When His Eyes Opened Chapter 751 -760(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 751 -760(Chinese)

Chapter 751

“Ziqiu has passed the dangerous period.” On the other

side of the phone, Mike excitedly said, “That’s great! Go back and have a party to celebrate!”

“Celebrate what?” Ziqiu’s life was exchanged for Yinyin’s life.”

Mike thought he had heard it wrong.

“Mike, come back quickly! I can’t worry about Qin An’an’s side. However, I’m going to find my boss.” Zhou Ziyi said, exhausted, “This incident has hit my boss too hard!”

… .

Fu family.

Fu Shiting locked himself in Yinyin’s room.

Just now, someone sent a package, and inside the package was Yin Yin’s mobile phone.

In Yinyin’s mobile phone, there are many selfie photos and videos of Yinyin.

He flipped through the photos one by one, and clicked on the videos one by one.

Her voice, face and smile seemed to be right in front of her eyes, but her people would never appear in front of him.

She was also his spiritual support during the years he had guarded her.

Because only if he lives well can she be guaranteed not to be bullied.

But now she left him, in such a cruel way.

Sister Zhang came to hear the news, and Aunt Hong’s eyes were red and swollen when she cried.

Auntie Hong has taken care of Yin Yin since she was very young.

Yinyin is afraid of life, so most of the time, Aunt Hong accompanies Yinyin to waste day after day.

Aunt Hong treats Yin Yin as her little daughter, how can she accept this result now?

“Yinyin is too kind.” Aunt Zhang handed a tissue to Aunt Hong, “She made this decision without telling her husband and An An, which shows that she also knows in her heart that neither her husband nor An An will let her donate blood. Ziqiu, they won’t let her donate blood.”

Aunt Hong was deeply saddened: “She’s so stupid! She never thinks about herself! It’s my fault, when she calls me, I should stop her! Where is there? She went to the mountain to pray for blessings in the middle of the night! If I stopped her at that time, she might not hide!”

Speaking of which, Aunt Hong cried bitterly: “If you live to see people die, you will see corpses! Even if Yin Yin dies, I will I saw her body!”

Sister Zhang frowned: “This is Wei Zhen’s fault. How can Wei Zhen listen to her completely? Wei Zhen clearly knows Yin Yin’s situation! Hey!”

Aunt Hong cried after a while , the reason gradually returned to the body: “Go and take care of An An!”

“She didn’t come back tonight.” Sister Zhang said, “How could she feel better when such a thing happened? If Ziqiu can recover, it will be fine, I’m afraid What’s wrong with Ziqiu…”

“No! Ziqiu will not have an accident! If Ziqiu has another accident…” Aunt Hong said, her chest was tight and short of breath, and she suddenly couldn’t breathe. Shang gas, “Sir won’t be so unlucky!”


Qin An’an sat on the bench in the corridor with an indifferent expression, his eyes were lifeless, and his whole body seemed to be hollowed out.

Before, she thought about it day and night, hoping that Ziqiu’s illness would get better soon.

Now that Ziqiu’s illness has taken a turn for the better, her heart is even more blocked.

She didn’t know how to face this absurd reality.

Last night, she was sitting here with Fu Shiting. Although she was worried about Ziqiu’s illness, at least they could rely on each other.

Now, she feels she owes him!

This debt is irreparable. She couldn’t take Ziqiu’s life back to him, because Ziqiu was also his son.

This subtle and complex entanglement made her deeply powerless!

Time flies, and it’s the next morning.

After examining Ziqiu in detail, the doctor came to Qin An’an: “Miss Qin, Ziqiu’s condition has stabilized. You can go home and rest. If there is anything else here, I will contact you.”

Qin Anan nodded and got up from the chair.

“Miss Qin, I didn’t tell Mr. Fu about Ziqiu’s situation. I heard that he is very sad now, so I don’t dare to disturb him.” The doctor hesitated, “Go and persuade him! Anyway, Ziqiu is out of danger now. It was a happy event.”

Chapter 752

Chapter 752

She didn’t dare to tell him this happy event, and couldn’t bear to say it.

This happy event was built on the pain of losing Yin Yin.

If he had a strong fatherly love for Ziqiu before, then now, this strong father may have changed.

She didn’t dare to ask him to continue to love this child, only to ask him not to hate this child.

She dragged her tired pace back home, but unexpectedly, Mike came back.

“Is Ziqiu all right?” Mike walked up to her, took her into his arms, and said in a low voice, “Ziyi told me about Yin Yin, although it is very uncomfortable, it is impossible to Redeem .”

