When His Eyes Opened Chapter 601 -610(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 601 -610(Chinese)

Chapter 601

She pushed Mike’s hand away, adjusted her emotions, and walked onto the stage.

She took the microphone from the secretary and stood facing Jin Sinian.

Even if the people in the audience could only see her profile, they could clearly see her raised eyebrows.

As the prelude began, the two on the stage stared at each other, as if everything around them had nothing to do with them.

Fu Shiting walked to the front row of the stage, and the bodyguards separated the people next to him.

The atmosphere of the scene is very strange!

No one thought that Fu Shiting would come!

Everyone in the industry has vaguely heard that he was the one who blocked Jin Sinian.

So I don’t even know why he is here.

Did he come to trouble Jin Sinian, or did he come to trouble Qin Anan?

Next, it must be a good show!

Seeing that Fu Shiting looked wrong, Mike immediately sent a message to Zhou Ziyi: After they finish singing, I will take Qin An’an away, take care of your boss, don’t let him go crazy on stage! It’s live on stage!

Zhou Ziyi received the news and replied: I will try my best to keep an eye on him!

Mike: Do you think this is the first time? He clearly knew that he was not Qin An’an’s opponent, and he made her angry every time! Impressed!

Zhou Ziyi: Shut up! Let them make trouble on their own! Let’s talk about it, but they still go their own way.

Mike: Oh, isn’t my An An beautiful tonight?

Zhou Ziyi glanced at Qin Anan on the stage: From the side, her belly is quite big!

Mike: You fucking only see your belly?

Zhou Ziyi: Or do you look at your breasts? She is my boss’s woman, I dare not look!

Mike: …

A four-minute love song duet finally ended, Mike strode onto the stage, grabbed Qin An’an’s arm, and led her off the stage.

Fu Shiting’s face was so gloomy that he didn’t dare to look at it.

After Qin Anan walked off the stage, Jin Sinian immediately put down the microphone and followed.

Zhou Ziyi said to Fu Shiting cautiously, “Boss, why don’t you go talk to Qin An’an!”

Fu Shiting’s cold eyes were withdrawn from Qin An’an.

“It’s okay to talk, let her go to my house to find me! I don’t want to see that little white face!” After he dropped these words, he strode out of the venue.

His anger left the stage, leaving everyone at a loss.

He came in and only listened to a song and left.

I thought there would be a good show!

Zhou Ziyi walked towards Qin An’an quickly and conveyed Fu Shiting’s meaning.

“An’an, don’t go to him!” Jin Sinian held Qin An’an’s arm and prayed, “Even if I quit the entertainment industry, I don’t want you to go to him!”

Qin An’an looked at him softly, and said calmly: “Well, I’m not looking for him. I’m a little tired. I’ll go back to rest first. There will be a dinner party later. You can leave after dinner.”

After she finished, Jin Sinian released her arm.

Half an hour later, the bodyguard sent her home.

She went straight upstairs, removed her makeup, showered, and changed into a long, loose cotton dress.

After doing all this, she picked up the phone on the bed and checked the time.

It’s ten o’clock in the evening.

Would it be a little inappropriate to go to his house to find him now?

Chapter 602

Chapter 602 But

if she doesn’t go to him tonight, she will definitely lose sleep.

She hopes that Jin Sinian’s career will return to normal as soon as possible, otherwise her heart will continue to be uneasy.

After a brief hesitation, she walked out of the room.

The two children have fallen asleep, and the quiet needle drop can be heard at home.

She could even hear her own heart beating like a drum.

What is she afraid of? She was pregnant with his child now, and he would not dare to hurt her no matter what.

The nanny and bodyguard had already left work, and she drove to Fu Shiting’s mansion alone.

Forty minutes later, the car stopped at the gate of his house.

She got out of the car, and the bodyguard of the gate guard saw her face clearly by the street light, and immediately opened the courtyard gate.

She is now pregnant with Fu Shiting’s child, who dares to stop her?

When she walked to the door of the villa, Mrs. Zhang immediately greeted her, squatted down, and changed her shoes.

“I’ll change it myself.” She quickly stopped.

Sister-in-law Zhang: “An An, you are pregnant with a child now. Don’t bend over if you can. The husband said you want to come over, so I made soup for you.”

She still ate a little something in the evening. a little hungry.

