When His Eyes Opened Chapter 661 -670(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 661 -670(Chinese)

Chapter 661

Li Xiaotian passed by him and strode into Fu Shiting’s office.

Zhou Ziyi teased He Zhunzhi: “Your wife seems to be making trouble.”

He Zhunzhi sighed helplessly: “I won’t let her come, she insists on coming. She insisted that the woman in the video was not Qin An’an, but I was careful. After a closer look, I think that’s Qin An’an!”

Zhou Ziyi: “The two of them have a good relationship, so of course she’s on Qin An’an’s side. The same is true of Mike. He told me that the woman in the video is actually Nuonuo, The voice is imitated by Nuonuo, and the pregnant belly is a special effect… He said it too seriously, I almost believed it.”

He Zhunzhi said incredulously: “He thought he was making a movie!”

Zhou Ziyi pushed The frame on the bridge of the nose: “What he said is also possible. It’s just less likely. They can’t accept Qin An’an as such a woman more than us.”

“You’re right. After Li Xiaotian saw the video, she It’s like crazy. I can’t even persuade me.”

“My boss, too. Although he hasn’t done anything terrible so far, I think he may break out at any time. I don’t dare to go in now. Go in!” Zhou Zi Yi patted He Zhunzhi on the shoulder.

He Zhunzhi was worried that Li Xiaotian would cause trouble, so he bit the bullet and walked in.

“An’an was tricked into going to that hotel!” Li Xiaotian stood in front of Fu Shiting’s desk, “As long as you catch the person who stole my phone, you can ask who did it.”

Fu Shiting: “Send the text message on your phone to Let me see.”

“It was deleted by the thief! This thief is so smart, he definitely did not commit the crime alone, he must have a gang!” Li Xiaotian analyzed.

Fu Shiting really wanted to believe her words, but how could she believe it just with her mouth?

“Li Xiaotian, I know that you and Qin An’an are good friends, so you are willing to stand up and lie for her…” Sheng Bei said.

“Why do you say I lied? Is it because you are older than me?” Li Xiaotian got angry, “My husband can prove that I lost my phone a week ago, and finally I went to An An to get it back. Do you want to say Did An An stole my cell phone?”

“It’s possible that you accidentally put your cell phone with her at that time. Now, in order to clean her up, you pull out an unwarranted ‘thief’ to take the blame. Are you treating us as fools? “Sheng Bei said word by word, “If you want us to believe you, you have to show evidence!”

Li Xiaotian’s eyes were red and she felt very powerless.

They don’t believe her, let alone Qin An’an.

“Sheng Bei, have you been bought by Tang Qian? This is clearly what Tang Qian did! Since she brought her high-fake cousin back to China, everything has gone wrong! Can’t you feel it?!” Li Xiao Sweet reprimanded loudly.

Tang Qian was also present.

Hearing Li Xiaotian’s roll call, Tang Qian calmly and restrained: “Li Xiaotian, you can slander me, but don’t slander my cousin! She was injured not long ago and has been recuperating at home. She has never been out of the door. What’s wrong? Besides, Qin An’an should explain what happened to Qin An’an, what are you doing?”

He Zhunzhi was embarrassed, and after apologizing to Tang Qian, he forced Li Xiaotian to go out.

Two lines of clear tears flowed from the corners of Tang Qian’s eyes: “Shi Ting, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought Nuonuo to the company. I’ll let her go.” After a pause, she added, “But the person in the video is definitely not Nuonuo…”

“Go out!” Fu Shiting’s throat moved, and he shouted sharply, “Everyone get out!”

Soon, he was the only one left in the office.

Unspeakable pain flashed in his gloomy black eyes.

He heard the voice of the fierce battle in his heart.

He picked up his mobile phone and dialed Qin An’an’s number——

Chapter 662

Chapter 662

He didn’t expect that, he dialed the phone and was answered immediately.

“I’m going back to China tomorrow.” Her voice was calm and calm, “I’ll tell you when we meet.”

All the anger and fear in his heart were instantly suppressed.

He remembered what Sheng Bei said.

Sheng Bei said she knew how to control him and did it very successfully.

At this moment, he understood the meaning of Sheng Bei’s words.

He was indeed firmly controlled by Qin An’an.

She only said one sentence, and he still trusted her without hesitation even though all the evidence pointed out that she had betrayed him.

“Qin An’an.” Before hanging up, he called out her name in a hoarse voice.

Through his voice, she felt the torment in his heart.

