When His Eyes Opened Chapter 681 -690(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 681 -690(Chinese)

Chapter 681

He knew that this calm must be because of a bigger storm!

She already has two children, and now she wants to take custody of the third child too!

She didn’t give him a single child!

She is so cruel!

“Aren’t you willing?” She didn’t want to give him too much time to think. “Fu Shiting, if you don’t want to, then you can leave now. Before I give birth, don’t show up in front of my eyes.”

She said decisively, It hurt his heart severely.

When he asked her what she wanted, there was actually another sentence behind it, and he almost blurted out.

This sentence is – as long as I have it, I will give it to you.

“Do you think the child will suffer with me?” he asked her with red eyes.

“I just want my child to stay by my side.” Her emotions were relatively calm. “When you live, you will definitely suffer. Suffering is not terrible. What is terrible is that you don’t have feelings.”

“Why do you say I can’t give it? Child feelings?” he retorted.

“I don’t want to argue with you about this question,” she pressed again, “give me your answer. If you can’t answer, I assume you don’t want to.”

“Of course I don’t want to,” his hot breath gushed on her cheeks “But what if I don’t want to? There are so many things I can’t change.”

“You don’t have to be so miserable. If the child is willing to recognize you as a father, I won’t stop it.” She said.

He sneered: “You know, this is absolutely impossible.”

Xiao Han hated him to the bone. Xiaohan doesn’t recognize him, and will bring the other two children with him.

“Can’t you fulfill your responsibilities as a father if the child doesn’t call you father?” she sneered, “Fu Shiting, many times, there is no such thing as a desperate situation. If the road is cut off, wouldn’t you build a bridge yourself?”

Her words made him stunned.

First floor living room.

After the tea was finished, Mike glanced at the time: “It’s been an hour, what are the two of them talking about, and it’s not over yet?”

He Zhunzhi yawned: “It’s so quiet, I wonder if the two of them are asleep.”

Li Xiaotian and Mac Qiqi looked at him coldly.

“Aren’t you sleepy? I’m sleepy…” He Zhunzhi got up from the sofa and picked up Li Xiaotian by the way, “Wife, let’s go home! What gossip do you want to know, go private. Just ask Ann! There’s no need to wait here.” After the two of

them left, Jin Sinian also stood up.

“I’ll take you off!” Mike got up.

Jin Sinian: “No, go see the two children!”

“Well. Sinian, this time, thanks to you.” Mike said gratefully.

“It’s Rila’s credit.”

“Don’t argue with me. Everyone knows this.” Mike patted him on the shoulder, “Come and play more when you have time.”


Jin Sinian After leaving, Mike went upstairs.

He first went outside the master bedroom door and eavesdropped on what was going on inside.

As a result, there was no movement inside! It was as if the two of them had really fallen asleep.

Inside the master bedroom.

Qin Anan took a bath and lay on the bed to play with her mobile phone. There was a rush of water in the bathroom, and it was Fu Shiting taking a bath in it.

He gave up custody of the child and was given a live-in treatment.

After Qin Anan replied to the news from Mike and Li Xiaotian, he was about to read the news. As a result, the bathroom door opened, wrapped in a bath towel, and strode out.

A dangerous breath, wrapped in hot steam, filled the air.

She put down her phone and reminded him nervously: “I’m in the third trimester of pregnancy, so I can’t have sex with you.”

Chapter 682

Chapter 682 He strode to the bed

and looked down at her: “I can solve it myself if I need it.”

She was relieved, and her tense heartstrings relaxed, “Then why don’t you go home?”

Certainly no one sleeps comfortably.

“I don’t want to go back.” He sat down beside the bed and his eyes fell on her, “This time the lesson is too profound.”

If he knew what every part of her body looked like, this would not have happened.

Qin Anan didn’t guess what he was thinking, so he calmly said, “It’s over.”

“But I have to learn from it,” he said word by word, with dark eyes, “Sheng Bei told me that the one who imitated you Your voice said that I couldn’t satisfy you, and I should have been alert at the time. When did I fail you? Which time did I not beg for mercy? I was careless.”

“It’s not your carelessness, it’s your vulnerable male self-esteem. Qin Anan sneered, “Even if I say you can’t satisfy me, so what?”

He looked at her defiant little face, and his heart was calm: “You are right. It’s my self-esteem. When a similar incident happens, I must be familiar with your body.”

