When His Eyes Opened Chapter 701 -710(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 701 -710(Chinese)

Chapter 701

Her mood seems to be much more stable than before.

She still cares about Li Xiaotian in her heart, but because of the newly born little life, her mentality has undergone some changes.

Originally, the child was well in her womb, but because of this accident, she had to be born early.

When the nurse held the child to her, she wanted to cry, but the tears seemed to freeze and she couldn’t cry.

Looking at the little child, she blamed herself extremely.

When she gave birth to Xiaohan and Rila, she was also born early, because the twins basically had to be born early. So two babies are smaller than a single full-term baby.

And Ziqiu is smaller than Rila and Xiaohan.

Although she knew that the child would survive smoothly, she was still very sad.

“An An, does it hurt?” Fu Shiting saw that she was a little lost, so he broke the silence.

She shook her head slightly. Anesthesia was injected before the operation, and the effect of the drug has not yet worn off, so she feels no pain.

“Have you seen the child?” Her eyelashes trembled and her voice was low.

“I see. The child is very similar to me.” He held her hand lightly and said in a hoarse voice, “An An, thank you for your hard work.”

“The child is still so young…” She choked up, “Yes My fault, I’m not a good mother.”

“It has nothing to do with you. And premature birth doesn’t mean our baby will be unhealthy. Don’t think too much, you need to rest now.” Fu Shiting coaxed patiently, “As for Xiaotian, I I will find out, and I will definitely give her an explanation.”

Qin An’an is relatively weak after the operation, and even if he is angry and angry, he is unable to attack.

the other side.

The news of Qin An’an’s premature birth reached Tang Qian’s ears.

Tang Qian was very happy.

Although premature birth does not mean that the child will die, there is a risk of an accident if a child is born prematurely.

Tang Qian had a sleepless night last night, thinking about the next countermeasures.

She hands a card to Nono.

“You leave now, the money in the card is enough for you to have plastic surgery.” Tang Qian said, “If you are caught by Fu Shiting, I will not protect you.”

Nuonuo took the bank card and said gratefully, “I’m here. Go! Master, I promise not to implicate you.”

“Don’t call me master. From now on, I don’t need you anymore.” Tang Qian glanced at her at last, with disgust clearly written in her eyes.

After Nuonuo left, Tang Qian took out her mobile phone and dialed Shengbei’s number.

Sheng Bei is visiting Qin An’an in the hospital at this time. After receiving a call from Tang Qian, he came out of the ward.

“Sheng Bei, I know who kidnapped Li Xiaotian.”

Sheng Bei’s brows jumped: “Don’t you want to say your cousin?”

Except for Tang Qian and Nuonuo, I really can’t guess who will harm Li Xiao. sweet.

In addition to eating, drinking and having fun, Li Xiaotian usually does not enter too complicated social circles.

Qin Anan gave birth prematurely because of Li Xiaotian’s accident, and she was even more sure that the murderer kidnapped Li Xiaotian in order to stimulate Qin Anan.

“What do you mean?” Tang Qian said angrily, “Do you mean that all my cousin’s actions should be done by me?! She was disfigured and psychologically distorted, so she did extreme things, what does this have to do with me? “

Oh, you called me to tell me this, you want me to tell Shi Ting like this?” Sheng Bei teased.

“No! I’ll call and tell him myself! I called you because you came to see me last night. I thought you cared about the truth, but I didn’t expect you to doubt me!”

“Tang Qian, don’t call him, he shouldn’t want to listen to your sophistry.” Sheng Bei sneered, “Qin An’an was too sad because of this incident, which led to premature birth. This matter can’t be left like that. You Bless yourself!”

Chapter 702

Chapter 702

Tang Qian’s body froze for a while.

How lucky are you?

There is no way they could find evidence that she did it!

With Nuonuo as a scapegoat, it would never be her turn.

Even if they all think she did it, as long as there is no evidence, they can’t do anything to her.

Fu Shiting didn’t love her in the first place, how could their relationship be so bad?


Tang Qian held a bunch of lilies and came to investigate Li Xiaotian’s illness.

Visiting the doctor is one of them, mainly to see Li Xiaotian’s situation, and at the same time to tell them that Nuonuo did it, and it has nothing to do with her.

She had planned to tell Fu Shiting about this in person, but she lacked courage.

She called Sheng Bei, indeed, to let Sheng Bei convey it.

But Sheng Bei didn’t believe her at all, so she could only come to see Li Xiaotian.

He Zhunzhi kept Tang Qian out of the ward.

