When His Eyes Opened Chapter 761 -770(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 761 -770(Chinese)

Chapter 761

Fu Shiting came here, work is secondary, mainly to escape.

Just thinking that Yin Yin sacrificed for Ziqiu, his heart is torn over and over again; cracked, blood dripping!

The phone screen lights up, and he opens the message.

A photo suddenly jumped into view—Ziqiu stared at the camera with a dazed expression with dark and bright eyes. As if looking at him.

After seeing this photo, his breath suddenly became heavy.

He took a deep breath and put the phone down.

Reason told him that Ziqiu’s death had nothing to do with Yinyin’s death. But he couldn’t get over the hurdle in his heart.

As long as he thinks that Yin Yin will never appear again, and will never call his brother sweetly again, sadness can’t stop surging up, destroying all his sanity.

At night, Star River Villa.

Mike invited He Zhunzhi and Sheng Bei over to celebrate Ziqiu’s discharge from the hospital.

Babies of Ziqiu’s age tend to sleep more.

Ziqiu was sleeping when they came over.

They said that Ziqiu was like Fu Shiting, and Qin Anan said naturally in his heart: Ziqiu is not that much like Fu Shiting.

Because she had only seen photos of Fu Shiting as a child not long ago.

When Fu Shiting was a baby, he didn’t look like this.

She didn’t say these words.

Because at first glance, Ziqiu does look a bit like Fu Shiting now.

For dinner, Sheng Bei poured Qin An’an a glass of juice.

“An An, I solemnly apologize to you for my misunderstanding of you before.” Sheng Bei said bluntly, “And you gave birth to Ziqiu, it’s been hard work!”

Zhou Ziyi asked, “Brother Bei, do you know when the boss will be? return?”

“You are his special assistant, you don’t even know, how do I know.” Sheng Beidao, “But I know one thing, it is indeed a bit of business for him to go to H city, but he chooses the location. It is he who has to go to H city. Yes .”

“Maybe because H City is warmer!” Zhou Ziyi did not forget to explain to the boss.

“He probably just doesn’t want to face Ziqiu’s discharge from the hospital,” Sheng Bei picked up the conversation, “An An, you don’t have to worry. He’ll just think about it after a while. He’s been busy dealing with Fu Yechen recently, and he doesn’t have the energy to care about it. Something else.”

“Deal with Fu Yechen?” Qin Anan was stunned.

Fu Yechen’s mother has already died for Fu Yechen, isn’t Fu Shiting still in the mood?

“Yeah! He wants to make Fu Yechen’s company go bankrupt and spend the rest of his life in poverty.” Sheng Beidao, “If Fu Yechen wasn’t his nephew, he would definitely not keep Fu Yechen alive.”

Qin Anan I don’t feel bad for Fu Yechen.

Fu Yechen got to this point, it was his own fault.

“An An, has Xiao Tian contacted you recently?” He Zhunzhi said suddenly and changed the subject.

“She sent me a message.” Qin Anan said, “After she was discharged from the hospital, she went abroad with her family. After she heard about Ziqiu, she sent me a message to comfort me.”

He Zhunzhi picked up the wine glass in frustration. , took a sip of wine.

“Sure, don’t be discouraged. You see, An An and your brother Shi Ting have not divorced, nor have they remarried… Aren’t they still together?” Sheng Bei comforted him.

Qin Anan corrected: “I only have contact with him because of the child.”

“It’s impossible for me and Xiaotian to have a child. So it’s probably impossible for me and her.” He Zhunzhi took another sip of wine.

“All right, you live a good life first.” Qin Anan couldn’t bear to see him so sad, “No one can say what will happen in the future. If you have a fate, we will meet again in the future.”

“Thank you. Even though your problems are more serious than mine, you still need you to comfort me.” He Zhunzhi said.

Qin Anan’s heart sank. He picked up the juice cup and took a sip.

After a while, Mrs. Zhang walked out of the main bedroom on the first floor and came to Qin An’an: “An An, Aunt Hong called me just now and said that the husband is back. He must have come back to see Ziqiu! I knew he was not like that. Heartless man!”

Chapter 762

Chapter 762

However, at eleven o’clock at night, Fu Shiting didn’t come.

If he really wanted to see Ziqiu, he would definitely come over tonight.

“An An, go back to your room and rest!” Aunt Zhang glanced at the time and said, “Ziqiu is very good. If he cries at night, I will make him milk.”

“Well, thank you, I will come tomorrow morning. It’s yours.”

