When His Eyes Opened Chapter 721 -730(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 721 -730(Chinese)

Chapter 721

Wei Zhen suddenly had a flash of light in his mind as he listened to Yin Yin’s voice.

If he remembers correctly, Yinyin’s blood type is also RH negative…

When Qin Anan operated on her two years ago, it was Wei Zhen who did the preoperative examination for her.

Wei Zhen looked at Yin Yin’s face, his chest heaving rapidly.

“Wei Zhen, what are you looking at me for?” Yin Yin blinked and asked in confusion, “You talk! What’s the matter?”

Wei Zhen also wanted to speak, but those words were choked in his throat, making it hard to say.

If Yin Yin was a normal person, Wei Zhen would definitely say this without reservation.

Because he said it, Yinyin would definitely be willing to give Ziqiu a blood transfusion.

It’s just that Yin Yin is not a normal person.

Her body has undergone many major surgeries, and it is only through careful protection and maintenance that she can maintain her current normal life.

If she is given a blood transfusion now, he will not be able to take responsibility in case her body has an adverse reaction.

For Fu Shiting, Ziqiu is very important, and Yinyin is equally important.

“It’s nothing, I’m just worried about Ziqiu.” Wei Zhen looked away from her face, “Let’s go to the blood bank to see if there is a suitable blood type.”

Yinyin nodded and murmured: “Wei Zhen, do you think my blood can be used for Ziqiu? I want to help Ziqiu… I am his aunt, if I can’t do anything, I will be very sad.”

Wei Zhen was told by her words Touched eye sockets are moist.

When Qin Anan gave birth to a child, in order to help a little, she learned to cook and make soup, and she didn’t cry when her fingers were cut.

Now that Ziqiu is in critical condition, her instinctive reaction is whether she can give Ziqiu her own blood.

“Yinyin, don’t be sad. Let’s go to the blood bank to see if there is a suitable blood type!” Wei Zhen couldn’t help holding her hand, “Yinyin, did I tell you that I like you very much? Yin Yin shook his head: “

You didn’t say it, but I know. Because you don’t want my brother’s money, and you are so kind to me. Wei Zhen, I also like you very much. Apart from brother, An An, Rila, Xiaohan and Ziqiu, My favorite is you.”

Wei Zhen: “Then let’s be good friends for life, okay?”

Yin Yin thought for a while, and was a little distressed: “Of course. But Aunt Hong told me that you will be like my brother and An An in the future. In the same way, you will find a woman to marry and have children. At that time, I will not be able to find you every day, because your wife will be angry.”

Wei Zhen: “I don’t marry a woman.” Yin Yin widened her

eyes and said in doubt: ” Why?”

“Because my goal in life is not to marry a wife and have children. Yin Yin, I am very happy every day I am with you.” Wei Zhen’s eyes were full of the most sincere feelings.

Yin Yin looked at him and said blankly: “Then why do you only want to be friends with me? You marry me, okay?”

Wei Zhen: “……”

Wei Zhen was dumb. He never expected.

Yinyin is Fu Shiting’s most important person besides Qin Anan. Wei Zhen can assert that Fu Shiting will never marry Yin Yin to any man.

Because Yin Yin was different from ordinary people, Fu Shiting would not rest assured to give her to anyone.

Wei Zhen understands Fu Shiting’s mood very well. If Wei Zhen is Fu Shiting, he will think the same as Fu Shiting.

“Wei Zhen, if you don’t speak, I can’t guess what you’re thinking.” Yin Yin sighed, “You know I’m not smart.”

“Yin Yin, your brother won’t let you marry any man. Because of you Staying with your brother is the safest.” Wei Zhen didn’t want to deceive her.

If he says against his will that he doesn’t want to marry her, she will definitely be sad.

“I’ll go tell my brother. If my brother doesn’t agree, then I’ll go to An An. An An will definitely help us.” Yin Yin said, the corners of his mouth raised, “I’ll go and tell my brother when Ziqiu is well. “

The most important thing right now is Ziqiu’s illness.

Chapter 722

Chapter 722


Fu Shiting’s blood does not match Ziqiu’s blood.

Fu Shiting used his personal connections to quickly spread the news of the search for RH negative blood to major hospitals.

Major hospitals immediately issued an announcement to the society asking for RH negative blood.

Mike rushed to the hospital, saw Fu Shiting, and asked, “What’s going on? What’s wrong with Ziqiu? Why do you need a blood transfusion all of a sudden?

