When His Eyes Opened Chapter 61 -70(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 61 -70(Chinese)

Chapter 61

“Of course we know each other! We used to drink together often! Tang Qiaosen and Tang Qian have a good relationship, did he tell you?” Sheng Bei pointedly said.

Qin Anan’s eyes showed surprise: “He said he has a normal relationship with Tang Qian.”

“He lied to you. Miss Qin, you need to think carefully. Why did he suddenly want to invest in you? Will there be any pits here?”

Qin Anan : “You mean, this is a trap?”

Sheng Bei shook his head: “I want to tell you that you need to think comprehensively. There is no free lunch in the world, and there will be no pie in the sky. You and Tang Qian only ripped apart a time ago. , Tang Qiaosen came to invest in you now, are you afraid?”

Qin Anan: “I am afraid.”

Sheng Bei nodded: “You must think carefully… Let’s eat first. Shi Ting! I’ll talk to your wife. It’s over, you can come here.”

Qin Anan was choked by the word ‘wife’.

After she sat down in the seat, Fu Shiting walked to the other side and sat down.

Sheng Bei came over from the bar with a decanter.

The wine has sobered up.

“Miss Qin, would you like something to drink?” Sheng Bei put down the decanter and brought three goblets.

Qin Anan shook his head: “I don’t know how to drink. I have to write a thesis at night.”

“Oh, then I will drink with Shiting…” After Sheng Bei poured drinks for himself and Fu Shiting, he asked Qin Anan, “Shi Ting Ting was drunk two days ago, thanks to you taking care of him.”

Qin Anan coughed: “…I didn’t take care of him, he’ll be fine by himself after a good night’s sleep.”

“Yes, Shi Ting’s wine is good. , he’s very quiet when he’s drunk.” Sheng Bei said, “He doesn’t like expressing his feelings very much…”

Qin Anan: “I think he likes to express himself! He loses his temper when he’s not happy. I don’t I’ve seen someone more expressive than him.”

Sheng Bei: “…”

Fu Shiting’s face turned black in an instant.

“Eat.” Seeing his face change, she immediately picked up her rice bowl and covered her mouth with rice.

Within five minutes, she put down the dishes and left the table.

Sheng Bei looked at her distant back and sighed: “Does she usually eat so fast?”

Fu Shiting: “Well.”

Sheng Bei: “Is she anorexia? She eats very little.”

Fu Shiting: “People who are really anorexic, I won’t eat a grain of rice.”

Sheng Bei: “Oh…it seems to be to keep in shape and attract your attention.”

Fu Shiting raised his eyebrows and teased: “Do you think she cares about my feelings?”

If Qin Anan cared about his feelings, he would not have refuted him in front of him just now.

He was often provoked to anger by her at first, but now his tolerance has improved a lot.

Sheng Bei: “…I don’t seem to care. But you like her precisely because she dares to say anything.”

“When did I say I like her?”

“Stop pretending, there are no outsiders here. Besides, it’s not ashamed to like women. Qin An’an is better than many women…”

“Excellent ass. She only wants to have children in her mind.”

Sheng Bei: “…” The

guest room.

Qin Anan turned on the computer, but his heart was hard to calm down.

I was vaguely uneasy, always feeling that something was about to happen.

The phone rings.

Qin An’an’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated!

Picking up the phone, Qin Keke’s name appeared in front of him.

How dare she call!

Certainly nothing good!

Chapter 62

Chapter 62

Could it be that the money taken away has been spent? !

But they took so much money, how could it be spent so quickly?

Qin Anan took a deep breath and answered the phone.

Before she could speak, Qin Keke exclaimed on the phone, “Qin An’an! Is my father’s Super? Brain system in your hands? Get it for me!”

Qin Keke’s voice was crying Sound, as if frightened.

Qin An’an’s emotions were ignited: “Qin Keke, how dare you call me?! Your uncle took away Dad’s money, do you know that he committed a crime?! The police have opened a case for investigation!

” What’s the matter! I didn’t take it away! I just want Dad’s Super?Brain system! Qin An’an, bring it to me right now! You must give it to me tonight!” Qin Keke’s voice became more and more harsh.

Qin Anan frowned while listening to the noise over the phone.

“Qin Keke, where are you now?!”

Qin Keke burst into tears: “Qin An’an! Help! Fu Yechen and I are in the casino…he is being held… ..If you don’t bring Dad’s new system, they will chop off his fingers!”

“Gambling hall?! Are you going to gamble?” Qin Anan’s face was ashen.

She never knew that Fu Yechen was gambling!

