’t let you in casually.” Tang Qian said, “If you don’t want me to convey it, then forget it. I’m also very busy and I don’t have time. I’ll spend time with you here.”

Tang Qian had already guessed that Li Xiaotian must have come to Fu Shiting for Qin An’an’s affairs.

So of course she couldn’t let Li Xiaotian in.

“Tang Qian, since you know that my husband has a good relationship with Fu Shiting, why don’t you let me in? Do you think you can represent Fu Shiting? Zhou Ziyi doesn’t dare to treat me like this, you really treat yourself as something! A dog next to Fu Shiting!” Li Xiaotian felt that Tang Qian was deliberately targeting herself, so she was extremely rude.

Tang Qian was insulted by her, and her eyes suddenly turned scarlet: “Li Xiaotian, since you said that I am a dog next to him, then I can’t let you in. A dog has the duty of a dog! That is to keep the door for the owner! “

Li Xiaotian was furious, raised her hand and swiped at Tang Qian’s delicate cheek!

‘Clap’ a crisp sound!

The bodyguards and staff around were stunned.

A staff member walked up to Tang Qian and asked in a low voice, “Miss Tang, are you alright? Do you want to drive this lady away?” Tang

Qian endured the burning pain in her cheek and teased, “Didn’t you see that? Miss is not something we can offend. You go to inform President Fu and let him come over.” The

staff immediately entered the venue and went to find Fu Shiting.

After a while, Fu Shiting came.

Fu Shiting’s eyes swept across Tang Qian’s face, and then fell on Li Xiaotian.

“Fu Shiting, your public relations manager stopped me and wouldn’t let me in. I don’t know who gave her the rights, but she didn’t take me seriously!” Li Xiaotian accused.

After Tang Qian finished her words, she lowered her head to Fu Shiting: “Shi Ting, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to not let her in. When I asked her what was going on, she wouldn’t say anything, so I didn’t dare to let her in rashly.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes were cold and stern: “Li Xiaotian, who gave you the courage to beat people here?”

“Who told her to stop me?! I said I’ll ask you a few words and leave, don’t you explain it? Don’t you understand? Could it be that I, Li Xiaotian, can make trouble if I go in? Who does she take me for?” Li Xiaotian’s voice was so high that she completely forgot her purpose of coming here.

“Apologize!” Fu Shiting said sternly, word by word, “Apologize to Tang Qian!”

“You are dreaming! Fu Shiting, you are actually on her side! I really missed the point! I expected you to be able to take on being a father. Responsibility… I shouldn’t believe you, you scumbag!” Li Xiaotian was dizzy, so she said what she was thinking, “No wonder An An is not with you, because she has long been I just saw your true face!”

Fu Shiting never hit a woman, but Li Xiaotian made him make an exception!

Li Xiaotian bullied Tang Qian and refused to apologize, but it was not the reason that really angered him.

She said that he didn’t take on the responsibility of being a father, that he was a scumbag, that Qin Anan didn’t stay with him because he saw his true colors… It made him unbearable!

He slapped him over!

Li Xiaotian’s head was slapped crookedly!

Chapter 582

Chapter 582

Li Xiaotian covered her aching cheeks, she was stunned!

What made her even more unexpected was that Fu Shiting said one word to her in the next second: “Go away!”

Li Xiaotian has been a princess for more than 20 years, and no one has ever touched her face, let alone treated her. Said ‘go away’!

Her fiery temper doesn’t mean how strong she is.

She covered her face and ran away crying!

Fu Shiting looked at the back of her leaving, and clenched his fingers tightly.

He could already imagine how angry Qin Anan would be when Li Xiaotian told Qin Anan about this.

But things have already happened, and there is no room for turning around. If he does it all over again, he will still teach Li Xiaotian a lesson!

This woman really doesn’t understand proportions.

Not only does he speak inappropriately, but his behavior is also extraordinarily presumptuous!

Although Tang Qian is only his public relations manager, apart from this status, she is also the eldest miss of the Tang family!

Li Xiaotian should not offend Tang Qian in public no matter what.

Li Xiaotian ran out of the hotel crying.

After getting in the car, she drove the car to the main road, and then dialed He Zhunzhi’s phone: “Wuwuwu…husband! Fu Shiting hit me!

” way to drive.

