When His Eyes Opened Chapter 781 -790(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 781 -790(Chinese)

Chapter 781

Shen Yu is a big lie!

And he is more ridiculous than Shen Yu.

At least Shen Yu always knew it was fake, and he took the fake as real.

“Qin An’an, why are you doing this to me?” Fu Shiting murmured in a sobbing voice, “Why?”

Only Xiao Xiaofengsheng responded to him.

On the way home, Rila wondered in the car, “Why does Dad know that it was Mom who performed the operation on Yinyin, but he is not happy?”

“Rila, if your brother lied to you, would you be angry? Mike explained to her with a vivid analogy, “If your father knew about this early in the morning, he would not be angry.”

“Then why didn’t my mother tell him before?”

“Because your mother didn’t want to talk to him at the beginning.” I’m afraid that it will be related, and he will fight for the custody of you and your brother. Later, after their relationship eased a little, this matter has passed for a long time, and there is no need to mention it. “

Mike’s explanation made Rila seem to understand . Understand.

“The world of adults is so complicated!”

“Yeah! So people like Yin Yin are actually very happy.” Mike said this and glanced at Rila, “Your eyes are swollen from crying today, don’t you mean Is there a rehearsal tonight?”

“The rehearsal is not an official recording of the show.” Rui stretched his hands and rubbed his eyes, feeling a little sore, “When the show is over, I will go to see my mother.”

“Well.” In the

evening, Qin Anan called for the video.

At this time, it is seven in the morning in country B, and they usually pass the video on this point.

“Yinyin has been buried. Rila went to the party rehearsal.” Mike and Xiaohan stood in front of the camera and told Qin Anan about the video, “Rila told Fu Shiting that you performed the operation on Yinyin. Fu Shiting’s emotions at that time It was very intense, and it seemed like a huge blow.”

Over the video, Qin Anan was silent.

“Did he contact you?” Mike asked.

“No.” Qin Anan raised her anger secretly and changed the subject, “The mother of a classmate in Rila’s class contacted me and said that her child’s birthday is coming, and she wants to invite Rila as a guest. That child usually plays with Rila. Good. If you’re free tomorrow, take Rila there. If you’re not, have the bodyguard take Rila there.”

Mike: “Oh, I’m not available tomorrow. I’ll have the bodyguard take Rila there.”

“Yeah. Qin Anan’s eyes moved to Xiaohan’s face, “Xiaohan, do you have a class for the special training class tomorrow?”

Xiaohan nodded.

“What did the special training class learn?” Qin Anan actually didn’t understand what Xiaohan learned.

Because the field is different.

After Xiaohan briefly talked about the learning content, Qin Anan praised as usual: “Baby, you are really amazing. Mom is proud of you.”

Although it was just a simple compliment, it made Xiaohan very proud.

After the video ended, Mike glanced at the time: “Why don’t we go shopping! Your mother said that Rila is going to celebrate her classmate’s birthday tomorrow, so let’s go buy gifts now.”

Xiaohan didn’t like going out at night, so he rejected him, “You Find Uncle Zhou!”

“Okay! Rila will be back later tonight. If you are sleepy later, you can go to bed first without waiting for her.” Mike reminded, “I should be back later.”

“I know . It’s over.”

The next day, Rila, accompanied by bodyguards, came to her classmate’s house with a gift.

Because there were children in the living room, the bodyguard was invited by the owner to play cards in the multifunctional room.

After playing with the kids for a while, Rila started to pee, so she went to the bathroom.

A woman followed her into the bathroom.

“Auntie, I don’t need help.” Rila didn’t want to be watched by outsiders to go to the toilet.

The woman locked the door: “Rila, you go to the toilet first. Auntie came in and asked you for something.”

Chapter 782

Chapter 782

Rila is no longer a child who doesn’t understand anything.

Out of the corner of her eye, she secretly looked at the aunt who followed up.

She doesn’t know this aunt at all. How could this aunt come to her for something?

She finished conveniently and quickly put on her pants.

“Rila, don’t be nervous, Auntie is not a bad person.” The woman saw her getting dressed, and immediately said, “I’m from Fu Shiting.”

When Rila heard the word ‘Fu Shiting’, her guard suddenly disappeared.

