When His Eyes Opened Chapter 711 -720(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 711 -720(Chinese)

Chapter 711

Sheng Bei: “This is their private business, I don’t know. If they get married, they will definitely hold a grand wedding, and then you will naturally know.”

“Qin An’an is really a winner in life! Can give birth to a child for our boss , and gave birth to a son in his lifetime.” Someone said enviously.

“Yeah! Our boss will definitely help her if Qin’s group has any difficulties in the future.”

Sheng Bei teased: “Although your boss is handsome and rich, Qin Anan is not the incompetent woman you imagined. Why do you think your boss will fall in love with an ordinary woman? You don’t usually watch idol dramas.”

“Ah? Didn’t our boss stay with Qin Anan because she was pregnant?”

“What do you think! Just a child, How could it be possible to tie him? There are so many women in the world, if you just want a child, you can find any woman to give birth to.”

Sheng Bei’s words made everyone feel empowered.

In short, the woman who can stay by the boss’s side must not be silly and sweet.

Even if Tang Qian is not expelled, she will not be able to fight Qin Anan.

three days later.

Qin Anan was able to walk down the ground. She asked to be discharged.

Doctors naturally disagree.

If she had a vaginal birth, she could be discharged after three days of hospitalization, but a cesarean section is different.

“I will definitely recuperate when I go home. I will take anti-inflammatory drugs myself.” She said, “I will not occupy medical resources here.”

Doctor: “…”

After a while, the doctor prescribed her Discharge slip.

After coming out of the hospital, Fu Shiting helped her into the car.

“Go find Xiao Tian.” She said.

Fu Shiting knew that she was in a hurry to leave the hospital, definitely not to avoid wasting medical resources.

“An An, what if she doesn’t want to see you?”

“If I go over and she doesn’t want to see me, I’ll go home.” Of course she wouldn’t force Li Xiaotian.

Fu Shiting gave the driver a look.

The driver understood and drove the car towards the hospital where Li Xiaotian was hospitalized.

Arriving at the hospital, Fu Shiting helped Qin An’an to the door of Li Xiaotian’s ward.

They first met He Zhunzhi.

He Zhunzhi didn’t expect them to come, so his reaction was a little cramped.

“Sure, why are you standing outside?” Qin Anan felt nervous when he saw his haggard expression and green stubble on his chin.

The corners of He Zhunzhi’s mouth moved, and he said bitterly, “I haven’t seen her for two days. She wants to divorce me, and there is absolutely no room for negotiation.”

Qin Anan heard the words, her heart ached so hard that she could hardly breathe.

She knew that Li Xiaotian liked He Zhunzhi very much. If this incident hadn’t happened, Li Xiaotian would never have mentioned divorce.

She not only harmed Li Xiaotian, but also He Zhunzhi.

“Go in and see her! I’ll come back tomorrow.” After He Zhunzhi finished speaking, he strode away.

Seeing Qin An’an’s pale face, Fu Shiting knew that the matter could not be concealed, so he clenched her hand: “An An, Xiaotian may not be able to reproduce in the future, so she insists on divorce.”

His voice settled, and her tears fell. !

Chapter 712

Chapter 712

She suddenly did not have the courage to enter the ward.

She didn’t know how to face Li Xiaotian.

Although Li Xiaotian is afraid of having a child, after a long psychological struggle, she has decided to have a child.

As a result, she is now rendered infertile, what a blow to her!

What a blow to He Zhunzhi!

“An An, this matter has nothing to do with you. Auntie didn’t blame you, and Xiaotian won’t blame you either.” He whispered, wiping the tears off her face with his fingers, “Go in and talk to Xiaotian.”

“I don’t know what to say… Shi Ting, I don’t know what to say…” She choked, “I can’t face her like this now.”

At this moment, the door of the ward suddenly Open.

Seeing the two of them standing at the door, Mother Li was stunned and said, “Why are you here? An An, are you discharged from the hospital so soon?”

Qin Anan quickly adjusted her mood: “Well. I am discharged from the hospital. So come and see Xiao Tian, If Xiao Tian is resting, then I won’t disturb her.”

“She is not resting now. She asked me to come out to see if He Zhunzhi is still there.” Li Mu said, looking around.

“He just left.” Qin An said.

