When His Eyes Opened Chapter 651 -660(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 651 -660(Chinese)

Chapter 651

The memory in her mind is fragmented. She vaguely remembered that Li Xiaotian sent her a message, saying that she had a surprise for her and asked her to come over quickly.

But after she came, she didn’t see Li Xiaotian.

After that, she was dizzy and fell asleep in a daze.

The room she is in now is not the room she entered when she came over in the afternoon.

Who changed her room?

She was vaguely uneasy, she carried her bag and quickly came out of the private room.

After coming out of the hotel, she called He Zhunzhi.

“An An, Xiao Tian’s phone is lost. If someone calls or texts you to borrow money, don’t borrow it!” He Zhunzhi said.

“Oh… When did her cell phone drop?” Qin An’an’s body froze for a while.

“It was after three o’clock in the afternoon.” He Zhunzhi said, “You didn’t receive any messy messages, did you?”

Qin Anan took a deep breath and said, “Is Xiaotian by your side now? I want to talk to her.

” Oh well, she’s upstairs, I’ll find her.”

After a while, He Zhunzhi handed the phone to Li Xiaotian.

“An An! Woohoo! My phone has been stolen! The thief is so nasty! I called the police, but the police said it’s hard to get it back. I’ve been working on this all afternoon, and there’s too much private information in my phone. It’s…” Li Xiaotian groaned.

“Your cell phone is with me.” Qin An’an’s voice was chilling, “Someone sent me a message on your cell phone in the afternoon and tricked me into going to the Caesar Hotel.”

Li Xiaotian: “Ah?! What did the thief trick you into going to the hotel for? Ah? An An, are you okay? Don’t scare me!”

“I’m okay.” Qin Anan’s head was still a little dizzy, “I didn’t see anyone after I came to the hotel. I must have been dizzy and fell asleep. Feeling. Except for a little dizziness, I have no other physical discomfort.”

“An An, go to the hospital for a check up! The thief’s behavior is too strange!”

“Well, don’t worry about it, I’ll go to the hospital now. Also, don’t talk about it. I’m afraid Fu Shiting will be worried.” Qin An and said.

“Okay, I won’t tell you.” Li Xiaotian was still worried about her, “Which hospital are you going to go to? I’ll go to you now.”

“There is a Chinese medicine hospital near this hotel.”

“I’ll go to you right away.”

. …..The

next day, ST Group.

Sheng Bei couldn’t sleep all night. After coming to the company in the morning, he went directly to Fu Shiting’s office.

“Shi Ting, I won’t help you pay Qin An’an in the future.” Sheng Bei walked to his desk and negotiated with him, “She can make money herself, so she doesn’t need money from you.”

Fu Shiting raised his eyes, puzzled. : “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m fine, I just took a look, and you don’t have much money left. There’s no need to empty yourself out for a relationship.” Sheng Bei’s face was cold and his voice was even colder.

“She is the mother of my child, I should spend money for her.” He noticed that Sheng Bei was in a wrong mood, and asked again, “What happened to you?”

“Since you have to ask clearly, then I will follow you. Tell the truth!” Sheng Bei gradually lost control of his emotions, “I hate Qin An’an. This woman is not worth what you pay for her at all! Is it amazing that she can have children? Other women can also have children. I have seen licking dogs, but not You are such a humble licking dog! The more you indulge her, the less she will take you seriously! Do you think this is interesting?”

Sheng Bei said what was in his heart, and was much more happy.

But over the desk, Fu Shiting’s face suddenly became cold and dark!

The pen in his hand fell on the table with a ‘bang’.

He strode out of the chair and grabbed Sheng Bei’s collar: “Say what you just said again!”

“I won’t help you pay Qin An’an a penny again! You can either change the treasurer or give up Qin An’an!” Sheng Bei rolled his throat and said word by word, “When she gives birth to the child, you will Dump her!”

“Sheng Bei, don’t fucking force me! I can’t give up Qin An’an!”

“If you don’t give up her, you will be a fool!” Sheng Bei cursed angrily, “This woman will ruin you. !”

Chapter 652

Chapter 652

When Tang Qian arrived after receiving the notice that they were fighting, they had stopped fighting.

Because Zhou Ziyi stood between them, separating them.

As a persuader, Zhou Ziyi was accidentally injured, his glasses were broken, and his face was also painted.

“Sheng Bei, come out!” Tang Qian said coldly, pulling Sheng Bei out.

