When His Eyes Opened Chapter 611 -620(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 611 -620(Chinese)

Chapter 611

On the way to the restaurant, Qin Anan said to the bodyguard, “I am not allowed to tell anyone about my itinerary in country B. Neither can Mike. He is now half of Fu Shiting, and I don’t like being watched. Anyone If I ask you about me, just say I’m resting at home.” The

bodyguard nodded, “Boss, I won’t be bribed.”

Qin Anan raised his eyebrows and said in surprise, “Has anyone ever bribed you? The

bodyguard was stunned for a moment, then nodded again: “Fu Shiting’s assistant tried to bribe me, but I seriously rejected it.”

Qin Anan took a breath.

Mike has been taken over by his assistant, and he actually wants to buy her bodyguard!

This is to infiltrate her life in all directions!

Isn’t it because he is pregnant, why is he so worried?

The more he was like this, the less she wanted him to know her whereabouts.

When the car arrived at the restaurant, she successfully met the last customer.

When the customer saw her, he said gratefully: “Doctor Qin, my father’s condition is much better! I really thank you very much. I said last time that I would introduce a customer to you, but I brought his case today. I was entrusted by a friend. , I’m sorry to refuse, if you’re not free or physically inconvenient, it’s fine if you don’t pick it up.”

Qin An’an: “Since you brought the case, let me see it first!”

“Doctor Qin, I know your doctor. Ren Xin, I won’t refuse directly. You have a big belly now, so you must be very tired? If you are willing to take this job, you can wait until your child is born and then it will be fine.” The customer said thoughtfully.

Qin Anan nodded: “Okay, since you’re not in a hurry, I’ll take the case back and look at it again.” “Okay

. Dr. Qin, I’ve prepared a gift for you, you must accept it.” The customer carried a bag, Hand it to her, “It’s a children’s jewelry I designed. I know you have a daughter, take it to your daughter!”

Qin Anan didn’t want to accept it, but he couldn’t refuse the other party’s kindness.

In addition, Rila is particularly stinky, and she will definitely be very happy to receive this gift. After much thought, she accepted the gift.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Qin Anan received a call from the summer camp teacher.

The students of the summer camp include not only classmates in Xiaohan’s class, but also gifted children from all over the world.

Qin Anan thought that Xiaohan would be somewhat uncomfortable, but the teacher told her that Xiaohan not only did not feel uncomfortable, but also quickly became acquainted with several foreign children.

Qin Anan was very emotional after speaking on the phone.

Before sending Xiaohan to the genius class, she always thought that Xiaohan had a mental or physical illness, so she was different from other children of the same age.

Unexpectedly, her son is just smarter than ordinary children, so he is unwilling to follow the life trajectory of children of the same age step by step.

She wants to thank Yin Yin. If it wasn’t for Yin Yin, Xiao Han would still be studying in an ordinary kindergarten.

The next day, eight in the morning.

Qin Anan was woken up by the ringing of the mobile phone.

She picked up the phone in a daze and answered the call.

“Qin An’an, can you go back to China? The teacher at the summer camp told me that Xiaohan was very happy at the summer camp.” Mike’s voice came over the phone, “If you don’t come back, some people won’t be able to sit still. It’s over.”

Qin Anan stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyes, then said hoarsely, “What are you talking about?”

“I said, if you don’t come back, Fu Shiting will go to country B to find you!” Mike’s voice contained a hint of sarcasm. “Do you know what he was doing yesterday? Hehe, this man, went to Z city yesterday to see Rila secretly!”

Qin Anan: “…”

Chapter 612

Chapter 612

She sat up in shock.

“He went there secretly, just went to the show to watch it, and didn’t disturb Rila.” Mike added, “Ziyi told me that he probably knew that Xiaohan and Rila were his children. But he didn’t dare to recognize it. Because the two children don’t like him. Besides, you don’t want him to recognize the child, so he has been silently enduring the pain of separation.”

“Also, he really doesn’t want Rila to enter the entertainment industry.” Mike He continued, “So you come back as soon as possible to divert his attention. If he can’t help but run to the show group to make trouble, I can’t control the situation.”

Qin Anan had a headache.

Because of the jet lag, she had a little insomnia last night.

She doesn’t want to fly at all now.

“I’m not going back today.” She took a deep breath, “I have a headache, and I plan to rest at home for a day.”