“Oh, wait, I’ll go in and tell Xiao Tian!” Mother Li turned back to the ward.

After a while, Mother Li came out and looked at Fu Shiting embarrassedly: “Xiao Tian only wants to see An An.”

Fu Shiting nodded, expressing understanding.

Qin Anan entered the ward, and her eyes turned red when she met Li Xiaotian.

“Don’t cry.” Li Xiaotian had a strong smile on her face, “I’m still alive!”

“Xiaotian, I’m sorry…”

“Don’t say these three words.” Li Xiaotian choked her throat and said calmly, “I don’t want to be portrayed as a victim. It feels very uncomfortable.”

“Okay.” Qin Anan walked to the bedside, Seeing the infusion card hanging on her bed, she reached for it.

Li Xiaotian reached out and touched her belly: “Because of me, you were born premature…Is the child okay?”

Li Xiaotian actually hated it after the tragedy.

She hates everyone and wants to destroy… destroy herself and everyone.

But she woke up and found that she couldn’t do anything other than destroy herself and make her relatives sad.

Then came the news that Qin Anan gave birth prematurely. After hearing the news, the hatred in her heart settled down.

The person who harmed her was not Qin Anan. How could she blame Qin An’an?

Preterm birth can be big or small. If you are unlucky, you may not be able to save the life of the mother and child.

“The child is fine. It’s just relatively small. But it will be fine after a while.” After seeing Li Xiaotian’s medicine, she sat down beside the bed, “Little Tian, ​​I saw it outside the door just now.

” Oh…I plan to divorce him. After all, I can’t have children, so I won’t delay him.” Li Xiaotian wrote lightly, “If he doesn’t divorce, he will be scolded by his parents to death.”

Qin Anan He lowered his eyes, his heart aching.

“There’s nothing wrong with this. I was afraid of having children. Now I don’t have to worry about it anymore.” Li Xiaotian held Qin An’an’s hand, “When I am discharged from the hospital, I will go abroad to study. I decided to take over my Dad’s company, work hard in the future.”

Qin Anan wanted to smile back at her, but tears fell.

Li Xiaotian is the only daughter of the Li family, and she has never suffered any hardship since she was a child.

She doesn’t like to study and she doesn’t like to work.

So after graduation, she never worked.

Now she has decided to work hard, which seems like a good thing, but it actually means that the kidnapping case completely destroyed her past.

Chapter 713

Chapter 713

“An An, although we may not be able to meet each other in the future, I will still find you when I am free.” Li Xiaotian said.

“Well, I’ll wait for you to come to me at any time.”

“Go back and rest! You look worse than me.” Li Xiaotian said, wanting to get out of bed and take her off.

“You lie down and rest, I’ll go right away.” Qin Anan pressed her down, “Tell me when you are discharged from the hospital.”


After coming out of the hospital, Qin Anan was full of thoughts and felt a little dizzy, unable to meditate.

Everything seemed to be gradually becoming clearer, but her heart was very heavy.

Probably because the past can never be returned, and the future life is full of unknowns.

“An An, you go home and have a good rest. Your complexion is very bad.” Fu Shiting looked at her cold cheeks, worried about her postpartum depression, “When you were chatting with Xiao Tian in the ward, my aunt told me that Xiao Tian this time Although her experience was tragic, it also made her grow up quickly.”

“Because she no longer wants to rely on any man, she can only force herself to be strong.”

“Isn’t this a good change? I can’t say it is unreliable. , but you should know that only by yourself can you be more confident.”

“You are right. But she is my best friend, even if I want her to become a strong woman, I don’t want to see her because of her experience. Changed because of what happened.” She fought back her tears, “This society is very impetuous, and few people can remain innocent all the time. I want her to be happy, even if she lives by a man.”

“An An, things have happened, she always has You will come out one day.”

“Don’t persuade me! Before Tang Qian is brought to justice, don’t persuade me!” She snarled.

At night, it rained heavily and the temperature dropped sharply.

The sound of rain beating on the windows was like hypnotic music. Qin Anan lay on the bed and fell into a drowsy sleep.

In the living room, Mrs. Zhang warmed up fruit wine for Fu Shiting.