“What’s the use of saying this! I asked you to use Dad’s new system to save your life, didn’t you hear? Do you want Yechen to have his fingers chopped off?! Don’t you love him!” Qin Keke complained.

Qin Anan had already walked to the door of the room, but when she heard Qin Keke say this, she stopped.

“You two need a face! Even if the men in this world die, I won’t look at Fu Yechen any more! He was deducted because he lost the gamble? In that case, why don’t you pay him back? That’s alright ! Your uncle paid my father billions, can’t Fu Yechen lose billions?!”

Qin Anan said, walking towards the bathroom.

A little dizzy, she needs to wash her face to wake up.

Qin Keke shouted excitedly: “My uncle didn’t give me the money that he took away! And others only want Dad’s new system! Didn’t you tell others to give the new system to Yechen! You obviously didn’t give it to him, why should you tell others? You told him? You deliberately tricked him, didn’t you?!”

Unexpectedly, Vice President Zhou took action so quickly.

Although Fu Yechen has accomplished nothing, he is at least Fu Shiting’s nephew.

Vice President Zhou is so arrogant!

“Isn’t he detained for gambling money? Let me guess… Is it someone else who came to him and asked him if he had a new system in his hand, he said yes, and then someone gave him money to gamble, and he I fell into someone else’s trap…”

Qin Anan had already formed a picture in his mind.

If Fu Yechen doesn’t admit that he has a new system, how could others lend him money to gamble?

If he doesn’t gamble, how can other people’s traps catch him?

Who’s to blame for all this? Blame him!

“Hehehe! Sure enough, you hurt him! Qin Anan, you are so cruel! When he was chasing you, he was so kind to you! His heart was fed to the dog!” Qin Keke reprimanded her.

“Yeah! He’s so kind to me. While falling in love with me, he’s doing that kind of shady business with you… Now it’s just chop off a few fingers, not throwing him the whole person. Dog, it’s not time for you to cry!” Qin Anan said indifferently and hung up the phone.

Less than a minute later, the call came again.

This time, it was Fu Yechen’s cell phone.

Qin Anan gritted her teeth and answered the phone.

It’s not that he’s soft-hearted, but that he wants to hear his cry.

“An An… An An! Save me! If you don’t save me… I’m really going to be disabled! You really didn’t give me that new system… No Me!” Fu Yechen was being held down, and his voice was extremely panicky.

“If I didn’t give it to you, why would you admit it? Fu Yechen, do it yourself! I can’t save you!” Qin Anan finished speaking and was about to hang up.

“An An! It’s my uncle! It’s my uncle who wants to kill me!” Fu Yechen suddenly screamed, “No one outside dares to touch me except my uncle! Go and beg my uncle for me…please Please!”

Qin Anan was stunned.

Isn’t that Vice President Zhou?

She suddenly remembered that on the night she was kidnapped, Fu Shiting sent bodyguards to the suburbs to investigate.

Chapter 63

Chapter 63

Fu Shiting knew everything she said on the lie detector!

Is it really Fu Shiting?

Fu Shiting wants a new system for the Qin Group?

Thinking of this, a layer of cold sweat formed on her back.

After hanging up the phone, she walked out of the room.

Fu Shiting and Sheng Bei have already eaten dinner and are smoking in the living room.

Sheng Bei saw her figure and immediately crushed the cigarette in the ashtray.

“Miss Qin, do you want to come over and chat?”

Qin Anan nodded and walked towards Shengbei.

Walking to Sheng Bei and standing still, she said, “I want to chat with Fu Shiting alone.”

Sheng Bei: “???”

Does it mean to drive him away?

He got up embarrassed, “I’ll go now. You two have a good chat. You can take a walk outside, the air is good.”

After that, he left.

Qin Anan sat down where Sheng Bei was sitting, thinking that Fu Yechen was about to have his finger chopped off, so he cut to the chase: “Fu Yechen called me just now and said that he was in the casino and was detained. Someone else wanted to chop his finger. “

Fu Shiting knew about it.

He had received a message from someone over there at the casino.

It was said that Fu Yechen was gambling on the field tonight.

“Does it hurt?” Fu Shiting felt depressed when he heard the words ‘Fu Yechen’ from Qin An’an’s mouth.

“The person who detained him thought that the new system of the Qin Group was in his hands, so he gave him money to bet. Now let him take out the new system and exchange it,” Qin Anan said word by word, “knowing that the new system is in his hands. people, except you…”

“You doubt me?” Fu Shiting’s eyes flashed coldly, and soot scattered between his fingers.