“Oh… so! If you’re not feeling well, then take a good rest.” Mike said, ” Why didn’t you send me a message when you landed yesterday? I found that you don’t like to contact me more and more now. Do you have any opinion on me?”

Qin Anan didn’t want to make him sad, so he said: “The mobile phone has radiation, so I don’t use my cell phone much now, so if you have any questions, you can contact my bodyguard.”

Mike: “Oh… I’m not a fool, you just think I’m too close to Zhou Ziyi and think I’m Fu Shiting. Is it human? You can’t think like that! I’ll tell you what’s going on with Fu Shiting as soon as possible. If it wasn’t for my dedication and sacrifice, could Zhou Ziyi tell me that Fu Shiting went to peek at Rila yesterday? ?”

Qin Anan thinks what he said makes sense.

“How about you don’t tell me about me in the future, just ask about him?”

Mike: “…”

Qin An’an: “I’m so sleepy, I want to sleep for a while. There’s nothing important, just send me a message. I’m jet-lagged, so I didn’t fall asleep for a long time!”

“You’ve been jet-lagged for so long? Yesterday I gave Your bodyguard called and he said that you are sleeping at home, do you sleep all day and night?”

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment: “Can’t you?”

“If you really rest at home, of course there is no problem. I am afraid that you will do some danger behind my back. such as being deceived and the like. Being deceived. Money is a trivial matter, and I’m afraid you will be kidnapped again.” Mike expressed his worries.

Qin An’an: “Am I so stupid? You can’t think that every time I come to country B, because of the accident last time, I will encounter an accident!”

Mike: “Don’t you mean that pregnancy will make you stupid?”

“There is no scientific basis at all. Prove this. The reason why women become stupid is not because they are pregnant, but because they are married to men and suffer from the torture of being pregnant, having children and taking care of their families. ” Qin Anan retorted word by word.

Mike: “I was wrong. An An, you have a good rest. When you are asleep, remember to go back to China.”

Qin Anan hung up the phone.

She was sleepy at first, but after reasoning with him, she suddenly woke up.

No matter when, she couldn’t let herself stop working and studying.

She got out of bed and came out of the bedroom.

The bodyguard put the breakfast he bought in the morning into the microwave.

Two minutes later, a hot breakfast was served in front of her.

“Boss, when will we go back to China?”

Qin Anan: “We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I won’t go out today, you can go to rest.” The

bodyguard was flattered: “Then I’ll call you to eat at lunch.”

“Well. If I’m sleeping, Don’t call me.”


Qin Anan returned to the room with breakfast.

She put breakfast on the table, and took out the medical records she got yesterday from her bag.

There is a thick stack of medical records, and I don’t know what the patient’s disease is.

country A.

Chapter 613

Chapter 613

Fu Shiting lost sleep.

Not because of Qin Anan, but because of Rila.

The show that Jin Sinian took Rila to participate in is an outdoor variety show.

This variety show is mainly to let the stars and amateur babies live together and let the stars experience the feeling of being a father.

The few amateur babies I found, both male and female, are very good-looking. Of course, in his opinion, the other babies were not as good-looking as Rila.

The reason for Fu Shiting’s insomnia was that he was afraid that Rila would subtly regard Jin Sinian as a father in the process of getting along with Jin Sinian!

He asked the director some questions in detail at the filming site.

The director’s answer to him is that children eat, live and play with stars, just like real parents bring their babies.

His heart froze for a while.

He wants to block this show… No, he wants to block Jin Sinian! If Rila had to participate in this show and give Rila a partner, he wouldn’t be so uncomfortable.

But he knew that Rila was participating in the show for Jin Sinian.

If he blocks Jin Sinian again, Qin Anan will definitely have a big fight with him.

Her belly is getting bigger and bigger now, and he definitely doesn’t dare to let him lose his temper at the risk of making her pregnant.

He hardly slept that night.

After dawn, he got up and made a cup of coffee. After coffee, he decided to fill himself with work, so as not to continue to think about it.

Before Qin Anan returns to China, he can’t change anything.

after an hour.

Tang Qian called her cousin Nuonuo.

“Nuo Nuo, hurry up and dress up. Today, Shi Ting is going to the Dream City construction site for inspection. You can go with him later. If he asks you why you went, you can say that you like this project very much.”

Nuonuo received the call, He got up in a hurry: “Okay, I’ll get up right away. Hiss… my head hurts. Damn, last night at the nightclub, I met a man with a bad pen. He insisted that I was Qin An’an, and he dragged me into a tangle. I’m mad at me.”

