When His Eyes Opened Chapter 691 -700(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 691 -700(Chinese)

Chapter 691

But to break down Tang Qian, evidence must be presented.

“Baby, Fu Shiting came to our house this afternoon. He said you saw him and hid in the room.” Qin Anan said worriedly, “This is your house, you don’t have to hide from him.”

“I didn’t hide,” Xiaohan frowned. Brows, “I just don’t want to see him.”

“But he plans to move in to take care of his younger brother after he is born.” Qin Anan was in a dilemma and sighed, “Will this make you uncomfortable?”

Xiaohan frowned. Tighter: “then I’ll treat him as air!”

“Baby, it’s hard for you.” Qin Anan patted his son’s shoulder with a distressed face, “Mom doesn’t want him to move in, but he feels that his brother needs his care. My brother is not mine alone, so I really can’t refuse him.”

Xiao Han took a deep breath and assured: “Mom, don’t worry, I won’t recognize him! Neither will Rila! I won’t let my brother recognize him either. !”

Qin Anan: “???”

What is the purpose of her heart-to-heart with her son?

It seems to be to ease the relationship between their father and son. Not to deepen their contradictions!

The son seems to have misunderstood her meaning.

But it doesn’t matter, after Fu Shiting comes to live, let the father and son get along slowly!

half a month later.

The gauze on Nuonuo’s face was taken apart. Today, she can be discharged from the hospital.

Tang Qian supported her and walked towards the bathroom.

Nuonuo’s feet seemed to be filled with lead, and she didn’t dare to look in the mirror at all.

But Tang Qian forced her to face this broken face.

When she stood in front of the mirror and saw the ugly scars on her face and the distorted and collapsed bridge of her nose, she couldn’t help screaming!

“Monster! Monster!”

She wanted to cover her face with her hands, but Tang Qian did not allow her to cover her face.

“Nuo Nuo, it was Qin An’an who hired the murderer to turn you into the terrifying appearance you are now.” Tang Qian gritted her teeth and pushed her face in front of the mirror, “Look at how you look like a ghost or a ghost now. , no one will like you anymore! You are alive, except to seek revenge for Qin An’an, there is no meaning!”

Nuonuo’s eyes were scarlet, and he muttered: “revenge…”

“Yes, revenge.” Tang Qian was in In her ear, she read, “I’ll give you one last chance. If you succeed, I’ll pay you to change your face. If you don’t succeed…”

“I must succeed! I can’t stand against this. An ugly face for a lifetime!” Nuonuo clenched her fists and cried, “I want to change my face!”

Xinghewan Villa.

Qin Anan looked at the desk calendar and found that she was 30 weeks pregnant today.

In just over a month, the baby will be full-term.

Full term means that the child’s developmental indicators have matured and will be born at any time.

Mike asked her last night if she wanted to throw a party ahead of time to welcome the baby.

She was a little moved at the moment, so she sent a message to Fu Shiting to ask for his opinion.

As a result, the message was sent by mistake and sent to Li Xiaotian.

When Li Xiaotian saw her news, she called immediately: “An An! Do you think we have a good heart? I’m about to send you a message! I just tested two bars, I may be pregnant!”

Qin Anan happily said: “Xiao Tian, ​​congratulations!”

“Woo! I’m so nervous right now, I haven’t figured out how to tell He Zhunzhi!” Li Xiaotian cried out, “You said Is it a party? Why don’t I tell him when we wait for the party! I’ll go find you now!”

Qin Anan waited at home for noon, but did not wait for Li Xiaotian.

She dialed Li Xiaotian’s phone, but there was a cold shutdown prompt.

Chapter 692

Chapter 692

“Why is it turned off?” She whispered and walked outside the villa.

“An An, are you going out?” The nanny immediately followed her when she saw her leaving.

“Xiao Tian said she was coming, but she hasn’t come yet. Even if there is a traffic jam, it’s time to arrive.” She walked outside the courtyard and looked.

The nanny reassured: “She may have gone to buy gifts! She brings a lot of gifts every time she comes, and she is very particular about it.” The

nanny’s comfort made her relax.

“An’an, it’s windy outside, so you should go inside!” The nanny was afraid that she might catch a cold. “Mr. Fu told me to take good care of you. You can’t get sick.”

Qin An’an: “I’m staying at home every day now, Like the flowers in the greenhouse, it is easy to get sick.”

“Then you can’t blow the cold wind outside!” The nanny helped her into the house, “When the seasons change, you are most likely to get sick.”

