When His Eyes Opened Chapter 631 -640(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 631 -640(Chinese)

Chapter 631

“It rained so hard last night, why did you open the door?” Mike actually guessed what happened, but didn’t want to reveal it.

If she still doesn’t want to say it, he doesn’t ask.

“Shen Yu heard my voice when she said her eyes were gouged out.” Qin Anan’s expression was cold, and her voice was even colder, “What a clumsy lie, but some people believe it.”

Mike: “Fortunately, Brother Wei can help you Proof. But, what did you do at Brother Wei’s house yesterday?”

“It’s a bit of work,” she said lightly, “but if I tell people like this, they won’t believe it.”

“What’s not to believe, you and Wei Is it possible for the eldest brother to have a relationship between men and women? If so, the two of you would have been together long ago.” Mike teased, “But to be honest, I personally still like the type of men like Big Brother Wei, but it’s just that Big Brother Wei is this type of man. Men generally only attract bad women.”

Qin Anan retorted him: “Big Brother Wei will not be with bad women.”

“I didn’t say Big Brother Wei would be with bad women. I said he attracted bad women.”

“Don’t say that! Good women also like Big Brother Wei!”

“Okay! I was wrong. Big Brother Wei will definitely find a good woman.” Mike changed his words, and Qin Anan let him go.

She finished the porridge, and Mike took the empty bowl.

“If Fu Shiting knew that you stayed at Brother Wei’s house for a day yesterday, he would definitely not believe you like me.” Mike said, “If you hand in the evidence now, I’m afraid he will know about it!

” I’ll find out later.” Qin An’an lowered his eyes, “He not only suspects that Shen Yu is my fault, but also suspects my relationship with Big Brother Wei.”

“Just explain it to him clearly. I don’t understand, you Innocent, what are you two arguing about?” Mike sighed.

“I have submitted the evidence. And I was at Brother Wei’s house yesterday, and he will not clear his doubts unless I tell him what we have done. But I can’t tell him, it is related to the patient’s privacy. And even if I tell him, He will also be angry. He warned me not to take private jobs again.”

Mike was shocked: “When did you take private jobs again?! Qin An’an, you have such a big belly, how dare you?”

“You Look, you are reacting like this, let alone him.”

Mike: “No, although I have a big reaction, I can’t help you!”

“He can’t help me, but he will be angry with me.” Qin Anan Having said this, the headache is splitting, “You go out, I’ll sleep for a while.”

“Oh…I’ll check your temperature.” Mike raised his hand and tried it on her forehead.

Fortunately, the temperature is normal.

“An An, Xiaohan is on vacation the day after tomorrow. If you are not feeling well, then rest at home. I will go to Country B tomorrow to take care of him.” Mike stood by the bed and discussed with her.

“I’ll go by myself.” She didn’t forget this, “I’m fine.”

“Then I’ll go with you.” Mike’s tone was firm. It’s no use even if she refuses.

Wei Zhen parked his car on the side of the road because he was restless after he came out of the Xinghewan villa.

He turned on his phone, found Yin Yin’s number, and dialed it.

After a while, the phone was picked up, but it was not Yin Yin’s voice.

“Yinyin doesn’t need you to teach me anymore.” Fu Shiting’s voice came coldly, “Don’t look for her again.”

“Why?” Wei Zhen frowned, “You give Yinyin the phone. Unless Yinyin says so. , otherwise I won’t accept it.”

“You don’t accept it?” Fu Shiting seemed to hear the joke, his Adam’s apple rolled, and he said sharply, “I also don’t accept that you and Qin Anan have something to hide from me!”

“It turned out to be because of this.” Wei Zhen’s voice weakened, and after a few seconds of consideration, he said, “Fu Shiting, if I tell you the matter, can you stop torturing An An? She had a fever last night and kept saying in her mouth. with your name…”

Chapter 632

Chapter 632

“Am I torturing her?” He murmured, his voice suddenly increased, and he said coldly, “Wei Zhen, don’t you think you are shameless?”

“I am shameless, all the fault is mine, but please don’t use you Look at An An with a narrow mind.” Wei Zhen’s tone was calm and candid, “An An came to me yesterday, one is to find some medical notes of Professor Hu Qing during her lifetime, and the other is to show me the treatment plan she made. , let me give my opinion. Although my medical attainments are not as high as hers, my theoretical knowledge is good.”