Although she and Fu Shiting didn’t recognize each other, Fu Shiting treated her well.

At least, Fu Shiting won’t hurt her.

So she breathed a sigh of relief: “Auntie, you scared me just now! Why did Fu Shiting ask you to come to me? Why didn’t he come to me directly? I just met him yesterday!” The

woman’s eyes flashed After a touch of guilt, “Because this matter is more important and special, he was afraid that he would scare you if he said it face to face, so let me come and talk to you.”

Rila was relieved, because of the woman’s words, tense again.

“Why do you want to talk to me about such an important and special thing as a child?” Rila usually likes to pretend to be a little adult, but it doesn’t mean that she forgets that she is a child, “Although my mother has gone to country B, you can give She’s calling! Or else, you can tell my brother!”

In Rila’s heart, although her brother is as old as her, her brother is already a mature child.

The woman shook her head: “Your mother doesn’t know about this. It’s about a dark red box.”

After the woman said this, the expression on Rila’s face suddenly froze.

Dark red box?

Rila receives countless gifts for the holidays, which come in gift boxes of various colors.

So Rila didn’t understand what the woman in front of her meant by the dark red box.

“Rila, don’t worry, the dark red box I’m talking about belongs to Fu Shiting. Have you and your brother ever picked up a dark red box at Fu Shiting’s house?” After the woman explained the matter in detail, Reila immediately remembered Woke up!

The dark red box was taken from Fu Shiting’s study when she went to his house.

In fact, her mother’s education has always been very strict. Things like going to someone else’s house and stealing something are not allowed.

But that day, she didn’t know what was wrong. She thought that her father was a scumbag, who never raised her and her brother, and made her mother angry, so she deliberately took his things as a small punishment for him.

After all, she was young at the time, so even if she wanted to do something to Fu Shiting, she couldn’t do anything.

She never thought that a box she just took could contain such an important thing.

“Rila, do you remember? In that box, there are things that are very important to Fu Shiting.” The woman saw that Rila’s eyes were dodging, and she immediately noticed that there was a drama.

If Rila hadn’t seen the box, if she hadn’t taken the box, she would have denied it right away.

Children of her age are the most unable to hide their thoughts.

Rila looked up, staring at the woman.

Her brother told her that the box contained important things to Fu Shiting, and told her not to tell her about it.

They didn’t tell Mom or Uncle Mike about it.

The box, now buried under a large tree in the yard.

Chapter 783

Chapter 783

How did Fu Shiting know that the box was taken by her?

Rila was uneasy, she had no one to rely on, and she didn’t know what to do.

“I…I don’t know…Auntie, I want to go home.” Rila lowered her eyes and wanted to leave the bathroom.

The woman blocked the door, not letting her out.

“Rila, Auntie knows you may be a little scared now. Auntie too.” The woman’s voice lowered, “If you don’t tell where the box is, Fu Shiting will not only kill me, but also the bodyguard who sent you here. Die. What kind of person is Fu Shiting, you should have heard of it?”

Rila shook her head frantically without thinking about it: “If I didn’t say it, would he kill me too?! No! He definitely won’t. Yes!”

“He will definitely not kill you, after all, you are his daughter, but do you want to see the bodyguard uncle who sent you die?” Although the woman’s tone was soft, her words were full of threats.

Rila’s eyes suddenly turned red, and she whimpered and said, “Don’t…I don’t want Uncle Bodyguard to die…”

“Rila, that box belongs to Fu Shiting, you just need to return the box now, then Nothing will happen.” The woman followed suit, “The box was originally owned by Fu Shiting, now let it return to its original owner, okay?”

Rila’s psychological defense line was broken: “I…I want to Tell my brother…”

“What are you talking about with your brother? What if your brother doesn’t agree? At that time, both my bodyguard and my uncle will die in Fu Shiting’s hands.” The woman said here , two lines of tears squeezed out of his eyes, “You quietly return the box, and after your brother finds out, you will tell your brother again, your brother will definitely not blame you. And your brother may not find out about it at all. .”

Rui stretched his hands and rubbed his tears, still very tangled in his heart.

She has never encountered such a situation. She is a six-year-old child, what can she understand and what decisions can she make?

