When His Eyes Opened Chapter 801 -810(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 801 -810(Chinese)

Chapter 801

Reporter: Rila, do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

Rila: I hope to receive a lot of beautiful gifts…

Reporter: Have you been particularly happy recently?

Rila: I used to have a bad relationship with my dad, but now I have a little reconciliation with him. It’s nice to feel like a dad.

Fu Shiting’s eyes were a little wet when he saw this.

He didn’t expect his daughter to mention him in an interview.

In my daughter’s heart, he is now a very important person!

Reporter: Is your father an insider? Is he here tonight?

Rila: He’s not an insider. I’m just a little reconciled with him, not completely reconciled yet! I’ll have to see what he does in the back!

Reporter: What kind of performance do you want him to have?

Rila: I didn’t think about it…but at least not to do something that makes me sad. And don’t do bad things, or I’ll feel ashamed.

This concludes the video.

Rila’s last words echoed in his mind for a long time.

As a father, he really should set up a positive image for his children.

He has to work hard not to embarrass the child.

He saved the video, intending to remind himself from time to time.

When I went upstairs, my phone rang.

He picked up the phone and saw the call reminder, Yingmei frowned.

How dare she call him?

After thinking for a few seconds, he answered the phone out of curiosity.

After more than ten hours of flight, the plane finally arrived at the airport in country B.

With his two children, Mike returned to Qin An’an smoothly.

“Mom, I have something to confess to you.” Rila grabbed Qin An’an’s hand and pointed the other to the hairpin in her hair, “This is a New Year’s gift from my father. I have already called him father. .”

Qin Anan: “Mom knows, your uncle Mike told me two days ago.”

“Oh, Mom, will you be angry?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “You called his father because you thought he He ‘s very good to you.”

“No matter how good he is, his mother is not as good to me. My favorite is still my mother, and my brother… Dad can only be ranked third.” Rila quickly expressed her loyalty.

Mike listened and felt very distressed: “What about me? Where do I rank?”

“You ranked 2.5. Because you are a little behind your brother and a little ahead of your father.” Rila replied earnestly.

Mike couldn’t help crying.

After putting away the luggage, Mike went to Qin An’an’s room to see Ziqiu.

Ziqiu is sleeping.

“Mike, I have an operation after the year. You can go back to country A after my operation, okay?” Qin Anan discussed with him.

“Of course. Is it the same operation as Yin Yin’s disease you said?”


“It’s a coincidence.” Mike sighed, “You seem to have said before that this is a rare disease. It’s not a traditional disease. Meaningful intellectual disability.”

Qin Anan nodded.

“What do you think of Fu Shiting?” Mike remembered that Fu Shiting said he had the same disease as Yin Yin when he was a child, so he asked, “Do you think his intelligence is normal?”

Chapter 802

Chapter 802

Qin Anan thought he heard it wrong, so he didn’t answer the question.

As a result, Mike did not give up and asked again.

“Mike, why are you asking this question?” Qin Anan wondered, “did he do what a mentally retarded person would do?”

Mike shook his head: “I’m not familiar with him, am I asking you? “

You’re not familiar with him, why would you question his intelligence? Would you be happy if someone questioned your intelligence?” Although Qin Anan and Fu Shiting were still in a cold war, he didn’t want to see him belied.

Mike promised Fu Shiting that he would not tell his secret, so he blushed to find a reason.

“He and Yin Yin are twins. Yin Yin is sick. Is it possible that he is also sick?”

“They are fraternal twins. You can understand that they are two completely different individuals. Their blood types are also different.” Qin Anan explained.

Mike seemed to have a sudden realization, but in fact he was still full of curiosity.

Why can Fu Shiting’s illness be cured when he was a child?

The genius doctor not only cured Fu Shiting’s illness, but also left him without any sequelae.

He can achieve the current achievements, indicating that his intelligence is not only no problem, but also super IQ.

“Has Fu Shiting contacted you?” Mike changed the subject.

Qin An’an: “Why do you ask that?”

“You two have three children, do you plan to stay away from each other all the time?” Mike frowned, “He doesn’t hold any grudge against Ziqiu anymore. He’s mainly angry that you hide it from him. Yinyin’s treatment. If you didn’t hide it from him at the beginning, he wouldn’t treat Shen Yu as a savior, and so many outrageous things wouldn’t happen later…”

“Mike, if I did it all over again, I would still I will do that.” Qin Anan said calmly, “Xiao Tian said I was selfish, but I am indeed selfish.”

