When His Eyes Opened Chapter 591 -600(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 591 -600(Chinese)

Chapter 591

She thought for a while, if Fu Shiting slapped her today, she would definitely hate him for the rest of her life.

Maybe even in anger, go to the hospital to abort the child in the stomach.

Thinking of this, she thought to herself, he might really not look for her again.

A week later, a high-end restaurant in the city.

The wound on Li Xiaotian’s face has basically recovered. She invited Qin Anan out for a big meal today.

Originally, Li Xiaotian asked Qin Anan to bring the two children, but the children were taken out to play by Yinyin and Wei Zhen.

“An An, Fu Shiting hasn’t been looking for you in the past few days, right?” Li Xiaotian said anxiously.

“Well.” Qin Anan ordered a few dishes and handed her the menu.

“I heard that he has been at home for the past few days and hasn’t been out.” Li Xiaotian said this and couldn’t help laughing, “I don’t hate him anymore, really…I thought he might be more wronged than me, so I just I want to laugh. After all, his family is richer than mine, and his status is more noble than mine, hahaha!”

Qin Anan couldn’t laugh.

But seeing Li Xiaotian so happy, her emotions were also infected.

“An An, how is your health recently?” Li Xiaotian changed the topic, “In a week, the test results will be released. I dreamed about this last night and woke up sweating… Qin An’an: “

I can eat and sleep without any discomfort.”

She probably planned the worst in her mind, so she didn’t think much about it.

“That’s good!” Li Xiao dessert had a good meal and gave the menu to the waiter.

After the waiter walked away with the menu, Li Xiaotian said, “He Zhunzhi is planning to take me on a trip to relax. It’s about to be summer vacation, why don’t you bring your children and let’s play together?”

Without thinking, Qin Anan rejected her proposal: “You are going on vacation with your husband. Shall I be a light bulb? Besides, Xiaohan is going to participate in summer camp in the summer vacation. I plan to report one to Rila. I have a big belly now and it’s a little hard.”

“I don’t think your belly is very big. I think other women are pregnant. It’s an exaggeration! At five months, your belly is so big!” Li Xiaotian wondered, “When you were pregnant with a dragon and a phoenix, didn’t you feel more tired? “

That was six years ago. At that time, I was young and my health was much better. I was still in class before I was born!” Qin Anan sighed, “I didn’t feel very tired at that time.”

Li Xiaotian was about to He opened his mouth to answer, and out of the corner of his eyes suddenly glanced at the door of the restaurant.

Tang Qian was wearing a long red dress and walked in with a girl in a white dress.

“It’s really a narrow road!” Li Xiaotian said coldly, “Tang Qian is here.”

Qin Anan followed her line of sight to the door of the restaurant.

Probably because their eyes were too direct, so Tang Qian also noticed them.

The girl in white beside Tang Qian also looked at them.

At this time, Li Xiaotian discovered the trick!

“Qin An’an, that woman in a white dress looks just like you! When I saw it, I thought it was you!” Li Xiaotian was shocked, “If you hadn’t been sitting in front of me, I would have thought That’s you.”

Qin Anan also found out.

Where did Tang Qian find a woman like her?

“An An, wait for me.” After Li Xiaotian said this, she strode towards Tang Qian.

Li Xiaotian wants to take a close look at the woman in the white dress!

Two minutes later, Li Xiaotian finished inquiring and returned to her seat.

“An An, that woman probably did it just like you! I could see at a glance that a knife had been moved on her face! But a man might not be able to tell.” Li Xiaotian speculated, “Tang Qian will do anything to win Fu Shiting’s favor. I guess she wants to dedicate this woman to Fu Shiting!”

Qin Anan’s face was cold and she lost her appetite.

At this time, there was movement from the door of the restaurant.

Qin Anan raised his eyes and looked –

Fu Shiting, wearing a dark shirt and trousers, strode in with the support of the bodyguards.

Chapter 592

Chapter 592

“Oh! Sure enough!” Li Xiaotian sneered, “The woman Tang Qian brought is for Fu Shiting.”

Qin Anan looked back.

Although she thought it was absurd, she couldn’t control other people’s behavior.

“It’s so bad! I was in a good mood, but I met them.” Li Xiaotian took a sip and looked at Qin An’an, “An An, why don’t we change to another restaurant!”

Qin An’an shook his head: “We came first.”

“I’m afraid that you will respond.”

“Even if you respond, you can’t go.” Qin Anan said slowly, “I have ordered all the dishes, so I can’t waste them.”

“How about we pack them back to eat!”

