When His Eyes Opened Chapter 791 -800(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 791 -800(Chinese)

Chapter 791 The

reason why she can call him so obediently is because there are only two of them in the room.

If Xiaohan was present, she would definitely not dare to shout.

My brother hates my father so much. Between my father and my brother, she must be on my brother’s side.

A gentle smile burst into Fu Shiting’s dark eyes.

“If you’re not angry with your brother, I can call you again.” Rila saw the smile on his face, so she negotiated with him, “My brother is so young, I want to protect him.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes were red and dumb . Said: “Rila, I’m not angry with my brother, I’m angry with myself. I was not careful enough to ignore Yin Yin.”

“Dad, this matter has nothing to do with you.” Rila corrected him seriously, “Yinyin wants to save her brother, even if you don’t let her do it, maybe she will do it secretly. Just like I want to steal your things, I know it’s wrong, but I just want to do it.”

Rila’s analogy is somewhat It was inappropriate, but her ‘dad’ made Fu Shiting seem to have found the meaning of life again.

Mike had been standing outside the door, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Unfortunately, he didn’t hear anything.

Because the two of them didn’t speak very loudly, and Mike was sure that Fu Shiting wouldn’t dare to do anything to Rila, so he was chatting with Zhou Ziyi with his mobile phone.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Fu Shiting and Rila came out.

“You guys finished talking? What did you talk about? Why is Rila crying?” Mike looked at Rila’s red eyes and said nervously, “Rila, he bullied you?!”

Rila shook her head: “He said Giving me a New Year’s gift, I was moved to tears.”

Mike: “???”

Fu Shiting changed the subject: “It’s so late, Xiaohan hasn’t come back yet? Is he so busy with homework now?”

Mike: “You care so much about him, why don’t you go pick him up now?”

Fu Shiting knew he was teasing, so he restrained: “I’ll go first.”

After Fu Shiting left, Rila grabbed Mike’s arm and said angrily: “Why are you so cruel to my father?”

“Little baby, you actually help him! God, what gift is he giving you? He bought you so easily!” Mike exclaimed.

“Uncle Mike, I don’t think he’s that bad. His younger brother was sick before, and he was very concerned about his younger brother.” Rila blushed slightly.

She has accepted Fu Shiting in her heart, so when she thinks of Fu Shiting, she will naturally think of his good side.

“He’s really not that bad. But your brother won’t recognize him. Aren’t you your brother’s follower?”

“The follower grows up too!” Rila puffed out her cheeks, “I’ve accepted his New Year’s gift anyway. “

Rila, if you really want to recognize Fu Shiting, your mother won’t stop you. I won’t stop you either.” Mike said softly, “But when your brother comes back, tell him yourself. I don’t dare to get involved in your brother and sister affairs.”

Not long after, Xiaohan was sent back by the bodyguard.

Xiaohan had already eaten dinner, so when he came back, he went straight back to his room.

Rila followed behind him, tugging at the corner of his shirt with her little hand: “Brother, if I recognize Fu Shiting as a father, will you stop playing with me?”

Xiao Han stopped and looked at his sister in shock: ” Do you recognize him?”

“I…” Rila hesitated, not knowing why.

Xiaohan looked at Rila’s face carefully and found that she was no longer the silly little girl in his memory.

“I won’t stop you from recognizing him. But I won’t.” Xiao Lengkuo said, “Of course, now that he has a new son, he won’t care about me.”

Chapter 792

Chapter 792

Rila wondered: “Brother, what kind of new son? Are you talking about Ziqiu? There is a distinction between old and new sons! Isn’t it all his sons?”

Xiaohan was speechless.

“If he has another daughter with his mother in the future, won’t I become an old daughter?” Rila said angrily, “Brother, I don’t think Dad is someone who likes the new and hates the old.”

“He treats you well, so you think he is Good guy. But he doesn’t treat me like this!” Xiaohan didn’t want to hear anything about Fu Shiting, “Don’t ask me about him again, I don’t want to hear it.”

“Brother, when he treated you badly in the past, it was because He doesn’t know you’re his son…it must be so.” Although Rila was a little afraid of her brother’s anger, she didn’t want to see his brother and father have such a bad relationship.

“Even if he didn’t know I was his son at the time, he knew that I was my mother’s son.” Xiaohan retorted her, “He’s crazy and doesn’t care about this at all.”

“Well, brother…then I still don’t recognize him. But I called him Dad twice today.” Rila struggled.