Qin Anan came out of the room and walked towards the master bedroom.

Her mood was much calmer.

One cannot get everything. Now that the three children are by her side, as long as the three children are healthy and safe, nothing else matters.

After thinking about it, she was relieved.

Back in the room, she was not sleepy.

With Sister Zhang helping to take care of Ziqiu, she doesn’t have to worry about anything.

She suddenly remembered the job she took when she was pregnant.

Because the patient was not in a hurry, she put the matter on hold after the third trimester of pregnancy.

She took the patient’s medical record out of the drawer and began to read it from the beginning.

This patient and Yinyin’s condition are highly similar. Now that Yinyin is gone, she is determined to cure this patient.

Although the patient’s illness was cured, Yin Yin could not be saved. But it gives her comfort. She will do more good deeds, so that if there is reincarnation, I hope that Yin Yin will be free from illness and worry in the next life.

It didn’t take long for her eyes to hurt a little, but she still didn’t sleep.

She turned on the bedside lamp, and a string of information on the medical record came into her eyes.

Probably because Ziqiu’s illness a while ago made her more sensitive to blood types, so she could see the patient’s blood type at a glance.

Blood type: RH negative blood type O blood type

Qin Anan looked at this string of words, the whole person was like an electric shock, but he couldn’t recover.

This patient has exactly the same blood type as Yin Yin, and is similar to Yin Yin’s disease… Is this a coincidence?

What’s even more frightening is that the patient’s appearance is somewhat similar to Yin Yin… How could there be such a coincidence?

She suddenly wanted to see the patient again. Because the first time they met was very short, his appearance had begun to blur in her memory.

a European-style mansion.

Wang Wanzhi has been suffering from insomnia and headaches for several days.

Fu Shiting killed Fu Yechen’s mother. You must know that Fu Yechen’s mother is Fu Shiting’s sister-in-law!

Not to mention that he killed his own sister-in-law, he also planned to bankrupt Fu Yechen’s company!

This series of operations now falls on Fu Yechen, will it fall on him next time?

There is still more than one month before the three-month deadline given by Fu Shiting.

In the past month or so, Fu Shiting hadn’t contacted her, which gave her the illusion that she seemed safe.

But she knew very well that Fu Shiting never forgot the agreement with her!

She dialed Tang Qiaosen: “Is there any news about that box?”

“What? He’s looking for you? Isn’t he busy dealing with his nephew recently?” Tang Qiaosen’s tone was indifferent, “What did he say?”

Chapter 763

Chapter 763

“He didn’t look for me. But I’m running out of time! Tang Qiaosen, do you have any eyes on your side?” Wang Wanzhi said, “We two are on the same boat now, if you can’t protect me, I will definitely Pull you into the water.”

Tang Qiaosen: “Wang Wanzhi, are you not afraid that I will kill you? Where did you come from to threaten me?”

“Tang Qiaosen, I, Wang Wanzhi, can get to where I am today, not because of this old face!” Wang Wanzhi’s voice It became gloomy, “I have so many ways to get out of my body, but I don’t want to hide like a mouse! I want to join forces with you to bring down Fu Shiting! Only by taking down Fu Shiting can I deal with Qin An’an without distractions!”

Tang Qiaosen Silence for a few seconds.

He also wanted to bring down Fu Shiting. So what he has to do now is not to turn against Wang Wanzhi.

“I have some clues about that box.”

He wanted to find the box and talk about it, but now Wang Wanzhi asked, he could only say it in advance.

“What clue?” Wang Wanzhi asked nervously.

“Wang Wanzhi, when I find the box, I will naturally tell you. If I tell you the details now, how do I know that you won’t turn around and tell Fu Shiting?” Tang Qiaosen said cautiously.

Wang Wanzhi sneered!

Anyone who can get along in the business world can’t be a fool.

Wang Wanzhi had indeed planned to do so.

If Fu Shiting wanted to kill her in three months, she could betray Tang Qiaosen.

As long as she can survive, she dares to do anything.

“In that case, let’s wait until you find the box! If there is anything I can help you with, you can find me at any time.” Wang Wanzhi expressed her sincerity and said, “Between Fu Shiting and you, I am definitely more willing to cooperate with you. “

Okay, if there is something that can be used for you, I will contact you again.”

After hanging up, Tang Qiaosen walked towards Tang Qian’s room.

Tang Qian was relaxing abroad while avoiding Fu Shiting. During this time, Tang Qian was physically and mentally exhausted.

She didn’t want to hide anymore, so she took the risk and came back.