Qin Anan: ” Li Xiaotian, I remember you weren’t cowardly before? If that woman really did it just like me, it should be because she saw me being scared, not because I saw her running away.”

“Of course I’m not cowardly . No! Even if Fu Shiting walks in front of me now, I’m not afraid!” Li Xiaotian said that he was not afraid, but subconsciously reached out and touched the cheek that was beaten before.

The waiter brought the dishes and put them on the table.

Qin An’an picked up the chopsticks and put a piece of meat into her bowl.

“When my mother was alive, one thing she often said to me was, let the past pass away. Whether it’s a person or an event, don’t think about it when it’s past. This will save a lot of troubles.”

Li Xiaotian: “Auntie said It’s really good. But it’s hard to do.”

“Well. My mom loves my dad very much. After the divorce, she couldn’t get out. Until my dad died, the lawyer published his will and found that he gave me the company, and The core technology he developed also gave me… My mother cried a lot before she came out. She felt that the grievances she suffered were all worth it.”

“Sometimes I really hate why such a good auntie was killed, but Wang Wanzhi hasn’t been punished yet!” Li Xiaotian gritted her teeth.

Qin Anan lowered her eyes and said in a muffled voice, “Let’s eat!” On the

other side.

After seeing the woman in the white dress, Fu Shiting’s eyes flashed with surprise.

“Shi Ting, this is my cousin Nuonuo.” Tang Qian introduced, “She graduated from college this year. She is looking for a job recently. I think if she can work with me in a company, I can take care of her.”

“Shi Ting Hello, brother. My name is Nuonuo.” Nuonuo said softly.

Fu Shiting stared at her face and looked carefully.

so similar!

In this world, are there really two people who are not related by blood, but look alike?

“Shi Ting, do you think Nuonuo looks a bit like Qin An’an?” Tang Qian saw that Fu Shiting’s eyes were always on Nuonuo, and immediately explained, “She has been studying abroad, and I only saw her the day before yesterday.”

Nuonuo said with embarrassment: “My cousin said that I look like Qin An’an, but I didn’t believe it at first. It wasn’t until my cousin showed me the photo that I realized that I really look a bit like her!”

Tang Qian smiled: “Only Five or six points like. Nuonuo is of mixed blood, and the facial features are more three-dimensional.”

Nuonuo blushed: “Brother Shi Ting, I wonder if you can let me work in your company?”

“What major are you?” Fu Shiting asked.

“Secretary.” Nuonuo said obediently, “Brother Shi Ting, if I can work by your side, I will definitely work hard and not betray your trust.”

Fu Shiting said coldly: “I don’t lack a secretary. When it comes to work, I can introduce you to a friend’s company for Tang Qian’s sake.” Tang Qian was


Nuonuo was also dumbfounded.

“Shi Ting, I want her to join our company, so that I can take care of her.” Tang Qian endured the embarrassment and bit her head.

Fu Shiting: “Then arrange it in your department.”

Nuonuo’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Tang Qian held her hand under the table and said to Fu Shiting, “Then I’ll assign her to my department.”

Fu Shiting: “You don’t need to report this kind of trivial matter to me.”

His cold response to Nuonuo was Tang Qian didn’t expect it.

Nuonuo looks a lot like Qin An’an, but her facial features are more fashionable and delicate than Qin An’an. Normal men see Nuonuo and are not unmoved.

But he was not only unmoved, but disgusted.


Chapter 593

Chapter 593

Qin Anan put down his chopsticks after he was full.

Li Xiaotian immediately put down her chopsticks: “An’an, let’s go! Do you want to go shopping? If you want to go shopping, I’ll go shopping with you.”

Qin Anan shook her head: “I’m too full, I’m a little sleepy.”

“Then I’ll take you back.” Li Xiaotian picked up her bag, walked to her side, and helped her up.

Qin Anan held back a smile: “I don’t have to be so careful. I can walk by myself.”

“I want to support you!” Li Xiaotian patted her stomach, “it’s really a bit big. The clothes you wear are too big. It’s loose, and it’s not very obvious. But it feels very obvious to the touch. It looks like a big watermelon.”

Qin Anan: “It’s obviously a small watermelon.”

Li Xiaotian: “Have you ever seen such a big small watermelon? Hey, now Can you see the child’s face now?”

Qin Anan: “Well. Last time I was in country B, the doctor showed me.”

Li Xiaotian: “Who does the baby look like?”

Qin Anan was silent for a few seconds, then said : “Like himself.”

“A boy or a girl?” Li Xiaotian gossips, “I should be able to tell the gender at four months?”

Qin Anan: “I didn’t ask.”

