When His Eyes Opened Chapter 771 -780(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 771 -780(Chinese)

Chapter 771

Looking at the firm light in Rila’s eyes, Xiaohan burst out two words: “Come on.” On the

other side.

Fu Yechen stood by the floor-to-ceiling window of the office, watching the neon lights gradually light up the whole city.

The endlessly prosperous night scene outside shows that the nightlife has just begun.

If it was usual, he would have left the office long ago to have fun.

But today, he is not in the mood.

He was forced to go bankrupt by his uncle, and he will bear a huge fine.

It’s not that he didn’t regret the stupid things he did in his heart, but more than that, it was hate.

Relying on the signboard of Fu Shiting’s own nephew, he has been able to get in until now, and it was easy for Fu Shiting to crush him to death.

In the past few days, he watched his father call Fu Shiting countless times to beg for mercy in order to restore the broken situation. He hoped that Fu Shiting would let him go for the sake of family affection, but Fu Shiting either didn’t answer the phone or transferred the call to his assistant. .

Fu Shiting is so heartless and heartless!

His mother has died for him, and now he just wants to live well, why should he be burdened with such a huge debt?

It’s more painful than killing him.

After an unknown amount of time, the office door opened and Fu Han walked in.

“Let’s go! Starting from tomorrow, this is not your company.” Fu Han said coldly, “Your uncle is cruel, but you are even more cruel! If you weren’t my son, I wouldn’t have to be implicated by you at all! It’s even more impossible. Cover up you, a murderer!”

“Dad, I know that I have committed a heinous crime, but it has already happened, what’s the use of blaming me again?” Fu Yechen turned around and faced his father, “I went the wrong way, and it was you too. Not educated.”

Fu Han pursed his lips and was speechless.

The father and son left the company with red eyes and returned home.

The servant brings dinner to the table.

Fu Han has no appetite and just wants to drink.

“Sell the old house! This is the only valuable property in my hands. Sell the old house and pay off the debt. I will never take care of you in the future.” Fu Han poured his wine to himself.

Fu Yechen choked and said, “I don’t want to sell the old house. If the house is sold, where will we live in the future? I’m not married yet, and if I don’t have a house, how can I marry a wife?

” Let’s marry a daughter-in -law!”

“I don’t want to marry a daughter-in-law, are you going to end?” Fu Yechen drank a glass of wine and asked, “Dad, you are Fu Shiting’s elder brother, don’t you have Fu Shiting’s handle in your hands? “

The handle?” Fu Han was stunned for a moment, “Although I’m his brother, but I’m too old to him, I don’t know anything about his business!”

“I’m not talking about business. Talking about his private affairs… I heard that my grandfather was killed by him.” Fu Yechen lowered his voice, “Dad, you must be aware of this matter? Why did you never tell me? If someone hadn’t come looking for me…”

“Who was looking for you? Who told you!” Fu Han’s eyes widened, “Breaking down your uncle won’t do us any good!”

“If Will others pay my debts for me? Dad, I will never agree to sell the old house. This house will definitely appreciate in value in the future.” Fu Yechen calculated, “Have you heard of Tang Qiaosen? He is Fu Shiting’s classmate. , is also Fu Shiting’s opponent.”

Fu Han’s eyes were full of unpredictable emotions.

He also wants to keep the old house.

But the scandal of selling out his home is not a glorious thing.

If the mother was still there, she would definitely vomit blood.

“Dad, I don’t know what you’re hesitating about. Fu Shiting has already killed our father and son. If you keep a secret for him, can you get a penny in return? I just want money now!”

Fu Han was forced to leave his party Hot tears: “Your grandfather was indeed killed by your uncle. Your uncle was almost sent to a junior school. In order to protect your uncle, your grandmother asked a psychiatrist to issue a psychiatric diagnosis certificate.”

Chapter 772

Chapter 772

Fu Yechen is like listening to a story. Listening to the face is fascinated and bizarre.

“So, does my uncle really have a mental illness?”

Fu Han frowned and sighed: “Mental illness also has mild and severe symptoms. Even if your uncle was ill at the beginning, he didn’t have an episode later. Otherwise, how could he be so successful? “

His career was successful, but his relationship was not successful. Qin Anan divorced him and gave him a few children. Do you think it was because the two of them had no relationship? Maybe Qin Anan knew that he was ill, so Not with him!” Fu Yechen guessed.