She didn’t dare to live in her own apartment, so she came to Tang Qiaosen’s side.

“Who are you talking to?” Tang Qian had just finished taking a shower and was wiping her wet hair with a dry towel.

“Wang Wanzhi.” Tang Qiaosen stood at the door, looking at her face, “Fu Shiting gave her three months to find the dark red box. With more than a month left, Wang Wanzhi is anxious.”

“Oh, I didn’t hear that . What kind of dark red box.” Tang Qian’s tone was unwilling, “Although I think I know him well, I really don’t understand him. He is cold and doesn’t let others into his heart at all. Even Qin Anan I can’t walk in. Otherwise, Qin Anan will not insist on not remarrying him.”

Speaking of this, Tang Qian showed a sarcastic smile.

“I don’t know if it’s because I hate Fu Shiting now, but I actually think Qin An’an is amazing. She can resist Fu Shiting’s temptation. Although this is probably her hard-to-find trick, her method is effective.”

“Tang Qian, Do you know Qin An’an’s eldest son?” Tang Qiaosen wanted to find the dark red box as soon as possible.

Only by getting this dark red box can he truly threaten Fu Shiting.

“Qin Zihan?” Tang Qian put down the towel, and began to search for information related to Qin Zihan in her mind, “This kid is a computer genius! He can break through the ST Group’s network firewall and stop the company for a few hours.”

Tang Qiaosen nodded: “I bought a gardener from Fu Shiting’s family. He told me that in the year Qin Anan returned to China, Fu Shiting’s family did lose something. At that time, the entire Fu family was turned inside and out. I suspect that Fu Shiting’s secret The red box was lost at that time.”

“Oh… as long as you know who entered Fu Shiting’s house during that time, you can find the person who took the box.”

“Yeah. But the gardener told me that Fu Shiting didn’t have the habit of entertaining guests at home. Those who came and went in and out of his house were just those few people.” Tang Qiaosen said.

“You asked me about Qin Zihan just now, wouldn’t you doubt him?” Tang Qian thought it was very absurd, “Qin Zihan is a child of a few years old. Although he understands hacking technology, it does not mean that he is so keen in other areas.

” Tang Qian, the consequences of underestimating the enemy may kill him.” Tang Qiaosen has made up his mind, “I will find a way to know this child.”

Tang Qian suggested: “This child is not easy to deal with. You might as well treat Qin An’an. Daughter starts.”

Chapter 764

Chapter 764

In Tang Qian’s opinion, although Qin Zihan is young, he is smarter than the average adult.

And Qin An’an’s daughter is an ordinary silly white sweet child.

So it will be a little easier to catch Rila.

Tang Qiao Sen listened to her words and fell into deep thought.

This is a dangerous move, and if he is not completely sure, he will not dare to make a move easily.

The next day, seven in the morning. Qin Anan came to the children’s room.

The child is sleeping, but Mrs. Zhang has already woken up.

“Sister Zhang, you worked so hard last night. You go to rest now, and I will watch the child during the day.” Qin Anan said.

“Well, he drank milk three times at night. He has a good appetite and a lot of energy.” Mrs. Zhang said with a smile, “He is very good. He only cries when he is hungry, and sleeps when he is full.

” This way, Rila will make a little trouble.” Qin An answered smoothly.

Aunt Zhang was stunned for a moment: “An An, Rila and Xiao Han are also Mrs.’s children, right? Although you don’t mention it, everyone said it in private.”

Qin Anan: “It’s not that we don’t mention it, But he almost accidentally killed Xiaohan before. If Xiaohan doesn’t forgive him, I won’t force the child to recognize him.”

Mrs. Zhang understood: “Mr. used to be a more impulsive person.”

“Everyone is impulsive. It’s time.” Qin Anan sat by the bed and looked at Ziqiu, “No one can do everything perfectly.”

“Well. I’ll go to rest first.” Sister Zhang reminded, “You can put Ziqiu in the living room, This way you don’t have to be here all the time.”


Qin Anan carried Ziqiu into the crib in the living room, so that she could see Ziqiu at any time, and the nanny could help take care of him.

In a flash, it was ten o’clock.

Jin Sinian drove over to visit her and the children.

He brought many gifts, both for the child and for her.

“An An, Rila is on winter vacation now, and you have to take care of Ziqiu, so…” Jin Sinian discussed with Qin Anan.

Qin Anan knew what he was going to say.