Tang Qian frowned: “Who told you to go to a nightclub?! This is City A, how many acquaintances of Qin An’an and Fu Shiting are there… Do you still remember what that man looked like? Nuonuo: “

I don’t remember very well, but I asked his name. He is Fu Shiting’s nephew Fu Yechen. Cousin, is this man useful to us? He was fascinated by me. If I could make him Just do things for us.”

Tang Qian was silent for a moment, and said, “I’ll think about it in a while. You go to Dream City first today, and we’ll come step by step.”

Country B.

Qin Anan looked at the medical records she got back, and after reading it, she was a little excited.

Judging from the medical records, this patient’s illness is almost the same as Yin Yin’s illness!

Yin Yin’s disease is a relatively rare disease, so it was incredible for her to encounter two cases of the same disease.

She looked at the patient’s basic information again, and found that the patient and Yinyin were the same age, but the gender was different.

She thought it was very interesting, so she sent a message to Wei Zhen: Brother Wei, I met a patient in country B whose condition was almost the same as Yin Yin. I was hesitating whether to accept this operation. Because I also cannot fully guarantee the success of the operation.

Wei Zhen quickly replied to the message: You have a good talk with the patient’s family. If the other party can accept the failure of the operation, you will accept it. After all, you have Yinyin’s surgical experience, and I believe that no one can do better than you except you.

Wei Zhen’s reply gave Qin An’an great confidence.

She replied: Then I will meet the patient’s family tomorrow.

the next day.

Accompanied by bodyguards, she met the patient and the patient’s family.

After seeing the patient, her body seemed to be electrocuted, and she couldn’t recover for a long time!

Chapter 614

Chapter 614

This meeting was smoother than expected.

The patient’s family fully understood the risks of the surgery she proposed, and they only asked Qin An’an to help with the treatment, even if the surgery failed.

After the talk, Qin Anan came out of the patient’s house.

She looked back at the villa behind her, and then got into the car with a dignified mood.

After the bodyguard reminded her to fasten her seat belt, she drove the car onto the wide road.

She couldn’t help but ask: “Have you ever met two strangers who grew up in different countries but look alike?”

Bodyguard: “Boss, I rarely go abroad. I don’t know a few foreigners at all.”

“Then Have you ever met a stranger who looks alike from the same country?” She changed her words.

The bodyguard thought about it carefully: “I don’t know many people…but I think there should be some cases like this, but it’s relatively rare. I seem to have seen this situation on the news… Boss, why do you suddenly ask this question?”

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment, then shook his head: “Nothing. Let’s go to the mall to buy something.”

Bodyguard: “What do you need to buy? How about I take you home and I’ll buy it? Mike I’ve told you, it’s best not to let you go to a crowded place. If you bump into it, you’ll be in trouble.” Qin

Anan: “What else did he tell me?”

Be careful, don’t meet strangers you don’t know.”

Qin Anan: “There are so many pregnant women on the street, and everyone else is fine, what can happen to me?” The

bodyguard looked around: “Where? Where are there many pregnant women? I only see you as a pregnant woman!”

Qin Anan: “…” She was just making an analogy!

It seems that her bodyguard not only lacks attention to life, but also lacks roots.

But she only needs him to be loyal.

“It’s not a weekend, so there shouldn’t be many people in the mall,” she said. “Yesterday, the gifts that customers gave me were not cheap. I have to return the gift.”

“Oh, okay! Boss, although I don’t think you are as good as some women. Taste, but I appreciate you more, you can do your job well, and you don’t delay having children, it’s too strong!” The bodyguard praised.

Qin An’an: “You don’t want to flatter, you don’t have to. I won’t give you less bonus.” The

bodyguard said with a serious face: “Boss, I’m not flattering, I’m serious!”

He said she was not feminine, yes seriously!

Although Qin Anan doesn’t think it’s a good compliment to praise a woman as feminine, but considering the bodyguard’s experience and personality, the word femininity must be his high evaluation of a woman.

“Boss, did I say something wrong?” Out of the corner of his eyes, the bodyguard saw that there was no smile on her face, so he asked worriedly.

Qin An’an: “No. You praise me, I’m very happy. Don’t praise me in the future.” The

bodyguard said blankly: “Oh, okay!”

Country A.

The construction site of the Dream City project.