Wei Zhen said this, and Fu Shiting’s breathing became solemn on the phone.

“An An had an operation.” Wei Zhen continued, “If you think she is just for money, then you are too shallow. If you love her, can you learn to respect her first?!”

Wei Zhen rarely does this Talk to others out loud.

His good self-discipline makes him restrained. But Fu Shiting made him unable to remain silent any longer.

After a brief silence, Fu Shiting turned against him: “Your so-called respect is connivance without bottom line! If I don’t love a woman, I can ignore her!”

Wei Zhen: “Hold a handful of sand, The tighter you hold it, the faster it will drain. You can’t tie Qin An’an. She doesn’t belong to you alone.”

His words made Fu Shiting furious: “She is mine!”

“I don’t want to argue with you about this issue. Wei Zhen couldn’t yell at him, so he could only change the topic, “You have no right to restrict who Yin Yin contacts with. She is no longer the fool who can be manipulated by you, please respect her! Give her back her phone! “

Fu Shiting hung up the phone.

Wei Zhen put down the phone and held the steering wheel tightly with both hands, adjusting his mood.

Fu Shiting’s character is paranoid and has a strong desire to control, whether it is Qin An’an or Yin Yin.

But regardless of Qin An’an or Yin Yin, they both deeply love this man.

Of course, Yin Yin’s love is different from Qin An’an’s love. Yin Yin’s love is the most primitive and pure love of human beings.

Not long after, Wei Zhen’s cell phone rang.

Wei Zhen picked up the phone and saw that Yinyin was calling, he immediately answered the call.

“Wei Zhen, my brother was angry with me just now. You called me, but he wouldn’t let me answer.” Yin Yin’s tone was particularly aggrieved, “But fortunately he just gave me back the phone.”

“Yin Yin, He’s not mad at you, he’s mad at me.” Wei Zhen was afraid of her thinking, so he explained to her, “Did he stop you from going out?”

“It seems not.” Yin Yin suddenly laughed, “Wei Zhen , shall I go to see you now?”

“Okay.” The


Father Shen came back from the police station after seeing the evidence and told Shen Yu the result.

Shen Yu screamed out, “Dad! How could you be bribed by them? How much did they give you? Ah?!”

Father Shen: “Shen Yu, can you be stronger? This is true. It has nothing to do with Qin Anan. The police will continue to investigate, and when the murderer is caught, they will definitely give us an explanation.”

“Hahahaha! I’m going to die, you make me strong? The murderer is Qin Anan… I’m both Hearing her voice, why don’t you believe me? It’s okay if outsiders don’t believe me, how can you not believe me, Dad?! Just because I’ve become a crippled person, you don’t love me anymore?”

“Shen Yu! No Dad doesn’t believe you, but the voice you hear, it may be your auditory hallucinations, or it may be imitated or edited by others…otherwise why is her voice after you are blind? Appeared? The police told me that, and I think it makes sense.”

Father Shen didn’t like Qin An’an either, but he couldn’t ignore the facts.

Shen Yu seemed to have been taken away from her soul, and she sat on the hospital bed in a daze.

Fu Yechen walked to Father Shen and said in a low voice, “Uncle, about Shen Yu and the child, I want to talk to you alone.”

Father Shen followed Fu Yechen out of the ward.

Chapter 633

Chapter 633

“Uncle, Shen Yu is like this, I’m very sad. I haven’t slept for two days. She wants to die, and I don’t want her to die.”

Father Shen said sharply: “You are reluctant to let your child die. Right? You have no feelings for Shen Yu at all.”

“I don’t want to refute you. But you should also know that Shen Yu has no feelings for me either.” Fu Yechen’s face was heavy, “Our children are innocent. I will take care of them. Take care of Shen Yu until she gives birth to the child. After the child is born, I will give you a sum of money and you will bring Shen Yu back to live in country B. You can set the price, and I will try my best to satisfy you and make sure that you and Shen Yu are the same I will have nothing to worry about in my life.”

Father Shen didn’t answer immediately. He seemed to be thinking.

Standing in the door of the ward, Shen Yu heard their words clearly.

She is no longer a normal person, but a commodity.

If it weren’t for the fact that the child in his womb still had a little value, Fu Yechen would never accompany him in the ward, let alone make an offer to his father.

She had nothing to say about Fu Yechen, but she was utterly disappointed with her father!

She groped and walked towards the bathroom.