“Is lunch ready?” She ask.

“It’s ready. Why don’t you go eat first! I don’t know when Xiaotian will arrive!”

“I’ll wait.” Qin Anan wondered, “Her phone is usually not turned off.”

“Maybe she just went out. It’s time to run out of power!”

“But it’s very convenient to charge now. There are charging devices everywhere on the street.” Qin Anan said, “I’ll wait another half an hour, and if she doesn’t come, I’ll go find her.”

“If she’s there Outside, how do you find it? You should stay at home with peace of mind, and if she doesn’t come after a while, you can call her husband and ask her husband to find it!” The nanny said, “Otherwise, you can call the driver to find it. “

Qin Anan knew that the nanny didn’t want her to go out because of the pressure from Fu Shiting.

The more carefully they took care of her, the more uncomfortable she became.

“An’an, let me serve you a bowl of soup! Today’s corn rib soup.” The nanny went to the kitchen to serve her soup.

She sat down on the sofa and continued to call Li Xiaotian.

Still can’t get through.

She couldn’t help but open He Zhunzhi’s chat window and asked what he was doing.

He Zhunzhi: I’m at work! Very busy at the end of the year! I heard that Brother Shi Ting will be on vacation soon, and Xiao Tian will nag me again [sighs]

Qin An’an: Then you are busy!

He Zhunzhi: Are you looking for me for something? Wouldn’t it be just to ask a question?

Qin An’an: It’s okay for now.

If you can’t contact Li Xiaotian after a while, find him again.

About half an hour later, a black car stopped at the gate of the courtyard.

Qin Anan heard the movement and immediately walked outside.

The door opened, and Wei Zhen and Yinyin stepped out.

She was surprised to see the two of them coming.

“Brother Wei, Yinyin, why didn’t you two tell me in advance?” Qin Anan strode over to greet him.

“An An! I made a cake and brought it to you to eat!” Yin Yin held a small cake and showed her, “Wei Zhen taught me how to make it.”

“Yin Yin, you are really good. You are better than the cake outside. The store sells pretty good!” Qin Anan took the cake and praised it sincerely.

“How about you taste it?” Yinyin held her hand with a look of excitement, “But Wei Zhen said you can’t eat too much cake. So I made a smaller one.”

“Well. Yours must be delicious. .”

Entering the living room, Qin Anan opened the cake, cut a small piece, and tasted it.

“How is it?” Yin Yin looked at her expectantly.

Chapter 693

Chapter 693

“It’s delicious. It’s not too sweet, I can eat more.” Qin Anan boasted and took another bite, “Yin Yin, you are getting better and better now, what do you want to learn next?”

“I want to learn to drive. But my brother won’t let me learn.” Yin Yin frowned and begged, “An An, can you help me beg my brother?”

Qin Anan raised her eyes and looked at Wei Zhen: “You two Are you here to talk about this?”

Wei Zhen shook his head: “Yinyin brought cakes for you to eat. I don’t agree with learning to drive.”

Qin Anan looked at Yinyin: “Yinyin , why do you want to learn to drive? Aren’t you afraid of danger?”

“You both know how to drive, so I want to learn too. I won’t be dangerous if I don’t drive in crowded places.” begged her.

Just then, Qin An’an’s cell phone rang.

She picked up her phone and saw that it was Fu Shiting calling.

She showed Yinyin a look at the screen, and said dotingly: “I told him, if he doesn’t agree, I can’t do anything about it.”

Yinyin smiled and nodded.

Qin Anan answered the phone and pressed the speakerphone.

Fu Shiting’s voice immediately came: “An An, have you eaten yet?”

“I haven’t…Xiao Tian said to come to me, I’m waiting for her.” She cleared her throat and said, “Yin Yin If you want to learn to drive, let her try it. Just tell her that you can’t drive alone.”

“Is she with you?” Fu Shiting’s voice became a little more serious.

“Yeah. She made a cake and brought it to me.” She picked a piece of cake with a fork and put it in her mouth. “It tastes great. When you get back, you can try it.”

“I’ll be back tomorrow. When I get back Let’s talk about it later.” His tone obviously did not want to agree to let Yin Yin learn to drive.

“Okay.” Qin Anan was about to hang up.

“It’s half past one in the afternoon in China, you have lunch first,” he reminded.

“Got it.” After speaking, she put down the phone, “Yinyin, it’s useless for me to beg him.”

Yinyin was a little disappointed, but not angry: “Wei Zhen won’t let me learn to drive. An An, you’re right. I’d better.”