“He told you that I was coming over?” Her heart skipped a beat for no apparent reason.

“Yeah! My husband asked me to prepare something to eat.” Mrs. Zhang changed her shoes and helped her walk to the dining room, “I made your favorite dishes, but I don’t know if it suits your current appetite. Many people are pregnant before and after pregnancy. The difference in appetite is huge!”

Qin Anan was a little dazed.

She came to find Fu Shiting, not to have supper.

But Mrs. Zhang was too enthusiastic, she couldn’t refuse.

After sitting down in the dining room, Mrs. Zhang brought three dishes, one soup and a bowl of rice and put them in front of her.

After taking a sip of the soup, she asked, “Fu Shiting can’t sleep, right? I have something to do with him.”

It was almost eleven o’clock, and she regretted being too impulsive.

Sister-in-law Zhang said firmly: “No. He knows you will come, so why can’t he sleep? When you finish eating, I’ll call him.”

Qin Anan breathed a sigh of relief: “Well, the soup is delicious.”

“You drink less . If you don’t get up at night, it will affect your sleep quality.” Aunt Zhang had a smile on her face, but there was a bit of sadness in her eyes, “An An, you have a big belly now, so it’s not suitable for you to get angry, what’s the problem with your husband? Communication…”

Qin Anan: “Well, I will communicate with him well.”

After supper, Qin Anan came out of the dining room.

Fu Shiting was wearing casual home clothes and sitting in the living room.

I don’t know when he came down.

She walked towards him and was about to speak, but his voice came one step ahead: “Why didn’t you wear your coquettish skirt? Am I not worthy?”

His cold and piercing voice made her calm heart lake, agitated. Thousands of waves!

She wanted to communicate with him, but obviously, he didn’t want to.

“Fu Shiting, don’t make trouble! What I wear is my freedom.” Her cheeks were red, she walked to the sofa opposite him and sat down, “It’s very late now, let’s make a long story short. You immediately lift the ban on Sinian. It’s our business. , I don’t want to affect innocent people.”

“Innocent? He wants to be my child’s stepfather, do you think he is innocent?” Fu Shiting raised his thin lips and said coldly, “If I don’t teach him a lesson, that little white face It’s about to ride on my head!”

“Can you not speak so badly? He put the bank card with me, let me keep it for him, and when he gets married, it will be returned to him! That’s all!” Qin An’an’s voice rose unconsciously.

Chapter 603

Chapter 603

“Why do you keep his bank card for him? Are you the fuck? Do you automatically radiate maternal love when you see a good-looking man?”

Qin Anan frowned.

Her mind went blank for a moment.

She had long known that reasoning with this man would not make sense.

In order to prevent herself from losing control of her emotions and waking up other people in the villa, she got up from the sofa and walked in front of him, “Go to the room and talk.”

After she said this, he quickly got up from the sofa.

He grabbed her arm and took her to his bedroom.

The moment the door was closed, Qin Anan said straight to the point: “Fu Shiting, I don’t want to waste words with you, tomorrow I must see Sinian’s works unsealed! You can bully me, but you can’t bully my friend! If you think I’m in If I threaten you, consider it a threat!”

“Will you threaten me with the child in your stomach?” Fu Shiting’s narrow eyes landed on her stomach.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly, as if mocking her.

It is impossible for her to do anything to harm the child, so let alone threaten him with the child!

She looked at the smile in his eyes and was very annoyed: “Fu Shiting, you are so naive! Didn’t you go on a business trip? Didn’t you answer my phone? Now I’m forcing me to come to you… the most ridiculous Man, it’s you!”

The smile on his face disappeared, “This is how you begged me!”

“I came to negotiate with you, not to beg you. Don’t think you have some stinky money, You can decide other people’s lives at will! If you don’t lift the ban on Sinian tomorrow, I will continue the live broadcast tomorrow night!” Qin Anan teased, “Could it be that you dare to block me?”

Of course he didn’t dare.

If he dares to do anything to her, he will do it directly when watching their live broadcast tonight!

He looked at her slightly raised chin, and his Adam’s apple rolled: “Continue the live broadcast?”

“Yes! I have already thought about the content of the live broadcast tomorrow!” Her clear eyes, watching the fire in his eyes, added fuel to the fire , “

Tomorrow I will announce to everyone who is the father of my child! A lot of people asked this question tonight, I believe everyone must be very interested!”