Qin An’an: “???”

As if a fire burned her upper body, she moved anxiously.

He held her leg down: “Don’t move. As soon as you move, your son will roll around.”

Qin An’an: “…”

“Am I asking too much?” His big palm, Lifting up her nightgown, “Even if it’s too much, you endure it. Because I also endure your unreasonable demands.”

She could see it. He did it on purpose!

Because she was going to take away the custody of the child, he was not reconciled, so he humiliated her in this way.

Hehe, did he think she would break down with shame?

She lay down peacefully, picked up her phone, opened WeChat, and read the message from Li Xiaotian.

Li Xiaotian: You are in the third trimester, he can’t do anything hahaha!

Qin Anan secretly took a photo of Fu Shiting at the moment and sent it over: He was watching me.

Li Xiaotian: Pfft ha ha ha ha! Killing me! How could he be so stupid in private! Completely different from what I imagined!

Qin An’an: Do you think of him as a fairy? Like thousands of ordinary men in this world, he has to eat and drink Lazarus every day…

Li Xiaotian: I know! But I just have a filter for him. Money filter! Who made him so rich!

Qin An’an: Why do you have two faces? You don’t usually see him like this.

Li Xiaotian: Because money is not everything!

Qin An’an: Are you home yet?

Li Xiaotian: Here, He Zhunzhi went to take a bath, I was looking for clothes for him.

Qin An’an: Well, you rest early.

Li Xiaotian: You two should rest early too! [Laughs]

Qin Anan quit WeChat and glanced at Fu Shiting.

At this moment, the eyes of the two of them suddenly glued to each other.

She didn’t know when he came over.

“Are you chatting with Li Xiaotian?” He sat down beside her, picked up the thin quilt, and put it over her.

“You don’t care who I chat with.” She put down the phone, tucked the quilt, and teased him, “Have you seen enough?”

He didn’t pay much attention to other parts of her because his eyes were drawn to her belly.

In his memory, her lower abdomen was flat.

But now that the child’s drum is so high, it must be very painful, right?

“Is it hard to be pregnant?” he asked.

“Do you want to feel it?” She looked at his handsome face and teased, “Why don’t you invest money in me and I’ll study it to see if a man can conceive and give birth in the future.”

“Do you have to choke me? “He frowned.

“Neither. If you don’t speak, I won’t choke you.”

With a ‘pop’, he raised his hand to turn off the light.

The room suddenly fell into darkness.

Her body tensed up immediately, and her voice lost the wanton arrogance just now: “I don’t know if you want to say something in advance when you turn off the lights?”

Chapter 683

Chapter 683

“Didn’t you let me speak?” He retorted.

“Did I mean that?”

“You are.” He was determined.

“I think you came here specifically to quarrel with me.” She raised her foot and kicked his body aside, “Don’t be next to me.”

“I’m about to fall to the ground.” He resisted in a muffled voice.

She got up and reached out to explore the empty seat next to him.

He took her into his arms: “Qin An’an, I will give you everything you want. What else do you want, you say…”

“I don’t want anything anymore.” She felt him The hot breath of the body, struggling to escape from his arms, but he hugged her tightly and did not let go.

“I want to sleep with you in my arms.” He put her body on the bed gently, and said hoarsely, “An An, as long as you and the child are healthy, I have nothing to ask for.”

“Really,” her body There was a burst of heat, and the heartbeat was violent, “Did you turn off the light and your skin became thicker?”

With a ‘pop’, he turned on the light.

She stared blankly at his resolute and handsome face, and at his deep, ink-like eyes, without a trace of joking or joking.

“You and your child, stay healthy.” He repeated what he had just said.

Her face was hot, her eyelashes were slightly drooping, “Got it. Turn off the light and go to sleep.”

He turned off the light, and his slender arms embraced her.

the next morning.

When Qin Anan got up, Fu Shiting also sat up.

“It’s only half past seven,” she reminded him. “You’ll sleep

a little longer.”

He had no clothes to wear and had to be brought by the bodyguard.

Not long after the call, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

Qin Anan walked over to open the door and saw his bodyguard standing at the door with clothes and toiletries.

“Did you bring it last night?” she asked.

Bodyguard: “Yes. I thought the boss was staying here, so I went back overnight to get it.”

Qin Anan was moved by his professionalism to the point of speechlessness.