“They didn’t let you learn to drive because they were afraid of your safety accident. I haven’t eaten lunch yet, let’s eat together!” After she spoke, the nanny immediately brought the lunch to the table.

The time flickered, it was two o’clock in the afternoon.

Wei Zhen took Yinyin and said goodbye to Qin Anan, “Yinyin has a class in the afternoon. We will see you another day. You should rest more now. If you feel uncomfortable, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible.”

“Well, you are on your way. Drive carefully.” After Qin Anan sent them away, drowsiness struck, and his eyelids were a little heavy.

When she was walking to the door of the villa, she suddenly remembered that Li Xiaotian said she came to find her, but she hasn’t come yet!

A cold sweat broke out from her back. She strode to the living room, picked up her phone, and dialed Li Xiaotian.

——Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off, please try again later.

Why did Xiaotian’s phone turn off for so long?

Shouldn’t there be an accident?

Without hesitation, she called He Zhunzhi.

“Zhunzhi, I can’t contact Xiaotian now. She said to come to me around eleven o’clock, but she hasn’t come yet. Her phone is turned off.” Qin Anan told He Zhunzhi of the situation.

He Zhunzhi said in shock: “Her phone is never turned off! She must have lost her phone again!”

Qin An calmly said, “I also feel that something is wrong. Even if she loses her phone, she should come to me now. “

Do you have an appointment at eleven in the morning?”

“Yes, the reason I sent you the message was because I couldn’t get through to her. Brother Wei and Yinyin came to see me just now, and I forgot about it. I called again just now, but I still couldn’t get through.”

He Zhun Zhi frowned tightly, and an ominous premonition rose in his heart: “I’ll call home and ask.”

Chapter 694

Chapter 694

  • Li Xiaotian is gone!

After she went out at eleven o’clock in the morning, she disappeared.

He Zhunzhi checked her surveillance after she went out at the traffic headquarters.

Surveillance showed that she drove to a large shopping mall in the city center. After she parked the car in the surface parking lot, she never drove away.

So she had an accident in the mall.

There are countless surveillance cameras in the mall, and there are also countless dead spots.

He Zhunzhi rushed from the traffic headquarters to the monitoring room of the shopping mall.

Qin Anan’s call came. After he took a deep breath, he answered the call: “Xiaotian’s car is parked outside the mall. She disappeared from the mall.”

“How can she disappear?!” Qin Anan gasped. breathed.

She wanted to say whether Xiaotian would be kidnapped, but she didn’t dare to say it.

He Zhunzhi was stuck in his throat: “She must have been kidnapped! When you hired a bodyguard, I discussed it with her, and I told her to have a bodyguard for her. She said that she doesn’t go to work, and sometimes she doesn’t go out all day. , so there is no need for bodyguards. I shouldn’t have listened to her at that time!”

Li Xiaotian is the heir of Li’s Department Store, although she did not take over her father’s job, but her father’s property will definitely be left to her.

With her worth, it’s no problem to have a bodyguard.

People often feel that they are the exception when the danger is not present.

“Zhunzhi, don’t be sad first. Xiaotian had an accident in the mall. Let’s go to the mall to check the surveillance now!” Qin Anan was ready to go out while he was talking, “I’ll go check it with you.”

Although He Zhunzhi was in pain at the moment Great, but still sensible: “An’an, you don’t need to come. I can check the monitoring myself. I’ll let you know as soon as I have news about Xiaotian.”

At this time, Mike came over, took the bag in Qin An’an’s hand, and put it down: “Just stay at home! If something happens to you, wouldn’t it make things worse?”

She froze in place.

“It’s all my fault… If I hadn’t messaged Xiao Tian, ​​she wouldn’t have decided to come to me on the fly…” She murmured, her voice suddenly increasing, “Xiao Tian is pregnant. She’s pregnant!” On the

phone, He Zhunzhi was hit hard, and his heart exploded with shock!

Sweetie is pregnant?

“He Zhunzhi! Hurry up and find Xiao Tian! Hurry up and find her!” Qin Anan screamed out of control, “She told me she was pregnant! Hurry up and find her back!”

“I know! I know!” He Zhun Zhi let out a roar from his chest and hung up the phone.

Qin Anan stood at the door, his chest heaving rapidly.

Seeing that her face was flushed and her breathing was embarrassed, Mike immediately supported her: “Qin An’an, calm down! Xiaotian will find it. You go to the sofa first, and take a breather!”