Fu Han listened to his words and was thoughtful.

“Dad, we have nothing left now. As the saying goes, bare feet are not afraid of wearing shoes. Even if we stand on Tang Qiaosen’s side, what can Fu Shiting do to us? I no longer have any assets that he can take away!” Fu Ye Chen Ei was timid, “I have to cooperate with Tang Qiao Sen.”

Fu Han raised his glass and drank the wine in one gulp.

“You tell Tang Qiaosen about this, and then what?” Fu Han frowned and said, “Even if you tell everyone that Fu Shiting killed his father, so what? After this incident happened, your grandmother chose to protect the He. Your grandmother didn’t hold him accountable, how could outsiders use this to punish him?”

“Also, it’s been too long!” Fu Han added.

“Dad, the reason why you are not as powerful as Fu Shiting is because you are not ruthless enough.” Fu Yechen poured a glass of wine for his father, “He has so much influence now, if this scandal breaks out, it will definitely be very lethal to him. Strong! Otherwise, Tang Qiaosen would not be able to find his way.”

“Fu Shiting is always my younger brother!”

“But he killed your wife and forced your son into bankruptcy! Up to now, you still think that he is your younger brother. Will he give you your retirement in the future?” Fu Yechen’s words stopped Fu Han.

Half an hour later, Fu Han drank too much and his face was scarlet: “Fight against him, you won’t end well… I’m going to the countryside to find a place to retire… It’s your business in the future. , don’t come to me… If you want to die, you will die… I don’t want to… I don’t want to die…”

Fu Yechen heard these words, his fingers clenched tightly. Grip tightly.

“In your heart, Fu Shiting is a god, but in my eyes, he is not! Sooner or later, he will be brought down by someone more powerful! Maybe he will end up worse than us!” When Fu Yechen said these words, his eyes Glittering in.

He was very much looking forward to this day.

After coming out of the dining room, he went back to his room and dialed Tang Qiaosen’s phone.

Although he drank a lot, he was in high spirits, as if the Fu Shiting scandal would appear in the headlines tomorrow!

“Tang Qiaosen, does what you said before count?” Fu Yechen asked, “I know my uncle’s secret, but I need you to help me pay off my debt.”

“How much debt do you have now?” Tang Qiaosen He said calmly, “I’m not as rich as your uncle. I have to look at the clues you provide to decide how much money I can give you.”

“This clue is absolutely valuable. If you don’t cooperate sincerely, then I’ll find someone else.” Fu Ye Chen said with confidence, “My uncle has so many opponents, I will choose the richest partner, and others will definitely help me pay off the 50 million debt.”

Tang Qiaosen weighed the number ’50 million’ in his heart . After hesitating for a few seconds, he said, “Okay. I’ll give you a deposit first, and then you can tell me everything you know, and I’ll transfer the rest of the money to you.”

Fu Yechen didn’t expect him to promise so much. readily.

It seems that Tang Qiaosen is determined to ruin Fu Shiting’s reputation.

After the transaction between the two was completed, Tang Qiaosen felt a little unhappy.

Because the clues provided by Fu Yechen seemed to be a shocking secret, but Tang Qiaosen had already heard of it.

It’s just that Tang Qiaosen can’t connect all the clues completely.

It means that he spent 50 million to buy a definite result from Fu Yechen.

Most of the dark red boxes that Fu Shiting lost contained information related to his illness.

As long as he gets what’s in that box, Tang Qiaosen can make Fu Shiting obey him.

Don’t say 50 million, even if it is 500 million, 5 billion, doesn’t Fu Shiting have to give it obediently?

At eleven o’clock in the evening, when Fu Shiting was about to rest, the screen of his mobile phone suddenly lit up.

Chapter 773

Chapter 773

He picked up his phone and saw a message from an unfamiliar number.

He opened the message, and the content came into view: Yin Yin left. I will follow her request and scatter her ashes into the sea. Sorry for the hurt caused to you. sorry. I will give up everything in my country as atonement. Wei Zhen kept

his teeth clenched, his eyes moist.

All the efforts made to calm down the emotions in the past few days were all nullified after seeing this news!

Yin Yin is dead. She is really dead!

In order to save Ziqiu, she didn’t even care about her own life!

For so many years, he has carefully protected her, not to let her be someone else’s blood bag!

His fingers were holding the phone, and the phalanx was white. After the phone screen went dark, he pressed it again.