“Sir, go to rest after you drink.” Sister Zhang saw that he was thin. I’m afraid I haven’t slept well in the past few days.

“Well.” He took a sip of wine and asked, “How are Xiaohan and Rila the past two days?”

“They are very obedient. I don’t need to care at all.” Sister Zhang sighed, “An An educates her children really well. .”

He was relieved, but also ashamed.

Without his participation, Qin An’an could raise the two children so well… Does it mean that he is redundant?

After drinking, he went to the master bedroom on the first floor.

An orange warm light was on in the bedroom, Qin Anan’s eyes were closed and her breathing was even.

He went to the bed and turned off the light.

The room suddenly fell into darkness.

He sat down by the bed, originally just wanted to sit, stay with her for a while, and then go to the guest room to rest, but the sleepiness struck, he lay down beside her and fell asleep quickly.

Nine thirty in the evening.

Xiaohan and Rila tiptoed to the master bedroom on the first floor.

They opened the door and glanced inside.

“What are you two looking at? Why haven’t you gone to bed yet?” Mike stood behind them, put his head into the bedroom, and glanced.

Rila said angrily: “I thought Dad was gone because I heard the car driving away. But my brother said he didn’t leave, so I quarreled with my brother.”

Mike touched Rila’s head: “He must be I won’t go! Your mother needs someone to take care of you now!”

Rila said ‘oh’, and after apologizing softly to Xiaohan, she dragged Xiaohan back to her room.

Mike closed the master bedroom door and walked to the living room.

Suddenly, Zhou Ziyi strode out of his room, took his arm, and led him to the room: “I used your computer to enter that dark web just now, and I found a super scary thing in it! Fuck! I’m scared out of a cold sweat!”

Chapter 714

Chapter 714

“Otherwise, why is it the dark web? Because it’s full of crimes… Your mental quality is not good!” Mike teased him.

Zhou Ziyi’s psychological quality is of course not as bad as Mike said.

After all, he is Fu Shiting’s right-hand man. He has seen all kinds of wind and waves with Fu Shiting. How could he be easily frightened?

“You’ll know when you see it.” The

two entered the room, and Zhou Ziyi pushed Mike into the computer chair and sat down.

Mike glanced at the information on the screen… To be exact, after seeing the photo on the screen, a cold sweat broke out on his back!

On the screen, there is a picture of Zhang Yun.

Zhang Yun is Qin An’an’s biological mother. It has been two years since she passed away, how can there be a picture of her on the dark web?

Could it be…

Mike’s fingers holding the mouse were tightly clenched, and his pale blue eyes were cold.

He read the information on the screen and gritted his teeth.

“Isn’t it scary? This user named Lilo wants to buy a middle-aged woman like Zhang Yun. What does she want to do when she buys it back? She must be using this woman to deal with Qin An’an!” Zhou Ziyi took a breath, “Mike , hurry up and check this user named Lilo to see who she is?!”

Mike looked up at Zhou Ziyi: “How did you find this information?

” I found a woman who is highly similar to Qin Anan and tried to replace Qin Anan with this woman. Although the plan failed, it caused my boss and Qin Anan to quarrel countless times. Wouldn’t a similar woman be able to firmly control Qin An’an?”

Zhou Ziyi spoke a little faster.

Because he didn’t expect that the thoughts that he casually came up with turned out to be true!

“So I searched for the keywords of middle-aged women, and I turned to Zhang Yun’s photo!”

Mike clicked on the account of user Lilo, and there was no information at all.

“I have to check her ip…” Mike muttered, his fingers began to tap on the keyboard, “You go to rest and let you know when I have the results.”

“Oh, I’ll go to my boss. I have to tell him about this.” Zhou Ziyi said, preparing to go out.

“He slept.” Mike stopped him. “He slept quite deeply. The two children opened the master bedroom door, but he didn’t wake up.”

“Okay! Then I won’t disturb him.” pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

He seems to be thinking about his own fate.

“I’m afraid I’m going to stay all night tonight, so you can sleep here!” Mike leaned back in his chair and said lazily, “Didn’t your boss also leave?”

“Uh… just because he didn’t leave. , so I’m not too embarrassed.” Zhou Ziyi thought about it and decided to leave.