Outside the ward, Father Shen thought for a moment and replied to Fu Yechen: “Fu Yechen, I do love money, but you are not Fu Shiting. You can’t give me a number that satisfies me. When Shen Yu is discharged from the hospital, I will take her with me. Go back to country B, then take her to see a psychiatrist, and when her mental state is better, let her decide whether she wants the child or not.”

“Shen Yu is as snobby as you! When my uncle was still begging her, she Never looked at me in the eye.” Fu Yechen sneered, “Don’t blame me for being ruthless, she doesn’t deserve it.”

Father Shen’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot: “My daughter has become like this, don’t think I don’t know it’s yours Masterpiece! She lives and eats at your house, how could she suddenly be gouged out? Fu Yechen, you are so vicious, you will be punished!”

“Hehe, you are not worthy to fight with me now. Even if there is real retribution, it will be on you first!” After gritting his teeth, Fu Yechen turned to open the door and entered the ward.

In the ward, there is still Shen Yu’s figure.

“Shen Yu!” Fu Yechen looked at the empty hospital bed and shouted!

Father Shen also called out: “Shen Yu! Where are you hiding?! Come out soon! When you are discharged from the hospital, Dad will take you home! We will never come to country A again!

” Searching all over the place, there was no sign of Shen Yu at all.

Balcony windows are sealed to prevent patients from jumping off the building.

Shen Yu couldn’t disappear out of thin air, she was still in the ward.

“She must be in the bathroom!” Fu Yechen saw that the bathroom door was closed and ran over immediately.

Fu Yechen twisted the door lock, but it was locked!

He immediately ran to the paramedics.

Soon, the nurse came with the key to the toilet door and opened the door.

I saw that Shen Yu fell to the ground, her face and her hair were all wet.

And the washbasin was full of water.

After the nurse announced that Shen Yu had drowned, Fu Yechen quickly took a few steps back, and then quickly fled the scene!

Shen Yu is dead! The child in her womb will not survive!

This was not the result he wanted. He wants this child.

Who would have thought that Shen Yu was not afraid of death!

Now that she’s dead, that’s all over!

In the evening, when Qin Anan heard the news of Shen Yu’s suicide, her heart tightened.

Chapter 634

Chapter 634

This is something she never expected.

How desperate and depressed a person must be to go to the point of suicide!

Shen Yu not only strangled her own life, but also did not leave a way for the child in her stomach.

She couldn’t help but begin to doubt Shen Yu’s accusation against her during her lifetime.

Shen Yu said that she heard her voice when her eyes were gouged out. Could it really be the case?

Who was the one who really attacked Shen Yu? Why did this person frame the blame for her?

Is it Fu Yechen?

But Shen Yu was pregnant with his child, he had no reason to do this to Shen Yu.

Could it be that… the real reason behind Shen Yu’s murder was that the murderer wanted to deal with her? !

Otherwise, how can you explain that Shen Yu’s voice appeared when her eyes were gouged out?

A layer of cold sweat suddenly appeared on her back.

Mike came to her room with hot porridge.

He saw her sitting on the bed with her back stiff and her eyes blank. She didn’t even notice when he came in.

“An An, what are you thinking about?” Mike put the hot porridge on the bedside table and shook his palm in front of her eyes, “Aren’t you thinking about Shen Yu?”

Qin Anan came back to his senses and looked at Mike, Nana said: “Really dead?”

“Really. The results of the police investigation have come out. She drowned herself in the bathroom of the ward and drowned.” Mike sighed, “It’s terrible to think about it. I don’t dare to do this, I I’m especially afraid of death.”

Otherwise, he wouldn’t stick to Qin Anan all the time.

Just because I was afraid that one day I would suffer from an old illness, if I was with her, I could be rescued as soon as possible.

“An’an, don’t think about it, I’ll take you abroad tomorrow. Let’s go out to relax.” Mike handed the porridge bowl to her, “Eat the porridge first.”

Qin Anan raised his hand and rubbed his temples, and said in a low voice, “I can’t eat it. I have a strong hunch that the person who hurt Shen Yu is coming for me.”

“An An, don’t think like that. Shen Yu is You know what kind of person it is. It’s not surprising that someone wants to harm her. As for her saying that she heard your voice, it’s not necessarily true.” Mike comforted.

“It doesn’t have to be fake.”

