When His Eyes Opened Chapter 671 -680(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 671 -680(Chinese)

Chapter 671

Her misunderstanding of him may never be cleared up in this life.

“Qin An’an, it’s a bit windy today, go back and rest!” After Fu Shiting said this, he strode away from her.

She froze in place.

She didn’t expect him to do nothing, not refute anything. She underestimated his current restraint.

The bodyguard walked up to her and said, “Boss, I’ll take you back! It’s really windy today, so don’t catch a cold.”

Qin Anan didn’t feel the wind was strong.

She felt like there was a fire in her heart now, burning panic.

Fu Shiting entered the office, Zhou Ziyi immediately followed him in, and told him exactly what happened in the public relations department this morning.

“I asked the staff of the public relations department, and they said that Qin Anan not only thought that the woman in the video was Nuonuo pretending to be her, but that the person who poached Shen Yu’s eyes was also Nuonuo.”

When Zhou Ziyi said these words, Frightened.

Because Nuonuo looks gentle and well-behaved, and her voice is more delicate than ordinary girls, I really can’t see that she is such a ruthless devil.

Fu Shiting silently turned on the computer.

“But Qin An’an doesn’t seem to have any evidence. If she had evidence, she wouldn’t be so impulsive.” Zhou Ziyi continued, “Boss, don’t worry about this matter. You can wait for the child to be born in peace. Contradictions.”

After Fu Shiting opened the work mailbox, his thin lips lightly opened: “Let Nuonuo resign!”

Zhou Ziyi: “Eh? Why? Before there is no evidence to prove that she did those dirty things, her current identity It’s a victim, we don’t care about her, and it’s not good to fire her?”

Fu Shiting: “Just tell Tang Qian.”

“Oh, good. When Tang Qian comes back from the hospital, I’ll go tell her.” Zhou Ziyi thought about it and asked, “If Tang Qian asked why, how would I tell her?”

Fu Shiting: “I can’t accept that he looks similar to Qin An’an. The woman who stayed by my side. No matter if Nuonuo is born like it or acquired it. I would rather not have Qin Anan, and I don’t need a substitute.”

“Okay, I’ll do it now.”

… When

Qin Anan came home, Xiaohan immediately walked in front of her.

“Mom, Uncle Sinian came to pick up Rila.”

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment: “Today, Rila is going to school. Did your Uncle Sinian say what to do with Rila?”

“Live broadcast.”

Qin Anan opened On the mobile phone, I saw the message from Jin Sinian: There is a live broadcast this afternoon. When the live broadcast is over, I will send Rila back immediately.

Qin Anan immediately replied: Didn’t you say you shouldn’t delay her studies?

Jin Sinian: I took leave with her teacher. There are no important lessons at the beginning of school, and I can teach her on the way. Don’t delay learning.

Qin Anan: …

what is this? Cut first and then play?

Qin An’an had no choice but to accept them.

At this moment, Mike came out of the room yawning.

“Qin An’an, I heard that you ran to beat Nuonuo, why are you so arrogant?” Mike had a lazy look on his face, and he didn’t seem to wake up, “Who do you want to beat, just let the bodyguards do it, Why do you need to do it yourself? What if you get the fetal gas?”

Qin Anan: “How can I get the fetal gas when I hit others? Usually, the person being beaten is more angry.”

“Hahahaha! You’re right. But it’s not relieved to be beaten!” Mike sighed.

“This is just the first step.” Qin Anan said slowly, “They know how to do things, so why can’t I?”

Chapter 672

Chapter 672


After Nuonuo saw Tang Qian, tears flowed uncontrollably.

“Cousin, Qin An’an is too much. She dares to beat me without evidence! She doesn’t take us seriously!” Nuonuo’s face was medicated, and now she looks very embarrassed.

Tang Qian said calmly: “She is pregnant with Shi Ting’s child, so she dares to be so unscrupulous.”

“She is more fierce than you said! My nose was slapped crooked by her.” Nuonuo was miserable, ” What is Fu Shiting’s attitude? Even if he doesn’t help me, he should blame Qin Anan for your sake, right?”

“What are you thinking?” Tang Qian’s heart was also bitter, “he said he hated children. , but he cherishes the child Qin Anan gave him. He can tolerate everything Qin Anan does now, and he has no bottom line.”

“Then how many slaps did I get?” Nuonuo’s Tears stopped and asked in disbelief.