“What are you afraid of him doing? He already knew about our relationship.” Mike got up from his chair and pressed him onto the bed, “He doesn’t have time to talk to us now. Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Zhou Ziyi’s face Slightly red, he pushed him away: “You hurry up and check the details of that Lilo! I won’t leave tonight, I will wait for your result.”

“It’s almost the same.” Mike was satisfied and returned to the computer, “If this Lilo It’s Tang Qian, what will happen to your boss?”

Zhou Ziyi sat beside the bed with a serious face: “Either send her to prison, or kill her directly. Anyway, I won’t show mercy to her. Because this matter broke through my boss. The bottom line.”

Mike was suddenly full of motivation, but he was faintly worried: “I’m afraid that Tang Qian, like Nuonuo, will flee abroad.”

“If you let her be a tortoise for life, it will be more painful than letting her die.” Zhou Ziyi said , “Check it out! I’m going to take a shower.”

master bedroom.

Qin Anan woke up in the night and saw the man lying beside him through the weak light outside the window.

She recognized him by his vague outline and his distinctive aura.

His breathing was heavy.

In the past few days, he took care of her meticulously and hardly slept much.

Because she woke up with pain several times at night and opened her eyes, he was always by the bedside. There is a nanny to take care of her during the day, and he still does everything by himself.

She is in a bad mood these days, so she automatically ignores his good.

Not only did he not complain, but he was obedient and accommodating everywhere.

Without his care, she couldn’t imagine how she would get through this hurdle.

Chapter 715

Chapter 715

She couldn’t help reaching out and touching his cheek.

The cold temperature of his skin shocked her.

The inside of the house is a constant temperature system, but because the temperature outside is relatively low, it is still necessary to cover with a thin quilt at night.

She put the quilt on her body and moved her body to his side.

He drank the fruit wine, and the breath on his body turned into an intoxicating mellow fragrance.

Just when she was half asleep, she suddenly heard his hoarse voice:

“An An… I will be a good dad… I will…”

His voice Very low, like raving in a dream.

She opened her apricot eyes and looked at his face fixedly.

Because of the dim light, she couldn’t see his facial features clearly, but she could see that his eyes were closed.

He was dreaming, talking in his sleep. In the dream he promised her that he would be a good father.

Although it was his dream, it still moved her to tears.

Day and night dream. He took her words in his heart, that’s why he had such a dream.

She believed that he would be a good father.

Every day the doctor sent him pictures, he would show her the pictures as soon as possible.

He would tell her about the changes in the child’s eyebrows.

In fact, in just two or three days, where can you see the change.

He felt that there was a change because he took it too seriously. If he didn’t love the child, he wouldn’t turn the photo over and over.

the next morning.

Zhou Ziyi woke up and saw Mike lying beside him, sleeping very deeply.

He had a strong hunch in his heart that Mike should have found out about Lilo.

He got off the bed, walked to the computer, and pressed the power button.

On the screen, Lilo’s details suddenly appeared!

Zhou Ziyi quickly browsed the information, and his heart was beating violently!

It’s Tang Qian! It really is Tang Qian!

Qin An’an’s hunch was right! Everything was planned by Tang Qian!

Zhou Ziyi held the notebook and rushed out of the room.

He is going to tell Fu Shiting about this!

He rushed out with the notebook within two steps, and met Qin An’an.

Qin Anan saw that he was wearing pajamas, unkempt, holding a notebook in his arms, panicked and behaved very strangely.

“Brother Zhou, what’s the matter with you? Is something wrong?”

Zhou Ziyi scratched his head and asked awkwardly, “Where’s my boss? Has he not gotten up yet?”

His voice settled, and Fu Shiting strode over.

Fu Shiting frowned when he saw that his clothes were disheveled.

Zhou Ziyi didn’t have time to explain, so he rushed to Fu Shiting and gave him the notebook.

“Boss, it’s Tang Qian!” Zhou Ziyi was incoherent because of his shock, “Tang Qian did everything! She’s so bad! I’m so disappointed in her!”

Qin Anan listened to his words and left Go to them and stare at the computer screen.

“In short, Nuonuo is a slave she bought on the dark web! Nuonuo obeys her completely. Not only that, she also wants to buy another middle-aged woman who is similar to Aunt Zhang Yun!”

Qin Anan listened With his words, his ankles are soft!