“Even if it’s what you said, it means that person doesn’t dare to do anything to you at all, otherwise he wouldn’t use Shen Yu. Are you right?” Mike continued to comfort, “We Go abroad to relax first, and arrange a few more bodyguards when you return home.”

Qin Anan took the porridge bowl from him and ate it.

the other side.

Tang Qian looked very gloomy when she saw the news of Shen Yu’s suicide.

I didn’t expect Shen Yu to die so soon.

Really vulnerable! Not just a pair of eyes? She didn’t even want to seek revenge on Qin An’an, it was really useless!

“Cousin, Shen Yu’s death doesn’t seem to have any effect on Qin An’an.” Nuonuo said angrily.

“It still has influence. As far as I know, Qin An’an and Shi Ting quarreled again,” Tang Qian sneered, “how many couples die in frequent quarrels. Now Shi Ting is holding back her because of the child in her stomach. , When she gives birth to the child, her body is out of shape, and her temper does not change, I see how long she will be favored.”

“Cousin, although you are right, I don’t want to keep her alive.” Nuonuo’s face With a gloomy expression on her face, “When she dies, maybe Brother Ting will think of me as her substitute because he misses her.”

After a few seconds of silence, Tang Qian said, “Maybe we can join forces with Wang Wanzhi. Here we go. When something went wrong, some people took the blame.”

A day later, at the subway station in country B.

Xiaohan noticed that someone was following him.

He lowered the brim of his hat and quickly turned into a nearby gourmet restaurant.

Immediately, he pressed the red button on the watch!

Two seconds later, Mike’s watch made a high-pitched alarm.

Chapter 635

Chapter 635

“Oops! Xiaohan is in danger!” Mike exclaimed, “An An, you stay in the car! I’ll find him!”

He quickly stopped the car on the side of the road, turned on the emergency light, and headed towards the subway Run inside the station.

Xiaohan was on holiday today, and the summer camp’s special car took them to a large shopping mall near the subway station.

Xiaohan bought a gift for his mother at the mall. When paying the bill, he found that someone was staring at him secretly.

He came out of the mall and came to the subway station. Who knows, the man followed him to the subway station.

So he made sure he was being followed.

Qin Anan couldn’t sit quietly in the car and wait.

After Mike got out of the car, she also got out of the car. Stride towards the subway station. The bodyguard supported her and persuaded: “Boss, be careful of fetal movement! If it starts

now, are you going to give birth to a baby on the street?!” She stopped and put her hand on her stomach: “Hurry up and find Xiaohan! How can Mike do it alone? What if he is also in danger?! ” They’ll be fine.” “No, I have to go in and see!” She held the bodyguard’s arm and continued to walk inside the subway station. At this time, Mike hugged Xiaohan and walked out. The moment Qin Anan saw the two of them, her hanging heart fell. “An An, didn’t I let you stay in the car? Why did you run out?” Mike walked up to her, panting, “Get in the car first!” After getting in the car, Qin Anan immediately hugged Xiaohan sideways: “Baby, are you all right? It’s all my mother’s fault for not picking you up earlier…”

“Mom, I’m fine. I accidentally pressed the button on the watch.” Xiaohan said, and took out the gift he bought for her from the bag, “I accidentally pressed it when I was buying a gift.”

Qin Anan answered After receiving the gift, I have lingering fears: “Don’t lie to mother. This has never happened

before.” “I have never bought a gift alone before.” The corner of Xiaohan’s mouth rose slightly, revealing a rare smile.

“It’s fine. Mom will take you to a big dinner.”

“Well. Mom, you open the gift.”

Qin Anan immediately opened the gift. Inside was a moving butterfly hairpin, which was very cute.

“Mom likes it very much.” She said, putting the hairpin on her hair, “Did you buy one for Rila?”

“Well. In the school bag.”

“Mom is really happy to have you.”

… …

In the evening, after Qin Anan went back to his room to rest, Mike entered Xiaohan’s room.

He locked the door and said bluntly: “You can lie to your mother, but you want to lie to me? Hurry up, what’s the matter?”

Xiaohan: “I told you, don’t tell my mother.”

“Of course . Do you still trust me?” Mike stood still in front of him and asked, “Did you cause trouble?”

“When I was investigating Nuonuo, I found that she had visited a strange web page, I clicked in and found this It’s a dark web.” Xiao Han said in a low voice.

“What kind of darknet?”