“How dare you come here?!” He Zhunzhi threw the flowers in her arms into the trash can.

He clenched his fists, the anger in his eyes burning wantonly.

Tang Qian said calmly: “Yes, I’m sorry. This should be done by my cousin. She was disfigured a while ago and was stimulated, so she planned this incident on impulse…”

“She Shouldn’t she seek revenge from you for being disfigured and stimulated? Doesn’t she know that you caused her disfigurement?” He Zhunzhi showed no mercy, revealing the ugly face of the incident, “In order to harm Qin An’an, you did anything to harm Qin An’an, and ended up killing her. Your cousin is disfigured, don’t you think we don’t know about it?”

Tang Qian: “It’s not me!”

Looking at her rebuttal, He Zhunzhi felt disgusted: “Brother Shi Ting said that he would investigate this matter thoroughly. If you want to explain, go and explain to Brother Shi Ting. I’m angry when I see you now, if you don’t leave again , I’m afraid I won’t be able to control my actions against you! If I hurt or maim you, I won’t be sentenced to death, at most I’ll give you some money…”

He Zhunzhi’s words made Tang Qian’s face look frightened. Tired, run away.

After she left, He Zhunzhi returned to the ward.

Li Xiaotian opened her eyes, her eyes were empty, and her eyes were not focused.

Although she woke up, her mental state was very bad.

She didn’t speak, and tears kept falling from the corners of her eyes.

Seeing her like this, He Zhunzhi was heartbroken over and over again.

From the injuries on her body, he already knew what kind of torture she had gone through.

The doctor said that she might not be able to give birth in the future, which was actually a big blow to him.

He can have no children, but his family cannot accept that he has no offspring.

He is a single biography of three generations of the He family. Since he was an adult, his parents have instilled in him that he can not marry, but must have children.

He was in a very distressed mood. It is impossible for him to abandon Li Xiaotian because of this incident, but his parents left the hospital sadly after hearing that Xiaotian might not be able to give birth in the future.

They won’t force him to divorce Xiao Tian now, but when Xiao Tian is discharged from the hospital, they will definitely force him.

“Xiao Tian, ​​An An gave birth this morning.” He Zhunzhi sat down beside the bed, looked into her eyes, and chatted with her softly, “Her child was born prematurely. But don’t worry, their mother and child are safe. It’s just the child. I’m going to live in the incubator for two months.”

Li Xiaotian seemed to have listened to his words, and looked at him faintly.

“Xiao Tian, ​​I know it’s difficult to cheer you up now. But you must remember that I, our parents, and An An, we will always love you.” He Zhunzhi raised his hand to wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes , “No one will bully you in the future, I will definitely protect you.”

Li Xiaotian looked at his face and listened to his voice, her tears flowed more and more fiercely.

“He Zhunzhi, let’s get a divorce!” She whispered, pushing his hand away from her face at the same time.

Chapter 703

Chapter 703

As long as she is awake now, she will remember what happened yesterday.

The last shred of reason in her body told her that everything was not her fault, she couldn’t commit suicide because of this, otherwise what would her parents do?

She is a little princess who grew up with a golden key. Since she was a child, she has never been bullied, not because her life is good, but because her parents built a castle for her.

There will always be a day when her parents will grow old. She must live and support her parents well.

This is the only motivation for her to survive now.

“Xiao Tian, ​​what are you talking about? Divorce? I won’t leave! I can’t possibly divorce you!” He Zhunzhi was greatly stimulated, and his tone became tough, “I know you are uncomfortable right now, but I will accompany you… ..”

“I don’t want you to accompany me! I want to vomit when I see a man! Go away! I want my mother to accompany me! Go away!” Li Xiaotian exclaimed in surprise.

Her screams attracted the bodyguards of the Li family.

Soon, Mother Li came and persuaded He Zhunzhi to go out.

About an hour later, Mother Li put Xiao Tian to sleep, and then came out of the ward.

He Zhunzhi had been standing outside the ward, and when he saw his mother-in-law came out, he immediately stepped forward: “Mom, is Xiao Tian asleep?

” Tian has always pursued perfection, and now she has suffered such damage, she can’t accept it, so she doesn’t want to face you again. You should divorce!”

“No, I don’t accept it!”

“You have to accept it. My daughter can’t have children in the future. , even if you don’t dislike her, your parents will dislike her. My daughter is my jewel, I would rather she be single all her life than others dislike her!” Li’s mother’s tone was firm, “Go back first! After Xiaotian is discharged from the hospital, We will contact you.”


