When His Eyes Opened Chapter 831 -840(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 831 -840(Chinese)

Chapter 831

“Are you taking children?” Fu Shiting naturally asked this question.

She looked at his face and asked, “Do you want to have children or not?”

She couldn’t read what he was thinking.

“I want to take it.” Although it is not easy to hold a child, it is very happy to be with the child.

No wonder people say children are a sweet burden.

“But I don’t want to take the kids today. I want to take you somewhere.” She consulted with him.

“Where?” He put his hands in his pockets. “Go and tell the child! If she doesn’t want to go with us, don’t take it. What if she wants to go out with us?”

“Go to the university where I go to graduate school. You Wait for me here, I’ll talk to the child.” After she finished speaking, she walked towards the child’s room. After a while, she trotted back to him and took his arm, “Daughter, let us come back and bring her something delicious, let’s go!”

Qin Anan drove and took Fu Shiting to the university where he was studying.

The university is a globally renowned medical school.

“When you came here to study, you were already in your third trimester, right?” Fu Shiting walked with her on the wide school road.

Occasionally students pass by them on bicycles.

The Spring Festival is a festival in country A, not country B, so the students here still go to school normally.

“To be precise, I started graduate school after giving birth to my child.” Qin Anan held his big palm tightly, “There are too many regrets between us. Fu Shiting, I don’t want to be like before. You quarrel, whether it’s your problem or mine, I feel like I’ve been stripped alive again.”

He said hoarsely, “Me too.”

“When I was young, I was easily influenced by my emotions. I looked at everything with a strong subjective judgment.” She said annoyed, “When I was studying here, I hated you every time I thought of you. I will show you today. I came here to let go of the previous hatred. I hope we can start again.”

His eyes were sore, and tears seemed to flow from his eyes.

He squeezed her hand tightly, holding back the tears back into his body.

“Fu Shiting, today is Valentine’s Day.” She pointed at the girl in front of her holding a flower, her envious tone unconcealed, “Because today is Valentine’s Day, I want to be alone with you.”

His Adam’s apple rolled and he agreed . “I’m going to buy flowers.” “I’ll go buy some flowers

later! I want to see Professor Hu Qing.” She continued to walk with him, “After Professor Hu Qing passed away, he transferred some of his property to The book was donated to the school. The school built a sculpture for him to commemorate him.”


“Actually, the death of Professor Hu Qing is not unexpected.” Qin Anan didn’t tell anyone about this, “A few days before he died. In May, there was an accident in the laboratory. That rescue came back.”

“It’s a pity, he’s still so young.”

“He’s working too hard.” She said indifferently, “People’s energy is limited. If you pass others, you also let yourself go.”

After walking around the school, the two came out of the gate.

Fu Shiting’s eyes quickly locked on a flower shop near the school.

He quickly ran to the flower shop and bought a bunch of red roses.

When he handed the rose to her, she was like a little girl in love, her heart beating wildly!

He took her right hand and quietly put a ring on her ring finger.

The smile on her face was replaced by surprise.

“Other men don’t dare to give you a ring, I dare.” He said word by word, as if taking an oath of sovereignty, “Qin An’an, no matter what happens in the future, my heart will always be yours.”

Chapter 832

Chapter 832

She looked at the sparkling diamond ring on her fingers, her eyes were slightly moist, and her emotions were a little out of control.

She jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly.

“When did you buy the ring? We are together every day, why didn’t I know you prepared a gift in advance?”

She thought he didn’t know it was Valentine’s Day.

From the morning until just now when she reminded him of Valentine’s Day, he didn’t show any clues.

“When I bought you a necklace last time, I took a look at the ring.” He explained, “It’s a bit difficult to know what holiday is today.”

Since a few days ago, various marketing activities for Valentine’s Day have begun.

Turning on his phone this morning, the news about Valentine’s Day was also pushed to his phone.

“If I didn’t mention Valentine’s Day just now, when were you going to give me the ring?” She let go of him, looking at his handsome face with red eyes.

He looked at her emotionally and said hoarsely: “I know you can’t help reminding me. I’ve been waiting since you looked at the calendar at noon.”

She smiled and got a little angry: “You can’t Do you want to take the initiative? I have to mention it!”

“I’ll take the initiative to put it on for you, don’t you think?” He held her hand in his palm, “An An, what’s the next arrangement?”

Qin Anan watched the street come and go Often people, with happiness on their faces, smiled and said, “Just like this, walking on the street.”