“I don’t understand some of the content, and some are population transactions.” Xiaohan said here, paused for a while, “I blew up this darknet, and it was accidentally tracked. Part of the information.”

Mike said seriously: “You are too impulsive! You should tell me first.”

“…I was terrified by the content inside.” Xiaohan still feels terrified when he thinks of it now, “I will find a way to solve it, you must not let my mother know.”

Chapter 636

Chapter 636

“How do you solve it?” Mike put his hands on his hips, “That website shouldn’t blow up, since Nuonuo knows about that dark web, it means that she must have a group of people or organizations she knows there, maybe we can be on that website. Found something.”

Xiao Han lowered his head angrily after listening to him.

He was frightened at the time, that’s why he was so impulsive.

Now that I think about it, it really shouldn’t be done that way.

“Leave this to me.” Mike patted his head, “You finally took two days off, take a good rest tonight, and accompany your mother tomorrow. Give me your computer, and I will try my best to restore that website.”

Xiao Han “That Nuonuo is definitely not a good person. You told my mother to stay away from that woman.”

“That woman’s target is your father, she has nothing to do with your mother.”

Xiaohan didn’t care about Fu Shiting’s life or death, so he didn’t say anything.

the next day.

Qin Anan made breakfast for Xiaohan after getting up.

Xiaohan came out of the room and walked to the kitchen: “Mom, Uncle Mike can’t go out with us today.”

Qin Anan turned off the fire and wondered: “Is he sick?”

Xiaohan shook his head: “He stayed up late last night, today Can’t get up.”

“Oh…how do you know he stayed up late? You shouldn’t stay up late with him, right?”

Xiao Han: “No. I called him just now, he said.”

“That ‘s it. Ah, then let him rest at home!” Qin Anan smiled again, “Mom fried steak for you, I don’t know how it tasted.”

She has not been in the kitchen since she was pregnant.

“As long as it’s made by my mother, everything is delicious.” The corners of Xiaohan’s mouth rose slightly, and there were bright stars in his eyes.

Qin An’s sweetness came to her heart, and the unpleasantness that happened in the country was swept away.

After the mother and son had breakfast, they set off for the Science and Technology Museum.

Take Xiaohan out to play, you can’t go to places such as amusement parks or shopping malls, because Xiaohan is not interested at all.

He will only like it if you take him to places related to technology.

On the way to the Science and Technology Museum, Xiaohan’s eyes stared straight at Qin An’an’s stomach.

I haven’t seen it for half a month, and I feel that my mother’s belly has grown a lot.

“Xiaohan, do you want to touch mother’s belly?” Qin Anan asked with a smile, “My brother likes to move very much now. If you touch mother’s belly, he may move!”

Xiaohan thought it was amazing, so he put his little hand carefully on the mother’s belly.

“Mom, when will he come out?” Xiaohan was full of curiosity about his younger brother.

“I’ll be born in about three months.” Qin Anan said, “He looks a lot like you!”

“Oh… Mom, what name are you going to give him?” Xiao Han retracted his hand and looked at Xiang mother, “Don’t give your brother to Fu Shiting, okay?”

In Xiaohan’s heart, Fu Shiting is an absolute bad guy.

Qin Anan frowned slightly: “Xiaohan, it’s hard for my mother to keep my brother with us. It’s not that my mother doesn’t want to take care of him, but Fu Shiting’s attitude is very firm.” Xiaohan

‘s face suddenly turned gloomy, and he turned out of the car window gloomily, “He I want to use my younger brother to coerce you to stay with him!”

“Xiaohan, don’t be angry.” Qin Anan felt bitter in her heart, and hugged her son into her arms, “When my younger brother is born, I will negotiate with him well and try to keep my younger brother there as much as possible. Around us.”

Science and Technology Museum.

Because of the weekend, there are more tourists.

The bodyguard always followed Qin An’an to prevent her from being bumped into.

“This robot can quickly simulate the voice of a real person. As long as you say a word to it, it can answer your questions with the same voice as you…” In the

adjacent exhibition area, the introduction of the staff came.

Qin Anan’s footsteps stopped immediately.

She walked uncontrollably towards the next exhibition area.

The bodyguard and Xiaohan immediately followed her.

Chapter 637

Chapter 637

“Does anyone want to come and try?” The staff asked interested tourists.

Many people raised their hands and wanted to try it.

Qin Anan also wanted to raise her hand, but her body seemed to be enchanted, so stiff that she couldn’t move at all.