Mike brought his two children to the hospital to visit Qin An’an.

The anesthetic in her body has passed its efficacy, and now the wound hurts badly, but she endured it and didn’t want the child to worry.

“Mom, why didn’t you see my brother?” Rila looked around the ward and asked in confusion.

“Your brother lives in an incubator now, I told you when he came!” Mike answered first.

“Where’s the incubator? I didn’t see the box!” Rila searched the ward and found nothing.

“Rila, my brother is not here. He is in the room dedicated to the incubator.” Qin Anan explained, “We can’t see him now.”

“Oh! How lonely he must be! ” Rila said angrily Then, the conversation suddenly changed, “Mom, I heard that giving birth is painful, are you in pain now?”

“Mom doesn’t hurt. You can go home in two days.”

“That’s good. Mom, I Let me tell you a secret…Actually, I don’t like you having a big belly, because then you can’t play with me.” Rila felt a little aggrieved, “I want you to take me and my brother out to play more.”

Qin An Ann: “Well, mom won’t have any more children in the future. With the three of you, mom is enough.”

“Ow…what’s the name of my brother?” Rila blinked her curious eyes.

Qin An’an was silent for a few seconds, then replied, “My brother’s name is Ziqiu, Fu Ziqiu.” The

two children looked at Fu Shiting in unison.

Fu Shiting felt very suddenly: “An An, didn’t you say good children are your surnames?”

“I hope you can be a good father.” She looked at him and explained.

His eyes were hot and his heart was hotter.

He can’t guarantee that he will be a good father, but he will do his best.

A moment later, a light rain fell outside the window.

Mike is going to send the two children home.

At the same time, Fu Shiting’s cell phone rang——

Chapter 704

Chapter 704

Everyone’s eyes fell on him.

He took out his phone and glanced at the incoming call reminder.

“It’s Tang Qian.” He looked at Qin An’an and took the initiative to explain. After speaking, he answered the phone.

On the other side of the phone, Tang Qian hesitated for two seconds, and then said, “Shi Ting, I heard that Qin An has given birth, I thought about it and thought it would be better to come to the hospital. I’m at the inpatient department now, and I don’t know where she is. Which ward?”

Fu Shiting strode out of the ward.

Mike teased: “Tang Qian dares to call, doesn’t she want to see you?”

Qin Anan’s face was extremely cold.

She didn’t want to see Tang Qian, she just wanted Tang Qian to die.

“Xiaohan, Rila, you two stay in the room, I’ll go out and have a look.” The fire of gossip in Mike’s heart was burning brightly.

Besides watching the fun, Mike actually wanted to put pressure on Fu Shiting.

Tang Qian and Fu Shiting have known each other for more than ten years, and their friendship is extraordinary.

Otherwise, Tang Qian would not be able to be so unscrupulous and do evil things.

Now Qin Anan was killed prematurely. Fortunately, it was only premature. If it was a dystocia, it would not be enough for Tang Qian to die 10,000 times!

Tang Qian stood in the lobby of the inpatient building and looked at the elevator door.

After a while, the elevator door slowly opened, and Fu Shiting stepped out from inside.

Tang Qian quickly adjusted her emotions. When Fu Shiting walked in front of her, her eyes were scarlet, and she looked remorseful.

“Shi Ting, I’m sorry. I have already investigated it clearly. My cousin did it.”

Tang Qian’s voice was settled, and Fu Shiting slapped her face.

This slap came unexpectedly! And the strength is so great that Tang Qian can’t bear it.

She felt like her soul was scattered! That illusory love-hate relationship is simply ridiculous!

“I didn’t do it! Why did you hit me?” Tang Qian covered her face with one hand and screamed out of control, “Fu Shiting, you can’t see me when there is no accident! When something happens, you blame me! You have no conscience!”

“Without your support, how would your cousin dare to do it? I’ll never expose you, so you don’t have to treat me like a fool!” Fu Shiting’s dark eyes flashed with bloodthirsty coldness. He approached her, reached into the roots of her hair with his big palms

, and grabbed her beautiful long hair, “Why are you coming to the hospital to see my premature son?”

Ringing in her ear.

He pulled her long hair and pulled her out, like pulling the lowest animal!

She burst into tears of pain, and out of the corner of her eyes, she saw many people standing around to watch.

His pace was fast, and she was wearing high heels, so she couldn’t keep up with him at all. She threw her body to the ground after writhing!

And he had absolutely no intention of helping her. Even because she fell, she was disgusted.

He pulled her harder, wanting to pull her out of the hospital immediately!