Qin Anan saw Xiaohan and Rila standing in the living room, so she kept her face calm.

“Ziqiu is fine for now. The doctor told me to come back and rest.” Her tone was the same as usual.

Mike released her.

She walked up to the two children and asked, “Have you eaten breakfast? Are you going to school?”

Rila: “Mom, this weekend! Uncle Sinian will come to our house today!”

“He told you Right?” Qin Anan didn’t know about it.

“He told my brother on the phone.” Rila’s eyes were bright and she was very happy. “I miss Uncle Sinian so much. After the winter vacation, I can be with him every day again.”

Qin Anan didn’t say anything.

The matter of Ziqiu and Yinyin this time made her mentality change a lot.

Even if Rila doesn’t want to study and just wants to enter the entertainment industry, as long as Rila is happy, she will support her.

Life is too fragile, maybe one day it will come to an end.

After she went back to the room to rest, Xiaohan walked over to Mike and asked, “You whispered to my mother just now, what’s wrong with Yin Yin?”

Mike pursed his lips, looking embarrassed.

“What’s wrong with Yin Yin?” Rila also came over.

Asked by the two little guys, Mike scratched his head with both hands, “Yinyin…she may have died.”

Xiaohan’s face was suddenly stunned, revealing the anxiety of his age.

“Brother, what do you mean by death?” Rila asked Xiaohan’s arm earnestly.

She knew what death meant, but the word death was a little unfamiliar.

“Yinyin is dead, we will never see Yinyin again.” Mike explained to Rila in an easy-to-understand way.

When Rila heard the news, Dou Da burst into tears.

“Why did Yin Yin die?” Rila pursed her mouth and cried very sadly, “I don’t want Yin Yin to die… Yin Yin is our good friend, and she is also my brother’s aunt. !”

Mike’s eyes were slightly red: “She was in an accident to save your brother. She donated a lot of blood to your brother.”

Mike’s voice settled, Xiaohan’s psychological defense line was broken.

He turned his back and reached out to wipe away the tears.

Qin Anan was in the room and heard the cry of the child.

Her head hurt so bad, and for a moment, she hoped that the person God took away was not Yin Yin, but her.

Fu’s old house.

Fu Han was dressed in black today and was going to go to Fu Shiting to discuss Yin Yin’s funeral.

He learned that Yinyin had an accident last night, but because it was relatively late, he did not contact Fu Shiting.

Yinyin is also his sister, although Yinyin has never called his brother. Moreover, the number of times the two brothers and sisters have met can be counted on their fingers.

He didn’t feel much about Yin Yin’s death.

Because Fu Shiting regarded this sister as a treasure, he had to be a little sad about this incident.

When Fu Han was about to go out, the black Rolls-Royce came from not far away!

Chapter 753

Chapter 753

Fu Han went to the front yard to greet him.

The car stopped in front of Fu Han. The door opened, and Fu Shiting’s bodyguard came down first.

After the bodyguard got out of the car, he gave Fu Han a cold look.

Fu Han’s scalp was numb when the bodyguard looked at him.

what happened? He is Fu Shiting’s brother, how dare the bodyguard look at him with such provocative eyes!

Often the attitude of a servant toward a person represents the attitude of his master toward that person.

Fu Hanbai was puzzled. Yin Yin’s death had nothing to do with him!

Just when Fu Han was uneasy, Fu Shiting stepped out of the car with long legs.

After he got out of the car, he glanced at Fu Han coldly, and then strode towards the villa.

Fu Han was confused and chased after him: “Shi Ting, I heard that Yin Yin had an accident last night. I wanted to contact you at the time, but it was too late, so I didn’t bother you. If you don’t come now , I also plan to go to you to discuss this matter.”

Fu Shiting’s voice was cold to the bone: “What to discuss?”

“Discuss Yin Yin’s funeral.”

“Who said she died?” He clenched his fists, his eyes darkened with anger surge.

Fu Han noticed that he had said something wrong, and immediately said annoyed: “Hey, blame me! I said something wrong! Yinyin is also my sister, how could I want to curse her… I hope she is still alive and well. …”

Fu Shiting ignored him and strode into the living room.

Fu Han was very puzzled. Since Fu Shiting didn’t come for Yinyin’s funeral, what did he want to do?

Fu Han entered the living room, and Fu Shiting had already reached the stairs.

He stood at the head of the stairs and did not go up any further.

This place is where my mother was when she died.

Fu Han quickly realized this, and said with a guilty conscience, “Shiting, do you miss our mother?”