“Since you have called his father, it means that you have recognized him.” Xiaohan looked at her with a traitor’s eyes, “You have grown up, we will not sleep together in the future.”

Rila cried . He got up: “Brother, I’m afraid to sleep alone.”

Xiao Han looked at her red eyes, and his heart softened: “What benefit did Fu Shiting give you? Why did you call him father?”

Rila shrugged and pulled her head . : “I told him not to blame Yinyin on his younger brother, he said he didn’t blame his younger brother… He said that he spent the New Year in his home this year, I thought of him being alone and felt a little pitiful. …..He said that he wanted me to call him Dad for his New Year’s gift…”

“This is just a scumbag’s usual method! He must always do this in front of his mother! That’s why my mother was beaten by him. confuse.”

After hearing what her brother said, Rila could no longer deceive.

“He knows that I stole his box,” Rila said with her mouth deflated, “Today a bad aunt came to deceive the box. But not only did Dad not blame me, he also Coax me.”

Xiao Han’s face suddenly became solemn and cold.

“Dad said that bad aunt died in a car accident.” Rila said here, her eyes were wet, “I was so scared, I didn’t dare to tell my mother, and I didn’t dare to tell Uncle Mike. Dad came to coax me. ……Brother, if you came back sooner, I wouldn’t be so scared.”

The barbs on Xiaohan’s body were gradually retracted.

“Rila, don’t be afraid. Since he didn’t blame you, then it didn’t happen.” Xiaohan hugged his sister and coaxed patiently, “Since you recognized him, don’t regret it. I’m not angry, nor I don’t blame you.”

“Brother, he said the contents of the box were missing,” Rila took a breath, “he said the contents were not important, but if it wasn’t important, how could the bad guys come to me for this box? I’ll never take his things indiscriminately in the future.”

“Don’t believe what strangers say to you in the future.” Xiao Haner said, “If Uncle Mike and I are not here, you can tell Uncle Bodyguard.”

Ruila Meng Nodding: “Dad said don’t tell mom about this.”

“Well, mom has to take care of my brother, it’s very hard.”

The next day.

Fu Shiting took the photo of the woman who died in the car accident yesterday and came to the home of the classmate who invited Rila as a guest yesterday.

“My daughter had her birthday yesterday and invited some of her classmates who had a good time. I don’t know the woman in the photo. She said she was sent by you to take care of Rila, so I let her in.” The classmate’s mother Looking at the photo Fu Shiting handed over, he explained, “The reason why I believe her is because she said that Rila is your daughter. I thought to myself, ordinary people must not know about such a private matter.”

“Your daughter’s birthday wasn’t yesterday.” Fu Shiting said coldly, “If you continue to lie, there is no need to continue this conversation!”

“Mr. Fu, my daughter’s birthday is indeed not yesterday, and I decided to do it for her temporarily. The birthday party…because a cake brand contacted me and said that they would sponsor my daughter’s birthday cake and a set of limited-edition birthday gifts for free, just invite some children to take a photo together and upload it to the Internet. “

Which brand?!” Fu Shiting frowned and asked sharply.

After the classmate’s mother told him about the brand, he strode away.

An hour later, he came to the headquarters building of the cake brand.

This cake brand is a leading company in the cake field.

Chapter 793

Chapter 793

Fu Shiting doesn’t know the owner of this brand.

So he felt that there must be someone behind him.

“Mr. Fu, this event is indeed an event launched by our company’s marketing department. I don’t know which children they will choose for co-promotion. I only look at the effect of the event.” The owner of the cake brand told Fu Shiting truthfully, “I am looking for Please wait a moment for the person in charge of the execution.”

After Fu Shiting got this explanation, he picked up the teacup and took a sip.

After a while, the owner of the cake brand finished talking on the phone and looked at Fu Shiting with a surprised expression: “Mr. Fu, my manager said that someone from your company contacted us and asked to add the child to the promotion list. My manager looked at Your face, that’s why I contacted that child…”

Fu Shiting’s eyes suddenly darkened.

The person who planned this series of events is so courageous!

It is unbelievable that he used his name for the whole process, and deceived everyone.

If it wasn’t for him to find out about Rila last night, I’m afraid he would continue to be in the dark.


Fu Shiting came to the Xinghewan Villa.

He promised Rila last night to give her a New Year’s gift in advance.

This afternoon, he personally went to the mall to pick out some hair clips, wondering if she would like it.