After Sheng Bei went out, Zhou Ziyi looked at Fu Shiting.

In the fight just now, Fu Shiting beat Sheng Bei unilaterally, and Sheng Bei never fought back.

This can only allow Zhou Ziyi to judge that it was Sheng Bei who provoked Fu Shiting.

Otherwise, Fu Shiting would not do anything to Sheng Bei.

The two of them have been friends for many years, and they have never blushed, let alone made a move.

“Boss, what’s the matter?” Zhou Ziyi endured the pain on his face and asked, “What happened to Brother Bei? Did he betray you?”

Fu Shiting clenched his fists, walked to the chair and sat down: ” You go out!”

He has a headache now and can’t guess what happened between Sheng Bei and Qin An’an.

If Sheng Bei could say what was wrong with Qin An’an, he wouldn’t be so angry.

After Zhou Ziyi strode out, he walked towards Sheng Bei and Tang Qian.

“What I said to you last night was all in vain!” Tang Qian reprimanded Sheng Bei, “Are you trying to make things known to everyone? What good will Shi Ting do if you do this? I will treat you So disappointed!”

Sheng Bei took the phone and looked at the screen to check the wound on his face.

For Tang Qian’s scolding, he felt no pain.

“I don’t quarrel with him, I’m upset.” His tone was a little aggrieved, “Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything about last night.”

Tang Qian breathed a sigh of relief: “Your face is swollen, you go and deal with it first. Wound.”

“Oh, you won’t accompany me?” Sheng Bei said disappointedly.

“You deserve it, I won’t accompany you.” After Tang Qian finished speaking, she turned and walked towards Fu Shiting’s office.

Sheng Bei sighed and walked towards the elevator.

Zhou Ziyi quickly chased after him.

Zhou Ziyi also had a wound on his face, so he went with him to deal with the wound.

In the elevator, the atmosphere was a little awkward.

“Brother Bei, what’s the matter with you? I asked the boss just now, and he wouldn’t say anything.” Zhou Ziyi said cautiously, “Is there anything I can’t solve? It hurts my feelings.”

Sheng Bei didn’t want to tell Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi is now half Qin An’an.

The elevator reached the first floor and opened slowly.

Sheng Bei’s cell phone rang.

He took out his mobile phone and saw that Qin Anan was calling.

He called her last night, her cell phone was turned off, and only now did she call him back.

He answered the phone, and Qin An’an’s lazy voice came over the phone: “Brother Sheng, you called me last night, but I didn’t answer. Are you looking for me?”

“I was watching at the Caesar Hotel last night. I came to a woman who is very similar to you, so I called you to confirm.” Sheng Bei’s tone was so cold that he had no emotion.

Zhou Ziyi was surprised by Sheng Bei’s indifferent attitude towards Qin An’an.

Qin An’an: “I did go to that hotel yesterday.”

Just when she thought that Sheng Bei would ask her what she was doing at the hotel, Sheng Bei said, “It’s alright.” After that, he hung up the phone.

Zhou Ziyi wondered: “Brother Bei, you quarreled with the boss, so you won’t take anger on Qin An’an, right?”

“You did the opposite. But don’t ask me why I quarreled with Shi Ting because of Qin An’an.” Sheng Bei’s tone was cold, ” Do not ask.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Oh, I don’t ask.”

Although I don’t know what happened, it can be seen from Sheng Bei’s reaction that things are serious.

Chapter 653

Chapter 653

Qin Anan held the phone and fell into deep thought.

She sensitively felt the change in Sheng Bei’s attitude towards herself.

Sheng Bei used to be polite to her, but in the phone call just now, Sheng Bei didn’t particularly want to talk to her, and seemed to despise her.

Just because she went to the Caesars last night?

But she went to the hotel and didn’t do anything, why was Sheng Bei angry?

Does he think she can’t go to the hotel alone?

Speaking of what happened at the hotel yesterday, she still doesn’t understand what the thief’s meaning in calling her to go to the hotel is.

The thief did nothing to her, just put her to sleep for a while with a little hypnotic drug.

She went to the hospital for a checkup last night. The dose of hypnotic drugs was not large and had no effect on her body.

ST Group.

Tang Qian held a cup of coffee and put it in front of Fu Shiting.