After breakfast, Fu Shiting accompanies Qin Anan out.

Because she’s going to buy maternity kits and baby supplies today to prepare for her upcoming baby.

After hearing this, he insisted on going with her.

She made a list of things to buy in her phone memo.

At this moment, her mobile phone was in his hand, and he looked very seriously.

“Did you get child custody last night, did you make the list overnight?” He saw that the memo was created at two in the morning.

She took the phone back embarrassedly, “I had some insomnia last night. I remembered that I hadn’t prepared these things, so I listed them casually.

” Now, I’ll move to your house and live with you.”

She raised her eyebrows and looked surprised, as if she didn’t understand what he was saying.

“The child is not yours alone, and I have the right to take care of him.” His Adam’s apple rolled, as if helpless, “You won’t let me take it away and raise it, I can only come to your house to raise it with you.”

She was very distressed .

Of course she didn’t want to do this, but she didn’t even want to let him raise the child alone.

“If you have to, then try it!”


After the two reached an agreement, they began to go shopping.

The photos of the two of them shopping were quickly passed on to Tang Qian.

Tang Qian looked at the photos of the two of them in love, and her face gradually became hideous!

Chapter 684

Chapter 684

She felt something and knocked it hard in her heart! My heart is breaking!

Although Qin An’an’s innocence was clarified, how could the two of them reconcile overnight?

Did Fu Shiting take the initiative to find Qin An’an?

Is it because he cares about the child in her womb, or because he cares about her?

Tang Qian dared not guess.

She felt ironic and uncomfortable in her heart, feeling that she had lived like a fool all these years.

She no longer hopes to be with Fu Shiting, but she also doesn’t want to see other women have Fu Shiting.

She found Wang Wanzhi’s number and dialed, “Have you found the person I asked you to find?”

“Are you going to act now?” Wang Wanzhi asked, “Have you made a plan?”

“It’s enough for you to find someone for me. Don’t worry about the rest.” Tang Qian said, “I can’t bear it for a moment!”

“Oh, I’ll call and ask, and I’ll reply you later.” Wang Wanzhi reminded, “I’m only responsible for finding someone for you, and the rest are all No matter, if there is a problem on your side, I will definitely not recognize it.”

“I know.”

After hanging up the phone, Tang Qian got up from her chair and was about to leave the office.

At this time, Sheng Bei pushed open the door and entered.

Tang Qian felt a little guilty when she saw Sheng Bei, but she didn’t show anything on her face.

“Tang Qian, let’s talk.” Sheng Bei closed the office door and said straight to the point, “The woman who imitated Qin An’an was your cousin Nuonuo, right?

” girl.”

“Tang Qian, at this time, do you still treat everyone as fools?” Sheng Bei clenched his fists, “The other day you called me to socialize with me, just so I heard the imitated voice… What a coincidence! Do you think Shi Ting won’t doubt you?”

“What if he doubts me? Can he show evidence that Nuonuo did it? Even if he can show evidence that Nuonuo did it, and What does it have to do with me?” Tang Qian pushed Sheng Bei away, “You suspect Nuonuo, go and investigate Nuonuo! I’m just cousins ​​to her, she made a mistake, and she couldn’t even sit on top of me, right?”

After Tang Qian finished speaking, she strode towards the door.

Sheng Bei grabbed her arm and shouted sternly: “Tang Qian! Don’t make another mistake! If you are caught by Shi Ting again, you will not have the chance to return to ST. If you don’t mind, you still Why do n’t you leave now! At least you haven’t torn your face yet!”

“Sheng Bei, you clearly understand what kind of person I am. Why are my words so hurtful?” Tang Qian shook her head, “Who has the last laugh, not necessarily? !”

Tang Qian stepped on high heels and left.

Sheng Bei looked at her slender back and let out a weak breath.

She is ruthless like a snake and scorpion, but Sheng Bei is obsessed with her ruthlessness.

When Tang Qian came out of the company, the phone rang.

She thought it was Wang Wanzhi calling, so she stopped. He took out his phone, only to find that it was an unexpected call.

After hesitating for a few seconds, she answered the phone.

shopping mall.

Fu Shiting accompanied Qin An’an for a whole morning. At this time, the two went to a nearby restaurant and prepared to have lunch.

The maternity kit and the things the newborn needs have already been bought.

After buying these things, Fu Shiting bought some other things for Qin Anan.