She parked the car on the side of the road and cried on the steering wheel.

He Zhunzhi’s eyebrows jumped, and he dared not say anything: “Wife, what did you say? Brother Shi Ting beat you?!”

“You are not allowed to call him brother again! He beat me, this bastard beat me for Tang Qian’s sake. !” Li Xiaotian cried out of breath, feeling that she would die in the next second.

He Zhunzhi was so distressed, “Wife, where are you now? I’ll pick you up!”

“Woo woo! I’m outside the hotel, I’m driving the double flash… I keep crying, I can’t drive the car woo woo!”

“I’ll pick you up right away! Don’t cry, I feel bad!” He As he said, he immediately went to pick up the car.

He really wanted to call Fu Shiting to ask what happened, but he didn’t dare to hang up.

He had known Li Xiaotian for so long, and it was the first time he saw her cry so miserably.

Half an hour later, he found Li Xiaotian outside the hotel.

“Husband!” Li Xiaotian threw herself into He Zhunzhi’s arms, and her voice was hoarse, “You broke up with him! I don’t want to see him again!”

He Zhunzhi put his arms around her and took A tissue wiped her tears: “Wife, I’ll listen to you. Don’t cry first, or your eyes will hurt.”

Li Xiaotian sniffed and responded.

“Wife, didn’t you learn to bake at home today? Why did you come here all of a sudden?” He Zhunzhi asked softly.

“I came out of the house a long time ago…An An asked me…”

Li Xiaotian stopped crying, but her breathing did not return to normal, and she stopped talking, “An An went to the hospital, child There is a problem…I accompany her in the hospital…then take her home…I thought I couldn’t let An An suffer like this alone, so I came to Fu Shiting, I I want this bastard to accompany An An…”

Li Xiaotian said here, thinking about what happened in the hotel just now, she couldn’t help crying again.

“Wife, don’t cry! I know you’ve been wronged, let’s go home first!” He Zhunzhi was solemn, but he couldn’t show it, “I’ll cook for you when I get home.”

“I don’t want to eat… …I feel so sad…he beat me…he told me to get out…” Li Xiaotian said, covering her face with her hands, “I am Li Xiaotian. I have never been so embarrassed in my life!”

He Zhunzhi felt particularly uncomfortable when he heard her words.

When she got home, probably because she was too tired to cry, she fell asleep when she went back to the room.

He Zhunzhi turned on his cell phone and saw a message from Fu Shiting: Zhunzhi, we will make a call when it is convenient for you.

He Zhunzhi immediately came out of the room and dialed Fu Shiting’s number.

The call was quickly connected.

“Brother Shi Ting, did Xiao Tian make you angry?” He Zhunzhi said in an uncomfortable tone, “She has never suffered, and she has a rather arrogant personality. If she offends you, I will apologize to you.”

Fu Shiting: “She beat her. Tang Qian. She also said some unpleasant things to me, so I couldn’t hold back my hand.”

He Zhunzhi replied, “I guessed it. She must have done something very bad, otherwise you will never be right. She moves.”

Chapter 583

Chapter 583

Fu Shiting was silent for a few seconds and asked, “Did she tell Qin Anan about this?”

He Zhunzhi: “No. She should not tell Qin Anan this for the time being.”

“Why?” Fu Shiting wanted to know , Li Xiaotian came to find herself today, what’s the matter.

He Zhunzhi hesitated for a while, then said truthfully: “Xiao Tian went to see you today to tell you that you and Qin An’an’s child may have a problem. She accompanied Qin An’an to the hospital today.”

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down Roll, the light in the eyes is a little dim.

“It may be because of this incident that it affected her mood, that’s why she went to find you so impatiently.” He Zhunzhi defended Li Xiaotian, “Xiaotian is not bad.”

Fu Shiting said hoarsely, “I see. “

He hung up.

There is a problem with the child…

their child really has a problem, but Qin Anan didn’t tell him.

If Li Xiaotian didn’t come to him, wouldn’t she say anything?

Fu Shiting’s heart was twisted like a knife, and he walked towards the door of the banquet hall like a walking corpse.

“Shi Ting, the dinner is about to start, where are you going?” Tang Qian strode up to him and took his arm.

He shook her hand away and scolded in a deep voice, “Leave me alone!”

He strode away.