“Rila, is that box in your house? Can I take you back now?” The woman continued, “Let your uncle bodyguard drive us to get it.”

Rilla nodded in embarrassment: “If If my brother finds out, he will definitely be angry.”

“Then don’t tell him. The box belongs to Fu Shiting, not your brother. We took something that didn’t belong to us, and it was not right.” The

woman replied, letting Rila was completely relieved.

She took the box back, and now she returns it, as if nothing happened, it seems to be fine.

The car drove to the Xinghewan villa, the woman and the bodyguard were waiting in the courtyard, and Rila entered the villa alone.

For the first time she felt so alone.

There is no Uncle Mike or brother at home, only the nanny is cleaning.

If either of them were at home, she would immediately tell what happened.

She sighed in disappointment, then silently took out a small shovel, walked in front of the woman, pointed to the big tree: “in the ground.” The

woman looked surprised and took the shovel from her hand.

The box was buried by Osamu. After all, Xiaohan is a child, and his physical strength is still different from that of an adult, so he is not buried deeply.

After digging for a while, the woman found the dark red box.

After getting the box, the woman gave Rila a happy smile.

“Rila, you are such a good baby! I won’t disturb you.” The woman said happily, and left the villa with the box.

The bodyguard watched the woman leave, puzzled: “Rila, what is the thing she dug up? Why did you give her this thing?”

Rila pursed her mouth: “That’s Fu Shiting’s thing, not me. of.”

The bodyguard made an ‘oh’, and then found something wrong: “Why did you give Fu Shiting’s things to that woman?!”

Chapter 784

Chapter 784

“That aunt was sent by Fu Shiting.” Rila explained to the bodyguard seriously, “Fu Shiting is a badass! Auntie said that if I don’t hand over things, Fu Shiting will kill you. You protect me every day, how can I Let Fu Shiting kill you?” The

bodyguard was flattered, and at the same time surprised: “Why do I feel that Fu Shiting is not such a person? It depends on the owner to beat the dog. I was invited by your mother. If he kills me, how will he explain to your mother? ?”

Rila blinked her eyes and said with a confused look: “You mean, he doesn’t dare to offend my mother?”

“Yeah! When did you see him bullying the family? Whether it’s you or your brother , or your Uncle Mike, isn’t he always polite when he sees you?” The bodyguard reasoned with her, “I didn’t mess with him, how could he kill me?”

“But I stole from him. Rila tugged at the corner of her clothes and muttered in a low voice, “I stole that box from his house. It contains very important things. I’ll give it back to him now, and he shouldn’t be angry.” The

bodyguard felt this incident. a little complicated.

But now that Rila returned her things, there was nothing to worry about.

At this moment, on the main road outside the Xinghewan Villa, the woman who got the box proudly dialed the employer’s number, intending to tell the employer the good news.

She didn’t expect things to be so easy.

Rila is really a silly little girl, just frighten her, and she’s caught.

And the success of this event can be described as the right time and place.

It just so happened that there was no one in Rila’s family, and Rila couldn’t find someone to discuss, so it went so smoothly.

After the call was made, the person over there asked, “How is it? Did you get the thing?”

“I got it! It went very well!” The woman sat in the passenger seat, playing with the dark red box in her hand, “I heard that this box contains Fu Shiting’s secret… No wonder you paid such a high price! “

When ordinary people get this box, they are courting death. Don’t think about stealing it, or you will die.” Over the phone, the employer sarcastically said, “Don’t think that Fu Shiting is a vegetarian! If you don’t take the box Come and give it to me, and I’ll tell Fu Shiting your personal information right away! I can’t get anything, so don’t even think about retreating!” The

woman turned pale with fright: “I didn’t mean that…I didn’t think about it. I don’t want to take such a big risk. You put the money on my card now, and I’ve already set off.”

After the woman said this, she only heard a loud ‘bang’ !

A white car suddenly ran out of control and collided head-on!

The car was hit and flew, and the woman screamed!

The tragic screams were transmitted to the employer through the radio waves –

Wang Wanzhi’s face was originally a arrogant expression of ‘the box is in hand, I have the world’, after hearing the screams from the mobile phone, she ‘thumbs’ up. Now, get up from your chair!