“Okay! You go back and have a good rest, and I will accompany you to the hospital in a week to get the results.” In the


Qin Anan received a call from Li Xiaotian.

“An An! I’m dying of laughter!” Li Xiaotian’s laughter was magical, “The woman we met at noon was very similar to you, and she was Tang Qian’s cousin! Tang Qian really wanted to give her cousin to Fu Shiting, but He was ruthlessly rejected by Fu Shiting!

Hahahaha!” Qin An listened quietly.

“Because her cousin looks too much like you, Fu Shiting is upset. Hahahaha!” Li Xiaotian couldn’t stop laughing, “Your slap has cast a psychological shadow on him!”

Qin Anan’s heart tightened, inside He sighed faintly.

She and Fu Shiting broke up completely.

It’s okay, you don’t have to have any disputes with him about the child’s affairs in the future.

A week later, early morning.

Qin Anan started from home and drove to the hospital.

After parking the car, she went to the breakfast shop near the hospital to eat.

She had insomnia last night and was not looking very well today.

In fact, my body was very tired, but I was thinking about the result, so I couldn’t sleep.

At eight o’clock, she immediately went to the hospital to get the results.

An hour later—

Li Xiaotian’s car stopped in front of Qin An’an’s house.

She came to take Qin An’an to the hospital to get the results.

The two of them made an appointment to go to the hospital together today.

Li Xiaotian entered the villa and was about to go to the second floor. The nanny said, “An An is sleeping, she told her not to disturb her today.”

“Okay! I’ll wait for her to wake up here.” Li Xiaotian went to the sofa and sat down.

Half an hour later –

a black Rolls-Royce stopped behind Li Xiaotian’s car.

Fu Shiting got out of the car, walked to the gate of the courtyard, and rang the doorbell.

Li Xiaotian looked at his tall body from a distance, the whole person was stupid!

She ran to the master bedroom on the second floor and woke Qin Anan up!

“An An! That bastard Fu Shiting is here! He must have come for the child’s result!”

Qin Anan was sleeping soundly, but was woken up in pain.

With a sullen face, she pointed to the bag on the table, and said hoarsely, “It’s in the bag…you take it…give it to him…”

Chapter 594

Chapter 594

Li Xiaotian went downstairs with the report.

Fu Shiting heard footsteps and looked towards the stairs.

The two looked at each other, and an awkward atmosphere permeated the living room.

“Boss Fu, what brought you here?” Although Li Xiaotian was a little scared of him, this is Qin An’an’s home.

She has plenty of confidence.

Fu Shiting ignored her yin and yang, and his eyes fell on the report sheet in her hand: “Qin An’an is still sleeping?”

“Oh, are you here to bring An An to get the results?” Li Xiaotian said, shaking the report sheet. After a moment, “She has taken it back.”

“Give it to me.” Fu Shiting walked to her in two steps and held out his hand.

Li Xiaotian hid the report sheet behind him and teased him: “The wound on your face has recovered? I thought you would never come to An An again, but in your heart, the child is still better than the so-called self-esteem. Ah!”

Fu Shiting’s face became gloomy and cold after listening to her mockery.

“You care so much about the child, does the family have the throne to inherit?” Li Xiaotian couldn’t let him go so easily, “Oh, Boss Fu’s family has a great business, and the family does have the throne to inherit! It’s a pity that the heavens didn’t work out. …You and An An, the child, didn’t keep it!”

Fu Shiting’s body tensed instantly.

His eagle-like eyes looked at Li Xiaotian’s face, not letting go of any subtle expressions on her face.

He wanted to tell whether her words were true or false.

“Don’t you think I’m lying to you?” Li Xiaotian was shocked.

Fu Shiting didn’t see any signs of lying on her face, but he didn’t believe her words because of it.

Unless Qin Anan personally told him that the child was not saved!

“Give me the report!” He shouted loudly, “Li Xiaotian! Don’t force me to do anything to you again!”

“You threaten me?” Li Xiaotian took a few steps back, “If you hit me again, An’an won’t let you go!”

“Give me the report!” Fu Shiting came to her in two steps, tightening her arm with one hand Hold it tightly and grab the report with the other hand!

“You bastard! You hurt me!” Li Xiaotian felt that his arm was about to be crushed by him!

She regrets it!

She shouldn’t provoke him! This man is crazy and is not afraid of anything at all!

Fu Shiting snatched the report form from her.

At this time, Qin Anan came down from the upstairs.

She frowned, looked at them, and said inexplicably, “What are you doing?” The two of

them were so loud that she couldn’t sleep at all.