This project is invested by ST Group. After completion, it will be the first large-scale real-life amusement park adapted from IP in China.

Fu Shiting got out of the car and saw Nuonuo standing outside the security fence waving at him from a distance.

“Brother Shi Ting, my cousin told me that you would come to inspect today, so I made an assertion and ran over.” Nuonuo smiled brightly, “I’m a big fan of Fantasy City! I watch all its series of movies. I’ve played the game it released to the highest level! I’ve been waiting for this amusement park to be built!”

Fu Shiting looked at her Qin An’an-like face and was a little stunned: “It’s not finished yet.”

Chapter 615

Chapter 615

“But I can’t wait to go in and have a look!” Nuonuo pleaded, “Brother Shi Ting, can you take me in? I promise not to cause trouble for you. And as a loyal fan of Fantasy City, I will go in. After reading, you can also mention my feelings and suggestions!”

Fu Shiting agreed after thinking for a few seconds.

Everyone put on their safety helmets and followed the project manager into the construction site.

The project manager introduced the construction progress of each location, as well as the remaining workload and construction period.

Nuonuo listened very carefully, taking a few words from time to time, and she could see that she was really a loyal fan of Dream City.

“Nuo Nuo, when Dream City is built, I can transfer you to work.” Fu Shiting thought that this decision would make her very happy.

But there was no smile on her face.

“Isn’t that far from my cousin?” She murmured, “Brother Shi Ting, I can come here every week to play, don’t you transfer my work, okay?”

Fu Shiting saw her frowning coquettishly and softly. With a low voice, Qin An’an’s face appeared in his mind again!

Qin Anan rarely acts like a spoiled brat with him.

Even when she was in love at first, she wouldn’t be like this.

He can clearly know that Nuonuo is not Qin Anan, but when he sees Nuonuo’s face, he can’t help thinking of Qin Anan.

He quickly retracted the sight that fell on Nuonuo’s face.

“Brother Shiting, there is one thing I have to explain to you,” Nuonuo saw Fu Shiting’s unnatural expression and guessed what he was thinking, “I didn’t follow Qin Anan’s plastic surgery. I only had my nose trimmed, because My nose was injured and I couldn’t recover on my own. The doctor advised me to fix it. I can show you my previous photos.”

After listening to her explanation, Fu Shiting became more sober: “No. You are you, Qin Anan is Qin Anan. You are exactly the same as Qin An’an, in my eyes, you can’t be the same person.”

Nuonuo nodded obediently.

The next second, she looked behind Fu Shiting, her face changed suddenly, she suddenly protected Fu Shiting: “Brother Shiting, be careful!”

Fu Shiting didn’t have time to react, Nuonuo had hugged his back tightly!

He turned back quickly and saw a steel bar stuck to Nuonuo’s body!

If it wasn’t for Nuonuo who stood in front of him in an emergency, it was him who was stabbed by steel bars.

Nuonuo is wearing a floral skirt, the skirt is pierced, and you can see blood coming out!

Fu Shiting’s body was tense, and he shouted in a low voice, “Call an ambulance!”

Qin Anan came back from country B and heard a gossip about Nuonuo being injured and admitted to the hospital in order to save Fu Shiting.

“Ziyi didn’t go with Fu Shiting at the time, so I don’t know what happened at the scene.” Mike teased, “I don’t understand, how could a steel bar suddenly come over? It happened to be facing Fu Shiting! Yes! God can’t tolerate Fu Shiting, wants him to die, or does he owe the workers’ wages and the workers deliberately stab him to death?” Qin Anan ignored his mockery of Fu Shiting and asked, “Is Nuonuo seriously injured


It was the hospital that Fu Shiting personally took her to, and an intensive care unit was opened for her.” Mike’s tone was a little sour, “Fu Shiting didn’t like this fake, but now, Fu Shiting owes her a favor.”

Qin Anan: “Since Fu Shiting doesn’t like this fake, If she’s injured, don’t speak ill of her behind her back.”

“Who knows if she suffered this injury on purpose? She can have plastic surgery to look like you, so don’t expect her to have any bottom line.” Mike said , reminded, “Fu Shiting will come to find you later. It is estimated that he came to settle accounts with you!”

Qin Anan yawned: “I will go back to the room to rest first. When he comes, wake me up.”

After she returned to the room , slept until evening.

Because Fu Shiting didn’t come to her.