He didn’t want to accept this bad news, but this text message was clearly so dazzling.

country B.

After Qin Anan and the child settled down, she called Yunmo’s family, hoping to meet as soon as possible.

Yunmo’s family said that as long as she has time, she can come to meet at home anytime.

So she gave the child to Mrs. Zhang and went to Yun’s house.

She hadn’t asked Yun Mo’s background in detail before. Because these are not important.

But now, she is full of interest in Yunmo.

After arriving at Yun’s house, Yun Mo’s sister received her.

“Miss Yun, are your family from country B? Have you been to country A?”

Sister Yunmo was stunned for a moment: “My father is from country A, and my mother is from country B.”

“Oh…then Where’s Yun Mo? Is he the same as you?”

“Doctor Qin, does this question help with the treatment?” Sister Yunmo didn’t want to mention too many personal matters.

“It’s helpful. To treat a disease, you need to know how the patient’s disease happened. For example, what happened to him before he got sick.” Qin Anan said.

“Then let my father answer your question, because I don’t know much about my brother.” Sister Yunmo finished speaking and called her father.

About twenty minutes later, a man in his fifties or sixties appeared in front of Qin Anan.

Qin Anan’s eyes were immediately attracted after seeing this man.

This man… eyebrows and eyes, very similar to a person.

“Doctor Qin, I heard that you want to know the details of Yunmo. Yunmo was born with this disease. I took him to see many famous doctors, but they didn’t like it well.” The man sat down on the sofa opposite Qin Anan.

Qin Anan calmed down and nodded: “Are you from country A?”


“Where’s Yunmo?” The

man was silent for a few seconds, and then said, “He is from country B. Doctor Qin, I can’t tell you anything else. Because Yunmo, this child, is our family’s misfortune. We have been through a lot of pain.”

Qin Anan didn’t ask any more questions, got up and said goodbye.

The last time she saw Yun Mo, she felt a little subtle, but when she saw Yun Mo’s father this time, this feeling was even stronger!

Chapter 774

Chapter 774 I

always feel that Yunmo and Yunmo’s father may have some connection with Yinyin and Fu Shiting.

This connection is not a social connection, but a medical connection.

She was taken aback by the thought that popped into her mind!

Are you too tired recently? Why is she thinking wildly? Country A and Country B are so far apart, even if Yunmo’s father is from Country A, it doesn’t mean that he can have a relationship with the Fu family.

The Fu family in Country A is a giant of a wealthy family that is difficult for ordinary people to reach. Although the relationship between the wealthy family is complicated, if there is anything messy, she should have heard of Fu Shiting for so long.

But aside from the Yin Yin thing, she had never heard of anything else.

The car stopped at the villa, and she pushed open the door to get out of the car.

When she got out of the car, she saw a shadow standing at the door.

“An’an!” The Dao Qianying greeted her immediately when she saw her.

A familiar voice came, and a smile appeared on Qin An’an’s face.

It’s Li Xiaotian.

After Li Xiaotian was discharged from the hospital, she went to country B with her mother.

This time Qin Anan brought Ziqiu to country B, and Li Xiaotian came to her immediately after knowing it.

“Didn’t it say tomorrow?” Qin Anan was a little surprised.

If she knew that Li Xiaotian was here today, she would not go to Yun’s house.

“I can’t help but want to see Ziqiu.” Li Xiaotian took her arm and pulled her into the living room, “Ziqiu is a handsome guy, and he will definitely fascinate many women when he grows up.”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing: “No I beg him to fascinate a lot of women, but I beg him to be safe and healthy.”

“I think he looks ruddy, he will definitely be healthy.” Li Xiaotian said, walking to the crib, teasing Zushi Qiu, “An An, your Spring Festival. Are you going back home again?”

“Well. What about you?” Qin Anan asked.

“I have classes next spring. I have no plans to return to China for the time being.” Li Xiaotian had a touch of sadness in her eyes.

That serious injury, after all, completely changed her.

In the past, Li Xiaotian’s eyes were always bright, but now, her eyes are no longer so clear and bright.

“Xiao Tian, ​​you and Zhunzhi…”

“I’ve ended with him. I told you that his family is very tight.”

“Well, no matter what decision you make, I I support you.” Qin Anan raised a smile on the corner of her mouth, “You and your mother will celebrate the New Year at my house! It’s more lively.”