If she really dared to declare that the father of the child was him, he actually didn’t mind.

Just worrying about her and the child’s safety.

Seeing that Qin Anan did not successfully threaten him, he could only rack his brains and continue to think of countermeasures.

“If you insist on banning Sinian, I don’t have to give you any more face,” she took a deep breath and decided to give him some serious information, “When the live broadcast the day after tomorrow, I will announce to the whole network that although my child’s father is not Sinian, but I want to be with Sinian!”

His eyes suddenly became fierce and vicious!

She took a few steps back in fright.

Just when she was about to sneak back to the door and rush out, her body was picked up by him in the air.

If she wasn’t pregnant now, he would definitely throw her directly on the bed.

He didn’t really lose his mind after all! When he put her on the bed, his strength was clearly controlled.

“Fu Shiting, you…”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear any more words from you tonight! If you dare to disobey me, I promise you won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow!” His scarlet eyes, Looking at her little face and her hoarse voice, she said brutal and rude threats!

She shut her mouth in horror.

The night was long and tortured.

He put all the anger and dissatisfaction in his heart on her.

When it was almost over, his big palm touched her belly, as if thinking of the child in her belly.

When he fell asleep, she carefully took his phone over—

Chapter 604

Chapter 604 The

sky is bright soon.

A piece of explosive news quickly occupies the headlines of major websites!

  • Fu Shiting: I didn’t block Jin Sinian.

The title is straightforward and eye-catching!

Click through the title to see the full press release.

The text is not long, but the content is very clear. Fu Shiting pointed out that he was not familiar with Jin Sinian, so he did not block Jin Sinian. Not now, and never will.

The major brands who have terminated their contracts with Jin Sinian are numb!

What’s the meaning? What does it mean?

Why does Fu Shiting have two faces? !

Fu Shiting’s cell phone was blown up, but it didn’t affect his sleep because his cell phone was turned off.

Everyone couldn’t get through to Fu Shiting, so they could only call Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi drank alcohol last night and was woken up by the ringtone. He had a severe headache because of a hangover.

As a result, I answered the phone and my head hurt even more!

“What news? Fake news?! How could my boss say such a thing!” Zhou Ziyi got up and looked for his glasses, “Don’t worry, I’ll get back to you after I ask what’s going on.”

After hanging up the phone , Zhou Ziyi put on his glasses and just clicked on an information APP.

After reading the press release clearly, his brows furrowed, unable to return to his senses for a long time.

“What’s wrong?” Mike saw that he was sitting still, so he sat up.

Zhou Ziyi showed him the news: “Qin Anan must have gone to my boss last night. This press release could not have been issued by my boss. What he did, he would never say ‘I didn’t do it’. That’s not his way of doing things.”

Mike glanced at the news, then said casually: “You mean, Qin Anan sent this news?”

“Yes.” Zhou Ziyi raised his hand and rubbed his temples, “It’s so embarrassing… those and The brands that Jin Sinian terminated the contract were dumbfounded, and they must have suspected my boss.”

Mike couldn’t help laughing and laughed: “Your boss is ashamed, what’s your business… Besides, this matter is He came up with this situation, and I can only say that it deserves it!”

“Fuck off! I have to find a solution quickly.” After Zhou Ziyi finished speaking, he tried to call Fu Shiting.

His phone was turned off, and he was probably still resting.

Zhou Ziyi tried to call Qin Anan again… Her phone was also turned off!

“Why is Qin An’an’s phone turned off? I have to wonder if she spent the night at my boss’s house last night.” In order to confirm this, Zhou Ziyi dialed Fu Shiting’s landline number.

Sister Zhang answered the phone.

“Sister Zhang, did Qin Anan go to the boss last night?” Zhou Ziyi asked.

“Well, the two of them are still resting!” Sister Zhang laughed.

Zhou Ziyi’s face became hot, “Okay, I got it.” The

Fu family, the master bedroom.

The sunlight outside the window penetrated in, and Fu Shiting slowly opened his eyes.

He smelled a special body fragrance that belonged to her only.

He looked at her sleeping peaceful face, and his heart became extraordinarily soft.

He likes her quiet and well-behaved appearance, it would be great if she could stay by his side like this all the time.

His fingers couldn’t help but touch her cheeks. The moment her fingertips touched her skin, her brows furrowed slightly.