He must have watched the video and must have doubted her, otherwise he would not have suffered so much.

“Fu Shiting, I know it’s hard for you to believe me.” She couldn’t stand the depressed atmosphere at the moment, so she said awkwardly, “When I saw the video myself, I almost thought it was me.”

He listened to her voice quietly, The uncontrollable and restless emotions calmed down a little bit.

“I watched it over and over again,” her voice was a little choked, “Fu Shiting, that’s not me.”

After she said this, Rila tugged at the corner of her clothes: “Mom, brother is here!”

When Fu Shiting heard Rila’s voice, he quickly adjusted his mood: “You take care of the children first, and then wait until you return to China.” The

call ended.

Rila frowned, raised her head and asked Qin An’an, “Mom, are you talking to the scumbag dad? Only he can make you cry.”

Qin An’an didn’t cry, but her eyes were a little red.

Rila doesn’t know what’s going on, so she doesn’t understand why she’s sad.

This matter has nothing to do with Fu Shiting at all.

“Rila, don’t play with your phone during this time.” Qin Anan was afraid that her daughter would see relevant news.

“I don’t have a cell phone!” Rila looked innocent.

“Mom knows that you often play with Uncle Mike’s cell phone.” Rila laughed and stuck

out her tongue when she was dismantled by her mother: “I also often play with Uncle Sinian’s cell phone. Mom, you are the only one who won’t let me play with my cell phone.

” Mom doesn’t let you play with your phone because it’s not good for your eyesight.”

“But my brother plays with the computer every day, why don’t you tell him?” Rila pursed her mouth and was indignant.

“You know the reason. When my mother took my brother to see a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist agreed.” Qin Anan explained patiently.

There was a flattering smile on Rila’s face: “Mom, even if you buy me a computer, I won’t be able to play. I envy my brother, he is so good!”

“Well, your brother is really good.” The

mother and daughter said Then, the bodyguard brought Xiaohan to them.

After getting in the car, Qin Anan and Xiaohan spoke at the same time.

“Xiaohan, you talk first.”

“Mom, you talk first.”

“Okay, mother originally planned to take you and your sister to play here for a few days before returning to China, but because of domestic affairs, mother has to take you back to China immediately.” Qin Anan said ashamedly, “If you are very tired, we can take a day off before going back.”

Xiaohan shook his head: “Mom, I’m not tired. We can go back to China now. But I want to go to school later.”

Qin Anan looked at it puzzled. Son: “Xiaohan, what’s wrong with you?”

Xiaohan hasn’t found the darknet organization that Nuonuo visited before.

If he didn’t find this organization, he had no intention of going to school.

Chapter 663

Chapter 663

He can’t tell his mother that directly, or his mother will disagree.

His eyes were clear, his tone was serious, and he made up a lie: “I am very tired to participate in the summer camp this time.”

Qin Anan agreed with him in pain: “Baby, if the study task is heavy and the pressure is high in the future, you must tell your mother. Important, but the body is more important.”

Xiaohan nodded.

country A.

Fu family, eight o’clock in the evening.

Sheng Bei poured Fu Shiting a glass of wine, but Fu Shiting refused.

“I can’t drink anymore.” He had just had two drinks, and now his skin was red and his eyes were drunk.

He is going to meet Qin An’an tomorrow. If he drinks too much tonight, it will affect his condition tomorrow.

“Okay, I’ll drink it myself.” Sheng Bei took his wine glass and drank it directly.

“Drink less.” Fu Shiting raised his eyes and glanced at him, “I know you’re doing it for my own good, but…”

“But what? You won’t embarrass Qin Anan, right? Because your children, You can’t be ruthless.” Sheng Bei put down his glass, “I just want to remind you that the sunk cost you pay to her is getting higher and higher. If you don’t quit this time, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance in the future.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes The drunkenness dissipated in an instant.

It’s hard for him to fall in love with someone, and once he falls in love, it’s hard to let go.

This is a fatal advantage and a fatal disadvantage.

“Shi Ting, as a good brother, I always wish you a happy life. No matter how much you spend for women, as long as you are happy, I can ignore you.” Sheng Bei frowned, “But Qin Anan hurts again and again. You. This time, you did such a bottomless thing, and this is the consequence of your condoning her.”

Fu Shiting lowered his eyes slightly and lit a cigarette.