She had almost forgotten what happened in the country, but now, those memories came up all at once!

She did not expect that the technology has developed to such an advanced level.

Robots can imitate real people’s voices.

So when Shen Yu’s eyes were gouged out, is it possible that the voice she heard was also made by a robot?

A woman was invited to the stage. She greeted the robot: “Hi, hello, my name is Lily, and I want to test if you can actually imitate my voice.” The

robot was silent for a few seconds, then said, “Hi Lily, I’m trying to imitate you. Oh! Do you think it looks like it?” There was

a burst of laughter from the audience!

The voice imitated by the robot is still a bit similar, but it is a robot after all. It speaks slowly and has a more rigid emotion, so it sounds strange.

Qin An’an’s tense heart suddenly relaxed a little.

This is quite different from what she imagined.

“Boss, are you interested in this?” the bodyguard said, “This robot is not as good as some funny actors who imitate voices!”

“Really? Can someone really imitate someone else’s voice?” Qin Anan never have followed these.

“Of course! You search the Internet, there are a lot of them! It’s not uncommon.” The bodyguard said, pointing forward, “Boss, there is a lottery there, let’s go to the lottery!”

Qin Anan was uncertain. , followed the bodyguard.

“Xiaohan, you draw!” The bodyguard hugged Xiaohan and asked him to draw a lottery.

Xiaohan is not very interested in the lottery, but is interested in the prizes.

The first prize is a very cool looking robot.

If you buy it, the price is definitely not cheap.

Xiaohan took out a lottery ticket, and before he could scratch it, the staff grabbed it and helped him scratch it.

“Wow! This kid won the first prize!” The staff exclaimed!

The people around, followed the lively cheers.

A smile bloomed on Xiao Han’s face.

This is not happiness that money can buy.

Qin Anan watched the staff give Xiaohan a robot with exquisite workmanship and unique shape, and felt extraordinarily unreal.

Will it be too lucky?

Are you dreaming?

She reached out and pinched her arm… it hurts!

It’s not even a dream! The corners of her mouth couldn’t help but rise, and she almost laughed.

Just when she was about to laugh, she saw a familiar figure in the crowd.

Her smile froze on her face.

That man is clearly Fu Shiting!

Why is he here? When did he come? What is he doing here?

She walked quickly in his direction!

The bodyguard and Xiaohan were immersed in the joy of winning the lottery, so they didn’t notice her leaving.

Fu Shiting saw that she found herself, and quickly turned away.

Mike told him that Shen Yu’s suicide made her emotionally unstable. If he was a man, he should apologize to her for doubting her before!

So here he comes.

“Fu Shiting!” Qin Anan immediately called out his name when he saw that he wanted to leave, “Stop!”

Chapter 638

Chapter 638

His body is fixed in place. She quickly walked up to him.

“When did you come?” She looked up at him.

There was no expression on his face, his eyes turned away, and his voice was low: “Yesterday.”

“What are you doing here?” Her voice increased, “Did you come alone?”

She didn’t know why she wanted to stop her . Why bother asking him these questions.

Before that, the two of them quarreled, and neither of them would admit defeat.

Seeing each other now can be completely strangers.

But she couldn’t control her thoughts. What if he came to find her?

“There was a lecture at school,” his Adam’s apple rolled sexyly, and he couldn’t help looking at her, “I studied here for a year in high school. The lecture is in the afternoon, do you want to watch it?”

There was a slight loss in her heart, but it was well concealed.

“I’m with Xiaohan today, I don’t have time.” She said, looking at Xiaohan.

The smile on Xiaohan’s face had long since disappeared, and now he looked indifferently in their direction.

The bodyguard stood next to Xiaohan holding the robot that was won by the lottery, and also looked in their direction.

Qin Anan took an embarrassed breath: “I just met you here all of a sudden, it’s a bit of a coincidence.” After a pause, he continued, “I’ll go first.

” He grabbed his arm: “Let’s have dinner together at night.” Afraid of her refusal, he added, “I’ll go back to China tomorrow.”

“Xiaohan probably doesn’t want to eat with you. So…”

“I know you have a way, he I listen to you the most.” He walked in front of her, looked at her with deep eyes, and said solemnly, “An An, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have suspected you before. Although I didn’t mean that, it hurt you.”

Her face turned red with a ‘swish’.

The body temperature also rose in just a few seconds, and the heat was palpable.