Mike was shocked: “Li Xiaotian said that to you?”

“She is right. Often selfish people live better.” Qin Anan looked at Ziqiu who was sleeping, “Now all three children are with me. By my side, if Fu Shiting doesn’t come to me, he won’t be able to see the child. I don’t have to take the initiative to find him.”

Mike couldn’t help clapping his hands.

“Don’t wake Ziqiu up.” Qin An’an pulled him out of the room, “Go eat first! Go to rest after dinner. Tomorrow we’ll go to the supermarket to buy ingredients for the New Year’s Eve dinner.”

“Okay. Did Li Xiaotian and her mother come too?”

“I don’t know.” Qin Anan was depressed, “she might not come.”

“Oh, you two quarreled? Since you haven’t reconciled, let’s calm down. Come on!” Mike said, “The older I get, the more I realize that many things are not black and white.”

“Why do you have so many insights?”

Mike scratched his head and said, “Because I know a lot of secrets, but I can’t follow you. Say.”

“Don’t you think I’ll ask? I won’t ask, I’ll suffocate you.” Qin Anan teased him.

“Qin An’an, you are getting worse and worse!” Mike said loudly, “Sure enough, women aren’t bad and men don’t love them!”

Qin An’an didn’t take his words to heart.

Because he has always been a person who can’t hide secrets.

His urge to talk is particularly strong. If he really knew a secret, he would have told her immediately.

In the evening, after Rila and Xiaohan fell asleep, Qin Anan came out of the children’s room.

Sister-in-law Zhang held Ziqiu and stood at the door of the master bedroom.

Qin Anan walked over.

Sister-in-law Zhang said: “An An, you played with Rila and Xiaohan for an afternoon today. I’ll take Ziqiu tonight.”

“I’m not tired, I’ll take him to play for a while.” Qin Anan took Ziqiu from Mrs. Zhang’s arms, “He’s so good, he doesn’t make much trouble.”

Sometimes put him on the bed and give him a toy, He can play alone for a long time.

He can’t roll over yet, so don’t worry about him rolling to the ground.

Qin Anan carried Ziqiu back to the room, and after putting him on the bed, she went to the bathroom to get the bath water. I plan to give Ziqiu a bath first.

After getting the water, she went back to the bed and picked up the phone to check the time.

A text message came into view. It was sent by Fu Shiting.

-Has the child arrived home safely?

He wouldn’t message her if it wasn’t a last resort.

Chapter 803

Chapter 803

He called Mike, and Mike’s cell phone was turned off.

He was worried about the safety of the child and could only ask her.

She replied: Hmm.

After the word was sent, she put down her phone and undressed Ziqiu.

She wanted to pretend that she didn’t care about him at all, but after undressing Ziqiu, she couldn’t help but pick up her phone to see if he had any new messages.

The result is naturally no.

Disappointed, she put down her phone and carried Ziqiu to the bathroom.

About an hour later, Mrs. Zhang came to pick Ziqiu away.

She picked up her phone again, read Fu Shiting’s news again, and flipped through the previous historical news.

The more I look, the more unhappy I feel.

She is indeed a little selfish and a little impulsive.

Yinyin’s death was a major blow to him. Maybe she should be more patient and tolerant with him, instead of taking Qiu to country B after a quarrel.

She couldn’t help but want to send him a message, but she didn’t know what to send.

She accidentally opened the calendar. It will be the New Year of country A in two days, so send him a message at that time!

In the blink of an eye, the new year is here.

After Qin Anan got up in the morning, he put on new clothes for the three children, and then, together with Mike, posted the blessing and hung lanterns.

After watching the excitement for a while, Rila quietly entered Qin An’an’s room.

It’s New Year’s Day, and Rila thinks of Dad being alone, so she wants to send him a message from Mom’s phone.

Qin Anan’s mobile phone is placed on the bedside table. After Rila came in, she picked up the phone, opened it easily, found WeChat, and saw Fu Shiting at a glance.

She can’t write these three words, but she is familiar with them.

She sent a voice to Fu Shiting.

At this time, it is eight o’clock in the evening in country A.

Today, Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi came to accompany Fu Shiting to New Year’s Eve.

The yard was full of fireworks, and Sheng Bei was about to set it on fire.

After Fu Shiting finished talking on the phone, he saw the voice message from Qin Anan.

His eyes sank, and his heartstrings tightened. His fingers trembled slightly and he opened the voice.