“I just came to ask you, if it wasn’t you…”

“It was me.” Fu Shiting sneered, “Are you going to kneel down and beg me to spare him?”

Qin Anan frowned: “Wait for you to die. When the time comes, I’ll consider whether to kneel on you.”

Fu Shiting’s muscles were tense, and he gritted his teeth angrily: “Do you believe it or not, I’ll have his fingers chopped off right away?!”

Qin Anan: “Chop quickly. If you don’t chop it, it’s a puppy. “

Fu Shiting: “…”

Qin An’an: “The last time he told me that the woman he loved the most was me, but tonight he was fooling around with my sister. If you chop off his finger, I’ll give you some How about a cigarette?”

Fu Shiting’s dark eyes cooled instantly.

Judging from her appearance, it seems that she doesn’t care about Fu Yechen anymore!

Also, Fu Yechen, a prodigal thing, can’t give her anything now.

After a while, his cell phone rang.

He picked it up and looked at it, then turned it off.

After he shut down, Qin An’an’s cell phone rang.

Qin Anan glanced at the incoming call reminder, pressed the power button, and turned off.

The surroundings were so silent that a heartbeat could be heard.

Qin Anan hesitated again and again, and warned Fu Shiting: “Fu Shiting, don’t hit me. Otherwise, I will drag you to death.”

Chapter 64

Chapter 64

What her father gave her, she would not give to anyone.

No one wants to take it away from her.

It was obvious that she was talking ruthlessly, but instead of being frightened, Fu Shiting found it a little ridiculous.

“What are you laughing at?” Qin Anan looked at the corners of his mouth, and felt uneasy.

“Laughing at you.” He sneered, “self-righteous, wise, and digging one’s own grave.”

She could barely hear the first two words. What does the last one mean?

“Go back to your room! Seeing you gives me a headache.” Fu Shiting’s face was suddenly gloomy, and his voice dropped a few degrees.

“I didn’t do anything, your headache must be because you are sick.” Qin Anan asked seriously, “Don’t you have a family doctor? Call the doctor for you?”

Fu Shiting bit out a word from his teeth: “Go away!”

Qin Anan returned to the room, her mood completely destroyed.

She closed the notebook, walked over to the bed, and lay down.

In fact, she didn’t love Fu Yechen for a long time.

If it wasn’t for Qin Keke’s initiative to call tonight, there would be no shadow of these two people in her mind or heart at all.

Thinking that Fu Yechen turned out to be a gambler and was in danger, his mood was very delicate and complicated.

All the memories of the past were directly subverted.

Even a little disgusting.

As if everything is fake, she is like Truman in “The Truman World”.

Never touching the real world, always living in falsehood.

Thinking about it, she fell asleep in a daze.

At two o’clock at night, a car parked in the front yard of Fu’s house.

Sister Zhang was woken up by the bodyguard on duty at night.

Aunt Zhang hurried out of the room and met the angry face of Mrs. Fu Wu Qing.

“Go and call Qin An’an!” Mrs. Fu walked to the sofa and sat down.

Sister Zhang immediately trotted to the door of Qin An’an’s room.

Five minutes later, sleepy Qin Anan came to the living room.

“Mom…” She sensed a dangerous aura, so she was much awake.

“Qin An’an, I thought you were a simple woman, but I didn’t expect you to lie to me for so long!” Mrs. Fu’s body trembled slightly, “I never knew you were in love with Yechen! Why didn’t you tell me? Say?! If I knew about this at the beginning, I would never let you be Shi Ting’s wife! It’s just ridiculous!”

Qin Anan: “You never asked me or cared about my feelings. You just Treat me as a chess piece. Now that the chess pieces are not clean, that’s because you have a problem with your vision.”

Madam Fu got up in anger, and walked tremblingly to Qin An’an.

“Okay, there’s something wrong with my vision! But what do you say about framing Yechen?!”

Qin Anan: “I framed him? Are you talking about the fact that he was charged for gambling money tonight?”

She retorted and asked Fu The old lady was speechless.

“You know very well that if he doesn’t gamble, others will not dare to touch him. Instead of educating him, you blame me, which means that I am in your Fu family, which is the original sin.” Qin Anan’s eyes were slightly red, and his emotions were a little intense. .

Madam Fu couldn’t bear it anymore, and slapped her with a wave of her hand.

‘Clap’ a crisp sound! Echoes in the huge living room!

Qin An’an’s cheeks were hot, and hatred welled up in her eyes.

“I killed Fu Yechen on purpose. He betrayed me, so I took revenge on him.” Qin Anan’s voice was clearer and stronger than before, “And Fu Shiting, as long as I stay with him for one day, don’t even think about hugging your grandson. .”