Li Xiaotian immediately ran to her side and whispered, “I lied to him just now that you didn’t save your child, and I deliberately frightened him, but he was so angry…”

Qin Anan: “You are not selfish. Looking for trouble?”

Li Xiaotian: “I can’t stand him! I don’t want to make him too happy!”

Fu Shiting’s deep eyes stayed on Qin Anan for a while, then looked down at the report.

Although he can’t understand some professional vocabulary, he can roughly understand the results.

Their children should be fine.

“Qin An’an, is there any problem with our child?” His voice trembled because of excitement, “Can it be born?”

Qin An’an: “No problem for now.”

He breathed a sigh of relief.

She looked at his face with mixed emotions.

She thought he wouldn’t come to her today, but she didn’t expect him to come anyway.

“An An, since you have taken the inspection report, I will go first.” Li Xiaotian felt like a light bulb.

Although the two of them are not in a relationship, it is estimated that there is something to talk about about the child.

After Li Xiaotian left, Fu Shiting sat down on the sofa.

Qin Anan saw that he had no plans to leave, so he had to cheer up.

“Isn’t this month’s maternity checkup done yet?” he asked, breaking the silence.

Qin Anan responded awkwardly.

She was really sleepy in the morning, so she came back with the report.

He looked up at her and saw that her eyes were scarlet, so he said, “Go and rest! I’ll accompany you to the hospital for a maternity check tomorrow.”

Chapter 595

Chapter 595

She wanted to sleep at first, but was woken up by them, and now she doesn’t want to sleep.

“Go now!” she said, going upstairs to get her bag.

After a while, she went downstairs with her bag.

His eyes fell on her stomach, “Qin An’an, there is no elevator in your house?”

“No.” She knew what he was thinking.

He was worried that she would be too tired to climb the stairs and affect the child in her belly.

But she wasn’t tired at all.

Even if the stomach continues to grow in the later stage, it will not be able to climb the second floor.

“Either you move to the room on the first floor, or I’ll install an elevator for you, your choice.” He spoke to her in a tone of indifference.

“How to install an elevator? Are you going to demolish my house?” She glared at him, “If I can’t climb the stairs, I will naturally move to the first floor.”

She strode outside. He followed behind her.

When the bodyguard saw the two of them coming out, he immediately opened the car door for them.

After the two got into the car, the car drove towards the hospital.

Inside the car, the atmosphere was condensed.

Fu Shiting suddenly reached out and pressed a switch.

A partition suddenly rose in front of him, dividing the rear compartment and the driver’s seat into two spaces.

Qin An’an: “???”

“Qin An’an, since there is no problem with this child in your stomach, then give birth to him,” he was afraid that she would forget the previous agreement, so he reminded, “This child is mine. When he is born, he will be given my surname and will be raised by me at the same time.”

Qin Anan frowned: “You raised him? Did you raise a good child?”

Fu Shiting: “I have money. I can hire a professional babysitter. .”

Qin An’an: “You didn’t have such a tough attitude before. Did you hold a grudge because I hit you, so you decided to rob me of a child?”

Fu Shiting: “What is robbing a child? The child is mine!”

Qin An’an Seeing his unyielding attitude, his lips moved, but he couldn’t speak.

If he had to do this, she had no choice.

“Also, if you hit me, it won’t make me hold grudges.” He opened his thin lips lightly and said word by word, “But it’s enough to wake me up, you don’t deserve my love at all.”

His words were like a needle stick . In the heart, the pain is not too painful, but it will make people feel uncomfortable.

Her eyes drooped slightly.

She hit him with her hands, so she lost her right to speak.

“Qin An’an, you are the first woman to do anything to me.” He took off the mask of disguise, and his voice was full of grievance, “If you loved me, you would not hit me at all.

” He lost his temper in front of him, but never thought of doing anything to her.

He would rather hurt himself than hurt her.

Qin Anan felt ashamed.

“This child, I’m going to make a decision.” He quickly adjusted his mood, and his voice returned to his usual coldness.

After a while, the car arrived at the hospital.

Fu Shiting took Qin Anan directly to the ultrasound department.

The director of the ultrasound department personally served Qin Anan.

After Qin Anan lay down, the director put the probe on her abdomen.

In an instant, the child’s clear face appeared on the computer screen!

Fu Shiting held his breath!

With his deep eyes, he fixedly stared at the vivid face of the child on the screen.

Qin Anan also saw the child’s face.

This child looks exactly like Xiao Han.

The director glanced at Fu Shiting and said with a smile, “The child looks like a father!” After speaking

, the director moved the probe down, and the child’s body clearly appeared on the screen.

The gender of the child comes into view.

