When His Eyes Opened Chapter 741 -750(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 741 -750(Chinese)

Chapter 741

“At least five hundred milliliters should be prepared.”

Five hundred milliliters… Just find two adults to donate blood, and that’s it.

But it is difficult to find one right now. Where can I find two?

He can’t let Yinyin donate blood, and he can’t let Yinyin take this risk!

But what should Ziqiu do?

He made Ziqiu born into this world, does he really want to watch Ziqiu die of illness?

Just when he was sad, Qin Anan strode over.

“Mike has found blood.” Qin Anan just finished talking to Mike, so he immediately came to tell them the news, “He found 200 milliliters of blood. Now take the blood to the hospital for testing. If there is no problem, I can immediately Airlift back to China.”

Fu Shiting whispered: “There’s still three hundred milliliters left…I’ll look for it right away…”

“Where are you looking? It’s already dark now.” Qin Anan grabbed his Arm, didn’t want him to run around, “If there is news about the blood source, we can just send someone to fetch it.”

She didn’t want to see him being so embarrassed for this matter.

He looked at the pity for him in her eyes, and his eyes were red with guilt.

If she knew that Yinyin’s blood type was compatible with Ziqiu, what would she do?

He didn’t dare to tell her the news, he didn’t want to give her hope and let her down again.

But now there is only one person’s blood donation… As long as one person can be found to donate blood, Ziqiu will be saved!

Let Yinyin donate blood, it may not be an accident. Why not take a gamble?

Tears suddenly fell from the corners of his eyes.

Aside, the doctor was shocked.

Qin Anan was also a little confused.

With so many people here, why did he suddenly cry?

Ziqiu has not yet been sentenced to death, Ziqiu is still saved, why is he crying?

“Shi Ting, what’s the matter?” She hugged him, her little hands on his strong back, and gently reassured, “Are you too tired? Can I take you to the hotel to rest? Ziqiu is still alive, you Don’t be so sad.”

Her comfort accelerated his emotional breakdown.

“An An, I’m sorry…I’m sorry for you…I’m sorry for the child…” He let himself cry, “I can’t protect anyone…I I’m sorry you…”

“Fu Shiting, we don’t need your protection. You just need to take care of yourself.” She bears most of his body’s weight, but doesn’t feel heavy.

After the birth of her child, she was in great grief every day. Until this moment, when she was holding the collapsed Fu Shiting, she felt great courage in her heart.

When she is sad and painful, she can lose her temper with Fu Shiting and blame him for all the faults.

She forgot that he was also a person of flesh and blood, and there were times when he couldn’t bear it.

Zhou Ziyi saw this scene, took off his glasses and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes.

When he adjusted his mood, he suddenly found that Yin Yin was standing behind them.

Yinyin stood there in a daze, looking at Fu Shiting in a daze.

She had never seen Fu Shiting cry.

Seeing him cry like this, she was shocked.

“Yinyin, why are you here?” Zhou Ziyi walked over and asked.

Yinyin raised her eyes blankly: “Why is my brother crying? Ziqiu…”

“The doctor said that Ziqiu still needs five hundred milliliters of blood. Your brother is under too much pressure.” Zhou Ziyi explained.

Chapter 742

Chapter 742

Wei Zhen, who was standing beside Yinyin, interjected: “Is it enough for five hundred milliliters of blood?”

Zhou Ziyi frowned and said bitterly: “Five hundred milliliters of blood, easier said than done! If you can find a He Ziqiu If the blood type is compatible, you can only get up to 300 ml at a time. Now Mike has found 200 ml in country B, and it is still 300 ml.”

Hearing his words, Yin Yin’s chest heaved rapidly: “Now I still need 300 ml. Only milliliters of blood can save Ziqiu?”

Zhou Ziyi: “Yeah! But these three hundred milliliters of blood are hard to find. There are only a few people with this blood type, and the age of the people who can donate blood is stuck. Between 18 and 55 years old…”

Yin Yin took Wei Zhen’s arm and said to Zhou Ziyi, “I’ll go look for Wei Zhen.”

Zhou Ziyi said puzzled: “Yin Yin, go back and rest. You don’t need to worry about this matter. It’s dark outside, if there is news of blood origin, we will receive the news as soon as possible.”

He understood that Yinyin wanted to help, but Yinyin had always been the object of protection. Now that she has no problems, she is the greatest help to everyone.