It seems that her staying here will affect Qin An’an’s recovery!

She was afraid that her scalp would be ripped off by him, so she could only grieve and cry while crawling quickly with both hands on the ground…

Mike came out of the elevator and just saw this scene.

He froze in shock, forgetting the purpose of his descent.

When Mike first checked Fu Shiting’s information, the information showed that he was ruthless and ruthless.

But when Zhou Ziyi mentioned him, he would unconsciously beautify the man, causing Mike to think he was a normal man.

Until now, I saw him throw Tang Qian into the rain like throwing garbage!

Chapter 705

Chapter 705

Although Tang Qian deserves to die, his brutal behavior is still shocking.

If the hospital security hadn’t stepped forward to stop him, Mike thought he might have killed Tang Qian.

This is the man Qin Anan loves deeply.

This is why she can’t fall in love with other men.

If other men were as vicious as Fu Shiting, she would definitely run away.

Tang Qian was quickly carried away by two security guards and disappeared in the rainy night.

Mike walked behind Fu Shiting and patted him on the shoulder: “Today is the happy day of your son’s birth, there is no need to be so angry.”

If Tang Qian didn’t come to him, he really wouldn’t be so angry.

If Tang Qian was honest about everything she did, he wouldn’t be so angry.

The reason why he was so angry was because Tang Qian lied seriously and tried to convince him to accept her lie.

He hated being deceived the most in his life, where did Tang Qian have the courage to deceive him!

“Don’t tell Qin Anan about what happened just now.” The violence in his eyes subsided, and his mood gradually returned to normal.

“I definitely won’t say it. Although Tang Qian is damned, why do you have to do it yourself?” Mike reminded him, “Qin Anan asked you to be a good father, did you not take it to heart? If the child sees what happened just now, it will affect the How bad.”

Mike’s words woke him up.

“I will be careful in public in the future.”

“I don’t blame you. In fact, I also hate Tang Qian’s ticklish teeth. Even if you kill this woman, I will not sympathize with her.” Mike strode towards the elevator He walked over, “Zi Yi went to see Xiao Tian. He said that Xiao Tian had a mental problem, and now she has to divorce Zhunzhi.”

Fu Shiting’s face was gloomy: “Don’t tell An An about this.”

“I know. I won’t tell her anything until she is discharged from the hospital. Otherwise, she will definitely cry again.” Mike glanced at him and said with lingering fears, “You were terrible just now. If you quarrel with Qin Anan someday , will she treat her like that?”

“If I treat her like that, do you think she will give birth to me?” He raised his eyebrows slightly and retorted.

“I’ll tell you later.” Mike corrected, “Violence is engraved in DNA. Does your father also have violent tendencies?”

Fu Shiting’s body suddenly tensed, and his eyes became icy and cold.

Time seemed to stand still. Some shattered memories emerge before my eyes.

Mike is right, his father is not only violent, but also very violent.

Is his violent tendencies really hereditary?

Mike looked at him with a chill in his heart. He seems to have changed.

“Ahem, I’m joking!” Mike realized that he was talking too much, and immediately explained with a smile, “People can be changed after acquired education. Otherwise, there are so many murderers, it is impossible for their children to be murderers. Don’t you? “

“Do you think this topic is funny?” When the

elevator reached the designated floor, Fu Shiting walked out first.

“It’s not funny! Can I apologize to you!” Mike chased after him.

“No need. You take Rila and Xiaohan back now, and I will send a nanny to take care of them.” Fu Shiting changed the subject, “No accident, An An will be discharged from the hospital in about a week, so please take care of them these days.”

“They The two can take care of themselves, sometimes they buy me food.” Mike triumphantly, “Just take care of An An, you don’t have to worry about the rest.”

Back in the ward, Mike picked up Rila with one hand and Xiaohan with the other. ,go home.

After they left, Qin Anan frowned and took a low breath: “Give me a painkiller.”

Fu Shiting handed her the medicine.

After she took the medicine, the pain disappeared instantly, and she fell asleep immediately.

Fu Shiting stood by the bed for a while, seeing that she was breathing evenly and sleeping soundly, so she got up and walked towards the neonatology department.

Chapter 706

Chapter 706 The

child is now in the incubator in the intensive care unit, being looked after by a specialized nurse.

The environment in the intensive care unit is sterile, and under normal circumstances, premature babies cannot be visited.

But Fu Shiting has a special identity. After he entered the neonatal unit, the nurse sterilized him, put on sterile clothing, and took him into the intensive care unit.