Chapter 716

Chapter 716

Fu Shiting supported her body, carried her to the sofa and sat down.

“An An, you stay at home, I’m going to find Tang Qian now.” Fu Shiting looked into her eyes and promised, “I will make her pay a heavy price.”

Qin Anan nodded.

After a while, Fu Shiting and Zhou Ziyi left together.

In the car, Fu Shiting dialed Tang Qian’s number and called several times before getting through.

Before he called her, she basically answered in seconds.

After she answered the phone, she didn’t speak.

Because she knew that he called, absolutely nothing good.

“Where are you now?” Fu Shiting asked in a deep voice.

A layer of goosebumps appeared on Tang Qian’s body: “Are you looking for me for something?”


“What is it? Tell me on the phone! I dare not see you.” Tang Qian’s tone was cautious.

Fu Shiting showed her careful thoughts, so he said: “Last time I did something to you, it felt too much. So I want to apologize to you in person.”

Tang Qian laughed: “Even if you think you are too much, you won’t come here specially. Apologize to me. Shi Ting, I know you too well.”

“You misunderstand me deeply. Every time I make a mistake in front of Qin An’an, I will apologize to her.”

“I have no misunderstanding with you. I apologized, but I didn’t say you wouldn’t apologize to Qin An’an.” Tang Qian felt a chill in her heart, “Shi Ting, I’ve thought about it carefully in the past two days. From the beginning, we both made a mistake. No matter what you do to me, It’s all my fault. My brother said I deserve it, and I think he’s right.”

Fu Shiting’s patience was exhausted.

He didn’t want to hear her recall the past and sum up her experience at all.

“Tang Qian, are you at home or abroad now?” he asked.

“You just want to see me?” Tang Qian’s brain was running at a high speed, and she said sharply, “Let me guess, you are in such a hurry to see me, definitely not to apologize to me. Shouldn’t…”

“I have the impression You are not such a grumpy person.”

“You can’t find evidence that I did all those bad things, right?” Tang Qian boldly guessed, “Could it be that Fu Yechen asked you something? What Yechen said is not credible at all! He was bought by Qin Anan, have you forgotten that the two of them were in love?”

No matter what, Tang Qian would never admit that she did it.

“Tang Qian, I want to see you, just to show you the evidence you want.” Fu Shiting said coldly, word by word, “Whether you are at home or abroad, I will find you.” The other

side of the phone , Tang Qian turned pale with fright: “What evidence? What evidence have you found?!”

“Your transaction information on the dark web of country B.” I want to kill you with my own hands! Otherwise, it will be hard to understand the hatred in my heart!”


Tang Qian released her fingers, and the phone in her hand fell to the ground.

How did he find her transaction records on the dark web? ! How did you find it!

She thought all this was unknown and would never be discovered! Because the friend who introduced her to the dark web promised her that everything inside would never be exposed to the outside world.

After taking a deep breath, she bent down and picked up the phone. She looked at the call interface coldly, long pressed the power button with her slender fingers, and soon the phone was turned off.

Fu Shiting wanted to kill her, but she didn’t want to die!

She’s going to hide! She can’t be found by him!

Fortunately… Fortunately, she left the country the day before yesterday.

Chapter 717

Chapter 717

After Fu Shiting couldn’t contact Tang Qian, he dialed Tang Qiaosen.

Tang Qiaosen answered the phone, and after hearing him tell Tang Qian’s crime, Tang Qiaosen was silent for a few seconds.

“Fu Shiting, you have half the credit for what happened to my sister. If I were you, I would never have let her stay in ST Group. If you don’t love her, don’t give her any hope!”

Fu Shiting: “I’ll keep her In the company, it’s because of her ability to work!”

“I know. But she sees you every day, so why doesn’t she have any illusions about you? It’s over, it’s useless to say this.” Tang Qiaosen breathed, “Tang Qian is abroad now Relax. Tell me, what do you want her to do?”

“I want her to die.”

“Fu Shiting! She has been with you for so many years, do you have to be so heartless to her?” Tang Qiaosen gasped, unable to accept the result, “You and I are classmates, you can’t let her live?”

“I let her live and let her continue to persecute Qin An’an?!”