“If she can produce evidence tomorrow to prove that she is not the woman in the video, I will apologize to her. She can apologize as much as she wants. But if she can’t produce evidence, I can only treat all her words as sophistry.” Sheng Bei looked at the smoky haze, his face seemed to be real, and he said these words.

After a moment of silence, he shook the ashes with his cigarette fingers into the ashtray.

“Sheng Bei, I used to think that this world was either white or black, and it was uninteresting. Later, I met Qin An’an, and she showed me the splendid side of this world.” He said slowly, “she looks like a The poison makes me addicted.”

“Shi Ting, I know it’s hard for you to break up with her, but if you don’t take this step, you will be hurt by her forever.” Sheng Bei said.

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow! I’m tired.” With a gloomy expression, he put out the cigarette butt and strode upstairs.

The next day, eight in the morning.

Accompanied by bodyguards, Qin Anan came to Fu’s house.

According to Qin An’an’s understanding of Fu Shiting, he usually gets up at eight o’clock on weekdays.

When Mrs. Zhang saw her coming, she immediately invited her to the house.

“An An, don’t you eat well? I haven’t seen you grow meat.” Mrs. Zhang brought breakfast in front of her, “You eat here, sir should be down soon.”

“Sister Zhang, I ate it this morning . It’s over.” Qin Anan said awkwardly, “You don’t need to give me so much.”

Between the two of them talking, Fu Shiting walked downstairs.

There was another person behind him.

Shengbei drank a lot last night, so I stayed here for the night.

Qin Anan felt uncontrollably nervous when she saw the two of them.

If she only faced Fu Shiting, she would not do this.

Mike told her that Sheng Bei had a lot of resentment towards her this time, and he kept instigating Fu Shiting in front of Fu Shiting, causing Fu Shiting to dump her.

Fu Shiting walked up to her, saw the milk cup in her hand, and said calmly, “Let’s have breakfast first!”

She put the milk cup down: “I’m full.”

Sheng Bei immediately cut to the chase after her voice was settled. , “Qin An’an, you said that the woman in the video is not you, do you have proof?”

“No.” She listened to Sheng Bei’s voice, but looked at Fu Shiting uncontrollably.

“Then what are you doing here? Are you here to make up a story, or are you here to beg his forgiveness?” Sheng Bei sneered, “Don’t look at him with your pitiful eyes! Even if you kneel on the ground and beg him today, you won’t be able to. use!”

Chapter 664

Chapter 664

“Sheng Bei, this is about me and him.” Qin Anan was angered by his words and reminded him loudly. Sheng Bei retorted: “When Li Xiaotian

came and yelled in front of us like a shrew for your sake, should I answer her like you did?”

in situ.

She came here today to explain to Fu Shiting what happened in the hotel that day.

What she thought was that whether he believed it or not, she would tell him, so at least she had no regrets in her heart.

But now it seems a bit ridiculous.

How could she forget Li Xiaotian?

Xiao Tian defended her so much, she must have told them what happened that day.

Looking at their reactions now, they definitely don’t believe Xiao Tian’s words.

In this case, she doesn’t need to waste her words anymore.

“You think the woman in the video is me, so that’s me!” She said coldly, “When I haven’t been here before.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and prepared to leave.

Fu Shiting grabbed her arm: “Qin An’an! I didn’t let you go!” His breathing was a little short, and his tone was strong, “I want to hear your explanation!”

“Shi Ting, she has already said that she has no evidence.. ….” Sheng Bei said helplessly beside him.

“This is between me and her!” Fu Shiting glared at him with fierce eyes, “I don’t need anyone to remind me what to do! Even if my decision is wrong, I will bear the consequences myself!”

Sheng Bei saw him Resolute in his eyes, without saying anything, he strode away.

After Sheng Bei left, Qin Anan pulled his arm back from Fu Shiting’s hand.

“What Xiaotian said is what I want to say.” Her voice was a little lower. “Is your relationship with Sheng Bei better than my relationship with Xiaotian? You are making me a villain.”

Sheng Bei must hate her now.

Although she doesn’t care about Sheng Bei’s opinion, the relationship between the two of them is very uncomfortable because of her estrangement.

As if he hadn’t heard her last sentence, he murmured, “Someone tricked you into going to the hotel, and then found a woman who was almost the same as you and took a video like that to smear you.”

“Is it very fake? I don’t even dare to shoot like this.” She laughed at herself, “Sheng Bei doesn’t believe me, it’s normal. As for you, I never expected you to believe me.”

Her attitude chilled him.

