When His Eyes Opened Chapter 71 -80(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 71 -80(Chinese)

Chapter 71

First of all, you have to cross the first hurdle, and then it will get better and better.

“Then don’t ask her, just give her a gift.” Sheng Bei gave him advice, “You give her some jewelry. Women like jewelry.”

Fu Shiting: “She doesn’t wear jewelry. I’ve never seen her. She has worn it.”

“Then send skin care products, girls use skin care products.” Zhou Ziyi suggested.

Fu Shiting: “She doesn’t need skin care products. I went to her room to see that there was nothing but a facial cleanser.”

You can’t give her a facial cleanser as a gift, right?

Sheng Bei didn’t expect Qin An’an to be such a woman.

I didn’t expect that Fu Shiting, the president of the dignified ST Group, could secretly go to the girl’s room to observe this kind of thing!

“Then you will give her facial cleanser!” Sheng Bei said.

Fu Shiting: “Her facial cleanser is dusty, and she probably hasn’t used it much.”


Clothes, shoes, bags! She always wears clothes and shoes every day, right? The bag is definitely Is there?” Sheng Bei gave the ultimate answer, “Your mother beat her, she must have been wronged to death, if you don’t coax her, she will definitely ignore you.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Actually, I think Miss Qin and ordinary women are still the same . It’s quite different. She hasn’t graduated yet, so she may not be so material. If you give her a gift, the effect may not be very good.”

Sheng Bei snapped his fingers: “I understand what you mean. In fact, the gift is only an auxiliary function, the most important thing. It still needs a man to do some things personally.”

Fu Shiting: “For example?”

Zhou Ziyi: “A kiss?”

Sheng Bei: “Yes!”

Fu Shiting’s face darkened in an instant.

“If you don’t want to do it, we can help you!” Sheng Bei said generously when he saw his embarrassed expression.

Fu Shiting’s voice suddenly rose: “You want to kiss her and hug her?!”

Sheng Bei said with a puff: “We’ll give you gifts! The rest, you have to do it yourself.”

“No need.” Fu Shiting didn’t want to borrow others When he fell in love with his hands, he said indifferently, “It’s not that she is indispensable to me.”

Sheng Bei: “Then you secretly go to her room to watch her facial cleanser fall ashes?”

Zhou Ziyi: “Brother Bei, stop talking, give it to my boss Can you save some face?”

Fu Shiting: “You two get out!”

Zhou Ziyi took Sheng Bei and walked to the door.

Fu Shiting’s voice came again: “Ziyi, help me make an appointment with Tang Qiaosen.”

“Okay boss, what time?”


“OK.” In the


Qin Anan decided to go for a walk outside after dinner.

She hadn’t been out for a week, and was panicking.

After applying foundation on the day of the maternity check, the injury on her face became more serious, so she did not dare to apply foundation again.

In addition, there is no rubbing medicine, and the injury is slower.

Now, the injury on the face is not so serious, but if you look closely, you can still see traces of yellow and purple.

She wore a mask and walked out of the gate of the community.

After walking forward for about 100 meters, a motorcycle whizzed by… With a

‘whoosh’, the mobile phone in her hand was gone!

Chapter 72

Chapter 72

Qin Anan was stunned.

After realizing that his mobile phone was stolen, he spread his legs to chase.

But after running for two steps, she thought that she was pregnant, so she stopped, turned quickly and walked towards the community.

About an hour later, Mrs. Zhang’s phone number reached Fu Shiting’s cell phone.

“Sir, my wife’s mobile phone was stolen by a thief while she was walking. I accompanied her to the police station to report the case, but the police told us that the mobile phone may be difficult to retrieve. When my wife came back, her eyes were red. She said it was in the phone. There is a lot of important information. She is crying secretly in the room at the moment.”

Sister Zhang couldn’t bear it, thinking that if she told Fu Shiting about this, maybe she could use Fu Shiting’s relationship to help her find her phone.

In fact, Mrs. Zhang was not sure whether Qin Anan was crying secretly in the room at the moment. Mrs. Zhang deliberately said this to see if it could make Fu Shiting soften.

Fu Shiting made an appointment with Tang Qiaosen tonight.

Now he is at the agreed restaurant, and Tang Qiaosen will arrive in a while.

After answering Mrs. Zhang’s call, he spent less than a minute thinking about it before making a decision.