He entered the living room, and Mike and Xiaohan came out.

Rila is going to the party recording tonight and is not at home.

“This is the New Year’s gift I bought for Rila. When she comes back, you can hand it over to her.” Fu Shiting said to Mike.

Mike opened the gift he brought and glanced at it, then raised his eyebrows: “Then what?”

Fu Shiting was startled.

“Don’t tell me, you only bought Rila a New Year’s gift.” Mike sighed incredulously.

Fu Shiting immediately understood what he meant.

Xiaohan also understood.

“I don’t want his gift!” Xiao Leng said with a face, strode upstairs and went back to the room.

Mike glanced at Xiaohan’s stubborn back, and walked to Fu Shiting in two steps: “You really didn’t buy him a gift? It’s his business whether he accepts it or not. If you don’t buy it, it’s too much!”

Fu Shiting blushed slightly, He took out a gift box from his pocket: “I didn’t know what he liked, so I bought one at random. You can take it to him!”

Mike took the gift box and opened it—and

saw that there was a gold bar in the box.

The golden light almost blinded Mike’s eyes.

Mike looked at Fu Shiting with a puzzled face.

Fu Shiting blushed slightly: “Do you think the gift is not good?”

Mike: “You are too casual, aren’t you?”

“I gave him this for a reason.” Fu Shiting rolled his Adam’s apple and explained the reason. out.

Chapter 794

Chapter 794

After he told the reason, Mike burst into laughter.

“Your ability to choose gifts gives me reason to doubt that you can win Qin An’an’s favor with this face and your money.” Mike mocked him mercilessly.

“She doesn’t like my money.” Fu Shiting corrected him.

“You can make money, it means you have the ability, it’s not worthless.” Mike laughed, “By the way, I heard that Rila called your father last night. Is such a beautiful daughter so happy that you are so happy?”

” You are so ugly.” Fu Shiting frowned.

What is ‘whiteness’?

Rila is his biological daughter, that’s a fact that can’t be changed.

If Rila is willing to let him raise him, he can also devote his energy to taking care of her.

“The truth is really ugly. How are you and Qin An’an? Are you still at a stalemate?” Mike changed the topic that made him more uncomfortable, “Yin Yin’s funeral has also been held, let Yin Yin rest in peace! Your future days How should I live?”

“You want me to go to country B to bring her back?” Fu Shiting’s tone was a little sarcastic, “She treated Yin Yin, but she didn’t tell me. No matter what she did , always put herself first, and me at the end.”

“Don’t you think you’re on the horns?” Mike put his hands on his hips and reasoned with him, “Why doesn’t she have a good life with you? Why does she have a baby behind your back? Isn’t it all because you said you don’t want children! You don’t want children, so she chose children and gave up on you! I still haven’t figured out why you were so determined not to have children in the first place!”

“I’ll tell you the reason now!” Fu Shiting’s eyes were deep, and he said word by word, “Yinyin and I are twins, Yinyin’s disease, I also had it when I was a child! Yinyin is mentally handicapped, and so am I! You know why Yinyin Will my illness be worse than mine? Because Yin Yin is a girl! My father not only hates the mentally handicapped, but also prefers patriarchy! I received the best treatment when I was a child, but Yin Yin is getting more and more sick after being beaten repeatedly by my father. The heavier! I don’t want children, because I don’t want to pass on my inferior genes to future generations!”

Mike didn’t expect that he would reveal all the privacy related to his reputation.

Mike blushed and turned around in embarrassment to pour him a glass of warm water.

“Is it because Yinyin is dead, so you have no scruples?” Mike touched his nose with his fingers, “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything about it. Ziyi won’t say it either.”

“You also think this It’s hard to tell, isn’t it?” Fu Shiting took the water glass, but didn’t drink it.

His eclipsed eyes looked at Mike calmly.

“It’s not that it’s hard to tell. It’s just that you have a special identity. If you break out this incident, you will definitely be criticized.” Mike stood in his position and analyzed, “It’s no wonder that you have been biting hard on this incident. Say it. Are you afraid that Qin Anan will discriminate against you? She is not such a person.”

“I know she will not discriminate against me. I just don’t want to have offspring.”

“But you have three healthy children now.” Mike comforted him , “Since the three children are healthy, you don’t need to think that you are a poor gene anymore. Besides, your disease was cured when you were young, which means your disease is not that serious.”