“Of course I won’t let you suffer this grievance in vain! Don’t think she hit you, in fact, this is a warning to me!” Tang Qian remembered what Qin Anan said, and she was so angry that she felt cold.

At this moment, Tang Qian’s cell phone rang.

She went to the balcony to answer the phone. After a while, she returned to the ward from the balcony with a gloomy expression on her face.

“Cousin, what’s wrong?” Nuonuo felt that something was wrong.

“Hehe, guess!” Tang Qian was mad with anger clutching her phone, “Fu Shiting doesn’t help you, but he will fire you!”

“How could this happen? Could it be that Qin Anan told him something?” Nuonuo Holding the quilt, he panicked and guessed, “Does Qin Anan have evidence?!”

“She has evidence of farts! If she has evidence, it would not be her who came to you today, but the police!” Tang Qian blushed and gritted her teeth, “Shi Ting fired you because you looked like Qin An’an! He said he didn’t need a substitute!”

Nuonuo’s heart sank to the bottom of the lake.

She felt as if the meaning of her existence was gone.

She looks like Qin An’an and imitates Qin An’an’s voice so that she can replace Qin An’an one day in the future.

But Fu Shiting rejected her so firmly.

“Nuo Nuo, don’t be discouraged. You are so beautiful, even if you don’t marry Fu Shiting in the future, you can marry other rich people.” Tang Qian comforted, “You should take good care of your wounds first. After I go back, I will make a good plan. “

Are you not very satisfied with me?” Nuonuo lowered his head.

“No. You listened to me very much and did a good job. No matter how bad Qin An’an is now, her reputation in the outside world has been ruined. No matter how much she explains, no one will believe her. It’s disgusting enough to kill her.”

Nuonuo nodded: “That’s good. I’ll listen to you anyway.”

“Well. I’ll make her pay for her behavior today.” Tang Qian patted her on the shoulder, “you have a good rest first, I Let the babysitter take care of you.”

Star River Villas.

After Qin Anan said ‘the first step’, Mike pressed her on how she planned to go in the second step, but she refused to answer.

“It’s fine if you don’t say anything, but you must pay attention to safety!” Mike glanced at her stomach, “If I were you, I’d be afraid that I wouldn’t be able to walk. Why are you so energetic? You can wait until the baby is born. Get revenge!”

“You didn’t let me go to the company, and you want to restrict my other activities?” Qin Anan raised an eyebrow and glared at him, “If you’re not sleepy, go to the company!”

“I’m sleepy! I worked overtime last night, and in the early hours of the morning. I didn’t go to bed until four o’clock! If Ziyi hadn’t called me just now, I definitely wouldn’t have woken up.” Mike said, striding back to the room.

Qin Anan glanced at the time, then went out with a bag.

Chapter 673

Chapter 673

She made an appointment at noon.

She lost sleep last night and thought about it all night. Tang Qian and Nuonuo have been secretly dealing with her. If she doesn’t fight back, they will definitely think she is easy to bully, and they may do more sinister things in the future.

She didn’t want to be so passive anymore.

Regarding the video, she could not find any strong evidence to prove her innocence for the time being, but she could fight back from other ways!

She went to a restaurant near Fu Yechen’s company.

The person she made an appointment with was Fu Yechen.

For this man, she once sincerely admired him and felt that he was perfect everywhere, satisfying all her fantasies about Prince Charming.

But when the beautiful filter was pierced, it was startling that this man was even worse than an ordinary man.

Under his beautiful skin, cowardice, cowardice, selfishness, and greed occupied all his soul.

After she drank a glass of water, Fu Yechen pushed open the restaurant door and strode in.

“An An, why did you think of coming to see me?” Before Fu Yechen sat down opposite her, he glanced at her belly, “Are you about to give birth?”

“You don’t like children, right?” Qin Anan was calm Open your mouth.

“How is that possible? I’m not my uncle!” Fu Yechen quickly retorted.

“Then why are you willing to kill Shen Yu?” Qin Anan glanced at him casually, “Fu Yechen, I know. How much Nuonuo has given you, you actually helped her kill your own flesh and blood. “

Without Fu Yechen’s help, how could Shen Yu’s eyes be easily gouged out?

It’s just that the Shen family has no power in the country, otherwise, Fu Yechen will not be able to get rid of this matter!