Tang Qian looked at his indifferent and lonely back, her heart ached, and she knew without guessing that he was going to find Qin Anan.

Li Xiaotian came to him in the afternoon, definitely for Qin An’an’s business.

Star River Villas.

At dinner time, Yin Yin called Xiao Han.

Yinyin said that she was learning to drive, and when she learned to drive, she would take Xiaohan and Rila out to play.

“Yinyin, you are so good now! You can drive!” Mike exclaimed.

Yin Yin: “Wei Zhen said that I can do whatever I want to learn.”

“Wei Zhen is right! You have infinite possibilities! When you learn to drive, let your brother give you a luxury car!” Mike teased. .

Yin Yin: “We have a lot of cars at home, I can just drive one!”

Mike: “Drive your brother’s black Rolls Royce!”

“I don’t like black, I like red cars.”

Yin Yin The voice was settled, and outside the villa, a black Rolls-Royce stopped.

Fu Shiting pushed open the car door and got out of the car. Go to the gate of the courtyard and ring the doorbell.

When the doorbell rang, Qin Anan just finished dinner.

She came out of the dining room and looked towards the door of the courtyard –

Fu Shiting, dressed in white clothes and black trousers, stood quietly under the dusk.

His deep eyes watched her firmly after she appeared.

Her heart couldn’t stop beating!

Why is he here?

Could it be…he knew?

Because she stood at the door of the villa and didn’t move, so he rang the doorbell again.

She was distracted by the rush of the bell, took a deep breath, and walked towards him.

She was afraid that his arrival would affect the child’s meal, so she opened the courtyard door and walked out.

“Qin An’an, why don’t you tell me there is something wrong with the child?” He grabbed her slender wrist tightly, his emotions on the verge of losing control.

“What’s the use of telling you?” Qin Anan looked at him and asked, “Will you accompany me to have an abortion?”

Chapter 584

Chapter 584

“I have the right to know!” His eyes were scarlet, and he complained, “Even if you don’t want to, you can’t erase the fact that I am the father of your child!”

Qin Anan said lightly: “Didn’t you already know it now?”

” I did know, but you didn’t tell me!” He demanded, “Show me the child’s examination report!”

“There is no examination report.” Her wrist hurt from his pinching, so she reached for his fingers , “Let me go!”

“Why no inspection report?!” He let go, but not completely.

His big palm moved above her wrist, still holding her firmly.

“The inspection was done in country B, and only sent me a message.” Facing his questioning, she couldn’t lie.

“Show me the information!” He pressed step by step.

If he doesn’t see the information today, he won’t let it go.

At this time, Mike and the two children came out of the dining room and saw Fu Shiting.

“What’s he doing here?” Rila whispered.

Mike: “Your mother cried this morning, I don’t know why…”

Xiaohan frowned: “What happened to my mother?”

Mike shrugged: “I don’t know! I asked her and she didn’t answer. Me. But when she was eating just now, she seemed to be normal. Maybe it’s not a big deal!”

As they chatted, Qin Anan opened the courtyard door and brought Fu Shiting in.

Mike took the two children back to the dining room.

Fu Shiting followed Qin Anan into the villa.

Qin Anan picked up the phone from the coffee table, opened the message, and showed him.

After reading the information, he lowered his eyes and glanced at her abdomen: “What did you do in the hospital today?”


“What’s the use of doing this?”

“Check if the child is really in trouble.” She didn’t want to continue the topic, so she spoke faster, “The results will be available in two weeks. You’ll come back and ask me in two weeks.”

He raised his eyes and looked at the dining room not far away, with three pairs of eyes staring at them.

He grabbed Qin An’an’s hand and took her upstairs.

“What are you doing?!” Qin Anan didn’t want to be alone with him, so he shook off his hand.

He especially hates being dumped by her, but she often does this to him.

He held her hand again, and this time, like punishment, he used a lot of strength.

“I have something to tell you. Do you want them all to hear?” He glanced at her blushing little face, then led her upstairs.

After the two went upstairs, they entered Qin An’an’s bedroom.

Qin Anan especially didn’t want him to enter her bedroom, but after he entered her house, he had no self-consciousness to be a guest at all, as if he was the owner of the house.

“Qin An’an, after two weeks, if the child still has problems, what are you going to do?” He closed the bedroom door and asked the question.