She wanted everyone on the street to see her wearing a diamond ring, holding a rose, and holding her favorite man.

She wants to tell the world that she is the happiest woman now.

country A.

Zhou Ziyi transferred his mother to the best hospital in City A for inpatient treatment.

After Sheng Bei got the news, he immediately went to the hospital to visit.

Zhou’s mother has woken up, but her spirit is still not very good.

“Sheng Bei, my son, how could this be done?” Mother Zhou mentioned this incident with tears in her eyes, “Does his boss know about this? I want to ask Fu Shiting for an explanation!”

Zhou Ziyi stood beside him , wanted to explain to his mother, but her mother couldn’t listen to what he said now.

He was also afraid that he would get emotional and talk too much, which would make his mother sicker.

Sheng Bei gave him a look and told him not to speak.

Zhou Ziyi turned his back and took a deep breath.

Sheng Bei held Zhou’s mother’s hand and comforted him: “Auntie, this is Ziyi’s private matter. Although Shi Ting is his boss, he can only take care of his work.”

“Ziyi told me! That Mike is from Qin An’an’s company. What is the relationship between Qin An’an and Fu Shiting, I don’t need to say more… My son has become like this, and Fu Shiting will take the main responsibility!” Zhou’s mother took Sheng Bei’s hand push away.

Sheng Bei: “What do you want Shi Ting to do? Break up with him and Mike? Auntie, aren’t you afraid that Ziyi will hate you?”

Zhou’s mother sneered: “I didn’t say he couldn’t like men, there are so many men in this world. Too many, why did you choose a foreigner? That man is not serious at first glance… If he chooses you, I won’t be so angry!”

Sheng Bei was stunned! Unexpectedly, the fire led to himself.

Zhou Ziyi was also stunned!

How could a mother say such a bizarre, absurd thing?

Just when Zhou Ziyi and Sheng Bei were shocked to the point of being speechless, Zhou’s mother made another shocking statement: “If he were with Fu Shiting, I might even praise him for his ability!”

Zhou Ziyi did not dare to go . Blocking his mother’s mouth, he could only pull Sheng Bei out of the ward immediately.

Chapter 833

Chapter 833

“Brother Bei! My mother is confused! You must not spread what she said just now!” Zhou Ziyi was about to collapse, “If the boss knows, he will definitely fire me!”

Sheng Bei laughed with tears Hengfei: “Ziyi, don’t get excited. Auntie has a very clear idea. She opposes you being with Mike because she dislikes Mike’s poverty. Just let Mike make more money.”

Zhou Ziyi shook his head: “My mother thinks Mike is okay as a friend, but not as a partner. Because he has the face of a scumbag. This is my mother’s original words.”

“Hahahaha! You also say your mother is confused, I don’t think anyone is more sober than your mother. Don’t frown, take good care of her first.”

“Well. Brother Bei, are you free today? Can you help me see Mike? I ignored him for two days, I guess he’s going to explode.” Zhou Zi Yi frowned, “I can’t walk away in the hospital, and I don’t know what to say to him.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go see him.”

Sheng Bei came out of the hospital and drove to the Xinghewan villa.

As expected by Sheng Bei, Mike was at home alone, living a life upside down day and night.

“Can you go back to country B?” Sheng Bei put the breakfast he brought on the coffee table.

“Qin An’an won’t let me go back.” Mike lay on the sofa and said angrily, “She said that I made Ziyi’s mother angry, and I have to wait until his mother gets better.”

“Oh, his mother is much better. You Don’t be too pessimistic, his parents don’t understand you and misunderstand you. You cheer up, work hard to make money, and treat Ziyi well…”

“I also want to cheer up, but Zhou Ziyi ignores me. This You bastard!”

“He was scolded by his parents badly. You understand.” Sheng Bei lit a cigarette and changed to a relatively relaxed topic, “Shi Ting and An An reconciled? I think An An is among friends. The diamond ring has been circled.”

Mike was shocked: “She didn’t tell me! I didn’t even look at my phone.”

“February 14th is Valentine’s Day. They spent Valentine’s Day together.” Sheng Bei breathed out a thick smoke ring. “In addition to the diamond ring, there is also a photo of the two of them. The two are so happy that they seem to be getting their marriage certificate soon.”

Mike Turn on the phone, click on Qin An’an’s circle of friends, and see the group photo and diamond ring that Sheng Bei said.