Madam Fu raised her arm and wanted to slap her again!

But the body suddenly lost strength, and the whole person fell on the sofa.

Qin An’an saw that she was mad at herself, and did not go to help her.

Sister Zhang rushed over first.

Following closely, Fu Shiting walked down the stairs step by step.

He was wearing a gray silk nightgown, and his face was always cold and serious.

She didn’t want to see him, not at all.

Chapter 65

Chapter 65

Before he walked downstairs, she ran back to the room quickly.

Mrs. Fu had difficulty breathing and felt like she was about to suffocate, but when she saw Fu Shiting coming over, she suddenly recovered a lot.

“Shi Ting… son…” Mrs. Fu stretched out her arm weakly to Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting immediately came over and supported her.

“Divorce Qin Anan… I’ll go tomorrow… Divorce…” Old Mrs. Fu had tears in her eyes, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry son… …. I was negligent… I found such an unclean woman for you…”

Fu Shiting raised his hand to wipe the tears from his mother’s eyes: “Mom, about Qin An’an and I, you Don’t worry about it. And Fu Yechen, don’t worry about it.”

“Yechen’s finger was chopped off… how painful he must be! He said that you killed him, I know not. …..How could you be so cruel to your relatives? You’re not that kind of person…”

“Mom, if you come to me and ask this stupid thing again, I’ll ask the driver to take you back right away.” Fu Shiting’s face Very ugly, “I won’t divorce Qin An’an. No one can force me unless I want to.”

Mrs. Fu took a desperate breath: “You fall in love with her? For her… so You and your eldest brother’s family have turned against you…”

Fu Shiting let go of his mother and looked at the driver of the old house: “Send my mother back to rest.” After

that, he turned and walked upstairs.

Old Madam Fu looked at her son’s decisive back, tears could not stop flowing down.

He was so heartless!

It’s all Qin An’an’s fault!

He wasn’t like this before!

It was all because Qin Anan appeared and provoked the relationship between their uncles and nephews, which made the Fu family uneasy.

Qin Anan sat on the bed, leaning against the wall, with his head slightly raised.

My face hurts so much.

Heart hurts too.

The wound on the face will heal in a few days, but the wound on the heart will never heal.

Even if you think it’s fine, if you are suddenly touched one day, there will still be traces.

Eight in the morning.

Fu Shiting sat in the dining room and had breakfast.

Suddenly, he instructed Mrs. Zhang, “Go and call Qin An’an out.”

Mrs. Zhang immediately walked towards the guest room.

After a while, she hurried back to the dining room.

“Sir, my wife is not in the room. She may have gone out. I’ll go ask the gatekeeper.” After reporting to Fu Shiting, Mrs. Zhang strode out of the courtyard.

After a while, Mrs. Zhang came back.

“My wife went out at six in the morning. Do you want me to call her and ask?” Mrs. Zhang was a little worried about her.

Mrs. Fu’s slap was not light.

Qin Anan usually looks gentle and quiet, but her self-esteem is very strong.

Aunt Zhang dialed her number, but a cold system beep came.

“My wife is off.” Sister Zhang’s voice was a little lower.

Qin Anan went out at six in the morning and turned off his mobile phone.

Can’t think of it, do something stupid?

Although I feel that being slapped in the face will not lead to seeking death, sometimes people are stimulated and their behavior will be out of control.

Fu Shiting looked cold, put down the coffee cup, got up and left the dining room without saying a word.

After hesitating for a while in the living room, he finally picked up the phone and dialed the assistant’s number.

“Ziyi, help me check Qin An’an’s mother’s phone number.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Okay, I’ll send it to you right away.”

After getting Zhang Yun’s number, Fu Shiting dialed it with a frown—— ——Sorry

, the user you dialed has been turned off, please call again later.

what happened?

Qin Anan and her mother, shut down together? !

Chapter 66

Chapter 66

A county hospital.

Qin Anan was lying on the ultrasound bed.

“The child’s development is quite normal… Wait five months, and then do a major row of deformities.” The doctor said.

“Okay, thank you.” Qin Anan breathed a sigh of relief.

“You’re welcome. I had a good relationship with your mother when you went to school.” The doctor printed out the color ultrasound sheet and gave it to her, “Your mother said that the father of the child would not want the child, so you came to a small place for a check-up. …..An An, you have two babies in this one, and it will be a problem to support the children at that time!”

Qin Anan took the ultrasound order and said with a smile, “It’s okay. Take it slow!”