Yinyin nodded obediently, and without saying anything, dragged Wei Zhen away.

Qin Anan hugged Fu Shiting and watched Wei Zhen and Yinyin leave.

“Shi Ting, I know what you’re crying about.” Her voice was calm and low, “It’s because of Yin Yin, right?”

She performed the two craniotomy operations after Yin Yin.

Although Wei Zhen did the inspection, Wei Zhen mentioned it to her. He said that Yin Yin’s blood type is a bit special. If there is heavy bleeding during the operation, it will be life-threatening. So she was extra careful when she operated on Yinyin.

Fu Shiting looked at her in pain.

“Yinyin’s blood type is the same as Ziqiu’s, isn’t it?” she whispered, “You said you couldn’t protect anyone because you wanted Yinyin to donate blood to Ziqiu, but you didn’t dare to do it, right?”

She said it all on his mind.

He forgot to ask her how she knew Yin Yin’s blood type, because he was more concerned about how she would choose.

“Fu Shiting, don’t cry,” Qin Anan choked, tears falling from the corners of his eyes, “Even if I can’t save Ziqiu, I can’t let Yinyin donate blood to Ziqiu. Even if there is blood, I can’t guarantee that Ziqiu will be 100 percentile. If you let Yinyin donate blood, there will definitely be problems. We can’t trade one life for another.”

After leaving the hospital, Yinyin told Wei Zhen what she thought.

“Wei Zhen, draw my blood! Now you only need three hundred milliliters of blood to save Ziqiu.” When Yin Yin said this, her brows rose, her eyes filled with joy, “I can save Ziqiu, I Very happy.”

Wei Zhen took her hand away from his arm.

His face was cold and his tone was stern: “Do you know what you’re talking about? You can’t donate blood any more! Even if it’s a normal person donating blood, it has to be six months apart!”

“But if I don’t donate blood to Ziqiu, Ziqiu will Dead.” Yin Yin said optimistically, “You pump my blood for Ziqiu, and I won’t die.”

“How do you know you won’t die?” Wei Zhen asked back, “What if you died?”

Yin Yin Blinking her eyes, she thought about this question carefully, and then said, “As long as I can save Ziqiu, I’ll be fine if I die.”

She remembered how her brother cried just now, and her heart felt like a thousand arrows pierced through her heart.

My brother was so sad because of Ziqiu’s illness. If Ziqiu died, my brother would definitely suffer more.

Wei Zhen was irritated by her answer, and his eyes were sore.

“Wei Zhen, if I were sick and my brother happened to be able to save me, he would definitely save me.” Yinyin grabbed his arm again, “He has always protected me, and I can’t do anything for him, Finally, I can help this time, even if I die, I’m not afraid.”

“Go find your brother!” Wei Zhen refused, “I won’t draw blood for you.”

Chapter 743

Chapter 743

Yinyin frowned suddenly, and hurriedly walked to him, holding his big palm with both hands.

“My brother definitely wouldn’t draw my blood… He knew that my blood could save Ziqiu, but he didn’t ask me to help… It was because of this that I had to save Ziqiu. Wei Zhen, please.”

She whispered softly, begging bitterly.

“Wei Zhen, if I die, I’ll marry you in the next life, okay?” She clenched his palm tightly, and suddenly smiled and said, “But I don’t think I will die. Aunt Hong said that I have nine lives, each time No matter what disease I have, the doctor can cure me.”

Wei Zhen looked at the smile on her face and her bright eyes, her hard heart gradually melted.

He asked himself why he liked being with Yinyin, wasn’t it because she was innocent and kind?

A European-style mansion.

Wang Wanzhi was wearing a silk nightdress, and after drinking a sip of red wine, she dialed Tang Qiaosen’s number.

She and Tang Qiaosen met through Tang Qian’s matchmaking.

They had a meal together the night before and talked about business affairs. Because the two shared many of the same ideas, they chatted very speculatively.

“He told you that he lost a dark red box?” Tang Qiaosen began to figure out what the dark red box looked like in his mind.

“Yes. He said he was taken away by you.” Wang Wanzhi swallowed her breath, “Tang Qiaosen, what exactly did you hold him? Can you tell me?”

“Of course I can’t tell you. If I tell you, I will How can I use it to threaten him?” Tang Qiaosen said shrewdly, “But don’t worry, as long as you listen to me, I can keep you safe.”