“You…” Fu Yechen was stunned, wanting to ask ‘how did you know’, but was shocked that he would expose himself completely by saying so.

“Don’t be nervous. I came to you, just to know how much they have given you to make you do such a frenzy.” Qin Anan’s tone was gentle and calm, but every word was cruel.

Fu Yechen’s stimulated eyes were scarlet: “I just want to frustrate Shen Yu’s spirit, I don’t want to kill my own child. Qin An’an, why do you think me so vicious? Shen Yu committed suicide, It’s not me…”

“Screw your strength? You said it very lightly. I dug your eyes out, I can see how you feel.” Qin Anan said here, seeing his brows wrinkled and his face gloomy , so he poured him a glass of water, “Tell me how much Nuonuo has given you!”

“No.” Fu Yechen picked up the water glass and drank the water in one gulp.

Qin Anxin said in shock: “Then why are you helping them? Fu Yechen, are you crazy?”

“Probably! I hate Shen Yu, that’s why I help them.”

“You hate her, why are you still with her? Together?” Qin Anan felt very absurd.

“You’ll definitely laugh at me when you say it,” Fu Yechen gave her a helpless look, “I wanted to please her because she was rich. Who knew that she had no money and was pregnant with my child. I can What should I do? I can only let her give birth!”

“An An, the only woman I’ve ever given my heart to is you.” Fu Yechen suddenly confessed affectionately, “I was with Qin Keke, but I was just trying to be fresh and exciting. These women , no one can compare to you.”

Qin Anan broke his lie: “That’s because they are both dead, and you are no longer profitable for them. That’s why I’m especially useful.”

Fu Yechen was angry The face will be deformed.

“An An, you came to me, definitely not to say these things? Come on! What are you looking for from me?”

Chapter 674

Chapter 674

“I’m here to give you money.” Qin Anan said, “I need you to help me with things, as long as you do, I will give you a remuneration, and you can open the price.”

Fu Yechen did not expect that he would Useful for her.

“Money is a trivial matter. In fact, I have nothing to do with Nuonuo. I thought she was you, so I approached her…”

Although he didn’t make it clear whether he wanted to help her or not, his tone was obvious. .

“How much did your company make last year?” Qin An installed asked casually.

Fu Yechen scratched his head in embarrassment: “Several million! I know I’m not good at it. The money I make in a year is not enough for my uncle to make a day.”

“Fu Yechen, I’ll give you ten million.” Qin An hits Cut off his words, “If you can accept the price, we will continue to talk.”

“An An, with our friendship, even if you don’t give money, I will help you!” Fu Yechen pushed the arrow on the bridge of his nose. Glasses to hide the inner joy.

Ten million, don’t be in vain.

“I didn’t forget when you helped Shen Yu frame me before.” Qin Anan reminded him, “If you dare to betray me this time…”

“An An, it’s hard for me to do it! Yu is pregnant with my uncle’s child, how dare I not listen to her?”

It’s good that Fu Yechen didn’t mention this matter, but mentioning it aroused Qin An’an’s memory.

“Fu Yechen, do you think that when Shen Yu is dead, no one will know the secret between you?” She changed her mind, “Don’t think about it ten million. You help me and I will help you keep the secret. Otherwise, I will tell him that you and Shen Yu got green with your uncle, do you believe that he sent you underground to be a ghost with Shen Yu?”

Fu Yechen’s face turned pale.

“Don’t be too pessimistic. If you do things well, I will consider paying you. If you do it badly, you will get nothing.” Qin Anan softened her tone.

“Qin An’an, you’ve changed.” Fu Yechen’s face was gloomy and he was very worried, “You are no longer the simple woman I knew. You have become like Tangqian. I feel like I am insignificant in front of you. An ant.”

Qin An’an: “Have you ever thought that everything is changing, and only you are standing still?”

Her words caused a layer of cold sweat to break out on Fu Yechen’s back.

In the afternoon, Jin Sinian took Rila to the live broadcast room of the variety show they participated in.

Because the last episode is broadcast tonight, the live broadcast at this moment is the benefit of tonight’s show.

After the live broadcast started, it quickly climbed to the top of the live broadcast rankings.

The live content is based on the content of the program. At the halfway point, the host took out a card and said, “Rila, we have collected three questions that netizens are most concerned about on the Internet. Now I will ask you, are you ready?”