She looked at Rila: “Rila, tell your mother, what do you think? Although my mother has to take care of my brother, my mother can also take care of you and my brother. If you are at home, your mother can play games with you, or bring You guys go out and play.”

Ziqiu is too young to even turn over. With Mrs. Zhang and the nanny taking care of him, she was not worried.

Rila raised her eyes and glanced at Jin Sinian, her bright eyes rolled, and then said to Qin An’an: “Mom, I want Uncle Sinian to play with me. Because Uncle Sinian can help me learn a lot, I imagine that Just like my brother, be an amazing person.”

Jin Sinian followed closely: “As long as I’m not very busy at work, I’ll send her back every day.”

“Will this affect your work?” Qin Anan worried. , “I can take care of my own children.”

Jin Sinian: “Rila won’t affect me. You should enroll Rilla in a winter vacation class. I asked a teacher to teach her vocal music and dance. If I want to take her to the announcement , I will definitely ask for your permission.”

Qin Anan nodded: “I will trouble you then.”

“No trouble. If Xiaohan is willing to be with Rila, I will also be happy.” Jin Sinian opened his mouth tentatively.

Xiao Han didn’t even think about it, just shook his head and refused.

“Xiaohan school has arrangements for the winter vacation. He won’t have a vacation until a week before the Spring Festival.” Qin Anan replied, “Are you resting today? If you are resting, let’s go after dinner tonight!”

Jin Sinian nodded: “I see There’s a lot of snow in the yard, Xiaohan, Rila, let’s go have a snowball fight!”

Rila pouted: “You’re an adult, I’m a child, and my brother and I can’t beat you together. I’m going to call Uncle Mike to help!”

After Rila finished speaking, she immediately ran to Mike’s room and put Michaela came out.

In the end, Rila and Jin Sinian teamed up, and Xiaohan and Mike teamed up to have a snowball fight.

This game is very childish, but because of the laughter of children, the gloomy and depressing atmosphere before was swept away.

She hadn’t been so relaxed in a long time.

Chapter 765

Chapter 765

Suddenly, a cry recalled her thoughts.

Ziqiu was probably disturbed by the noise outside, so she started to cry.

Qin Anan immediately picked him up from the cradle.

Just picked up, the little guy suddenly stopped crying.

“Ziqiu, brother and sister are playing in the snow outside. When you grow up, let them take you to play in the snow, okay?” She stood by the window with her son in her arms, watching the scenery outside.

Ziqiu can’t hold him upright yet, so he stared at Qin An’an’s face with his big dark and bright eyes, fascinated.

“Baby, are you hungry? It seems like it’s been two hours since you last drank milk… Mom is going to make milk for you.” Qin Anan carried him and put him in the crib.

The nanny wanted to help, but found that Qin Anan was very familiar with everything, whether it was coaxing children or making milk, and outsiders couldn’t get involved at all.

“Miss Qin, you are amazing. No matter what you do, you are very good.” The nanny boasted.

Qin Anan accepted the compliment and asked, “When are you going to go home for the Chinese New Year? Just let me know in advance.” The

nanny said, “I’ll have a holiday on my 29th! Ziqiu is so young, I’m afraid of you I can at least cook and clean for you.”

“It’s hard for you.”

“It’s not hard.” Seeing that she couldn’t help, the nanny said, “I’m going to prepare lunch.” The

Fu family.

Fu Shiting didn’t go to the company today. He has a cold, but he doesn’t go to the company, not because of the cold.

He knew that Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi went to Qin An’an’s house last night to celebrate Ziqiu’s discharge from the hospital.

If he went to the company today, Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi would definitely not be able to help tell him about Ziqiu.

Even if they could hold back, he would naturally think of it.

He moved to the thought of looking after the child last night, but in the end the pain overcame reason.

He has never been able to cross the hurdle in his heart.

He felt that he might be sick, not physically, but psychologically.

After breakfast, he took a cold medicine and fell asleep groggy.

When he woke up at noon, he looked at the chandelier on the ceiling, and his mood became more and more depressed.

There may be psychological problems, as well as illness factors.

Without the fetters of a child, he might allow himself to become ill.


Mrs. Zhang answered the phone, not knowing what the other party said, Mrs. Zhang immediately took the phone and handed it to Qin An’an, “Aunt Hong is calling. She has something to look for you.”

After Yin Yin’s accident, Aunt Hong began to take care of Fu Shiting. living.

Qin An’an took the mobile phone from Mrs. Zhang’s hand, got up and walked towards her room.