“Mr. Fu, your child’s overall condition is good, but he is a little bit in respiratory distress… Many premature babies have this condition, you don’t have to worry too much.” The nurse explained.

Fu Shiting had already learned about the child’s condition from the doctor at noon, so he was not too worried.

He looked at the child carefully through the incubator.

The child was wrapped in a swaddle, with an oxygen tube on his nose, his eyes closed, motionless, and appeared to be sleeping.

Fu Shiting’s eyes suddenly became wet.

If the child is born full-term, there is no need to suffer like this.

He didn’t blame Qin Anan.

She has suffered for eight months since she was pregnant. The torture she endured during this period was more than the kidnapping of Li Xiaotian?

It is not easy for her to conceive a child to eight months.

He hates the manipulators behind the pain and suffering.

This is also the reason why he will do it when he sees Tang Qian tonight.

His emotions were not out of control, he knew what he was doing. He hates Tang Qian, and he has never been reasonable to those he hates.

“Mr. Fu, the child looks relatively small now. In a month, he will grow up a lot.” The nurse saw him sad and comforted him, “If the child develops well in the future, he can be discharged from the hospital in about a month.”

Fu Shiting said dumbly, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“It’s not hard. Although we don’t allow parents to visit here, but the dean has explained that if you come, you can come in at any time. It’s just that disinfection is a bit troublesome, I’m afraid you are not used to the smell of disinfectant.” The nurse said, “We will I will show you pictures of the child every day.”

Fu Shiting nodded.

Late at night, another hospital.

Tang Qian sat in the waiting chair in the hospital lobby, crying silently.

She held a bag of medicine in her hand.

She has seen her illness and took medicine, but she doesn’t want to go home.

In the apartment where she lives, you can see the logo screen of the ST Group Building.

Her dream for the rest of her life is to become Fu Shiting’s woman and become the hostess of ST Group.

But tonight, her dream was completely shattered.

Fu Shiting would not marry her. Not only will he not marry her, he will not even keep her by his side.

Because he has a son, the future, ST Group, is his son.

She has become a total wretch!

She sat in the hospital until two o’clock in the middle of the night, until she couldn’t cry anymore, then she took out her mobile phone and found a number to dial.

The call was quickly connected.

Tang Qian sniffed: “Brother, I’m in the hospital, you come to pick me up.”

“What are you doing?! I’m abroad, how can I pick you up?” On the other side of the phone, Tang Qiaosen’s voice came coldly.

Tang Qian took a deep breath and tears fell.

Tang Qiaosen quickly noticed something was wrong: “Why are you in the hospital? What’s wrong with you?!”

Chapter 707

Chapter 707

“I was beaten.” Tang Qian said, crying.

“Oh, were you beaten by Fu Shiting?”

“Apart from him, who else would dare to do something to me?” Tang Qian raised her head slightly, preventing her tears from falling, “Are you trying to call me stupid? If I don’t go back to him, I will never suffer such humiliation today.”

“What’s the use of regret? You will only make people look down on you.” Tang Qiaosen glanced at the time, “Go back now. If you don’t want to go back, find a nearby hotel to stay. I’ll buy a ticket to go back to China right away to accompany you.”

“Brother, I want to give up.” Tang Qian was exhausted, “he almost killed me tonight. I don’t want to pay for him any more, even if it’s just a tear…he Not worthy!”

Tang Qiaosen teased, “How many times have you said this. If you don’t entrust this life to him, you won’t give up.”

“This time it’s true…he Now that he has a son, he doesn’t need me anymore.”

“Tang Qian, you have a good rest first.” Over the phone, Tang Qiaosen’s tone was calm, “I recently received a very important piece of information, I will tell you when I return to China. .”

The next day, in the morning.

Qin An’an felt much less pain after a peaceful sleep.

After losing the medicine in the morning, she supported Fu Shiting and slowly got out of bed.

“If it hurts, you don’t have to rush out of bed.” He frowned when he saw her in pain.

“Get out of bed early to recover sooner. My phone seems to be at home, and you asked someone to fetch it for me.” She wanted to leave the hospital quickly and went to see Li Xiaotian, “Is Xiaotian awake? How is she? I want to talk to her. Talk.”

Fu Shiting supported her and after a brief thought, said: “She is not in a good state of mind. After all, she has never been wronged before. An An, give her some time. The doctor said that she is not suitable for any stimulation now and needs to be Rest.”

“I just want to talk to her, I definitely won’t irritate her.” Qin Anan stopped and looked up at him, “Is she seriously injured? Fu Shiting, look at me! Don’t lie to me !”