Rila smiled. Nodding: “I’m ready.”

Host: “Have your parents considered letting you continue to develop in the entertainment industry? Because everyone likes you very much, I hope you can become a big star.”

Rila blinked brightly. With the big eyes of God, he said crisply, “I don’t have a father!” The

host was stunned for a moment.

The barrage suddenly exploded

————Little Rila is so pitiful! Her father died so early!

-I want to be her dad! Too bad I’m female!

——Fortunately, her father is dead, otherwise some brainless people will come out and say that Sinian is her father!

Rila couldn’t see the barrage, so she continued to answer: “My mother is very fond of me, as long as I am willing to stay in the entertainment industry, she will definitely agree.” The

host smiled: “Your mother must be special Pretty?”

“This question is for Uncle Sinian to answer.” Rila said strangely, “I can’t answer it.” The

on-site staff burst into laughter.

A blush appeared on Jin Sinian’s face, “Rila’s mother is indeed very beautiful… I once said that she is my goddess.”

Chapter 675

Chapter 675 The

barrage exploded again

————Goddess? Qin Anan? ! Rila’s mother is Qin An’an? !

—Fuck! Why is Qin Anan? She doesn’t deserve to be Rila’s mom!

——When I saw the words Qin Anan, I thought of that little video. [spit] [spit] [spit]

  • only I am curious, does Si Nian still regard her as a goddess?

The host didn’t expect Jin Sinian to suddenly mention Qin An’an, and he panicked.

“Si Nian, have you announced the goddess again?”

Jin Sinian shook his head slightly, with a firm tone: “I only have one goddess, and she is Rila’s mother.”

He almost said that Rila’s mother is Qin An’an!

After Qin An’an’s topic was brought up, Jin Sinian didn’t want to suppress it. Instead, he took the initiative to chat with everyone about it.

“For a long time, many fans have been very concerned about my emotional experience, and I can share it with you,” Jin Sinian faced the camera with a gentle and charming smile, “I confessed to Rila’s mother, but was declined. I watched that little video soon, and I should be able to see what figure the man is in the video. Rila’s mother doesn’t have the quirk of being ugly.”

He brought Rila to the live broadcast, mainly to help Qin Anan clarify.

Since this incident, he has been thinking of ways to see if he can find a suitable way to share her worries.

But after thinking about it for so long, it is difficult to help her without strong evidence.

In the end, he could only use his fame again.

That way at least his fans will believe her.

——My male god was rejected! Woohoo! Hug God! you and us!

——Does Qin Anan really have no ugliness? Otherwise, I can’t figure out why she rejected Sinian.

——Si Nian wants to help Qin Anan! Although Qin Anan rejected him, they are still good friends now! If anyone scolds Qin Anan again, get me out of the live broadcast room!

——Actually, I also think that Qin Anan has been rectified, because the video is really blurry! Like the mobile phone pixels more than ten years ago! If the woman in the video is really Qin An’an, the person who groomed her, why not show a high-definition video?

In the barrage, everyone’s discussion is in full swing.

In front of the camera, Rila grabbed Jin Sinian’s big palm and asked in a low voice, “Uncle Sinian, what’s the little video? Show me!”

Jin Sinian’s embarrassed eyes flickered: “Little Children can’t read it.”

“I’m not a child, I’m an older child… You secretly show me!”

“I don’t have it in my phone.”

“Then you can find me online! If you don’t Find it for me, I’ll go home now and let my brother find it for me.” Rila pouted and threatened him.

Jin Sinian couldn’t resist the little ancestor in front of him, so he could only get his mobile phone from his assistant and show Rila the video.

He knew it wasn’t good, but he didn’t dare to make Rila angry.

Rila looks like Qin Anan, and sometimes he looks at Rila like he looks at Qin Anan.

Rila took his phone and watched the short video over and over again.

In the end, she frowned and returned the phone to Jin Sinian: “This woman is not my mother! My mother’s belly button doesn’t look like this!”

Rila said the secret.

But because other people haven’t seen Qin An’an’s belly button, they can’t verify it.

ST Group.

Zhou Ziyi hurriedly knocked on the door of the president’s office and told Fu Shiting what Rila said in the live broadcast room.

Chapter 676

Chapter 676

“Boss, I watched the video again, and then I enlarged and printed the screenshot of the woman’s belly button in the video!” Zhou Ziyi took out a piece of colored paper and gave it to Fu Shiting, “You must know Qin Anan’s What does the belly button look like? You can compare it.”