She didn’t expect him to say this suddenly.

Is he here to speak, or to apologize to her?

He doesn’t like going to crowded places. If he didn’t come here to find her, then did he come here to seek abuse?

“So, that lottery event…that robot…was also arranged by you in advance.” She knew where there was such good luck.

“Don’t tell the child,” his tone was helpless, “I just want to make you happy.”

“I see.” She lowered her eyes and dared not look at him again.

He took the initiative to apologize and admit his mistake, and he had a good attitude. Even if she was wronged in her heart, she was not in the mood to lose her temper with him.

“I’ve reserved a private room at a restaurant near your house to have dinner together in the evening, okay?” He made this request again.

She was already soft-hearted, but she didn’t want to promise him so easily, “I’ll think about it.”

After she finished speaking, she walked towards Xiaohan.

Fu Shiting saw that she had returned to the bodyguard and Xiaohan safely, so he turned and left.

Qin Anan looked at her son’s frown, trying to make him happy: “Baby, this robot is so cool!”

“Mom, what is he doing here?” Xiaohan asked.

“He came to apologize to me,” Qin Anan didn’t want to hide his son, “he wanted to have dinner with us at night.”

“I knew he was not at ease.”

“If you don’t want to, then we won’t be with him at night. Eat.” Qin Anan had a smile on her face, not wanting to affect her son’s mood.

Xiaohan looked up at her. All her thoughts were in her eyes.


Qin Anan brought Xiaohan to the restaurant that Fu Shiting ordered.

It was Xiaohan who decided to come because he saw that she wanted to come.

Chapter 639

Chapter 639

There are only three of them in the huge private room.

The atmosphere was quiet and eerie.

After the waiter brought the dishes to the table, he backed away.

Fu Shiting thought about it in his heart and was about to speak, but Qin Anan was afraid that he would make Xiaohan angry, so he spoke first: “Xiaohan, didn’t you say you were hungry? The food in this restaurant is not bad, you should eat more. Order.”

She filled Xiaohan with a bowl full of vegetables.

Xiaohan ate with his head sullen, and did not give Fu Shiting a straight eye.

Fu Shiting picked up the spoon, filled a bowl of vegetable sparerib soup, and handed it to Qin Anan, “When are you going to return to China?”

Qin Anan didn’t want to chat with his son in front of him, because Xiaohan was very sensitive to him.

If any of his words make Xiaohan unhappy, it will only deepen the estrangement between their father and son.

“Let’s eat first!” She lowered her eyes and took a small bite to eat.

After a while, Xiaohan was full and put down the tableware, “Mom, I want to sleep. I’ll go home first.”

Qin Anan immediately put down the chopsticks and wanted to go back with him.

“Mom, you haven’t finished eating yet! I’ll ask my uncle bodyguard to take me back.” After Xiao Han finished speaking, he picked up the schoolbag he carried with him and walked out the door.

After ‘Little Bulb’ left, Fu Shiting could finally speak.

“Xiaohan will go back to the summer camp tomorrow, when are you going to go back to China?” He opened his thin lips lightly, “We can go back together.”

“I don’t want to go back tomorrow.” Qin Anan politely refused to go back with him.

“Then I won’t go back tomorrow.” He adapts accordingly.

Qin An’an: “…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t disturb you.” Seeing her stunned, he changed the subject, “Soon, our child will be six months old. Time flies so fast.”

“Fast?” She I don’t think so. Because of this time, so many things have happened.

Sometimes looking back, it’s like having a cookie-cutter nightmare.

“People’s life is also very fast,” his eyes suddenly became profound, “I often think about what happened when I was a child recently. The decades in between seem to pass in the blink of an eye. It feels like in the blink of an eye, I will become The white-haired old man.”

“Did you have a very unhappy childhood?”

“How can you see that?” His thin lips twitched, his face expressionless.

“Guess.” She took a sip of soup and said the reason in a calm tone. “It’s hard for you to trust others. Including me.”

“What about you?” It means, “I’m clear with Nuonuo, even whiter than white paper, why are you so angry? Qin Anan, you can’t trust me, but ask me to trust you 200%.

” In one round, he won.

She did get angry with him because of Nuonuo’s affairs.

“Is there any problem between us, can we make it all clear tonight?” He wanted to resolve the conflict with her.

Soon the baby will be born. This child, after all, needs to be raised by the two of them together.