“An An, today my husband has an appointment with a psychiatrist to come to the house.” Aunt Hong choked, “he thinks he has a psychological problem. But I don’t think a psychiatrist can open his heart. It’s better to find a psychiatrist than you. .”

Qin Anan’s mood suddenly became solemn. She understood what Aunt Hong meant.

But she might not be able to help Fu Shiting get out of his grief.

She has no confidence in herself.

“An An, since the husband doesn’t want to see Ziqiu, why don’t you… or take Ziqiu to show him!” Aunt Hong said after hesitating for a while.

Qin Anan’s fingers holding the phone tightened suddenly.

Forty minutes later –

Qin Anan came to Fu’s house with the child in her arms.

Chapter 766

Chapter 766

Her heart is actually uneasy.

Reason told her that if he didn’t open his heart, even if she brought the child over and forced him with the child, it might be counterproductive.

After entering his living room, she regretted it.

But Auntie Hong was very happy to see Ziqiu.

She took Ziqiu from Qin An’an’s arms, held him for a while, and then sent Ziqiu back to Qin An’an’s arms.

“An An, Mr. is upstairs. He only ate a bowl of clear porridge at night. How can he be full? But he refused to eat any more. I don’t know whether he is resting or in the study.” Aunt Hong said She went ahead and showed her the way, “Hold the child, be careful with your feet.”

Qin Anan hesitated: “Aunt Hong, why don’t I bother him anymore. I’m afraid he will aggravate him after seeing Ziqiu. Psychological burden.”

Aunt Hong was stunned by her words.

“But what if he sees Ziqiu and untangles the knot?” Aunt Hong said, “He is Ziqiu’s father, and he always has to face Ziqiu. Don’t you recognize this child for the rest of your life?”

The reason why Aunt Hong asked Qin An’an to bring Ziqiu to Fu Shiting was because Aunt Hong felt that Fu Shiting was alone now.

His mother passed away, Yin Yin was gone, and now he and his only eldest brother’s family were completely torn apart.

It’s like he has no home.

It’s Fu Shiting’s current situation that it’s someone else’s, and I’m afraid there will be psychological problems.

Aunt Hong wanted Qin Anan and her child to feel like Fu Shiting’s family.

“An An, try it! If he reacts violently, take the child back.” Aunt Hong said.

Qin Anan nodded.

Since it’s here, try it. What if it works?

On the second floor, Aunt Hong went to his bedroom to take a look.

His bedroom door was left open, and no one was inside.

“Mister should be in the study.” Aunt Hong said to Qin An’an, “Go ahead and knock on the door! I won’t go there.”

Except for a bed, Fu Shiting’s bedroom didn’t have too many things.

Aunt Hong came in every day to clean, so she didn’t have too many scruples.

On the contrary, he has a lot of things in his study.

Usually, he does not ask the servants to clean, and the servants dare not enter his study casually.

Qin Anan carried Ziqiu and walked towards the study step by step.

Walking to the door of the study, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

She pricked up her ears and listened to the voice inside.

After a while, the study door was opened.

She looked at his tall figure standing in front of her, and she was stunned.

Ziqiu, who was sleeping in her arms, seemed to have telepathy and suddenly opened her eyes.

After the little guy opened his eyes, Fu Shiting was immediately attracted by his bright and deep eyes.

This was the first time father and son looked at each other.

After Fu Shiting saw his face that looked like his own, an overwhelming emotion surged in his heart.

It is difficult for him to tell whether he loves or hates this child, or neither love nor hate. He just couldn’t accept his existence.

“Shiting…” Qin Anan looked at his trance-like face and called out his name.

As if he had just woken up from a dream, he quickly took his eyes away from Ziqiu’s face: “Take him away.”

His voice was hoarse, neither heavy nor low.

Qin Anan couldn’t tell the real emotions between the lines for a while.

He didn’t want to see children, but he didn’t hate children as much as she thought.

She was a little lost in her heart.

There are thousands of mistakes, and none of them are Ziqiu’s fault. Why do this to children?

Chapter 767

Chapter 767

She hugged Ziqiu and turned around, ready to leave.

At this moment, he heard the sound of coughing from behind.

Her steps stopped suddenly.

He usually has no problem with coughing, unless he is sick with a cold, he will cough.

She strode towards Aunt Hong who was standing at the entrance of the stairs. After handing the child to Aunt Hong, she turned around and walked towards the study.

She came back to him, looking at his cheeks flushed from coughing.

In the air, there is a strong emotion that can’t be explained clearly, but can be touched by reaching out.