For example, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry…

Qin Anan naturally refused. Because she was not used to being so intimate with him.

As if they were both in love.

But she rejects hers and he buys his.

After buying, the driver twisted the shopping bags back into the car, and they would eventually be delivered to her home.

So her refusal was completely void.

Sitting down in the restaurant, she ordered and gave him the menu, “Fu Shiting, have you thought of a name for your child?”

Chapter 685

Chapter 685

“No, do you have a suitable one?” he asked.

Her heartstrings tightened, and she tentatively said three words, “Qin Ziqiu.”

I saw that he put down the menu and stared at her with eagle eyes: “Are you serious?”

“Xiaohan and Rila are both surnamed Qin, if the child in the stomach is Qin If you don’t have the surname Qin, he will definitely be confused in the future.” She blushed slightly and said her thoughts, “Of course, I will respect your opinion.”

“Since you are worried that the child will be confused, you can change the surnames for Xiaohan and Rila. I don’t mind the two of them having my last name.” His answer was casual, like a joke.

He ordered and handed the menu to the waiter.

The waiter checked the dishes with them and walked away.

“Since you don’t agree, call it Fu Ziqiu!” She compromised.

She is satisfied that she can win her child to be raised by her side.

“I didn’t say I disagree.” He raised his eyebrows and looked at her with great interest, “If you want your child to have your surname, let it be your surname!”

“Are you serious, or are you kidding me?” She decided for a moment. Not showing his true emotions.

If he looks sullen and violent now, she won’t.

She saw him look angry a lot.

He is now half-smiling, his eyes are cold, and he looks unpredictable and elusive.

He is kind of scary.

“I don’t like my surname.” After he thought for a moment, his thin lips parted lightly, “But I have no choice.”

She didn’t expect him to say this.

She had known him for so long, and she thought she knew him very well, but at this moment, she felt that he was so strange.

“You never mentioned your father, do you have a bad relationship with him?” she guessed.

“Well.” His eyes dimmed a little, and he looked at her patiently, “Let the child be your surname! There is no need to discuss this matter.”

His tone sounded calm, but she could feel his Patience has run out.

He was trying his best to hold back. If he is not careful, he can be enchanted at any time.

Her mood suddenly sank.

An indescribable sense of powerlessness filled his body.

He doesn’t fight for anything and can give her everything. He seems to be free and easy, but his heart is heavily shackled.


Fu Yechen asked Nuonuo to come out to meet.

After Qin An’an’s passionate video was clarified, Nuonuo was thrown aside like an abandoned child.

Fu Yechen called her and said that she had a gift for her. She didn’t think much about it and went out to the appointment.

“Nuo Nuo, open it up and take a look.” Fu Yechen handed her a large bag.

Nuonuo looked forward to opening the bag and seeing a Hermes bag.

“Why is there another skirt?” She put away the bag and took out the skirt, “Huh? This skirt seems to have been worn by Qin An’an.”

“Yes, Qin An’an has an identical one. The price is not cheap! I I thought you would be more beautiful than her, so I bought it.” Fu Yechen coaxed, “Why don’t you try it now?”

Nuonuo’s praised vanity was greatly satisfied.

Her entire portrait was stepping on cotton, fluttering.

She went to the bathroom to change into a dress and reappeared in front of Fu Yechen.

“Nuo Nuo, you are so beautiful! You are much prettier than Qin An’an’s big belly! Compared to you, she looks like a maid! Come on, I’ll take you to a big meal!” Fu Yechen embraced her and walked towards a restaurant go.

The men in black lurking outside the restaurant saw them appear, and their fierce eyes suddenly lit up!

Chapter 686

Chapter 686

Xinghewan Villa.

master bedroom.

Qin Anan is sorting out the children’s clothes.

Li Xiaotian sat lazily next to her and watched her busy: “An An, are you really planning to take care of the children yourself? How tiring!”

Qin Anan folded the clothes one by one and said softly, “Well. It used to be My mother helps me take care of the child, I haven’t been tired much.”

“Yes, auntie is gone, you must not worry about letting the nanny take it.” Li Xiaotian said, “You said that Fu Shiting will come to live with you, is it true? Ah?”

“That’s what he said.” Qin Anan put the clothes in the closet, “Let’s do it when the time comes.”

“Then you are no different from a normal couple!” Li Xiaotian teased, “Oh, There is still a difference, the difference is that he came to your house, not you to marry him.”