Fu Shiting didn’t want to talk about his disease. It was an ugly scar.

The power and wealth he has acquired now completely cover up this ugly scar, and he doesn’t want others to know about this embarrassing past.

Seeing his pained expression, Mike felt pity for him, “I won’t embarrass you again in the future.”

“I don’t need you to pity me.” He put the water glass down, “I don’t need Qin Anan to pity me either. .”

He turned and stepped into the cold night.

After Mike watched him leave, he took a deep breath and regained his mind.

Osamu stood in the room. Hearing the sound of the car starting, he immediately ran to the balcony and watched the black Rolls-Royce leave.

His emotions towards Fu Shiting were very complicated.

What is certain is that he hates Fu Shiting. But sometimes he also longs for Fu Shiting’s attention.

After a while, Mike knocked on the door and pushed it open.

“Brother Han, Fu Shiting bought you a New Year’s gift.” Mike came in with the gift box and showed him the gold bar, “This gold bar is not easy!”

Xiao Han looked at the gold bar, his eyes suddenly lost the original sharp light.

He was confused and puzzled.

Why did Fu Shiting send him gold bars?

Does he look like someone who likes gold?

“Look, this gold bar is engraved!” Mike said enthusiastically, “The words on it were engraved by Fu Shiting himself!”

Fu Shiting’s original words were that the gold bar was chosen because the gold bar was large enough to be engraved on it.

Chapter 795

Chapter 795

This can convey what he wants to say to Xiaohan.

Xiaohan took the gold bar and looked at what was engraved on it. ——Happy

New Year Xiao Han snorted and stuffed the gold bar back into the box. “There are words on the back!” Mike put the gold bar in Xiaohan’s hand. Xiaohan cheered up and looked at the gold bar again. ——I’m sorry Xiaohan : “…” Fu Shiting apologized to him through gold bars? How ridiculous! Didn’t Fu Shiting have a long mouth? Why don’t you apologize to him personally? “Brother Han, this gold bar is quite heavy and should be worth a lot of money! You should keep it!” Mike put the gold bar and the box into his hand, “He gave you the gold bar because he thought you were like gold. Golden light. Shiny, resplendent, out of the mud but not stained…” “Out of the mud but not stained is to describe a lotus flower.” “Oh, he means that you are brilliant, and you will become a great thing in the future.” “I will definitely be in the future . I will surpass him.” Xiaohan threw the gold bar to the side, “I don’t want his apology!” After a while, Mike came out with the gift box. Xiaohan refused to accept Fu Shiting’s gift. Mike didn’t want to make Fu Shiting sad, so he decided to keep it for Xiaohan. Fu family. After Fu Shiting took a shower, he walked to the bedside table in his nightgown. He opened the drawer and took out the medicine. After Yinyin passed away, he took medicine on time every day. If he does not take medicine, he will not be able to control his negative emotions.

After taking the medicine, he picked up the phone to see if there was any news.

With what he knew about Xiaohan, Xiaohan would never accept his gift.

But the message Mike sent him was: Xiaohan didn’t like your gift, but he accepted it. Next time you ask me before you pick a present for him, okay? [Disgust]

Fu Shiting looked at the news, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

Xiaohan actually accepted his gift!

He is not a good father, but Xiaohan is willing to give him a chance to atone for his sins.

There were sparkling tears in his eyes.

Just like last night, because Rila called out to his dad, he couldn’t help crying when he got home.

After Yin Yin left, he once felt that life lost its meaning, but now, Rila and Xiao Han make him feel useful.

At this moment, the hospital, the intensive care unit.

Tang Qiaosen was lying on the hospital bed with a laptop in front of him.

Something is playing on the computer screen. His eyes were fixed on the screen without blinking.

His mood was not as sad as before.

God did not take away his life, not to let him survive, but to let him be reborn into Nirvana!

Because, he got what was in Fu Shiting’s box!

Chapter 796

Chapter 796

On his computer, a DVD of Fu Shiting’s father’s funeral is playing.

At the same time, Fu Shiting’s mental illness diagnosis certificate is also in his hands.

On the day Wang Wanzhi came to visit, Tang Qiaosen was deeply stimulated.

Because Wang Wanzhi said she was confident, Tang Qiaosen sent someone to guard near the Xinghewan Villa.

Unexpectedly, he quickly let his hands squat down to guard it!

This trick of the mantis catching the cicada and the oriole is the consequence of Wang Wanzhi not taking him seriously!