She gave birth to a child in an operation yesterday, her body is very weak, and the wound is very painful, so she did not ask this question.

“Her body will recover after a period of recuperation. Her main problem is mental. I didn’t lie to you. If you don’t believe me, I can call Li Xiaotian’s mother. You can ask her mother.” Fu Shiting reassured.

“Okay, you can fight now.” Qin Anan asked.

Fu Shiting called Li’s mother in front of her.

Li’s mother answered the phone, and Fu Shiting said, “Auntie, An An wants to talk to you on the phone.” After that, he handed the phone to Qin An’an.

Qin Anan took the phone, greeted Li’s mother, and asked, “Auntie, how is Xiaotian? I’m very worried about her.”

“Xiaotian is okay. After she had breakfast this morning, she asked me about your situation! But she is very depressed and unwilling to communicate with others. When she is better, I will ask her to call you.” Mother Li said.

“Okay. Auntie, you must tell me when she gets better.”

“Well, you just gave birth, you need to rest well. With me taking care of Xiaotian, she will not be bullied again.”

“. …..Auntie, I’m sorry, I’m the one who caused Xiaotian.” Qin Anan said, her eyes were hot and tears welled up in her eyes.

Fu Shiting embraced her, and his long fingers gently wiped away the hot tears on her face.

“An An, how can you say that? This matter has nothing to do with you anyway. You are Xiao Tian’s best friend, and I hope you can be good friends for life. Don’t be affected by these messy things.”

“Auntie, Don’t worry. As long as Xiaotian doesn’t give up, I will definitely be her sister for life.”

After talking on the phone, her mood was affected.

She went back to the hospital bed and lay down, her eyes blank and her thoughts messed up.

Fu Shiting’s cell phone rang. He turned on his phone and saw the picture of the child sent by the doctor.

“An An, look at our son.” Fu Shiting glanced at the photo and handed her the phone.

She took the phone and looked at the little guy in the picture carefully, and finally there was a warm light in her eyes.

He sat by the bed and watched with her.

“Why is there a rash on my son’s face?” He frowned and enlarged the picture, “I didn’t see it when I went to see it last night.”

Chapter 708

Chapter 708

Qin Anan also saw the rash on his son’s face.

But she wasn’t particularly surprised.

“Children’s skin is tender and prone to rashes.” She told him based on her own experience, “Xiaohan and Rila often had eczema before they were one year old. Usually, the medicine will disappear quickly.”

Fu Shiting was relieved . down.

“Our children are born prematurely and are more likely to have small problems.” Her tone was self-blame.

“As long as there are no major problems.” He comforted her, “When I went to see him last night, he slept very soundly, maybe he thought he was in your womb!”

“He slept soundly because of the lack of premature birth . Oxygen.” She raised her moist apricot eyes, “Fu Shiting, I won’t let Tang Qian go.”

Fu Shiting responded, “She put the blame on her cousin. Her cousin has already fled the country.”

” No. She is helping behind her back, and her cousin dares to do this?!”

“An An, I know.” He held her little hand, “I have sent someone to find her cousin. When I find her cousin, I will make her spit out the truth. .”

Qin Anan stared at him blankly: “Would you still let Tang Qian continue to work in your company?”

“I broke up with her last night.” His thin lips parted lightly, “She will not dare to come to me in the future. Unless she is not afraid of death.”

She whispered: “She may really not be afraid of death. How dare a person who is afraid of death dare to commit crimes again and again?”

“If this is the case, I will fulfill her.” His tone was cold Thin and cold, but the look in her eyes is very gentle.

She knows that people have many sides, but it is rare for someone like Fu Shiting to have such extreme two sides.

But no matter which side of him, he was deeply attracted to her.

There was a knock on the door of the ward, and Fu Shiting went to open it.

Wei Zhen and Yin Yin stood outside the door.

Qin An had just had an operation yesterday, which was quite painful, so Wei Zhen asked Yin Yin to visit again today.

“Brother, I made soup. I brought it to An’an to drink.” Yinyin showed Fu Shiting the insulation box showing off.

Fu Shiting was surprised: “What did you do?”

“Well. It’s so hard for An An to give birth to a child, I also want to do something.” Yin Yin’s eyes were full of smiles.

Fu Shiting glanced at her left index finger wrapped in gauze, immediately held her hand, and whispered, “Don’t do it in the future. If you come to see her, she will be very happy.”