–dad! Happy New Year! Mom is hanging lanterns in the yard, and I secretly use her mobile phone to send you a message!

Rila’s voice came crisply.

Zhou Ziyi heard the voice and immediately came to him, “I think I heard Rila’s voice.”

Fu Shiting smiled mysteriously and opened the voice again.

After Zhou Ziyi heard what Rila said, he was happy for him: “Boss, do you have to give Rila the New Year’s money?”

Zhou Ziyi’s words reminded him.

He clicked on the transfer, entered a string of numbers, and sent it.

Zhou Ziyi coughed and reminded again: “Although the other two children did not wish you a Happy New Year, the other two are also your children, and you have to treat them equally.”


Qin Anan returned after she was busy with everything. Fang took out his mobile phone and was about to call Li Xiaotian to come to dinner.

Although he quarreled with her a few days ago, Qin Anan couldn’t let her go.

Qin Anan turned on the phone, and a dialog box with Fu Shiting appeared on the screen.

It shows him sending three huge transfers.

She was stunned for a moment, but her heart beat faster and faster!

With an impulse, she dialed the phone.

Chapter 804

Chapter 804 The

phone was quickly connected, and Fu Shiting’s voice was low and magnetic: “Rila?”

“It’s me.” Qin Anan said embarrassedly, “Why did you transfer money to me?”

Fu Shiting: “That’s for the child New Year’s money.”

Qin Anan was even more embarrassed: “You give your child the New Year’s money, can’t you give it to your face? Why did you send it to me?”

Fu Shiting explained: “Did you not see the message that Rila sent me? She used your mobile phone to give it to me. Happy New Year.”

Qin Anan: “…”

She wanted to burrow in the ground.

She only saw a few transfer information, but did not scroll up.

She minimized the call interface, clicked on the chat dialog, scrolled up, and saw that she had sent a voice message first.

Presumably this is what Reila made.

She took a deep breath, blushing with embarrassment and overwhelmed.

“Mom!” At this moment, Rila pushed open the door and ran in. Seeing Qin Anan talking on the phone with her cell phone, Rila immediately covered her mouth with her small hand.

When Qin Anan saw her daughter, she handed over the phone: “your father.”

Anyway, it was Rila that Fu Shiting called after he answered the phone.

Their parent-daughter bond is truly touching.

After Rila took the phone, she asked, “Dad, did you see the message I sent you?”

“Dad did. I sent you New Year’s money, on your mother’s phone.”

“Oh, only for Am I alone? Does my brother have?”


“Then does my brother have?” Rila continued.

Fu Shiting: “Yes.”

“Hey, does my mother have any?” Rila asked playfully, “My mother takes care of me, my brother and my brother every day. It’s hard work.”

Fu Shiting replied, “Yes.” He immediately made up for her.

His voice was settled, and fireworks bloomed in front of him! Light up the night!

He looked at the bright fireworks under the night sky, suddenly no longer afraid of the dark.

Fireworks can only shine in a dark environment.

So darkness is not scary.

“Dad! Are you setting off fireworks over there? I hear the sound!” Rila exclaimed excitedly.

“Well. Would you like to see it?” he asked.

“Think! Let’s make a video!” Rila’s words made Qin Anan, who was changing clothes, froze.

In order to have a more Chinese New Year atmosphere, she bought herself a red dress. The new clothes of the three children are also red, which makes them look more festive.

After she changed her skirt, Rila had already shared a video with Fu Shiting.

“Mom! Daddy is setting off fireworks! What a beautiful firework!” Rila took her mobile phone and ran to Qin Anan.

Rila didn’t give Qin Anan a chance to dodge at all, and pointed the screen of her mobile phone directly at her.

Fu Shiting turned on the rear camera to show Rila the fireworks. So Qin Anan couldn’t see him, but he could see Qin Anan’s face clearly.

The moment he saw her, a layer of sweat broke out on his palms.

He knew she couldn’t see him, but he was still confused.

She was wearing a red modified Hanfu dress, her hair was loose and draped over her shoulders, and she looked at him seriously with clear and bright eyes.

…No, not looking at him, but looking at the fireworks in the camera.

He took a deep breath, trying to stop himself from thinking wildly, but he couldn’t help staring at her.

“Mom, I want to set off fireworks too!” Rila muttered softly.

Qin Anan patted Rila’s head: “we can’t set off fireworks here. If you want to set off fireworks, you can drive to the suburbs at night to set them off.”