“Hey! What’s wrong?! What’s going on!” She asked loudly to the phone.

But over the phone, there was only a chaotic and noisy voice.

There seems to be the sound of glass breaking, the crazy whistle sound in the traffic jam, and the painful moaning of a woman…

These sounds are mixed together, and it is easy to make up the picture of a car accident.

Wang Wanzhi was stunned!

The person she sent out got the dark red box so smoothly, she thought that within half an hour, the dark red box would come to her hands!

As a result, at such an important moment, there was a car accident!

After a car accident, the traffic police will arrive at the scene as soon as possible.

Personal belongings in the car will also be confiscated by the police.

If that box is taken away by the police…Wang Wanzhi sucked in a breath! Don’t dare to think about it!

As long as the police opened the box and saw that the contents belonged to Fu Shiting, they would immediately contact Fu Shiting and return the contents to him.

Wang Wanzhi is going crazy!

She can’t allow this to happen! She must rush over immediately to get the box!

She clutched the phone, her brain spinning at high speed. The car accident should have happened at the Xinghewan Villa, because the woman sent out immediately called her to announce the good news after getting the box.

Chapter 785

After Chapter 785

confirmed this, she immediately came out of the company and drove to the Xinghewan Villa.

She rushed to the Star River Villa as fast as she could.

When she reached the main road in front of the villa, she saw the scene of the car accident at a glance.

She got out of the car and walked towards the crowd of onlookers.

Two cars, one black and one white, collided and deformed.

Apart from the bloodstains, the most attractive is the person lying on the ground covered with a white cloth… It

can’t be said to be a ‘human’, it should be a ‘corpse’.

Wang Wanzhi stood in the crowd, looking at the clothes of the deceased exposed under the white cloth… From the clothes, she judged that this was someone she hired.

Her heart suddenly shivered!

People die when they die! But what about the dark red box? ! Where did the box go!

She wanted to rush over and look for it in the car, but the traffic policeman who was doing the work was filming at the scene with a camera, so she didn’t dare to be impulsive!

If Fu Shiting knew that she was at the scene of the car accident, even if she didn’t come looking for the box, Fu Shiting could take the opportunity to trouble her!

She opened her scarlet eyes, staring at the traffic police taking out items from the car.

When she saw that the dark red box stained with blood was taken out, she felt that she was deprived of oxygen, as if she was about to suffocate!

It’s that box! It must be that box! In that box, there is what she wants!

Her body conditioned reflex squeezed forward…

I saw that the traffic police opened the box to check what was inside.

Wang Wanzhi’s breathing was stagnant, her eyes stared like copper bells, and she was about to fall out of her eye sockets at any time!

She saw the traffic police open the box, glanced inside, closed the box, and threw it aside at will!

Like throwing garbage, throw it aside!

Wang Wanzhi stared at the dark red box on the ground, and the boiling blood in her body cooled down instantly.

Could it be… Could it be that there is nothing in the box? !

Otherwise, why did the traffic police throw the box on the ground.

If there is something inside, the traffic police will definitely take it out and take a closer look.

However, after the traffic police opened the box just now, they did not take out anything from it, but closed it quickly.

This will only be the case if the box is empty.

Wang Wanzhi’s body couldn’t help but retreat…

Since there is nothing in the box, she doesn’t have to waste time here.

after an hour.

Fu Shiting received the news. The dark red box he once lost in the study has appeared!

When the bodyguard brought the dark red box to him, he frowned at the blood stains on it.

If it wasn’t for his personal belongings, he would never have picked up the box.

He took the box and opened it –

after seeing nothing inside, his fingers directly deformed the box!

“Boss, this box was found in the accident car. A man and a woman were dead in the car,” the bodyguard said. “The traffic police said that when they got this box from the car, it was empty.”

Chapter 786

Chapter 786

Who took the contents of the box?

The truth seems to be right in front of you, but it is confusing.

What is certain is that this person is right under his nose.

The accident happened on the main road outside the Xinghewan Villa, so the box may have flowed out of the Xinghewan Villa, or the contents of the box may have flowed into the Xinghewan Villa.

Otherwise, it is difficult to explain why the car accident happened here.


Although Tang Qian was lucky enough to save her life, she was in pain.