After he is discharged from the hospital, he will make good plans.

This time, he must make Fu Shiting pay a painful price!

backstage at the party.

After the performance, Rila was blocked by reporters for an interview.

Because she was brought out by Jin Sinian herself, her starting point is much higher than other child stars.

In addition, she is beautiful and tall, and in terms of talent, whether singing or dancing, she is all the same. In the future, after being carefully carved by a professional team, it will definitely become popular!

“Rila, what do you think of your performance tonight? If you score 100 out of 100, how would you rate yourself?” The reporter asked with a smile.

Rila raised her eyebrows and said, “One hundred percent.”

“How much do you give Sinian?”

“Does he still use me? When he was performing just now, the screams of the audience were the answer.” Rila The lively expression on his face amused the reporters.

“Rila, do you have any New Year’s resolutions?”

“I hope to receive a lot of beautiful gifts… Of course, the health of the family is the most important thing, and not getting sick is the most important.” Rila added after thinking about it.

“Rila, you are so sensible. You are happy every time I see you, don’t you have any troubles?” The reporter looked at her as if looking at a future superstar.

When she becomes popular in the future, this interview video will definitely become popular.

“Of course I have troubles, but I can’t tell you my troubles.” Rila puffed out her cheeks and sighed.

“Then have you had anything particularly happy recently? Can you share the happy thing?” The reporter continued to dig deeper.

“I used to have a bad relationship with my dad, but now I have a little reconciliation with him.” Rila couldn’t help but tell the story, “It’s good to feel like a dad.”

“Your dad is an insider . Anyone? Has he come to the scene tonight?”

Rila shook her head: “He’s not an insider. He doesn’t know I’m here to record the show tonight. I’m just a little reconciled with him, not quite yet. I have to see his performance!”

“What kind of performance do you want him to have?” The reporter did not ask her who her father was, because it had long been known in the reporter circle.

Qin An’an’s children are all from Fu Shiting.

Because Fu Shiting is a figure on the Pyramid of Country A, there is generally no real hammer, and no one dares to write his gossip.

“I didn’t think about it…but at least I can’t do things that make me sad.” Rila’s little face suddenly became serious, “and I can’t do bad things, or I’ll feel ashamed.”

The interview ended quickly .

Because Jin Sinian came over.

After Jin Sinian came over, he took Rila directly and left.

Chapter 797

Chapter 797

“Rila, did a reporter interview you just now?” Jin Sinian asked.

“Well, we chatted casually.” Rila said, yawning, “Uncle Sinian, I’m so sleepy! I want to sleep.”

Jin Sinian picked her up and said, “Go to sleep! When you wake up, you can go to country B to reunite with your mother.”

Rila was tired, but after listening to his words, she smiled sweetly: “I miss my mother so much. I have a lot to say. Tell my mom…”

Rila whispered, her eyes closing suddenly.

country B.

Qin An’an has been busy preparing for the operation these days.

Aunt Zhang and another nanny took good care of Ziqiu.

Li Xiaotian occasionally came to see Ziqiu. Because they had made an appointment for a reunion together, the reunion dinner menu was formulated by Li Xiaotian and presented to Qin Anan.

Qin Anan glanced at the menu and complimented: “You are much better than me when it comes to eating. You are right.”

“An’an, don’t you mind if I bring another person to eat?” Li Xiao Tian retracted the menu with a somewhat unnatural expression on his face.

“Of course I don’t mind. But who are you bringing?” Qin Anan looked at her face and always felt that she had something to announce.

“Uh…I got a new boyfriend. From country B. He was very kind to me, so I agreed to be his girlfriend. I did it for myself. Otherwise, I just closed my eyes and thought He Zhunzhi, I’m going crazy.” Li Xiaotian sighed, “Don’t you say that the best way to forget someone is to start a new relationship?”

“Xiao Tian, ​​are you serious?” Qin Anan said worriedly, “He Zhunzhi sent me a message yesterday, saying that he would never forget you. He had a big fight with his parents. Because he didn’t want to be a tool for his parents to inherit the family. I persuaded him, but he didn’t seem to listen.”

Qin Anan didn’t want to upset her, so she didn’t tell her about it.

After all, in order to completely cut off with He Zhunzhi, she blocked all his contact information.

The expression on Li Xiaotian’s face froze, and her eyes suddenly turned red.

“I’ll call him and ask.” Qin Anan picked up the phone, found He Zhunzhi’s number, and dialed it.