Chapter 596

Chapter 596

“Mr. Fu, congratulations, it’s a boy.” The director pointed to the features on the screen and showed him.

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he said hoarsely, “Show me his face.” The

director immediately moved the probe up.

It’s a pity that the child turned over, and now only his side face can be seen.

“I saved his face photo just now.” The director clicked on the child’s photo and showed him, “Mr. Fu, your son looks a lot like you! You can tell at a glance that he looks like you.”

Fu Shiting looked Looking at the picture of the child, my heart suddenly softened.

This was the first time he truly felt that the child was a living person.

He suddenly understood why Qin Anan was so angry before that he asked the doctor to give her medicine.

Because she felt that this child was a living life earlier than he did.

“I’ll print out the child’s photo for you later.” The director said, “I’ll see how the child is developing first.”

Fu Shiting nodded.

After a while, the director said, “The child is too young. Pregnant women should take more nutrition, rest more, and don’t work too hard.”

Fu Shiting looked at Qin An’an.

Qin Anan blushed slightly, got off the bed, and walked out first.

After a while, Fu Shiting came out with the color ultrasound sheet.

The two walked into the elevator without saying a word.

Because there are more people in the hospital, the elevator is more crowded.

Fu Shiting was afraid that she would be squeezed, so he stood face to face with her and protected her within his intimacy.

She felt his burning gaze and lowered her eyes immediately.

Soon, the elevator reached the first floor.

He naturally held her hand and led her out.

“Qin An’an, the doctor said that the child’s development is not very good,” he said when he got out of the elevator, “There are still three or four months to give birth, you should suspend work first! If you are short of money, I can give it to you.”

She pulled her hand from his big palm and stared at him with bright eyes: “The doctor didn’t tell me to suspend work.”

“The doctor told you to rest more. You are also a doctor…” Fu Shiting grabbed her hand again , do not let her break free.

“I don’t think I need to take a break from work because of the pregnancy,” she interrupted. “I don’t feel sick. As long as I don’t feel sick, I can work normally.” She had to

work with the baby in her belly, and he also Can’t help her.

“You must tell me when you go out in the future,” he demanded.

Qin Anan felt incredible: “I’m pregnant, not under house arrest for a crime! What I do, I don’t need to report it to you! Don’t try to blackmail me with a child!”

Fu Shiting frowned: “What am I going to do, you can do it? Understand that I’m caring about you, not oppressing you!”

“There may be women who like your ‘concern’ in this way, but it must not be me.” Qin Anan took out her mobile phone and called a fast car, “I’ll go back by myself. From now on, we will see each other during the monthly check-up, and there is no need to contact him at other times.”

He said that she did not deserve his love.

She also said that the child in her belly, he was going to order.

As long as she thinks of this, she can’t accept his hypocritical kindness!

If she didn’t have his son in her belly, he certainly wouldn’t care about her.

He watched her disappear from sight, fists clenched tightly.

She could always easily put him in passive pain.

But now, in addition to the pain, he has another son. He is not left with nothing.

Back at the company, he turned on the computer, and Tang Qian knocked on the door and came in.

“Shi Ting, I heard that you accompany Qin An’an to the maternity check-up today. Are the results of the check-up okay?”

Tang Qian settled down and saw the ultrasound form on the table.

Chapter 597

Chapter 597

She picked up the color Doppler ultrasound sheet and saw the child’s face that looked like Fu Shiting, a chill arose in her heart.

“The little guy looks just like you! Is he a son?” Tang Qian asked with a smile.

Fu Shiting responded and took back the color Doppler ultrasound list: “What do you have to do with me?”

“My cousin joined the job today, I’ll drop by to tell you.” Tang Qian’s brows and eyes were curved, and her smile was gentle, “Shi Ting, Congratulations on becoming a father! The little guy looks so much like you, he will definitely be as good as you in the future.”

Fu Shiting’s face relaxed unconsciously.

Now, the child is the only light in his heart.

Tang Qian came out of his office, kept a decent smile all the way, and returned to her office.

After entering her office, she immediately changed her face!

She’s going to explode!

Their kids are fine!

How could God be so cruel to her? !

Nuonuo entered her office and saw the documents on her desk fell to the ground, and immediately asked, “Cousin, what’s wrong with you?”

“Hehe, what happened to me? I regret it!” Tang Qian gritted her teeth, “because he doesn’t I like children, so I removed the womb to prevent him from guarding against me! As a result, he and Qin An have a son now!”

Nuonuo picked up the documents on the ground and put them on the table: “Cousin, you paid too much for him. So he doesn’t cherish you.”