“Shi Ting, I talked to Sheng Bei just now,” Tang Qian said, “he thinks that you are with Qin Anan, you give too much, get too little, and often delay work for her…”

“Impossible That’s the reason.” Fu Shiting frowned and retorted in a deep voice, “He suddenly hates Qin An’an, there must be other reasons.”

Tang Qian looked at Fu Shiting’s suspicious and handsome face, and felt a little scared.

No matter when, this man maintains a high degree of vigilance and vigilance.

It is even more difficult to deceive him.

“I heard that you went to the dinner with him last night?” Fu Shiting raised his eyes and looked sharply at Tang Qian.

“Yeah, I had a bad stomach yesterday, so I asked him to help me accompany the client.” Tang Qian said, “We both drank too much last night.”

“Nothing else happened?” Fu Shiting looked at her face and distinguished Does she lie.

“No… Shi Ting, why don’t you work first! After you both calm down, have a good talk.” Tang Qian was afraid that he would see the clue and changed the subject, “By the way, Nuo Nuo’s injury is almost healed, I’ll let her come to work tomorrow.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes suddenly shifted to the computer screen, “Go to work.” Tang

Qian came out of his office, the disguise on her face removed.

Even if Nuonuo had rescued him before, even if Nuonuo was more beautiful than Qin An’an, Fu Shiting was still unmoved.

Doesn’t he look at the woman’s face?

But if Qin Anan was disfigured, would he still love her so much?

A week later, the variety show recorded by Rila and Jin Sinian was broadcast.

Because of Jin Sinian’s strong popularity, the show quickly became popular all over the Internet. Even with it, Rila is also on fire!

Rila looks sweet and cute, and although her personality is not lively, her golden sentences are frequent.

After the show aired, she quickly became a national girl!

——I really want a daughter like this! Her parents must be handsome and beautiful! Rila looks amazing!

——Rila is not only beautiful, but also very sassy! She is so smart, I like her so much! oooooooo! I want to have a daughter!

  • Wake up upstairs, you can’t give birth to such a cute baby as Rila!

——Let me say that Rila’s appearance can beat some female stars, isn’t it too much?

——How can those plastic-looking faces match our Rila? Take our family Rila! snort!

After Rila became popular on the Internet, some netizens began to pick on Rila’s parents.

The program team kept it strictly confidential, so netizens searched for a long time without revealing any relevant information.

Just then, a passionate video of a man and a woman in bed appeared on the Internet.

The video footage is blurry, but it can be clearly seen that the woman is not wearing clothes. There is cash on her naked body!

Her face is facing the camera. It can be recognized from the profile that this is Qin An’an!

In addition, her bulging belly and her groaning voice confirmed this!

Chapter 654

Chapter 654

The child in Qin Anan’s womb is seven months old.

As the months got older, her body became more and more prone to fatigue.

She has been at home with her children since Rila came back from recording the show.

Soon the summer vacation will end.

At Rila’s begging, Qin Anan decided to take Rila to country B to play for a few days, and pick up Xiaohan by the way.

After the mother and daughter flew to country B, the passionate video went viral in country A.

You can’t post videos online, you can only post a screenshot of the video after coding.

——I never thought that such a rich woman as Qin Anan would sell her body for money! With such a big belly, is she not afraid of losing her child?

  • How do you know she’s doing it for the money? She is definitely not short of money! Haven’t you heard that most rich people are perverted? She must be trying to stimulate!
  • Spicy eyes! This woman seems to be gentle and quiet, but I didn’t expect to be so blissful in private! I don’t know if the child in her belly belongs to the man who made the video. If not, it would be interesting!
  • Certainly not! How could a rich woman like her be honest? She is pregnant and not married, it’s just convenient to play!
  • She is so white! Although she is pregnant with a bulging belly, it can be seen that she is in good shape. It’s my type! [color]

——It is said that she has an affair with Fu Shiting, the boss of ST Group! You said that the man in the video could be Fu Shiting?

–No way? The man’s belly in the video is so big! It looks like a greasy pig head! Fu Shiting’s figure is very good!

——I can’t figure out why she didn’t find a handsome man since she wasn’t short of money… Didn’t Jin Sinian like her very much? What kind of eyes does she have!

–Hold! Can you not bring this kind of yellow gossip to our family! Our family is super pure and blushes when talking to girls. Qin Anan, get away!

Sheng Bei was the first to see this gossip and video.

He knew Qin An’an’s true face a week ago, so when someone in the WeChat group started to spread Qin An’an’s small video, he never doubted the authenticity of the small video.