If he doesn’t believe her, why should he hold her to hear her say this?

As she said, he and Sheng Bei are like brothers, but for her, he would rather tear up with Sheng Bei, and what about her?

In addition to arrogance, there is never-ending prejudice against him.

“Qin An’an, why do you treat me like this?” His eyes were scarlet and his Adam’s apple moved, “Whether the woman in the video is you or not, your attitude towards me will always be this high!”

“Should I kneel down? Please?!” She was stimulated by the word ‘high above’, “Allow you to ask me to explain, and I am not allowed to question you if you don’t believe me?”

He was stunned by her answer.

“Fu Shiting, I have explained to you clearly about the video. I have something else to do, so I’ll go first.” She finished speaking very quickly and walked away quickly.

Fu Shiting looked at her retreating back and clenched his fists tightly.

This time, he will never let go of his self-esteem and be soft-hearted towards her.

After Qin Anan left from Fu’s house, her irritability did not ease.

She couldn’t remember the number of times that she had to work hard to find evidence to prove her innocence.

Chapter 665

Chapter 665

It was clear that she did not do it, and that she was the victim, but she was forced to bear that kind of pressure because of public opinion.

She called Li Xiaotian.

“An An, why did you return to China so soon?” Li Xiaotian was a little puzzled, “If I were you, I would go to country B to play for a while. It’s not that I’m afraid, it’s that some people in the country are disgusting. “

Escape can’t solve the problem. I’ve already met them.” She said calmly, “Xiao Tian, ​​I heard that you went to them for my business, thank you for trusting me so much.”

“What are you thanking me for?” After all, it was me who harmed you. If I kept my phone well, it wouldn’t have been stolen by the thief. If the thief didn’t steal my phone, what would they use to trick you into going to the hotel?” Li Xiaotian was annoyed road.

“Even if they can’t steal your mobile phone, there will be other ways to trick me into going to the hotel.” Qin Anan looked at the scenery outside the window and said, “It’s getting colder, let’s go shopping!”

She has to buy autumn for the children clothes.

Children grow up fast and have to buy new clothes every year.

The two met at a shopping mall in the city center.

When Li Xiaotian saw her, the first question was, “What was Fu Shiting’s reaction? Does he believe you?”

Qin Anan smiled bitterly: “When I saw the video myself, I almost thought it was me. Don’t force others. Trust.”

“How can he be considered someone else? He is the father of your child!” Li Xiaotian was indignant, “Forget it, if he doesn’t believe it, don’t believe it! You didn’t marry him anyway, you don’t need to. Look at his face.” The

two entered the mall, picked their clothes as quickly as possible, and went to a tea restaurant for afternoon tea.

Not long after sitting down, Li Xiaotian found that someone was holding a mobile phone and secretly photographing them.

Li Xiaotian immediately walked towards the woman who was secretly photographing: “Are you secretly photographing?! Delete the photo!”

Qin Anan followed.

Seeing that Li Xiaotian was too fierce, the woman who took the candid photo angrily deleted the photo, and said at the same time, “How fierce are you? I didn’t photograph you!”

Li Xiaotian said, “When you photograph my best friend, it is like photographing me! You immediately Apologize to my best friend, otherwise you won’t want to leave!”

Qin Anan: “Xiaotian, forget it.”

Everyone around looked over, Qin Anan didn’t feel so embarrassed at first, but now he feels like a monkey in a zoo, every move he makes being watched.

Qin An’an took Li Xiaotian back to her seat.

After letting the waiter pack the order, she paid the bill.

“An An, we’re right, why are we leaving?” Li Xiaotian was very dissatisfied.

“I don’t want to be stared at by so many people. It’s not a good feeling.” Qin Anan picked up the water glass and took a sip, “At first I didn’t want to look for evidence to prove myself, but I thought that my two children had already gone to school. If I’m not proving my innocence, they may be affected by my scandal.”

She was right.

Unless Xiaohan and Rila don’t go to school in country A.

“But how to find evidence?” Li Xiaotian asked in distress.

The waiter packed their meal and handed it to them.

When the two came out of the tea restaurant, Qin Anan said, “The day I went to the hotel, a very handsome waiter brought me into the private room. He looked at me as if he had seen me. Maybe we can start with this waiter. Li Xiaotian’s eyes lit up: “

then let’s go find that waiter now!”

Qin Anan raised his concerns: “If I go, I’m afraid I’ll startle the snake.”