“I promise she will never provoke you again in the future! I will control it. She!” Tang Qiaosen said excitedly, “You have a beloved woman by your side now, and she has given birth to a son for you, and your life is complete! There is a saying to forgive and forgive! When you were crazy, God gave you a chance to be reborn, why don’t you give Tang Qian a chance? I can ask the doctor to issue a mental illness certificate for Tang Qian!”

Fu Shiting: “!!!”

Tang Qiaosen’s words were like a heavy hammer, hitting him.

Proof of mental illness? !

How did Don Johnson know?

Fu Shiting’s silence gave Tang Qiaosen a sigh of relief, and his confidence increased greatly: “Fu Shiting, everyone has a time when they can’t control themselves. I don’t want to open your scars, but you don’t want to kill my sister! Otherwise, I will talk to you. You are dead! Qin Anan must not know about your scandal, right? You don’t want your son to be pointed at in the future, right? So let’s stop this matter! “

Fu Shiting’s face was very gloomy.

Zhou Ziyi didn’t know what Tang Qiaosen said on the phone, but it made Fu Shiting appear weak as someone strangled his throat.

“Boss, are you still looking for Tang Qian?” Zhou Ziyi asked, realizing that things might be tricky.

“I want to calm down a bit.” His voice was hoarse, with no momentum at all.

Zhou Ziyi reminded: “You promised Qin An’an and you will punish Tang Qian severely. If you break your promise, Qin An’an will definitely be very angry. She has just given birth and is the most prone to postpartum depression. You’d better not stimulate her. .” What

Zhou Ziyi said, Fu Shiting didn’t understand.

It’s just that Don Jonson has his handle in his hand.

If he touches Tang Qian, Tang Qiaosen will break with him.

He wondered if he could afford to have the scandal public.

If he is alone now, he certainly doesn’t care what the outside world thinks of him.

However, he now has Qin An’an, three smart and lovely children, and Xiaohan and Rila have already gone to school. Although they don’t call him father, he can feel that they both know that he is their biological father… ..Evening

, Star River Villa.

The black Rolls Royce slowly drove into the front yard.

When Qin Anan saw him coming back, he was instantly nervous.

When he went out in the morning, he said that he would find Tang Qian and make Tang Qian pay a heavy price. I don’t know if the matter is resolved now.

The car stopped, and his slender figure appeared in her eyes.

Under the street lamp, his expression was dark and unclear, and she could not see through his emotions.

Until he walked in front of her, held her hand, and whispered in her ear: “An An, I want to talk to you alone.”

She looked at him keenly and asked, “Are you too hard to deal with Tang Qian? If you are reluctant to attack, I will personally seek revenge on her!”

Chapter 718

Chapter 718

The hatred in her eyes overflowed, and her voice couldn’t help raising her voice.

Mike and the two children glanced at them.

Fu Shiting immediately led her towards the bedroom.

“What’s the matter? Why did they quarrel?” Mike muttered, took out his mobile phone, and sent a message to Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi: You take good care of the child, and don’t worry about the rest.

Mike: No wonder you refused to come over tonight. Did your boss decide to let Tang Qian go?

Zhou Ziyi: Don’t talk nonsense. No matter what my boss decides, he has his reasons.

Mike: Damn! I shouldn’t have shown you the evidence!

Zhou Ziyi: Tang Qian is not in China now, how do you ask us to find her? You are so powerful, go for it.

Mike: Oh, if that’s the case, Ann won’t be angry.

Master bedroom on the first floor.

Fu Shiting closed the door and looked at her with deep eyes: “An An, have you ever seen a mentally ill patient?”

His words made her frown: “You mean to say that Tang Qian is mentally ill?”

“No, I want to ask if you have ever seen such a person.” Seeing her calm down, he helped her sit down beside the bed.

She thought for a few seconds, then nodded: “I see. What are you asking this question for?”

“If a mentally ill person kills someone, regardless of the law, would you hate him?” He stood in front of her, his eyes wide open. He looked at her deeply, not letting go of any subtle expressions on her face.

“It depends on who he kills. If he kills bad people, I won’t hate it. If he kills…”

“What if he kills his own relatives?” he interrupted her.