I don’t know who it is, but after watching the video carefully, I compared it with Qin An’an in reality.

And came up with the text version summary:

  1. The voice of the heroine in the video is the same as Qin An’an’s voice. I believe that those who have heard Qin An’an’s voice can hear it as soon as they hear it.
  2. The side-by-side comparison of the face is basically the same.

3, pregnant belly. I believe that anyone who has seen Qin Anan herself recently knows that she has a big belly now. If there is a woman who looks similar to her in this world, but it is impossible to be pregnant just like her, right?

4, bags. I don’t know if everyone has paid attention to it. There is a bag on the bedside table. Qin Anan has carried this bag before.

Sheng Bei took a deep breath after reading these words.

Originally, he planned to go to Fu Shiting after Qin Anan gave birth to the child to expose Qin Anan’s true face. Who knew that Qin Anan would shoot this kind of video with other men!

It’s enough to shoot this kind of private and secret video. Who do you want to disgust when it is spread? !

Outside the president’s office.

After Zhou Ziyi glanced at the video, he felt that the sky was about to collapse.

He didn’t dare to look carefully at the woman’s face in the video, but only recognized her as Qin Anan from the woman’s voice.

If Fu Shiting sees this video, he can’t imagine what kind of great changes will happen!

In two months, the child in Qin An’an’s womb will be full-term.

Chapter 655

Chapter 655

Term represents the possibility of giving birth at any time.

But what’s happening right now is like a rope around a child’s neck… Damn!

I don’t know if Fu Shiting will want this child.

After all, Qin An’an’s private life is so dirty!

Zhou Ziyi hesitated outside the office door, not daring to go in.

He couldn’t bear Fu Shiting’s reaction.

On his way to find Sheng Bei, Sheng Bei came out of the elevator.

“Brother Bei, have you seen the news?” Zhou Ziyi said embarrassedly, “Qin An’an’s news.”

“What do you think?” Sheng Beijian raised his eyebrows and became very angry, “I knew it a week ago! Otherwise I would Why were you so angry at that time!”

Zhou Ziyi was surprised: “Brother Bei, how did you know?”

“Why don’t you ask Mike?” Sheng Bei said, “He is so close to Qin An’an, he must know everything!”

Zhou Ziyi was a little confused.

Every time Mike mentioned Qin An’an in front of him, he regarded Qin An’an as a little girl and felt that she needed care.

Mike couldn’t possibly act in front of him. So Mike must not know that Qin Anan’s private life is so chaotic!

He went back to his office and dialed Mike’s number.

“I know what you’re going to say,” Mike said in a hurried tone after he answered the phone, “I saw the video. Fuck, it’s definitely not Qin An’an! That scream is too loud! Qin An’an can’t be like that!”

Zhou Ziyi said in a serious tone, “Have you ever heard her real cry? How did you hear it? Have you ever had a relationship with her?!”

“Fuck! What the hell are you talking about! Do you want to die! “Mike was so furious that he could not wait to beat him along the radio waves.

“Then why do you say that the woman is not Qin An’an? I have seen the video. Whether it’s her appearance or her voice, it is clearly Qin An’an.” Zhou Ziyi said in pain, “Where is Qin An’an? I want to know her answer.”

“She took Rila to country B this morning! It hasn’t landed yet!” Mike was breathing heavily, “That’s not Qin Anan, I’m sure. Qin Anan is not such a woman, I believe her! You have to believe her too !”

Zhou Ziyi rubbed his brows in despair: “Is this something we both believe can be calmed down by her? The problem is that my boss… He will know about it right away, if he doesn’t believe it, then Qin An’an is over!”

“What’s the end! What if the woman in the video is Qin An’an? Qin An’an didn’t marry him, so he doesn’t care!” Mike said casually.

“But Qin Anan is pregnant with my boss’s child! My boss will definitely not let her go. You just let her hide in country B and don’t come back! Wait until the child is born!” Zhou Ziyi suggested.

“What the hell are you doing! The woman in the video is not Qin An’an!” Mike repeated this sentence over and over on the phone.

Zhou Ziyi heard that there seemed to be movement in the president’s office, so he hung up the phone.

He strode towards Fu Shiting’s office and listened outside the door.

In the office, Sheng Bei opened the video and put it in front of Fu Shiting, forcing him to watch it.