” ……”

“So it’s all the reason for premature birth!” Mike gritted his teeth, “If it wasn’t for Tang Qian, An An wouldn’t be born prematurely! Damn Tang Qian!” The

doctor didn’t understand what he was cursing, but said from a professional point of view : “Ziqiu’s disease is not the same as that of other premature babies. Maybe even if he is not born prematurely, he will have this disease.”

“You fart! Qin An’an has a regular check-up every month, and the results of each check-up are good. , If you don’t give birth prematurely, Ziqiu can’t be sick!” Mike roared.

The doctor backed away from Fu Shiting: “Sir, the obstetric examination may not be able to detect some rare diseases.”

“Oh… Ziqiu is a rare disease?!”

“Yes. The cause is still unclear. , Miss Qin has gone to investigate.” The doctor said, “Usually this rare blood type is more likely to suffer from rare diseases. The entire medical community actually knows very little about this rare blood type.”

Mike: “Damn it! Rila and Xiaohan are fine, why did Ziqiu get sick?”

“Are you talking about Miss Qin’s other children?”

Mike put his hands on his hips: “Qin An’an has two healthy children, can they give Ziqiu a blood transfusion? “

Doctor: “How old are those two children?”

“Six years old.”

“No. Even if the blood types of the two children match Ziqiu’s, they cannot be transfused. They are too young. If their blood is drawn, their bodies will not be able to take it.” Only then can blood be drawn.”

“What should I do then?” Mike frowned, “What’s Ziqiu’s situation now?”

“He’s in a coma right now,” the doctor said, “If he doesn’t get blood transfusion as soon as possible, his body will become weaker and weaker. I may never wake up again.”

Mike gritted his teeth, all the anger in his heart was stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t say a word.

He wanted to save Ziqiu so much, but he couldn’t do anything.

“Fu Shiting! You fucking think of a way!” He shouted angrily at Fu Shiting, “You wanted this child! The premature birth was also caused indirectly by you! Don’t you think of a way to stand here stupidly waiting to collect your son’s body? ?!”

Mike’s words were so unpleasant that the doctor was so frightened that he ran away immediately.

When Fu Shiting’s bodyguard heard this, he was going to rush over and beat him! He was stopped by Fu Shiting.

“If my blood can be given to Ziqiu, I can drain my blood for him!” Fu Shiting endured and said word by word, “I have already sent someone to find the source of blood, I am not staying in the hospital, do you think I am Where should I go?”

Mike didn’t expect that instead of getting angry, he answered the question in an orderly manner.

“If anything happens to Ziqiu, I will kill Tang Qian.” Mike looked at his face and said coldly, “An An quarreled with you last night, it must be because you didn’t plan to deal with Tang Qian. Ziyi didn’t talk to him. I said it was too obvious, and An An didn’t tell me, but I could guess.”

“Tang Qian’s brother said she was mentally ill.”

“Then she deserves to die! Don’t kill her, let her kill more people. Is it?!” Mike sarcastically said, “Tang Qian’s brother said she was mentally ill and she was mentally ill? He dared to say it, and you dared to believe it. I have to doubt whether you taught them this method. Haha!”

Fu Shiting clenched his fists. fist.

Mike says psychopaths be damned!

This is Mike’s attitude towards the mentally ill.

When Zhou Ziyi rushed to the hospital, he heard the doctor talk about the quarrel between Mike and Fu Shiting.

Chapter 723

Chapter 723

Fu Shiting was originally in the neonatal department, but after being scolded by Mike, he didn’t know where he went.

Zhou Ziyi grabbed Mike by the collar and pulled him towards the safety exit.

“Are you fucking sick?! My boss is so sad about Ziqiu’s accident. Why are you bothering him about Tang Qian’s affairs!” Zhou Ziyi has been contacting blood banks around the world in the morning, and he has only been free until now.

“If it wasn’t for Tang Qian, Qin An’an wouldn’t be born prematurely! If it wasn’t for premature birth, Ziqiu would probably have nothing to do!” Mike was still very annoyed, and his fair skin turned red.

“My boss didn’t intend to let Tang Qian go. He changed his mind after calling her brother,” Zhou Ziyi gritted his teeth. “I suspect that Tang Qiaosen has the handle on my boss. Otherwise, my boss won’t change his mind!”

“Tang Qiaosen said that Tang Qian was mentally ill, so Fu Shiting was soft-hearted!”

“Impossible! Don’t say that Tang Qian is mentally ill, even if she is terminally ill, my boss can’t be soft-hearted to her.” Zhou Ziyi retorted, “You don’t believe me Don’t worry about the boss, don’t you believe me?”

Mike gritted his teeth and was silent.

After a while, he asked, “Why does he have the right to fall into the hands of others? He has done bad things?”