“I know! But if I don’t pay, I won’t even have a chance to stand by his side! Look at you, you look so much like Qin An’an, has he ever looked at you more? His heart is always so unfeeling and unpredictable!”

“Cousin, calm down. We sisters are of the same mind, and we are afraid that we can’t match Qin An’an?” Disdain appeared on Nuonuo’s face, “As long as her child is not born, It doesn’t count!”

Tang Qian took a deep breath: “I must never let Qin Anan give birth to a little beast! I could have had children! Fu Shiting can’t treat me like this!” In the


Fu Shiting asked his assistant to contact Jin Sinian.

Accompanied by agents and bodyguards, Jin Sinian came to ST Group.

“Qin An’an asked me to return it to you.” Fu Shiting handed back his black card to him.

Jin Sinian raised his eyebrows slightly and took the card: “You want to give it back to me, right? An An accepted it at the time.”

“Really? Why did you give her a bank card? Is this your usual way to pursue women? “Fu Shiting’s eyes were sharp, and his tone was even sharper.

Jin Sinian: “This is a matter between me and her. Mr. Fu, as her ex-husband, do you care too much?”

“Ex-husband? She is now pregnant with my child!”

“That also changed . No, you’re just her ex-husband. Whether it’s me giving her a bank card or another man giving her a bank card, she has the freedom to accept it. Even if she is pregnant with your child now, she can marry another man. You have no right to interfere.” Jin Sinian said calmly.

Fu Shiting’s eyes were irritated by his remarks!

“Are all young men now as shameless as you? Want to be my child’s stepfather, are you tired of living and want to die?!”

Jin Sinian: “Mr. Fu, the growth of age has not changed you. You have to be more disciplined. You are rude.”

Fu Shiting: “Go away!”

After Jin Sinian left, Fu Shiting turned on his cell phone and made another call.

He wants to let Jin Sinian know that he covets the fate of his woman!

the next day.

Jin Sinian’s works have been removed from the shelves.

The major brands have issued announcements to terminate the contract with Jin Sinian.

He is the only star who did not break out any scandal, but was blocked by the whole network.

No matter how popular his popularity is, it cannot match the power of capital.

Qin Anan didn’t pay attention to the news on the Internet. It was Jin Sinian’s agent who called her and she learned about it.

“I’ve already found out. It’s Fu Shiting who wants to block Sinian! Miss Qin, I kneel down for you! Go and beg Fu Shiting!”

Chapter 598

Chapter 598

Qin Anan looked shocked.

She can’t believe it! How could Fu Shiting do this? !

Why did he block Jin Sinian? why!

The agent recalled painfully: “Yesterday, Fu Shiting’s assistant contacted me and said that Fu Shiting had something to do with Sinian, so I took Sinian to ST Group. I don’t know what they talked about after they met. But Sinian When he came out of his office, his face was not very good. The two of them must have quarreled. I didn’t expect that Sinian would be blocked today…”

Qin Anan: “How is Sinian now?”

Agent: ” He’s in good shape. After all, he quit the entertainment industry, and he can go home to inherit the family business… But I don’t want him to quit the entertainment industry! He was born to be an idol. Miss Qin, you must help Sinian! “

Qin Anan: “Don’t worry, I’ll find Fu Shiting right away.” The

agent breathed a sigh of relief: “Then please!”

After the call, Qin Anan opened the address book and looked for Fu Shiting’s number.

Fu Shiting and Jin Sinian have no personal friendship.

When the two of them met, it must be Fu Shiting who returned the card to Jin Sinian.

In the process, the two of them clashed.

So in the final analysis, it was because of her.

Just when she was about to call Fu Shiting, the office door was pushed open.

Mike strode in: “An An, Sinian has been banned! I called Ziyi, and Ziyi said he was on a business trip with Fu Shiting early this morning! They are not in City A now!”

Qin Anan was stunned.

Fu Shiting did it on purpose…he did it on purpose!

He was afraid that she would find him, so he went on a business trip!

She dialed his number with trembling fingers.

-Sorry, the number you dialed has been switched off, please try again later.

Not only was he on a business trip, but he was also turned off!

His meaning is obvious, he just wants to block Jin Sinian! He didn’t want her to come to him to talk about it!

Qin Anan was so angry that his temples suddenly hurt.

“An’an, don’t be angry! Don’t move the fetal gas! Can he still go on a business trip for the rest of his life?” Mike comforted her, “It’s better to have a holiday in the past few days.”

Qin Anan couldn’t swallow this breath: “Where does he go on a business trip? Is it?”