“Brother, I don’t feel pain.” Yin Yin He pulled his hand back with a smile, then walked to Qin An’an with the thermal insulation box, “An An, Wei Zhen said that you were in pain yesterday, and asked me not to quarrel with you, so I came to see you today.”

“Yin Yin, I It doesn’t hurt anymore. You don’t have to worry about me.” Qin Anan saw her opening the thermos box, and a scent wafted out, “It’s so fragrant, did you make it?”

“Well, this is crucian carp soup. You can try it. Yin Yin filled a bowl of soup and handed it to Qin An’an, “Wei Zhen said it would be better for you to drink crucian carp soup now.”

Qin An’an took the soup bowl and set his eyes on the fingers of her hand, “Yin Yin, you Is your hand injured?”

“No, just a little wound. Wei Zhen insisted on wrapping me into such a big ball.” Yin Yin said shyly, “How about you taste the fish soup? If it tastes good, I will make it tomorrow. I’ll cook it for you again .”

Qin An’an: “Of course what you cook is delicious, but I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“I’ll be careful next time.” Yin Yin sat down on the chair beside the bed, “An An, I really I want to see your little baby, but Wei Zhen said that the little baby is in the incubator now, and I can’t see him.”

“Your brother has pictures on his phone.”

“Oh, brother, show me the pictures!” Yin Yin walked away Go to Fu Shiting and ask him for a mobile phone.

Fu Shiting turned on the phone, called up the photo, and handed it to her.

She took her mobile phone, walked to Wei Zhen’s side, and watched with Wei Zhen.

Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Qin Anan took a sip of the

soup, which was sweet and delicious.

Because it is made by Yin Yin, the meaning is greater than the taste.

When performing surgery on Yinyin, she did not expect that Yinyin would recover to the current level.

“Shi Ting, the fish soup tastes good, you can try it too.” Qin Anan said.

Fu Shiting walked to the table and served himself a bowl.

He took a sip, and the fish soup was light and not greasy at all, which was really good.

His eyes fell on Yin Yin.

During her time with Wei Zhen, she has made great progress.

Perhaps, he should let her try anything she wants, including driving.

Star River Villa.

Mike is on leave these days. Because Qin Anan gave birth to a child, he couldn’t help her bear the pain, but he could help her take care of her family.

The two children go to school during the day, and he works from home.

At noon, Zhou Ziyi came over for a meal.

“Let’s go to the hospital to see Qin An’an after dinner!” Zhou Ziyi suggested.

“Well, Fu Shiting asked me to take her cell phone.” Mike said here, the topic suddenly changed, “There is a darknet in country B.”

Zhou Ziyi was stunned: “Darknet? Every country has a darknet bar!”

” What I’m talking about is definitely not an ordinary dark web.” Mike lowered his voice, “Nuo Nuo may be a ‘slave’ bought by Tang Qian on the dark web.”

Zhou Ziyi: “… ..”

“When Xiaohan investigated Nuonuo, she found that she had visited an encrypted website. Xiaohan conquered the website and found that the website was a secret underground organization with population transactions.” The reason why Mike told Zhou Ziyi this The thing is because he has a new breakthrough.

Zhou Ziyi picked up the water glass and took a sip: “It’s terrible! Although I have always known that there are darknets and underground organizations, but I have never come into contact with them in reality.”

“Hahaha, do you want to see it?” Mike picked. Mei, “I contacted a boss inside last night, I sent Qin An’an’s photo, I said I want a woman like this, guess what the boss said?”

Zhou Ziyi looked at him intently and guessed: ” Could it be that he handled Nuonuo?”

Mike shook his head: “Nuo Nuo was not handled by him, but he knew that he had sold a woman who looked similar to Qin Anan. The people inside had no names, only numbers. Zhou Ziyi clenched the

water glass tightly, his face solemn, “If it is really what you guessed, Tang Qian is simply unforgivable!”

“I am looking for evidence. When the evidence is found, Tang Qian will not be able to quibble! She said now. Everything is done by Nuonuo because others don’t know her true relationship with Nuonuo.”

“Well. I’m afraid I can’t find evidence. Tang Qian is very meticulous in her work. In fact, my boss pays special attention to her. It’s just that she Too greedy. Her goal seems to be my boss, but in fact, what she wants should be the entire ST Group.”

“Give me a little more time, and I will make her real.” Mike said confidently.


After Tang Qian received Tang Qiaosen, the two got into a luxury car.

Tang Qiaosen took off the hat on Tang Qian’s head, and Tang Qian frowned immediately.

A piece of her scalp was ripped off last night and now she has gauze wrapped around her head.