“Don’t you dare to say that you are an absolutely good person? You told me that you did a lot of bad things when you were young and met Qin An. Ann began to become a good person after that.”

“Oh…” Mike touched his nose, still indignant, “Qin An’an is really blind, and actually fell in love with your boss!

” Does it make sense? Now the key is to find a suitable blood source as soon as possible… If you are fine, you can contact the major blood banks in country B to see if there is a suitable blood source…”

“Okay! I’ll get in touch right away.”

Fu Shiting invited the most authoritative pediatrician and hematology expert in country A.

After blood analysis and research, they believed that Ziqiu’s disease was a rare blood disease.

With Ziqiu’s current situation, there may be a way to quickly relieve his condition.

This method is exchange blood.

Exchange blood requires a lot of blood.

Now I can’t even get a small amount of blood, let alone a lot of blood?

Third Hospital.

Wei Zhen and Yin Yin were sitting on the bench outside the blood bank.

As Wei Zhen expected, there was no aptamer Ziqiu’s blood type in the blood bank.

And Yinyin already knew what blood type Ziqiu was, because when Wei Zhen asked the person in charge of the blood bank, she heard it beside her.

“Wei Zhen, what blood type am I?” Yin Yin suddenly broke the silence.

Wei Zhen was startled, looked at her, his lips moved, but he didn’t speak.

“Don’t you know what blood type I am? Why don’t I go check it now?” Yin Yin said, “What if my blood can save Ziqiu?”

Yin Yin’s blood is RH negative blood type O blood, which is similar to Ziqiu’s blood. The blood type is different, but Yin Yin’s blood type can transfuse all RH negative blood.

“Yinyin, don’t worry. Let’s see if your brother can find it.” Wei Zhen’s voice tightened, “I’ll talk about it when I can’t help it.”

Half an hour later, Wei Zhen’s cell phone rang.

He turned on his mobile phone and saw a message from Qin An’an: Brother Wei, Ziqiu has pathological anemia and needs blood exchange.

He took a desperate breath, clenching his fingers tightly.

After a while, he heard his own voice unfamiliar: “Yinyin, are you willing to give Ziqiu a blood transfusion?”

Chapter 724

Chapter 724

At the same time, Fu Shiting was blowing cold wind on the balcony of the hospital.

Zhou Ziyi searched for a long time and finally found him.

Looking at his lonely back in the cold night, Zhou Ziyi felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Boss, why are you here alone?” Zhou Ziyi calmed down and said, “It’s time for dinner.”

“I can’t eat it.” His tone was cold and hoarse.

Ziqiu needs to exchange blood, but because of his special blood type, he has not yet found a suitable blood source.

This is one of the sources of pain.

The second source of pain was that he knew that Yin Yin’s blood type might be compatible with Ziqiu.

But he couldn’t say it.

He couldn’t let Yinyin donate blood to Ziqiu.

It took him twenty years to turn Yinyin from a mentally retarded person into a normal person who can gradually take care of himself.

He only hoped that Yinyin could maintain his current state and live a normal life.

How could he ask Yinyin to donate blood for Ziqiu? What if something happens to Yin Yin because of donating blood?

But let him watch Ziqiu die from anemia, how could he be so cruel?

His pain can only be digested by himself, and he cannot speak to outsiders.

“Even if you can’t eat, don’t stay outside. It’s cold outside, so be careful if you catch a cold.” Zhou Ziyi said, “Now An An is still confinement, and she and the child need your care.”

Zhou Ziyi said, let Fu Shiting suddenly woke up.

They walked towards the neonatology unit.

Seeing that Qin Anan’s face was not very good, the doctor advised her to go home and rest first.

“Miss Qin, you are still a patient. If you didn’t insist on being discharged from the hospital, you should still be in the hospital now.” The doctor said seriously, “Don’t rest now, be careful of the root cause of the disease. The experts invited by Mr. Fu will meet 24 Guarding Ziqiu from a young age… Once there is a source of blood, we will immediately give Ziqiu a blood transfusion…”

Fu Shiting saw this scene not far away, and immediately accelerated his pace and walked to Qin An’an before.

He didn’t speak to her because no matter what he said, she wouldn’t listen.

He directly picked her up and carried her towards the elevator.

“I’m not going home!” Her eyes turned red, she raised her fists and beat his chest, “I want to accompany Ziqiu here!”

“If you are tired, who will accompany Rila and Xiaohan in the future?” Stop, “Qin An’an, don’t use my fault to punish yourself!”

She almost thought she heard it wrong.

He said it was his fault?

He finally admitted it was his fault!