When Tang Qiaosen arrived at the restaurant, he saw Zhou Ziyi and raised his eyebrows: “Where’s your boss?”

“Mr. Tang, I’m sorry. My boss just left and something happened to his house. So let me wait for you here and follow you. Explain.” Zhou Ziyi said apologetically.

Tang Qiaosen chuckled and said, “What a coincidence? Maybe he doesn’t want to see me, so he just made a reason?”

Zhou Ziyi: “Even if my boss doesn’t want to see you, he won’t escape. He’s not afraid of it. Who.”

Tang Qiaosen sat down in the chair and looked at Zhou Ziyi in his spare time: “But I remember that he did not have a good relationship with his family. Who is in trouble in his family and asked him to leave me?”

Zhou Ziyi: “His wife .”

Tang Qiaosen: “…”

Zhou Ziyi: “I guess my boss asked you to come here because of Qin An’an. Mr. Tang, although I may not be qualified enough, I still want to remind you that my boss likes it very much. For Qin An’an, it’s better for you to keep a proper distance from Qin An’an.”

Tang Qiaosen pondered for a moment, then said, “Ziyi, have you considered quitting? I can offer you a higher price.”

Zhou Ziyi was frightened: ” Mr. Tang, thank you for your love, but there is no option of job-hopping in my career plan. As long as Mr. Fu doesn’t fire me, I will not leave him.”

“Why?” Tang Qiaosen was puzzled.

“You can ask Tang Qian why she doesn’t want to leave ST Group.”

“Tang Qian doesn’t want to leave because she likes Fu Shiting, do you like Fu Shiting too?!” Tang Qiaosen laughed.

“I like him, the kind of respect I like.” Zhou Ziyi said frankly, “The outside world has always said that he has a bad temper, and that is because people are multi-faceted. A serious person is not necessarily a bad person, a smiling face is not necessarily a bad person. People, you may hide the knife in your smile.”

Tang Qiaosen: “Are you talking about me?”

Zhou Ziyi: “No, I have no connotation for you. You are also very good, but I don’t want to betray my boss.”

Zhou Ziyi knew it well, Tang Qiaosen To dig himself at a higher price is to use him to deal with Fu Shiting.

As Fu Shiting’s right-hand man, he knows Fu Shiting better than anyone else.

“If I betray President Fu today, and I can betray you for higher interests in the future, you probably won’t worry about using such a person.” Zhou Ziyi said.

police station.

The arrival of Fu Shiting made the entire police station tense.

After the sheriff received the call, he rushed to the scene.

“Your mobile phone has been stolen? This thief is really lawless! I will have someone check and monitor it immediately! I promise to help you find your mobile phone within 24 hours!” The sheriff patted his chest and assured Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting: “It wasn’t my phone that was stolen.”

“Oh! It scared me to death! I thought your phone

was stolen…” “My wife’s phone was stolen.” Fu Shiting took a sip of tea, ” Can it be retrieved within 24 hours?” The

sheriff was startled for a moment, and continued to promise: “Yes! Of course it can! Now that the Sky Eye system is all over the streets, it will definitely be recovered! I will immediately let the people below do their best to investigate!”

Fu Shiting nodded: “It’s hard work.”

“It’s not hard work, it’s not hard work! This is what we should do!” The sheriff flipped through tonight’s report records and said, “Your wife’s name is Qin An’an?”

Chapter 73

Chapter 73

Fu Shiting: “Yeah.”

“Okay! I remember her name!”

Fu family.

Qin Anan sat at the desk, logged into his social account with a computer, and sent a message that his mobile phone was stolen.

After that, he sat in a chair dazed.

If the person who stole the mobile phone stole the mobile phone and sold it directly after flashing it.

I am afraid that the mobile phone will be opened and people will see the privacy inside.

She patted her dizzy head and sighed.

If I knew it earlier, I wouldn’t be out of the neighborhood.

You can also take a walk in the neighborhood!

Getting up from the chair, she took her pajamas and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After taking a shower, she crawled onto the bed and lay down.

I’m going to buy a new phone tomorrow, and I have to make up a number card.

After lying down, she tossed and turned, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

Outside the door, there was a rush of footsteps, and the door was knocked.

“Madam, are you asleep? My husband just called and told you to get your phone back for you. You need to sign at the police station. If you don’t want to go, you can ask your husband to sign on your behalf…”

Sister Zhang’s voice made Qin Anan come out of the room immediately.