“It’s all right.” She put down the spoon, not wanting to discuss the heavy topic. “I’m a little sleepy. I didn’t take a nap today.”

“I’ll take you back.” lift up.

“Where do you live?” She picked up her bag and asked casually.

He hesitated.

She looked at his handsome face that was slightly blushing, and her heart jumped: “Fu Shiting, you didn’t come here until today, haven’t you found a place to live?

” A hotel,” he seemed to want to reassure her, but he didn’t seem to be, “Anyway, I didn’t bring a bodyguard this time, it’s very convenient for me to stay anywhere by myself.”

He didn’t even bring a bodyguard!

Her eyebrows were twisted tightly.

Chapter 640

Chapter 640

“Why don’t you bring bodyguards? Do you know that you are a public figure?” She raised her eyebrows and suddenly became angry, “Do you think you will not be in danger if you come to country B? The security here is worse than that in China. Too much!”

He looked at her excited little face, like a choke in his throat.

“An An, don’t be angry. I decided to come here on the fly.” He explained, “There was no extra air ticket for the latest flight, so I didn’t ask the bodyguard to come with me.”

“You can’t wait for the next flight with the bodyguard. Is it?” She complained, but her emotions gradually calmed down, “You are staying at my house tonight.”


“You did it on purpose?” The more she thought about it, the more suspicious she became, “Is your bodyguard really not here?”

“What about trusting each other?” He said bluntly, “I want to live in your house, there are a thousand ways. The only thing I won’t do is to deceive you and win your sympathy to achieve this goal.”

She was suspicious of herself, blushed.

in the villa.

After Xiaohan returned home, he saw Mike eating takeaway and drinking beer in the living room.

“Brother Han, didn’t I repair that website this morning, and as a result, they shut down the site by themselves.” Mike said with regret, “I guess there must be a big secret in that website.”

“Oh. Xiaohan was absent-minded, “Fu Shiting came to see my mother.”

Mike knew about this, so it wasn’t surprising.

“Brother Han, don’t be sad. You are a man, you must recognize the reality and accept it.” Mike comforted him, “Your mother loves Fu Shiting, even if they quarrel every day, it will not change this.

” Mouth slumped, very unconvinced.

“This is love.” Mike continued to comfort, “You are young now, and you still don’t understand. You will know when you grow up.”

Xiao Han was disheartened by his comfort, and turned back to his room.

Not long after, Qin Anan brought Fu Shiting home.

Seeing the two of them coming back, Mike raised the beer on the table, raised his thick eyebrows, and said to Fu Shiting, “Come and have two drinks!”

Qin Anan glanced at Mike, said nothing, and was going back to the room to take a shower.

Fu Shiting took her arm and asked her, “Can I drink with him?”

She was stunned, “You can drink as much as you want.”

“Can you two stop being so nauseous? Do you have to ask for a report when you have a drink?” Mike’s tone was sour, “Those who didn’t know thought I was going to fight with you!”

“I was afraid of drinking you down, she was angry.” Fu Shiting walked over to Mike and sat down, picking up a can of beer.

Qin Anan was not at ease and reminded: “Don’t get drunk. There is no babysitter at night, and no one will take care of you.”

“An’an, don’t worry, I can’t get drunk! As for him…just beg for mercy later. , I won’t drink him!” After Mike finished speaking, he picked up a can of beer and drank it with Fu Shiting.

Qin Anan had expected that the situation tonight would be tragic.

Before returning to the room, she went to Xiaohan’s room to take a look.

Xiaohan had just finished taking a shower, his hair was wet, but he had a confused look on his face, as if he was going to fall asleep in the next second.

She hurried into the room and took a hairdryer to blow his hair.

After drying her hair, she touched her son’s head: “Baby, Fu Shiting didn’t bring a bodyguard this time, so I asked him to come to our house for the night.”

Xiaohan nodded: “Mom, I’m sleepy. You go too. Sleep.”

Qin Anan nodded and went back to the room.

At two in the morning, her phone screen lit up, and then the bell rang in the room.

She woke up from her sleep, picked up her phone, and answered the phone.

Ten minutes later, she came out of the room with her bag.

The lights in the living room were on, Mike and Fu Shiting were lying on the corner of the sofa, both of them were drunk.

Nobody wins.

She had already guessed that this would be the result.

She glanced at them, then hurried to the door.

Something went wrong with the company.

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