Mike quickly persuaded: “Don’t you want to go to him? Didn’t you say that the child’s development is not very good, so let you rest more? You calm down first, don’t be impulsive!”

Mike said, pouring her down A glass of warm water.

She took the water cup and drank the water, but the anger in her heart was still burning.

Fu Shiting bullying Jin Sinian is equivalent to bullying her!

Did he think she would be honestly bullied?

“Mike, you go to book a hotel and invite the media at the same time. At seven o’clock tonight, I will announce an important event.” Qin Anan said to Mike with a flash of light in his eyes.

Mike Jian frowned: “Qin Anan, what do you want to do? Don’t you want to announce that you want to be with Jin Sinian?!”

Qin Anan didn’t respond to his question: “If you want to do it, you can do it.”

At six o’clock in the evening, the official Weibo of Qin’s Group released the latest Weibo. The Weibo is as follows: We will see you at seven o’clock tonight!

Behind the text, Aite posted the official WeChat accounts of the major brands that terminated their contracts with Jin Sinian.

At the same time, posted a live link.

The live broadcast hasn’t started yet, so I can’t see what the live broadcast content is for the time being.

But from the users of this Weibo Aite, it can be seen that this live broadcast is most likely related to Jin Sinian.

An hour later, the live broadcast starts.

The person hosting tonight’s live broadcast is Qin An’an’s secretary.

Chapter 599

Chapter 599 The

secretary faces the camera, the corners of his mouth rise, and his words are filled with uncontrollable excitement: “Good evening, everyone! Welcome to our company’s live broadcast room! Without further ado, let’s invite our boss, Qin Anan, Miss Qin. Grand debut!”

There was thunderous applause from all around.

Qin Anan was wearing a V-neck silver dress, which perfectly showed the curves of her body.

Her bulging belly is in the public eye!

The one who appeared on the stage with her was Jin Sinian who lifted her skirt!

The number of people in the live broadcast room rose like a rocket.

The barrage is also constantly refreshed!

——When the Qin Group encountered difficulties, it was Sinian who appeared and helped them once! Now that Si Nian encounters difficulties, the Qin Group is willing to lend a helping hand! This friendship, I was moved to cry!

——I will remember the brand that terminated the contract with Sinian! Never buy their products in the future! I will also remember the Qin Group! In the future, their company will release new products, and I will be the first to buy them!

——Si Nian is so handsome tonight ah ah ah ah! baby! No one can block you! nobody!

——Did no one notice Qin Anan’s belly? ! She is pregnant! Who is the child? Shouldn’t it be Sinian? !

—— Qin Anan’s child can’t be Sinian! Sinian said that if he fell in love, he would definitely disclose it to fans!

Qin Anan not only wore a sexy dress tonight, but also put on delicate makeup.

She is bright and moving, standing beside Jin Sinian, no less.

The two are like a match made in heaven.

Qin Anan took the microphone from the secretary, faced the camera, and said with a smile: “The audience in front of the live broadcast room, good evening! Media friends at the scene, good evening. I believe you have watched today’s entertainment news, and this happened. It’s very sudden and ridiculous! What I want to announce to you tonight is that I have decided to invite Sinian to be the spokesperson of our company’s full range of products.”

“When the Qin Group encountered a crisis, Sinian was obliged to stand up and help us survive. After the difficulties, I will never forget Sinian’s kindness. In the future, the Qin Group will move forward hand in hand with Sinian. I believe that no difficulties can defeat us.”

Qin Anan’s voice was settled, and there was applause from the field.

At the same time, in the live broadcast room, Jin Sinian’s fans began to send gifts!

When the secretary saw the constant stream of yacht rockets on the screen, he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Boss! Sinian’s fans have sent a lot of gifts!”

Qin Anan said decisively: “Turn off the gift function.” The

secretary immediately turned the gift function on. closure.

The barrage is floating wildly!

——Qin Anan is indeed the goddess of Sinian! From now on, she is also my goddess!

——Can’t buy gifts, then I have to buy her drone!

  • New Year fans! Now only the Qin Group is supporting Si Nian, let’s go to the Qin Group’s sales! To support Qin Group is to support Si Nian!

The brand party who terminated the contract with Jin Sinian today was dumbfounded.

Fu Shiting put pressure on them to terminate the contract with Jin Sinian.

They saw Fu Shiting’s face, so they terminated the contract with Jin Sinian.

But now, Qin An is broadcasting live on the safety net and openly cooperating with Jin Sinian… What is this? !

One of the brand managers comforted everyone: “Don’t panic, President Fu will definitely teach Qin An’an a lesson! Before tomorrow, she will terminate the contract with Jin Sinian!”