“Okay!” Li Xiaotian agreed immediately, “An An, you broke up with Fu Shiting at the beginning. , is he entangled with you?”

Qin Anan pondered for a few seconds: “When I broke up with him, he had a successful career, and I was just a student who didn’t graduate from college. In terms of entanglement, it was me who entangled him. I don’t know . Besides, he is arrogant and impossible to pester others.”

“You shouldn’t pester him before, right?”

Qin Anan sat down beside the crib, “When we first broke up, it was very painful. Sometimes I can’t help thinking about it. Send him a message, but I know that even if I send him a message, it won’t change anything, so I fill up my time and try not to let myself idle.”

“Well. He Zhunzhi has been sending me messages recently, and I’m very supportive . Troubled.” Li Xiaotian was determined to forget him and start a new life, but He Zhunzhi sent messages like a small composition every day to recall their past.

“If you don’t want to receive his information, you can consider blocking him.”

“Do you need to be so heartless?”

Qin Anan didn’t know how to answer.

If you are not so heartless, and have been disconnected all the time, it will only be more painful.

“Forget it, let me block him! It’s impossible for me to be with him any more.” Li Xiaotian took out her mobile phone and blocked all contact information of He Zhunzhi, “If he bothers me like this, I will pay A new boyfriend, let him give up completely.”

Country A.

After two days of depression, Fu Shiting decided to hold a funeral for Yin Yin.

Chapter 775

Chapter 775

When she was alive, he never disclosed their relationship to the public.

He didn’t want her to be disturbed by the outside world, that’s why he made this choice.

Even Qin Anan didn’t understand. He felt that he disliked Yin Yin’s low IQ, so he hid her from others.

He never despised Yin Yin. If he had a trace of disgust, Yinyin might have died early.

Now that Yin Yin is gone, he no longer has to worry about someone disturbing her and hurting her.

After deciding to hold a funeral for Yinyin, he began to handle all the procedures himself.

After the news spread, Xiaohan suggested to Mike that he wanted to go to Yin Yin’s funeral.

Mike immediately called Zhou Ziyi and asked if he could go.

“The guest list was drawn up by my boss. You and Xiaohan are not on it.” Zhou Ziyi wondered.

McNong raised his eyebrows: “Is there Qin An’an? If there is Qin An’an, Xiaohan and I will go in Qin An’an’s name.”

“No.” Zhou Ziyi simply replied, “He only invited some executives of the company, There are also some clients who have cooperated with him for many years… He didn’t invite Qin An’an, nor his classmates or friends.”

“Oh… But Xiao Han said he wanted to send Yin Yin for the last time. Go ask him if he can do it, if not, then he won’t want Xiaohan to recognize him in the future.” Mike said harshly, “Even if Yinyin was killed by Ziqiu, what does it have to do with Xiaohan?”

“I see. Don’t be so emotional, I’ll ask right away.”

Zhou Ziyi hung up the phone, took a sip of cold water, calmed himself down, and did some psychological construction before he dared to call Fu Shiting.

After the phone call, Zhou Ziyi told the truth about Xiaohan’s desire to attend Yinyin’s funeral, and then began to speak for Xiaohan.

“Boss, Yin Yin had a very good relationship with Xiao Han during his lifetime…”

“Yeah.” Before Zhou Ziyi could finish speaking, Fu Shiting agreed.

Zhou Ziyi was a little confused.

He didn’t expect Fu Shiting to agree so readily.

After talking on the phone, he told Mike Fu Shiting’s answer.

“Actually, my boss is not so careful. After Yin Yin’s funeral, he should be able to walk out slowly.”

Mike: “I don’t care about him at all. Now the three children are all in An An, which is fine.”

“You have no sympathy. Yin Yin is my boss’s sister, they are twins.”

Mike was stunned.

“Yinyin’s real name is Fu Shiyin. It’s written like this on the tombstone I ordered.” Zhou Ziyi said, “If Yinyin hadn’t died, we probably wouldn’t have known her real name for the rest of our lives.

” Hiding? I hate being secretive the most!” Mike decided to tell Qin Anan about it after complaining.

See if she wants to come back for Yin Yin’s funeral.

Qin Anan was silent for several seconds after hearing the news.

She has been fantasizing about miracles for the past few days. As long as she doesn’t see Yin Yin’s body, Yin Yin may still be alive.

But since Fu Shiting decided to hold a funeral for Yinyin, it means that he has received the exact news of Yinyin’s death.