Speaking of Fu Shiting, Qin Anan suddenly remembered that he hadn’t looked for her for several days.

“An An, I think you are amazing. You can make three children have your surname.” Li Xiaotian sighed, “If I had a child, I would only have the surname He. Although I am an only child, He Zhunzhi is even more amazing. He is the single biography of the third generation of their He family… What can I say? My parents have nothing to say!”

Qin An’an sank in his heart and said slowly, “Men should care about the right of their children to be crowned and surnamed, right?

Li Xiaotian: “Of course! There is only one possibility that Fu Shiting can agree to give your child your surname, and that is that he loves you very much. Otherwise, I can’t think of any other reason.” “

He said he didn’t like his surname.”

“Then why didn’t he change his surname? His parents are dead. If he really hates his surname so much, he can change it! He didn’t change it, which means he doesn’t hate it so much.” Li Xiaotian analyzed.

“He hasn’t come to see me these days. Could it be because of this?” She couldn’t help thinking.

“It’s possible. He said he was willing to let the child have your surname, but he actually cared about it to death. He’s too embarrassed to argue with you.” Li Xiaotian continued to analyze, “Otherwise, let the surname in your stomach have his surname!”

Qin An’an nodded: “Let’s wait until the child is born! It’s still early.”

“Haha, give him a surprise then.” Li Xiaotian said, stroking her long hair with her fingers, “Such a beautiful long hair. Are you willing to cut your hair?”

“It’s more convenient to cut it.” Qin Anan planned to cut his hair, “otherwise it would be inconvenient for confinement.” “Why don’t

you find more nannies to serve you!” Li Xiaotian said, “If I You, I’ll hire ten babysitters, and they turn around me every day.”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing: “You can also hire ten babysitters now .” “Ahem

, I’m not pregnant yet? When I’m pregnant, I really Ten nannies please.” Li Xiaotian said solemnly, “No wonder Fu Shiting wants to live here, if he doesn’t care about you, you’ll be working too hard.”

“It’s as exaggerated as you said.” He led her downstairs, “Are you hungry? Why don’t we go out to eat!”

“Okay! I know a new barbecue restaurant, and the ice cream there is very delicious.” “It’s a pity that you are pregnant now, so you have to avoid it.”

“Well, I can’t eat ice cream now, but I can eat meat.”

After chatting for two days, they went out.

the other side.

Fu Yechen ordered a table of delicious food and asked for a bottle of vintage red wine.

He was busy praising Nuonuo, while out of the corner of his eyes he kept looking at the movements around him.

When a shadow flashed over, he picked up the napkin and imprinted the corner of his mouth.

The black shadow came to Nuonuo at a very fast speed and poured a bottle of liquid on Nuonuo’s face!

“Ah!” Nuonuo covered her face with her hands and cried out in pain.

The dark shadow fled the scene in the chaos.

“Nuo Nuo! What’s wrong with you?!” Fu Yechen put down the napkin and strode to Nuonuo’s side.

Chapter 687

Chapter 687

He clearly saw the place where the liquid was splashed on Nuonuo’s face, and the skin quickly turned red and festered…

He was so scared that he took a few steps back and murmured in his mouth: “Nuo Nuo, don’t be afraid. I’ll call an ambulance right away!” The

surrounding diners left in fright, and the staff hurried over to check the situation.

After seeing Nuonuo’s face, they were shocked.

Nuonuo burst into tears in pain. With tears in her eyes, she saw that everyone looked at her with fear in their eyes. Her hands that covered her face trembled and loosened, and put them in front of her eyes…

blood…blood water…seems to still be There’s minced meat…

“Ahhhh!” she screamed like crazy.

Qin Anan was eating ice cream when he received Fu Yechen’s call.

The barbecue in this restaurant is good, and the ice cream is even better.

Qin Anan has always been a taboo, but the ice cream in this store made her unable to hold back and ate a few more.

“It’s terrible! Qin An’an, I’m chilling now! I’m definitely going to have a nightmare tonight!” On the other side of the phone, Fu Yechen’s voice was frightening, “If the person sitting across from me was you… … Guess what’s wrong with you now?”

Qin Anan held the fingers of the mobile phone and tightened a little: “What’s the matter? No way… is it fatal ?” Li Xiaotian

listened to her If so, look at her immediately.