“Are you sick?” she said, raising her hand to touch the temperature of his forehead.

He took a few steps back, “I have a cold, but I don’t have a fever.”

She approached him and asked, “You asked me to take Ziqiu away because you have a cold and don’t want to infect your child, not because you don’t want to see him?”

He looked at her with eyes like ink, and answered truthfully, “Both. Who asked you to come?”

“No one asked me to come. I will come if I want.” She said forcefully, and walked to his desk. On the side, he turned off his computer, then dragged his arm and took him out of the study, “Although a cold is a minor illness, if you don’t rest well, your recovery will be slow. I know you may want to be sick all the time, so you can You don’t have to face Ziqiu, but running away can’t solve the problem.”

“You are here to solve the problem.” He summed up the meaning of her words and guessed, “You want me and everyone to welcome him happily, Raise him with you again, won’t you?”

“I did think so. But I know it’s too hard for you. I don’t want to make it hard for you. I’ll raise the child myself, but you don’t have to have the courage to even see him. It seems that he is a murderer!” Qin Anan’s emotions suddenly lost control.

She let go of his arm, her chest heaving rapidly.

“If Yin Yin was still alive, she definitely didn’t want to see your relationship with Ziqiu become so strange because of her!”

Fu Shiting seemed stimulated when he heard Yin Yin’s name.

With a gloomy expression on his face, he strode towards the master bedroom.

Qin Anan followed behind him: “Fu Shiting, you have a low fever. If you don’t take medicine, you may have a high fever at night.”

“I have taken medicine.”

“What medicine did you take? Show me.” She chased after him. to his room.

He stopped, his back muscles tense.

His breathing was heavy, as if trying to hold back.

She ignored his anger, strode to the bedside table, and picked up the medicine box on it.

This is a box of common cold and cold medicines. One of the medicines is missing four pieces, which should be the ones he took today.

Out of professional habit, she glanced at the production date and expiration date on the pill box.

After reading it, she threw the medicine into the trash can.

“Fu Shiting, are you old?”

She couldn’t believe that an adult didn’t look at the expiration date of the medicine before taking it.

Fortunately, this is only a common cold medicine, what if it is another medicine?

“Where did you get the expired cold medicine?” Her heart clenched tightly, and she couldn’t help wondering whether he was careless or deliberate!

“I don’t often catch colds.” His Adam’s apple rolled and seemed to see through her thoughts, “I didn’t mean to take the wrong medicine.”

“Call your personal doctor.” She took a deep breath, “Let him take care of you. “

I asked the driver to buy medicine.” He felt that there was no need to call the doctor for this matter.

“If you don’t do what I want, Ziqiu and I won’t leave tonight.” She threatened, “You won’t drive us away.”

Her threats worked.

In front of her, he dialed the number of the family doctor.

Seeing him call, she felt more and more sour.

How much did he want her to go before he immediately called his doctor without thinking? !

After he finished the phone call, she felt a thorn in her heart, she didn’t want to stay for a second, and strode towards the door.

Chapter 768

Chapter 768

After she left, he dialed the family doctor’s number again: “I’m fine, you don’t need to come here.” The

doctor was a little confused: “Mr. Fu, I’m already on the road. Why don’t I go over there and take a look?”

He hang up the phone.

He raised his hand and touched the temperature of his forehead, which was a little hot.

Before Qin Anan came over, he didn’t realize that he had a fever.

Although the body is a little uncomfortable, it does not affect the work.

But after she came, the strength in his body seemed to be drained.

He lay down on the bed and let his emotions out.

But I tried again and again, and it failed every time.

Whenever he wanted to forget what happened tonight, Ziqiu’s little face would come into his mind.

Ziqiu’s small face and bright but curious eyes are like a dazzling light that can penetrate dark clouds and dissipate the haze.

When the doctor arrived at Fu’s house, Fu Shiting had already fallen asleep.

The doctor probed his forehead and found that his temperature was too high, he immediately took out a thermometer and took a shot on his forehead.

On the display, a series of numbers appeared: 38.9c The

body temperature generally exceeds 38.5 degrees, and you need to take antipyretics.

Fu Shiting is asleep now, and the doctor can only give him an infusion.

The next morning, Fu Shiting opened his eyes and woke up.

His fever subsided. The heaviness on the body disappeared, and the headache no longer hurt.

After Yinyin’s accident, he would stay up at night every day because of grief and lack of rest for a long time, which led to headaches.

The cold gave him a good night’s sleep.