After entering the elevator, she struggled to get down from his arms.

“What’s the use of you saying it’s your fault now? The child has already been born, he is already a life, if he dies, we will never see each other in this lifetime!” She said with sparkling tears in her eyes. This decision.

If Ziqiu was not born prematurely, there is a chance that she would be born healthy like Xiaohan and Ruila.

And until now, Fu Shiting refused to punish the culprit of Ziqiu’s premature birth!

Why does Tang Qian dare to be so presumptuous? It is because of his indulgence!

Qin Anan saw it through! Even if she gave him three children, it would not be enough for Tang Qian’s company by his side for more than ten years!

Because of everything here, she will always be reminded that she was forced to conceive Ziqiu by this ruthless man in front of her, and because of Tang Qian’s repeated persecution, Ziqiu died prematurely!

He stared at her in a daze, his thin lips murmured for a moment, but he didn’t say anything after all.

She looked at him angrily, and when she saw the looming tears in his eyes, the elevator dinged, and then the elevator door slowly opened.

“I’ll go home myself, I don’t want you to send it.” She took a deep breath, clutching her bag tightly, and walked into the cold wind of the winter night.

Chapter 725

Chapter 725

She drove the car and left the hospital.

Tears blurred her vision without warning, and she finally couldn’t help it and burst into tears.

Before letting herself cry, she pulled the car to the side of the road.

If she knew from the beginning that premature birth would lead to such serious consequences for Ziqiu, she would definitely control her emotions and prevent herself from being so sad.

Seeing that Ziqiu was so young, she had to endure such pain and torture, she was in pain.

If she can suffer for the child, she is willing to give everything!


In a European-style mansion, Wang Wanzhi held a goblet in her hand, and the red liquid in the glass swayed gently with the movements of her wrist.

In her other hand she was holding a cell phone and was talking on the phone.

“Tang Qian, you won.” Her tone was particularly pleasant, “Qin An’an’s son is dying. If there was no premature birth, her son might have survived healthy.”

Tang Qian heard about this from Tang Qiaosen at noon thing.

But when Tang Qiaosen talked about this at noon, he only said that the child was very ill, not that he was going to die.

“Is it really dying?” Tang Qian was a little excited.

“Yes. There are not many cases of her child’s blood type in the whole country. Finding the right blood type is as difficult as going to the sky!” Wang Wanzhi said cheerfully, “It must be that God doesn’t like her, so let her suffer this retribution! Hahahaha “

Great! Seeing her so miserable, the pain I’m suffering now is nothing!” Tang Qian breathed a sigh of relief.

“What’s your situation now? I heard that you went abroad.” Wang Wanzhi asked.

“I came abroad to relax. But I had a complete falling out with Fu Shiting. He wanted to kill me.” Tang Qian teased, “Unfortunately, he can’t kill me.”

“Why? Are you planning to hide for the rest of your life?”

“You underestimate me too!” Tang Qian said proudly, “I, Tang Qian, left him, and I still have Xinhe Capital and my brother to support me. It’s much better than with him!”

Wang Wanzhi: “Your brother is so good? You set up a game another day, and I’ll get to know your brother !” “Okay

, I will introduce you to you when I return to China.”

“If that’s the case, then Let me help you breathe out again to show my sincerity!” Wang Wanzhi laughed wildly.

“Wang Wanzhi, it’s no wonder you succeeded. I know so many people, but you are the only one who cares for me the most.” Tang Qian was in a good mood.

“Because Qin An’an is also my enemy. The enemy’s enemy is my friend. We are destined to be friends.”

Qin Anan lay on the steering wheel, crying for some time, and the phone in her bag rang.

She took a deep breath, wiped away her tears, and took out her phone from her bag.

An unfamiliar number appeared on the screen.

Usually when she sees an unfamiliar number, she will consider whether to answer it or not.

Now that something happened to Ziqiu, she left numbers for many blood banks, so she answered the phone without hesitation.

“Hello, are you Miss Qin? There is a package for you here. Shall I put it at the package station for you or deliver it to your home?”

Qin Anan was startled for a moment, and then said, “Let’s deliver it to your home! There is someone at my house. .”

She didn’t shop online these days, and she didn’t know who sent the package.

After talking on the phone, she adjusted her mood and stepped on the accelerator.

After about half an hour, she returned home.

When she got out of the car, the wound on her abdomen was aching like a tear. When I was crying in the car just now, because I cried too hard, the wound was involved, and most of the wounds burst open.

She entered the living room, ready to treat the wound.