Because her left face was burnt, doctors told her that there would be scars on her left face that could not be repaired.

She has been very concerned about her appearance since she was a child.

She couldn’t bear to have an ugly face.

This made her more desperate than killing her.

But how easy is it to die?

“Tang Qian, you should wake up now!” Mother Tang sat beside the hospital bed with a cold voice, “I have advised you to leave Fu Shiting long ago, but you won’t listen. Now that you have become like this, I really care for your future life. I’m worried.”

Tang’s mother is Tang Qian’s biological mother and Tang Qiaosen’s stepmother.

But Mother Tang prefers Tang Qiaosen.

Because the inheritance of the Tang family is in the hands of Tang Qiaosen.

Mother Tang regarded Tang Qiaosen as her own, and hoped to be sheltered by Tang Qiaosen in the future.

“You don’t have my daughter in the future!” Tang Qian said desperately, “Anyway, my brother is very filial to you, and it is enough for you to have him.”

“You are my biological daughter, I definitely don’t want you to live too much. Miserable.” Mother Tang lowered her eyes, “Your brother’s leg is broken. He will become lame in the future.”

“What about the lame man? It won’t affect his inheritance of the family property. And my face is ruined, and no rich man will want me in the future. I can’t help it. Like before, find a decent job.” Tang Qian choked up Said, “I’ve become a waste. Could this be my retribution?”

“Tang Qian, your self-pity now makes me feel ashamed.” Mother Tang frowned, “Your brother will definitely give You eat with one bite, no matter how bad you are, you can still rely on it. Don’t act like someone else owes you.”

“Mom, I really hate you. Don’t you really know why I keep following Fu Shiting? Because What I got from him is much more than what you and my father gave me. When I was with him, you and my father did not dare to underestimate me. Fu Shiting can guarantee my dignity.”

“What right do you have to hate me and you?” Dad? Without the Tang family, do you think you can get close to Fu

Shiting ?” Mother Tang sneered, “Your personality is stubborn and weird, I don’t know who you are. I have nothing to tell you.” her ward.

If the day when he broke with Fu Shiting completely was the darkest day in Tang Qian’s life, then today is the real shattering!

Fame and money may bring respect, but what really makes you feel at ease is actually a healthy body.

How will she spend the rest of her life in this state?

Mother Tang came to Tang Qiaosen’s ward from Tang Qian’s ward.

Unexpectedly, someone came to visit.

The person who came to visit, by coincidence, was Fu Shiting.

The flowers and fruit baskets brought by Fu Shiting exudes a strong fragrance.

Mother Tang walked in front of him and looked at him with a sad and complicated look: “Mr. Fu, my son has a lame leg and my daughter is disfigured. Are you still not satisfied? What’s the difference between what they are now and death?”

On the hospital bed, Tang Qiaosen’s eyes stared at the boss, and there were tears in his eyes. His lips twitched, as if he wanted to say something to Fu Shiting, but in the end he just made a strange sound from his throat.

“The two of them used to be my friends, and it hurts my heart to see them become like this.” Fu Shiting said calmly, “Qiao Sen’s emotions are a bit intense, I won’t bother him anymore.”

After he finished speaking, he strode out of the ward.

The reason why he came to visit Tang Qiaosen was to see Tang Qiaosen’s condition.

The contents of the box were taken away, and he had only two suspects.

One is Wang Wanzhi, and the other is Tang Qiaosen.

Chapter 787

Chapter 787

Seeing that Tang Qiaosen seems to be speechless, he can’t give any orders at all, so how can he grab the contents of the box?

“Boss, Tang Qian’s ward is next door, do you want to go and have a look?” The bodyguard said to Fu Shiting, “Didn’t she say she was disfigured? She loves beauty so much, and now that she is disfigured, life is definitely better than death.” The

bodyguard knew Fu Shiting I hate Tang Qian, that’s why I say that.

Fu Shiting had no intention of going to see her, but after hearing what the bodyguard said, he stopped.

He walked to the door of Tang Qian’s ward and pushed it open.

Tang Qian looked sideways, and her eyes met his –

the look in her eyes was instantly terrified!

She covered her gauze-covered face with her hands, subconsciously avoiding his gaze.