“Then I’ll go alone! It’s just that I don’t know that one .” What does the waiter look like?” Li Xiaotian raised confusion.

“When you enter the hotel, we will make a video.” Qin Anan said.

Chapter 666

Chapter 666

Caesars Hotel.

Li Xiaotian, wearing a golden wig, heavy makeup, dressed in jewels, entered the hall.

When the lady at the front desk saw her, her eyes were immediately attracted.

“I’m looking for your manager.” Li Xiaotian walked to the front desk with a noble smile.

The front desk lady forgot to ask her identity and called the manager directly.

Soon, the manager will come. After seeing Li Xiaotian, the manager was stunned: “Miss, do you have anything to do with me?”

“Let’s talk to another place.” Li Xiaotian hooked the manager’s shoulder, “Go to your office! I’m looking for something good. You.” The

manager listened to her and took her to the office immediately.

Entering the office, Li Xiaotian walked to the sofa and sat down on her own, and said to the manager, “Show me the roster of your male waiters. I want the one with photos.” The

manager was puzzled: “Miss, What do you want this for?”

“It’s not like you would ask this question at your level. I want a male waiter, of course he’s here to serve me!” Li Xiaotian said, and took out a black card from her wallet. , “Miss Ben has more money. Hurry up and get the list. If I choose someone I like, I will pay you a favor.” The

manager immediately brought an iPad and brought up the photo of the barman.

Li Xiaotian took the iPad, then took out her mobile phone and took a photo of the photo on it.

The manager was a little panicked: “Miss, what are you doing?”

Li Xiaotian raised her eyebrows: “Let my sister help me choose! Don’t you understand the love and fun between our rich women? If I use it , I will introduce my rich women and sisters to play together.” The

manager suddenly became enlightened.

Li Xiaotian sends all the male waiter photos to Qin An’an, waiting for Qin An’an’s reply.

After a while, Qin Anan sent a photo of the male waiter to Li Xiaotian: it was him.

Li Xiaotian immediately showed the photo to the manager: “I want this, I want it now.” The

manager listened to her tone and felt that she was going to eat the waiter, so he cautiously said: “Miss, these waiters are serious waiters, Not necessarily willing to sell my body and color…”

Li Xiaotian pulled the shawl down, revealing her fragrant shoulders: “Are you questioning my charm?”

Manager: “…”

The manager called the waiter.

When Li Xiaotian saw the person, she immediately took out a wad of cash from her bag and handed it to the manager: “If your employees are satisfied with my service, there will be benefits afterward!” The

manager was overjoyed and said to the employee, “Xiao Lin, Look at this golden sister, she is beautiful and generous in giving money, you are lucky!”

Xiao Lin gave Li Xiaotian a look. Because she was too beautiful, Xiao Lin bowed his head shyly.

Li Xiaotian took Xiaolin out of the hotel and got into her luxury car.

“Sister, why did you choose me? I’m not the most handsome man in our hotel, the most handsome man in our hotel is…” Kobayashi said.

Li Xiaotian interrupted him: “It’s my sister who asked for you by name. You must ask why my sister fell in love with you, because she saw you in the hotel. I think I have a fate with you!”

Xiao Lin was flattered and excited. endlessly.

When Li Xiaotian drove the car to another hotel and brought Xiaolin to Qin An’an, Xiaolin was stunned!

Qin Anan? !

Chapter 667

Chapter 667 What is

Qin Anan doing to him?

Seeing her cold appearance, she doesn’t seem to be looking for him to have fun!

“Xiao Lin,” Qin Anan pushed a stack of cash and a bottle of medicine in front of him, “if you answer my question well and tell me everything you know, the money will be yours. If you don’t cooperate, what? If you don’t say it, then this bottle of medicine will make you never open your mouth from now on.”

Xiao Lin was so frightened that his face turned ashen, he pointed at the black medicine bottle, and stammered and asked, “This, what kind of medicine is this?”

“Poison After drinking it, you will die immediately. The key is that the forensic doctor can’t find this toxin, and then it will be said that you are overexcited and suffocated, and no one will doubt it.” Qin Anan’s tone was calm and calm.

Xiao Lin turned pale with fright, and knelt down directly, “Miss Qin, what do you want to know, you can ask… but I’m just a little waiter, and I really don’t know much about the inside story!”

Qin Anan saw He opened his psychological defense and immediately asked: “The day I was tricked into the hotel, who asked you to receive me? Who moved me from the private room to Room 609? Have you ever seen the woman in the video? !”