“You just need to be mentally prepared. “

Qin An’an: “Auntie, then I won’t disturb you. I’ll contact you next time I come.”

After saying goodbye to the doctor, Qin An’an came out of the ultrasound room.

“How is the child? Is it okay?” Zhang Yun saw her coming out and immediately walked in front of her.

“Well, the child is quite normal. Mom, are you sleepy? I’m so sleepy!” Qin Anan yawned.

Didn’t sleep last night.

I came out of Fu’s house at six in the morning, and after meeting my mother, I got on the long-distance bus that came here.

More than three hours by car.

Bumpy all the way.

Qin Anan almost fell asleep several times in the car and kept holding on.

Now that the test results are normal, the dangling heart has also let go.

Just want to get some sleep.

“Why don’t we find a hotel and open a room for a rest?” Zhang Yun looked at her tired and distressed.

Qin Anan shook his head: “It will take more than three hours to go back! Let’s go back first!”

“Go eat something first. You didn’t eat in the morning, aren’t you hungry now?” Zhang Yun took her by the hand and led her out.

“I’m really hungry.” Qin Anan touched her belly, “It still doesn’t feel the same as before. Although she doesn’t show her pregnancy, her belly seems to be hard.”

She took her mother’s hand and said, Touch your belly.

“When your stomach really swells, it will be hard when you are in the third trimester… Hey, in a flash, the child is four months old. Time flies so fast.” Zhang Yun sighed.

“Yeah! Soon, the child will be born.” Qin Anan’s eyes were full of hope and worry.

“What happened to your divorce from Fu Shiting?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “He is very stubborn. The more I show that I want to divorce him, the less he will let me do. So I will not let me do so in the future. I ‘ll talk about the divorce.”

“Speaking of which, I haven’t officially met him yet!” Zhang Yun sighed.

“What’s there to see, he is cold to everyone. You will only add to yourself when you see him.” Qin Anan whispered.

Zhang Yun, however, has a different opinion: “He is so young and so rich, he must have high spirits. He is different from us ordinary people, so we can’t look at him with ordinary people’s eyes.”

Qin Anan: “Mom, why are we here now? Here? Why are you helping him?”

Zhang Yun pulled out a helpless smile: “Go to dinner. Go back after dinner.”

On the way back, Qin Anan fell asleep on Zhang Yun’s lap.

Zhang Yun’s fingers caressed gently on her head. When her fingers touched her left cheek inadvertently, she gasped in pain and hummed softly, “It hurts…it hurts…”

Zhang Yun fixed her eyes on her cheek.

If you don’t look carefully, you can’t find it, she has a thick layer of foundation on her cheeks.

“An An, what’s wrong with your face?” Zhang Yun woke up her daughter.

Qin Anan opened her eyes and woke up: “Mom, what’s wrong?”

Zhang Yun touched her left face with her fingers.

She gasped in pain and gritted her teeth.

“What happened to your face? Who hit you? Was it Fu Shiting?” Zhang Yun’s heart clenched tightly.

Qin Anan said nonchalantly: “No… I had a fight with my mother last night… Didn’t I want to divorce him through my mother? The result was not very good.”

“You’re stupid! This marriage can be divorced if you can. If you can’t, you don’t have to think of such a stupid way!” Zhang Yun sighed, “When you were in the hospital in the morning, why didn’t you tell me to prescribe some medicine first?”

Chapter 67

Chapter 67

“I’m pregnant now, so I can’t use drugs indiscriminately.” Qin Anan said, “It’ll be fine in a few days. I’ll just put on some foundation and cover it up in a few days.”

“Hey…you go to sleep . !” Zhang Yun patted her leg and asked her to lie down.

She shook her head: “I’m not sleepy anymore. I’ll play with my phone for a while.”

She turned on the phone and saw the missed call from Mrs. Zhang.

I wanted to call back, but there were too many people in the car. She thought about it and decided to go back and talk about it.

Suddenly, a news app pops up today’s headlines.

——Fu Yechen, the son of the Fu family, was taken out of the casino late at night, and he was hacked because he was suspected of owing a huge amount of usury!

She took a deep breath and clicked in.

So, she saw related pictures.

There are pictures of Fu Yechen being carried out, and pictures of him being sent to the hospital.

Beside him, there is a familiar face, that is Qin Keke.

I haven’t seen Qin Keke for a long time, and she dresses up more mature and coquettish.

If it wasn’t for Fu Yechen’s loan sharking in the casino last night, she should be sleeping with Fu Yechen on a big bed in a hotel now!

Qin Anan closed the news page and opened WeChat.