On the other side of the phone, Fu Yechen sighed: “That’s not true. But I think it’s more terrifying than death. Because Nuonuo was disfigured! In just a few minutes, her face was completely ruined!”

Qin Anan felt There was an inexplicable pain in the face.

It’s not a pity for Nuonuo, but lamenting that Tang Qian’s methods are too vicious!

“Tang Qian is too scary! Qin An’an, you have to pay attention in the future! Don’t blame me for not reminding you!” Fu Yechen gasped, “Nuo Nuo has been sent to the hospital, and I am going to the police station to record a statement. I guess I will wait. After I record the confession, Tang Qian will come to me.”

“You are Fu Shiting’s nephew, she won’t do anything to you.” Qin Anan said calmly.

“I’m not afraid of her, I just feel sick all over. Qin An’an, please don’t look for me for this kind of thing in the future.” Fu Yechen felt a shadow in his heart.

“There will be no next time.” Qin Anan said.

After talking on the phone, she put down her phone and quickly adjusted her mood.

“An An, what’s wrong?” Li Xiaotian asked, “Who called? What happened? What happened?”

“Nuo Nuo is disfigured.” She picked up the water glass and took a sip, “I did it. Tang Qian fell into her own hands this time.”

Nuonuo was brought back by Tang Qian, and now she will destroy it herself.

how exciting!

If Tang Qian knew that it was not Qin An’an but Nuonuo who was disfigured, she would probably be mad.

After Li Xiaotian heard her plan, she was shocked: “This Tang Qian is really scary! An An, you should bring more bodyguards when you go out in the future! Don’t let strangers approach casually!”

Qin Anan: “Well “

Does she think Fu Shiting will want her if you are disfigured? It’s ridiculous!” Li Xiaotian mocked, “If Fu Shiting knew about this, he would definitely drive her away.”

Qin Anan: “She definitely won’t .” Admit it was her instigation. Although Fu Yechen can prove it, Fu Yechen has a negative credit rating with Fu Shiting.”

Li Xiaotian sighed heavily: “No matter what, no one will imitate you and ruin your reputation again. Come on! An An, your move is really amazing!”

Qin Anan pursed her red lips and lost her appetite.

At this moment, the mobile phone on the table suddenly rang.

Chapter 688

Chapter 688

She glanced at the call reminder, frowned, and then answered the phone.

“Qin An’an!” Fu Shiting’s voice came from the phone with great penetrating power.

She was stunned, “what’s the matter?”

“Are you okay?” He heard her voice and seemed a little surprised, “Qin An’an, you’re okay!”

“I’m okay, do you really hope something happened to me?” She joked aloud , “Who told you I was in trouble?”

“Someone saw you in a restaurant and said you had an accident.” His voice returned to his usual calm, “It’s fine if it wasn’t you.”

“Oh, since that person told you that. , I must have seen that woman look like me… You said, is it possible that the woman who happened to be Nuonuo?” She said this deliberately.

Fu Shiting was not interested in this: “It doesn’t matter who it is, as long as it’s not you.”

She responded.

“Where are you now?” he asked after two seconds of silence.

“Xiao Tian and I are eating out.”

“Have you brought a bodyguard?” he asked.

“Take it.” She glanced at the bodyguard not far away.

“You go home after dinner.”

“I’m going to have a haircut later, and I’ve made an appointment with someone else.” She couldn’t change her schedule because of this, “I’ll be fine.”

“You send the address of the barber shop. Give it to me.” He pondered for a few seconds and said.

She hung up the phone and sent the barber shop address.

police station.

After Fu Yechen recorded his statement, he strode out.

Beside his car, stood a tall woman, Tang Qian.

His expression suddenly panicked, and after looking around, he walked over quickly.

“Tang Qian, why are you here?” Fu Yechen walked in front of her, lacking in momentum, “This is the police station, don’t mess around.”

Tang Qian glanced at him coldly: “Since you are afraid of me, why do you dare to harm me? Me?”

“I didn’t harm you! How could I harm you? I didn’t tell my uncle about the cooperation between the two of us!” Fu Yechen looked innocent.

“Are you taking me for a fool?! I said why did you suddenly come to me the day before yesterday… Qin Anan asked you to lure me into the bait?” Tang Qian gritted her teeth, “It’s all Qin Anan. It’s a conspiracy, right?!”