She hummed softly, as if complaining.

He couldn’t bear to wake her up, so he put his hand away.

He looked at her bulging belly as he covered her with the quilt, and his heart seemed to melt.

Here, is their son.

He is looking forward to the arrival of the little guy, and he will work hard to be a qualified father.

He doesn’t actually hate kids. He’s just afraid of his children, inheriting his disease. So I would rather not have a child than pass the pain on to the child.

This is the pain he cannot speak to outsiders.

After covering her with the quilt, he lifted his long legs and got out of bed.

After washing, he went downstairs for breakfast.

Seeing that he was in good spirits, Mrs. Zhang smiled and said, “Assistant Zhou called just now.”

Chapter 605

Chapter 605

“What did he say?” He sat down in the dining chair, picked up the milk glass, and took a sip.

“He asked An An and hung up.”

After breakfast, he went upstairs to get his cell phone.

Zhou Ziyi called him so early, there must be something wrong.

He picked up the phone and pressed the power button, but the screen didn’t turn on as he expected.

He pressed the power button for a long time, and the phone appeared on the boot screen.

His brows furrowed. He remembered that he didn’t turn off the phone last night, but why did the phone turn off?

When the phone is turned on, a bunch of missed calls and messages pop up.

His heartstrings tensed, and he clicked on the message.

——Mr. Fu, have you watched today’s news? I read it, and I can’t even eat breakfast.

——Mr. Fu, what is your attitude towards Jin Sinian? I didn’t understand, I was shocked.

——Mr. Fu, are you really not banning Jin Sinian? Can I find him again?

After reading the information, he looked at the woman sleeping on the bed with cold eyes.

Before breakfast, he gently stroked her face, wanting to love her for a lifetime.

Now, he just wants to torture her severely and make her cry and beg for mercy!

However, this idea came out and was strangled in the cradle.

She is now pregnant with his child, he can’t be impulsive!

If he wants to be a qualified father, he must learn to control his emotions!

He clutched the phone and strode out of the bedroom.

ST Group.

After Fu Shiting arrived at the company, Zhou Ziyi immediately entered his office.

“Boss, I discussed with the public relations department just now, and now there are two methods.” Zhou Ziyi proposed the solution, “The first method is to deny the news this morning. Just say that you have nothing to do with Jin Sinian. , has made any comments.”

Zhou Ziyi finished the first method, and Fu Shiting threw the phone on the table.

Zhou Ziyi stepped forward to pick up his phone and saw his outbox.

In the outbox, there was a message lying impressively.

It was sent to a reporter at 3:00 this morning by ‘he’.

After Zhou Ziyi read the information, a coolness permeated his entire body.

“Uh, this is what Qin Anan sent from your mobile phone after you fell asleep, right?”

The chill on Fu Shiting’s face can kill people: “otherwise?!”

Would he do such a face-slapping thing?

Zhou Ziyi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Then only use the second method to compensate the major brands.”

In fact, money is not worth mentioning to Fu Shiting.

He was angry that Qin Anan made him lose face!

Her behavior is too aggressive! Can’t she discuss it with him before making a decision? Have to secretly send messages to reporters behind his back?

“Boss, don’t you have a screen lock on your phone?” Zhou Ziyi kindly suggested, “Why don’t you set it now to avoid similar incidents in the future.”

“Can I lock her?” Fu Shiting said coldly, “She You can unlock it with my finger while I’m asleep!”

Zhou Ziyi ignored this.

They both slept last night. It proves once again that the boss has no resistance to Qin An’an!

Fu family.

Because no one disturbed him, Qin Anan slept peacefully until noon.

After waking up, the memories of last night came flooding back, and her face was hot!

She didn’t dare to stay at his house for a long time. After putting on her skirt, she quietly went downstairs, intending to sneak away.

“Qin An’an, aren’t you going to explain it to me?” Fu Shiting held a cup of coffee in his hand and gritted his teeth, “If you dare to step out of the gate, I’ll break your leg!”

Chapter 606

Chapter 606

When Qin Anan heard his voice, a chill appeared on his back.

He didn’t go to work today? Are you waiting for her to wake up at home?

She turned awkwardly and looked at him.

He was dressed in formal clothes and looked solemn. The light from the window came in and fell on him, making him look cooler.