Chapter 616

Chapter 616

At eight o’clock in the evening, the black Rolls-Royce slowly drove into the Galaxy Villa.

Mike heard the movement and walked out of the villa.

“Fu Shiting, it’s so late, what are you doing here?” Mike teased coldly, “Didn’t you say you’re here in the afternoon? It’s so dark, your afternoon is different from other people’s afternoons?”

Fu Shiting raised his eyes darkly . Qiqi : “What’s the difference between me coming in the afternoon and coming now?”

“Of course there is a difference. If you come in the afternoon, Qin An’an will be at home, but if you come now, Qin An’an is not at home.” Mike stood in the yard, too lazy to open the door, “I I won’t invite you in.”

Fu Shiting’s heart tensed, “Where did she go?”

“Tell me first, what did you do in the afternoon? Why did you promise to come in the afternoon, but didn’t?” Mike asked confidently.

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he said solemnly: “Nuo Nuo was discharged from the hospital in the afternoon, and I sent her back. Her family insisted on keeping me for dinner. I can’t refuse.”

Mike sneered: “If her family will keep you overnight , isn’t it hard for you to refuse?”

Fu Shiting: “What about the night? It’s not your turn to judge me here! Where did Qin Anan go?!”

“I don’t know.” Mike spoke very fast, “You stare at me. I’m useless, she said she went out to eat, and didn’t tell me who to eat with.”

Mike was afraid that he would get angry, so he turned back to the villa after speaking.

Fu Shiting’s eyes sank, he took out his mobile phone, found Qin An’an’s number, and dialed it.

When Qin Anan saw his call, he didn’t answer and didn’t dare to hang up, for fear that he would keep calling if he hung up.

She turned off the sound and put the phone in her bag.

She wanted to pretend not to be angry, but her body was honestly angry.

He said he came to her in the afternoon, but he didn’t come in the evening. She didn’t think much about it, but Li Xiaotian sent her a photo.

The photo shows Fu Shiting and Nuonuo sitting together, with other people beside them, having dinner together.

The dinner was very rich. Except for Fu Shiting, everyone else had happy smiles on their faces.

Li Xiaotian told her that this was posted by Tang Qian in the circle of friends.

So the photo should be taken by Tang Qian.

For Nuonuo’s sake, Fu Shiting postponed the time to come to her.

Fu Shiting couldn’t contact Qin Anan, so he could only call Li Xiaotian.

There are only a few of her friends. She either went to Li Xiaotian or went to Wei Zhen.

“An’an wasn’t with me!” Li Xiaotian answered the phone and teased, “Aren’t you with the high-fake version of Qin An’an? Your party is over? Now think of the real Qin An’an?”

Fu Shiting Listening to her sarcasm, I didn’t want to argue with her, so I hung up the phone.

He found Wei Zhen’s phone, dialed it, and was answered after a few seconds.

“Wei Zhen, is Qin An’an with you now?” He stood beside the car, looking at the endless night ahead with a solemn expression.

He went to Nuonuo’s house today, and her family showed him her previous photos.

He glanced at Nuonuo’s previous photos, and he did look somewhat similar to Qin An’an.

So Nuonuo may really just accidentally look like Qin Anan, not according to Qin Anan’s face.

But Qin An’an’s friend has stamped Nuonuo with the stamp of imitation.

“No, what’s wrong?” Wei Zhen replied after hesitating for a few seconds.

Fu Shiting frowned more and more: “She went out to eat, I thought she was with friends. Since she’s not with you, then hang up.”

“Okay.” Wei Zhen said, hung up the phone, Then he looked at Qin An’an on the opposite side, “How long can you hide from him like this?”

Qin Anan lowered her eyes and took a small bite: “I don’t want to talk to him now. When people are in a bad mood, it’s best not to let their emotions erupt. When I calm down, maybe I won’t be angry anymore.

” Zhen: “Although I haven’t seen the woman who looks very much like you, I don’t think anyone else can be the real you even if they look exactly like you. Your knowledge and abilities cannot be imitated by others. I believe Fu Shiting knows this better.”

Qin Anan: “Brother Wei, as long as I don’t see him, I won’t be angry at all.”

Chapter 617

Chapter 617

“Then let’s not talk about him.” Wei Zhen smiled, “Today is a bit late, I have to take Yinyin home first, let’s make an appointment another day!”

Qin Anan glanced at the time and nodded: “Let’s go first! I’ll sit for a while and then go.”