“I found my phone?”

“Yeah! Mr. came to help you find it back.” Mrs. Zhang made a point for her, “I called Mr. and told me about it. You won’t be angry, will you?”

Qin Anan Shaking his head sharply.

It’s too late to be happy if she can get her phone back, how could she be angry?

After half an hour.

Accompanied by Mrs. Zhang, Qin Anan came to the police station.

Qin Anan saw her mobile phone at a glance, and was held in Fu Shiting’s palm.

She broke out in a cold sweat.

“Give me the phone!” Before she could finish her voice, her little hand had already stepped forward, trying to get the phone back from his palm.

Fu Shiting raised his hand high, and she was lost.

“Afraid I’ll look at your phone?” he teased.

“Have you seen it?” Qin An’an’s eyes suddenly turned red, “Who told you to look at my phone? Do you know how to write respect?! I’m not your toy! You do this every time! Disrespect me every time!”

The people around looked at this scene, dumbfounded.

Fu Shiting has been at the police station, just to put pressure on the staff to get their phone back quickly.

Now, the phone was retrieved as quickly as possible. Qin Anan not only didn’t appreciate him, but quarreled with him instead.

This is Fu Shiting, the big man everyone fears!

Why is Qin Anan so courageous?

Seeing the two of them quarreling, the thief next to him couldn’t help but interject: “The phone is full of belly photos!”

This sentence made Qin Anan’s eyes scarlet and her body trembling slightly.

It was as if someone had been stripped naked and left in broad daylight.

After three months of pregnancy, she takes a picture of her belly every day when she takes a bath to see if her belly is getting bigger.

Fu Shiting had never opened her cell phone, so after listening to the thief’s words, he looked at Qin An’an in surprise.

Chapter 74

Chapter 74

Qin Anan resisted the tears in his eyes, turned around angrily, and strode away from the police station.

She did not sign, nor did she take back her mobile phone from Fu Shiting’s hand.

After Fu Shiting signed on her behalf, he left the police station.

Back in the car.

Fu Shiting handed her her phone and said in a low voice, “I didn’t look at your phone.”

Qin Anan took the phone back, breathing solemnly: “But you already know what’s in my phone.”

Fu Shiting: “This is very important . A picture of the stomach.”

Qin Anan gritted her teeth and kept telling herself in her heart not to get angry with him.

After all, he helped get the phone back.

“Fu Shiting, if I told you that the child you forced me to abort was not Fu Yechen’s, but yours, would you feel any guilt in your heart?” Qin Anan asked him, clutching the phone.

Fu Shiting turned his head to look at her.

She looked serious, not joking.

“Is it from the test tube before?” His Adam’s apple rolled, and he asked in a hoarse voice.

“Yes.” Qin Anan met his eyes and said word by word, “You killed your child with your own hands, do you feel guilty?”

She wanted to see even a trace of regret on his face, and she would feel better a little.

How she wished he was a flesh-and-blood man, not a cold money-making machine.

Fu Shiting looked at her with a complicated expression. He knew it would break her heart, but he calmly said, “I don’t feel guilty. He shouldn’t have been born in the first place.”

She sneered: “If your parents say this to you, you will too. Can you be so calm?”

Fu Shiting: “If they don’t give birth to me, I will thank them. Qin Anan, not everyone wants to come to this world.”

She frowned.

He doesn’t want to come into this world?


His mother loves her so much, his career is so successful, there are so many people around him who are centered on him…

why is he so pessimistic?

What has he been through?

“Do you have depression?” She had to analyze the reason for what he said just now from a medical point of view. “Depression can be treated with medicine. If you are sick, you must seek medical attention in time.

” His expression relaxed a bit.

“If I’m sick, it can make you less worried, then treat me as sick!”

It’s almost zero when I get home.

After Qin Anan returned to the room, her head was so heavy that she couldn’t think about anything.

She fell asleep quickly after falling on the bed.

At night, I had a dream.

She dreamed of the reason why Fu Shiting was depressed.

In her dream, she saw Fu Shiting when she was a child, and also saw his father.

His father was a very strict man who didn’t have much patience with his naughty little son.

Little Fu Shiting was drenched in blood by his father’s whip…

His cry was heartbreaking.

She woke up terrified by this bloody nightmare.

Outside the window, dawn broke and the sky was bright.

Qin Anan sat up with his arms up.