“How can I trust you?”

“Tang Qian has done more than you have done. I can protect Tang Qian, and naturally I can protect you!” Tang Qiaosen said, “Did he say how the dark red box was lost? What are the characteristics of its appearance?”

“I didn’t say it. He said it was in your hands. It seems that he guessed wrong.” Wang Wanzhi’s eyes flashed slyly, “This box must contain his secrets. You said, who would take it?”

“Before you told me about it, I didn’t know what dark red box was. If I had this box, I would have taken it out and threatened him…”

“Hahaha, he thinks the box is a What you took away, if you reveal that the box is not with you, he won’t be afraid of you.” Wang Wanzhi changed her words, “Tang Qiaosen, now we are on the same boat. If you don’t keep me safe, I will tell him. , that box is not in your hands at all!”

“Wang Wanzhi, you are indeed shrewd and ruthless!”

“No way, you were forced.” Wang Wanzhi’s tense mood was relieved, “Let’s find that box together. I wish us a happy cooperation.”

three in the morning.

News came from the city blood bank center that it received a bag of 300 milliliters of adapted blood.

The blood has been tested, it is compatible with Ziqiu’s blood, and it is non-toxic.

The blood was immediately sent to the hospital where Ziqiu was hospitalized.

The attending doctor was overjoyed and quickly sent the news to Fu Shiting and Qin An’an.

Qin Anan has been sleeping poorly recently, and she woke up immediately after receiving the message.

Seeing the information, she thought she was dreaming.

Just as she was about to call the doctor back, Mike’s call came.

She answered the phone, and Mike’s voice came clearly and powerfully: “An An, I’m sorry! Although the blood I found matches Ziqiu, the blood is not clean…”

Chapter 744

Chapter 744

Qin Anan’s heart is tightly gripped, and a sense of loss arises spontaneously.

Because before Mike called, she saw the message from the doctor, and before she had time to rejoice, the bad news followed.

“It’s okay,” she said slowly, “I’ll call the hospital.”

“Okay. Did I disturb you to sleep?”

“No. I was awake already. It’s been hard for you these past few days.” Qin Anan opened the door The quilt got out of bed and planned to go to the hospital now, “By the way, 300ml of blood was sent from the blood bank just now. I think 300ml should be enough.”

“That’s good! If it’s enough, then I’ll prepare. Back home.” Mike said.

“Well, I’ll go to the hospital now.”

“Okay. Take care of your health! Don’t wait for Ziqiu to recover before you fall again.” Mike urged, “I shouldn’t have called you at this point, But if I don’t call you, I feel uneasy.”

“I didn’t sleep well either.” Qin Anan hung up the phone after talking to him a few words.

Before going out, she checked the weather.

At this time, the outdoor temperature is zero degrees. The weather shows that there will be heavy snow today.

Every time she saw snow, even if it was just the word ‘snow’, she would think of the time when she was in love with Fu Shiting.

After so many years, their relationship is still closely linked.

If Ziqiu can get better, that’s fine.

She took out a long down jacket from the closet, packed herself tightly, and stepped out of the villa door.

The cold wind was blowing in her face, and her nose was sore from the cold.

She opened the door and got into the car. For a moment, the cold air was isolated.

She started the car and waited for the time to warm up. She stared at the dark night in front of her in a daze.

She doesn’t have insomnia and can’t sleep every night. Because of her postpartum weakness, she can fall asleep most of the time.

Insomnia tonight is because Fu Shiting lost control of her emotions in the hospital, collapsed and cried, which made her unable to calm down for a long time.

As soon as she closed her eyes, his heartbroken face automatically appeared in her mind.

No matter how many times she said harsh words to him or broke up with him, it was difficult for her to overthrow her deep love for him.

Ziqiu was sick, how could she blame him so cruelly? How could he want his son to die?

He broke down tonight, and at least half of it was because of her.

At three o’clock in the morning, the city has faded from the bustling and hustle and bustle. Qin An’an arrived at the hospital unimpeded all the way.

As soon as she entered the neonatology department, she saw Fu Shiting’s tall figure.

She sent him back to the hotel to rest in the evening. She thought he would get a good night’s sleep, but he came earlier than her.