“Tang Qian, why are you so excited?” Fu Yechen had regained her composure and sneered, “You are used to being a princess, you can only bully others, not others? You and Nuo Nuo planned Qin An’an again and again, Qin An’an didn’t find anyone to assassinate you, it’s not bad! Besides, if you hadn’t been mean to her this time, nothing would have happened!”

Fu Yechen I called Tang Qian a few days ago and said that I was short of money and wanted to work with Tang Qian.

The method of cooperation is that he helped Tang Qian lead Qin An’an out, and Tang Qian gave him a sum of money.

Tang Qian agreed without thinking too much at the time.

Who knows, the woman Fu Yechen brought out was not Qin Anan, but Nuonuo.

The man in black that Tang Qian was looking for couldn’t tell the difference between Nuonuo and Qin Anan at all, so he immediately started!

Tragedy has been made, and now it is too late for remorse.

Qin An’an’s move is really hateful!

“Tang Qian, this is a grudge between you and Qin An’an. If you are really angry, you can go to Qin An’an. I won’t interfere in your affairs in the future, so don’t trouble me!” Fu Yechen put himself I skimmed it clean and got into the car.

Tang Qian clenched her hands tightly, tears flowing into her heart.

She can’t just admit defeat!

Half an hour later, Fu Shiting received a call from Tang Qian.

“Shi Ting, my cousin is disfigured! She said that Qin Anan did it.” Tang Qian choked up, “I know Qin Anan has always suspected my cousin to imitate her. If she can’t find any evidence, can she attack my cousin? My cousin’s future life will be completely ruined by her!”

Fu Shiting was accompanying Qin An’an in the barbershop at the moment.

Chapter 689

Chapter 689

Hearing Tang Qian’s accusation, he glanced at Qin An’an.

Qin Anan is talking to the barber about the length of hair he wants.

“I suggest you call the police immediately and let the police intervene.” He took the mobile phone and walked outside, his tone was low and gloomy, “Even if Qin Anan really did this, so what? If I were her, I would The means will only be more cruel.”

Tang Qian felt dizzy!

She didn’t expect Fu Shiting to answer like this.

“I don’t have any evidence to prove that the person who imitated Qin An’an was your cousin. It doesn’t mean that I don’t know who controlled the matter.” Fu Shiting changed the subject and said sternly, “Tang Qian, when I get the evidence, I will never give it a shot. You are merciful.”

Don’t say that Nuonuo was disfigured, even if Nuonuo died today, he would never regret it!

In his opinion, a hundred times of Nuonuo’s death is not enough!

Tang Qian hung up the phone because she was afraid.

This time, she may have played it off!

She remembered Sheng Bei’s warning to her.

She naively thought that she knew Fu Shiting better than Sheng Bei.

Fu Shiting seems to be the ruthless man from before, but when it comes to Qin An’an, he is clearly not the man from before.

After Qin Anan cut her hair, Fu Shiting sent her home.

Her hair is now just shawl, not too long, not too short.

He couldn’t help but look at her a few more times.

“What have you been up to for the past week?” she asked, breaking the silence.

“Busy with work.” His deep eyes landed on her face, “I will be very busy next time.”

She lowered her eyelids, and a trace of loss quickly slid across her eyes.

“I think I’ll finish my work during this time, and accompany you to give birth.” He explained his plans, “I can take a vacation in a month at most.”

Her face flushed with a ‘swish’.

He hadn’t contacted her in the past few days, not because of the child’s surname, but because he wanted to finish his work quickly and take a vacation.

It was her narrow-mindedness.

“Nuo Nuo’s disfigurement is a bureau set up by me.” She confessed.

“It’s her fault.” His big palm held her hand firmly, “Then you can rest at home and avoid going to crowded places. In case of any accident, whether the child can be saved or not, let’s not talk about it. My body will also be hurt.”

“Can you wish me well?” She frowned.

“I wish you and your children safe and sound more than anyone else, but I’ve been having nightmares lately.”

“Dreams are the opposite of reality.” She tried to put him at ease. “If I’m stuck at home every day, I’ll be bored.

” When I’m done, I’ll take you out for a trip.”

“When you’re done, I’m afraid I won’t have the energy to run around.” After she finished speaking, she thought about it again, and decided to compromise and let him work with peace of mind, “I try to stay at home as much as possible. Wait. It won’t take long for the baby to be born anyway.”