“Didn’t you flee abroad?” Fu Shiting rolled his Adam’s apple and teased coldly, “How dare you come back?”

Tang Qian said in despair with tears in her eyes, “Shi Ting, I won’t run away! Kill me!”

As she spoke, she lifted the quilt and got off the bed.

She walked in front of him tremblingly, knelt down with a plop, grabbed his trousers with both hands: “Shi Ting, I’m ruined! My life is ruined! Give me a break! I don’t dare to commit suicide. … or you will kill me…”

He looked down at her face with a sincere desire to die, and a pitiful and sad emotion rose in his heart.

“The more you want to die, the less I will kill you.” He stared at her with arrogant eyes, and pushed her body away with his big palms, “Let’s live like an ant!”

coming out of the hospital At night, the whole city is shrouded in mysterious and ghostly darkness.

A cold wind rattled the branches! The snow on the branches fell in large chunks.

After Fu Shiting got into the car, the driver drove the car out of the hospital.

“Boss, where are you going?” the driver asked.

Fu Shiting was silent for a few seconds.

He hesitated between going home and going to Qin An’an’s house.

Because the car accident happened near the Xinghewan villa, he wondered if it had anything to do with them.

He sent someone to look for Wang Wanzhi in the afternoon, only to learn that Wang Wanzhi had fled the country today.

If the thing was taken by Wang Wanzhi, then Wang Wanzhi didn’t have to escape at all.

She can threaten him directly with the contents of the box.

So it is very likely that the things were not taken away by Wang Wanzhi.

“Xinghewan Villa.” He opened his thin lips lightly.

“Good boss.” The driver turned around in front and drove the car towards the Xinghewan Villa.

Star River Villa.

Rila holds Mike’s cell phone in her hand and talks to Qin Anan on a video call.

Usually when we talk about videos, everyone talks together, but today Rila asked Mike to go somewhere else, and she wants to chat with her mother alone.

And Xiaohan didn’t come back because he didn’t finish his homework.

At this time, Rila was alone in the living room, whispering to Qin Anan.

“Mom, I won’t go to my classmate’s birthday party anymore.” Rila’s eyes are a little red, “I won’t go to anyone’s birthday.”

Qin Anan could see her daughter’s abnormal mood: “What’s wrong with my classmate? Is it at my classmate today? Has the family been wronged?”

Rila pursed her lips and wanted to shake her head. Out of the corner of his eyes, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a tall figure walking in.

——It’s Fu Shiting!

Rila was so frightened that the phone in her hand ‘banged’ and fell to the ground!

Chapter 788

Chapter 788

Why did he come suddenly?

She has already returned the box to him!

Rila was afraid that he was here to trouble her, so she fled from the living room and exclaimed, “Uncle Mike!”

Rila’s exclamation made Qin Anan on the phone turn pale in shock.

After Rila dropped her phone on the ground, the camera was pointed at the ceiling of the living room.

Qin Anan could only guess what happened by relying on the voice over the phone.

But without seeing the picture, she couldn’t guess at all.

But what is certain is that there must be danger!

“Rila!” Qin Anan walked out of the room holding the phone.

Her heart clenched tightly.

Although she is in country B now, if there is danger on her daughter’s side, she will fly back immediately!

Fu Shiting saw that Rila was frightened and fled away, Yingmei frowned tightly.

He had met Rila a lot, and Rila had seen him in the past, although not very polite, but by no means frightened like this.

He raised his hand and touched his cheek.

There is no foreign object on his face, what is Rila afraid of?

When he walked to the living room and saw the phone on the floor, he immediately bent down and picked it up.

Qin Anan is still calling Rila. Rila’s exclamation just now shocked her too.

Facing the screen, Fu Shiting explained, “I scared her. She is with Mike now.”

Qin Anan heard his voice and saw his familiar face, and his anxiety and tension disappeared immediately.

However, she was a little puzzled.

“Why did you scare her like this?” Qin Anan frowned and asked.

Fu Shiting was helpless. He also wanted to know the answer to that question.

“Why are you coming to my house so late?” Qin Anan continued to ask when he didn’t answer.

“It’s not too late now.” Fu Shiting looked at her aggressive eyes, remembered the reason why she took Ziqiu away, and said, “I’m passing by this way and stop by.”