Chapter 805

Chapter 805

“Forget it! It’s so cold outside at night.” Rila gave up the idea, “Let’s watch the fireworks at Dad’s house!”

“Well, look at it!” Qin Anan walked away from the camera.

After she left, the light in Fu Shiting’s eyes disappeared.

Qin Anan came out of the room and found Mike: “Mike, give Xiaotian a call!”

“I’ve already called.” Mike put on a look of ‘I know what’s on your mind’ , “I asked Brother Han to call her to come. She said she would come later.”

Qin Anan: “I really have you.”

“Hahaha! Li Xiaotian is angry with you, can you still be angry with your child?” Mike After looking over her new clothes, “you all wear red clothes, but I don’t have one. Am I not your family member?”

“Don’t you like red?” Qin Anan retorted, “Because of treating you as family, That’s why I remember your preferences.”

Mike was speechless.

After a while, Li Xiaotian came. She came alone.

“Where’s Auntie?” Qin Anan asked in a calm tone as if the previous quarrel had never happened, “Didn’t you say you brought your boyfriend here? I even prepared a gift for him.”

Li Xiaotian also pretended that the previous quarrel didn’t happen. Kuo: “I asked my mother to go back to China to accompany my dad. The new boyfriend has broken up.”

Mike said ‘wow’, expressing his amazement!

Qin Anan glared at him and told him to keep his mouth shut.

“Is it a disease to talk in my sleep? Can it be cured?” Li Xiaotian asked sincerely, “I was talking in my sleep and called He Zhunzhi at night, but my new boyfriend heard him. He was upset with me, and I was annoyed, so we parted.”

Qin Anan: “…”

Mike: “Li Xiaotian, you are really good! But don’t be sad, your new boyfriend is not very sensible! If he really loves you, he should accompany you through this painful period of lovelorn!”

Li Xiaotian: ” Originally, I felt guilty, but now after listening to you, I think what you said makes sense.” The

two hit it off and decided to have a good drink.

After a while, Rila finished the video and came out with Qin An’an’s mobile phone.

“Mom, how much is the New Year’s money from Dad?” Rila handed the phone to Qin Anan, “He told me to take it all just now. Hehe, of course I will!”

Qin Anan took the phone and glanced at the screen .

All four transfer messages have been clicked and received.

If Rila doesn’t accept it, she won’t accept his transfer.

“Mom, how much is it? I can’t count.” Rila pressed.

“One million. One million for each person.” Qin Anan put the phone on the coffee table, “Your auntie is here, let’s go eat!”

“Oh…Mom, the New Year’s money for the three of us All for you.” Rila said generously, “Ours is yours.”

“Well, mother’s is yours too.” Qin Anan replied softly.

country A. Fu family.

The bodyguards were lighting fireworks in the yard, and Sheng Bei and Fu Shiting were drinking.

Aunt Hong was busy in the kitchen, and Zhou Ziyi was in charge of serving the dishes.

“Shi Ting, wouldn’t it be a bit boring just for the two of us to drink?” Sheng Bei said, “Should we call a few more people to play? Or go outside to play…”

“I’m not going anywhere tonight.” Fu Shiting put down his wine glass, his voice was hoarse, “My head is a little dizzy. I haven’t drank for a while, and my alcohol intake is even worse.”

Sheng Bei took his wine glass away and reminded: “You drank tonight, so you can’t take medicine.”

“Well, let Ziyi drink with you! I’ll go lie down for a while.” Fu Shiting left the table and went back to the room.

Back in the room, he loosened the collar of his shirt, feeling inexplicably blocked in his heart.

It seems like something is about to happen.

The fireworks continued to go off outside. He walked to the bed and lay down.

In the pocket, the phone rang.

He took out his mobile phone and saw the threatening message from Tang Qiaosen——

Chapter 806

Chapter 806

Country B.

After Mike and Li Xiaotian had a few glasses of wine, they began to vent their emotions.

Li Xiaotian said that she was in great pain, knowing that she had no results with He Zhunzhi, but she couldn’t forget him.

So Mike pushed his hair back and showed her the wound: “I almost died before. My boyfriend abandoned me when I was the worst injured. I think I’m worse than you. You are not abandoned after all. That.”

“Well, you’re much miserable. Not only was I not abandoned, but I wasn’t sick enough to die.” Li Xiaotian toasted him, “How did you get out?”