“This is the woman you regard as your treasure.” Sheng Bei sneered, telling the truth word by word, “A week ago, I was in the hotel and bumped into her doing that kind of thing with other men, I know very well. I heard her say that you can’t satisfy her in bed, so she is looking for a wild man outside.”

Fu Shiting seemed to have been pressed the pause button.

His body was stiff, and the expression on his face was unusually calm, only the look in his eyes was cold and dark.

After a long time, his Adam’s apple rolled and he said hoarsely, “Qin An’an will not betray me! That’s not her!”

“Be awake! That’s her!” Sheng Bei broke all his fantasies, “You can have the child in her belly, but don’t touch this dirty woman again!”

Chapter 656

Chapter 656

Hot anger flashed in Fu Shiting’s eyes.

The word ‘dirty woman’ was like a sharp blade, piercing into his heart heavily.

In his eyes, Qin Anan is the cleanest and purest person in the world.

There is absolutely no way she is the woman in the video!

But even if he didn’t want to admit it, the woman’s voice and face, even her pregnant belly… were hitting him hard in the face.

“Fu Shiting, I’ve known you for almost 20 years, do you think I’ll hurt you?” Sheng Bei couldn’t bear to see the pain on his face, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Tang Qian. I ran into it with Tang Qian at the time. Do you know why we held back and didn’t tell you? Because we wanted Qin An’an to give birth to your child smoothly, we didn’t want to cause trouble at this time… But she I don’t know how to make a video like that!”

“Don’t you think the video is very blurry?” Fu Shiting’s reason and impulse were pulling in his body, splitting his heart, “The video must be fake!”

Sheng Bei never saw him past him.

He was never afraid of failure and difficulty. They had encountered many crises. At the worst time, the company almost went bankrupt, and he almost took on huge debts. At that time, he never frowned.

But who would have thought that he couldn’t bear Qin Anan’s derailment.

“Even if the video is fake, is the voice I heard at the Caesar Hotel also fake?” Sheng Bei said sarcastically, “I went to the front desk to check, and Qin Anan did go to the hotel that day. I called her at the time. The phone, her phone was turned off, and she only called me back the next day, and she admitted that she had been to that hotel!”

Sheng Bei spoke quickly and sharply, “The bed in the video is the bed of the Caesars Hotel!”

Fu Shiting’s hands were scarlet, his pale fingers resting on his forehead, and he fell into an endlessly painful silence.

A voice resounded in his mind, asking him to unconditionally trust her!

Another voice resounded in his mind, telling him to give up his fantasy and face reality!

He felt himself being cut a little bit!

Seeing that he was so uncomfortable, Sheng Bei didn’t want to talk about it, but if he didn’t let him give up now, he would soon find a way to excuse Qin An’an.

“Shi Ting, Qin An’an has never cared about your feelings. Think about it carefully, what did she do that didn’t put herself first? She knows how to control you, and she succeeded.”

. ……

Because Qin Anan couldn’t be contacted, the people around her frowned.

Li Xiaotian held the mobile phone and explained to He Zhunzhi emotionally: “The woman in the video is definitely not An An! An An went to the Caesar Hotel that day because the thief took my mobile phone to send An An a message! The thief tricked her into the hotel! He Zhunzhi: “

Really? Did the thief trick her into going to bed too? But I watched the video and she enjoyed it!”

“He Zhunzhi! What do you mean?!” Li Xiaotian blushed with anger, “That woman isn’t An An!”

“Then who are you talking about? Is it Nuonuo? But Nuonuo is not pregnant! The woman in the video has a big belly.” He Zhunzhi reasoned with her, “I don’t want it either. That’s Qin An’an, but that voice belongs to her!”

Li Xiaotian’s eyes turned red with anxiety: “It was the thief who tricked An An into the hotel that day! They also gave An An hypnotic medicine, and I went with An An that night. The examination done by the hospital. An An was afraid that Fu Shiting would be worried, so let me keep it a secret!”

He Zhunzhi: “I see, that hypnotic drug may also have a hypnotic/emotional effect.”

“…I said that. Not An An!” Li Xiaotian cried out.

“Li Xiaotian, can you be more mature? If you think it’s not Qin An’an, why are you crying?” He Zhunzhi calmly said, “I can trust her for you, but Shi Ting won’t, because that’s what Qin An’an!”

An hour later, all the passionate videos about Qin An’an on the Internet were deleted, and the screenshots and related text of the video could not be published.