After I slept well, I felt much better. Emotions are not as heavy and depressed as before.

He lifted the quilt and sat up.

On the bedside table, there are medicines and notes left by the family doctor.

He picked up a note with the dosage of the medicine and a reminder to take care of himself.

He put the note down, got out of bed, walked to the window, and opened the curtains.

No snow today.

The snow in the yard is also melting, and there seems to be a golden light flashing in front of my eyes.

He turned and walked towards the bathroom. After taking a shower, he put on loose home clothes and walked downstairs.

When Aunt Hong saw him go downstairs, she immediately greeted him: “Sir, are you feeling better? Last night you said to only eat plain porridge, I should have guessed that you were sick and had no appetite. I was negligent.

” Okay.” When he said this, his throat seemed to be cut, and it hurt a little.

“That’s good. I cooked clear porridge, and I’ll serve it for you.”

Fu Shiting strode into the dining room.

When he sat down, Aunt Hong put the warm porridge in front of him. After that, two more vegetables were fried and served on the table.

Just when Aunt Hong was about to leave, Fu Shiting said, “Did you call Qin An’an last night?”

Aunt Hong hesitated for a while, then nodded: “There is a saying that you must tie the bell to untie the bell. I think You are in so much pain, thinking in your heart, if you let An An hold Ziqiu to see you, will you get rid of the knot when you see Ziqiu?”

“Heart disease requires a doctor. My heart medicine is Yinyin, not Ziqiu.” He said calmly, “I won’t ignore Ziqiu, but I can’t help it. Love him like a normal father.”

Even if Ziqiu didn’t take the initiative to take away Yinyin’s life, Yinyin was die for him.

Aunt Hong’s eyes were slightly red: “I understand you. I won’t call An An again.” After a pause, she reminded, “The doctor told me to remind you to take your medicine on time. Don’t forget to take your medicine.

” Hmm.”

Aunt Hong was silent for a few seconds, and then said, “Sister Zhang sent me a message an hour ago, saying that she accompanied An An and Ziqiu to Country B.”

Fu Shiting’s fingers with the spoon trembled.

“An An is planning to take Ziqiu to the B country for the Chinese New Year.” Aunt Hong said, “Xiao Han and Rila are still here! She didn’t even wait for the two children… Was she angry when she came here last night? “

Aunt Hong knew that her words would make Fu Shiting uncomfortable, but she couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

When she saw Ziqiu last night, she liked this child from the bottom of her heart.

Chapter 769

Chapter 769

Because this child looks like Fu Shiting.

If Yin Yin was still alive and saw Ziqiu, he would definitely dote on Ziqiu very much.

Yinyin is so kind, how can she bear to see the estrangement between their father and son because of her?

After Aunt Hong said these words, she exited the dining room.

The spoon in Fu Shiting’s hand fell into the porridge bowl.

Qin Anan took Ziqiu to country B today.

She walked so fast. Seems really angry.

She told him last night that she would raise Ziqiu herself. So she took Ziqiu to country B, so that he could not see or worry.

He should breathe a sigh of relief, but why can’t he be happy?

His mind even had the urge to go to country B to find her immediately!

It’s just that the thought was quickly strangled.

She might as well take the baby away, so that he has enough time to cool off his runaway emotions.

Qin Anan decided to take Ziqiu to country B temporarily.

Ziqiu is relatively young now and is not suitable for long-distance flights.

But she tossed and turned all night, and Fu Shiting’s cold eyes always appeared in her mind.

She can be wronged, but she doesn’t want Ziqiu to be wronged.

So she was so angry that she decided to celebrate the New Year with the whole family in country B this year.

She brought Ziqiu back to country B first, and then asked Mike to bring Xiaohan and Rila to reunite with her before the Spring Festival.

The whole family, whether it’s Xiaohan and Rila, or Mike, they always respect any decision she makes.

She is very grateful for their accommodation, even if she is occasionally willful, they will tolerate her.

This time, she left in such a hurry, not only because she was angry, but also because she wanted to see her patient again.

This man and Yinyin have the same blood type, the same condition, and look a bit similar.

This man has a nice name, his name is Yunmo.

Clouds are white, and ink is black. These two phrases together are contradictory and full of artistic conception.

His looks gave her the same feeling as his name.

His eyes were clean, but he was very gloomy.

If it weren’t for his illness, he shouldn’t be.

After the plane arrived at the airport in country B, the bodyguards sent them to the villa.

Qin An’an didn’t plan to let Mrs. Zhang come with her, after all, Mrs. Zhang was completely unfamiliar with country B.