“I took your cell phone and sent a message.” She said truthfully, “I admit that it was wrong for me to take your cell phone without authorization, but when you decided to block Sinian, you didn’t discuss it with me.”

She admitted that she had a problem, but she didn’t Don’t regret doing it.

“Qin Anan…”

“What are you calling me for? You want to settle accounts with me? I didn’t say I was staying at your house last night, you rascal!” Qin Anan raised her chin and settled with him, “I If it were you, I would shut up and let this matter pass silently.”

Fu Shiting couldn’t say a word when she was blocked by her words.

Seeing that the two of them were quarreling, Mrs. Zhang immediately came over to smooth things out: “An’an, lunch is ready, you should be hungry? Go eat first!”

Before Qin An’an could open her mouth to refuse, her stomach growled. up.

She didn’t eat breakfast in the morning, and now she was hungry with her chest on her back.

Since her belly has grown, her appetite has doubled. Sometimes even mild nausea doesn’t affect her appetite.

Fu Shiting was like being poured a basin of cold water on his head.

All emotions cool down.

“Sir, let’s go to dinner! Don’t be angry with An An. She is pregnant with a child, and it’s very hard.” After Qin Anan left for the dining room, Mrs. Zhang took the coffee cup from Fu Shiting’s hand.

Sister Zhang’s advice played a role.

What does Qin Anan use his mobile phone to send a message to the reporter? Not to send him fruit photos. Didn’t he just hit him in the face? Compared with the child in her belly, his face is of course more important than the child.

dining room.

The two sat opposite each other.

Qin An’an was too hungry, so he just immersed himself in eating.

“Eat slowly, don’t choke.” He frowned and reminded aloud.

She paused, then slowly picked up the soup bowl and took a sip.

Probably full of food, she suddenly wanted to chat with him.

“Fu Shiting, I heard that your company has hired a woman who looks like me.”

“You mean Tang Qian’s cousin?”

“Do you think she looks like me?” She put down the soup bowl and looked at him calmly.

Fu Shiting: “It’s just a superficial image.”

“Oh, do you think she’s good-looking, or I’m good-looking?”

Fu Shiting looked up at her: “Are you tired? The question is boring enough.”

“You Why didn’t you answer my question? If you said she was prettier, I wouldn’t treat you like that. I’m not as angry as you are.” She used aggressive tactics to force him to answer.

He put down the chopsticks in his hand, printed the corners of his mouth with a tissue, and said solemnly: “If I think she is prettier than you, and she is more distracting, the woman lying on my bed last night is her, not you. “

Qin An’an: “…”

Answer the question and answer the question. What did you do last night?

Seeing her frown, he teased: “I don’t know who said that I don’t like to be angry just now.”

“I’m not angry, I just feel that this matter is a little awkward.” Qin Anan said the unhappiness in his heart, “Could they be? Think I’m attracted to you by my looks? Funny, I’m so much better on the inside than on the outside.”

Seeing her being so narcissistic, the chill in his eyes melted, and he mocked in a hoarse voice: “Yes, I was fascinated by your inner self last night.”

She felt goosebumps at his words.

“I’m full, I’ll go first.”

“I’ll take you off.” He got up and caught up with her.

Chapter 607

Chapter 607

“No.” She was so annoyed that she shouldn’t have chatted with him. Now not only can’t catch his words, but also embarrassed.

“Qin An’an, I still have something to talk to you about. I’ll take you back, and we’ll talk on the way.” His tone was unbearable.

She carried her bag and followed behind him.

When he walked out of the villa, he reached out to her, “Give me the car key.”

“Then how will you come back later?” After she asked this question, out of the corner of her eye, she saw that his bodyguard had already driven out a car.

She sighed inwardly.

No matter where he goes, bodyguards follow him, so why should she worry about him?

After getting in the car, the car drove out smoothly.

Her blood sugar rose after a meal, and she was a little dizzy.

“Qin An’an, how did your two children arrange their summer vacation?” He threw out the topic he was going to talk about.

Her brows tightened, and she was no longer sleepy.

He cared so much about Xiaohan and Rila, did he know they were his children?

Seeing her reaction is so sensitive, he had to explain: “You have a big belly now, and it is inconvenient to take care of your children. Would you like to apply for a summer camp for your two children?”

“Oh… Xiaohan School has summer vacation arrangements. As for Rila, I haven’t considered whether to send her to summer school activities.” Qin Anan struggled.