But this did not limit the gossip heart of netizens.

——How much did Qin Anan spend to seal it up? Sure enough, money is good!

Chapter 657

Chapter 657

  • Qin Anan’s pregnant belly and a man in the hotel, everyone should know, right? [dog head]

——My friend who works at the airport said that Qin Anan flew abroad early this morning. It seems that she fled abroad to avoid the limelight!

  • I’m so scared! My friend sent a screenshot of Qin An’an’s video, and his account was blocked. Will the three words ‘Qin An’an’ become a forbidden word in a while?

Netizens are a prophecy. Half an hour later, the word ‘Qin An’an’ could no longer be published online.

This incident aroused the rebellious heart of the majority of netizens, and it didn’t take long for the Qin Group to be pushed to the hot search.

Mike looked at the public opinion on the Internet, and his pale blue eyes were covered with a chill.

He should go to country B to accompany Qin Anan.

But what happened in the country, he should stay in the country to ensure the normal operation of the company.

“Mike, that…” The vice president pushed open the door of Mike’s office and said awkwardly, “Mr. Qin… is she okay?”

Mike: “She went to country B.”

“Oh. …..Is she all right?”

McNong raised his eyebrows: “It’s okay if others don’t believe Qin An’an. As her vice president, don’t you know what she is like?” The

vice president immediately stated: “Of course I believe it . Mr. Qin! I’m just worried that Mr. Qin will see the public opinion on the Internet… After all, those people on the Internet are too ugly!”

“I’m deleting it.” Mike picked up the coffee cup with a headache and took a sip, “If not For other things, go out first!”

“Oh…then I’ll hold a meeting with the supervisors later and explain to everyone, so that everyone must believe in President Qin…”

Mike: “It’s not necessary. Even if Qin Anan changes a man a day, that’s her personal business. As long as she pays her employees on time, she will be a good boss.”

“Mike, you’re right!” The vice president was suddenly righteous, “President Qin is not a female star, why is she so strict with her private life? Those people on the Internet are fed up!” After the

vice president went out, Mike took Pick up the phone and call Qin Anan.

Except him, no one should believe that the woman in the video is not Qin Anan.

The reason why he believed her was because she was not only a good friend but also a kind of spiritual support to him.

Before he met her, his spiritual world was empty and deprived.

She is like a light shining into his dark world, giving him the motivation to live a good life.

After the call was made, it was quickly connected.

“Mike, I just got home.” Qin Anan’s tone was calm over the phone.

She should not know what happened in the country.

“Oh,” he hesitated, pretending to be relaxed and asked, “Are there many people sending you news?”

“I haven’t read the news yet! Rila is hungry, we’re going out to eat.” Qin Anan is keen The person noticed the abnormality, “Did something happen?”

“Take Rila to dinner first! Let’s talk about it after you have finished eating.” Mike was afraid that it would affect her appetite.

Qin An’an’s curiosity was aroused by him: “You tell me now. Is there an accident in the company or…”

“It’s you.” Mike interrupted her, “You have an accident.”

Chapter 658

Chapter 658

Qin Anan thought she was dreaming.

Otherwise, this sentence is really incomprehensible.

She is staying at home well now, what happened to her?

“An An, did you do that kind of thing with a man when you went to the Caesar Hotel?” Mike asked when she saw that she was speechless.

“What are you doing?” she asked puzzled.

“It’s that kind of thing…” Mike was embarrassed to say too straightforwardly.

Because he hesitated, she quickly understood.

“Why do you say that?” She took the phone and walked towards her room, “Mike, what happened?”

“I’ll send you a video, you can see if it’s you,” Mike was afraid that she would get angry after watching the video , hurriedly added, “I know the woman in that video is not you, but she pretends to be too similar…”

Qin Anan had already guessed what was going on.

She hung up the phone and saw the video from Mike.

She took a deep breath and opened the video.

In the video, the woman’s voice entered her ears first. She felt goosebumps all over her body after hearing the familiar voice.

How could this be?

How could this woman’s voice be exactly the same as hers?

She suddenly remembered what Shen Yu said before committing suicide!

Shen Yu said that after her eyes were gouged out, she heard her voice. Maybe it wasn’t Shen Yu’s hallucination, it was real!

At that time, everyone thought that Shen Yu was crazy, but it wasn’t. The real crazy was the person behind her who planned to deal with her.