I saw the message from Li Xiaotian: An An! I almost fell asleep with He Zhunzhi last night! What the hell! Halfway through, I’m fucking here with my aunt! [covers face]

Qin Anan is very shocked: will you be too fast? ?

Li Xiaotian: I drank some wine last night…hey! You don’t know what he looked like last night when he saw me coming to Auntie… He was choked to death, but he still went to buy me Aunt’s towels first.

Qin An’an: Isn’t there a hotel room? !

Li Xiaotian: …Spent the night in his apartment last night. Although I promised to fall in love with him in order to find out his details, I can’t tolerate his inability to do that!

Qin Anan: Oh.

Li Xiaotian: Hey, how is your husband?

Qin Anan blushed and changed the subject: …My phone is about to run out of battery. I’m going to charge first!

Li Xiaotian: It seems that you have done it with your husband! Otherwise, you must directly answer that you don’t know! Hahahahaha!

Qin Anan embarrassedly stuffed the phone into her bag.

three hours later.

The car arrives at City A.

Qin Anan sent her mother home first.

Zhang Yun carried a bag of vegetables from the vegetable market and a bag of fresh fruit, so Qin Anan held the key to open the door.

Qin Anan opened the door—

there was a tall figure sitting on the sofa!

Qin Anan backed away in fright.

Zhang Yun was also stunned.

If she hadn’t seen Fu Shiting’s photo and knew what he looked like, she might have taken out her phone and called the police immediately.

Seeing that the mother and daughter were so scared, the bodyguard immediately walked out the door and pushed Qin Anan into the room.

Then he took vegetables and fruits from Zhang Yun’s hands and helped her into the house.

Zhang Yun’s lips twitched, wondering if she should say thank you to the bodyguard.

“Why are you here?” Qin Anan quickly calmed down, walked to him, looked at him, and asked, “This is my mother’s residence, what are you doing here?”

Her back felt a chill.

Somewhat scary.

He could easily find the information of their mother and daughter and find the detailed address.

In his eyes, she has no privacy at all.

Fu Shiting saw her fear in his eyes, and his thin lips parted lightly: “Looking for you.”

Chapter 68

Chapter 68 is

just two words, which can easily defeat her defense line.

She went out at six o’clock in the morning, her phone was turned off, and he couldn’t reach her, so he found this place.

If so, is he worried about her?

“Are you Fu Shiting?” Zhang Yun saw the awkward atmosphere, and immediately spoke up, “An’an was in a bad mood today, so I accompany her outside to relax. Now she’s all right. I’ll go get you a glass of water!”

Qin An’an : “Mom!”

Fu Shiting: “No need.” The

two spoke at the same time.

The atmosphere is more subtle.

“Mom, he’ll be leaving soon. You don’t need to worry about him. You can sit down and rest for a while.” Qin An’an took his mother to the sofa and sat down.

She was driving him away in disguise.

He got up wisely and said to Zhang Yun, “I’m leaving first, and I’ll visit you another day.”

Zhang Yun wanted to see him off, but Qin Anan stopped him.

“Mom, I’m leaving first. You have a good rest at home today.”

After speaking, Qin Anan left behind Fu Shiting.

Downstairs from the unit, Qin Anan said to him, “Don’t come here again in the future.”

His face was a little cold, and the line of his jaw was tight, as if he had been restrained to the extreme.

“I don’t need your fake concern.” She continued, “If you are really good for me, then divorce me.”

After that, she strode out of the community.

Fu Shiting looked at her thin back, and his eyes became colder.

Between him and her, they are obviously very close, but their hearts are farther and farther apart.


After Fu Yechen was sent to the hospital in the early hours of the morning, he underwent an emergency operation to amputate his finger.

A chopped finger, if well preserved, has a high chance of recovery if surgery is performed within eight hours of the injury.

If not return to a completely normal level, at least not become disabled.

After the operation at night, Fu Yechen was in a coma until more than two o’clock in the afternoon, and then slowly woke up.

After waking up, the fear in his eyes was as if someone had taken away his sanity.

“Yechen! Don’t be afraid! You are in the hospital now! You are safe! No one can hurt you anymore!” Fu’s mother cried and coaxed, “Your father has already paid you the money you owe.”

Fu Han’s face is not so good, after all, he has paid a lot of money to pay for his son’s loan sharks.

The son is not good enough, he has always known.

It’s just that Fu Yechen lost too much last night!

He lost hundreds of thousands in the past, which was still within Fu Han’s tolerance range. He lost more than 50 million directly last night.

Of course, Fu Han didn’t pay so much.