Her breathing stagnated, and her eyebrows twitched: “Fu Shiting, your question is very strange. Since this person is already mentally ill, all his actions are out of his own control. You let me stand in the perspective of a normal person. To evaluate a patient’s behavior, what do you want me to say? I don’t know how to answer, because I haven’t encountered it before.”

“Well,” she replied, as he expected, his eyes dimmed A little bit, “Whether you are sick or not, killing your relatives is unforgivable.”

“What are you trying to say?” She stared at him with apricot eyes, “I just want to know, you went to Tang Qian today, and the result was What?”

“Her brother said she was mentally ill.” He clenched his fingers slightly.

He didn’t dare to gamble.

Her reaction just now made him have to endure Tang Qiaosen’s threat.

Would she be afraid if she knew he had been sick and killed her own father? Will he run away from him with the child?

“Does her brother say she is mentally ill and she is mentally ill?! You believe them so much? Is it because you don’t want to deal with Tang Qian, so you accept this reason?!” She was so emotional, tears welling up in her eyes, “Fu Shiting, every time Every time I start believing in you, you’ll let me down! I can’t remember how many times this is!”

She was fed up with this mental torture.

If she no longer trusts him, she will not have dependence and expectations on him, and she will not be disappointed!

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled, and a hot and sour dark light flashed in his eyes.

“An An, except for this, I can satisfy you.”

“Except for this, I don’t care about other things!” She looked at him decisively, and her tone was even more determined, “Fu Shiting, do you think you can What for me? You can’t even do this well, what do you think you can do?!”

Her words pierced his heart like a knife.

What else can he do for her?

He couldn’t think of an answer.

Chapter 719

Chapter 719

Without him, she can raise her children well.

Without him, her life and career would be smooth sailing.

“If it wasn’t for you, Tang Qian wouldn’t bother me again and again, and Xiaotian wouldn’t be hurt! I wouldn’t give birth prematurely! Fu Shiting, what else did you bring me besides hurt?!” She The negative emotions lurking in the depths of my heart exploded completely.

Her accusation made him feel ashamed.

“An An…”

“Don’t call me!” She stopped him from speaking, “You leave my house now! I don’t need you to worry about my affairs in the future! As for our child… wait for him to be discharged from the hospital. Let’s talk about it!”

He saw her on the verge of breaking down, fists clenched tightly.

Reason reminded him to leave quickly! If you continue to stay here, it will only deepen the stimulation to her.

He has made a decision and will not change it.

At least she just hates him now, not afraid of him!

Immediately after he left, Mike and the two children came to her room.

She had wiped the tears from her face and quickly adjusted her mood.

She’s already a mother of three, and she has to be stronger than ever.

“An An, you guys quarreled? Is it about Tang Qian? I asked Ziyi…” Mike wanted to comfort her not to rush.

Now that Tang Qian has fled the country, it’s normal to find her. Could it be that she can’t return to China for the rest of her life? As long as she returns to China, with Fu Shiting’s connections and methods, are you afraid that she won’t be able to catch her?

“I’m a little hungry, let’s go eat!” she interrupted Mike.

Mike’s information was obtained from Zhou Ziyi, and Zhou Ziyi might not know Fu Shiting’s decision.

Everything between her and Fu Shiting was too bad. She didn’t want to tell the people around her or worry them.

“Oh, don’t frown, you are confinement now…Although I don’t think confinement is very important, but everyone says it is important, it should be quite important.” Mike relieved her, “I know What happened recently is so fucked up, but fortunately our baby Ziqiu was born safely. When he is discharged from the hospital, how about we throw a grand party for him?”

Qin Anan didn’t want to spoil the fun, so he agreed.

“Mom, did you drive Dad away? He didn’t say hello to us when he left, it’s really rude.” Rila pouted and said angrily.

Qin An’an: “don’t worry about him. Let’s eat.”

“Oh… Mom, will he not come to our house in the future?” Rila rolled her big eyes and asked curiously, “Is he not? Did you say you want to move in to take care of your brother?”

Mike and Xiaohan looked at Rila, trying to get Rila to stop the topic.

But Rila clearly didn’t understand what they meant.

“When my brother comes back, will he still come?”

Rilla’s question made Qin Anan’s emotions uncontrollable.

“Rila, my brother won’t be able to leave the hospital for the time being. Mom will think about your problem during this time.”