Xiao Lin was confused by her series of questions: “Miss Qin, I’m just a little waiter, my task that day was to bring you a glass of water, and I didn’t let me handle other things at all… But… ….”

“But what?!” Li Xiaotian was impatient, watching him speak hesitantly, making him a little anxious.

“But I did meet a woman who looks very similar to Miss Qin…” Xiaolin said, glanced at the cash on the table, “Miss Qin, that’s all I know, I can go. “Then do you think the woman in the video is me ?

” Qin Anan put the cash in his arms, “Xiao Lin, don’t be afraid. I just want to find out what’s going on, I don’t will expose you.”

“Of course the woman in the video is not you. You were in a coma at the time, how could you do that to a man?” Xiao Lin took the money, and his words became more agile, “Miss Qin, please don’t expose me! I’m afraid Die!”

Qin Anan found a photo from her cell phone and showed it to Xiao Lin: “Is that the woman you saw who looks like me?”

The picture she showed Xiao Lin was Nuonuo’s. .

After Xiao Lin looked at it, he nodded: “It’s her. She looks more like you, but a little more beautiful than you…”

“How did you talk?!” Li Xiaotian kicked Kobayashi’s ass.

Xiao Lin knew that he had said something wrong, so he could only endure it.

“Xiao Lin, when you saw this woman, did she have a big belly?” Qin Anan’s mood was completely lifted.

Xiaolin nodded: “I thought she was you at the time, so I didn’t feel anything. Later, I met you at the hotel, and I found out that you are two people.”

All the doubts in Qin An’an’s heart were solved.

It’s Nono!

It’s really Nuonuo pretending to imitate her in secret!

the next day.

Qin Anan came to ST Group with bodyguards.

When the front desk lady saw her, she didn’t dare to ask ‘do you have an appointment’, because everyone in the company knew that she was pregnant with the boss’s child.

“Miss Qin, are you looking for the boss? The boss hasn’t come yet.” The front desk lady spoke politely.

“I’m not looking for him,” Qin Anan walked towards the elevator, “I’m looking for an employee of your public relations department.” The

lady at the front desk followed her and pressed the elevator button for her: “Okay, the public relations department is on the 7th floor and needs to be Shall I take you?”

“No.” Qin Anan coldly refused.

After Qin Anan and the bodyguard entered the elevator, the lady at the front desk immediately returned to her post and called Zhou Ziyi: “Assistant Zhou, Miss Qin has gone to the public relations department! I dare not stop her! She will go to the public relations department soon! Come and have a look. I feel that Miss Qin is here to fight!”


Qin Anan has a seven-month pregnant belly, who can she win? !

Chapter 668

Chapter 668

Public Relations Department.

Qin An’an’s arrival surprised everyone.

Everyone looked at her with bated breath. Although I don’t know what she’s here for, I can guess from the look on her face that she’s here with bad intentions.

Qin Anan glanced at everyone, and then asked, “Is Nuonuo here yet?”

“She usually comes here.” An employee glanced at the time, “She should be here soon.”

Said Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrive.

Nuonuo walked towards the public relations department while stepping on the sky high, carrying the LV bag in her hand.

Seeing a group of people around the door, she strode over.

The moment she saw Qin An’an, the play-watching expression on her face was put away.

Probably because Tang Qian hadn’t come to work yet, a sense of crisis arose in her heart.

What if Qin Anan troubles her?

She is alone and weak, and she is not Qin An’an’s opponent at all!

“Miss Qin, Nuonuo is here!” Someone reminded Qin Anan.

Qin Anan looked behind her –

after seeing Nuonuo, a look of disgust and cold appeared in her eyes.

“Qin An’an, are you looking for me?” Nuonuo forced a smile and asked actively, “You came here early in the morning, is there something important?”

“It’s not too important,” Qin Anan said lightly, “I I’m used to getting up early, so for you, I might come a little early.”

Seeing that her tone was not threatening, Nuonuo lowered her vigilance immediately: “Oh, since it’s not an important thing, then you can say it here! “

Qin Anan looked at her face that looked like his own, and felt more and more disgusted in her heart.

This woman, with this face on her face, is doing all disgusting deeds!

She didn’t bother to say a word, raised her hand, and slapped Nuonuo’s face hard!

Everyone around was stunned!

It stands to reason that when such a thing happens, someone should come to persuade or persuade, but there is no.

Everyone just watched quietly and ate melons quietly.