“Knock it out.” She didn’t hesitate.

Her answer made him feel cold: “Didn’t you say that even if the child has a problem, you will give birth to him? Why did you change your mind?”

“Did he suffer when he was born?” Don’t you really want me to be knocked out? Aren’t you supposed to be happy?”

“That’s my child! No matter if he is sick or knocked out, I can’t be happy!” There was a glimmer of light in his eyes, “Qin An’an, you have to stab me, don’t you?”

She wanted to stop this unnecessary quarrel, so she turned her back: “If there is nothing else, then you can go! I’m going to rest.”

“What’s the matter with two billion?” He walked up to her and forced her to face himself, “Where did you get so much money? Who did you borrow it from?”

“I didn’t ask anyone to borrow it.” She was enveloped in him Under the tall body, I felt a lot of pressure, so I couldn’t help but step back, “I earned it myself.”

Chapter 585

Chapter 585

“You made two billion in just a few dozen days? Tell me how you made it.” He didn’t believe her words at all, so she retired and he chased after her.

until she was pushed to the bedside.

“How do you care about my earnings? It’s enough for you to care about the children, you are not qualified to care about me!” She pushed his chest.

“I take care of you and take care of the child!” His body remained still, and his eyes deepened, “As long as the child is still in your belly, I am qualified to take care of you!”

Qin Anan thought it was ridiculous, but there was no better reason to refute it. .

“I treat people, and others pay!” She wasn’t lying either.

The two billion was the remuneration Fu Shiting paid to Shen Yu.

It’s just that the disease was not cured by Shen Yu for Yin Yin, so she asked Shen Yu to come over.

She didn’t lose heart for this money.

“Who?” He was dubious about her words, “Who gave you such a high reward?!”

“You are allowed to give Shen Yu such a high reward, and others are not allowed to give me such a high reward? Or you can’t accept it? Someone as rich as you?” Qin An’an scoffed at him, “self-righteous man!”

“Qin An’an, you don’t feel comfortable if you don’t make me angry for a day, don’t you?” He grabbed the back of her neck with one hand, his face almost to stick to her face.

She felt his hot and unique breath, and her heart was burning.

“What are you doing?” Her long curled eyelashes trembled, her breathing was a little dignified, “If you dare to mess around, I’ll call!”

After she threatened, his thin lips blocked her small mouth !

She wanted to resist, but his long arms bound her body tightly, making her unable to move!

I don’t know how long it took, he finally satisfied and let go of her.

Her eyes were red, and the grievance and anger in her eyes were no longer concealed.

“Do you know what you’re doing?!” She pushed him away.

She didn’t expect to push him casually and push him backwards.

He hit the clothes rail behind him, and he quickly reached out to hold the cabinet next to him to stabilize his body.

He didn’t fall, but after being hit by the clothes rail, he fell.

The bag she was hanging on fell to the ground, and the contents of the bag scattered all over the floor.

He immediately crouched down and picked up her bag and the things on the ground.

There were not many things in her bag, except for tissues, earphones, makeup powder, and some commonly used medicines in simple packaging.

When he put things into the bag, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a card exposed in the middle of her bag.

To be precise, it is a black card.

He took out the black card –

“Don’t touch my things!” She saw the card in his hand, and a cold sweat broke out on her back!

This is the card that Jin Sinian asked her to keep. After she put it in her bag last time, she forgot to take it out.

He turned the card over to the back and saw the cardholder’s signature at the signature – Jin Sinian.

“Your stuff?” He held the card between his fingers, his tone frivolous, “Jin Sinian’s card, why is it in your bag? Why did it become your thing?”

His tone gradually increased, the look on his face More and more sinister.

“I told you not to touch my bag, I didn’t say it was my card!” She grabbed the bag, and then wanted to get the card back from his hand.

He stood up abruptly and held the card high, preventing her from taking it back.

“The 2 billion was given to you by him? Did he give it to you?!” His Adam’s apple rolled and snarled, “When did you two get together?! If I hadn’t seen this card , how long are you two going to lie to me?!”

Chapter 586

Chapter 586

She looked at his sad and angry face and suddenly couldn’t say anything.

He has already determined that there is a relationship between her and Jin Sinian.

If she is him, it is estimated that she will also misunderstand.

Under what circumstances would a woman accept a man’s bank card?