“It must be Tang Qian… …It must be her!” Qin Anan clenched her fist tightly, unable to calm down at all, “I’m going to find Tang Qian!”

Nuonuo disfigured, Tang Qian lost the bargaining chip against her, with Tang Qian’s strong character, definitely Will not let it go.

Qin Anan has been at home recently and has not gone out, so Tang Qian has no way to trouble her.

So Tang Qian aimed at Xiao Tian!

It must be so!

Seeing her about to rush out, Mike immediately picked her up and walked over to the sofa.

“Qin An’an! Calm down for me! It’s night, are you going to find her at Tang Qian’s house? Do you think she’ll admit it? It’s no use if you go!” Mike took her to the sofa and put it down, looking down from above “If you really can’t calm down, call Fu Shiting! Let him come forward!”

“What happened to him?! He’s abroad now!” Qin Anan was very emotional and pushed him away, “If Xiaotian is not rescued tonight, the consequences will be disastrous!” What

happened to Shen Yu and Nuonuo is the most important Good foreshadowing!

Chapter 695

Chapter 695

Tang Qian is a vicious and vicious person, as long as it falls into her hands, it will definitely not end well.

“…I asked Ziyi to go to Sheng Bei! Let Sheng Bei go to Tang Qian!” Mike couldn’t ask Qin Anan to go to Tang Qian, “Tang Qian dreamed of something happening to you, so go go there now. Isn’t she asking for trouble?”

Mike’s voice ran through the entire villa.

Osamu and Rila walked over with solemn expressions.

“Mom, don’t go out.” Xiao Han said in a deep voice.

“Mom, you have to listen to Uncle Mike and brother, just stay at home!” Rila grabbed her arm and begged softly.

The appearance of the two children brought Qin An’an’s sanity back into the body little by little.

“Mom won’t go out.” She compromised and stood up from the sofa, “Mom go take a bath.”

She was very anxious, like a fire was burning.

She wanted to do something, but her body was so heavy.

When she was anxious to go out just now, the child in her stomach seemed to be feeling something and kept kicking her.

She returned to the bedroom, closed the door, leaned against the door weakly, and breathed heavily.

Is there really nothing she can do?

If something happened to her, Xiaotian would definitely find a way to save her.

She can’t stay at home like this…

The phone rang, pulling her thoughts back to reality.

She answered the phone, and Fu Shiting’s voice was strong and powerful: “An An, don’t worry, I have already sent someone to find Li Xiaotian! Even if the whole city is turned over, it will be worth it!

” He was able to breathe a little: “I originally sent you a message at noon, but I sent it to Xiaotian. She decided to come to me after seeing my message…”

“Qin An’an, she was kidnapped. Even if the kidnapper doesn’t act today, he will act tomorrow and the day after. It has nothing to do with you!” Fu Shiting corrected her wrong thinking.

“Why do you think it has nothing to do with me?” Qin Anan retorted in a hoarse voice, “I can’t think of anyone other than Tang Qian! If Xiaotian wasn’t my best friend, she wouldn’t be kidnapped at all!”

“Sheng Bei has already gone to find her. Tang Qian is over…”

“Do you think it’s useful?” Qin Anan’s eyes were cold and her tone was even colder, “Do you think I don’t know the relationship between Sheng Bei and Tang Qian? If I’m not pregnant with your child now , you won’t care about Li Xiaotian’s life or death!”

Fu Shiting was silent for two seconds without arguing with her, “I’ll go back to China right away. Wait for me.”

She took a deep breath and hung up the phone.

She dragged her heavy steps towards the bathroom.

Turning on the faucet, she poured water in her hands and flushed her face.

Thinking that Xiao Tian might be suffering from inhuman torture right now, her heart pierced like a knife.

The phone screen suddenly lit up, she looked at the phone alertly, and saw the words ‘Li Xiaotian’ flashing on the screen!

She thought she was dreaming! She quickly picked up the phone and pressed the answer button!

After the video was connected, an unfamiliar environment appeared on the screen.

It was a dim utility room with several filthy men standing in it. These men were staring at the woman lying on the ground with greedy and ugly eyes…

Li Xiaotian! The woman lying on the ground is Li Xiaotian!

“Xiao Tian! Xiao Tian! Wake up!” Qin Anan screamed, looking at Xiao Tian’s motionless body with angry apricot eyes, her fingernails embedded in her palm a little bit, “You let Xiao Tian! You let her go! What do you want, I’ll give it to you!”

Chapter 696

Chapter 696 What

responded to her was endless silence.