They chopped off Fu Yechen’s fingers, so they only had to pay back half.

Chapter 69

Chapter 69

“If you dare to gamble again in the future, I will chop off your hands without outsiders!” Fu Han was angry and gritted his teeth.

“My son just woke up, why are you scaring him! How could my son lose so much money alone! It must be Qin Keke’s fox who lost his spirit!” Mother Fu said, walked towards the door of the ward, and called Qin Keke in.

After Qin Keke glanced at Fu Yechen, he lowered his head in guilt and did not dare to answer Fu’s mother’s question.

“Mom… What are you blaming Coco for… Last night someone set up a game to deliberately punish me, otherwise we wouldn’t have lost so much!” Although Fu Yechen’s voice was weak, his sanity had recovered. “It’s Fu Shiting… Except for him, there will be no one else! Because I have been in love with Qin An’an, he hates me to death!”

“I know it’s your uncle! He can’t tolerate you! Your father is in your eyes!” Fu’s mother said excitedly, “He has a major flaw in his character! He is not a normal person! We shouldn’t mess with him!”

Fu Han pushed his wife aside: “What nonsense are you talking about in front of outsiders? Because of the big age gap and generation gap between me and Shi Ting, the relationship is not good! If your son is a little bit better, Shi Ting will not step on him as easily as stepping on an ant! Find more reasons for everything in yourself! See you Mother and son, I have a headache!”

After speaking, Fu Han walked away!

Mother Fu burst into tears.

Fu Yechen’s head was about to explode: “Mom! Stop crying! It’s all my fault! Blame me for not being promising! What are you doing to save me! Let me die!”

“Yechen! Don’t do this… Although you It’s not as good as your uncle’s money, but in my eyes, you are much better than your uncle!” Qin Keke took Fu Yechen’s arm and coaxed him, “You take good care of yourself, and when you are healed, we will find a way to avenge your uncle. If he dies, your father won’t compare you to him again.”

Fu Yechen’s mood suddenly calmed down.

Mother Fu’s crying stopped suddenly.

“Yechen, you should see through Qin An’an’s character, right? She is now with Fu Shiting! Don’t have any nostalgia for her! We’d better get rid of them together! If they die, you Uncle’s property is ours.” Qin Keke revealed his ambition.

Mother Fu came over and looked at Qin Keke coldly.

“Then what benefits can you bring us? I heard that your mother made a lot of money from the Qin family. Why didn’t your mother come forward to pay you back the loan shark last night?!”

Qin Keke said pitifully, “Auntie, I Mom does have a lot of money, but she is now running a business abroad. When her business starts, my mother and I may be worth more than Fu Shiting. The foreign market is much bigger than the domestic market…”

“Don’t make a big cake for me! Just like the way the two of you gambled last night, you can lose no amount of money!” Mother Fu scolded.

“We won’t gamble in the future! Really! I promise!” Qin Keke raised his hands and burst into tears, “We just played out of curiosity, so I won’t dare!”

“Yechen is the only seed of our Fu family. , because Fu Shiting will not have descendants.”

“Auntie, why? Is there something wrong with his body?” Qin Keke asked in confusion.

“You’re not my daughter-in-law yet! I won’t tell you anything!” Mother Fu said coldly, “If you can help Yechen next, I will forgive you!”

“I will definitely find a way to help Yechen. Yes. Auntie, look at my next performance.”

… In the

evening, a high-end restaurant.

Tang Qian had no appetite at all. She held a glass of red wine in her hand, frowned, and said, “Brother, are you crazy? Spend one billion for Qin An’an, do you want me to suffer more? If you have more money I have nowhere to spend it, so you can send the money to my bank card, okay?”

Tang Qiaosen shook his head: “Tang Qian, if you want money, I can give it to you. But you misunderstood me. Is it because of the money that Fu Shiting makes you suffer so much? His body.”

“Heh…you want to pursue Qin An’an? Do you think Fu Shiting will let you succeed? He likes Qin An’an.” Tang Qian thought about it and thought it was crazy, “Brother, Don’t put yourself in it. If you and Fu Shiting turn against each other, it will be difficult for me to do it.”

“I have no friendship with him for a long time.” Tang Qiaosen said casually, “Actually, I decided to join the Qin Group because of the Qin Group. It’s not that bad. As long as I take action, I can still turn losses into profits.”

“Qin An’an and I are mortal enemies. You help her make money, but you’re going to be mad at me?” Tang Qian glared at her brother.

“Think on the bright side. If I help her like this, will she fall in love with me?”