It must be when the relationship is very close and does not separate each other.

When she was with Fu Shiting at the sweetest time, she didn’t accept his card either.

Thinking of this, she stopped thinking.

Because she saw the tears welling in his eyes.

She seemed to be strangled by someone, had difficulty breathing, and desperately tried to save herself: “Fu Shiting…he just put the card with me and asked me to keep it…I didn’t spend his money… ….”

“Really?” He clenched the card tightly in the palm of his hand, “In that case, I’ll take it for you and return it to him.”

After he finished speaking, he lifted up the clothes rail that was lying on the ground.

Then he walked to the door and opened it – the faces of Mike and the two children appeared before him.

His face was cold and without a word, he passed by them and strode downstairs.

“Mom! Did he bully you?” Rila ran quickly to the room, looking up at her mother’s face.

Qin Anan smiled and hung the bag on the clothes rail: “No. You are at home, he dare not bully me.”

“Qin Anan, I heard it all.” Mike walked in with a heavy heart, “Child Is there a problem?”

No wonder her eyes were red from crying in the morning.

Qin Anan forced himself to calm down: “Not necessarily! It’s just that the risk is relatively high. We have to wait for the results.”

“Oh, then don’t be depressed.” Mike comforted, “I consulted the doctor, and the doctor said that the fetus is not as fragile as we thought. Especially after the first three months, there will generally be no problems later.”

Qin Anan : “Well.”

“I quarreled with him today and said everything.” Mike stood in front of Qin An’an, scratching his head in embarrassment.

Qin Anan frowned: “What did you say?”

“Uh…I accuse him of looking like he loves Yinyin, but in fact he doesn’t look down on Yinyin at all!” Mike said here and paused, ” I also said that you still love him… I told him not to be with Tang Qian… Anyway, wait until you give birth to the child.”

Qin Anan looked puzzled: “You won’t Don’t talk! Who told you to say such things to him?! He must have thought I told you to tell him! No wonder he just…”

No wonder he kissed her just now!

It turned out to be because he listened to Mike and thought she still loved him!

She covered her mouth with one hand and wanted to burrow in embarrassment.

“Don’t think so much, your task now is to take good care of your body.” Mike reassured, “Do you think he doesn’t know that you still love him? He’s not a fool, and neither are we.”

“I’m a fool, Okay?” Qin Anan pushed Mike out the door, “Hurry out! I don’t want to see you now.”

Mike immediately came out of the room with the two children.

Qin Anan felt that her body was hollowed out.

She lay down on the bed with her hands on her bulging abdomen, and Fu Shiting’s tearful face appeared in her mind.

Although she was reluctant to admit it, every time she saw him sad, she would soften her heart.

Even if it is a great hatred, as long as she sees his vulnerable side, her psychological defense line will collapse instantly.

He is such a strong person, if it is not really hurt, he will never cry easily.

She held her breath.

She just accepted Jin Sinian’s card, and he reacted so strongly, what if she married another man in the future?

He can have an ambiguous relationship with Tang Qian, can’t she be with other men?

Two hours later, a revelation appeared on Weibo.

——Fu Shiting, president of ST Group, openly slapped a young woman in the hotel!

Along with the revelations, there was also a screenshot of a surveillance video.

From the screenshot, you can see that Fu Shiting did hit the woman.

No matter what class a man is, as long as he beats a woman and is exposed, it is bound to set off a wave of public opinion!

Chapter 587

Chapter 587

  • This man looks like a dog, and he didn’t expect to do such an unprofessional thing!

——He looks cold and fierce, and he has a violent tendency at first glance! I want to see which woman who is not afraid of death dares to marry him!

  • What is violent tendencies? Even if he is a murderer, there are still a lot of women willing to marry him! Who made him rich!

–Vomit! If I were the woman who was beaten, I would definitely miss it!

-Who was the woman who was beaten? Anyone know? The face looks pretty good too!

Qin Anan took a folic acid tablet after taking a bath. Then lie down on the bed.

Because she took a nap in the afternoon, she was not sleepy at all.

She turned on her phone and saw an Aite message.

It’s news from the university group.

She clicked on the group and saw a heated discussion among everyone.

Classmate A: This woman’s profile looks like a sweetie!

Classmate B: Although this woman looks like Xiao Tian, ​​she is definitely not Xiao Tian! How could Xiao Tian be bullied!