“I think she doesn’t want me to go back because she doesn’t want me to disturb their two-person world!” Mike said sourly, “Hmph, Xiuen love is dying fast! I never show!”

“You’re not showing because Ziyi is not. Let you show off?”

“Sheng Bei, if you don’t talk, I won’t treat you as dumb.”

“I bought you breakfast, eat some!” Sheng Bei teased, “Ziyi asked me to see you. , if he hadn’t asked me, I’d be dating a beautiful woman right now!”

“Tsk tsk, then go go on a date with a beautiful woman now!” Mike took his breakfast and turned back to the room, “Bring the door for me when you go out. !”

Sheng Bei did have a date, but not with a beautiful woman.

Tang Qian called him in the morning and asked him to meet.

He didn’t ask Tang Qian what to do with him, but agreed to meet directly.

First, he was still on vacation, and second, he really wanted to see Tang Qian.

I only know that she is disfigured, but I don’t know what she is like.

The two met at Tang Qian’s apartment.

Tang Qian was without makeup, and the wound on her face was shocking, making Sheng Bei speechless for a while.

“Why didn’t you ask me why I moved back?” Tang Qian poured him a glass of water, “Sheng Bei, don’t look at me with such pitiful eyes. I’m about to become Mrs. Fu, and I’m not pitiful. “

Sheng Bei shook his hand and didn’t catch the water glass she handed over.

“Tang Qian, what did you say?!”

“I said I was going to become Mrs. Fu soon. In three days, Shi Ting should announce the good news.” Tang Qian squatted down and picked up the water glass, “God still pity me. Although I am so ugly now, But Shi Ting is willing to marry me.”

Chapter 834

Chapter 834

Sheng Bei gasped.

He resisted the manic emotions in his heart, grabbed Tang Qian’s collar, and shouted loudly: “Tang Qian! What the hell are you talking about?! Why does Shi Ting marry you? He is with Qin An’an now! He wants to marry, She is also marrying Qin An’an!” Tang

Qian chuckled softly: “I know he is with Qin An’an now. After all, they have children to take care of. I don’t care. If you can’t get his heart, you can get him. Enough.”

Sheng Bei sneered and loosened her collar: “I think you are disfigured and stimulated, and you have a delusional disorder! Shi Ting wants to marry you, why don’t I know about such an important thing?

” I don’t want to marry you, don’t you know it’s normal?” Tang Qian put the empty water glass on the table, her voice calm and restrained, “Sheng Bei, I treat you as a friend, so I tell you this. I know You disdain to be my friend now, but in my heart, you are the most important…”

“Shut up!” Sheng Bei interrupted her, “You think you can move me by saying these words to me, Can you still use me again?”

Tang Qian smiled and shook her head: “I don’t use you, and I don’t want to touch you. After my disfigurement, I have almost no friends around me, and my relatives are also disappointed with me, thinking that I am a disgrace to the Tang family. You are me. The only person who dares to meet, because I know you won’t mock me or hit me.”

“I see that you’ve become so pitiful, and I really can’t bear to hit you. But you said you were going to marry Shi Ting, I’ll treat you The only bit of sympathy left is gone!”

“Sheng Bei, I’m not crazy.” Tang Qian looked at his face and said calmly, “Now Shi Ting and Qin Anan should be very happy together, don’t take this matter. Disturb him. Let him be happy for a few more days!”

Sheng Bei: “Oh, you’re not crazy, that’s why I’m crazy, or Fu Shiting is crazy!”

“If I wasn’t disfigured, you wouldn’t be so excited, right? You You said before that I deserve the best man. You also said that I am a good match for Shi Ting.” Tang Qian smiled bitterly, “Because I am disfigured, you don’t think I am good enough for him.”

“Tang Qian, do you think it’s the reason for the disfigurement? If Qin An’an is disfigured now, I still think Qin An’an is more suitable for Shi Ting! It has nothing to do with the face!” Sheng Bei said angrily, “You have a dark heart, so you have suffered Retribution! Don’t say I won’t be your friend, even if you really marry Fu Shiting, I won’t think highly of you!”

Tang Qian said with tears in her eyes.

After the disfigurement, Tang Qiaosen used all kinds of vicious language to humiliate her every day. But she never shed tears in front of Tang Qiaosen’s face.

Because the weaker she is, the more Tang Qiaosen will bully her.

“Sheng Bei, stay with me! I’m so lonely.” Tang Qian sat down on the sofa, bowed her head, and choked, “I know that I have done all my bad things, and I deserve it. But in this world, there are people worse than me. They are by our side. They are still alive, so I can’t die.”