“Well. If you are bored, you can ask your friends to come and accompany you at home.

Chicken soup came over and handed it to her.

“Mr. Fu, do you want chicken soup?” the nanny asked with a smile.

Fu Shiting nodded.

At this moment, Xiaohan’s figure suddenly broke into his sight.

When he officially looked over, Xiao Han had returned to his room.

“Xiaohan didn’t go to school?” he asked.

“He said he was tired and wanted to rest at home for a while.” Qin Anan stared at him and said solemnly, “If you have any opinions, please hold it back.”

Chapter 690

Chapter 690

Fu Shiting felt that her attitude was too fierce, so he sat down beside her.

The nanny came over with the chicken soup. Seeing that the two of them were facing each other, their eyes were glued to each other. She immediately put down the soup bowl and stepped back.

“If he is really tired, he can rest at home for as long as he wants. I have no problem.” He was afraid that the child would hear it, so he kept his voice low. Haven’t rested enough yet?”

“I’ll talk to him later.” Qin Anan picked up the soup bowl and scooped a spoonful of soup into his mouth.

“I’m afraid he’s not tired, but has something to hide from you.” Fu Shiting took the spoon in her hand, “Your son is more complicated than you thought.”

She wanted to get the spoon back, but he Leisurely scooped a spoonful of soup and brought it to her mouth.

“I don’t want you to feed me.” She blushed and took the spoon back, “I called his teacher privately to ask. The teacher said that he got along well with his classmates at school, and he was normal during the summer camp. “

In addition to his classmates, he can also come into contact with other things.” Fu Shiting insisted on his guess, “Besides, he did not encounter any problems at school, let alone resting at home for a month.”

Qin Anan originally She didn’t doubt this matter, but now that he said this, she suddenly became anxious.

“Drink the soup first.” He picked up the soup bowl, took a slow sip, and analyzed, “If you ask him directly, I’m afraid you won’t be able to ask anything. You have to ask Mike.”

“I see. Wait for Mike to come back. , I’ll ask.” Qin Anan said in a low voice and finished the soup, “Speaking in such a low voice, I don’t know what the two of us are conspiring to do.”

“He came out just now and saw me, so he went back to the room. Yes.” He continued in a low voice.


“Should I go talk to him?” He interrupted her, “If the grievance between me and him is not resolved, then I will move in and live there, and there will be conflicts.”

Qin Anan raised her eyebrows, straight Looking at his burning eyes: “Do you think you can solve the contradiction between you? It’s good to have confidence, but you are obviously blindly confident.”

“What do you think I should do?” He was beaten by her and his emotions cooled Come down, “He doesn’t accept any kindness from me at all. He hides when he sees me. I have nothing to do with him.”

This is a tricky thing. He doesn’t blame Xiaohan, all this is caused by his own hands.

“You’ll be fine as long as you don’t make mistakes.” She couldn’t think of a good way. “Xiaohan has a slow and warm personality, so you need to be patient.”

“Okay.” He took her words to heart, “You didn’t take a nap at noon today. , do you want to lie down for a while now?”

“It’s a bit late now, if I go to bed now, I will definitely lose sleep at night.” She said, yawning, “Forget it, I’ll go lie down for a while! Didn’t you say you’re busy? Go

and do your job!” “I’ll leave when you’re asleep.” He helped her upstairs.

About half an hour later, Fu Shiting left.

As soon as Fu Shiting left, Xiaohan walked out of the room.

He had already found the dark web that Nuonuo had visited before.

He registered as a member with a false identity and got to know one of the members.

Through the chat with this member, he basically judged that Nuonuo is probably not a person, but a commodity.

Because the function of this dark web is to provide employers with the ‘people’ they want.

The body, appearance and voice of this ‘person’ can be customized.

Does it sound a little weird?

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Xiaohan wouldn’t believe it was true.


Qin Anan talks to Xiaohan.

Xiaohan said first: “Mom, I’m going to school next week.”

Qin Anan prepared a long belly draft in his heart, but hadn’t started to say it, but his son’s words immediately ended the topic.

“Are you resting?” She blinked.

“Yeah. It’s good to rest.” Xiaohan handed over the information he found to Mike, and Mike went to check the rest.

They want to start from this dark web and find out Tang Qian.

Nuonuo is just a puppet, and it must be Tang Qian who really controls Nuonuo behind her back.

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