“You can discuss it with her and see what she wants.”

“I know. You don’t need to worry about this.” She looked at his profile, hesitated for two seconds, and said, “Fu Shiting, if you really If you want me to have a good baby, then stop bullying my friends.”

His eyebrows frowned, “Qin An’an, you should warn your friends. They took the initiative to provoke me.”

“Of course I will remind them to stay away from you in the future, but shouldn’t you also restrain your temper?” she said solemnly.

“In your heart, your friend’s status is higher than mine.”

Qin Anan felt a pain in his temple, what’s the point of this comparison?

In order to prove that he really wanted her to take care of the baby, he really didn’t want to make her angry, so he turned on the car music and ended the quarrel.

The car drove to the Xinghewan villa, and he did not enter the villa with her.

When she went in to change her shoes, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of him getting into his bodyguard’s car.

This man is stubborn and arrogant.

He thinks he is right, even if you press his head, he will never admit that he is wrong.

“An An, have you eaten yet?” The nanny asked immediately when she saw her coming back.

“I’ve eaten.” Qin Anan sat down on the sofa and saw an envelope on the coffee table.

“This is what Xiaohan brought back last night,” the nanny explained. “Also, Rila is on summer vacation from tomorrow, and Mike went to her school’s activities today.”

She opened the envelope and contained specific information about the summer camp.

She glanced at the summer camp site, in country B.

She can send Xiaohan to country B at that time to see if Xiaohan can adapt to the activities of the summer camp. If she can adapt, she will come back alone, if not, she will bring Xiaohan back together.


She drove to the company.

Just entered the office, the vice president immediately pushed the door and came in.

“Mr. Qin, last night’s live broadcast was so explosive! Our orders have soared today!” The vice president laughed, “There are rumors on the Internet that this is a joint marketing campaign by you and Fu Shiting. Everyone knows our company!”

Qin Anan laughed at himself: “Then should I give Fu Shiting a marketing fee?”

The smile on the vice president’s face froze: “Is it really the marketing cooperation between you and Fu Shiting?!”

Qin Anan: “You think about it. Think, is it possible?”

Vice President: “Maybe! Isn’t the child in your stomach his? Now everyone in the company knows!”

Chapter 608

Chapter 608

Qin Anan was stunned.

“Originally, everyone was just talking privately about who the child in your belly belongs to… Last night, Fu Shiting suddenly came over. Although he didn’t say anything, he kept staring at you. This is so obvious. !” The vice president laughed.

Qin Anan: “Si Nian also stared at me last night.”

“That’s different. If the child in your womb is Jin Sinian’s, why should Fu Shiting bother you? Fu Shiting is not the kind of person who would let himself eat. Big loss man.” The vice president said vividly.

Qin Anan opened the notebook.

The vice president gushed endlessly: “Fu Shiting wants to block Jin Sinian, so many big brands choose to terminate the contract with Jin Sinian and dare not confront him, only our company dares to do this, why? Because you are pregnant with his child. “

Last night, during the live broadcast, many people called me and asked me to advise you not to be so reckless, saying that Fu Shiting would definitely come to trouble us hahahaha… I got the headlines this morning. It ‘s silly to look at it!”

“Mr. Qin, our company has become the biggest winner in this turmoil.”

Qin Anan clicked on his mailbox to check today’s work report.

Last night’s sales offset the past month’s sales.

No wonder the vice president is so happy.

“At this rate, as long as our company’s core technology is not surpassed, Wang Wanzhi will never be able to win against us.” The vice president said confidently, “Jin Sinian has now become our spokesperson, and the number of his fans is too huge. Although he has been unblocked, it does not affect his fans’ retaliatory purchase of our products.”

Qin Anan nodded: “I will go abroad the day after tomorrow.”

“Okay. President Qin, you have a big belly now. Now, in fact, you don’t have to use it in the company. So you don’t get tired of running back and forth. If there is anything in the company, I will report to you as soon as possible.” The vice president said.

Qin Anan: “Thank you for your hard work.”

“It’s all your credit that the company has developed so well.” The vice president sighed, “If your father knew about it, he would be very happy to see that you have managed the Qin Group so well. Glad .”

Qin Anan’s eyes drooped slightly, I hope his father can rest in peace under the spring.


The black Rolls Royce drove into the Fu family’s old house.