“I have already given blood to my son.” The exhaustion on his face did not disappear, but his eyes were bright. “Mike said that the blood he was looking for was not clean, so there is only 300 milliliters of blood at present. But the doctor said that he could try it first. Three hundred milliliters is a lot.”

Qin Anan nodded: “Did the doctor call you or send a message?”

“A message.”

“Are you not sleeping?”

“Sleep, I set a message Beep.” He looked at her face, “Aren’t you asleep?” “Can’t

sleep.” She looked at him, looking into his still scarlet eyes, and asked, “Are you feeling better?

” An unnatural embarrassment flashed over.

“You feel ashamed now?” She couldn’t help sarcastically. “There were a lot of doctors and nurses around at that time, as well as your subordinates…”

“Don’t remind me.” His Adam’s apple rolled, and a blush appeared on his handsome cheeks, “I don’t often. And they should understand my current situation.”

“No one laughs at you.” She pulled his Holding his hand, he took him to the bench next to him and sat down. “You have done your best. Even if the final result is not satisfactory, I will not blame you.”

She seemed to say that I was mentally prepared for the worst.

However, he hasn’t.

Chapter 745

Chapter 745

He can’t accept his son leaving this world. Because this child, he forced her to conceive.

From the moment he was conceived, to the obstetric examinations in the middle, to the present birth, he poured too much affection into this child.

“If Ziqiu has an accident, even if you don’t blame me, I won’t bother you again.” and two children.

He didn’t say anything after that.

Because Xiaohan and Rila didn’t recognize him.

Even if there is only a layer of cellophane left between them. But he had a hunch that the two children might never recognize him as a father.

His words made her feel inexplicably sad.

Ziqiu is not dead yet! The two of them are talking now, as if the child is no longer there.

Because she didn’t speak again, he glanced at her sideways.

Seeing her haggard face and lack of energy, he immediately took her into his arms and put her head on his shoulders.

“Sleep! Ziqiu will be fine. All our worries are unnecessary.” He whispered hoarsely in her ear.

There was something magical about his voice. When she heard his words, her heart dropped instantly.

She smelled the familiar breath on his body, rubbed her cheeks unconsciously against his warm neck, then found a comfortable position and fell asleep in his arms.

I wish time could stop at this moment.

As if they were a couple who had been in love for many years.

If it wasn’t for his emotional breakdown tonight, she would definitely ask Wang Wanzhi, who dealt with him so much.

If he told her that he did not deal with Wang Wanzhi, she would definitely be furious.

In the quiet corridor, he heard a sigh from the depths of his heart.

A nurse passed by and walked towards the intensive care unit.

His eyes followed the nurse to the intensive care unit.

I don’t know how my son is doing now. As long as his son is safe, he is willing to endure any hardship.

About four hours later, it was dawn.

The attending doctor came to Fu Shiting and first glanced at Qin Anan in his arms.

Qin Anan slept very deeply. If she didn’t wake her up, she should be able to sleep for a long time.

“Mr. Fu, do you want to send her to the doctor’s duty room to rest? There is no one in the duty room now.” The doctor said.

Afraid of waking her up, Fu Shiting rejected the doctor’s offer: “How is Ziqiu?”

“He is in a stable condition now. The rash on his face has disappeared. We must continue to observe to see if the night will be the same as before. It suddenly deteriorated twice like that.” The doctor pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “If there is no deterioration at night, it should gradually improve.”

Fu Shiting’s chest heaved sharply because of excitement.

Qin Anan felt his sudden rise in body temperature and woke up suddenly.

“An An, the doctor said that Ziqiu is in good condition now.” Fu Shiting hugged her tightly, “Ziqiu will definitely survive!”

Qin Anan was hugged so tightly that he had difficulty breathing, but he listened to what he said. After reaching the heart, the mood also followed.

“Really? Am I not dreaming?” she murmured.

“Miss Qin, you are not dreaming.” The doctor said with a smile, “After this blood transfusion, Ziqiu’s various indicators have improved significantly. So we can expect him to survive tonight.”

Qin Anan was moved to tears . : “I want to thank this kind person who donated blood. Shi Ting, do you know who this kind person who donated blood is?”

Her question stopped Fu Shiting.

He hasn’t thought about this since last night until now.

Only know that the blood is sent from the blood bank.

“I’ll ask now.” He took out his cell phone and dialed the number of the blood bank contact.