It’s an iron-clad fact that Nuonuo looks like Qin An’an. Everyone looked at it and didn’t say anything on the surface, but it was discussed in private for a long time.

Anyone who changes this will feel uncomfortable.

Qin An’an has the support of the child in her stomach. It will be a matter of time before she comes to trouble Nuonuo.

Nuonuo covered her beaten face, tears streaming down her face in pain: “You hit me! You hit me! Why did you hit me?!”

Qin Anan saw her tearful and pitiful appearance, and remembered what she had done The anger in my heart is heavier!

“Hold her down!” Qin Anan instructed the bodyguard.

The bodyguard immediately stepped forward and clasped Nuonuo’s hands.

Nuonuo tried to break free, but couldn’t break free at all!

She screamed for help in fear!

Without waiting for someone to rescue her, Qin Anan’s slap landed firmly on her face again.

Now, she was stunned!

“When you dig Shen Yu’s eyes, Shen Yu’s scream must be worse than you are now.” Qin Anan sneered, “I just slap you twice, so I can’t stand it?”

Nuonuo was startled: “You said What? What nonsense are you talking about?!” A


Qin Anan gave her another slap in the face!

“Do you think I’m easy to bully, so you dare to act recklessly?” Qin Anan looked at her swollen face and said mercilessly, “Make me look like me, imitate my voice, and create scandals for me… ..Do you want Fu Shiting to dump me, or do you want me to miscarry?”

Half of Nuonuo’s face was numb with pain, and her ears were buzzing.

Chapter 669

Chapter 669

She dare not talk back. Qin Anan is crazy! She is afraid!

“You underestimate me too much.” Qin Anan pinched her painful but unwilling face, and said word by word, “I never depend on men to live! Even if the sky falls, I will give birth to mine smoothly. Child. Your conspiracy works once, works twice,

do you think it will succeed the third time?”

When Zhou Ziyi came over, Nuonuo had been beaten with bruises and bruises.

When she saw Zhou Ziyi, she burst into tears: “Assistant Zhou! Help! Qin Anan is crazy! She beat me! I’m going to be killed by her! Woohoo!”

Zhou Ziyi immediately walked up to her and put Qin An’an’s bodyguard pushed away.

“Qin An’an, what are you doing? This is a company, you shouldn’t come here to make trouble.” Zhou Ziyi supported Nuonuo and said with a serious face.

Qin An’an looked indifferent: “I will teach her a lesson wherever I want. If you are dissatisfied, you can ask your boss to talk to me.”

Zhou Ziyi was speechless.

Find the boss to talk to her, what can you talk about?

In the end, it wasn’t up to her to mess up.

“Assistant Zhou, hurry up and call my cousin… If my cousin knew that I was bullied by her, she would definitely help me.” Nuonuo gripped Zhou Ziyi’s arm tightly and did not dare to let go.

Zhou Ziyi glanced at her, very sympathetic, but his reason made him restrained.

Qin Anan is not an impulsive person.

There must be a reason for her so much fire today.

“Nuo Nuo, I’ll let the security take you to the hospital first…” Zhou Ziyi said, “Your nose seems to be crooked.”

Nuonuo immediately screamed in a low voice, covering her face with her hands.

After Zhou Ziyi handed Nuonuo to the security guard next to him, he took Qin Anan out of the public relations department.

This is too ugly, and I don’t know how these employees will pass it on in private.

If Qin An’an is not Qin An’an, it is impossible for anyone else to enter and leave the ST group and the group casually.

Not to mention the casual hands on the employees of the company.

There are security personnel on every floor of the company.

When Qin Anan taught Nuonuo a lesson, the security guards in the company didn’t dare to interfere at all.

Nuonuo’s beating is small, if Qin Anan has fetal air because of this, who would dare to be responsible?

Qin Anan saw Zhou Ziyi pressing the button on the top floor and said, “You want to take me to your boss’s office?”

Zhou Ziyi’s attitude was much softer than before: “I’ll take you to drink.”

“I’m not thirsty.” She pressed The button on the next floor, “If your boss asks, you will say that I have a temper and want to teach her a lesson. After all, I have no evidence to prove that she imitated me, so I can only do it willfully.”

Zhou Ziyi couldn’t help laughing: “Don’t be angry . No matter if she imitated you and did those things, don’t give those people a chance in the future.”

“You said it lightly, it’s you, are you angry?” Qin Anan retorted, “My face is okay. No, my child’s face needs to be. Now that school starts, if the children in the school talk nonsense to my child, can I bear it?”