“Whether it’s your company or your home. , it’s not right for my family.” Qin Anan exposed his lies, “What did you do to Rila just now?”

Not far away, Mike hugged Rila and walked towards the living room.

Mike asked Rila this question just now, but Rila just shook her head and said nothing.

“Maybe it’s because I didn’t knock on the door when I came in.” Fu Shiting explained, “I parked the car outside the courtyard gate, she didn’t expect someone to break in suddenly.”

“You are not a stranger to her, even if you break in suddenly. , she won’t be scared like this.” Qin Anan denied his explanation, “Give your phone to Rila, and I’ll ask her.”

Fu Shiting took the phone and walked to Rila.

Rila’s eyes drooped, not daring to look him in the face.

Mike took the phone from Fu Shiting’s hand, and the camera looked at Rila’s little face: “Rila, tell your mother, what did Fu Shiting do to you just now? Don’t be afraid, although your mother is not at home, Uncle Mike Will protect you.”

Rila dared not say.

If her mother found out that she had stolen Fu Shiting’s things, her mother would definitely be angry.

“Rila, did I scare you when I came in and didn’t knock on the door?” Fu Shiting couldn’t help asking her when she saw her pouting and didn’t speak.

“Don’t talk! Otherwise I’ll suspect that you’re putting pressure on Rila!” Mike glared at him, “I’ve never seen Rila so scared.”

Fu Shiting pursed his thin lips into a line, waiting for Rila’s answer.

Chapter 789

Chapter 789

Rila held the phone, looked at her mother’s face on the screen, and whispered: “Mom, he didn’t knock when he came in… I thought it was the bad guy…”

She really I didn’t have the courage to confess to my mother.

If only my brother was at home.

When her brother comes back, she will tell her brother and ask him to help her with ideas.

Qin Anan breathed a sigh of relief after listening to her daughter’s explanation, and then said softly: “Rila, mom thinks you are in a low mood today. Have you been wronged at your classmate’s house? Don’t be afraid, you can tell mom anything.”

Fu Shiting stood beside him, and after listening to Qin An’an’s words, he felt that there was something tricky in it.

Rila went to her classmate’s house today? Rila is so abnormal now, it must have something to do with it.

“Mom, I’m fine.” When Rila said this, she secretly glanced at Fu Shiting.

“If you have something to do, you must tell your mother. You can call your mother anytime.” Qin Anan urged.

“I know mom.” Rila said, blowing Qin An’an a kiss.

After the video was over, Rila returned the phone to Mike.

Mike put away his phone and looked at Fu Shiting vigilantly: “Who are you looking for? What’s the matter?”

“I want to chat with Rila alone.” Fu Shiting said, “I scared her just now, I want to apologize to her.

” You’re here to apologize! No need to talk alone.” Mike didn’t know what medicine he was selling in the gourd, so it was impossible for Rila to be alone with him.

“Rila, please believe me. I won’t hurt you.” Fu Shiting’s eyes turned to Rila’s face, “If I hurt you, let God punish me and never see your mother in my life.

” She timidly shrank in Mike’s arms.

Now that Fu Shiting said that, he was not so scared.

She struggled to get down from Mike’s arms, her chin raised slightly: “I just have something to tell you.”

Fu Shiting nodded, followed behind her, and walked towards a guest room on the first floor.

The two entered the room, and Fu Shiting gently closed the door.

“Rila, why are you so afraid of me?” Fu Shiting couldn’t wait to ask the question, “You went to your classmate’s house today, what happened? Now that your mother is not at home, you can tell me the matter.”

His words made Rila wrinkle . raised his eyebrows.

He sent someone to his classmate’s house to ask her for a box. Did he forget?

“Rila, I’m your father. Even if you don’t recognize me, it won’t change our relationship. I will fulfill my father’s duties and do my best to protect you.” Seeing her resistance, Fu Shiting opened his heart.

“Isn’t it because you sent an aunt to come to me, and scared me, saying you were going to kill my bodyguard…” Rila squeezed her small fist and said angrily.

A chill flashed in Fu Shiting’s eyes.

Someone is threatening Rila today in his name! It’s abominable!