When they watched the video before, they only paid attention to the woman’s appearance, voice and protruding pregnant belly in the video, and no one noticed the shape of her belly button.

They ignore this. Everyone’s belly button is different.

People who imitate Qin Anan can imitate her appearance, voice, and appearance, but because Qin Anan has not exposed her body in public, people who imitate her cannot imitate her belly button at all.

Zhou Ziyi admired Rila in particular.

Children’s powers of observation in certain aspects are easily overlooked by adults.

Fu Shiting glanced at the colored paper handed over by Zhou Ziyi and put it down.

“Boss, how is it?” Zhou Ziyi thought he had a result in his heart.

But his eyebrows were tightly locked, and he asked, “Why do you think I can remember what her belly button looks like?”

Even if he slept with Qin An’an, who would pay attention to each other’s belly button?

“Don’t you remember what Mike’s belly button looked like?” He asked, looking at Zhou Ziyi’s face.

Zhou Ziyi coughed awkwardly: “Remember. Because his belly button is very sexy…”

Fu Shiting: “…” The

atmosphere was a little subtle at this moment.

“She has a caesarean section scar on her abdomen.” Fu Shiting said after a brief silence, “I am always attracted to this scar, so I haven’t paid attention to her belly button.”

Zhou Ziyi nodded understandingly: “Unfortunately, the woman in the video is covered by cash below her belly button… However, boss, go to Qin An’an now and see for yourself, otherwise you will know the answer. Is it?”

Fu Shiting’s fingers were clenched, and a cold light flashed in his eyes: “Do you think she will show me? Are you too confident in me, or do you not know her well?”

Zhou Ziyi’s lips pursed into a line.

He knew that the two of them broke up because of the video, but now that there is a clue, Qin Anan can use this to prove his innocence, why not solve the mystery as soon as possible?

“No need to confirm,” Fu Shiting’s voice came in a low voice after a while, “I believe in Rila.”

Rila said that the woman in the video was not her mother, then she was not her mother.

Rila doesn’t lie.

Star River Villa.

Qin Anan has been watching the live broadcast.

When she saw Jin Sinian mention herself, her head was a little dizzy.

If the video incident hadn’t happened, she wouldn’t mind knowing that she was Rila’s mom.

Now let the child know about this, she is not mentally prepared.

But Jin Sinian didn’t discuss it with her at all, so he talked about it in the live broadcast room. Not only that, he even showed Rila that kind of video!

She was so angry that her blood pressure rose, took her mobile phone, exited the live broadcast room, and dialed Jin Sinian’s number.

When Jin Sinian saw her call, he immediately left from the live broadcast camera.

“Jin Sinian! What are you doing?!” Qin Anan took a deep breath and couldn’t help asking loudly.

Jin Sinian glanced at Rila and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you before…”

“It’s not this, why are you showing her that kind of video? She’s still so young! Jin Sinian, you’ve become more and more arrogant these days! You relied on Rila to like you, so everything you do is cut first and then played!” Qin Anan complained road.

She was right.

Jin Sinian relied on Rila’s liking, so he no longer discussed everything with her.

Because of the consequences of discussing with her, most of his thoughts will be limited.

He wants to help her. If he consulted with her, she would definitely not ask him for help.

Chapter 677

Chapter 677 Since this is the

case, he can only kill first and then play.

“Don’t treat Rila as an ignorant child,” Jin Sinian argued with her, “even if she doesn’t know about it now, she might know about it later. You didn’t find her mental capacity, far from Are you unexpected?”

“In my eyes, she will always be a child who needs protection.” Qin Anan did not accept his theory.

“I’m sorry.” Jin Sinian apologized again, “An An, I just want to do what I can. With Rila’s current popularity, she will definitely be picked up by people to reveal her family information, rather than knowing it from others in the future, It’s better to pick it out now.”

Qin Anan was stuck in his throat, unable to pronounce a word.

“The live broadcast will end immediately. I’ll take her home later, and we’ll talk after we meet.” After Jin Sinian finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Qin Anan holds the phone and sits on the sofa.

Her mind echoed what Rila said in the studio.

When her belly was bulging, Rila liked to lie on her stomach and listen to what was going on inside, and she liked to talk to her brother into her belly.