The phone went through quickly.

“Yes, you said yesterday that you quarreled with your parents, are you all right?” Qin Anan turned on the speakerphone.

He Zhunzhi chuckled and said, “I’m fine! But I don’t know if my parents are okay. I blocked them both. Just like Li Xiaotian blocked me. Friends, after a few years, I will start a new business and will not rely on them anymore.”

He Zhunzhi’s words made Li Xiaotian burst into tears.

“He Zhunzhi! Have you lost your mind?! What kind of business are you starting! Have you not suffered enough to start a business before? Is it so difficult for you to admit that you are an incompetent second-generation rich? You don’t rely on your parents, Who are you relying on?!” Li Xiaotian snatched Qin An’an’s cell phone, and sarcastically said, “I tell you, I have a new boyfriend! I can’t get back with you again! My new boyfriend is not only handsome , and treat me better than you! You can’t compare to him anywhere!”

Seeing that she was out of control, Qin Anan immediately grabbed her phone.

On the other side of the phone, He Zhunzhi’s emotions were also out of control!

With a thick nasal voice, he cried out: “Li Xiaotian! You really don’t want to get back with me? Are you really looking for a boyfriend?”

“Yes!” Li Xiaotian yelled at the phone, talking more and more Mean, “Unless you are willing to join my family! Change your surname to Li! In the future, I will be the dog of our Li family! I will reconsider accepting you!”

“Get out of here!” go out!

The violent sound came through the radio waves, Qin Anan took a deep breath and hung up the phone.

“Xiao Tian, ​​why did you humiliate him like that?” Qin Anan was stuck in his throat, “He used to be your favorite man! How could you bear to treat him like this?”

“Fu Shiting was also your favorite man, and you didn’t either. Do you give him custody of the child? His sister died, so sad, you didn’t accompany him in country A, but fled here with the child,” Li Xiaotian looked at her coldly, her voice even colder, “Everyone is selfish The same goes for you!”

Qin Anan was stunned, and then tears fell!

Chapter 798

Chapter 798

“You’re right.” Qin An’an looked at her, “I always put my children and myself first. How can I be such a selfish person?”

Li Xiaotian: “Qin An’an, don’t you? I feel wronged. What do you have to be wronged? You have never suffered, you are the flower in the greenhouse.”

Qin Anan: “Yes, my experience is nothing compared to yours.”

Li Xiaotian I don’t want to hear her say that. Even hearing her voice made me feel inexplicably irritable.

They weren’t like this before.

In the end, Li Xiaotian still couldn’t cross the hurdle in her heart.

She said that the humiliation she suffered had nothing to do with Qin Anan, but she couldn’t let go.

If she didn’t know Qin An’an, she would not have been kidnapped at all.

She can obviously live with He Zhunzhi forever, instead of tit for tat and hurting each other like she is now.

She strode away.

After getting in the car, she drove away quickly.

She is in so much pain! She has decided to start a new life, why should she tell her about He Zhunzhi at this time?

She cried all the way and drove the car home.

Seeing that she almost hit the car into a tree, Li’s mother ran out immediately: “Xiao Tian, ​​what’s wrong?”

“Mom!” Li Xiaotian took off all disguise and threw herself into her mother’s arms, “He Zhunzhi is for me, He had a falling out with his parents! He blocked his parents and said that he would never rely on his parents again! It’s so ridiculous! He would starve to death without his parents! Start your own business! The last time he started a business, he couldn’t eat or sleep every day… I don’t know where he got the courage!”

“Do you feel bad for him?” Li Mu sighed.

“He’s already 30 years old, yet he’s still so naive and self-righteous! I scolded him, he must hate me to death.” Li Xiaotian said, crying even louder, “Mom, I scold him. He scolds so hard! I don’t want him to fall out with his family! He is simply incapable of living on his own! He is too idealistic, without his parents, he will be severely beaten by society again!”

“Little sweet, he is him The only son in the family, his parents will definitely not ignore him. Just like you are the only daughter of your parents, no matter what you become, whether you make your parents sad, my father and I will never give up on you.” comforted.

“Mom! Not only did I make He Zhunzhi hate me forever, but I also quarreled with An An… I have nothing now, I only have you and Dad.”

“Don’t cry.” Li Mu’s palm , patted her daughter’s back, “It will all pass.”

Xinghewan Villa.

Rila woke up and saw several beautiful boxes beside the bed.