Classmate C: If I remember correctly, Xiao Tian’s husband and Fu Shiting are friends. How could Fu Shiting hit Xiao Tian!

Classmate D: Sweetie! Come out and read the gossip! A woman who looks like you was beaten by Fu Shiting! @

李小天Qin Anan looked at these words and was confused.

She flipped the message up and saw the picture.

She recognized Fu Shiting in the picture at a glance.

She zoomed in on the picture and saw the woman who was beaten…

If she hadn’t seen Li Xiaotian today, I’m afraid she would, like other classmates, think that this woman just looks like Li Xiaotian.

But she met Li Xiaotian today! The woman in the picture is wearing exactly the same clothes Li Xiaotian is wearing today!

This woman is Li Xiaotian!

Qin An’an’s eyes were hot, and her fingers gripping the phone suddenly tightened!

Li Xiaotian is a little princess who grew up with a golden key. She is the only daughter in the family and has never suffered any grievances.

Although her character is more arrogant than the average person, she will not bully others if others don’t take the initiative to bully her.

Why did Fu Shiting beat her? !

She got out of bed immediately, put on a coat, and hurried downstairs.

Half an hour later, she drove to the wedding room of He Zhunzhi and Li Xiaotian.

He Zhunzhi was very surprised to see her coming.

“Xiao Tian was bullied, why didn’t you tell me?” Qin Anan complained.

He Zhunzhi looked helpless: “She feels ashamed and won’t tell. How did you know?”

“It’s on the news.” She strode towards the bedroom.

Li Xiaotian is sitting on the bed eating snacks.

Seeing Qin Anan coming, she thought she had hallucinations.

“Xiao Tian! How could you hide such a thing from me?” Qin Anan walked to the bed in two steps and carefully checked her injuries, “The swelling is so high… Fu Shiting, this bastard!”

Li Xiaotian The mood has calmed down a lot.

And Qin Anan is pregnant now. She doesn’t want Qin Anan to worry. “After rubbing the medicine, it doesn’t hurt much anymore. The doctor said it will be back in a week.”

“Why did he beat you?” Qin Anan grabbed her hand, She asked, “Xiao Tian, ​​tell me!”

Li Xiaotian frowned, reluctant to recall, but she couldn’t avoid answering.

“I see that you are in so much pain because of the child, so I want to tell him secretly and let him accompany you.” Li Xiaotian said, “I went to the hotel to find him, but Tang Qian stopped me and wouldn’t let me in. Tang Qian It was intentional! I’m still so angry when I think of this woman now!”

Qin Anan patted her on the shoulder lightly, already guessing why Fu Shiting beat people.

It must be for Tang Qian.

Chapter 588

Chapter 588

“I hit Tang Qian.” Li Xiaotian continued, “I know I’m a little impulsive, but if I do it all over again, I’ll still hit her! She’s not the boss of ST Group! She even made things difficult for me on purpose. !”

Qin Anan listened to her words, and her mood was still solemn.

It’s wrong for Li Xiaotian to beat someone first, but this is a grudge between her and Tang Qian. As a man, is it necessary for Fu Shiting to intervene?

“Fu Shiting, this bastard, I won’t forgive him! Of course, he doesn’t care that I forgive!” Li Xiaotian said, looking at Qin An’an, “An An, the grievance between me and Fu Shiting has nothing to do with you. I was influenced. I was beaten because I was cheap. He didn’t do it all for Tang Qian.”

“Xiao Tian, ​​no matter what you said to him, he shouldn’t beat people.” Qin Anan remembered what happened before. One thing, “he almost strangled Xiaohan before. Xiaohan still hates him very much. I suspect that he already knew that Xiaohan was his son, but because of his mistakes, he didn’t dare to recognize Xiaohan. Because he knew that Xiaohan was his son. I definitely won’t recognize him.”

Li Xiaotian was stunned: “Should I be glad that he just slapped me?”

“His temper is too bad.” Qin Anan took out the ointment she brought from her bag, Hand it to Li Xiaotian, “Xiaotian, don’t look for him again in the future.”

“Of course I won’t look for him again. If he doesn’t apologize to me, I won’t forgive him. Even if he apologizes to me, I won’t. I will forgive him!” Li Xiaotian said angrily, “However, if you want to reconcile with him for the sake of the child, I will not be angry.”