Sheng Bei had a headache listening to her broken cries.

He wanted to go, but his feet seemed to be filled with lead, and he couldn’t move.

He wanted to call Fu Shiting to ask what was going on, but her reminder was still in his ears.

He could sit here for a while, think about it, or wait three days to see if what she said would be verified.

country B.

Fu Shiting fell asleep again.

Today, he walked outside with Qin An’an for an afternoon. It is reasonable to say that he is physically exhausted, and it will be easier to fall asleep.

But he closed his eyes and tried to force himself to sleep several times, but he became more and more awake.

He was afraid of making Qin Anan sleep, so he didn’t dare to move.

At night, Qin Anan turned over in a daze and wrapped his arms around his body.

But he was surprised to find that his body was tense.

She woke up suddenly, and said in a hoarse voice, “Shi Ting, what’s the matter with you? Haven’t you slept yet?”

He couldn’t hide it: “I forgot to bring the medicine.”

“What medicine?” She immediately sat up, turned on the room light, and looked at him with a serious face, “Medicine for depression?”

Chapter 835

Chapter 835

His eyes were scarlet, “And sleeping pills.”

“Are you insomnia so bad?” She scratched her messy hair, “How did you fall asleep last night? How about the night before? Are you going to sleep?”

She said, lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

Since he can’t sleep without taking medicine, she has to buy medicine for him.

“It started last night.” He was afraid that she would be worried, so he wrote lightly, “Probably these two days are too happy, so I always think of Yin Yin.”

“I know that Yin Yin’s death has hit you hard. But Shi Ting, life If Yin Yin is still alive, she definitely doesn’t want you to be so sad.” She put on her coat, “Do you remember the name of the medicine you often take? Or should I go and buy it?

” Come along!” He got up and got out of bed.

“No need, you lie down.” She pressed him back to the bed and lay down, “The pharmacy is closed, so I have to go to the hospital to buy it. I’ll drive to find an acquaintance, and I’ll be back soon.”

“An An, you are like this in country B. So many acquaintances, life is so convenient, why didn’t you settle here in the first place?” he asked.

“No matter how familiar it is, it’s not my hometown.” She joked, “Actually, I also have many acquaintances in China. It’s just that they are not as good as you, so you don’t know their existence.”

“Let the bodyguard accompany you. “

You lie down and rest, don’t worry about it.” She took her bag and strode out of the bedroom.

Looking at the back of her leaving, he sighed silently in his heart.

Because the happy days are coming to an end now, he can’t sleep through the night.

He knew the problem was here, but he couldn’t solve it.

He hasn’t figured out how to say goodbye to her when he returns home.

He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling, the white light dazzling his eyes.

Suddenly, a cold liquid fell to his ears, he raised his hand to wipe away the tears, and closed his eyes.

Forty minutes later, Qin Anan came back from buying medicine.

When she came back, Aunt Hong heard the sound and came out of the room and asked her what she was doing so late.

He heard their conversation clearly in the room.

Not long after, she came in with the medicine and a glass of warm water.

He sat on the bed and looked at her blushing face with guilt.

“It’s cold outside, isn’t it?”

“A bit. It’s still warm at home.” She put the medicine and water on the bedside table next to him, then took off her coat and put it on the clothes rail, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you didn’t bring any medicine with you? If I didn’t find you insomnia, are you going to keep your eyes open until dawn?”

“I didn’t think I would suffer from insomnia.”

“If you didn’t stop taking the medicine before, and you came here to stop taking the medicine, how could you not think? Do you think I can cure your insomnia?” She sat down beside him and looked at his side face, “I chatted with the doctor a few words, and he said that insomnia mainly depends on regulating your emotions.”

“I tried, but failed. .” He swallowed the medicine and joked, “I’m not old yet, but I’ve fallen to the point where I need you to serve me in the middle of the night. It will definitely be more troublesome when I’m old. Why don’t you find a young man!”

Qin Anan laughed. Laughing: “Okay! I also want to see if young men are more obedient… But, before I find a young man, maybe your illness will heal first!”

Chapter 836

Chapter 836

Half an hour later, Fu Shiting fell into a deep sleep under the effect of the medicine.

He fell asleep, but Qin Anan was no longer sleepy.

She carefully recalled what happened between them after he came over.

After he came, she was happy every day. Not only did the sleep become better, but the appetite was also better than before.