She opened the boxes one by one, and inside were different styles of children’s hairpins.

She took out all the hairpins and ran to Mike: “Uncle Mike! Did my dad give me these beautiful hairpins?”

Mike was going to the company’s year-end party today, so he got up earlier.

“Well, he brought it last night. Do you like it?”

“I like every one of them! He knows how to buy it! There are beautiful gems on each clip!” Rila praised Fu Shiting. Mike remembered the gold bars he bought for Xiaohan

, and could only smile: “Are you waiting for me at home with my brother today, or are you going to the company’s party with me?”

You go to the party together!”

“Then call your brother and let him go to the party with us!” Mike said, “After the party, we will go directly to the airport!”

Rila nodded obediently and ran to find her brother.

ST Group.

Fu Shiting was concentrating on his official business.

Chapter 799

Chapter 799 The

office door was knocked and pushed open.

Sheng Bei strode in: “Shi Ting, it will be the Spring Festival in a few days, how are you going to spend it? Do you want to spend it at home or go on vacation?”

Fu Shiting didn’t raise his eyes, his tone was dull: “Spent at home.”

“Then I’ll be there. It’s time to go to your house for a New Year’s Eve dinner! I won’t be going back to my hometown this year.” Sheng Bei walked to the chair in front of his desk and sat down, “Ziyi’s cooking skills are good, then let him be in charge.”

Fu Shiting looked at him and exposed Said: “You don’t need to accompany me.”

Sheng Bei scratched his head: “It’s not to accompany you. My hometown is too cold, and my parents are on vacation on a tropical island! Let me not disturb their two-person world.”

Fu Shiting: “Your parents have such a good relationship, why don’t you find a woman to marry?” Sheng Bei sighed: “Marriage means a huge responsibility. I think it’s good to be single, and whoever you

want to play with.” Can’t I go to

Tang Qian?” Fu Shiting thought for a while and told him, “Tang Qian is disfigured. She should be still in the hospital now.”

“I know. I want to visit her, but I’m afraid she won’t be able to bear it. She definitely doesn’t want to see anyone now. People.” A sarcastic smile appeared on the corner of Sheng Bei’s mouth, “I did admire her before, but that was before. After she used me to deal with Qin An’an, she was disillusioned in my heart.”

Fu Shiting picked it up Coffee cup, take a sip.

“Sometimes I feel that time is really cruel. It will not only change the environment we live in, but also change people’s hearts.” Sheng Bei teased, “But don’t worry, I will never betray you.”

“You said the opposite,” Fu Shiting said. Correction, “It’s because people’s hearts have changed, so the environment has changed.” “Yes

. I thought I could be a friend for a lifetime, but in the blink of an eye, I became an enemy.” Sheng Bei said helplessly, “The bad year is finally coming to an end, There won’t be so many bad things next year!”

“Our financial report is not bad.” Fu Shiting comforted him.

“Haha, that’s true! I’m going to order fireworks! Set off fireworks in your yard overnight!” Sheng Bei said with a smile, and got up and left.


Tang Qiaosen was discharged from the hospital today and decided to go home for recuperation.

Tang Qian was also asked to be discharged from the hospital and left together.

But Tang Qian was reluctant to leave the hospital.

If she could, she hoped that she could stay in the hospital for the rest of her life, so that she would not have to face her ugly face.

Tang Qiaosen sat in a wheelchair and looked at Tang Qian on the hospital bed calmly.

“Tang Qian, it’s just a disfigurement, nothing to be afraid of.” Tang Qiaosen said in a relaxed tone, “Let me see what your face looks like.”

Tang Qian’s injured left face was wrapped in gauze.

She has been reluctant to let the doctor remove the gauze, even if it is to change the medicine.

“No! Tang Qiaosen, don’t force me!” Tang Qian’s nervous body began to tremble.

Tang Qiaosen gave the two bodyguards next to him a look: “Hold her down.” Then, he instructed the doctor, “Remove her gauze!” The

two bodyguards ignored Tang Qian’s resistance and pressed her on the hospital bed.

The doctor quickly walked to the bedside and removed the gauze on Tang Qian’s face.

Tang Qian cried every day and refused to change the dressing, so the wound on her face not only did not heal, but worsened.

The disgusting blood and filthy pus are mixed, shocking! Don’t dare to look straight!

After Tang Qiaosen saw the injury on her face, he was stunned for a moment, and then sarcastically said: “Tang Qian, Tang Qian! Now I’m afraid even the beggars on the road won’t want you!”