“How could his father beat him? Even if his father is really like that, his mother would stop him… The dream is the opposite, he must not have been abused.” Qin Anan murmured, self-comfort.

But his heart is very clear – Fu Shiting hates this world, he must have encountered something very dark.

Not only does he hate this world, he also doesn’t want to leave offspring in this world.

No one is born evil.

She suddenly hated him less.

He’s right, she’s right, and it’s wrong that God tied the two of them to a rope.

Chapter 75

Chapter 75


The two sat at both ends of the table, she ate noodles and soy milk, he ate oatmeal and milk.

“Thank you for helping me get my phone back last night.” She said to break the silence.

“My mother beat you, I’m sorry.” He also opened his mouth, expressing the apology that had been suppressed in his heart.

Qin Anan’s face became hot: “you didn’t hit me. Why are you apologizing to me?”

“It’s not good to hit my face.” His voice was a little stiff, “If anyone touches my face, I will…”

Qin An’an didn’t wait for him to finish, raised his hand and slid lightly on his cheek.

His skin, delicate and smooth, feels excellent.

Fu Shiting: “…”

His eyes deepened, his Adam’s apple moved, and the milk cup in his hand shook slightly.

“Okay, it’s even.” She lowered her eyes and drank the soy milk, but her heartbeat was chaotic.

The fingers that touched his cheeks were getting hotter and hotter as if they were on fire.

She hurriedly finished her breakfast and quickly hid back to her room.

The scars on my cheeks today are lighter than yesterday, and they are not as painful.

She applied a thin layer of foundation to hide the scars on her face.

She can no longer stay at home.

The company called her several times.

Xinhe Capital also sent messages every three to five to ask.

After she finished dressing up and came out of the room, Fu Shiting had already left.

“Madam, are you going to the company? I’ll ask the driver to take you.” After Aunt Zhang finished speaking, she went to call the driver.

Qin Anan stood at the door and waited.

At this moment, the phone rang.

She took out her phone and answered the call.

“Miss Qin, are you free today? I want to ask you for help with something.” Sheng Bei’s voice came from the phone.

Qin Anan asked in confusion: “What? Are you sure I can help you?”

Sheng Bei said firmly: “Sure. Are you at home now? Should I pick you up? We’ll talk about it after we meet.”

Qin Anan: ” Okay.”

Half an hour later, Sheng Bei drove a white Bentley and appeared at the entrance of Fu’s Courtyard.

His car and Fu Shiting’s car seem to be the same except for the color.

“Mr. Sheng, aren’t you going to work today?” Qin An’an got in the car and fastened his seat belt.

“I don’t need to punch in when I go to work.” Sheng Bei smiled, “I asked you to help us pick out gifts.”

“Help you? Who else is there besides you?”

“Other executives of the company. After a while It’s Shi Ting’s birthday, we have to buy him a present. But I don’t know what to buy. So I want you to help me with this.”

Qin An calmly said, “When is his birthday?”

“Haha, you don’t care about your husband so much. Is it?” Sheng Bei felt sad for Fu Shiting.

Tang Qian regarded him as treasure, Qin Anan regarded him as grass, but he chose to be grass.

Qin Anan blushed embarrassedly, and made an excuse: “…I’m usually quite busy.”

“Well, I know that things in your company are tricky, you still have to write a paper, you must be better than Shi Ting is more busy.” Sheng Bei said.

“You’re laughing at me.” Qin Anan heard his overtones, but was not angry, “I don’t know what he likes, I’m afraid I can’t help.”

“Of course you can.” Sheng Bei drove the car onto the road , “Let’s go to the mall first.”

Soon, the car stopped at the largest shopping mall in the city center.

There are not many tourists in the mall on weekday mornings.

Sheng Bei took her into the mall and went straight to the jewelry area on the first floor.

Qin Anan frowned and looked at Sheng Bei in confusion: “He likes jewelry? Why haven’t I seen him wear it…”

Isn’t jewelry worn by women?

Sheng Bei had to be frank with her: “He never accepts gifts from us. But now that he has you, we can supply you with the birthday present that we owe him.”

Chapter 76

Chapter 76

If Sheng Bei’s words were said at the door of Fu’s house, then Qin An’an would never get into his car.

“Mr. Sheng, I know you want to please him…” Qin Anan said.

“How is it to please? Haven’t you ever given gifts to your friends?” Sheng Bei corrected her with a smile, “He will give us gifts on our birthdays.”