Chapter 746

Chapter 746

After the phone was connected, the person in charge of the blood bank said: “It was received by the staff on duty at that time. I asked the person on duty, and he said that the person who sent the blood did not leave contact information. It is estimated that he wanted to do good things. Name it!”

In this world, where are so many good-hearted people who do good deeds without leaving their names?

Qin Anan watched him finish talking on the phone, so he said, “Let’s find the kind person who donated blood!”

Now that Ziqiu is in stable condition, the two of them can’t help much by staying in the hospital.

“The person who donated blood didn’t leave a name.” Fu Shiting looked at Qin An’an with eagle-like eyes, “Do you think it’s strange?”

Qin An’an was thoughtful: “Brother Wei also brought a bag of blood before and said yes. Donated by a kind person, no name is left.”

“Do you think the 300ml of blood this time was also found by Wei Zhen?”

Qin Anan’s eyelashes trembled and shook his head: “I don’t know. Why didn’t he bring it directly? Why did it go through the blood bank?”

Fu Shiting’s face suddenly turned ugly.

She guessed what was on his mind.

“I’ll call Big Brother Wei and ask!” She took out her mobile phone and planned to call Wei Zhen.

And he stood up with a cold face: “I’ll go home.”

She knew that he was going to find Yinyin.

He suspected that the kind person who donated the 300ml of blood was Yin Yin.

She couldn’t help but follow him out of the hospital.

Coming out of the inpatient department, goose feather-like snowflakes fluttered down one after another, fascinated by the sight.

She looked at his lonely back, and suddenly stopped.

She was suddenly a little scared.

If the 300ml of blood last night was really Yin Yin, how could Yin Yin’s body be able to bear it?

Thinking of this, her hands and feet couldn’t stop being cold, and she watched him gradually walk away until he disappeared in front of her eyes.

If the blood from last night was really Yin Yin, would the 150 ml of blood sent by Wei Zhen… also be Yin Yin?

The more she thought about it, the more frightened she became.

She turned on her phone, found Wei Zhen’s number, and dialed it.

She must figure this out immediately, otherwise, she will have trouble sleeping and eating.

When she dialed the phone, there was no sound like Weizhen’s voice in her imagination, but a cold system prompt: Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off, please try again later.

She suspected she had heard it wrong.

Wei Zhen usually does not shut down. She can basically get through every time she calls him, but now, why does he shut down?

Is it really what Fu Shiting guessed?

Wei Zhen is also a medical practitioner. He is very aware of Yin Yin’s physical condition. As long as he is sensible, he will not pump Yin Yin’s blood.

Fu family.

Aunt Hong was a little surprised when Fu Shiting came back.

“Sir, how is Ziqiu?” Aunt Hong asked.

Fu Shiting didn’t change his shoes, and strode into the living room: “Where’s Yinyin?”

“Yinyin isn’t at home,” Aunt Hong said, “She called me last night and said that Wei Zhen would take her to Putuo Mountain to pray for Ziqiu. She said she told you!”

Fu Shiting’s eyes darkened and his teeth clenched: “She didn’t tell me! She lied!”

Aunt Hong was frightened by his stern shout, and immediately found the phone: “I’ll give it to her. Call… I’ll tell her to come back quickly!”

Fu Shiting clenched his fingers tightly: “I called her, but her phone was turned off!”

He not only called Yinyin, but also called Wei Zhen. beated.

Chapter 747

Chapter 747

Both of their mobile phones are turned off.

It was obvious that the kind person who donated blood was Yin Yin.

Yinyin donated 450ml of blood to Ziqiu.

An adult can only donate a maximum of 300ml of blood at a time, but Yinyin can’t donate blood at all, but he has donated far more than normal people!

How could her body take it?

The two of them are shutting down together now, and there is only one possibility, that is, something happened to Yinyin, Wei Zhen can’t bear the consequences, and can only choose to escape.

“I’ll call Yinyin’s bodyguard!” Aunt Hong’s eyes were red, and her fingers on the phone were shaking.

If it wasn’t for Fu Shiting being exhausted for Ziqiu’s business, Aunt Hong would definitely call him last night to confirm.

He never let Yinyin go far with others.

She should be vigilant.

However, Yinyin has never lied to her!

Aunt Hong was nervous and blamed herself, what should I do if something happened to Yin Yin!

She dialed the bodyguard’s number, and after a while, the call was connected.