“I want to take care of Ziqiu, so I won’t go. You can take Xiaohan there. If Rila wants to go too, then take Rila there too.” Qin Anan said.


“Has Yin Yin’s body been brought back?” A bold thought suddenly appeared in Qin An’an’s mind.

She wanted to make a DNA comparison between Yin Yin and Yun Mo.

She wondered if the two of them were related…

otherwise how could there be so many coincidences?

Chapter 776

Chapter 776

“I haven’t heard of the corpse. What’s wrong? You don’t want to treat Yin Yin and bring her back to life, right?” Mike’s brain was wide open.

Qin Anan’s temple hurt: “Mike, I’m just asking casually. If I have the ability to bring back the dead, no one will really die in this world, don’t you think it’s scary?”

Mike: “Oh, I haven’t heard of it. Wei Zhen came back. There should be no corpse, right? But Fu Shiting should have received the news that Yinyin had died. If he didn’t receive the news, he would never have given Yinyin a funeral.”


“You really won’t come back? Actually Ziqiu is so young now, it is not impossible for you to leave the child to the nanny to take care of you.” Mike hopes that she will come back to attend the funeral together.

Regardless of the relationship with Fu Shiting, Yinyin has always had a good relationship with them.

“I’m ashamed of Yin Yin.” Qin Anan’s voice was hoarse, and she said her true thoughts, “If I could have known her thoughts in advance, I would definitely not have let her do this. I feel like I’m a little stunned. I met in country B. When I got to a patient with the same condition as Yin Yin, not only did I think he looked like Yin Yin, but because he had the same blood type as Yin Yin, I had a whimsical feeling that they might be related…”

Mike listened to her words , fell silent.

He didn’t know that she picked up another patient in country B.

“I suddenly realized just now that it may be because of their special blood type that they are more likely to suffer from this disease!” Qin Anan felt a pain in his heart when he said this.

There are many coincidences in this world.

But the probability of ordinary people encountering it is extremely low.

So Yunmo and Yinyin may have nothing to do with each other.

They happen to have the same special blood type, and they both happen to suffer from this disease.

As for the resemblance, it may be because she wants to sing too much…

“An’an, don’t come back for the funeral. I don’t think you’re in a good state.” Mike said after a few seconds of silence, “Do you think that life is actually a trivial matter other than life and death?”

Qin An’an Responded.

“Since we are still alive, let’s live happily!” Mike reassured, “I will take my two children to the funeral. After the funeral, I will finish my work here as soon as possible and take the two children to the funeral. Reunite with you.”

“Okay.” The

Fu family.

The things in Yin Yin’s room were sorted out, and the boxes were moved to the warehouse and locked.

Fu Shiting thought about things that wouldn’t move her, but he couldn’t help entering her room.

As long as he sees her things, he will think of her. As long as he thinks of her, he will remember why she died.

The psychiatrist told him that if Yinyin was not forced to donate blood, he should not think that Yinyin was killed.

In this world, there is a thing more powerful than hate, this thing is called love.

Because Yinyin is full of love for Ziqiu, that’s why she saves Ziqiu regardless of her life.

He shouldn’t turn groaning love into endless hate.

He listened to the psychiatrist and wanted to try to get out.

He wasn’t for himself, but he didn’t want to torture Qin An’an and the children for it.

The day before the funeral, Fu Shiting received a call from Wang Wanzhi.

This is the first time Wang Wanzhi has called him proactively since they met two months ago.

Wang Wanzhi saw that Fu Yechen’s company went bankrupt, and was afraid that Fu Shiting had freed up his energy now, and the next person to deal with was herself, so she made this call.

“Fu Shiting, I have some news.” Wang Wanzhi said, “I had a dinner date with Tang Qiaosen yesterday. After he was drunk, I asked him about the dark red box.”

Fu Shiting’s breathing sank a little.

Chapter 777

Chapter 777

“He said that he does have your handle. But he won’t take it out easily for the time being, because he has to use it at a critical moment.” Wang Wanzhi spoke fast, “As for when he said the critical moment, I don’t know. Tang Qiaosen is a very shrewd person. I’ve known him for a while, but he doesn’t trust me that much. But I’m very happy to work with him now. If you give me a little more time, I will definitely find a way to help you get it. Go back to that box.”

Fu Shiting teased coldly: “You already know that there is something in that box that can threaten me. If you got that box, how could you give it back to me?”