“Oh…he won’t let you give gifts . , so you don’t give it away? It means you don’t treat him as a friend, but as a boss.” Qin Anan said, “Don’t get me involved, haven’t you heard of being short-handed? If I accept him, you will please him. The gift that I received from him is equivalent to the fact that I received a gift from him, and in the future when he makes me angry, I am embarrassed to scold him freely.”

Sheng Bei was stunned.

Curse him happily?

Does she always get along with him like this?

Sheng Bei began to wonder if the boss had a tendency to be abused.

“You can think of another way! I’ll go first.” Qin Anan finished speaking and planned to leave.

Sheng Bei immediately grabbed her arm.

“Miss Qin, this year’s birthday is of extraordinary significance to Shi Ting,” Sheng Bei had already prepared a draft, coupled with his perfect acting skills, Qin An’an immediately quieted down, “After his birthday last year, he made a lot of noise. After a serious car accident, he turned into a vegetative state. The doctor said at the time that he would not live long… We didn’t think he could wake up, but he did. Fortunately, he woke up, otherwise he would never live. Not this year’s birthday…”

Qin An’an’s heart was suddenly softer than cotton.

Think about it from another perspective, if it was you who became a vegetative person in a car accident, how painful it would be!

Sheng Bei just wanted to celebrate Fu Shiting’s birthday and give him a gift to make him happy. What was wrong with him?

“Miss Qin, don’t worry, we won’t give you too expensive gifts. Just accept it with peace of mind.” Sheng Bei added.

Qin Anan pointed to the jewelry counter: “The things here are not cheap, let’s change the place.”

She agreed to receive gifts!

“Miss Qin, do you want to buy facial cleanser? I see that you have foundation on your face, do you want to change to a new foundation? Do you need to remove makeup after using foundation? Buy a bottle of makeup remover?” Sheng Bei started the dogleg mode.

“Miss Qin, your wrist is so thin, you must look good wearing a bracelet! Buy a bracelet! It’s cheap!”

“Miss Qin, what do you think of the bags in this store? Let’s buy the classic style! The classic style is good-looking and has a large capacity. It’s big and can hold a lot of things! It’s good-looking and practical!”

“Miss Qin… your soles are so worn out, buy a new pair of shoes! I know a store where the flat shoes don’t wear off your feet. I’ll take you there!”

Qin Anan has a new understanding of Shengbei.

He seems to have boundless energy.

Besides, he knows everything.

Even which aunt towel is easy to use and which brand of underwear is more comfortable to wear, all can be easily said.

Simply a woman’s friend.

If he wasn’t Fu Shiting’s chief financial officer, she might let go of her vigilance against him.

After shopping all morning, Qin Anan’s back was sore.

When she saw a restaurant, she immediately went in and sat down, refusing to go shopping.

“Miss Qin, what do you want to eat? Just order it.” Sheng Bei offered the menu with both hands.

Qin Anan only felt tired and not very hungry.

“Mr. Sheng, next time something like this happens, don’t call me, I’ll only help you this time.”

There are probably twenty or thirty gifts bought in the morning.

Her heart was up and down, restless and uneasy.

If I knew it earlier, I would not agree.

Take it softly.

She thinks of Fu Shiting now, and feels that his face is not so hateful.


I don’t even know how to deal with him.

Sheng Bei took a sip of water and said calmly, “Okay, Miss Qin. Thank you for today! Don’t you reply to Tang Qiaosen?”

“No,” Qin Anan said, “he sent me an email last night, He said that the plan has been optimized, let me take a look. I haven’t read it yet.”

“This Tang Qiaosen, in order to cooperate with you, really painstakingly!” Sheng Bei reminded, “The more active he is, the more careful you must be.”

Chapter 77

Chapter 77

Qin An was absent-minded, suddenly remembered something, and asked, “Fu Yechen didn’t do it, did Fu Shiting?”

Sheng Bei was taken aback: “Why do you think he did it? Fu Ye Isn’t Chen causing trouble by gambling money? What does it have to do with Shi Ting?”

Qin Anan picked up the water glass and took a sip: “He said he did it, and he asked me to kneel down and beg him.”

Sheng Bei: “. ……”

He also held up the water glass and took a sip: “What are you two doing? I said how could someone quarrel all day long when they are in love… It turns out that the two of you did it on purpose. Do you two enjoy quarrelling?!”