She thought he was just like herself.

She never expected him to suffer from insomnia.

She wanted to help him very much, but now, she seemed to have no other choice but to buy medicine for him.

In the days to come, she can be a little nicer to him and give him more love.

If one day is not enough, then one month, one year… One day, she will make up for the regret for Yin Yin in his heart.

The next day, when Fu Shiting got up, it was already ten in the morning.

When he came out of the room, Qin Anan immediately pulled him to the dining room.

“Let’s go out after you’ve eaten.” She had already made arrangements for today’s schedule, “Bring the children with you.” He glanced

at the weather outside: “It doesn’t seem like it’s suitable to go out today.”

Weather makes it difficult to drive.

“It’s often foggy here in winter.” Qin Anan said as usual, “Just drive slowly on the road.”

“Is there any activity outside today?” Seeing her wanting to go out like this, he naturally wouldn’t disappoint her.

“I don’t know. I’m not going to play today, I want to take a family photo.” She knew that he would not refuse, so she said, “I have already made an appointment for a photographer.

“Go! Family portraits, of course, you can’t miss any of them.” She knew that he would have this doubt, so she explained, “Although Xiaohan doesn’t like you, he likes me, Rila, and Ziqiu. No matter what the problem, as long as I Discuss with him well, and he will usually agree to me.”

Her words revealed the pride and pride of ‘my son spoils me’.

He was very envious, and at the same time worried: “The injury on my forehead will reduce my appearance.”

“I can use the skin color bandage to bring you a new bandage. I will let the photographer remove it later. In fact, I think you do this too. Very handsome.” She boasted, “The main reason is that you have a good-looking face, even if you shave your head, you can’t stop your handsomeness.”

Her praise made Fu Shiting happy and elated.

Not to mention this little injury on the head, even if there is a knife in the sky, I have to take a family photo today.

The photographer selected by Qin Anan is a well-known individual photographer in the photography circle of country B.

This is a female photographer. After receiving Qin An’an’s call, she pushed for today’s job and promised to help Qin An’an take a family photo first.

Not long after, two cars parked in front of the photography studio.

Fu Shiting, Rila and Sister Zhang share a car. Qin Anan, Xiaohan and Ziqiu took another car.

After Fu Shiting took Rila out of the car, he walked to Qin An’an’s car.

He wanted to help hold Ziqiu, but Qin Anan shook his head and got out of the car directly.

Xiao Han was left in the car.

Fu Shiting’s eyes met Xiaohan’s.

He wanted to walk over to help Xiaohan unfasten his seat belt, but he went around and Xiaohan got out of the car by himself.

The father and son almost collided.

Fu Shiting immediately reached out to support Xiaohan, but was pushed away by Xiaohan’s conditioned reflex.

Chapter 837

Chapter 837

Qin Anan sees everything in his eyes.

“Xiaohan, come here.” She said, breaking the awkward situation.

Xiaohan quickly ran to Qin An’an’s side.

“Fu Shiting, come here too!” Seeing that Fu Shiting was a little lost, she shouted.

After they entered the studio, the photographer welcomed them warmly.

“Miss Qin, I didn’t expect you to have three babies at such a young age.” The photographer marveled at the same time, “You and your husband have such a good relationship! But I haven’t heard the news of your marriage before!”

Qin Anan Embarrassed, he said, “I am not married to him at the moment. But it doesn’t affect us taking family photos together.” The

photographer immediately apologized when he realized that he had said something wrong, and changed the subject: “Miss Qin, I have some samples here, you can take a look. .Or what theme you want to shoot, just tell me directly.”

Qin Anan opened the sample and let Rila and Xiaohan choose.

“Mom, I think they’re all pretty good.” Rila picked it up, and it was hard to choose. “Uncle Sinian said that I would look good no matter how I photographed it, so you can choose!”

Qin Anan chose two different styles of themes and put on makeup. The teacher started to make them up.

country A.

Zhou’s mother’s blood pressure dropped and she was discharged from the hospital.

Zhou Ziyi took her to his residence and wanted her to play here for two days before sending her back to her hometown.

“Ziyi, when did you buy this house? I remember that the house you used was not that big! Why didn’t you tell me when you bought the house?” Mother Zhou looked around the house, and the more she looked, the more satisfied she became.

At a glance, the house has a wide field of vision, is transparent from north to south, and has excellent lighting.

There was not much furniture in the house, and it looked a little empty.

But it has an air of simplicity.