She saw this woman in the video, not only her voice, but her face… but also her face!

She thought of Nono for the first time! Could it be Nono?

But when she looked down and saw this woman’s protruding pregnant belly, her head was dizzy!

How could this be? Is the woman in this video really you?

But at the Caesars Hotel that day, she didn’t feel violated. At that time, there was no other discomfort in her body except dizziness!

In the video, the woman’s eyes were open and she was screaming loudly, indicating that the woman was awake at the time.

How could this be her?

She was in a coma the whole time and didn’t do anything at all!

But how do you explain the woman in this video who looks like her, sounds like her, and has a pregnant belly like her? !

The phone rang, bringing her chaotic thoughts back to reality.

She answered the phone, and Mike’s voice came: “Ann, have you watched the video? Does the woman in the video look like you?”

“That’s not me.” Her voice was cold and trembling, “Someone imitated me. “I guessed it !

” Mike said angrily, “The man in the video looks like a pig, how could you like such a pig’s head?!”

“Mike, can you find out who posted the video?”

” I checked, and it first appeared on a foreign pornographic website, but the user who uploaded it has already been cancelled.”

“Has it spread to China now?” Her eyelashes drooped and she took a deep breath in despair.

Even if she saw the woman in the video herself, she would think it was herself in a trance. If someone else saw the video, they would definitely be her.

She doesn’t care if other people misunderstand her, but what about Fu Shiting?

Chapter 659

Chapter 659

She didn’t dare to imagine Fu Shiting’s reaction after seeing this video.

She hoped that he could believe in herself unconditionally, but she knew clearly that he was an absolutely rational person.

Before she could produce evidence that the woman in the video was not her, she didn’t dare to expect his trust at all.

“Yes.” Mike sighed, “This kind of scandal spreads the fastest. Although I have blocked all online videos and related topics, everyone knows it.”

Qin Anan’s ankles softened and he almost fell.

“An An, since it’s not you, then we must find out the woman in the video! Otherwise she will pretend to be you to do bad things in the future!” Mike gritted his teeth, “Don’t watch the domestic news, those people talk It’s too ugly, I’m afraid you will have fetal gas.”

“How do you find it out?” Qin Anan held the phone tightly with her fingers, and her temples were sore, “Who could this woman be?!”

“I think the biggest suspect is Nuonuo. .” Mike analyzed rationally, “She made her face look like you, and it was so realistic that it was fake. You can imagine her intentions. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did anything outrageous.”

Qin Anan coincides with his thoughts.

But, how to find evidence?

Unless Nuonuo comes to a parody in public.

“An An, you stay in country B first, and I will find out about Nuonuo’s itinerary in the past week.” Mike said, “Don’t go back to China until I find out.”

“Why can’t I go back to China? The woman in the video is not Me, I’m not ashamed, I don’t need to hide!” Qin An’an’s emotions were uncontrollably out of control.

After a woman is pregnant, the hormone levels in the body are imbalanced, and it will be more difficult to control her emotions than before pregnancy.

If she wasn’t pregnant, her emotions might not be so intense.

“An An, I didn’t mean that. I was afraid that you would be affected by the domestic public opinion when you return to China now.” Mike explained, “You need to rest now. In two months, the child will be born. Now everything depends on the child. Lord.”

“I won’t be influenced by domestic public opinion, I know this is a trap designed by others, how could I make myself angry because of this?” Her mood gradually returned to calm, “If I get angry, I will only It will make the relatives hurt the enemy faster.”

“You understand.” Mike was relieved, “By the way, has Fu Shiting contacted you?”

“It doesn’t seem to be.” When she read Mike’s message just now, she didn’t see Fu Shiting’s information.

“Oh…I don’t know what his attitude is now. Take Rila to dinner! I’ll call Ziyi and ask.”

After hanging up the phone, Qin Anan came out of the room with a pale face.

After seeing Rila, she quickly adjusted her mood, the corners of her mouth rose slightly, “Baby, Mommy will take you out to dinner.”

Country A.

Fu Shiting’s bodyguard quickly retrieved the check-in information of the hotel guests a week ago from the Caesars Hotel.

Qin An’an’s check-in information appeared on the document in bold red.

“Boss, the information provided by the hotel shows that Miss Qin first had dinner in the VIP room of the hotel restaurant that night, and then opened room 609 to rest.” The

bodyguard finished nervously and glanced at Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting sat at the desk with his back to the light, the expression on his face was gloomy and cold, and the chill burst out.