Since the death of his mother, Fu Shiting has not been here again.

Big brother called him tonight and asked him to come over.

Fu Shiting got out of the car and strode into the living room.

In the living room, besides Fu Han’s family, there is also Shen Yu.

After Shen Yu’s eyes met Fu Shiting, she immediately lowered.

“Shi Ting, you haven’t been back for a long time! Let’s go to dinner first and chat while eating.” Fu Han said enthusiastically.

The group entered the dining room and took their seats.

Fu Han cleared his throat and said, “Shi Ting, I called you here today because I have something more important to tell you… Shen Yu has been pregnant with Yechen’s child for over a month. The two of them are very opposed to being together, but Shen Yu is pregnant with a child now…”

Fu Shiting did not have any turbulence on his face: “It’s good. I remember Shen Yu said that she is not easy to conceive, since she is pregnant, Then give birth.”

His answer made Fu Han relieved, “I plan to let them get engaged after the child is three months old. As for the wedding, wait for the child to be born. What do you think?”

Fu Shiting: “You can just inform me when you set a date.”

Fu Han: “Okay! We brothers haven’t had a drink together for a long time. Let’s have a good drink tonight!”

Fu Shiting raised his glass and took a sip.

An hour later, Fu Han was drunk and was helped back to the room by his wife.

Fu Shiting also drank a lot, and a blush appeared on his handsome face.

“Shi Ting.” Shen Yu chased him to the front yard, her voice choked, “I really loved you… Even if you are not the high-ranking president of ST Group, I still love you! I love you! Love will never be less than Tang Qian and Qin An’an, but why are you so cruel to me?”

Chapter 609

Chapter 609

“Because you’re stupid.” Fu Shiting was drunk and spoke very directly, “I’ll give you two billion, it’s not good for you to do something with it. If you insist on hanging out with Fu Yechen, it means that you are the same kind. “

His words stabbed Shen Yu severely!

Two billion… was taken away by Qin An’an long ago!

If Shen Yu has 2 billion in her hand now, why should she complacent and use the child in her stomach to tie Fu Yechen?

Fu Yechen is the man with the best conditions she can find now.

The bodyguard helped Fu Shiting into the car, and the black Rolls-Royce quickly disappeared into the dark night.

Shen Yu raised her hand to wipe her tears.

Not far behind her, Fu Yechen put his hands in his pockets and said coldly: “Shen Yu, look at your current appearance, I’m ashamed of me! My uncle has long wanted you, why are you like a dog? ?! The man you want to please now is me!”

Hearing his sarcasm, Shen Yu turned around: “Fu Yechen, when I had money in my hand before, you dared not say such things to me!”

“You’re out of money now! You won’t be able to make that much money in the future! You still recognize the reality, give birth to me honestly, and take good care of me and my parents. I won’t treat you badly.” Fu Ye Chen Shishi looked at her generally, “You are not too young, don’t hold unrealistic fantasies all day long. It is your honor that I am willing to marry you!”

Shen Yu broke down and cried.

After she broke up with Wang Wanzhi, Wang Wanzhi completely abandoned her and her father.

My father returned to country B because of his sadness.

She didn’t want to go back to country B just like that. It happened that she was unwell and found out that she was pregnant, so she caught Fu Yechen.

Maybe Fu Yechen is right, she might be like this in her life!

Star River Villa.

After Qin Anan took a bath, he packed Xiaohan’s luggage to take to the summer camp.

Rila was very busy with her hands and feet beside her.

“Rila, do you want to go to summer camp like your brother?” Qin Anan asked with a smile.

Rila shook her head without thinking: “Mom, didn’t Uncle Sinian tell you, he took me to play during the summer vacation.”

Qin Anan was stunned: “Did he tell you that?”

“Yes! He asked me if I wanted to talk to you. He was on the show together, and he said that while playing, he could make money at the same time…”

“Baby, why are you telling your mother about such a big thing?” Qin Anan was surprised, “Are you sure you want to be on the show? Aren’t you afraid?”

“I’m not afraid to be with Uncle Sinian. Mom, why don’t you let me play!” Rila blinked her innocent eyes, “I told my brother just now, my brother made me think Go and go. Otherwise, I’m at home, and I’ll definitely quarrel with my mother.”