After being electrocuted, he opened his mouth and said, “No, it’s not me…I didn’t…how could I kill our mother! She…”

“That’s what your son did.” Fu Shiting Looking at him disappointedly, “You are hiding the truth of your mother’s death for your son’s sake. What’s the difference between you and your accomplice!”

“Shi Ting! Why did you suddenly bring this up? Who told you what? Come out, we will confront each other.” Fu Han didn’t want this matter to be exposed, once he admits it, there is no turning back.

Don’t say that the future financial road will not work, whether it will be able to live in the future is a question.

“She gave you most of her property, and that’s how you honor her.” Fu Shiting didn’t answer, but was aggressive, “Don’t you have nightmares at night?”

Fu Han had tears in his eyes.

Because he was not as capable as Fu Shiting, his mother had already made a will, giving him 70% of the property in her name, and Fu Shiting the rest.

He ‘thumped’ and knelt on the ground.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry mom!” He cried bitterly, “Shi Ting, I only have one son, Yechen…”

Fu Shiting raised his hand and interrupted him: “I’m tired of hearing this. Since you can’t educate your son, then let me end him!”

Fu Han: “…” Fu

Shiting took a silver pistol from the bodyguard and said word by word, “I mean he is For my nephew’s sake, I won’t torture him before he dies. I’ll send him to hell with one shot!” On the

second floor, Fu Yechen’s eyes widened, staring at the silver pistol in Fu Shiting’s hand.

His face was dark blue, and his body was shaking like a sieve.

If he hadn’t held the handrail, he would have collapsed directly to the ground.

“Uncle! I don’t want to die…I don’t want to die!” he exclaimed out of control!

When Fu Shiting heard his voice, he immediately pulled the sleeve and loaded the bullet! Then, the gun was aimed at Fu Yechen upstairs!

Chapter 754

Chapter 754

Fu Shiting figured it out last night.

He wants to avenge his mother. If the person who killed the mother was the eldest brother, he killed the eldest brother, and if the person who killed the mother was Fu Yechen, he killed Fu Yechen.

It’s no use pleading with anyone.

His hand holding the gun tightened, and after pointing in Fu Yechen’s direction, he meditated in his heart: One, two, three…

Count to three, and pull the trigger!

‘Bang’ with a loud bang! The bullet was fired in the direction of Fu Yechen!

Fu Yechen was so frightened that he forgot to scream.

He only saw a shadow of ‘whoosh’ flashing in front of his eyes, and immediately, the shadow let out a painful low-pitched cry from his throat.

He saw his mother collapsed in his arms! He saw bright red blood flowing from the corner of his mother’s mouth!

He realized that his mother blocked the bullet for him!

“Mom! Mom!” Fu Yechen hugged his mother and cried bitterly.

Downstairs, Fu Han saw this scene and immediately ran upstairs: “Azhen! Azhen! You can’t have an accident, Azhen! I’ll take you to the hospital! I’ll take you to the hospital immediately!”

Fu Han ran upstairs and put The wife took it from her son’s arms.

Fu Han went downstairs with his wife, and Fu Yechen followed.

When they passed by Fu Shiting, not only did they not stop, they even accelerated.

Fu Shiting had a gun in his hand.

The person he wants to kill is Fu Yechen. What if he doesn’t give up if he doesn’t achieve his goal?

He is different from everyone in this family. His heart is harder than anyone else.

Everyone is afraid of him.

“Boss, they’re gone.” The bodyguard reminded Fu Shiting, “How about I go and get Fu Yechen back?”

Fu Shiting looked at the blood on the stairs and said coldly, “A life is worth a life.”

Since Fu Yechen’s mother was punished on his behalf, this matter will not be mentioned for the time being.

If he dares to make trouble again in the future, Fu Shiting will definitely kill him with his own hands!

At noon, Star River Villa.

After Jin Sinian came over, Rila immediately rushed into his arms.

“Uncle Sinian, I’m so happy to see you. But I can’t laugh now… My aunt died to save my brother. I like my aunt so much… I don’t I had time to call her auntie…how could she die?”

Jin Sinian picked up Rila and wiped the hot tears on her face gently with his fingers.

“Your aunt is not dead. She lives in another way.” Jin Sinian comforted, “your brother has her blood flowing on his body, so she will always be with him.”

Jin Sinian’s explanation, let Rila stopped crying.

And Xiaohan’s mood became more and more solemn.

He quietly went back to the room, closed the door, and two lines of tears slid from the corners of his eyes.

Yinyin had approached him several times before and asked him to call her aunt, but he ruthlessly rejected her request.