The person who kidnapped Li Xiaotian didn’t seem to want anything from Qin Anan. Otherwise it is impossible to say nothing.

Qin Anan looked at the excited and restless men in the video, rushing towards Xiaotian like a pack of wolves… Her scalp was numb, her blood was boiling, and her body couldn’t stop shaking!

A kind of near-death despair loomed over like a shadow.

It was as if someone took a dull knife and stabbed her again and again!

When Mike heard her screaming, he quickly ran to her room!

He rushed into her room and saw her leaning over the bathroom door at a glance.

“Qin An’an! What’s the matter with you?!” Mike ran over to support her. Seeing her face ashen, he suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart, “I’m going to give birth! I’ll take you to the hospital right away!

” She hugged her horizontally, but her body was tense, and she bit out a few desolate words: “Call an ambulance…”

“Qin An’an, don’t scare me! You stand still, I’m going to call an ambulance!” After Mike finished speaking, he quickly ran to find his phone.

After a while, the ambulance came.

Qin Anan was put into an ambulance, and Mike was with him. The two children stay at home.

Mike has called Zhou Ziyi and asked him to come over to take care of the children.

In fact, the two children don’t need to be looked after at all. They are very well behaved and go to bed by themselves at nine o’clock every night.

It’s just that Qin An’an has an accident now, and the two children must be very scared.

There was no way Mike could take them both to the hospital, it would only make things messier.

“Brother, is younger brother coming out?” Rila murmured.

Xiaohan looked at the dark night outside with a cold face, and said in a low voice, “Auntie Xiaotian has an accident.”

In his mind, his mother’s painful and shrill screams still echoed.

Rila thought it was her mother who was going to have a baby, but Xiaohan knew that her mother was in so much pain because of Auntie Xiaotian.

“What happened to Auntie Xiaotian? Brother, I don’t want Auntie Xiaotian to have an accident.” Rila pursed her lips, a little sad.

“Auntie Xiaotian was taken away by the bad guys. But the police uncle will save her.” Xiaohan took Rila’s little hand and took her upstairs and back to the room. “You don’t want to run around in the future, you must bring a bodyguard when you go out.”

“Brother, why are there so many bad people?” Rila sucked in a sad breath.

“There aren’t many bad guys,” Xiaohan explained, “the bad guy has always been that one.”

“Oh…will the bad guy be punished?”


Rila breathed a sigh of relief and climbed onto the bed: “Brother, Is my brother coming out? When Uncle Mike called the doctor, I heard him say that.”

Xiaohan stood beside the bed, with mixed emotions in his dark eyes: “Maybe, my brother doesn’t know either.

” Brother, hug!” Rila suddenly coquettishly said, “If my brother comes out, you must love me too, you can’t love my brother more.”

Xiaohan hugged her: “My brother must love you the most.”

When Zhou Ziyi came, The two children have gone to sleep with the lights off.

He went to the living room and called Mike.

Mike answered the phone and asked, “How is the child?”

Chapter 697

Chapter 697

“They have already fallen asleep, but Xiaohan hasn’t.” Zhou Ziyi said, “I was afraid of disturbing him to rest, so I didn’t talk to him.”

“Oh, he matures early and knows a lot, so he definitely won’t be able to sleep.” Mike At this moment, standing outside the emergency room, her heart was agitated, “Qin Anan has fetal gas, maybe she will give birth tonight.”

“Isn’t that a premature birth?” Zhou Ziyi frowned, “The child will be fine, right?”

“I don’t care if the child is in trouble, I only care about Qin Anan… You don’t know how bad her face is, it’s all like this, she still misses Li Xiaotian…” Mike was in the corridor Pacing up and down, “call Sheng Bei and see how he talks with Tang Qian.”

If Li Xiaotian can’t save him, even if Qin Anan gives birth to the child, the knot in his heart will not be solved. .

“It probably won’t work.” Zhou Ziyi knew Tang Qian too well, “If Tang Qian really did it, she would never admit it unless we brought the evidence to her. It’s perfectly fine to reason with her and play friendship cards. No way.”

“An An insisted that Tang Qian did this, what do you think?” Mike asked.

“I can understand An An’s feelings, but I don’t dare to jump to conclusions.” Zhou Ziyi said cautiously, “You said the baby might be born tonight, have you taken the delivery package?”


“Why don’t I take things now ? Send it over?” Zhou Ziyi said, “Keep the bodyguard at home, it should be fine.” “Okay

! The maternity package is in An’an’s room, you can go look for it.”

“Okay.” A

high-end apartment.