“Where can I afford a house here with my salary?” Zhou Ziyi said with a guilty conscience, “Mike thought the place I lived in was too small, so he paid me to buy it here.”

“Ah?!” Mother Zhou blushed, He frowned, “I bought you a house? How much is this house worth?”

“Mom, this house is more than 100 million yuan.” Zhou Ziyi poured her a glass of water, “Although the house is not very good, but the location is here. Good. I live here and I can walk to work every day.”

Mother Zhou’s mind echoed ‘more than 100 million’, and her face became extremely bad.

“This house costs so much money?!” Mother Zhou was shocked, and after a few seconds of delay, she asked, “Whose name is the house written on? Is it bought with full money or with a loan?”

“Written mine. Name.” Zhou Ziyi took a glass of water for himself and took a sip, “I bought it on a loan. I repay the loan every month.”

“Haha! I knew he didn’t have much money!”

“Mom, he wants to pay me the full amount. I bought it myself with a loan. He paid 99% to me, 1 million in loan, and I pay 10,000 from the provident fund every month.”

“Ziyi, are you trying to get his money?” Zhou Mujing Come down and talk to my son, “Mom told you that enough money is enough, you don’t have to do things that you are not happy with for money…”

“Mom, even if he has no money, I will still like him. “Zhou Ziyi said frankly, “I know you and Dad can’t accept this, and I don’t plan to convince you. Just leave us alone. If we continue to get along and find it inappropriate, we will naturally break up.” In the

evening, Zhou Ziyi drove to Find Mike.

Mike opened him a bottle of champagne.

“Why would your mother want to go back to your hometown?” Mike raised a glass to him.

“She took my salary card. She said at least one of people and money should be in her hand.” Zhou Ziyi said helplessly, “I am now poor.”

“Haha! I’ll take care of you in the future!” Mike was in a good mood, “They want money, tell me earlier! Why bother to be hospitalized!”

“Mike, I just found out today that you might be a lover.” Zhou Ziyi picked up the wine bottle, Pour the wine, “You paid me to buy such an expensive house, and you lived in Qin An’an’s house by yourself. You also gave me a luxury car, and the broken car you drove was discontinued.”

“This is called Love brain? I think it’s scarier that Fu Shiting throws money at Qin Anan, then Fu Shiting is also a love brain?” Mike asked back.

Chapter 838

Chapter 838

“My boss is not a lover, he is a big lover!” Zhou Ziyi said, “He is not only generous to Qin An’an, but also infatuated with her! There is a more beautiful woman around him than Qin An’an. No, but he never thought of looking for another woman.”

“That’s because those who are more beautiful than Qin Anan are not as capable as Qin Anan, and those who are more capable than Qin Anan are not as young and beautiful as Qin Anan.” Mike praised Qin Anan, Tongue blossomed, “If I like women, I will also fall in love with Qin An’an.”

Zhou Ziyi kicked him. He just complimented him a few words, and he floated away.

“You can’t help being funny! An An and your boss are about to remarry, and when the two of them return to China, there will be no place for me in this family,” Mike said with regret on his face, and he was very happy, “I’ll move in and live with you then! “

Are you sure they are going to remarry?” Zhou Ziyi had been taking care of his mother in the hospital these days, so he hadn’t heard of it.

“It’s very likely that he’s going to remarry. Work will start in two days. He hasn’t set a return date yet. I guess he’s having too much fun over there and doesn’t want to come back.” Mike teased.

“He’s the boss, so he can play as long as he wants. But if Qin Anan doesn’t come back, you have to go to work on time, right?”

“Well, if your boss doesn’t come back, don’t you have to go to work normally?”

“Stop talking, Drink a bar!” Zhou Ziyi thought of the chicken flying and dog jumping in this Spring Festival, and now he has finally cleaned up, and the holiday is coming to an end.

country B.

After the photo was taken, it was already evening.

The photographer helped Qin Anan and Fu Shiting take a few couple photos for them for free.

“I’ll send you the photo later. I hope you will always be happy!”

Qin An’an: “Thank you. I worked hard for you today.”

“It’s not hard, I’m honored that you can choose me.” The photographer sent them out, “By the way, can I send your group photo to my personal account? Because I think you two are very expressive. .”

Qin Anan didn’t think about it: “Yes. As long as you don’t send the child’s photo.”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely not send your family photo. This is your privacy!”


From the studio When she came out, Qin Anan looked at Fu Shiting: “I agree to her request, you won’t mind, right?”