Qin Anan naturally wouldn’t admit it: “I don’t have such a hobby, he is always mad at me.”

“Yeah! He should think the same as you.”

“So I and I He doesn’t fit.” Qin Anan took another sip of water.

“It’s normal for couples to be arguing. Some people are arguing and arguing about feelings.”

“More couples are arguing and arguing.” Qin Anan said, “Don’t you think Tang Qian is more comfortable with him? Is it right? The two of them have been together for ten years without any problem…”

Sheng Bei: “Because there is no relationship, there is no problem. Shi Ting has a heart for Tang Qian.”

“Oh… almost Forget…” What he liked was the woman who looked like a princess.

After lunch, Qin Anan took a taxi to Qin’s group.

Sheng Bei sent the morning spoils back to Fu’s house, and then drove to ST Group.

He naturally did not forget to go to Fu Shiting to claim credit.

“I bought thirty-one gifts for her this morning.” Sheng Bei said, “She is very happy.”

Fu Shiting raised his eyes and looked at Sheng Bei: “Did you force her?”

Sheng Bei’s temple jumped: “Can you guess this?”

Fu Shiting raised his eyebrows and watched him perform silently.

“When I asked her to pick a bracelet, she stared at a necklace for more than three seconds. So after she left, I went back and bought the necklace.” Sheng Bei took out a box from his pocket, opened it, and found a necklace inside. Diamond necklace.

The diamonds are small and the necklaces are not expensive.

“Go back and give it to her at night.” Sheng Bei handed the box to Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting held the box between his fingers and looked at him with shrewd eyes: “How did you let her accept the gift?”

“I said your first birthday after the car accident is coming…”

Fu Shiting frowned . : “My birthday is still early!”

Sheng Bei: “Isn’t this trying to help you make her happy? Although she didn’t say that she was very happy today, I believe she must be very happy inside.”

Fu Shiting said solemnly, “It’s a disservice. “

Sheng Bei: “…”

Fu Shiting: “Give me the bill.”

Sheng Bei: “No need! Take it as a birthday present from me.”

Fu Shiting’s voice increased: “Give me the bill!”

.. ….


Qin Anan returns home.

Mrs. Zhang said: “Madam, I will help you bring the gift to your room.”

Qin Anan blushed slightly: “Oh… Is Fu Shiting back?”

Mrs. Zhang: “I will be back at four o’clock in the afternoon.

Qin An’an’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated: “I’ll wait for him to eat first… I’ll go back to the room first.” After

returning to the room, she took the gifts out of the bag one by one.

Suddenly, a red square box appeared under the eyes.

“Didn’t buy this this morning!” she said, opening the box.

A necklace appeared under his eyes.

It was the one that she took a look at at the jewelry store and thought the style was pretty good.

Chapter 78

Chapter 78

She was sure that she did not buy this necklace at that time.

But why does this necklace appear here?

She came out of the room and happened to meet Fu Shiting walking downstairs.

She suppressed her nervousness and asked him, “Fu Shiting, what’s the matter with the necklace?”

Although this matter seemed to have nothing to do with him on the surface, she intuitively knew that he knew.

Sheng Bei must have told him. Fu Shiting

looked a little uncomfortable: “Sheng Bei bought it.” After a pause, he said, “I saw the price, it’s too cheap, no one wants it, so I brought it back to you.”

She wondered how to return the necklace to him, but after he finished speaking, her mind went blank.

Too cheap, no one wants it, so give it to her.

very good!

If that’s the case, then she’ll keep it!

“Qin An’an, come and have dinner together.” Fu Shiting called to her.

She wanted to say no, but her body was honest.

Maybe it’s because of a gift?

The two entered the dining room and sat down.

Sister-in-law Zhang brought dinner to the table, served them well, and then left.

Qin Anan held a bowl and ate slowly.

He took the initiative to call her to have dinner tonight, did he have something to say to her?

And Sheng Bei bought so many gifts for her today, must he have agreed?

She was thinking wildly, a chopstick of rice was not delivered to her mouth for a long time.

Seeing her absent-mindedness, Fu Shiting opened his thin lips lightly: “What are you thinking? Did Tang Qiaosen contact you?”

Qin Anan put the rice in her mouth and asked tentatively, “You know him well, right?”

“I used to be a classmate.” Fu Shiting’s tone was calm, but the next words surprised her, “Do you want to see his previous girlfriends? Is it?”