Tang Qiaosen looked gloomy and cold: “He gave you such a heavy hand?”

Tang Qian swallowed tears in her stomach: “If someone hadn’t stopped me, I would have been beaten to death by him last night.”

“I reminded you earlier that he You’re not a normal person, you don’t believe me!” Tang Qiaosen’s chin raised slightly, “I met the doctor who diagnosed him a while ago. The doctor told me that Fu Shiting is indeed mentally ill!”

Chapter 710

Chapter 710

Tang Qianru was hit hard.

She could not accept the result.

She lost her mind for a mental illness? Haha, how ridiculous it is to say it!

That would make her look sicker than a psycho!

“Even if he is mentally ill, he is not the kind of lunatic in a mental hospital!” She forced herself to defend Fu Shiting, “His illness will not prevent him from becoming the richest entrepreneur! His illness will not prevent him from having children! So, what if he’s sick?!”

Tang Qiaosen looked at her slack appearance and sneered: “Tang Qian, next time you are bullied by him, don’t call me! Mental homicide is not illegal, even if you die at his hands You deserve it!”

“You’re so ugly!”

“The truth is generally ugly!” Tang Qiaosen adjusted his neckline and said lightly, “If this matter spreads out, do you think he won’t care? If He doesn’t care, why can’t he search for any information on the Internet? Why has he never mentioned this in public? Because he dare not! When his father died, he dropped out of school for a long time. It is rumored that he killed his father… …I think most of this is true!”

“Brother, don’t spread the word about things without evidence, do you think his legal team is vegetarian?” Tang Qian calmed down and reminded, “Whether he has I’m not sick, whether he kills or not, it has nothing to do with us. I don’t dare to go to him again. I want to re-plan my life.”

“Tang Qian, come back to me!” Tang Qiaosen took her by the shoulders, “You are so capable, why do you need to do things for outsiders? Come and help me, I will give you anything you want.”

Tang Qian frowned: “I don’t want to stay here, but I’m not willing to leave. I don’t want to admit that I’m a failure. I’m still so young! I can start again!”

“Of course you can start again! The door of Xinhe Capital is always open for you.”

ST Group, a group announcement this morning sparked heated discussions within the company.

Tang Qian, the manager of the public relations department, was fired and will never be hired again.

Tang Qian joined ST Group after graduation. Since then, her work ability is obvious to all.

In addition, the relationship between her and Fu Shiting has also become a topic of discussion among employees after dinner.

Many people speculate that she is Fu Shiting’s woman. Although she has not been put in the right position, she will become the hostess of ST Group sooner or later.

Unexpectedly, Qin Anan appeared in the middle, and Tang Qian was put into the cold palace.

Now, Qin Anan gave birth to Fu Shiting’s son, and Tang Qian was immediately expelled… It is clear at a glance who will be the mistress of ST Group in the future.

“I’m quite reluctant to leave Manager Tang. She usually buys us snacks.”

“I’m also reluctant to let her go. Although she is strict, she is very kind to our female employees.”

“Anyone of you know the inside story? Yes Did Qin Anan run her away? Qin Anan is not our boss’s wife! How can she intervene in our company?! Did she think she gave birth to a son to be the empress dowager?”

“What you said, they gave birth to the boss. Son, of course the Queen Mother! If you give birth to a son for the boss, you can drive anyone you want!”

“Damn! I don’t know why the boss didn’t choose Manager Tang, but Qin An’an!”

“I know why. Because Tang Qian can’t give birth, but Qin An can give birth.”

In the pantry, everyone chatted hotly.

Sheng Bei pushed open the door and came in with a serious face: “Tang Qian was fired because she made a mistake. It has nothing to do with Qin An’an. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to talk about women who have just given birth behind their backs?

” I’m sorry, Chief Financial Officer! We’re just reluctant to bear Manager Tang!”

“You can’t bear her, and you don’t have to speculate maliciously about Qin An’an.” Sheng Bei said sternly, “Qin An’an has never intervened in the company’s affairs, so don’t speak ill of her in the company in the future. If you are heard by President Fu, you all have to get out! “

Everyone bowed their heads.

“In a few days, a new manager will take office in your department. Before the new manager takes office, I will temporarily handle all the affairs of the public relations department,” Sheng Bei said. “Also, I’m here to send you wedding candy. Qin Anan will give Mr. Fu gave birth to a son, you must have heard about this. This is a big happy event, so let’s celebrate together!”

Everyone burst into laughter.

“CFO, will the boss marry Qin An’an?”

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