“So I was the last to know about this?” She looked bewildered, paused, and said sternly, “I’m different…”

Rui La immediately kissed her cheek: “Mom, let the baby go! The baby wants to experience the feeling of making money!”

Qin Anan: “…”

A day later.

Qin Anan took Xiaohan on the flight to country B.

And Rila followed Jin Sinian to the city where the variety show was recorded.

After Fu Shiting learned about these two things, his face became extremely cold!

It’s just that she doesn’t report to him when she goes abroad. Who allowed her to promise Rila to enter the entertainment industry?

Did she really think he didn’t know Rila was his daughter? !

She is forcing him to pierce this layer of window paper!

Chapter 610

Chapter 610

Zhou Ziyi guessed why he was angry, and immediately explained: “Qin An’an doesn’t want to let Rela enter the entertainment industry, it’s Rela who begged so hard to experience it. You also know that Rela looks so cute. , very few people can refuse her.”

“Rila is not sensible, is she not sensible? As a child’s mother, she should play the role of guiding and supervising the child, not conniving!” Fu Shiting retorted sharply.

Zhou Ziyi: “If Rila came to beg you, would you really be selfless, upright, and deny your six relatives?”

Fu Shiting’s face turned gloomy: “I won’t say whether I can do it or not, I found that your elbow is turned out. !”

Zhou Ziyi hurriedly expressed his loyalty: “Absolutely not. I replaced Qin An’an. If Rila came to beg me, I would definitely follow her. After all, she is so cute… I have never seen her before. A little girl cuter than her.”

Zhou Ziyi’s flattery, Fu Shiting was relieved.

Rila is cute, he knows it. After all, Rila and Qin Anan look alike.

Qin An’an often made him angry. He never really did anything to her. If she shrank countless times and became like Rila, he would only be softer.

“It must be Jin Sinian’s little white face inciting it!” Fu Shiting frowned and analyzed, “If he didn’t find Rila, Rila would not be like this.”

Zhou Ziyi nodded: “Yes, Jin Sinian is playing this trick. It’s too bad! He didn’t discuss it with Qin An’an because he knew Qin An’an would not agree. After all, Qin An’an was not short of money, so she couldn’t let Rila show up in the entertainment industry. Jin Sinian directly persuaded Rila to let Qin Anan An was caught off guard!”

Fu Shiting clenched his fingers tightly, and his eyes were cold.

Zhou Ziyi was afraid of his impulsiveness, and reminded him, “Boss, you were forced to publicly say that you would not target Jin Sinian in the future, so…” Don’t do anything slapped in the face.

Jin Sinian brought Ruila into the entertainment industry. Although it was a bit excessive, Zhou Ziyi felt that Jin Sinian would definitely take good care of Ruila.

Fu Shiting picked up the water glass, took a sip, and forcibly suppressed his anger.

“Qin Anan went to country B to send Xiaohan there. It is said that she will be back in two days.” Zhou Ziyi continued, “Qin Anan was afraid that Xiaohan would not be used to staying in the summer camp, so he sent him there in person.”

Fu Shiting raised his eyes: “Did she bring a bodyguard?”

“I did.” Zhou Ziyi said, “She is very familiar with country B and has many friends there, so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Fu Shiting: “You forgot that she was kidnapped before. What happened?”

Zhou Ziyi asked embarrassedly, “Then do you want to go there?”

“Didn’t you say she will be back in two days?” Fu Shiting’s eyes drooped slightly.

It’s not that he doesn’t worry about her at all, it’s just that he quarreled with her. If he chased after him to country B, he would feel very embarrassed.

“Well. If you don’t go to country B, you can go to K city… to investigate. Rila’s variety show is recorded in K city.” Zhou Ziyi took good care of his self-esteem.

Fu Shiting thought for a while, but didn’t make an immediate decision.

country B.

After Qin Anan and Xiaohan got off the plane, Xiaohan was picked up by a special car from the summer camp.

Summer camp activities are fully closed.

Qin An’an had no way to follow him, so he could only wait for the teacher’s feedback tonight or tomorrow.

“Boss, I’ll take you home to rest.” The bodyguard said to Qin Anan.

Qin Anan slept for a few hours on the plane and is not sleepy now.

“I’m not going back now. I’ll go see a friend first.” Qin Anan turned on his phone, found his friend’s number, and dialed it.

After talking on the phone, the two made an appointment to meet at a restaurant.

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