No wonder Rila was so scared seeing him tonight.

“Rila, it’s not me! How could I kill your bodyguards? Your bodyguards, I pay them an additional salary every month. It’s even less possible for me to send someone to threaten you.” He was anxious, squatted down, Looking at her, “What did that aunt ask you to do?”

Rila’s eyes blushed in fear after hearing his explanation.

If that aunt was not sent by Fu Shiting, it means that she was deceived by bad people!

She gave Fu Shiting’s things to the bad guys!

If Fu Shiting knew about this, he would definitely be angry.

“Woooo…I’m an idiot…” Rila burst into tears.

Fu Shiting felt very sad when she saw her sad and weeping.

He picked up his daughter and gently wiped the hot tears from her cheeks with his fingers: “Rila, don’t cry. As long as you are all right, everything else is trivial.”

“But I gave your things to others… ..” Rila looked at him with tears in her eyes and confessed, “It’s that, that red box…”

Chapter 790

Chapter 790

After Rila finished speaking, she cried even more sadly.

Fu Shiting was not surprised.

If his box was taken by Rila, that would explain why, after the box was stolen, no one could find out who stole it.

Because no one would doubt a four-year-old.

Back then, Rila was more dependent than it is now.

A child who cannot take care of herself, who would doubt her?

Moreover, this can also explain why after the box was taken away, the contents of the box were never exposed, nor were they used to threaten him.

“Rila, what kind of clothes is that aunt wearing?” Fu Shiting put her in a chair and sat down, wiped her face with a tissue, and after she cried a little less, continued, “Is she wearing a taupe coat? “

How did you know?” Rila looked at him with red eyes, “Did you get that box back?”

Fu Shiting thought for a few seconds and decided to tell her the truth: “No. The aunt who lied to you had a car accident.” Dead. The contents of the box were taken. But don’t be sad, things are lost when they are lost.”

“But my brother said the contents of that box were important…” Rila sucked. He sniffed, his long eyelashes drooping slightly, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have taken your things.”

Hearing his daughter’s apology, Fu Shiting felt very calm.

If someone else took his things and caused such a bad result, he would definitely make the other party pay a heavy price!

But it was his daughter who did this. Even if the sky fell, he wouldn’t blame her.

“Why did you take this box?” He wondered what she was thinking at the time.

“Because I hate you, I took your things so that you can’t find them and make you anxious.” Rilan pouted and regretted, “If I had known that this box was very important, I would definitely not have taken it. !”

“Rila, stop crying. Don’t tell your mother about this.” Fu Shiting didn’t want Qin An’an to worry about it, and seeing that Rila was so scared, she definitely didn’t tell Qin Anan about it.

When his box disappeared, he asked Qin Anan.

If Qin Anan knew about this, he would definitely tell him.

“What about my brother?” Rila looked at him.

“If you don’t want to tell your brother, you don’t have to tell him.” Fu Shiting looked at his daughter softly and said, “Take it as if nothing happened today. The Chinese New Year is coming soon. You and your brother will happily return to your mother then. Chinese New Year by my side.”

“What about you?” The alarm in Rila’s heart was lifted. There was an inexplicable warm current in my heart, slowly flowing from the atrium to all parts of the body.

Dad doesn’t seem that bad.

“I’m celebrating the New Year at my house.” Fu Shiting looked at her little face like Qin An’an, and asked lovingly, “What New Year’s gift do you want? I’ll give it to you before you leave.” Rila

blinked and thought seriously raise this issue.

She wanted a lot of things, but most of them could be gotten from Mom, Uncle Mike, and Uncle Sinen.

“I love hair clips. I have a lot of beautiful hair clips, but if I can get new ones, I’d be very happy.” Rila asked him, “What do you want?” New Year’s gift? I can also give you a gift. I’ll tell you secretly, I have a lot of money!”

“I want to hear you call me Dad.” Fu Shiting said his wish, “One is enough.” Rila was

startled . live.

She had never called his father, and she was a little shy when she suddenly asked her to do so.

However, considering that he lost his things, he not only didn’t blame himself, but also gave himself a New Year’s gift and called him, this request is not too much.

“Dad.” Rila looked at his handsome face and called out these two words shyly.

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