“Hurry up and send Yinyin back now!” Aunt Hong ordered, “If there is something wrong with Yinyin, you and I can’t take this responsibility!” The

bodyguard quickly got up from the bed and looked around: “I… …I seem to have been tricked by someone!”

“What did you say?!” Aunt Hong was taken aback, she caught sight of Fu Shiting out of the corner of her eye, and immediately calmed down, “Don’t panic, tell me what’s wrong? “

My mind seems to be broken! I’m in a completely unfamiliar room now, and I didn’t see Miss Yin Yin… I’m afraid someone fainted…” The bodyguard immediately walked out of the room. He walked out, “It must have been Wei Zhen who made me dizzy. Before I lost my memory, I remember he gave me a glass of water…”

Aunt Hong hung up the phone and cried to Fu Shiting, “The bodyguard said that Wei Zhen made him dizzy! It must have been Wei Zhen who abducted Yinyin!”

Fu Shiting’s face was covered with frost.

He strode away and went to find Wei Zhen.

At this time, the Wei family and Wei Zhen’s parents received Qin An’an who came to visit.

“An An, is Ziqiu feeling better?” Mother Wei said, “I heard that he has a rare blood disease, Wei Zhen and your Uncle Wei have been asking around to see if they can find a blood source that matches Ziqiu’s blood type… ….”

“Uncle and auntie, Wei Zhen’s phone is turned off, do you know where he went?” Qin Anan wanted to find Wei Zhen and asked him clearly in person.

“Is his phone turned off?” Wei’s mother was a little surprised, “He usually doesn’t turn off his phone! I’ll give him a try.”

Wei’s mother found the phone and dialed Wei Zhen, and sure enough, she couldn’t get through.

“Are you in a hurry to find him? Why don’t I take you to his place now? After what happened last time in country B, he moved out.”

Qin Anan was shocked.

She didn’t know that Wei Zhen had moved out of the house.

She often troubles Wei Zhen, but she doesn’t really care about Wei Zhen at all.

In her heart, she was ashamed and remorseful.

This time Ziqiu had an accident, Wei Zhen was busy looking ahead, if he really pumped Yin Yin’s blood…she might not be able to blame him blindly!

“Auntie, please take me to his place.” Qin Anan’s voice was a little choked.

Mother Wei didn’t understand what happened: “What happened? What happened to Wei Zhen? He…he won’t be kidnapped again?!”

“No.” Qin Anan explained, “He should Not kidnapped. I’m looking for him for something else.”

“What’s the matter?” Mother Wei held her hand, her eyes widened, “Qin An’an, I am the only son, I can’t bear any more mistakes from him!”

“Auntie, the hospital received it last night. Three hundred milliliters of blood, the donor did not leave any information, I want to ask Brother Wei if he knows about this.” After Qin Anan told the story, Wei’s mother was relieved.

“It scared me to death! I thought he had an accident again!” Mother Wei took her to Wei Zhen’s residence.

When the two of them arrived at Wei Zhen’s apartment, there was a man standing at the door!

Chapter 748

Chapter 748

Fu Shiting saw the two of them coming, the cold expression on his face remained unchanged.

There was no one in Wei Zhen’s apartment.

Wei Zhen took Yinyin away, I don’t know where to take it!

“Mr. Fu, why are you here?” Wei’s mother wondered, “Are you also here to ask Wei Zhen about the 300ml of blood?”

Wei’s mother’s voice was settled, Qin Anan saw that Fu Shiting couldn’t seem to control the inside of her body. Emotions, so he immediately walked up to him.

“Shi Ting, calm down!” She said dumbly, “Uncle and auntie don’t know where Wei Zhen went, I will find a way to contact him, give me some time!”

Fu Shiting’s eyes were scarlet, and his face was indifferent. Cool!

All along, he has carefully guarded Yinyin, so that she can live safely and healthily until now.

Finally, her condition improved, and she was finally able to live a near-normal life. As a result, Wei Zhen actually attacked her!

How dare he pump Yin Yin blood? ! How dare he!

If Ziqiu wasn’t Qin An’an’s son, would he have lost his conscience like this?

“If Yinyin dies, I will let him be buried with Yinyin.” Fu Shiting finished word by word and pushed Qin Anan away from him.