“Oh. Mom, you look so sad,” Rui stretched out her little hand and took Qin An’an’s arm, ” Did your father make you angry? Don’t pay attention to him in the future, you play more with me and my brother, and my brother and I will not make you angry!”

Hearing her daughter’s words, she was relieved: “Wait for mother Your body has recovered, and mom will take you on a trip.”

“Okay! Bring your brother along, and Uncle Mike… Let’s go out to play together!” Rila was excited.

Early the next morning, Qin Anan received a call from the hospital.

“Miss Qin, is it convenient for you to come to the hospital now? Your child’s condition is not very good!” On the other side of the phone, the doctor’s tone was a little hurried, “The rash started on his body the day after he was born. Not only did the rash not subside, but And it expanded … now he has respiratory failure.”

Chapter 720

Chapter 720

After notifying Qin An’an, the doctor also notified Fu Shiting.

The two rushed to the hospital immediately.

In the neonatology department, the doctor will inform them again about the condition of the child.

“We treated him with conventional treatments, but it didn’t help. He was sleeping longer and longer, and his breathing was getting weaker and weaker … I realized that he may not be the normal sequelae of premature birth. ‘

said the doctor, handing them the child’s examination sheet.

Qin Anan took the list and checked it carefully.

“There is something wrong with the child’s immune system.” The doctor looked solemn. “And he is severely anemic. I think the most important thing right now is to give him a blood transfusion. I asked the blood bank, but there is no suitable blood type there. Because your child’s blood The blood type is quite special.”

Fu Shiting listened to the doctor’s words, and his mood fell to the bottom.

“His blood type is very special?” The

doctor said, “Yes. Now we must find a suitable blood type as soon as possible, and we must first give him a blood transfusion. If the blood transfusion is not carried out as soon as possible, his body may not be able to last for a few days.”

Fu Shiting didn’t think about it, and immediately Said : “Draw my blood to see if my blood is suitable.” The

doctor immediately asked the nurse to take Fu Shiting to draw blood.

Qin Anan swallowed her tears and said, “Fu Shiting and I don’t have the same blood type.”

Doctor: “Mr. Fu can be dispatched to another hospital. Maybe other hospitals have this special blood type.”

Qin Anan thought of it first . Wei Zhen.

She took out her mobile phone, called Wei Zhen, and told him about the child’s situation.

“An An, don’t worry, I’ll go to the hospital’s blood bank right away.” Wei Zhen comforted, “Is the child physiological anemia or pathological anemia?”

She took a deep breath and said hoarsely, “I still don’t know why he is anemic and needs further examination. Now his vital signs are very weak and he must be transfused immediately.”

After speaking on the phone, Wei Zhen immediately set off to go to the hospital blood bank .

Yinyin followed him, wondering, “Wei Zhen, what’s the matter?”

“Ziqiu needs a blood transfusion now.” Wei Zhen told him truthfully, “An An said that his condition is relatively critical and he must have a blood transfusion immediately. But the hospital where he was hospitalized was not suitable. The source of blood.” The expression on

Yinyin’s face suddenly became nervous and worried: “What should I do? I haven’t seen my little nephew yet! I don’t want him to get sick.”

“I’m going to the blood bank in my dad’s hospital now. “

I’ll go with you.”

Wei Zhen nodded, got into the car with her, and headed to the Third Hospital.

In the car, Wei Zhen received the child’s blood type from Qin An’an.

In the blood system, there is a relatively rare and special blood type, that is RH negative blood.

Unfortunately, Ziqiu has RH negative blood.

In the RH-negative blood system, the AB blood type of RH-negative blood is the least in stock in the entire system.

Ziqiu is the AB blood type of RH negative blood.

After Wei Zhen read the news, he rubbed his eyebrows with his fingers.

He hardly needs to go to the hospital, because there must be no such blood type in the hospital blood bank.

In the whole country A, there is not much RH negative blood, so it is impossible to have this blood type in the blood bank.

Blood stored in the blood bank has a shelf life of up to 35 days. Like rare blood types, there can be no stock.

“Wei Zhen, what’s the matter?” Yin Yin saw that his face was obviously gloomy, and his eyes fell on his mobile phone, “Who sent you a message? What did you say?”

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