Sheng Bei looked at Tang Qian with a solemn expression.

“He Zhunzhi is my junior. He usually respects me very much. I treat him as a younger brother, and Li Xiaotian is his wife, so I have always regarded Li Xiaotian as my sister-in-law.”

“Why are you telling me this? I’m not interested in your relationship.” Tang Qian came over with two glasses of red wine and handed one of them to him, “Don’t you think Li Xiaotian’s accident has something to do with me?”

“Tang Qian, this matter had nothing to do with you.” Sheng Bei’s eyes were cold and he didn’t take the wine she handed over, “If it has anything to do with you, don’t say that Shi Ting won’t spare you, neither will I. There is no bottom line, so what’s the difference between that and animals?” The

word ‘beasts’ made the grace on Tang Qian’s face disappear.

“Why do you doubt me? Is it because as long as I do one bad thing, I do the next 99 bad things?” Tang Qian looked at him angrily, “Sheng Bei, since when did we change between us? It became like this?”

“It started when you brought Nuonuo back to China. You have always been smart, but this move is really stupid.” Sheng Bei mocked, “If I were you, I would never let my cousin become a mess. Qin An’an’s appearance. Don’t you look at it?”

“What does she have to do with me if she wants to look like Qin An’an? That is her life, her choice! Do you really think I can call the wind and call the rain and do whatever I want? If I’m so good, why can’t I get the man I want?!”

Tang Qian drank the red wine in one gulp, her eyes moist.

“He doesn’t love you, no matter what you do, he won’t love you! Why don’t you understand such a simple truth?” Sheng Bei took the wine glass from her hand and put it on the table next to her, “Tang Qian, I warn you one last time, if Li Xiaotian is in your hands, let her go as soon as possible! Don’t risk your life for the sake of being brave!”

Sheng Bei warned and strode away.

Tang Qian watched the door close, and a bitter smile emerged from the corner of her mouth.

She opened the bow without turning back, even if she knew the consequences would be unbearable, she couldn’t stop.

She lives in pain every day, how can she make Qin Anan feel better?


After Zhou Ziyi delivered the maternity package, Michael pulled him out of the ward.

“She has signs of threatened premature birth, and the doctor asked her to be hospitalized for observation.”

“Oh! It scared me to death! I thought she was going to give birth prematurely!” Zhou Ziyi exhaled heavily.

“She was in a very bad mood. The doctor gave her a tranquilizer before she fell asleep.” Mike frowned, “Is Li Xiaotian whereabouts?”

Zhou Ziyi shook his head: “Tang Qian said this matter has nothing to do with her.”

Chapter 698

Chapter 698

“You guessed it. As long as there is no evidence, she will never admit it.” Mike sneered.

“After all, it’s no good to admit it.” Zhou Ziyi glanced at the time, “Why don’t you go to rest for a while?”

“Do you think I can sleep?” Mike glanced into the ward, “Wait for her Wake up, if Li Xiaotian hasn’t been found, she will definitely collapse… The doctor said that she should not be too excited now, otherwise she will give birth prematurely. She is already red.”

“Seeing red?” Zhou Zi Yi was stunned.

“It’s just bleeding. The doctor said it’s a sign of threatened premature labor.” Mike put his hands on his hips, “When will Fu Shiting be back?”

“I will be there at seven tomorrow morning.” Zhou Ziyi said, “I hope An An can sleep until tomorrow morning.”

“Sleep until What about tomorrow morning? The point is that Li Xiaotian’s whereabouts are unknown. If the person who kidnapped her did something to her, the consequences would be disastrous. Think about Shen Yu, think about Nuonuo… it’s all Tang Qian got a bad hand.” Mike gritted his teeth, “How could Li Xiaotian endure that kind of torture?”

Zhou Ziyi’s eyes were stained with a chill: “I’ll find it.”

The monitoring room of the shopping mall.

He Zhunzhi watched the surveillance all night, repeatedly watched each exit several times, but did not see Li Xiaotian leaving at all.

The shopping mall has been inspected in a carpet-like manner, and Li Xiaotian is not in the shopping mall at all.

When Zhou Ziyi saw He Zhun, He Zhunzhi’s eyes were scarlet, and his sadness could not be concealed.

“Xiao Tian is pregnant, she didn’t even have time to tell me…” He Zhunyi said, tears welling up, “Don’t think that she usually speaks loudly, but she is actually very timid. She should be right now. How scared! I really want to suffer for her! Don’t let me catch those bastards, or I’ll cut them to pieces!”