Qin Anan coughed sharply.

She put down the dishes, picked up the water glass, and took a sip.

Fu Shiting took out a stack of color-printed documents from nowhere and handed it to her.

Qin Anan glanced at the document he handed over, and then looked at him deeply.

His behavior is kind of weird.

She and Tang Qiaosen are just talking about cooperation.

Why did he let her see Tang Qiaosen’s previous girlfriends?

She even printed out other people’s exes… Forgive her for her incompetence.

Fu Shiting didn’t expect her to stare at him so boldly.

“Tang Qiaosen wants to chase you, don’t you know?” Fu Shiting opened his mouth.

Qin An’an was taken aback: “I’m not your wife? Don’t he know?”

“He knows. But marriage can be divorced, and love can also cheat.” Fu Shiting looked at her surprised face and was sure that before that , she has no other thoughts about Tang Qiaosen.

“Oh…” Qin Anan picked up the color-printed documents and flipped through them one by one, “His previous girlfriends are so sexy! They are all S-shaped! And they all have relatively full lips. The red lipstick on the lips is very beautiful… You men should all like this type of woman, right?”

Fu Shiting’s thin lips pursed into a line.

He showed her these to make her sober, she is not Tang Qiaosen’s dish.

Not to discuss matters between men and women with her.

“You said Tang Qiaosen wanted to chase me, but I’m not his type. Why would he chase me?” After Qin Anan asked the question, the answer instantly came to his mind, “Avenge Tang Qian?”

“Not stupid . All right.” He teased.

Qin Anan glared at him: “But then, wouldn’t the relationship between the two of you break up? With your temper, even if someone only took one needle from you, you would still hold grudges.”

Fu Shiting’s face turned a little blue: “I and I He has long since lost friendship.”

“Oh…” She put down the color-printed document, picked up the bowl, and ate.

“So you know what to do next?” Fu Shiting needed her answer.

“I went to the company for a meeting this afternoon, and all the management hoped to cooperate with Xinhe Capital.”

Chapter 79

Chapter 79

“You have the right to veto.”

Qin An’an: “Fu Shiting, let’s eat! Even if I cooperate with Tang Qiaosen, it doesn’t mean that I will like him! Why do you think he is chasing me, so I will agree? I am like this A woman who is easy to catch?”

Fu Shiting: “…”

After dinner, Qin Anan returned to his room and carefully read the email from Tang Qiaosen last night.

After reading it, her mood could not be calm for a long time.

She doesn’t know anything about managing companies.

But she understood the plan Tang Qiaosen made.

And he felt that according to his plan, the Qin Group might be able to come back to life.

If Tang Qiaosen was not Tang Qian’s brother, she would immediately agree to cooperate with him.

Closing the computer, she lay down on the bed.

Holding the phone, I saw the message from Li Xiaotian: An An! I slept with He Zhunzhi! Woohoo! I feel like I’m in love with him!

Qin Anan didn’t expect things to turn out like this.

However, apart from being a little strange, He Zhunzhi still looks good.

Qin Anan replied to her: If you like it, just talk about it. This is your fate!

Li Xiaotian: He said he would take me to meet an important person tomorrow. I asked him who this important person was, but he didn’t say anything. This bastard makes me so nervous!

Qin Anan: Maybe I want to surprise you.

Li Xiaotian: Forget the surprise, don’t make it into a fright. Tell me about your husband! Do you share a room with your husband now?

Qin An’an’s face turned red involuntarily: I sleep in the guest room. He has nothing to say, so don’t ask.

Li Xiaotian: Is he handsome?

Qin Anan didn’t want to answer at first, but Fu Shiting’s handsome face appeared in his mind, and his fingers couldn’t help but type out a word: handsome.

Li Xiaotian: What the hell! Qin An’an, you are very lucky! How old is your husband?

Qin An’an: It’s quite big. For us, it’s an old man.

Li Xiaotian: Touch your head, old men are better than old men. The old man is gentle and careful, and will hurt people.

Qin An’an: [Wake up] I think you watch too many idol dramas.

Li Xiaotian: Didn’t you say he was handsome? Just be handsome! Handsome can offset all shortcomings!

the next day, breakfast.

Qin An’an stared at Fu Shiting’s face for two more seconds.

His sword eyebrows pierce his temples, his eyes are deep and dazzling, the bridge of his nose is straight and straight, and his lips are sexy…the more he looks, the more charming he is.