She slept too long in the afternoon and felt better now.

The two children are not at home, and she is bored when she comes home, so she might as well stay outside for a while.

Tonight’s dinner was her appointment.

She brought gifts for both of them from country B.

After the two of them left, she took out her phone from her bag and saw a message from Mike: He’s gone! You can come back!

Qin Anan replied: I didn’t come out to eat to avoid him. Can you stop taking me as cowardly as I think?

Mike: I didn’t mean that! I want you to come back soon, it’s dark and it’s not safe outside!

Qin An’an: Our country’s law and order is very good. You are so busy, why don’t you go on a date?

Mike: I haven’t seen you for a few days. I want to accompany you!

Qin An’an: I’ll go back right away.

After sending the message, she picked up her bag and came out of the restaurant.

Fu family.

When Wei Zhen sent Yinyin home, it happened that Fu Shiting had just arrived home.

After Fu Shiting nodded to Wei Zhen, he led Yinyin into the living room.

Yinyin wears a very beautiful bracelet on her wrist, which glows under the light.

Fu Shiting had never seen it before, so he asked, “Yinyin, is this the new bracelet you bought today? Or did Wei Zhen give it to you?”

Yinyin blurted out, “This is what An An gave me tonight, I like it very much. !”

Fu Shiting’s face suddenly gloomy: “Are you with her tonight?”

Yinyin realized that she had slipped her tongue, and immediately pursed her red lips with timidity in her eyes.

“Yinyin, it’s alright. I’m not angry.” Fu Shiting quickly adjusted his emotions, held her hand, and looked at the bracelet carefully, “The bracelet is very beautiful. Go and rest!”

Yinyin tightened his grip. Confused: “Brother, are you making An An angry again? You don’t want to make her angry all the time! An An is so good, I like her very much.” After a pause, he added, “Wei Zhen never makes An An angry. So An An is willing to play with him.”

Fu Shiting’s forehead blushed.

He called Wei Zhen tonight and asked Qin An’an if he was with him, and he said no.

The sympathy for Wei Zhen before had disappeared tonight.

the next morning.

Fu Shiting drove to Qin An’an’s residence.

I saw that the gate of the villa was closed, and the courtyard was deserted, as if no one lived in it at all.

At this time, there was really no one inside.

Half an hour ago, Mike and Qin Anan drove to Z city.

Today is Rila’s last day of filming. After the afternoon filming is over, we can call it a day.

They’re going to bring Rila back.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, they returned to the Xinghewan community.

The car slowly drove towards the villa, and Fu Shiting’s tall figure first came into view.

Qin Anan didn’t expect that he would be at her door.

When did he come? How long has he…waited?

Chapter 618

Chapter 618

Mike glanced at Qin Anan and asked, “Do you want to go down and talk to him?”

Qin Anan didn’t seem to hear him.

Her eyes fell outside the car window, her soul had been hooked away by the man outside.

Mike stopped the car and raised his voice: “An An, go down and talk to him.”

She suddenly came back to her senses, pushed the door open, and got out of the car.

When she was sitting in the car, there was air-conditioning, so she could not feel the heat outside.

When she got out of the car, a heat wave hit her face, and a thin layer of sweat quickly formed on her forehead.

She saw that the skin on Fu Shiting’s face was reddened by the sun, his forehead was covered in hot sweat, and his shirt was wet with sweat and clinging to his skin.

She couldn’t imagine how long he stayed in such a sweltering heat.

“Miss Qin, you’re finally back. If you don’t come back, my boss’s life will be explained here today.” Fu Shiting’s bodyguard said dissatisfiedly, “We came at eight in the morning, and we’ve been waiting until now!

” The body trembled slightly!

Thinking of him being in the sun for a foolish day, she said with uncontrollable anger: “Fu Shiting, I’m not at home, can’t you see it?!”

“You didn’t answer my call, did you not see it? In case you are at home , just don’t want to see me?!” His voice became hoarse and vicissitudes of life due to lack of water.

Qin An’an’s eyes suddenly turned red.

She just didn’t answer his phone last night. If he called her today, maybe she would answer?

“What are you doing here with me?” She held back the tears in her eyes and asked, “Is it for Rila’s variety show? She’s already back. What do you want to say? Go tell her!”

She said it lightly. How could her two children listen to him.