“Xiao Tian should still be in City A. I asked about the station and the airport. , there is no information from Xiaotian.”

“Where she is now is not the key, the key is whether those scumbags bullied her!” He Zhunzhi turned his back and raised his hand to wipe away tears, “I didn’t protect her well. I am usually busy with work and rarely accompany her. , I should have hired a bodyguard for her.”

“Yes, don’t be too sad. Brother Bei has already gone to warn Tang Qian… Tang Qian will definitely not dare to hurt Xiao Tian’s life.” Zhou Ziyi said, In fact, he had already determined in his heart that the kidnapping was planned by Tang Qian.

“Is it Tang Qian?” He Zhunzhi clenched his fists, burning with anger.

Zhou Ziyi: “An’an suspects it’s her.”

“I think it’s her too! The things she did to Qin An’an before were not like what a normal person could do! She was just jealous and crazy, so she was stunned. Again and again!” He Zhunzhi said angrily, “She can’t find a way to deal with Qin Anan, so she starts with the people around Qin Anan… and Xiaotian slapped her before, she must hold a grudge! Zhou Ziyi: “

My boss will return to China soon. When he returns, he will definitely help you find Xiaotian.”

He Zhunzhi took a deep breath and pressed his broken emotions down: “Qin An’an is okay?” “

Not very good. She blames herself more than you, because she believes that Tang Qian did it. There is no relationship between Xiao Tian and Tang Qian, and it is because of her that she has a bad relationship. She is now in the hospital and has signs of premature birth. “

What’s wrong with her? It’s a mad person!” He Zhunzhi clenched his fist and slammed his fist into the wall, “If there is something wrong with Xiaotian, I will kill Tang Qian!”

… ..

at four in the morning.

Qin Anan woke up.

After waking up, she looked at the unfamiliar environment of the ward, and her thoughts returned to her body little by little.

Xiaotian disappeared, I don’t know if there is any news now.

She frowned, lifted the quilt, and got off the bed.

She hurried to the door, opened the door, and saw Mike’s figure.

“Why did you get out of bed?” Mike said in shock, and took her arm. “You go to bed, the doctor said you are going to bed.”

She threw his arm away and refused to cooperate.

“Have you found Xiao Tian? How is Xiao Tian?!” Her eyes were scarlet, and her chest heaved sharply.

Chapter 699

Chapter 699

Mike had long guessed that she would ask this question when she woke up.

Unless she was lethargic, she could not rest in bed with peace of mind.

“I haven’t received the news yet. But don’t worry, the police have been looking for it, and it will definitely be found when it’s dawn.” Mike assured her.

She heard that there was no news, the whole figure was like a kite with a broken string, shaky and lost.

“An’an, you go to bed first. What if you give birth prematurely?” Mike picked her up and put her on the hospital bed, “Your child is only eight months old, and now it is born. Although it can survive, it can survive in an incubator. You are also a doctor, you should know very well that the child is very easy to get sick when he is born at this time. Do you want to see the child suffer?”

Mike’s words made her body tense.

She wanted to find Li Xiaotian, but she couldn’t ignore the child in her stomach.

She wanted to control her emotions, but she couldn’t.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, her fingers clenched tightly against the quilt.

Mike stood by the bed, watching her in such pain, his heart was scratching his head.

He wanted to comfort her, but Xiao Tian couldn’t find it, any words of comfort were nonsense.

He could only sit by the bed and watch her silently.

This night is so long.

When it was almost dawn, she finally fell into a drowsy sleep.

The door of the ward was suddenly pushed open, and Zhou Ziyi walked in with breakfast.

“You haven’t slept all night, have you?” Zhou Ziyi took a look at his face, “You have breakfast and go back to rest! I’m here to watch. In another hour, my boss will come.”

Mike took a cup of coffee, He frowned and asked, “Xiao Tian hasn’t been found yet?”

“No. She will be missing for 24 hours soon, so I’m afraid the odds are worse.” Zhou Ziyi said in a low voice.

“Fuck! If Qin Anan finds out about this, she will definitely collapse!” Mike suddenly lost his appetite, “I’ll wait until Fu Shiting arrives before leaving. I’m afraid she suddenly wakes up and becomes emotional, and you won’t be able to resist.”

Zhou Ziyi nodded: ” That’s right .”

An hour later, Fu Shiting rushed to the hospital.

After he entered the ward, she seemed to feel something and opened her eyes immediately.

Fu Shiting looked at her crying red and swollen eyes, as if someone was strangling her neck, and she couldn’t breathe.