Mike took a sip of his wine. : “I can say now that I’m not afraid of death, but when I’m really dying, I’m actually quite afraid. After An An pulled me back from the line of death, what I thought in my heart was no longer that I was abandoned, but I’m still alive. Can you feel the joy of being resurrected from the dead? Hahaha!”

Li Xiaotian nodded: “To be honest, although I’m in pain and I can’t sleep well at night, I still feel good when I eat. Satisfied, I won’t die for a relationship… It’s really good to live.”

Mike: “Yes! You are so beautiful, there will definitely be better men in the future.”

Li Xiaotian: “Thank you for drinking with me and comforting me…I feel better.”

“We’re friends! We should! It’s a big New Year’s Eve, so don’t be unhappy!” Mike poured her a drink .

Qin Anan brought a bottle of juice and replaced the wine on the table.

“Drink in moderation. You’ll have a headache when you’re drunk.”

Mike immediately handed his glass to Qin An’an: “Listen to you. I’ll watch Rila’s party performance later!”

Li Xiaotian lifted herself up He drank the glass of wine and said to Qin An’an, “An’an, I was too impulsive when I quarreled with you last time. I shouldn’t lose my temper with you.”

“The last time is over, why do you still mention it?” Qin Anan saw that her cheeks were flushed, and took the wine glass away from her hand, “You can stay with me tonight! Didn’t you say Auntie returned to China? You drink No one will take care of you when you go back after drinking, I’m not at ease.”

“Um…um…” Li Xiaotian burped her wine and touched her hand beside her, “Am I right? Haven’t given the child a red envelope yet? Where’s my bag?”

“You wrap it on the sofa, you eat first, and the red envelope is not in a hurry.” Qin Anan poured her a glass of warm water and put it in front of her, “Xiao Tian, No matter how painful it is, it will pass. Don’t be afraid, I will always be with you.”

Tears flashed in Li Xiaotian’s scarlet eyes: “My mother told me the same.”

“Because it will be true. The past. Whether it’s a happy event or a bad event, it will become a fragment in the memory. “

Qin Anan calmed Li Xiaotian’s emotions, and Mrs. Zhang came over with her mobile phone.

“An An, your phone is ringing.”

Qin Anan took the phone from Mrs. Zhang and saw that it was Fu Shiting calling.

It’s not a phone call, it’s a video call.

She remembered that the two of them didn’t seem to reconcile. Why did he call the video?

She took over the video and was about to ask him if he was looking for Rila, but unexpectedly found him lying on the bed, with a blush on his handsome cheeks, and his eyes were a little blurry.

This state is obviously drunk.

He shouldn’t be calling for Rila.

Holding her phone, she strode towards the bedroom.

“Qin An’an, happy new year.” He said this to her after seeing her face.

She entered the bedroom and closed the door.

“Fu Shiting, are you drunk?” she asked, but she was thinking that if he wasn’t drunk, he probably wouldn’t make a video for her.

In order to prove that he was not drunk, Fu Shiting sat up suddenly from the bed.

After sitting down, he said hoarsely, “I’m not drunk.”

“Oh, how much did you drink?” She also sat down beside the bed.

“Two or three cups.” His fingers rubbed his temples, his voice hoarse, “Didn’t you wish me a Happy New Year?”

Chapter 807

Chapter 807

Qin An’an: “…”

He was so drunk that he even said that he was not drunk.

“Happy New Year.” She frowned, “You made the video just for this?”

“No.” His tone was firm and his thoughts were clear, “Where’s Ziqiu? Can I see him?”

She didn’t expect him will make this request.

“You finally remembered this child?” She teased him, “Don’t blame him?”

Fu Shiting did not argue with her, but replied in a dull voice, “I have never forgotten about this child.”

He had tried his best for this. How could he forget the child he wanted to protect?

“How did you reconcile with this child?” She wondered how his mind had changed.

“Even if I kill him, Yin Yin will not be resurrected.” His tone was cold and terrifying, but his eyes were clearly covered with a layer of drunkenness. “Rather than blaming him for being weak, I might as well blame myself.

” What’s the use? You didn’t force Yinyin to do it.” Qin Anan argued with him, “Fu Shiting, don’t you feel too tired to live like this? I know that losing Yinyin makes you very painful, but if you don’t really let go , none of us can escape the shadow of this incident.”

Her words caused him to fall into a brief silence.

He looked at her quietly, and so did she.

It’s like the pause button was pressed, and it’s like a slow-motion reunion in a movie.

After an unknown amount of time, he opened his mouth to break the silence: “Let me see Ziqiu.”