“What if not? Brother, although you are also very good, I think Shi Ting is more charming.” Tang Qian was infatuated, “He is paranoid, indifferent, restrained…”

“Hehe, Tang Qian, do you know how his father died?” Tang Qiaosen shook the red wine glass and said word by word, “His father was killed by him. of.”

Chapter 70

Chapter 70

The infatuation on Tang Qian’s face vanished in an instant.

“Although I don’t dare to say it’s true, eight and nine are inseparable.” Tang Qiaosen continued, “The reason why I haven’t told you is because I had a good relationship with him before, and I think he The advantages of her body can outweigh this.”

Tang Qian’s body was a little cold, and after a while, she shivered and brought the red wine glass to her mouth.

“Tang Qian, he’s very good, but he also has huge flaws. You don’t need Shinhwa. If you really marry him, I will worry about your safety.” Tang Qiaosen cut the steak gracefully, his tone unhurried.

“He must have his reasons for doing this…I believe he is not a bad guy…” After a moment of silence, Tang Qian murmured, “If he is really a wicked villain, I don’t I don’t know. I’ve been by his side for so many years, enough to see a person’s true face.”

Tang Qiaosen laughed at her naivety: “Not long ago, a serial murderer was arrested. The murderer has been on the run for more than ten years. For years, he has been doing an ordinary job very honestly, and the people around him say he is honest and kind…”

“Tang Qiaosen! Don’t go too far!” Tang Qian turned her face, “I have my own judgment. , I don’t need you to meddle in your business!”

“I knew that you wouldn’t be able to stand me talking ill of him, so I haven’t told you all these years.” Tang Qiaosen shrugged innocently, “Continue to persevere! Someday If you want to give up, the door of the family will always be open for you.”

Tang Qian: “No need! I own real estate!”

“It seems that Fu Shiting gave you a considerable salary.” Tang Qiaosen teased.

Because Tang Qiaosen was the heir to the Tang family, Tang Qian didn’t ask her family for a penny after she worked.

“Aside from everything else, he is definitely a good boss. Even if I can’t get him, I’m willing to stay by his side.” Tang Qian said angrily, raising her glass, “I wish you success in chasing Qin An’an. I remember that you chased women from I have never missed, I hope this time is also successful!”

“I have confidence in myself.” Tang Qiaosen clinked glasses with her.

a week later.

ST Group.

CEO’s office.

Sheng Bei brought Xinhe Capital’s first-hand gossip to share with Fu Shiting.

“Didn’t Tang Qiaosen want to invest in the Qin Group? It is reported that Qin An’an has not given him a definite reply yet.” Sheng Bei’s smile was particularly bright, “I also heard that Tang Qiaosen did not make any appointments with Qin An’an this week. All kinds of appointments…meal appointments, mountain climbing appointments, exhibition appointments…he did everything he could, but Qin Anan was indifferent and ignored him at all…”

Zhou Ziyi Said: “Mr. Tang has encountered Waterloo! He can be said to be a veteran in love, each girlfriend is better than the other, and each of them is dead on him. In the end, he can get out of his body and continue to be good friends with these exes. I didn’t expect that Miss Qin would not eat his way.”

Fu Shiting’s face was cold, he didn’t think it was funny.

Tang Qiaosen asked his wife in the name of work, which was shameless, despicable, and inferior to a beast.

“Qin Anan’s face was injured and he didn’t go out for a week.” Fu Shiting said.

Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi were very surprised.

“Why is her face hurt?”

Fu Shiting hesitated for a moment, then said hoarsely, “My mother beat him.” “I’ll go! Could it be because of Fu Yechen

?” “Well.”

Moved away from the laptop screen, picked up the coffee cup, took a sip, and said bitterly, “She hasn’t spoken to me for a week.”

Sheng Bei: “After your mother beat her, did you comfort her?”

Fu Shiting shook his head.

Zhou Ziyi: “Then did you give her a gift to coax her?”

Fu Shiting continued to shake his head.

Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi took a deep breath.

Even a fool should know why Qin Anan hasn’t talked to you for a week!

“She wants to divorce me. If I ask her what kind of gift she wants, she will definitely say, the divorce agreement.” Fu Shiting said word by word, “I coaxed her, she said, don’t care about my hypocritical, really If you are good to me, just divorce me.”

Fu Shiting didn’t dare to say or do anything, because Qin Anan only wanted to divorce him.

Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi suddenly fell in love with him.

Obviously he is so much better than Tang Qiaosen, why is the love road so unhappy?

After all, it was because he had no experience.

No matter what you do, you will be familiar with it again and again.

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