Wang Wanzhi was stunned.

Her mind suddenly went blank. What did she just say?

How do you feel that Fu Shiting is angered by her?

“I just want to make sure that the box is in Tang Qiaosen’s hands. Since it is in his hands, then you have no effect on me.” Fu Shiting said word by word, “Wang Wanzhi, what are you thinking about? It’s clear.”

Wang Wanzhi was frightened just listening to his voice.

“Fu Shiting! I didn’t plan anything! How dare I plan on you? My enemy is Qin Anan, never you! Whether it’s your career or your life, it has nothing to do with me…”

” Qin An’an is part of my life.” He interrupted her, “Your daughter was killed by Fu Yechen, and the Qin Group was left to Qin An’an by Qin Jie’s will. You treat Qin An’an as an enemy, but only Because you bullied Qin An’an before, but now I see that she has a better life than you and is more capable than you, so I lost my mind because of jealousy.”

Wang Wanzhi’s hand shook as she held the phone.

“I won’t kill you for the time being.” Fu Shiting’s voice was unhurried, but with a strong deterrent force, “Because death is liberation, you can only endure more torture if you live. I will let you live and die.”

Wang Wanzhi Chilled all over: “Fu Shiting, don’t forget that the two of you were brought together by me! I was her stepmother after all! I have had a family relationship with her for 20 years!”

“You killed her mother, I won’t let you die peacefully.” After Fu Shiting said this, he hung up the phone.

Wang Wanzhi sat down slumped.

Obviously Fu Shiting said that he would not kill her for the time being, but why is she more afraid?

Sure enough, the unpredictable future is the most terrifying.

To change this situation, she must get the dark red box before Tang Qiaosen.

The only way to save lives is to get that box!


After Fu Shiting smoked a few cigarettes in a row, his eyes darkened.

He wanted to be a good person, but he was a good person, but God did not treat him favorably. Beyond that, there’s always someone trying to challenge his bottom line.

If that’s the case, then continue to be the bad guy!

He put out the cigarette in the ashtray and made another call.

“Where is Don Johnson now?”

“He’s attending a dinner.” “Keep an eye on


“Okay, boss, do you have any other instructions?”

“Yes.” At

three o’clock at night, a high-end residence in the city center The building caught fire, followed by a terrible explosion where the fire started!

In an instant, the entire area of ​​the sky was illuminated by fire!

The red fire, the ghostly and infiltrating color in the dark night! As if the end was coming.

At this time, Fu Shiting was wearing a formal black suit and sitting in the empty room.

After the explosion sounded, he held a goblet in one hand and a wine bottle in the other, and poured his own wine.

Chapter 778

Chapter 778 In

his life, he hates being threatened the most.

Tang Qiaosen was holding his handle in his hand, but he didn’t act, waiting for a critical moment?

Oh, Fu Shiting will not give Tang Qiaosen this chance.

Since Tang Qiaosen does not act, let him destroy together with the box!

Even if tonight’s fire doesn’t kill him, his home will be burnt to ashes.

The sound of an ambulance roared through the silent night.

In the Xinghewan villa, Xiaohan was awakened.

He was surprised to see a red light outside.

He climbed off the bed, walked to the door of the room in the dark, opened the door, and walked towards Mike’s room.

Mike fell asleep not long ago, and he slept soundly, so he didn’t hear any movement outside.

“It’s red outside.” Xiao Han pointed out the window and showed Mike.

Mike reached out and rubbed his eyes. After seeing the situation outside the window, he took out his mobile phone and read the news.

“There’s a fire in a residential building in the city center.” Mike yawned, “I don’t know what exploded, so the fire burned a lot.”

After Xiaohan knew the reason, the pestle stayed where he was.

Seeing that he was gloomy, Mike reached out and patted his shoulder: “Brother Han, do you miss your mother? I’ll take you and Rila back to Country B in a few days. It’s very late today, go to bed! “

By the way, it looks scary outside, but the fire will definitely not burn our community. So you can go to sleep in peace!” Mike added.

If Mike didn’t mention Qin An’an, Xiao Han didn’t even think about his mother.

He was affected by the sound of the ambulance outside and the light of the fire in the dark night.

The thought of the possibility of death in this disaster made my heart inexplicably heavy.

He hadn’t been so sentimental before. It was probably Yin Yin’s departure that cast a shadow on his young mind.

The next day, a fire in the city center in the early hours of the morning made headlines.