“An An, don’t be sad.” He held her cold little hand and said in a hoarse voice, “I promise you, before it gets dark today, I will find Li Xiaotian.”

She heard the word ‘Li Xiaotian’ and collapsed. : “Shi Ting…Xiaotian was bullied, and the means were extremely cruel! It’s Tang Qian…it must be Tang Qian! You go to her now!”

“Okay, I’ll go to her. He saw her cry and lost all reason. “You wait for me here.” Outside the

door, Zhou Ziyi answered a phone call.

After talking on the phone, he saw Fu Shiting coming out of the ward, and immediately stepped forward and reported in a low voice, “Boss, Li Xiaotian has been found. She, she was raped. Her body was seriously injured. , and…the child in her belly is gone.”

Zhou Ziyi’s voice was low, but Qin Anan heard it.

She stood in the doorway, taking a deep breath of grief.

Then, her breathing became more and more rapid!

“An An! What’s wrong with you?!” Fu Shiting was terrified and hugged her.

In his palm, he felt a sticky warm liquid under her…

Chapter 700

Chapter 700

“Go and call the doctor!” He shouted loudly and strode into the ward with Qin An’an in his arms.

He carefully placed her on the hospital bed.

Her pants were wet, and he looked at his palm… Fortunately, it wasn’t blood!

“Is my amniotic fluid broken…” She burst into tears, “Shi Ting, I’m sorry… I’m so uncomfortable, I can’t control myself…” The

amniotic fluid broke, The child must be born immediately.

Her child is only eight months old, and she is now born as a premature baby.

Preterm birth is generally accompanied by a series of preterm complications.

Knowing that she was in her third trimester, she shouldn’t be so sad, she should control her emotions and ensure the health of the child.

But she couldn’t control it.

“An An, don’t cry. It’s not a big deal if the amniotic fluid breaks. We’ll just give birth to the baby.” He took a tissue and wiped the tears from her face, “Xiao Tian has been found, and there is no life safety. Wait for your birth. I’ll take you to see her.”

She choked up and responded.

Soon the doctor came. After doctors reviewed her condition, she was rushed into the operating room.

Fu Shiting looked at the closed door of the operating room, his heart clenched tightly.

“Boss, don’t worry, An An and the child will be safe.” Zhou Ziyi comforted.

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he said sternly: “It’s better. If there is any accident between her and the child, I will let the mastermind behind this incident be buried with you!”

Zhou Ziyi: “Bei Ge went to Tang Qian, but Tang Qian denied it. She did it this time.”

“Without evidence, of course she won’t admit it!” Fu Shiting said coldly, “Li Xiaotian’s body must have evidence of a crime left by the criminal. Just follow this clue to find it. , don’t be afraid to find no evidence!”

The two of them discussed, and Mike yawned beside him.

He hadn’t slept all night, and he couldn’t open his sleepy eyes at this time.

Li Xiaotian found out that Qin Anan was giving birth, and the worst stage was over.

He believes that modern medicine will ensure that Qin Anan and the child are safe and sound.

“I’ll go back to catch up on sleep.” Mike greeted them. “After I sleep, I’ll bring my two children here.”

“I’ll take you back! With your current state of mind, I’m afraid you’ll have a car accident. “Zhou Ziyi was worried about him, so he left with him.

Not long after the two of them left, Wei Zhen came over after hearing the news.

Soon after Wei Zhen arrived, the child was born.

Because it was a cesarean section, the operation did not end immediately after the child was born.

The child was premature. After the birth, Fu Shiting only glanced at the child, and the child was taken to the neonatology department by the nurse.

The child is very small, and it hurts his heart to be small.

He even doubted, could such a young child survive?

Seeing that his eyes were wet and moist, Wei Zhen immediately comforted him: “The eight-month-old premature baby basically won’t have any major problems. After he lives in the incubator for a month or two, he can grow into the size of a normal baby. You don’t have to worry too much.”

“What can I do?” he murmured.

“Take care of An An.” Wei Zhen said, “Although Xiao Tian is back now, the damage is indelible. You have to persuade An An well and be careful of her postpartum depression.”

Fu Shiting nodded.

“Cesarean section is more harmful to the mother’s body than natural delivery. Don’t let her leave the ward for two days after the operation. No matter what, let her recover well first.” Wei Zhen continued, “The doctor said that only if she can be discharged from the hospital. Discharge.”

After a while, the door to the operating room opened.

Qin An’an was pushed out and transferred to the intensive care unit.

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