“Rila is so young, why do you want to make money? Is it because she knows you owe me money?” Fu Shiting’s voice came coldly, “You brought this pressure that was not a child’s to the child. You Let me ask, are you a qualified mother?”

Qin Anan was choked by his questioning.

Rila is indeed doing variety shows to make money.

And Rila’s purpose of making money, as he said, is to help her pay off her debts.

“Fu Shiting, in this world, the person who is most unqualified to talk about me is you!” Qin Anan raised his hand to wipe the tears from the corners of his eyes, “Rila’s business, don’t worry about it!”

“Qin Anan, I won’t let everything go smoothly. After you!” He stared at her with eagle-like eyes, and said in a strong tone, “You accept this card! It’s the hard work for you to have a child! You take it to pay off the debt! I don’t want to see Rila enter the entertainment industry again. , and don’t let me see you carrying private affairs behind my back! Don’t try to escape from my control until you give birth!”

He forced a card into her hand, and disappeared into her like a gust of wind. in front of you.

She clutched the card he gave her tightly, and laughed ironically in her heart: Did he let her use the money he gave and still owe him the debt?

He can really figure it out! Not only did I figure it out, but I did it.

She felt that her strength was drained, and she returned to the living room vainly.

Mike took her water glass and brought her a glass of water.

“An An, did he give you this card?” When Mike handed her the water glass, he took the card in her hand.

Qin Anan picked up the water glass and took a sip.

“There seems to be an ATM of this bank outside our community,” Mike said excitedly, “How about I go and see how much money is in the card?”

Qin Anan could guess the number inside, but she didn’t say it.

“Uncle Mike, take me with you! I want to see it too!” Rila grabbed Mike’s hem.

Mike picked up Rila, and when he was about to reach the door, he remembered to ask Qin Anan: “Why did he give you money?”

Qin Anan put down the water glass and got up from the sofa: “Go and ask him.”

Chapter 619

Chapter 619

After she finished speaking, she walked upstairs.

I’ve been running around for a day today, and my body is very tired at this time.

After Mike watched her go upstairs, he walked out with Rila in his arms.

Before the two came to the ATM, Mike carefully inserted the card into it.

The password is written on the back of the card, which is Qin An’an’s birthday, so it is easier to remember.

After entering the password, Mike clicks the query button.

On the screen, countless 0s suddenly appeared.

Mike: “…” The eyes are full of flowers!

Rila exclaimed, “Uncle Mike! How much is this?! There are so many zeros, I can’t count them! Ouch!”

This was beyond Rila’s knowledge.

Mike coughed, then freed one hand and counted on the screen.

Rila suddenly pointed to the first number on the screen and said loudly: “This is 7.”

Mike: “…Baby, you interrupted me! Where did I just count? Hey!”

“Idiot Uncle Mike! You take this picture, take it back and ask my mother! My mother must know how much it is at a glance! It doesn’t take so long to count like you!” Rila pouted in disgust, ” Or you can ask your boyfriend! He must be smarter than you!”

Mike’s face flushed with excitement: “Rila, I know how much it is, you don’t need to count it. It’s seven billion.”

Because Qin Anan still owes Fu Shiting seven billion. Rila heard the fog in the fog, and blinked with big bright eyes: “Uncle Mike, how much is seven billion? How many toys and how many beautiful clothes can I


She clearly understands how huge this number is.

“For example, if you go out to work for four days this time and earn 700,000 yuan,” Mike took out his mobile phone, opened the calculator, and started to settle accounts for her, “then on average, you earn 175,000 yuan a day. If you can make so much money, then you can earn 63,875,000 yuan a year. If you earn this much every year, then you need to work for 110 years from now on… You are five years old this year, then you have to live until At the age of 115, you can make 7 billion.”

Rila was stunned and her eyes were straight.

“Baby, do you understand?” Mike had a kind smile on his face, and his heart was slightly bitter.

Fuck, why is Fu Shiting so rich? !

If he took out so much money casually, if he were Qin An’an, he would probably be fascinated by his money!

“Woooooooo!” Rila burst into tears suddenly, “Have I lived so long to live to be five years old? How long will it take to live to be over a hundred years old?”

Mike reached out and wiped her small Tears on your face: “Don’t cry baby! I just told you that this is a lot of money, I didn’t say that you have to make so much money. Let’s go buy ice cream and eat it! After eating, go home.”

Rila stopped crying suddenly: “I want chocolate flavored.”