She came back to her senses and looked at the big bed.

Ziqiu opened his big black and shiny eyes, looked left and right obediently, didn’t cry, didn’t make trouble, he was very obedient.

“Baby, when did you wake up? You are so good today, you didn’t cry!” Qin Anan teased Ziqiu with a smile, and then turned the camera to the child, “Who do you think this is? This is Dad.”

Fu Shiting looked at Ziqiu’s face in the camera is full of mixed feelings.

He knew what Ziqiu looked like, and Sister Zhang sent him pictures of Ziqiu every day. But watching the video now is a completely different feeling.

“It does look like me.” He looked at it for a while and said.

Qin Anan couldn’t help but retort: ​​”You didn’t

look like this when you were young.” “Have you seen me when I was young?” Fu Shiting asked back.

She froze.

He didn’t know that she had entered Yin Yin’s room and peeked at their childhood albums.

Now she accidentally missed her mouth, but she didn’t intend to lie.

She picked up Ziqiu and turned the camera to herself: “After Yin Yin’s accident, I went to your house to see your photo albums when you were young. I secretly watched it myself, and it has nothing to do with others.”

His face did not have much emotional fluctuations . : “I rarely look at the pictures of myself when I was young. I feel that Ziqiu is very similar to me now.”

“Well. How did you live today?” She saw him sitting by the bed alone, with an indescribable loneliness sense.

“Sheng Bei and Ziyi came to accompany me, they are still here.”

“Oh. Do you want to see Ziqiu with your own eyes?” She said this involuntarily, like an invitation, “You should have seven days off, right?”

He listened I was moved by her words.

His head is no longer dizzy, and people are more awake. Even want to check the flight right away, if there is no suitable flight, you can go directly by private jet.

He wanted to be with her, he wanted to be with the kids.

However, he can’t.

Chapter 808

Chapter 808

He was afraid that after seeing her and the child, he would indulge in happiness and could no longer calmly face the darkness behind him.

He didn’t even want his mess to affect her and the child.

Qin Anan looked at his silent appearance and the complicated emotions in his eyes, but couldn’t see through him.

She thought that she took the initiative to invite and give him steps, and he would go down the steps.

But why has he been silent?

If he doesn’t want to see the child, he can refuse!

What the hell is he thinking?

“It’s fine if you don’t have time.” Qin Anan couldn’t stand the endless silence and suspicion, so he said, “Rila said that you are lonely for the New Year alone, so I…”

“Do you want me to go there? ?” He interrupted her.

If he rejected her, she would definitely be sad.

He didn’t want to see her sad.

His rhetorical question made Qin An’an’s face turn red.

She had already invited him clearly, but he still wanted her to show her attitude again?

“Come if you want, if you don’t want to…” He interrupted her again before he could say the word ‘forget it’.

“I’ll look at the ticket.”

After receiving his answer, her heart tightened, and she suddenly relaxed.

“It’s time for Ziqiu to drink milk, I’ll make him some milk,” she said, “I’ll hang up first!”

“Yeah.” He was completely sober.

He knew what he had just said and what he was about to do.

Rila has accepted him, and Xiaohan is not as resistant to him as before.

And Qin Anan didn’t blame him for angering Ziqiu before.

She and the child opened their arms to him, and he simply couldn’t resist such a temptation.

Even if it is only a few days of warmth, he wants to grasp it.

After booking the ticket, he went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After a while, he was neatly dressed and came downstairs with the suitcase in his hand.

Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi were a little surprised when they saw him go downstairs.

Because he is in good spirits, he is not at all tired when he goes upstairs.

“Shi Ting, are you going out?” Sheng Bei strode up in front of him and sized him up, “Have you taken a shower? Have you sprayed perfume? I remember your shower gel doesn’t smell like this.”

Zhou Ziyi used his elbows He bumped into Sheng Bei in the back: “Boss, are you going to go far? Are you going to the airport? I only had a little drink, so I’ll take you off!”

Fu Shiting rejected Zhou Ziyi: “You two smell too much alcohol. , stay away from me.”

Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi didn’t expect to be disliked by him like this, and they felt a little sad.

“It will take you more than ten hours to go to country B. Even if you don’t smell of alcohol, if you stay on the plane for more than ten hours, you will still smell bad…” Sheng Bei argued with him.

“Continue drinking, I’m leaving.” Fu Shiting said indifferently, and went out with his suitcase.

Sheng Bei looked at his leaving back and sighed: “Look at his arrogance, as if he has a woman, but we don’t!”