Sister-in-law Zhang came out, pointed to the package on the ground, and said, “An An, this is your package. I don’t know what’s inside, it’s very heavy.”

Chapter 726

Chapter 726 Sister-in-law Zhang

thought that Qin Anan couldn’t lift heavy objects now, so she thoughtfully said, “How about I bring it to your room?”

Qin Anan stared at the package in front of her and shook her head: “I didn’t buy it. I don’t know what’s inside. Help me take it apart!”

“Okay, I’ll go get the scissors.”

When Aunt Zhang went to get the scissors, Xiaohan and Rila came over.

Qin Anan sat on the sofa because of the severe pain in the abdominal wound.

“Mom, what’s in the package?” Rila walked over to Qin An’an and asked.

“Mom doesn’t know what it is.” Qin Anan said, “Mom hasn’t bought anything these days.” Xiaohan

frowned, guessing: “Will it be the same as last time, it’s a terrible thing.”

Xiaohan’s words reassured Qin An The alarm bell rang.

Mrs. Zhang said that the things were heavy. Could it be something like bricks or cement?

“Xiaohan, take your sister back to the room first.” Qin Anan was afraid that the package was really scary. It’s not good if you scare the kids.

Xiaohan stared at the package a few times, then grabbed Rila tightly and walked towards the stairs.

Rila hummed softly: “Brother, I want to see it!”

Xiaohan: “If it’s something scary, you will have nightmares.”

Rila: “But I still want to see it!”

Xiaohan: “Wait for my mother to unpack it. Let’s come and see.”

Rila: “Oh! Why hasn’t Uncle Mike come home yet? Didn’t he say he would stay at home to take care of us these days? He also said that my mother needs someone to take care of us!”

Xiao Han didn’t know Why didn’t Mike come back tonight. I don’t think my mother’s mood is right.

I thought everyone would be very happy after my brother was born, and the most unhappy people were me and my sister, but after my brother was born, I felt that no one else was happy except myself and my sister.

Doesn’t it mean that my brother can go home in more than a month? Why is everyone unhappy?

“I’ll call him.” Xiaohan took Rila back to the room, and then called Mike with his phone watch.

Mike answered the phone and asked, “Xiaohan, is your mother home?”

“Well. Why didn’t you come back?”

“I’m in the hospital, I’ll go back later.”

“What are you doing in the hospital? It’s not that you can’t see your brother. Is it?”

Mike hesitated for a few seconds, and was very tangled in his heart.

Even if he hides it from Xiaohan now, if Ziqiu fails to make it through, Xiaohan will know about it.

“Your brother is sick and the situation is not very good.” Mike tried his best to keep his tone not so heavy, “Xiao Han, take care of your sister.”

“What’s wrong with my brother?” Is it alright?”

Mike: “His disease needs a blood exchange. There is no blood source now. There is no way to give him a blood transfusion. If he doesn’t get a blood transfusion soon, he will die. Your mother’s medical skills can solve the problem. So you and Rila should be well, you are the motivation for your mother to live.” The

living room on the first floor.

Sister Zhang opened the package, and a black tombstone appeared in front of her.

Aunt Zhang exclaimed in fright and took a few steps back!

Qin Anan sat on the sofa, saw the black tombstone, and stood up with a ‘jump’.

tombstone? Who sent the tombstone? whose tombstone? !

The blood in her body boiled instantly, and she had a strong premonition in her heart.

Chapter 727

Chapter 727

She trembled and walked towards the black tombstone…

“An An! Don’t look!” Sister Zhang woke up and immediately blocked the front of the tombstone, not wanting her to see it.

Qin Anan walked quickly to Mrs. Zhang and pushed Mrs. Zhang’s body to the side: “I want to see… let me see!”

Before Mrs. Zhang blocked the tombstone, she could clearly see the white lettering on the tombstone !

It reads: Tomb of Fu Ziqiu!

Her Ziqiu is not dead yet! Who sent this tombstone to disgust her? !

“An An… This must have been sent by someone with bad intentions! Let’s call the police!” Mrs. Zhang supported Qin An’an’s shaky but tense body and comforted her, “If you get angry, you should be right in the middle. You are in the arms of the bad guy! An An, you must wake up! Ziqiu is not dead, no matter what others say, Ziqiu is still alive!”

Sister Zhang’s words made Qin Anan’s emotions that she managed to restrain collapse again!

She hugged Mrs. Zhang and cried in a hoarse voice: “Ziqiu is in critical condition now…I can’t save Ziqiu…I can’t save him…I’m sorry Ziqiu… …If Ziqiu dies, I won’t forgive myself…”

Sister Zhang’s eyes turned red: “An An, life and death are a matter of life. If Ziqiu really can’t survive, it may be because of Ziqiu. Go to heaven and live a better life there. Don’t blame yourself. No one’s fault can be your fault. No one loves Ziqiu more than you.”