The bodyguard always felt that he was going to smash the coffee cup on the table in the next second.

“Also…Miss Qin left the hotel at eight o’clock in the evening. She was in a hurry and didn’t go to the front desk to refund the deposit.” The bodyguard continued to report, “When the hotel cleaner went to clean the room, she found her on the bed. A used…condom…condom…”

When the bodyguard said this, he stuttered a little, and his voice was a little weaker.

The coffee cup on the desk flew over without warning!

With a ‘bang’, the coffee cup fell to the ground and shattered into countless pieces.

Everyone present held their breaths, not daring to exhale.

Just then, a cell phone rang suddenly—

Chapter 660

Chapter 660:

Zhou Ziyi’s cell phone rang.

Everyone’s eyes looked at him, and there was a layer of cold sweat on his back.

He took out his mobile phone and saw that it was Mike calling. He wanted to answer but he didn’t dare to answer it, because he was afraid of missing important information related to Qin An’an.

He hesitated for a few seconds, then answered the phone in full view.

“Zhou Ziyi, what was your boss’s reaction after seeing the video?” Mike asked.

Zhou Ziyi heard the words and glanced at Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting’s face was cold and gloomy, and those eagle-like eyes seemed to be capable of killing people!

Zhou Ziyi held the phone and quickly escaped from the office!

“Fuck, you’re asking such a rude question! How do you think my boss would react?” After Zhou Ziyi came out of the office, he exhaled heavily, “Have you contacted Qin An’an?”

“Yes,” Mike wanted to repeat Qin An’an’s original words to him excitedly, but unfortunately without evidence, he would definitely not believe it, so his tone was a bit slack, “I said that the woman was not Qin An’an.”

“She said it wasn’t her?” Zhou Ziyi took a deep breath.

“Yes! She said that someone imitated her. Zhou Ziyi, what kind of person Qin Anan is, you don’t know, but I do. She is definitely not the kind of woman who likes to play. Apart from working, taking care of children, and reading medical books, she has nothing to do with it. Other hobbies.” Mike said here, remembering the purpose of his call, “How did your boss react?”

“He was very angry.” Zhou Ziyi whispered, “Originally, my boss didn’t believe that the woman in the video was Qin An’an. , because he trusts Qin An’an a lot like you, but by coincidence, Brother Bei also went to the Caesar Hotel a week ago, and happened to see Qin An’an making out with another man. He said that he was outside the door of the room at the time, listening to You can hear the voice clearly.”

“Then did he go in and look inside?”

“No. If he went in at the time, this incident would have stabbed my boss. Brother Bei wanted to hide this matter until Qin Anan gave birth to the child.”

“Since he didn’t see it with his own eyes, it might not be Qin Anan. Ah!” Mike retorted, “Nuo Nuo Neng looks like Qin An’an, what if she imitates Qin An’an’s voice?”

Zhou Ziyi was shocked when he heard his words: “Have you read too many novels? In reality, is it possible to imitate someone else’s voice easily?”

“I haven’t seen it, but I know there are such examples.” Mike said calmly.

“What about the pregnant belly of the woman in the video?” Zhou Ziyi took a deep breath and asked questions.

“Have you not seen the movie? The post-video special effects and special effects makeup can solve this problem.” Mike replied seriously, “You should tell Fu Shiting about the possibility I told you.”

“I dare not! Brother Bei believes that The woman in the video is Qin An’an. He told my boss to make a clean break with Qin An’an. What’s worse, my boss asked me to go to the Caesar Hotel to get the check-in record from a week ago… Qin An’an’s room opening record has been hit My boss is in front of me. Not only that, there are used condoms in the room she opened…”

Zhou Ziyi’s voice settled, and the elevator door slowly opened.

Li Xiaotian and He Zhunzhi came out of it.

Li Xiaotian walked in a hurry, He Zhunzhi grabbed her: “Xiao Tian, ​​go slowly! I’ll go see if Brother Shi Ting is there first…”

“I saw Zhou Ziyi! Fu Shiting is definitely here!” Li Xiaotian said, shaking off He Zhunzhi.

Zhou Ziyi walked up to the two of them and asked, “Why are you two here?”

“I’m here to find Fu Shiting.” Li Xiaotian said straight to the point, “I know what happened about An’an.”

Zhou Ziyi was stunned for a moment.

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