“Brother Bei, don’t be jealous of him. Although he has a woman, He and Qin An’an quarreled with each other every three days, and they spent less than one third of the year together.” Zhou Ziyi comforted Sheng Bei.

When Sheng Bei heard this, he felt much better.

“How can we compare with him? He already has three children. We don’t have any.” Zhou Ziyi said again.

This time, Sheng Bei’s heart was severely pierced.

country B.

After Qin Anan finished feeding Ziqiu with milk, the screen of her mobile phone turned on.

She held the baby upright to prevent the baby from spitting up. He picked up the phone with the other hand and saw the flight information sent by Fu Shiting.

In another ten hours, he will appear in front of her.

Thinking of this, she felt compelled to tell Mike and the children about this.

Chapter 809

Chapter 809

Because she called Fu Shiting here, he should live here by then. This makes it easier for him to get along with the kids.

She carried Ziqiu to the living room. Aunt Zhang immediately took Ziqiu over.

“Mom, who called you just now?” Rila got off the table and came to Qin Anan.

“Your father.” Qin Anan said, holding Rila’s hand, and walked towards the dining room, “He plans to come over to celebrate the New Year with us.”

Everyone in the dining room heard this sentence.

“An An, you said Fu Shiting is coming?” Mike asked loudly.

“Well. He’s boarding the plane right away.”

“Oh… what about Ziyi? Is Ziyi coming with him?” Mike didn’t care about Fu Shiting, only Zhou Ziyi.

Qin An’an: “He didn’t tell me this. You call Ziyi and ask.”

Mike said angrily: “Forget it, he probably won’t come. He said he wanted to accompany his parents during the Spring Festival holiday.”

“Well, please understand . He is! He works all year round, so he can spend time with his parents during the Spring Festival.” Qin Anan comforted him.

Mike nodded, then walked to her side, and gestured to Li Xiaotian with his eyes: “She’s drinking again. No matter what I try to persuade, it won’t work. Why don’t you call He Zhunzhi! Almost didn’t write the man’s name on his face.”

Qin Anan glanced at Li Xiaotian.

Li Xiaotian didn’t cry or make trouble. But she can’t drink cup after cup.

Qin Anan turned around, found He Zhunzhi’s number, and dialed it.

  • Sorry, the number you dialed is empty.

The system prompt sounded cold.

Qin Anan thought she had heard it wrong.

How could He Zhunzhi’s number become an empty number? The mobile phone number is a real-name system, bound to various cards and accounts. Even if the mobile phone number is accidentally lost, it will be replaced immediately, and it is impossible to change the number easily.

She dialed He Zhunzhi’s number again, and the prompt tone was exactly the same as before.

He Zhunzhi canceled the number!

Only after canceling the number, the number will become empty!

Seeing Qin An’an’s face ashen, Mike had an ominous premonition: “What’s wrong?”

“He canceled the number.” Qin Anan pursed her lips, not knowing how to tell Li Xiaotian about this.

He Zhunzhi was determined and broke up with the past.

If it wasn’t for what Li Xiaotian said a few days ago, he would definitely not do this.

Qin Anan didn’t want to see such a situation at all.

No matter how ruthless Li Xiaotian said, it was just angry words. She didn’t want He Zhunzhi to suffer for her, so she had to be a villain.

How could He Zhunzhi be serious?

But what can He Zhunzhi do if it is not true?

The two of them are in a dead end.

Just like when Qin Anan was pregnant with Fu Shiting’s child, but Fu Shiting refused to have a child. So the two had to part ways.

“What are you two talking about secretly?” Li Xiaotian drank all the wine in the cup and walked towards them, holding the table.

Qin Anan gestured to Mike with his eyes to tell him not to talk nonsense.

Mike understood and nodded.

“Who canceled the number?” Li Xiaotian walked between them, put her hand on their shoulders, and asked this question.

With a ‘puff’, Mike found that he couldn’t hide it, so he could only say truthfully, “Your ex-husband.”

Li Xiaotian’s hand on their shoulders seemed to have been stabbed, and she immediately retracted it.

“Xiao Tian, ​​let me help you go to the room to rest!” Qin Anan helped her to the guest room.

When she was about to reach the door of the guest room, Li Xiaotian stopped, her eyes were scarlet: “Didn’t you say that Fu Shiting is coming? I don’t want to see him. I’d better go!”

She insisted on leaving, Qin Anan could only let the bodyguard send him She goes back.