Fu Shiting entered the ward, and after looking at the child, his emotions suddenly collapsed.

With scarlet eyes, he fought back tears and found a doctor.

“Why doesn’t my blood work?” he suppressed, “Why do twins have different blood types? Even if the blood types are different, the difference shouldn’t be that big…”

“Mr. Fu, twins are divided into identical twins and fraternal twins. If they are fraternal twins, their blood types may indeed be different. As long as the blood types are different, there will be huge differences.” The doctor replied, “Mr. Fu, I It’s sad to know how you feel. But in fact, the premature babies born every year are not 100% able to survive. You and Miss Qin are still so young, you can…”

“I won’t give up Ziqiu!” Fu Shiting interrupted him.

The doctor pursed his lips, not knowing how to answer.

This is not a miracle that he can produce without giving up. If he can’t give Ziqiu a blood transfusion tonight, Ziqiu may die tomorrow.

At this moment, Fu Shiting’s cell phone rang.

He took out his mobile phone, saw that it was Mrs. Zhang who was calling, and immediately picked it up.

“Sir! Someone just sent An An a tombstone with Ziqiu’s name on it! I don’t know who sent it! It’s so vicious! An An cried a lot and passed out.” Sister Zhang choked.

Fu Shiting’s fingers holding the phone tightened suddenly.

The tombstone with Ziqiu’s name on it? !

Don’t say Qin Anan can’t stand it, if he sees it, he may be so angry that he kills the person who made the tombstone!

“I’m going back now!” He strode towards the elevator.

When he was about to reach the elevator door, he suddenly had a terrible premonition in his heart.

He stopped immediately, turned and walked towards the doctor’s office.

“Doctor, if a person has been seriously ill and has undergone multiple craniotomy operations, do you think she can donate blood?” He was unwilling to give up Ziqiu! If Ziqiu really died, he was afraid that Qin Anan would not be able to bear it.

So he had the idea of ​​letting Yinyin give Ziqiu a blood transfusion.

However, as soon as the idea arose, it was rejected by the doctor.

“Of course not! People who donate blood must be in good health. People who have suffered from serious illnesses are definitely not as good as ordinary people. If they donate blood rashly, it may cause problems for the donor’s body!”

The glimmer in Fu Shiting’s eyes completely dissipated.

He wouldn’t let Yin Yin take this risk.

As for Ziqiu, he felt very guilty.

He dreamed of being a good father, but in the end, he indirectly killed his son!

Chapter 728

Chapter 728

Maybe as Qin Anan said, he is not worthy of raising children! Not fit to be a father.

Even his own life is a mess, how can he take care of the children?

When Wei Zhen came, only Mike and Zhou Ziyi were in the neonatology department.

“Wei Zhen, what are you holding?” Mike noticed the box Wei Zhen was carrying at a glance.

On the box was written several large characters: blood transfer box.

“Blood.” Wei Zhen said, walking towards the attending doctor’s office.

Mike and Zhou Ziyi followed behind him: “Is this blood for Ziqiu? Is that the negative blood?”

Wei Zhen: “Yeah. But not much.”

Mike and Zhou Ziyi were surprised.

“Wei Zhen, where did you get the blood?”

Wei Zhen didn’t answer the question. His heart was very heavy.

He asked Yinyin if he would like to give Ziqiu a blood transfusion, and Yinyin nodded without thinking.

After that, he took Yinyin to do a series of basic examinations to see if Yinyin was suitable for donating blood.

The results show that Yin Yin’s body is not good.

He regretted mentioning this to Yinyin. Because Yinyin had to draw blood for Ziqiu after knowing that her blood could save Ziqiu.

Wei Zhen couldn’t beat her, so she smoked 150ml first.

After the blood was drawn, Yin Yin’s face instantly paled.

After Wei Zhen sent her home, he rushed to the hospital with blood.

After Wei Zhen gave the blood to the doctor, Mike and Zhou Ziyi surrounded him: “Wei Zhen, where did you get the blood? I haven’t heard any news about the source of the blood!”

Wei Zhen explained the reasons he had thought in advance: “My dad’s hospital has kind people donating blood.”

“Good-hearted person? You mean that person didn’t ask for money?” Mike couldn’t believe it.