“But I heard that the two of them were in love before.”

“That’s in the past! President Fu is single now.”

“Oh, who is the child in Qin An’an’s womb? Does any of you know?”

“No matter who it is, it’s definitely not President Fu’s!”

.. ….

Fu Shiting watched the live broadcast, frowning more and more tightly.

The dress Qin Anan wore tonight showed most of her bosom and her belly undisguised. With the delicate makeup on her face… she seemed to have changed her personality.

The chill in his eyes seemed to kill someone!

Chapter 600

Chapter 600

In Black Rolls-Royce, Zhou Ziyi looked at Fu Shiting after answering the phone.

“Boss, Mike called me just now and asked me to go to the hotel to have dinner with them,” Zhou Ziyi hesitated, “Do you want to go with them?”

Fu Shiting’s face was gloomy: “They didn’t invite me, what am I going to do?”

Zhou Ziyi Embarrassed: “I heard that Qin Anan called you this morning, but didn’t get through… Why don’t you guys meet and talk? Don’t look at Qin Anan’s bright smile tonight, Mike said that she was actually very angry. ……I guess she dressed like this tonight to anger you on purpose.”

Fu Shiting’s ink-like eyes filled with chills: “How do you know she wasn’t dressed for Jin Sinian?”

Zhou Ziyi felt To his scalding anger, he dared not speak again.

in the hotel.

Jin Sinian taught everyone how to control the latest drone of Qin Group, and then sang a song at the enthusiastic request of everyone.

The live broadcast instantly turned into an online concert!

Qin Anan got off the stage, and Mike took a thin coat and wanted to put it on her, but she refused.

“It’s summer, I’m not cold.”

Mike: “The air conditioner is a little low in the room.”

“I’m not cold.” Qin Anan put the palm of his hand on the back of his hand to let him feel his body temperature, “Pregnant women are afraid of heat.”

“Okay. Come on! Several reporters came to ask me just now, they are very interested in your child’s father.” Mike Head Avenue, “The number of people watching the live broadcast tonight exceeded my expectations… By tomorrow, basically all the Internet Everyone will know that you are pregnant.”

Qin Anan thought about the consequences, but she was not afraid.

“It’s not shameful to be pregnant. Others know it when they know it.”

“But you’re unmarried!” Mike pointed out the key point, “so other people want to know who your child’s father is.”

Qin Anan: “They want to know it’s their business, and they don’t have to affect their lives because of others.”

“Oh. ……Aren’t you afraid that others will find out that your child’s father is Fu Shiting?” Mike unscrewed a bottle of mineral water and handed it to her.

“I can’t stop going out to meet people because I’m afraid others will know about it, right?” Qin Anan took the water and took a sip. “Besides, he forced me to do this tonight.”

Mike looked down. Yi, glanced down at her neck: “It’s the first time I’ve seen you in such a sexy dress. How could I not have known you were in such a good shape… But some people are going to be crazy tonight. Hahahaha !”

Qin Anan knew who some of the people he was talking about were, but she didn’t care about their mood.

“Are you tired? If you’re tired, I’ll take you back first.” Mike said, “I called Ziyi and he said he and his boss had come back, so I called him over for dinner… Maybe he will bring his boss with him.”

Qin Anan raised his eyebrows: “Who told you to call Zhou Ziyi over for dinner?”

Mike scratched his head: “You quarreled with Fu Shiting, you can’t affect my relationship!”

“Okay! I’m not tired, I’ll go with Sinian later.” Qin Anan stuffed the mineral water bottle into his hand, “I’ll go listen to Sinian sing.”

After a while, Jin Sinian finished the song and invited Qin Anan came to the stage and sang with him.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Qin An’an.

She blushed slightly, raised her skirt with a smile, and was ready to go on stage.

At this moment, a tall black figure appeared at the door of the venue.

Mike was a little shocked when he saw Fu Shiting on Zhou Ziyi’s side, but he was not surprised.

In tonight’s live broadcast, Mike told Zhou Ziyi in advance.

So Fu Shiting must have watched the live broadcast on time.

Not to mention that Qin Anan is beautiful and moving tonight, I’m afraid Fu Shiting can’t stand it just by seeing her intimate interaction with Jin Sinian.

Mike exclaimed in his heart, the cow is still Qin Anan cow!

She knows how to make this proud man bow his head!

Michael grabbed Qin An’an’s arm and whispered three words in her ear: “He’s here.”

Qin Anan looked towards the entrance of the venue, and Fu Shiting had already walked in.

His deep and indifferent gaze fell on her. The arrogance that he exudes is incompatible with other people.

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