After Li Xiaotian left, Mike comforted Qin An’an: “Everyone has their own calamities to overcome. She will come out. You should think about what you should do when Fu Shiting is here!”

Chapter 810

Chapter 810

Qin Anan didn’t understand what he said: “What effect does he have on me?”

Mike: “Why didn’t it affect me? We don’t have any spare rooms in our house. The room you took Xiaotian to just now is so small. , Xiaotian can live after a grievance, can Fu Shiting suffer this kind of grievance?”

Qin Anan: “Xiaotian can live, why can’t he live? If he thinks my accommodation here is not good, he can go out and live in a five-star hotel. .”

Mike just raised his eyebrows at her.

Qin Anan felt guilty when he saw him: “What do you think I’m doing? Wait until he comes. He may not live with us. Maybe he will go to the hotel after getting off the plane.”

Mike said with a faint ‘oh’: “he Come over to play for a few days?”

“He didn’t say. Is this important? Could it be that he can stay here forever?”

“I’ll ask casually, why are you so excited?” Mike continued to look at her with meaningful eyes , “Why did he suddenly decide to come? Why didn’t he come yesterday? Could it be that you called him here!”

The blush on Qin An’an’s face spread to the roots of his ears.

“If you say one more word, you will live in a small room in the future. Give up your big room and let me entertain guests.” Qin Anan threatened.

Mike snorted coldly: “I’d rather let my room out, but I don’t know if Fu Shiting would like to live in it! After all, he has a habit of cleanliness.”

Qin Anan’s temple was aching, and he turned to go to the dining room, intending to help clean up the dishes.

Mike chased after him: “I’ll clean it up. Go and appease Brother Han! He heard that Fu Shiting is coming, he’s not very happy!”

Qin Anan heard the words and immediately walked towards the children’s room.

Xiaohan is really not happy.

I had a good year, but when I heard that Fu Shiting was coming, it was a disappointment.

He didn’t want to face Fu Shiting. He didn’t give him a good face and didn’t want to talk to him.

Qin Anan pushed in the door and walked to Xiaohan’s side.

“Xiaohan, mother knows that you can’t accept him.” Qin Anan will not force Xiaohan to recognize this father, “I called him a guest because after Yinyin’s death, he was more uncomfortable than us. This year, Yinyin can’t accompany him for the New Year. , his mother is gone, he broke up with his brother’s family not long ago…”

“Mom, it’s not our fault that he is so miserable.” Xiaohan would never interrupt Qin Anan so rudely. But he couldn’t bear the heartache for Fu Shiting in his mother’s words.

“Yinyin died to save Ziqiu.” Qin Anan said solemnly, “Xiaohan, no matter how much you hate your father, this matter cannot be erased.”

“I never forgot about Yinyin.” Xiaohan suddenly became fierce Said, “I haven’t forgotten that Fu Shiting almost strangled me!”

Qin Anan’s emotions broke down instantly.

She hugged Xiaohan and choked: “I’m sorry, son. It was my mother who called him to come. He has already boarded the plane.

” , Ziqiu will like him very much in the future. It’s just that I won’t like him.”

“Well, my mother doesn’t ask you to like him. After he comes over, you can treat him like air. If you really find him annoying, you can Stay in the room and let Uncle Mike take you out to play.”

“Mom, don’t worry about me. I’m not a child anymore.” Xiaohan didn’t like her mother’s cautious attitude towards him.

“Xiaohan, it’s impossible for mom to ignore you. Whether it’s you, Rila or Ziqiu, you will always be mom’s most precious treasure.”

Xiaohan’s eyes were sour and his voice was a little choked: “Mom, do you like him very much? You gave him three children, you must like him very much!”

If it was an outsider, Qin Anan would definitely be stubborn.

“Mom is not a god. Mom can’t control her feelings. If he missed and strangled you, I will kill him to avenge you. No matter how much mother likes him, mother’s feelings for the three of you must be in him. Above.”

Because the child is weaker than Fu Shiting and needs her protection.

So she must be on the side of the child.

Her answer brought a faint smile on Xiao Han’s icy face.

“Mom, I’m fine.”

“In country A, during the Chinese New Year, no matter how unhappy they encounter, people generally can’t control their anger. Because the new year is a new beginning, the new year is harmonious, and the next year Everything will go well.” Qin Anan explained to his son with a smile, “Mom wishes you a healthy New Year and progress in your studies.” Xiaohan nodded obediently.

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