Because he hated Fu Shiting, he had a very bad attitude when he refused Yinyin’s request.

He regrets it now. He wanted to call her aunt, but there was no chance.

The last time I was so uncomfortable was when my grandmother died.

Although he has never called Yin Yin his aunt, in his heart, he has long regarded her as a relative.

At about two o’clock in the afternoon, Qin Anan was woken up by the ringing of the mobile phone.

She thought it was the doctor calling, so she quickly reached out and rubbed her eyes, looking for her phone.

When he found his phone, Fu Yechen’s name was beating on the screen.

Chapter 755

Chapter 755

Why did he call her?

She lay down again and answered the phone.

“Qin An’an, my mother is dead.” On the phone, Fu Yechen came crying.

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment, feeling a little sudden: “Your mother died? How did you die?”

“Fu Shiting beat him to death.” Fu Yechen choked, “He wanted to shoot me to death, but my mother helped me. Blocked the bullet. Qin Anan, I’m in pain now, I don’t know who to tell…”

Qin Anan sat up.

Why does Fu Shiting do this?

Yinyin’s accident happened because he drew blood for Ziqiu, so it shouldn’t have anything to do with Fu Yechen!

He can’t kill without a reason, he’s not that kind of person!

“Fu Yechen, did your uncle do this because you did something abominable?” Qin Anan asked, “What did you do?!”

Fu Yechen originally wanted to complain to Qin Anan, but Qin Anan did not expect it. Emotions are more intense than his.

“I did do a horrible thing. My uncle wants to kill me, I shouldn’t resent him, but my mother is innocent!” Fu Yechen took a breath, raised his hand to wipe the tears from his face, “My grandma I killed Shen Yu together… I was so stupid! At first I thought that if I hugged Shen Yu’s thigh, I wouldn’t have to work hard for the rest of my life!”

“Fu Yechen, you killed me ! Your grandmother doesn’t know how to repent. Now your mother died because of you. How can you blame your uncle? If I were your uncle, I would also want to kill you!” Qin Anan gritted his teeth, “People can be incompetent, but You can’t have no conscience!”

Fu Yechen’s tears stopped: “Qin An’an, you don’t have to speak for me, but you don’t need to stand on the moral high ground and accuse me when I am the most sad! My mother is dead! I didn’t kill it. No matter how bad I have a conscience, I can’t possibly want to kill my mother!”

“What about your grandma? Is your grandma treating you bad?” Qin Anan retorted, “If you can kill your grandma with your own hands, I can accuse you from the moral high ground!”

Fu Yechen gritted his teeth and hung up.

Qin Anan took a deep breath when she heard the beeping sound of disconnection.

How did Fu Shiting suddenly know that his mother was killed by Fu Yechen?

During this one day, Yinyin left him, and he learned that his mother was killed by his nephew. This series of blows would definitely be unbearable for ordinary people.

Thinking of this, she lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

After a brief grooming, she took a clean coat from the closet and pushed out the door.

In the living room, Jin Sinian was playing with Rila with toys. Seeing her come out, Jin Sinian stood up immediately.

“Si Nian, when did you come?” Qin Anan had a heavy sleep in the morning, so he didn’t hear anything.

“Come here in the morning. I heard that something happened to Yinyin, did Fu Shiting blame you?” he asked.

Qin Anan’s eyes drooped slightly: “Even if he’s weird, he’s also weirding the child. Because I told him that Yinyin would not be allowed to donate blood to the child.”

“Then the child is even more innocent.” Jin Sinian said rationally, “The child Can you talk? Can you make choices? If he blames the child, you can take the child to live by yourself and ignore him. “

Jin Sinian didn’t want her and the child to be wronged.

She understood his good intentions.

But now, she is going to find Fu Shiting.

Her heart was vaguely disturbed.

He must be in extreme pain now, and even if she can’t really comfort him, at least she should go and see.

Fu family.

Qin Anan parked the car outside the courtyard gate.

When the bodyguard saw her, he immediately opened the courtyard door.

She entered the yard, and Mrs. Zhang greeted her. “An An, why are you here? How is Ziqiu?”

“Ziqiu is okay.” She hesitated for a while and asked, “Is Fu Shiting at home?”

Mrs. Zhang shook her head: ” He went out in the morning and hasn’t come back yet. The Yinyin thing has hit him especially hard. Have you contacted Wei Zhen? No matter what, if you live to see people die, you will see corpses!”

“Brother Wei took his own The mobile phone was sent back. He was determined to cut off contact with everyone.” Qin Anan asked, “Do you know where Fu Shiting went?”