The smile on Zhou Ziyi’s face disappeared: “I will tell my boss about your difficulties.”

“Tell him what to do? I had a big fight with him yesterday, don’t you know?”

Zhou Ziyi: “…”

Zhou Ziyi really didn’t know.

“I won’t go to the top floor.” Qin Anan saw that the elevator stopped on the top floor and spoke.

“Okay, then I’ll take you down.” Zhou Ziyi pressed the elevator key and accompany her down.

When the elevator reached the first floor, it opened slowly with a ‘ding’ sound.

Outside the elevator door, there stood Fu Shiting in black clothes and black pants, and Tang Qian in a red dress.

As soon as Tang Qian saw Qin An’an, she immediately exploded: “Qin An’an, why did you hit my cousin?!”

Qin An’an said lazily: “I will hit you next.” Tang Qian was

extremely angry: ” You— “

Fu Shiting listened to their conversation, and the expression on his face became gloomy and complicated.

Chapter 670

Chapter 670

Qin Anan came out of the elevator.

She didn’t intend to mess with them too much.

The purpose of her coming today was to teach Nuonuo a lesson. Now that she is out of anger, she is in a better mood.

Just as she passed by Fu Shiting, his big palm grabbed her arm without warning.

“What?” She looked up at him.

He took her arm and led her out of the company.

Tang Qian wanted to follow, but was stopped by Zhou Ziyi: “Manager Tang, go see your cousin! She has been crying.”

Tang Qian gritted her teeth: “Where is she now?”

“I think her nose is a little crooked, so let me The security sent her to the hospital.” Zhou Ziyi said, “Go to the hospital to see her! She is very emotional, I’m afraid she can’t think of it.”

Zhou Ziyi said so, Tang Qian could only go to the hospital to see her.

Fu Shiting took Qin An’an to the parking lot at the entrance of the company.

At this moment, the parking lot was empty except for them.

When Tang Qian drove the car away, her eyes seemed to be poisoned, staring at Qin An’an’s direction.

How could she suddenly come to play Nuonuo? Did she find something?

After Tang Qian’s car drove away, Qin Anan looked down at her red right hand.

When hitting Nuonuo, she couldn’t control her strength, so her hands were numb until now.

“Qin An’an, don’t you think your behavior is reckless?” Fu Shiting carried the sun behind his back, his face was gloomy, and his voice was cold, “Look at your stomach, how dare you do it with someone?”

Qin An’an was not afraid of him: ” If I don’t do this, I will be very angry. Anger is not good for children.”

She weighed it in her heart, and finally decided to come and teach Nuonuo a lesson.

In addition to venting the anger in his heart, it is also a wake-up call for Nuonuo.

If she dares to do evil in the future, it will not be a matter of slapping her!

“Are you sure it’s her?” With what he knew about her, if she hadn’t confirmed the outcome, she would never have been so angry.

His words made Qin An’an’s suppressed anger rise again: “It’s not her, is it me?!”

He took a deep breath and suppressed the anger.

She is now a pregnant woman in the third trimester, and the situation is special, so she cannot be angry.

“Qin An’an, what I said just now is that if you have evidence that Nuonuo did it, please give me the evidence, and I will take this matter seriously.”

“If I have evidence, why should I Giving you the evidence? Do you think I can’t handle this by myself if I have evidence?” Seeing that he wasn’t angry, she calmed down a lot.

For the sake of the child, she must also control herself.

Her answer, like a dull hammer, stunned him directly.

So she came to his company to beat people today, did she really just want to beat people?

“You’re looking at me like that, are you thinking about what to do with me?” She grabbed his arm and deliberately stimulated him, “What do you want to do?”

“What can I do to you?” Fu Shiting pulled his arm back. Looking at her with cold eyes, her voice was desolate and helpless, “Qin An’an, even if the person you beat today is not Nuonuo, but me, what do you think I can do with you?”

“When you were crazy before, you didn’t. You will take me seriously. In the end, you still care about your flesh and blood.” She sneered and sarcastically said, “I thought you really didn’t like children! I didn’t expect that, it was all pretence! You used to be ruthless. What? Fu Shiting, I look down on you!”

Fu Shiting’s body tensed, his fists clenched, and a chill radiated from his body.

He was really impulsive before, and when he was angry, he was not good at controlling his emotions.

But now, her belly is so big that he can’t ignore it, even if the child in her belly is not his, he will not do anything to her!

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