Because the fire happened in a high-end community.

Secondly, the fire not only destroyed the house where the accident occurred, but also affected the entire floor and the residents on the upper and lower floors.

In the house where the accident occurred, except for the load-bearing wall, everything else was burnt to ashes.

Fortunately, the people living in it were dead, and when the explosion happened, they escaped in a hurry.

The news reported that two people were seriously injured.

This news is probably the most important one in recent social news.

But Mike didn’t click in to see the details.

Because today is Yin Yin’s funeral.

He got up early, had breakfast with his two children, and hurried to the funeral.

Arriving at the funeral, Zhou Ziyi leaned into his ear and whispered to him: “Have you seen today’s news? The one about the indoor gas explosion…”

“You’re talking about the one that happened at three o’clock in the morning. Is it something?”

“Yeah! Do you know whose house it is?” Zhou Ziyi asked with a mysterious face.

Only then did Mike realize that things were unusual: “Could it be someone we know?”

Zhou Ziyi nodded.

Xiaohan and Rila widened their eyes and pricked up their ears, eavesdropping openly.

“That’s Tang Qian’s brother’s house. Tang Qian also lives there. When the natural gas exploded at night, Tang Qian was there.” Zhou Ziyi shared his first-hand gossip with him, “The two brothers and sisters seem to have been rescued, but Both of them were seriously injured.”

Mike: “Is this a punishment for them because God can’t stand it anymore?”

Zhou Ziyi: “It’s not God, it’s my boss.”

Because there were many people at the scene, Zhou Ziyi didn’t say too much.

Mike nodded: “I’m going to tell Ann about this.”

Chapter 779

Chapter 779

After Mike edited and sent the story concisely, he secretly took a photo of Fu Shiting and sent it.

At this time, it is ten o’clock in the night in country B.

Qin Anan just went to bed and hasn’t slept yet.

Seeing the news from Mike, she tried to figure out why Fu Shiting did this in her mind, but she lacked imagination and couldn’t think of why Fu Shiting suddenly attacked the Tang brothers and sisters.

If it was to settle accounts with Tang Qian for the premature birth, how could it set fire to Tang Qiaosen’s house? How could you choose this time?

It seems that there are other things between him and the Tang family.

In the past, she might be eager to ask what happened between them, but now, she doesn’t have that much energy.

Three children occupy almost 80% of her energy.

She used the remaining energy to treat Yun Mo’s disease.

She had already told the Yun family that after the Spring Festival, she would perform the first operation on Yun Mo.

After the first operation, and then according to the treatment effect, to see whether or not to carry out the second operation.

Mike saw that she didn’t reply, so he took pictures of the two children and sent them.

This time, she couldn’t help replying: Why are Rila’s eyes red? Did she cry?

Mike: Yes, Yin Yin’s posthumous photo is placed in the mourning hall. She cried when she saw Yin Yin’s posthumous photo.

Qin Anan looked at his reply with mixed feelings.

If she was there, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to hold back her tears.

After a while of silence, she sent a message and asked: How is he?

Mike: Which he? Do you say Xiaohan or Fu Shiting?

Qin Anan gasped in embarrassment.

Mike was deliberately teasing her, but he didn’t want to make her angry, so he quickly replied: Xiaohan didn’t cry, but his brows were always frowning. Fu Shiting is the same. They are indeed father and son, they are exactly the same.

Qin Anan was holding the phone and gradually fell asleep.

Yin Yin will rest in peace, and all wounds will be healed.

Country A, hospital.

Wang Wanzhi rushed to the hospital as soon as possible to visit Tang Qiaosen.

She didn’t really care about Tang Qiaosen’s life or death, she just wanted to see how miserable Tang Qiaosen was now.

Because Fu Shiting said last night that he would not let her die peacefully.

So after the fire, she barely closed her eyes.

She has seen many vicious people. She herself is a person who will do anything to achieve her goals.

But Fu Shiting was different from them.

Because Fu Shiting’s financial resources and power are too powerful!

In country A, if you want to defeat Fu Shiting, you have to have nine lives!

In the ward, Tang Qiaosen’s body was tightly wrapped in white gauze, revealing only a pair of eyes and mouth.

Wang Wanzhi put down the flowers and fruits and comforted Tang Qiaosen’s mother.

“Sister, this is not an accident.” She said, “Fu Shiting set the fire.”