She is with Fu Shiting now, and she doesn’t mind being known by others.

She thought Fu Shiting wouldn’t mind either.

Fu Shiting hugged Rila and replied lightly, “I don’t mind.” The

photographer is from country B. She posted it on her social account in country B, and it would hardly spread to country A.

It doesn’t matter if it goes to country A.

His relationship with Qin An’an has long been passed down in country A.

“You look a little tired.” She looked through his eyes and saw that he seemed to have something on his mind.

When I went out at noon, everything was fine.

He pulled out a smile: “Look, Rila is about to fall asleep.”

“But I’m not tired!” Qin Anan opened the car door, then patted Rila on the shoulder, “Baby, don’t sleep, we want to I’m home!”

“Mom, when you went to buy medicine for Dad last night, I woke up and couldn’t sleep…I didn’t sleep well…”

Qin Anan glanced at Fu Shiting: “I want Why don’t you hold her?”

“Well. It’s my fault.” Fu Shiting blamed himself, “Get in the car and go home first!”

On the way back, Qin Anan received an electronic version of the photo from the photographer.

It’s a photo of her and Fu Shiting. There are pictures of him hugging her, and there are pictures of him holding her face and kissing her.

Every photo is beautiful and romantic.

Seeing her looking at her phone and laughing, Xiaohan asked curiously, “Mom, what are you looking at?”

Chapter 839

Chapter 839

“I’m looking at my photo with your father, do you want to see it?” Qin Anan asked.

Xiaohan immediately put his head away from the car window: “Don’t look.”

“Then I won’t look either.” Qin Anan put down the phone and looked at his son, “Xiaohan, my mother is really thankful for you today. Family photo, because after your grandmother passed away, we haven’t taken family photo. There is another reason.”

Xiao Han looked away from the window.

He is willing to listen to his mother. No matter what his mother said, he could hear her heart.

“Last night your dad told me that since Yin Yin died, he had been relying on medicine to fall asleep. He didn’t bring medicine, so I went to buy him medicine last night. He’s not perfect, and neither am I. After I Think carefully, I want him to accompany me in my future life.”

Qin Anan is informing Xiaohan that she will live with Fu Shiting in the future.

Xiaohan had long expected this result.

After Fu Shiting came over, his mother slept and played with him every day. When the two of them went out on a date, they had to take their sister at home.

He doesn’t like his mother sharing love with Fu Shiting. But after Fu Shiting came, his mother was obviously much happier.

“Mom, it’s good if you are happy.” Xiaohan frowned, and the words he said were extraordinarily precocious, “When my brother and sister grow up, we may not be able to accompany you.”

“Mom didn’t think about such long-term matters, because the future There are too many variables,” Qin An’an held Xiao Han’s hand, “It would be good if we could grasp the current life.”

After the photo of Qin An’an and Fu Shiting was uploaded to the social account by the photographer, the photo Immediately spread out.

Because the two of them have a relatively high appearance, but also because of their special identities.

One is the richest man in country A, and the other is a famous female entrepreneur in country B and a well-known neurologist.

The photo of the two of them was quickly spread to Country A.

The news that the two of them are together in China is full of praise.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the two of them are tantamount to a perfect match, a perfect match.

Now search their names on the browser of country A, and the first news that pops up is that the two of them donated drones for border defense together.

This deepened the public’s goodwill towards them both.

Qin Anan woke up suddenly in the night.

She had a nightmare just now. I dreamed that Fu Shiting left without saying goodbye and returned to China alone.

She reached out and touched her side.

After touching his warm body, her uneasy mood suddenly calmed down.

She turned on her phone and wanted to check the time, but she saw someone on WeChat added her as a friend.

She doesn’t add strangers, but this person’s verification message reads: Qin An’an! I’m cousin Tang Qian! You are so shameless!

Seeing this sentence in the middle of the night, she was sober.

She passed this person’s friend application and wanted to ask this person how shameless she was.

As a result, before she could send a message to ask questions, the other party sent a photo of her and Fu Shiting directly.

Tang Qian’s cousin: Qin An’an, you are shameless! Fu Shiting is my cousin-in-law. Who are you trying to displease by taking such disgusting pictures with him?

Qin Anan was shocked: cousin-in-law? Who is your cousin?

Cousin Tang Qian: Do you have bad eyes? It’s so clearly written in my verification! I’m Tang Qian’s cousin!