“Even if the good-hearted person doesn’t want money, he should be given a sum of money. How can he be made to pay in vain? Not only should he be given money, but he should be given more.” Speaking of which, Zhou Ziyi lowered his voice, “Wan If the blood is not enough, I still need a good-hearted person to donate a little more… Now it is necessary to give him money to make up for his body.”

Mike: “Yes! Wei Zhen, you give that kind-hearted person’s The contact information tells me that I will give him money!”

Wei Zhen said solemnly: “The good-hearted person has repeatedly stated that she does not want any compensation. She just wants to do good things silently and does not want to leave her name.”

“It’s strange, this kind-hearted person has a wealthy family. Is it?” Mike asked puzzled, “Do you have the contact information of the kind person? If the blood is not enough, you can contact the kind person when the time comes. The conditions are whatever he wants, as long as he is willing to donate blood…”

Wei Zhencong He didn’t get angry easily, but the attitude of Mike and Zhou Ziyi made him grit his teeth: “It takes six months for an adult to donate blood for the second time! Even if Ziqiu needs blood, he can’t just draw one person’s blood… Now The most urgent thing is to find more blood sources!”

Zhou Ziyi: “Wei Zhen, don’t be angry. We don’t know much about these common senses, and we may be a little stupid. We just want Ziqiu to get better.”

Wei Zhen quickly adjusted his emotions: “It’s fine. I’m also a little anxious. I also hope Ziqiu gets better soon.”

Mike: “Wei Zhen, thank you!”

“No need to thank me. The one who donated blood is the one to thank.” Wei Zhen glanced at him All around them, “Where are An An and Fu Shiting?”

“An An is weak and went back to rest. My boss just answered a call, and it seemed that he was in a hurry, so he left.” Zhou Ziyi said, “I will call him now, If he knew there was blood, he would definitely be able to breathe a sigh of relief.”

Wei Zhen turned slightly, his face solemn. He didn’t dare to face Fu Shiting. I can’t even imagine how Fu Shiting would react if he knew that the blood came from Yin Yin.

Star River Villa.

After Fu Shiting got out of the car, the phone rang.

He answered the phone, and after hearing what Zhou Ziyi said over the phone, his eyebrows stretched.

There seemed to be a ray of light in front of him.

He strode into the living room of the villa.

“It was the blood sent by Wei Zhen. It was said that the blood was donated by a kind-hearted person through his father’s hospital. He sent the blood and left.” Zhou Ziyihui reported, “After the doctor got the blood, he went to test it immediately. , I will give Ziqiu a blood transfusion immediately.”

Fu Shiting didn’t suspect him, and he let out a long sigh of relief.

Chapter 729

Chapter 729

He walked briskly towards the main bedroom on the first floor.

Opening the door, there was a bedside lamp inside, Qin An’an’s eyes were open, empty, as if his soul had been taken away.

“An An, the blood source has been found.” He walked into the room and told her the news.

This news, more than any other consolation.

When she heard this, she immediately sat up.

He hurried over and held her up.

“An An, take a good rest at home, I’m going to the hospital now.” He looked at her face, and comforted, “Ziqiu will get better.”

“Have you given blood to Ziqiu?” She grabbed his arm and looked at him expectantly.

“The doctor took blood for testing. It was sent by Wei Zhen, so there should be no problem.” He said hoarsely, “You look very bad, you should rest first. If there is any news from the hospital, I will first I’ll tell you soon.”

Qin Anan sighed heavily.

The stone in my heart was slightly moved away.

“Then go to the hospital!”

“Yeah.” He helped her to lie down and watched her close her eyes before leaving the room.

When he came to the living room, his dark eyes were cold with anticipation, and he asked Mrs. Zhang, “Where’s the tombstone?”

“I moved it to the trash can and threw it away.” Mrs. Zhang frowned, “The person who gave the tombstone is too evil.”

He Step outside.

In the trash can outside the door, he took out the black tombstone.

Under the street lamp, the white lettering on the tombstone caused a severe pain in his heart!

The bodyguard watched him move the tombstone out of the trash can, and wondered, “Boss, where do you plan to move such an unlucky thing?” The bodyguard wanted to take it from him.

He didn’t let go: “Open the trunk.” The

bodyguard immediately opened the trunk.

He put the tombstone in and got into the car.

After that, the car drove to the police station.

The tombstone was sent to the police station, and Fu Shiting put forward his own request: “Find out all the fingerprints on this tombstone and find the corresponding person.”

He will not let anyone involved in this matter!

At ten o’clock at night, he rushed to the hospital.

The blood sent by Wei Zhen was suitable for Ziqiu, and now he is giving blood to Ziqiu.

Fu Shiting wanted to know who the blood donor was.