After she said, Tang Qiaosen on the hospital bed reacted.

He tried to nod, but burst into tears.

Mother Tang saw her son’s reaction, and it was even more painful.

“Qiao Sen, it’s fine for us to guard our own property, and keep an eye on other people’s things, maybe even our own will have to be included in the end!” Mother Tang knew her son’s ambitions, so she was very distressed to see her son end up in this situation.

“Sister, don’t cry. Qiao Sen will be fine.” Wang Wanzhi said, “I want to chat with him alone. I will persuade him.”

Mother Tang nodded and left the ward.

Wang Wanzhi said to Tang Qiaosen on the hospital bed: “Seeing you look like this, I seem to see my future. But I don’t want to accept my fate, so I have to give it a shot. I have thought of a good way, I can definitely Got the box smoothly. However, I don’t plan to cooperate with you. Because you lost too badly this time.”

Chapter 780

Chapter 780

When Wang Wanzhi left, there were hatred and tears in Tang Qiaosen’s eyes.

He’s not dead yet! Wang Wanzhi didn’t take him seriously!

If Fu Shiting doesn’t take him seriously, why does Wang Wanzhi look down on him?

Funeral scene.

After the ceremony, personal items representing Yin Yin’s body were sent to the car.

Her relics will be buried next to Mrs. Fu’s tomb.

Other guests flocked to the hotel for lunch.

Mike took the two children and planned to go to the hotel together, but Rila and Xiaohan stared at Fu Shiting’s direction.

Fu Shiting is now going to send Yin Yin’s relics to the cemetery.

Mike: “He’s going to the cemetery, do you two want to go together?”

Xiao Han nodded. Rila nodded as well.

“Okay! Let’s go with him then.” Mike took the two of them and went to the cemetery with them.

The cemetery is near the mountain, and it is extremely cold here.

After Yin Yin’s relics were buried, the tombstone was erected.

Looking at the smiling photos on the tombstone, Fu Shiting crouched down and placed a bunch of white lilies in front of the tombstone.

“Yinyin, if you have a next life, you must not be so stupid.” When

Rila heard his words, Rila couldn’t help muttering: “Yinyin is not stupid! A fool doesn’t understand anything, but Yinyin understands everything. .”

Mike gave Rila a look, telling her not to speak.

“Yinyin must have known that it was my mother who performed the operation on her, that’s why she likes my mother so much, and also likes me and my brother, and my brother…” Rila was really sad. If I don’t say these words, I won’t have the chance to say it in the future, “If I had a time machine that could allow me to travel back, I would definitely stop Yin Yin and prevent her from donating blood to her brother. Although my brother is very cute, I don’t want to lose it. Yin Yin.”

Rila’s words made Fu Shiting’s body froze suddenly.

Did Qin Anan perform the operation on Yinyin?

It turned out to be Qin An’an!

He felt like he was struck by a thunderbolt!

Mike watched his face turn from pale to deep red, and from deep red to blue.

“Rila, why are you saying anything! Your mother didn’t tell him about it.” Mike whispered to Rila.

Rila didn’t think she had done anything wrong, “But Yin Yin is dead! Even if my mother had two operations on her, she still died!”

Two operations!

Yin Yin’s two operations were performed by Qin An’an!

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled quickly, and his deep eyes stared at Rila’s little face, as if everything in front of him was an illusion.

If Yin Yin’s two operations were performed by Qin An’an, why was he completely kept in the dark? Is it ridiculous to transfer 2 billion to Shen Yu?

He looks like a fool! And Qin Anan watched all of this, until Yinyin died, he never mentioned it to him.

If it wasn’t for Rila to say it, would Qin Anan plan to hide it from him for the rest of his life?

Mike felt that Fu Shiting was in a bad mood, so he immediately picked up Rila, held Xiaohan with the other hand, and said goodbye to him: “It’s too cold here, I’ll take the two children away first.”

Mike finished, without waiting for Fu Shiting to respond, Leave quickly.

Today’s weather is gloomy. The clouds were so thick that it seemed like the whole sky was about to fall.

The cemetery is very quiet, and a little bit of wind and grass can be heard clearly.

When he looked at the smiling face on the tombstone, his mood changed drastically.

No wonder Yinyin calls Qin Anan’s name after every operation.

It’s no wonder that after the second operation, Yin Yin said that he heard Qin An’an’s voice and could not accept that it was Shen Yu who performed the operation on her.

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