But Sister Zhang insisted to come and help her take care of the child.

“I have a familiar nanny here. I will ask her to help take care of Ziqiu together. I don’t want you to work too hard.” Qin Anan said to Mrs. Zhang.

Mrs. Zhang nodded: “An An, are you going back after the Spring Festival?”

Qin An’an understood what Mrs. Zhang meant. Sister-in-law Zhang is worried that she will settle down in country B for a long time.

“I will definitely go back. Xiaohan and Rila go to school in China, and my company is also in China.”

Her answer made Mrs. Zhang relieved.

country A.

After Qin Anan took Ziqiu away, the house suddenly became empty.

Rila was taken to an acting class by Jin Sinian, and Mike was busy at the end of the year, so only Xiaohan seemed to be more relaxed.

The winter vacation special training class that Xiaohan is currently participating in does not have classes all day.

For example, now, after his classes in the morning are over, there is no class in the afternoon.

He promised Rila last night to find her this afternoon. So after class, he hit a car on the side of the road.

Not long after the taxi left, the driver muttered, “The black car behind me has been following me, crazy!”

Xiao Han immediately looked back when he heard this!

Chapter 770

Chapter 770

Because he was followed before, Xiaohan’s alertness rose.

He took out his mobile phone from his bag and dialed Jin Sinian.

This phone was given to him by Jin Sinian. The child’s custom mobile phone has his private number stored in it.

After Xiaohan told Jin Sinian that someone was following him, Jin Sinian immediately arranged for a bodyguard to pick up where Xiaohan got off the bus.

After Xiaohan got off, the black sedan that followed behind drove past him!

It seems to be just dropping by, not following.

“You came alone? Why didn’t you bring bodyguards?” Jin Sinian took him by the hand and led him into the building.

Jin Sinian took Rila to train in the company’s training room.

“It’s almost New Year’s Eve, I’m giving Uncle Bodyguard a holiday.” Xiao Han said.

“If your mother knew, she would definitely be worried.” Jin Sinian pondered and discussed with him, “The person who followed you must know that you don’t have bodyguards, so he’s so bold. I’ll send you two bodyguards. Before you go to country B to find your mother, you can’t make any mistakes.”

Xiaohan doesn’t like being followed by bodyguards. But he thought that his mother was so tired now that she had to take care of her brother. If something happened to him again, how sad his mother would be.

He nodded and agreed.

“Rila learned a dance today, maybe it’s not that good. Later, she asks you how you dance, and you praise her, okay?” Jin Sinian said carefully.

Xiao Han was absent-minded and nodded.

He was thinking about who assigned the person who followed him.

Is it Tang Qian? But Tang Qian is like a tortoise with its head shrinking, and she doesn’t dare to show her head at all.

Or Wang Wanzhi? She did the tombstone thing. She wanted Ziqiu to die, and she definitely wanted him and his sister to die.

Why didn’t Fu Shiting trouble her? What the hell is he thinking?

Mom took Ziqiu to look for him last night, but she decided to go to country B early this morning, and she must have been wronged by him.

Scumbags are scumbags!

Xiao Han’s heart was filled with anger. He actually expects the scumbag to make his mother happy, which is a fool’s dream!

Jin Sinian brought Xiaohan to the dance studio.

Rila is dancing gracefully under the guidance of her dance teacher.

Xiaohan was a little dazed when she saw her devotion.

Usually, she is easily distracted when she does her homework, but now she is very devoted.

He actually didn’t want his sister to become a star in the entertainment industry, but because his mother had no objection, he reserved his opinion.

Now that his sister has changed so much, his mind has changed.

As long as my sister is happy, let her do whatever she wants.

When the song ended, the dance stopped abruptly.

Rila immediately ran towards Xiaohan.

“Brother! How is my dancing?” Rila asked excitedly, blinking her big eyes.

Xiaohan: “Okay.”

“Brother, I knew you would praise me! But dancing is so tiring! I want you to hug me!” Rila, like a koala, hugged Xiaohan’s body firmly with all four limbs.

Xiaohan took her to the chair next to her and sat down: “I won’t jump when I’m tired.”

“I have to continue dancing! The teacher said that I am not proficient in a few movements, and I need more practice to master them.” Rila grabbed Xiaohan His hand was soft and his tone was soft, “Uncle Sinian said that he would take me to record a New Year’s party for a few days. Brother, I must perform well. Uncle Sinian said that my mother can see me on TV at that time.”

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