Tang Qiaosen’s words were cruel It broke Tang Qian’s heart.

He not only insulted her with words, but also had someone bring a mirror to force her to see her terrible appearance clearly!

Chapter 800

Chapter 800

After seeing the injury on her face, Tang Qian was silent.

Then, she burst into a frantic laugh in silence!

Her right cheek is still so smooth and delicate, but her left cheek is bloody, like a large piece of flesh is missing, and half of her face is sunken!

This injury is a hundred times, one thousand times, ten thousand times more ugly and terrifying than she imagined!

Her self-esteem was smashed to pieces.

The sum of all the grievances in the past is not as great as the damage that this half of her face has caused her!

No wonder the brother who once loved her the most suddenly changed his face.

Even her biological mother took a step back involuntarily after seeing the wound on her face.

“Qiao Sen, leave the hospital first!” Mother Tang took her eyes away from Tang Qian, and didn’t want to stay here for a second, “If she wants to stay in the hospital, let her stay in the hospital! You don’t have to worry about her in the future. “

Mom, it hurts her to say that in front of her! Although she has become ugly now, I will never forget that she used to be a charming little fairy.” Tang Qiaosen looked at his stepmother face, smiling demeanor.

After the two of them left, the doctor treated Tang Qian’s face injury and re-bandaged it.

“Miss Tang, although you are disfigured, you should be glad that you are still alive.” The doctor felt a little distressed about Tang Qian’s experience, “Only if you are alive, can you have infinite possibilities. If you die, there is nothing left. Beauty and ugliness are not the same thing. It represents a person’s success or failure.”

Tang Qian looked at the doctor coldly: “Because the person who was humiliated was not you.”

“How do you know that I have not been humiliated?” The doctor politely said, “If you want to be discharged from the hospital , I can give you some medicine. The wound on your face must be changed every three days.”

“I just want to stay here, I don’t want to go home!”

“Staying in the ward is easy to get bored and get sick.” The doctor said, “I suggest you go home to recuperate.”

“Haha, I’m discharged from the hospital! Can’t I be discharged from the hospital? I don’t dare to die anyway, I will face it sooner or later. Reality!” Tang Qian lifted the quilt and got off the bed.

On the way back by taxi, Tang Qian thought a lot.

She used to think that Fu Shiting had little affection for her, but now, she misses Fu Shiting immensely.

Fu Shiting gave her more benefits than her mother, and respected her more than the brother who seemed to love her but was only coveting her beauty.

She was the one who was stupid and smashed a good hand.

Back at Tang’s house, she saw what Tang Qiaosen and her father were talking about happily.

Tang Qian was taken aback.

Tang Qiaosen suffered a house fire and was crippled and disabled. He should be unhappy and miserable. How could he laugh?

“Dad, brother, I’m back.” Tang Qian took the initiative to walk over and interrupt their conversation.

Father Tang glanced at her contemptuously and ignored her.

Seeing her, Tang Qiaosen put away the smile on his face: “Didn’t you refuse to come back? How did you figure it out? Tang Qian, although your life is ruined, as long as you honor your parents in the future, I will definitely give you a bite to eat.

Tang Qian swallowed her tears and said meekly: “Brother, I will listen to my parents and you in the future.”

“Well, are you wondering why I am in such a good mood?” Tang Qiaosen looked at her He guessed her thoughts.

“Brother, I hope you can defeat Fu Shiting. Otherwise, what if he bullies us in the future?” Tang Qian lowered her eyes and said worriedly, “This time I’m disfigured, you break your leg, if there is another time… “

There won’t be another time!” Tang Qiaosen shouted, “I already got Fu Shiting’s handle! If he dares to touch me again, I will expose all his scandals immediately!”

After Tang Qian got the answer, she nodded and walked back to her room.

In the evening, the Fu family.

After Fu Shiting finished dinner, he received a message on his cell phone.

It was sent by Mike: I will take my two children to country B tonight. Rila asked me to message you.

Fu Shiting looked at the text message, his brows and eyes widened, and he replied, “Safe journey.”

After a while, Mike sent another message. This time it’s a link.

Fu Shiting clicked on the link, and the interface jumped to Weibo.

A video suddenly appeared in front of him. In the video, Rila’s little face after makeup is bright and moving.

Fu Shiting clicked on the video and looked at the screen with deep eyes, not for a moment.

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