“Boss, Wei Zhen said that the kind people who donate blood don’t want to be paid, and they don’t want to leave their names.” Zhou Ziyi said, “And an adult donates blood once, and the second time is half a year apart. So in the short term, we can’t make this kind hearted person. People donate blood again.”

Mike: “I hope Ziqiu can get better soon!”

Zhou Ziyi worried: “I’m afraid that 150ml will not be enough.”

Fu Shiting felt that this was a bit strange.

Would a normal person refuse a good pay? Won’t.

His heart was faintly disturbed.

He went to the doctor and asked about the specific blood type of the blood source.

The doctor said: “The blood transfused to Ziqiu is type O blood in RH negative blood. This type of blood can supply blood to all RH negative blood.”

Fu Shiting didn’t listen to what the doctor said later.

Because Yinyin is exactly the blood type the doctor said.

Could it be that the blood that was given to Ziqiu was Yin Yin’s blood? !

Chapter 730

Chapter 730

He frowned, took out his mobile phone, and dialed Wei Zhen’s number.

The phone was dialed, and after a few seconds, Wei Zhen’s tired voice came.

“How’s Ziqiu?”

“Wei Zhen, how did the blood come from?” Fu Shiting walked to the secluded corner and asked sharply, “You should know what I’m asking!”

Yin Yin is with Wei Zhen almost every day .

Therefore, the blood that Wei Zhen brought was most likely from Yin Yin.

Wei Zhen didn’t want to lie or tell him the result directly.

“Fu Shiting, I don’t think there is a relationship of trust between the two of us.” Wei Zhen said calmly, “Will you believe what I say? I explained that An An and I are clear-cut before. Have you ever believed me?”

Fu Shiting: “One yard is one yard.”

“I’m very tired today,” Wei Zhen didn’t want to continue talking to him, “If you want to ask if the blood is Yin Yin, you can ask Yin Yin. She will definitely To answer your question.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t ask her? It’s very late, I don’t want to disturb her rest.” Fu Shiting said.

“Yes, it’s very late now, I have to rest too.” Wei Zhen put pressure on him before hanging up the phone, “I’m afraid the blood I sent to the hospital tonight is not enough. You need to get more blood as soon as possible. Ziqiu’s illness shouldn’t be delayed for too long.”

“Do you think I don’t want to save my son?” After Fu Shiting said these words, the next words were choked in his throat and could not come out.

He knew that Wei Zhen was also trying to help find the blood source, so he couldn’t get mad at Wei Zhen.

The two remained silent. After a while, Wei Zhen said, “Fu Shiting, An An’s wound should not be rushed. You should be optimistic about her.”

“I see.”

“I’m hanging up.” Wei Zhen sighed secretly.

He knew that Fu Shiting was having a hard time now. Not only have to take on the responsibility of a father, but also face the pain of losing his son at any time, not only that, but also Qin Anan…

Once Ziqiu has an accident, his relationship with Qin Anan will also suffer a huge blow.

After the call, Fu Shiting opened the address book and found Yin Yin’s number.

It’s past ten o’clock in the evening now, and Yinyin usually falls asleep at this point.

Well, I’ll ask again tomorrow.

Just when he put away his phone and was going to see Ziqiu, the phone screen lit up.

He looked at Yin Yin’s call, and his heart beat faster.

Is there a telepathy? She hadn’t slept so late.

He answered the phone: “Yinyin, why haven’t you slept yet?”

“Brother, I have a dream about Ziqiu… How is Ziqiu? I’m so worried about him!” Come.

“Wei Zhen brought a bag of blood tonight. He’s giving blood to Ziqiu now.” Fu Shiting said and asked, “Yin Yin, is the blood Wei Zhen brought yours?”

Yin Yin would never tell him Lie, so he was very nervous about her answer.

“It’s not mine.” Yin Yin asked, “Could it be that my blood can save Ziqiu? Brother, if I…”

Hearing Yin Yin’s words, he hurriedly said: “No. Your blood You can’t save Ziqiu. You’re not in good health, so you can’t donate blood. You have to keep what I said in your heart.”

As usual, Yinyin replied obediently, “Brother, it’s very late, you have to sleep well. If you If you don’t sleep, your health will also become very bad.”

“I wonder if Ziqiu will wake up tonight. If he wakes up, I will go to sleep immediately.” Fu Shiting felt much more relaxed, “Yinyin, you can continue to sleep. If you’re afraid, just turn on the light and sleep.”

“Mm. Brother, can I go to the hospital tomorrow? I’m worried about Ziqiu.”

“Come if you want.”

“Okay, I’ll be there tomorrow morning.”

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