Chapter 756

Chapter 756 Mrs. Zhang

shook her head: “When he went out in the morning, his face was too bad. I dare not ask. Otherwise, you can call him and ask.”

Qin Anan took out his mobile phone from his bag and dialed his number. The phone was on, but he didn’t answer.

“An An, go inside first! It’s too cold outside.” Sister Zhang supported her, “How is your recovery?”

“I’m fine,” she wrote lightly.

In fact, the wound on her abdomen is still very painful, but a series of events happening now makes her often forget the pain on her body.

“I’m also a woman, and I’ve given birth to a child. You haven’t given birth yet, and running from home to the hospital every day will definitely affect your recovery.” Mrs. Zhang sighed, “When Ziqiu’s condition is stable, you can rest at home with peace of mind. On Mr.’s side, he can get through it by himself.”

“Well. I’ll come and see him.”

“He should be back at night.” Mrs. Zhang poured her a glass of warm water. “He stayed in Yinyin’s room last night, and he probably didn’t sleep all night.”

“Can I go to Yinyin’s room to see?” Qin Anan answered. He passed the water glass and took a sip.

“Yes, but you don’t want to touch the things in the room. I’m afraid Mr. will be angry.”

“I’ll just take a look.” If nothing happened to Yin Yin, Qin Anan would definitely not enter her room casually.

Now, Yinyin has paid the price of her life in order to save Ziqiu, and Qin Anan feels that this kindness is too heavy.

And she never seemed to know Yin Yin well.

Sister Zhang took her to Yinyin’s room.

Yin Yin’s room style is a dreamy princess style. Every item in it, from the dazzling chandelier to a comb, is very unique, not something you can buy casually on the market.

Fu Shiting gave Yinyin the best he could.

And Yin Yin sacrificed his life to save his son.

Money can be measured, but feelings cannot.

How painful should Fu Shiting be now!

She took a deep breath, walked to the vanity mirror, and saw a photo album on it.

Before her fingers touched the album, she asked Mrs. Zhang, “Can I look at the album?”

Mrs. Zhang was not the owner of the family, so of course she didn’t dare to make her own decisions.

But Qin Anan gave birth to a child for Fu Shiting, and her meaning to Fu Shiting is extraordinary.

“It should be fine. Look, I’ll keep watch outside the door.” Aunt Zhang was afraid that Fu Shiting would come back at any time.

Qin Anan sat down in the chair and opened the album.

This is the old photo album of the Fu family.

The photo inside is a little yellowish. There are not only photos of Fu Shiting when he was a child, but also photos of Fu Han when he was a child.

In addition, there are pictures of Yin Yin.

The reason why she was sure that there was a picture of Yinyin in it was because there was a picture of a one-year-old baby with words printed on it.

In this photo, there are two children, both of them are white and chubby, the baby girl is wearing a princess dress, and the baby boy is wearing a white shirt and overalls. The two of them were sitting on the sofa, each with a toy in their hands, looking at the camera.

The words printed on it are: Fu Shiting, Fu Shiyin’s one-year-old photo

Fu Shiyin!

Qin Anan took a sharp breath!

Yinyin’s name is not Shiyin, but Fu Shiyin!

She is definitely from the Fu family! Although the Fu family has never announced that there is such a child, and she is not in the Fu family’s household registration book, the photos in front of you will not deceive people!

Yinyin is not only a member of the Fu family, but also the same age as Fu Shiting!

The two of them are very likely… the twins!

Otherwise, how to explain the photo of the two of them when they were one year old? How can you explain their similar names?

Qin Anan burst into tears!

She once broke up with Fu Shiting because of Yin Yin’s existence.

As a result, Yinyin is dead, and the truth is in front of her eyes!

She covered her face with her hands, letting herself vent her pain.

I don’t know how long she cried, but her mood gradually calmed down.

She turned the album to the next page.

After reading a few pages, she found that Yinyin’s photos before the age of two were basically smiling, but after she was two years old, her face rarely smiled, and her eyes became much duller.

After Yinyin was four years old, there was no Yinyin in the family photo of the Fu family.

Chapter 757

Chapter 757

But there is a single photo of Yin Yin.

At that time, Fu Shiting was only a four-year-old child. Even if he had a sharper mind than his peers, even if he wanted his sister to take a family photo together, he couldn’t do much.

Qin Anan guessed that the reason why Yinyin was not in the Fu family’s household registration book was most likely because Fu Shiting’s father could not accept Yinyin, a child with mental retardation.