So Rila is familiar with what her belly button looks like.

Instead, she didn’t notice it herself.

Naturally, she didn’t notice the woman’s belly button in the video.

Holding her phone, she hurried upstairs and went back to her room.

two hours later.

Jin Sinian sends Rila home.

Mike and Li Xiaotian are both there.

“Uncle Mike, why didn’t you go to work?” Rila asked, and smiled sweetly at Li Xiaotian, “Auntie Xiaotian, are you here to find my mother?”

Li Xiaotian: “Yeah. Auntie Xiaotian watched your live broadcast, so let’s take a look at your mother’s belly button! But your mother is still sleeping.”

“Oh, I’m sleepy too! I want to sleep.” Rila yawned.

Jin Sinian immediately carried her upstairs.

At this time, Qin Anan appeared at the entrance of the stairs.

Mike and Li Xiaotian swarmed up and helped her from the stairs to the sofa and sat down.

“An An, is what Rila said true? You must have compared it with the woman in the video?” Li Xiaotian peeled a banana and handed it to her.

She took the banana, took a bite, and looked at Mike: “Don’t you come back for this too?”

Mike blinked his pale blue eyes, “Yes! How interesting this is! It’s more interesting than going to work, so I’ll come back and have a look.”

“You go.” She said ruthlessly, “I’m sure I won’t show you.”

Li Xiaotian pushed Mike towards the door: “Now you should know who Is that An An’s true best friend?”

Mike was indignant: “An An, you hurt my heart so much!”

Qin Anan: “I’m not exhibitionist.”

After Mike was sent away, Li Xiaotian returned to the living room.

Qin Anan answered her: “I compared it, and it’s really different. My daughter’s observation is more detailed.”

This is iron proof.

Li Xiaotian hugged her excitedly: “An An! Now you can finally prove your innocence!”

“Do you want me to hold a press conference and show my stomach in public?” Her voice was cold and calm, “I I won’t do it.”

Li Xiaotian released her: “But if you don’t do it, others won’t believe you.”

“If you do this, I will feel violated.” Qin Anan said, “Rila said that the woman is not me. When I saw her, she was very calm and calm, and I believe she will not be disturbed by the rumors from the outside world.”

Chapter 678

Chapter 678

This is a decision she made after careful consideration.

Li Xiaotian quickly accepted her decision.

“An An, I support you. If it were me, I’m afraid I would be embarrassed to lift up my clothes in front of so many strangers. It’s clearly not your fault, why should you prove it?” Li Xiaotian said, “But You can call the police. Let the police help you clarify.”

Qin Anan accepted her suggestion.

In the evening, the police posted a case report on Weibo online. Weibo pointed out that after police investigation, the heroine in the ‘Qin An’an Passionate Video’ that was popular on the Internet a while ago was not Qin An’an. The case is currently under further investigation.

After the police released Weibo, Jin Sinian immediately forwarded it: The Internet is not a place outside the law, and the truth needs to be spread even more!

His fans have retweeted Weibo to spread the truth.

The mountain of public opinion pressing on Qin Anan collapsed in an instant.

Tang Qian swiped on Weibo and saw many netizens who had scolded Qin Anan, rushing to post an apology to her, feeling like she had knocked over the bottle of five flavors!


Her carefully planned layout was actually broken by a word from this stinky girl, Rila!

This is worse than being punched!

The phone rang suddenly, she thought it was from Nuonuo, and didn’t want to answer, but the perseverance of the ringing gave her a headache.

She picked up the phone, saw Wang Wanzhi’s name, and took it immediately.

“Tang Qian, your means are still too soft.” Wang Wanzhi taught her the experience, “Look at me killing her mother, she can’t do anything about me until now. When it’s time to be ruthless, you have to be ruthless! Of course, you I can’t do it myself .”

Tang Qian took a breath and said, “Of course I won’t do it myself. I’m not stupid.”

“I know you’re not stupid. If you can stay by Fu Shiting’s side for so many years, you must be smarter than me.” Wang Wanzhi smiled, “You just need to spend more money and find someone who doesn’t want your life to work for you.”

Tang Qian: “Introduce me! I don’t have any reliable people around me.”

Wang Wanzhi: “Yes, I’ll find you.”


ST Group.

Half past seven in the evening.

In the president’s office, it was as bright as day.