After he left, Mother Wei grabbed Qin An’an in despair: “What is he talking about? Why did Yinyin die and want my son to be buried with him?! My son didn’t want him for a penny, so he took care of Yinyin for him. Why should my son be buried with Yinyin!”

Qin Anan supported Wei’s mother with both hands, and said absentmindedly: “Auntie, we now suspect that the three hundred milliliters of blood belonged to Yinyin.”

“Oh… that’s also . Yin Yin’s will! My son will never force anyone! You see he likes you, but he has never forced you! He didn’t make you sad! You know my son, he is the most gentle and gentlest in the world A well-bred man…”

“Auntie, I know. I know what Wei Zhen is like. But if the blood is really Yin Yin, Yin Yin’s body will definitely not be able to bear it. Wei Zhen is a doctor, he should be able to guess this. Even if it is Yin Yin’s will , he shouldn’t have listened to Yin Yin.” Qin Anan said, with wet eyes, “Can you help to contact Wei Zhen? He is so immature now that he has lost contact with Yin Yin! What happened to Yi Yinyin, I’m afraid I can’t control Fu Shiting!”

At first, he would rather break up with her than to keep the secret between him and Yin Yin.

Yin Yin is a very special existence to him.

When he pushed her away just now, she felt once again that she could never replace Yin Yin’s weight in his heart.

But she won’t be jealous and get angina like before.

Not because she doesn’t care about him anymore, but because she, like him, also likes Yin Yin.

She had already given him the answer in the hospital yesterday. If she was given a choice, she would never sacrifice Yinyin’s health in exchange for Ziqiu’s life.

Ziqiu is her baby.

Isn’t Yinyin his baby?

“I’ll go to Wei Zhen right away… I’ll go to him right away! An An, you must help Wei Zhen! If something happens to Yin Yin, you must help Wei Zhen! If Wei Zhen really does this He is also trying to help your son!” Mother Wei’s eyes were red with tears.

“Auntie, let’s find Wei Zhen as soon as possible. As long as Yinyin is still alive, I will ensure his safety.”

But in just one morning, it seems like a century has passed.

Qin Anan contacted his mutual friend with Wei Zhen, but no one knew where he went.

The more she can’t contact him, the stronger the ominous premonition in her heart.

If nothing happened to Yin Yin, why did he disappear with Yin Yin?

She took a deep breath, cold to the bone. With trembling fingers, she opened Wei Zhen’s chat box and sent him a message: Brother Wei, have you ever thought that if something happened to Yin Yin, the person she most wanted to see might be Fu Shiting?

She didn’t dare to say that Fu Shiting was going crazy!

She was afraid of scaring Wei Zhen.

The news was sent out like a stone sinking into the sea.

Deep in her heart, a terrible idea came up! Maybe it’s not just Fu Shiting who is crazy now, maybe Wei Zhen is crazy too!

Chapter 749

Chapter 749

Because of his behavior this time, it is completely different from his usual behavior!

When she came out of Wei’s house, the snow was getting heavier and heavier.

There was a thick layer of snow on her car.

She likes snow very much. If she is not worried now, she may take a leisurely stroll in the snow, or build a snowman as happy as a child.

But now, with snowflakes falling on her cheeks, she could only feel the freezing cold.

She opened the door and drove the car to the hospital.

In the neonatology department, Fu Shiting is not here.

She couldn’t guess where he was going, but she could guess that he must be in excruciating pain right now.

It hurts even more than last night!

The pain that can be vented is often easier to dissolve, but the pain that cannot be expressed will be deeply rooted in the heart.

Outside the gate of Ahn’Qiraj Academy, a black Rolls-Royce was parked.

The car parked there quietly, the wipers rhythmically sweeping away the snow that fell on the front windshield.

Fu Shiting sat in the car, staring at the front with deep eyes.

This is where Yin Yin has stayed for more than ten years.

During her more than ten years here, her IQ has remained at the stage of a few-year-old child.

She was afraid of life and didn’t like to talk, but every time she saw him, she would happily call his brother.

Qin Anan said that this is a beautiful cage, which limits Yinyin’s freedom.

Not so.

It was Yinyin who was used to the environment here and couldn’t leave.

Before she recovered from surgery, she was more difficult to care for than the average mentally handicapped child.

She was abused by her father since she was a child, her heart has long been torn apart, and she has no sense of security. If she changed the style of the towel she was using, she would cry and scream, and if she changed her hairstyle, she would cry and scream…

In his mind, there were screams of her various periods.