“Little Tian, ​​you are my best friend. When he hits you, he beats you. Me.” Qin An said.

“Woo! I knew you would be on my side! But An An, you are pregnant now, I don’t want you to worry about these things.” Li Xiaotian held her hand, “The doctor said you need to rest more, but you still I’m really touched that you came to see me specifically. Don’t quarrel with Fu Shiting over this matter, I’m afraid you’ll get angry and hurt your body.”

“I’m measured.”

The next day, in the morning.

Qin Anan appeared in the ST Group Building in a light blue maternity dress.

Because she didn’t have an appointment, she stood on the first floor and waited for the front desk to report.

About five minutes later, the elevator door not far away slowly opened.

Zhou Ziyi strode out from inside.

He walked to Qin An’an with a warm smile on his face: “An’an, why did you come here suddenly?”

Qin An’an: “I came here if I wanted to.”

Zhou Ziyi knew why she came here, but he still understood Pretending to be confused: “My boss has something to do at the moment and is not in the office. You can wait in his office first, okay?”

Qin An’an: “Well.” The

two entered the elevator one after the other.

After the elevator door was closed, Zhou Ziyi glanced at her belly: “My stomach is bigger than before, does it make me more tired?”

Qin An’an: “Not tired.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Oh, are the prenatal checkups all right?”

Qin An’an: “Not good.”

Zhou Ziyi: “…”

He didn’t mean it.

He didn’t know that her maternity check result was not good. If he knew, he would not ask such a stupid question.

“…What are you holding in your hand?” He changed the subject bluntly.

Qin Anan holds a document bag in his hand, and the bag contains a contract.

“When I meet your boss, I’ll talk to him.” Her tone was cold, and the aura around her was particularly cold and chilling.

Zhou Ziyi shivered.

Last night, Fu Shiting slapped Li Xiaotian for some unknown reason. Although it was deleted later, Qin Anan must have known about it.

Qin Anan hasn’t come here for 800 years, but he came here suddenly today, definitely for this matter.

Zhou Ziyi’s heart sounded an alarm: The boss is miserable!

Qin An’an is now pregnant with the boss’s child, and the boss would not dare to provoke her anyway, so this wave, the boss will definitely lose!

Chapter 589

Chapter 589

After Zhou Ziyi sent her to Fu Shiting’s office, he poured her a glass of warm water.

“Do you want something to eat? I’ll buy it.” Zhou Ziyi said enthusiastically.

Qin An’an: “No. Go and do your job, don’t mind me.”

Zhou Ziyi’s smile didn’t change: “I have nothing to do right now, I’ll wait with you!”

Qin An’an picked up the water glass and drank water.

“An An, my boss beat Xiao Tian yesterday, and I heard about it at the time. Let me explain to you first! My boss didn’t attack Xiao Tian because of Tang Qian. It was because Xiao Tian said something very inappropriate. For example, she said my boss was a scumbag and deserved to be dumped by you…”

Qin Anan looked at Zhou Ziyi coldly.

Zhou Ziyi was distraught when he saw it, and said, “That…my boss should have explained it to Zhunzhi.”

“The more you explain, the more I hate him.” Qin Anan put down the water glass.

Zhou Ziyi closed his mouth: “I’ll wait outside.”

He came out of the office and breathed heavily.

After a while, Fu Shiting strode over from the elevator.

Zhou Ziyi took a few steps to greet her and reminded in a low voice, “Boss, she is very angry. Be careful. Also, her belly looks a little big. Even if you are angry, you must hold back…”

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled and strode into the office.

Seeing him coming in, Qin Anan immediately took out the contract in the file bag.

“This is the tripartite agreement we signed before.” She was calm and calm, “The cooperation between our company and the border defense force does not require you to participate in the name of charity.”

“What is the name of charity?” Fu Shiting Ying frowned.

“You decided to donate in order to chase me. It’s not that you wanted to donate yourself.” Qin Anan raised an eyebrow at him and said word by word, “I want to terminate this tripartite agreement. I am not here to negotiate with you, but I’m here to inform you.”

Fu Shiting looked at her with cold eyes: “You’re here for Li Xiaotian.”

“So what?”

“I hit her, and you hate me now.”

“So what?”