Fu Shiting stood by the window, watching the sky dim a little, and watching the neon lights of the city gradually light up.

In his eyes, it was like a layer of frost, and it was cold.

“Boss, Brother Bei has gone to find Qin An’an.” Zhou Ziyi walked in, stood behind him, and said to him, “Brother Bei went to her to apologize.”

Fu Shiting rolled his Adam’s apple and turned around with dark eyes. Liang Bo Rubing: “That’s why Qin Anan hates me.”

Zhou Ziyi lowered his head: “Boss, although Qin Anan is wronged this time, I don’t think you are wrong.”

“This afternoon, Jin Sinian was helping out in the live broadcast room. Qin Anan speaks. Jin Sinian can do this to her, but I don’t.” Fu Shiting reflected, “Qin Anan doesn’t love me, it’s not her fault, it’s my own reason.”

“Boss, you I believed Qin Anan at the beginning. Brother Bei was too emotional and kept forcing you…” Zhou Ziyi reassured him, “Otherwise Brother Bei wouldn’t blame himself so much now.”

“It’s all excuses. If I I really believe in Qin An’an, no matter who forces me, I shouldn’t be affected.”

“But you didn’t listen to Brother Bei completely. Brother Bei even complained to me about this, saying that you were hooked up by Qin An’an. After the soul is gone, there is no cure… When Brother Bei comes back, you can go to Qin Anan and have a good talk!” Zhou Ziyi gave him an idea.

Fu Shiting: “If I go to her, I’ll send my face over to hit her.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Slap her once, and she’ll be fine. If you don’t go to her, you will suffer even more.”

Zhou Ziyi’s words made Fu Shiting even more depressed.

Star River Villa.

Chapter 679

Chapter 679

Sheng Bei’s visit stopped the warm and happy atmosphere at home.

Li Xiaotian was angry with him before, so seeing him now makes him particularly angry.

“What are you doing here? Come and celebrate with us?” Li Xiaotian said strangely.

Seeing this, He Zhunzhi immediately pulled her: “Xiao Tian, ​​Brother Bei must have come to find An An, don’t stop here.”

He Zhunzhi quickly took Li Xiaotian away.

Sheng Bei coughed awkwardly, then walked straight to Qin An’an.

“Qin An’an, I’m sorry.” Sheng Bei’s expression was cramped, but his tone was sincere, “It’s because I have less knowledge. I have never seen someone who imitates someone else’s voice in reality, so I firmly believe that the woman is you. I am extreme. That’s all, I also threatened Shi Ting to break up with you… You can blame me alone, don’t blame him.”

“He asked you to come?” Qin Anan raised her eyebrows slightly.

“He doesn’t know I’m here.” Sheng Bei’s cheeks were crimson. “It’s embarrassing. I don’t know how to face him. So I’ll apologize to you first.”

“I don’t need you to apologize.” Qin Anan looked He looked at him, “Just like you were kind to me before, this kind of goodness gives people a feeling of floating in the clouds, and the harm you caused me this time didn’t actually hurt me. So, don’t apologize. “

That’s good. You shouldn’t talk to Shi Ting either…”

“That’s between me and him.” Qin Anan said word by word, “No outsiders needed to intervene.”

Sheng Bei A look of embarrassment flashed in his eyes, and he gasped: “I see. Are you eating? I won’t disturb you.”

After Sheng Bei left, Li Xiaotian walked up to Qin An’an and gave her a thumbs up: ” An An, you are amazing! How strong were these bastards before! Now they should be let down! Otherwise, they will always be so self-righteous! Men still have to look at the years! “

Jin Sinian is here to celebrate with them this evening.

After Qin Anan saw him in the afternoon, he immediately understood all his goodwill, and all the accusations were blocked back.

When faced with difficulties, you can see a person more clearly.

Sinian not only did not question her, but instead spoke for her.

As for the attitude of some men, she didn’t want to think about it.

Sheng Bei drove out of the Xinghewan villa, and his heart turned back and forth, which was not a good taste, so he dialed Fu Shiting’s number.

“Shi Ting, I’m here to apologize to Qin An’an. She said she wasn’t mad at me, but I could see that you were mad at you.” Sheng Bei said angrily, “It’s all my fault this time. If it wasn’t for me, you I’ll definitely believe her without a brain, so that she won’t be angry with you.” On the

phone, Fu Shiting’s breathing was a little dignified.