Otherwise, it is impossible to take a family photo without taking your daughter with you.

She continued to look at the photos. Turning a new page, a five-year-old photo of Fu Shiting appeared in front of her.

She looked at the photos of Fu Shiting when she was five years old, as if she was looking at him now.

However, there seems to be something wrong.

Her heartstrings were tense, and the fingers holding the album trembled slightly.

When she looked at the photo in front of Fu Shiting, Fu Shiting didn’t seem to look like this… But the Fu Shiting in this five-year-old photo was clearly Fu Shiting!

She flipped through the photo, looking for a photo of him when he was four years old, but there was none!

She clearly remembered that she seemed to have seen his solo photo just now… How could there be no more?

She continued to scroll forward…and there was no single photo of him at the age of three.

Only a picture of him when he was two years old.

She took out his two-year-old photo and compared it with his five-year-old photo.

This is clearly… two different children!

Is it because of the lack of pictures of three or four years old, so it looks very different?

From two years old to five years old, in the middle three years, why is there no picture of him?

What happened in between?

At this time, Sister Zhang walked in and said, “An An, I’m going to prepare dinner.”

Qin Anan closed the album and strode to the door: “Is Fu Shiting not back yet?”

“No. You stay for dinner!” Sister Zhang looked at her eyes, “Why are your eyes red? Yes? Don’t you want to yin?”

Qin Anan nodded.

“Hey, regardless of Yin Yin’s accident or Ziqiu’s accident, you and your husband will be very uncomfortable.” Mrs. Zhang sighed, “I just hope that Ziqiu will be safe and healthy in the future, so that Yinyin’s efforts will not be in vain.

” point.

It was completely dark outside.

Aunt Zhang called Fu Shiting and wanted to ask when he would come back, but he didn’t answer the phone.

“An An, he didn’t answer the phone, why don’t you eat first!” Mrs. Zhang said, “Didn’t you say you would go to the hospital later?”

Qin Anan answered and picked up chopsticks.

Just after she picked up the chopsticks, a whistle sounded outside.

Sister-in-law Zhang ran to the door and took a look, then quickly returned to the dining room: “An An, sir is back!”

Qin Anan immediately put down her chopsticks and walked out of the dining room.

She walked to the door of the villa and saw Fu Shiting getting out of the car in the dark night.

His deep eyes were as cold as water, and he looked at her coldly.

She knew that he wouldn’t blame Yinyin on her, but at this moment, she was frightened.

She didn’t know what she was afraid of.

He strode towards her. When he was about to walk in front of her, her body involuntarily retreated.

“You came to me?” He walked up to her, looked at her little face, and said coldly, “Is something wrong?”

He actually asked her if she was okay?

Does she have something to come?

“I’ll see you.” She mustered her courage to speak.

“I’m fine, let’s go!” he interrupted her, looking away from her face.

He strode away and went upstairs to his room.

She heard something shattered in her heart!

She pursed her lips, and the bitterness spread to her limbs!

He hates her so much, he shouldn’t want Ziqiu!

Chapter 758

Chapter 758 The

hospital, the corridor is quiet.

Qin Anan came to the neonatal intensive care unit.

A nurse recognized her and immediately walked up to her and said, “Miss Qin, Ziqiu is doing well today! If there is no accident, you can rest at home and wait for Ziqiu to be discharged.”

Qin Anan nodded.

Since Ziqiu is fine, it is useless for her to stay here.

Coming out of the hospital, her head was dizzy.

She knew exactly why she was suffering.

She can comfort herself countless times, without caring about Fu Shiting’s attitude, she can pretend to be chic, and she can live well with her children by herself, but why does her heart hurt so much?

As she always knew very well, Xiaohan and Rila said they didn’t want a father, but they wanted a father in their hearts.

And she needs him too.

It’s just that there is an invisible magic claw between the two of them.

Whenever he wanted to get close to her, or she wanted to get close to him, this invisible claws would stretch out and push them both away!

Are they destined not to be together?

At nine o’clock in the evening, she came home.

Seeing her cold face, Mike guessed, “Did you go to find Fu Shiting?”

“I came back from the hospital.” She didn’t want to mention Fu Shiting.

“I went to the hospital today, and the doctor said that Ziqiu’s condition is stable now. It shouldn’t be a big problem.” Mike helped her sit down on the sofa, “Ziyi told me, you’d better stop now. Go to disturb Fu Shiting. When his mother died, he was depressed for a while. It’s similar to the current situation.”