“Can you relieve your anger by only terminating one contract?” He walked up to her, held her little hand, and put it on his cheek, “Come on, slap me and avenge your best friend!”

Qin Anan He pursed his lips, trying to withdraw his hand. But how can not move.

“Hit!” His eyes were scarlet and his voice was ruthless, “In addition to your best friend, there is also your son! I almost strangled your son before, have you forgotten?! I am a devil! Whoever makes me angry, I will treat anyone Do it! Whether it’s your best friend or your son, I won’t be merciful!”

His hot breath sprayed on her cheeks.

Even with his evil, it was passed on to her.

She raised her hand, faced his handsome face, and twitched violently!

A loud slap, like a whip! It fell heavily on her heart.

Her palms were numb with pain.

The heart also hurts.

She hit him! Under his bewitchment, he moved his hand!

The office door was pushed open –

Tang Qian walked in anxiously on high heels!

“Qin An’an! Who allowed you to do it! Who allowed you to touch him! Do you want to die?!” Tang Qian saw the fingerprints on Fu Shiting’s face and rushed towards Qin An’an madly.

Fu Shiting grabbed her arm and gritted his teeth: “I asked her to do it! Tang Qian, if you dare to touch her, try!”

Chapter 590

Chapter 590

Tang Qian didn’t expect that at this time, he was still protecting Qin An’an!

Feeling sad and aggrieved, tears fell uncontrollably.

Zhou Ziyi walked in quickly and pulled Qin An’an away from the sofa.

“I don’t know how Tang Qian came here suddenly.” Zhou Ziyi explained with a serious face, “I’ll take you down first!”

“No.” She pushed Zhou Ziyi’s hand away and strode towards the elevator.

She is in a complicated mood now.

She did come to Fu Shiting because of Li Xiaotian.

But she never thought that she would do something to him.

Although he forced it, but if you do it, you will do it.

He has a bad temper and often quarrels with her, but he never hit her.

After getting out of the elevator, she strode towards the parking lot outside.

After getting in the car, she drove the car to the company.

On the way, she received a call from Li Xiaotian.

“An An, I heard that you beat Fu Shiting for me… Didn’t I tell you not to go to him?” Li Xiaotian’s shocked face no longer hurt when she heard the news, “Why are you so big? Aren’t you afraid of him hitting you?”

In Li Xiaotian’s eyes, men who dare to attack women and children have no bottom line.

Qin Anan lied: “I came to him for business.”

“What business is there between the two of you? You beat him now, how will you two meet in the future?” Li Xiaotian felt suffocated just thinking about it.

“I don’t have to meet him.” Qin Anan said calmly, “recover well and avoid food. Don’t eat spicy food…”

“Pfft! An An, I’m much better now. You gave me such a bad breath today, and I’m all at ease now.” Li Xiaotian smiled, “When my face is healed, I’ll treat you to a big meal.”


After talking on the phone, Qin Anan drove to the company.

There is a saying that goes, good things don’t go out, bad things travel thousands of miles.

The fact that she hit Fu Shiting spread throughout the company within half an hour.

As soon as she entered the company, she felt that the front desk looked at her wrong.

When she got to the office, Mike immediately appeared in front of her.

“An An, does your hand hurt?” Mike put his hands on her desk, his light blue eyes stared at her face, “Ziyi said you put four red marks on his boss’s face! You made his boss shameless. , go home directly.”

Qin Anan frowned: “Do you have to laugh so happily?”

“Haha! I think you play well! Some men, you have to teach me a lesson! Although we Xiaotian are so loud Called a little, but she is ours, how can ours be bullied?” Mike said.

“You go out.” Qin Anan wanted to be alone.

Mike: “Ziyi speculates that his boss won’t look for you again in the future. Because his boss has never suffered such a humiliation! So you have to raise your children yourself.”

Qin Anan lifted his heavy eyelids: ” I’ll let you out!”

Mike: “Oh… I’ll leave right away… But why did you break the contract… We don’t have to deal with money, it’s a big order of hundreds of millions What!”

Qin Anan had a splitting headache, and after taking a breath, he said in a hoarse voice, “Go away!”

Mike was afraid of her tire gas, so he immediately went out.

After the office fell silent, she stretched out her right hand.

Her hands are still reddish and numb.

You can see how hard she used that slap.

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