Because she lived too hard, he obeyed her in everything.

He thought he could protect her like this for a lifetime, but because of his negligence, such an accident happened!

The sky suddenly darkened.

The snow did not know when it stopped, and the wipers were still working tirelessly. In front of his eyes, countless phantoms appeared.

He seemed to see Yin Yin running out of the darkness, laughing and calling him to get out of the car!

His grandfather grasped the inside handle of the car and wanted to push the door to get out of the car. At this moment, the phone rang and pulled him from the illusion back to reality.

He is so lost! A throbbing pain in the heart!

He picked up the phone and saw the message from Yin Yin!

Yin Yin sent him a video.

The video was recorded by Yin Yin lying in bed.

——”Brother, I may die… I’m so scared… I really want you to hold me, but I dare not let Wei Zhen take me to find you, I’m afraid You blame me, I’m more afraid of your sadness… So I asked Wei Zhen to hide me… If I die, don’t cry, okay?”

“Brother, don’t blame Wei Zhen. ……I begged Wei Zhen to help me……he is the best man in this world except for my brother…don’t blame him, brother please now…”

“Brother, I have another secret that I have to tell you… Mom… Our mom is… ahem… . was murdered…”

Chapter 750

Chapter 750

Tears fell on the screen, his fingers wiped on the screen, and the video ended there.

He played the video again.

After reading it, my heart hurts even more!

He immediately dialed her number, but there was a cold shutdown prompt.

This was the first time in her life that she had made an important choice without telling him.

He will not forgive her, and he will not forgive himself!

He should have expected it, she was no longer a fool, how could he not notice it at all?

The first time he brought 150ml of blood from Wei Zhen, he should have suspected it!

In this world, there are indeed good-hearted people who do not ask for anything in return, but they will not be met by him by chance.

At the same moment, Qin An’an’s cell phone rang.

She turned on her phone and saw the message from Wei Zhen.


In just three words, Qin Anan froze in place.

Wei Zhen said sorry to her!

Therefore, the blood sent by good-hearted people twice is really groaning!

It was he who drew Yin Yin’s blood!

And Yin Yin also had an accident!

That’s why he needs to say ‘I’m sorry’.

In an instant, the world was spinning, and the strength in her body seemed to be drained, and she almost lost her footing.

“An’an, what’s wrong?” Zhou Ziyi held her up, “After you came over at noon, your mental state was not very good, and my boss never came. What happened?”

Ziqiu hadn’t turned the corner, so Zhou Ziyi thought she The soul is left unattended because of the child’s illness.

But when she glanced at her phone just now, her emotions were obviously stimulated.

So, something must have happened.

Qin Anan suppressed her emotions and didn’t want to lose her temper in front of Zhou Ziyi.

But when she thought that the blood that continued Ziqiu’s life was Yin Yin, she couldn’t calm down!

Her lips moved, trying to answer his question.

Before she could make a sound, the doctor strode over.

“Miss Qin, Ziqiu’s condition has returned to normal now! From last night’s blood transfusion, until now, he is getting better! It’s much better than the previous few times!” The

doctor’s words made Zhou Ziyi overjoyed: “That’s great. If my boss hears this news, he will definitely be very happy! I will call him now.”

Zhou Ziyi took out his mobile phone and wanted to call Fu Shiting.

Qin Anan held his big palm down: “Don’t disturb him.”

“Ziqiu’s improvement is a good thing, how could he be disturbing him?” Zhou Ziyi was really puzzled, “An An, what happened? Ziqiu is saved, shouldn’t you be happy? Why do you look so sad?”

Qin Anan retracted his hand, lowered his head, and choked up, “Something happened to Yin Yin.”

Zhou Ziyi took a sharp breath, “Yin Yin What’s wrong?! She was fine yesterday, and she said she was going to help find the blood source, why did something happen to her suddenly?!”

All this is outrageous!

Ziqiu only showed signs of improvement, I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief… Why did Yinyin have an accident at this juncture? !

Qin Anan wanted to answer his question properly, but as soon as she opened her mouth, tears fell, and she couldn’t help crying: “She did help to find the blood source…because she is the blood source…”

Zhou Zi Yi suddenly changed his face in shock.

The doctor was also stunned.

After a long time, Zhou Ziyi called Mike and told him to return home quickly.

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