Qin Anan raised his eyes and looked at Mike: “He went to the old house today and wanted to kill Fu Yechen. Because it was Fu Yechen killed his mother. In the end, Fu Yechen’s mother blocked the bullet. He died today.”

Mike listened to her without words.

“It was Ziqiu who took Yinyin’s life.” She continued.

“How can it be calculated like this?! Ziqiu doesn’t understand anything now, and you didn’t ask Yinyin to donate blood to him…”

“But Fu Shiting thinks so.” Qin Anan said firmly, “I know him… ….he will definitely think so.”

“That’s his problem! Ziqiu is not your child alone, but his child!” Mike put his hands on his hips, “An An, you look too tired, Yin Yin He ‘s already dead, and this matter can’t be changed. In this case, we can only accept it!”

Qin Anan took a deep breath and nodded: “Have Xiaohan and Rila slept?” “Go

back to the room, did you sleep? I don’t know when I’m asleep. The two of them are very sad when Yinyin died. Especially Xiaohan. I haven’t seen him cry much before, but this time something happened to Yinyin, and he secretly cried.”

Qin Anan thought of He Yinyin About the bits and pieces, my heart couldn’t help but cramp.

Yin Yin is like a beam of light that can dispel all darkness.

Now that she’s gone, the light is gone.

Qin Anan returned to the room. After a simple wash, she went to bed and lay down.

Her eyes opened and she looked at the chandelier overhead.

The light stabbed her eyes sore, she forcibly held back her tears.

She doesn’t blame Fu Shiting. Even if Fu Shiting blamed her and Ziqiu, she wouldn’t blame him.

When people are extremely sad, there is no reason to speak.

She remembered that when her mother died, she seemed to have been taken out of her soul, her whole person was almost crazy, and her emotions were abnormally paranoid. At that time, the people around her should also be in pain!

She will give Fu Shiting time, she can wait.

Two days later, the funeral of Fu Yechen’s mother was grandly held.

Fu Shiting didn’t show up.

This incident shows that he and his eldest brother have completely broken.

What Qin Anan didn’t expect was that after Fu Yechen’s mother’s funeral, Fu Shiting went back to work in the company.

If she remembered correctly, he had finished this year’s work long before Ziqiu was born.

Now that he is back to work in the company, he should be trying to numb himself with his work.

Chapter 759

Chapter 759

Qin An’an also wants to go back to work in the company, but her body hasn’t recovered yet.

Even if she wanted to go to work, Mike wouldn’t let her go.

Today, it rained again.

The temperature this winter is cooler than usual. Before going to the company, Mike reminded her not to go out today.

“An An, if you are bored at home, you can call your friends to play at home.” Mike said.

Qin Anan responded lightly.

After Mike went out, he suddenly remembered that she didn’t have any friends. Now that Li Xiaotian’s accident has left a psychological shadow, and Wei Zhen has disappeared, she has no friends to call to play.

An hour later, Mike came back.

He bought a bag of wool.

“An An, if you’re bored, just knit a sweater! You can knit it for your child or for me.” Mike considered that knitting a sweater would be less tiring and more time-saving, “or knit for Ziyi’s dog. Qin Anan put down the

book in her hand and looked up at him: “Do I look so bored?”

Mike: “You keep reading, aren’t your eyes tired?”

“I can rest when I’m tired.” She bought him He took out the wool and looked at it, “If you buy this amount of wool, it will be enough to knit for the dog.”

“Isn’t Ziqiu about the same size as a milk dog?” Mike teased.

“When he can be discharged from the hospital, he won’t be so young.” Qin Anan said, “I haven’t knitted a sweater for a long time, so I might not be able to now.

” I’m going to the company. There are a lot of things to do at the end of the year.”

“Drive slowly, the road is slippery in snowy days.” Qin Anan urged.

“It’s just that the snow in our yard is thicker, and there are snow blowers on the road outside.” When Mike was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something, “By the way, the doctor said that in two weeks, he will be able to pick up Ziqiu and be discharged from the hospital. “

Qin Anan knows.

The doctor also called her.

It is estimated that the doctor also called Fu Shiting.

But I don’t know if he will go to the hospital by then.

Two weeks later, Qin Anan knitted a scarf and a wool vest for Zhou Ziyi’s dog.

Mike is very satisfied with her work.

“An An, you are really ingenious. Ziyi’s dog will definitely like it.” Mike boasted, “When baby Ziqiu comes back, you will not have time to knit wool.”

Qin An Anxin was absent-minded: “Well.”

“You Are you wondering if Fu Shiting will pick up Ziqiu?” Mike guessed.