Qin An’an: When did Fu Shiting stay with your cousin? They haven’t been together before, and it’s even more unlikely now!

In order to make the other party stop, Qin Anan turned on the camera of his mobile phone, took a photo of Fu Shiting’s sleeping face and sent it over.

Qin An’an: He’s lying beside me now, do you want me to wake him up and talk to you?

Chapter 840

Chapter 840 The

other party didn’t seem to expect Fu Shiting to be by her side, so he was stunned for a while.

Qin Anan also calmed down: you said you were Tang Qian’s cousin, why should I believe you?

Tang Qian’s cousin: I am Tang Qian’s cousin! My name is Zhang Ziying, if you don’t believe me, you can call my cousin! Do you have my cousin’s number?

Qin Anan: No. You send me her number.

Qin Anan has Tang Qian’s number. She said this because she wanted to see if the other party was a liar.

Tang Qian’s cousin sent a string of numbers.

After Qin Anan checked it, she was sure that she did know Tang Qian.

Qin An’an’s heart suddenly became cold.

If she is really Tang Qian’s cousin, then what she said might be true?

For a while, her temples suddenly hurt!

Fu Shiting accompanies himself and his children every day. He has no interaction with Tang Qian at all. How could he suddenly marry Tang Qian?

If he is going to marry Tang Qian, then he should be by Tang Qian’s side now!

Tang Qian… Isn’t Tang Qian disfigured?

Putting that aside, how could he have feelings for Tang Qian?

Qin Anan thought of this, and a cold sweat broke out on her back!

It is impossible for her to forget how badly Tang Qian harmed herself in the first place, let alone how badly Tang Qian harmed Xiao Tian!

If Fu Shiting dares to be with Tang Qian, she will definitely not share the sky with him!

As long as he still has reason, he should know that Tang Qian and her can only choose one of the two.

Cousin Tang Qian: Why didn’t you speak? Feeling too embarrassed, sorry? You are the third one! You vixen!

Qin Anan looked at the message she sent, her eyes were a little sour, and her typing hand trembled slightly: You said that Fu Shiting wanted to marry your cousin, when did this happen? Nobody told me about it. Even if I am the third, I am not the third one! Keep your mouth clean!

Tang Qian’s cousin: Fu Shiting hasn’t told you yet? Hehehe! What a scumbag! He’s going to marry my cousin, and he’s still catching you! Qin An’an, you are so pitiful! You were deceived by this man!

Qin Anan resisted his anger and asked: Listen to your tone, their wedding date is set?

Cousin Tang Qian: Anyway, my cousin’s family has already started to prepare for the wedding. I heard from my mother that the marriage will be announced in a few days! Our entire Tang family knows about this, so how can this be fake?

Qin Anan squeezed the phone tightly, looking at this text, her fingers couldn’t move!

This is not a dream! Because the heartache feels so real!

She could even hear her own heavy breathing and gritted teeth.

Cousin Tang Qian: My cousin is now disfigured and has become more inferior. If she doesn’t come to trouble you, it doesn’t mean that our Tang family is easy to bully! Qin An’an, if you harass Fu Shiting again, I will let everyone know that you are the mistress!

Qin Anan looked at this sentence, her heart trembled violently.

She was like a drowning fish, breathing hard.

There were two voices in her mind. One voice told her that it was impossible for Tang Qian’s cousin to lie about such a thing. Fu Shiting was going to marry Tang Qian!

Another voice comforted her that Fu Shiting could not marry Tang Qian! What is Fu Shiting’s drawing? Is Tu Tangqian disfigured?

Just when her eyes were blurred with tears and she was about to stop replying, Fu Shiting’s arm suddenly stretched out and hugged her waist.

His body also leaned over and hugged her whole in his arms.

She froze.

She thought he was awake, she thought he was going to call her name in the next second.

If he spoke, she would definitely ask him if he was going to marry Tang Qian.

However, he did not speak. Because he didn’t wake up at all.

The sound of his even breathing fell on the back of her head, and she felt his warm body temperature and breath, and her emotions gradually calmed down.

She turned on her phone and saw a series of insulting and threatening messages sent by Tang Qian’s cousin, she replied: Do you know why Fu Shiting wants to marry Tang Qian?

Tang Qian’s cousin: Of course it’s because of profit! Can your broken company be compared with Xinhe Capital? Only by joining forces with the Tang family can Fu Shiting make more money!

Qin Anan looked at these dazzling words and didn’t believe a word.

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