Mike: “As long as your mother doesn’t know about it, of course you can.” In the


Qin Anan was lying on the bed, wanting to sleep, but couldn’t sleep because of the headache.

She simply opened her eyes and stared blankly at a certain part of the room, thinking back to how she and Fu Shiting had gotten into such a quarrel.

Obviously she loves him, and she can also feel that he cares about her, why do you have to erect barbs and stab each other?

Is it possible to make each other sad to prove that love has not disappeared?

Just when her thoughts were in a mess, the phone ringing next to her pillow rang.

She picked up her phone and saw a string of strange characters!

Chapter 620

Chapter 620

She sat up from the bed, stared at the string of caller IDs for a few seconds, and then picked up the phone.

Unexpectedly, after the call was connected, a video window appeared.

“Mom!” Xiao Han’s voice came clear.

Seeing Xiaohan’s face, Qin Anan said excitedly: “Xiaohan! How did you make the video for your mother?”

“I conquered the network in the camp and used a virtual account to make a call.” A rare smile appeared on Xiaohan’s face, “Mom , is Rila back?”

“Come back. But she went out with Uncle Mike just now, and she hasn’t come back yet.” Qin Anan had a gentle smile on her face, “Xiaohan, are you used to staying there? Teacher the day before yesterday. Call me and say that you have met a few foreign children.”

“Mom, I have grown up. You don’t have to worry about me anymore.” Xiao Han’s tone was like a little man.

“How can mom not worry about you? Even if you grow up in the future, mom will care about you.” Qin Anan looked at her son’s face, but couldn’t see enough, “I can see you in ten days!”

” Mom, I’ll make a video for you every night, okay?”

“Will this violate the rules?” Qin Anan worried, “Will it be bad if the teacher finds out?”

“It’s okay. The teacher knows. I made a video for you. I made a video for you based on my ability, he didn’t say anything.” Xiaohan said proudly.

Qin Anan was very proud, and remembered one thing at the same time: “Xiaohan, you can call your Uncle Mike later, and you persuade Ruila to stop thinking about making money in the entertainment industry in the future. My mother is not short of money, and I owe it to Fu Shiting. Mom can repay the money by herself, and you don’t need to worry about it. The most important thing for both of you now is to study happily and grow up happily .” Xiaohan: “I’ll tell her later


Qin An’an: “Well. I’ll have a good chat with her too. Talk. But I think she might listen more to you.”

Xiaohan: “Okay, I’ll call Uncle Mike now.”

Even if Qin Anan doesn’t talk about it, he will call Mike.

Because he saw Qin Anan’s red and swollen eyes crying.

If he asked her why she was crying in the video, she would definitely not tell the truth.

He called the video to Mike, who picked up quickly.

“Why is my mother crying?” Xiaohan frowned and looked serious, “I just made a video for her.”

“Uh…” Mike tried his best to formulate a sentence, hesitating whether to tell him the truth.

“Brother! Brother!” Rila screamed in excitement when she saw Xiaohan, “When will you come back to play with me?! I miss you so much! I miss you!”

“Rila, don’t interrupt. “Xiao Han suppressed his sister’s enthusiasm.

Rila was obediently quiet.

Mike: “There was a woman who turned into your mother’s appearance and tried to seduce Fu Shiting. Yesterday, that woman managed to hook him up for dinner. He originally said that he would come to your mother in the afternoon, but it didn’t come. The two of them quarreled about it. “

The scumbag finally revealed his true nature.” Xiaohan joked.

“Actually, Fu Shiting is alright! It’s mainly because that woman is disgusting, and she used your mother as a plastic surgery template…”

“What’s that woman’s name? I want to teach her a lesson!” Xiao Han said proudly.

Mike thought about it carefully: “It seems to be called Nuo… Nuo Nuo! I don’t know her full name. You can search for it. She is Tang Qian’s cousin.

” After remembering the two words in my heart, I changed the topic, “Rila, you don’t want to go to film and record shows in the future. Mom will be worried.”

Rila frowned and said angrily, “I’ve made a good deal with Uncle Sinian. Well, I went to shoot in two days! Brother, I will tell my mother!”

Xiaohan also frowned: “Why are you becoming more and more disobedient?”

Rila would listen to what he said before.

“I’m so cute, I should be a star!” Rila turned on narcissism mode, “Uncle Sinian said he would take me with him in the future, he said that I would become a bigger star than him! Brother, I will I’ll give you half of the money you make, okay?”

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