Qin Anan: “He probably won’t go.”

“You guessed it right.” Mike couldn’t bear to tell her last night, “Ziyi told me yesterday that he was on a business trip. He won’t be back in the past two days.”

Qin An An calm face: “He did it on purpose. He doesn’t want to face Ziqiu.”

“If that’s the case, then leave him alone.” Mike has already planned, “I’ll have a party to celebrate when Ziqiu comes back.”

Qin An An: “It’s better not to have a party. Don’t base your joy on other people’s pain.”

Mike shrugged: “Okay! Then we can celebrate at home, right?”

Qin Anan was noncommittal.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the hospital.

Ziqiu has been taken out of the intensive care unit by the nurse.

He has grown a lot since he first entered the incubator.

But still a little smaller than a normal born baby.

But his physical indicators have been the same as a normal baby.

When Qin Anan took Ziqiu from the nurse’s arms, her heart couldn’t help beating wildly!

Chapter 760

Chapter 760

This is her first official meeting with the little guy.

When he was in the incubator before, he was basically lethargic. After he recovered, she did not visit him.

Seeing his bright eyes now, she couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth.

“Ziqiu! Little baby!” Mike stood beside her, stretched out his fingers, and teased Ziqiu’s little cheek, “Let uncle hug you!”

Mike carefully took the child from Qin Anan’s hand.

At this time, Zhou Ziyi came with a baby carrier and asked Mike to put the baby in the basket.

“You can’t handle such a small child.” Zhou Ziyi reminded him, “You have to cover the back of his neck.”

“It seems that you are very experienced. I used to take Xiaohan and Rila. You didn’t see how professional I am!” Mike showed off and put Ziqiu in the basket.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at the Xinghewan Villa.

Ziqiu, who was sleeping in the basket, was put on the sofa.

Rila and Xiaohan stared at their younger brother with big eyes.

Ziqiu fell asleep at the moment, so the two children stared at him for a while, and their curiosity was quickly satisfied.

Zhou Ziyi took a photo of Ziqiu with his mobile phone.

Mike walked up to him and asked, “Why are you taking pictures of Ziqiu? Do you want to send them to your boss?”

“Can’t I see it myself?” Zhou Ziyi put away his phone.

“If you want to see it, you can come and see it every day. Why take pictures?” Mike exposed him and said at the same time, “You don’t send him pictures. If he wants to see his son, he can see it himself. If he doesn’t come, explain He doesn’t have this son in his heart at all. Why do you bother him with Ziqiu’s photo?”

Zhou Ziyi was speechless by Mike’s words.

Qin Anan listened to the conversation between the two of them, and ripples formed in her heart.

She took Ziqiu out of the basket and walked towards the bedroom.

Sister Zhang followed behind her.

After entering the bedroom, Mrs. Zhang closed the door.

“An An, I’m here to see Ziqiu. If you’re tired, take a rest. If you’re not tired, you can play in the living room.” Sister Zhang said.

Qin Anan looked at Mrs. Zhang and asked, “Are you going to help me take care of Ziqiu?”

Mrs. Zhang said, “This is what Mr. ordered. Although he told me before, he didn’t say that he didn’t want me to take care of him. “

Sister Zhang is Fu Shiting’s most trusted servant, and before Ziqiu was born, Fu Shiting had already talked about it with Mrs. Zhang.

“I know you have a nanny, but Mr. Zhang doesn’t trust outsiders very much.” Mrs. Zhang said, “No matter what Mr.’s attitude towards Ziqiu is now, whether he recognizes Ziqiu or not in the future, Ziqiu will always be his flesh and blood, he is sure I don’t want to see Ziqiu make any mistakes.”

Sister Zhang’s words made Qin Anan soften.

“You are seriously injured after giving birth to your child. You should take good care of your body first, and I will take care of Ziqiu.”

Qin Anan nodded: “It’s hard work for you.”

“Mr. treat me well, as long as I can help you. .”

With Mrs. Zhang helping to take care of Ziqiu, Qin Anan is much more relaxed. She came out of the room and walked towards the living room.

After she left the room, Sister Zhang immediately took out her mobile phone, took a picture of Ziqiu, and sent it to Fu Shiting.

After about half an hour, Ziqiu woke up.

Aunt Zhang looked at his bright and dark eyes, took out her phone again, took another picture, and sent it to Fu Shiting.

Such a cute baby, anyone who sees it will love it.

Mr. is not a heartless person, how could he not want his son?

H City.

This is a tropical city. Today city A is minus five degrees, while city H is 22 degrees.

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