“If you want to come to her, you’d better not come now. Li Xiaotian and Jin Sinian are both here tonight. They are celebrating and having a good time.” Sheng Bei reminded.

Fu Shiting held the phone, his deep eyes flickered slightly.

He is on his way home now.

He didn’t plan to go to Qin An’an tonight.

But after hearing Sheng Bei’s words, he changed his mind.

The more you are afraid of something, the more you should face it.

If he doesn’t go to Qin An’an tonight, he will go to her tomorrow and the day after.

In that case, it is better to go now.

in the villa.

Qin Anan fell asleep after chatting with everyone in the living room for a while.

“An An, go to sleep! Ziyi said that Fu Shiting had gone home and would not come to you to apologize tonight.” Mike teased.

She blushed slightly and got up from the sofa: “I didn’t wait for him.”

Outside the courtyard, a cold light flashed.

The black Rolls-Royce slowly stopped.

Chapter 680

Chapter 680

“Isn’t that Fu Shiting’s car?” Li Xiaotian looked at the luxury car at the gate of the courtyard, and muttered, “Mike, your information is wrong!”

Mike sighed: “This man is really mysterious! Unpredictable! “

An An, don’t see him. Hang him first, let him scratch his lungs, sleepless at night, and let him taste the pain!” Li Xiaotian said excitedly.

Mike agrees with her. So immediately walk to the gate and prepare to close.

Qin Anan took his arm: “let him come in.”

Soon, the child will be born.

She and Fu Shiting still have some things to discuss.

Just take this opportunity to talk about everything.

“Qin An’an, have you forgotten your grievances?” Mike was furious, “If you forgive him so easily, he won’t learn his lesson at all, and will only make it worse in the future!”

“Mike, I know what I’m doing. What.” She looked at Mike soberly, “You don’t have to worry, I won’t suffer.”

He Zhunzhi hurriedly smoothed out: “Since An An said so, let’s not worry about it! Outsiders should not interfere in emotional matters. It ‘s over.”

Li Xiaotian glared at him: “Where is your ass? Look at Mike, although he is with Zhou Ziyi, his heart has always been on An’an’s side.”

He Zhunzhi: “Wife, You misunderstood me! I fully respect An An’s decision. She wants to see Brother Shi Ting, and I agree; she doesn’t see Brother Shi Ting, and I agree too!”

Li Xiaotian: “Then you are a piece of shit, no Be assertive.”

He Zhunzhi teased and said, “You just have to be assertive in our family… Er, Si Nian made tea, let’s drink tea!”

They sat down on the sofa and drank tea.

When Xiao Han saw Fu Shiting entering the front yard, he immediately led Rila upstairs and went back to the room.

After a while, Fu Shiting walked to the door of the villa.

His deep eyes glanced into the living room.

Qin Anan brought him a pair of clean slippers.

“Thank you.” He took the slippers and put them on.

A few people drinking tea in the living room stared at them both.

After he changed his shoes, Qin Anan took him around the living room and went upstairs.

“I’m going! An An actually took him back to the room! What is this trying to do?” Mike couldn’t understand, and was shocked.

Mike thought that with Qin An’an’s temper, she would definitely humiliate Fu Shiting, whether psychologically or physically.

Did he guess wrong?

“If I remember correctly, Brother Shi Ting doesn’t seem to have made a mistake, right? He didn’t blame An An for the video.” He Zhunzhi thought it was fair and just.

“He didn’t accuse An An, and he didn’t help An An.” Li Xiaotian teased, “Why would a woman give birth to such a man?”

He Zhunzhi suddenly shut up.


Fu Shiting followed Qin An’an into the bedroom.

He didn’t expect Qin An’an to be so calm.

This calm is especially like the eve of a storm.

The moment the bedroom door closed, he couldn’t hold back, grabbed her arm, and said hoarsely, “An An, do you have something to tell me?”

She did have something to tell him, but she didn’t plan to say it first.

“You came to me, didn’t you tell me first?” She raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

His Adam’s apple rolled and his breathing became hot: “I’m sorry about the video.”

“I’m sorry, what’s the use,” she rejected his apology. “We’re not kids anymore. If you really want to apologize to me, be practical.”

Her words aroused his curiosity, “Do you think What do you want?”

“I want custody of the child in my belly.” Her voice was settled, he held the palm of her arm and released it abruptly.

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