She remembered what Li Xiaotian said last night.

Handsome seems to really offset some of his shortcomings.

“Are you free tonight?” he asked her, ignoring her straight look.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Is he dating her?

“…It seems to be free.” She lowered her eyes and scooped a spoonful of porridge into her mouth.

“I’ll have the driver pick you up this afternoon.”

“Oh, where?” she asked curiously.

Fu Shiting: “You will know then.”

He still made progress.

Last concert, he didn’t tell her in advance.

This time, at least a signal was given to her in advance.

Five p.m.

He Zhunzhi took Li Xiaotian to a high-end restaurant.

“Tiantian, do you remember the friend I told you last time?” He Zhunzhi held Li Xiaotian’s hand and didn’t want to part with her for a second. “It’s the friend who suddenly had a wife.”

Li Xiao Tian recalled it for a while, and got an impression: “Oh, oh, the one who flashed marriage! His wife encountered difficulties, but he asked you to come forward. As a result, when his wife met you, he was half-dead with anger.”

Chapter 80

Chapter 80

He Zhunzhi nodded: “Yes! I met him abroad and he is eight years older than me. When he went to college abroad, we were neighbors. I like to pester him and let him play with me.”

Li Xiaotian nodded: “The age difference between the two of you is so big, and you still have contact now?”

He Zhunzhi: “Yes! Every time I am confused, I will ask him to solve it.”

Li Xiaotian stared at his face, Ridiculous: “You are so young, you have so many worries?”

He Zhunzhi said bluntly: “I want to start my own business, but my family doesn’t agree! He has a very successful career, and my dad admires him very much. So I need him to help me. Convince my dad.”

Li Xiaotian became interested: “What’s his name? If his career is particularly successful, I must have heard of his name, right?”

“You should have heard of his name, his name is Fu Shiting.” He Zhunzhi said, picked up the water glass and took a sip.

Li Xiaotian’s apricot eyes widened, she let go of He Zhunzhi’s hand, and said in shock, “You said he got married?! Oh my God! A friend of mine admires him so much… If you let her know the news, She must cry to death!”

He Zhunzhi: “There are many people who admire him, not less than one of your friends. His worth and status are destined to be no shortage of women. It’s just that his wife is much worse than him.”

“Ah? Who is his wife? I’m going to die of jealousy!” Li Xiaotian seemed to have eaten a ton of lemons, and her breath was sour now.

He Zhunzhi deliberately cheated: “his wife is just an ordinary person, and you don’t know him either. You’ll know when they come. Sweet, I came forward to help her, but it was Brother Shi Ting who wanted to help her. , don’t miss out on this.”

Li Xiaodian nodded.

She was curious as to what kind of ordinary person could marry Fu Shiting, a well-known wealthy businessman.

Qin Anan specially wore a new skirt today.

I felt it was too solemn, so I wore an old windbreaker outside.

When the driver picked her up at the Qin Group, he praised, “Madam, you are very beautiful today.”

Qin An’an’s cheeks turned red with a ‘swish’.

She just put on foundation and put on lipstick.

Is it very different from when you were plain makeup?

Getting in the car, she took out the mirror from her bag and looked at her face.

Probably because she was in a good mood, her cheeks were rosy and she looked good.

Six pm.

Fu Shiting and Qin Anan came to the hotel.

As soon as the two of them went up to the second floor, Li Xiaotian immediately recognized the person next to Fu Shiting… Qin Anan!

Li Xiaotian felt that her soul was out of her body, the world was muted, and everything in front of her was distorted and returned to its normal form.

Fu Shiting’s flash marriage wife turned out to be her best friend, Qin An’an!

Li Xiaotian was so excited that she almost cried.

After Qin Anan saw Li Xiaotian and He Zhun, Liu Mei frowned and looked at Fu Shiting: “You and He Zhunzhi know each other?”

A strong premonition rose in her heart.

Fu Shiting saw her mood change in his eyes: “My neighbor when I was studying abroad.” After speaking

, the two walked to the dining table.

The waiter pulled up the chairs and invited them to be seated.

Qin Anan lowered her eyes, her chest heaving quickly.

She never knew that He Zhunzhi and Fu Shiting knew each other.

And looking at the relationship between the two, it seems to be pretty good.

Otherwise, they will not meet in private.

Fu Shiting brought her to see He Zhunzhi today, what was his intention?

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