When His Eyes Opened Chapter 851 -860(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 851 -860(Chinese)

Chapter 851


“Shi Ting, I didn’t want to marry you.” Tang Qian thought about it and decided to make it clear to him, “Tang Qiaosen wants to use me to humiliate you. I don’t want to get married at all, let alone hold a wedding. .”

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” he said lightly.

She froze for a moment, looked at his stern face, and asked, “Qin An’an…” “Tang

Qian, you just need to complete what you promised me. You don’t need to worry about my personal affairs.”

” I can explain it to her for you!” Tang Qian said kindly.

“No!” Fu Shiting said angrily, “Don’t disturb her!”

He knew Qin Anan’s current state of mind too well.

If anyone came to her and talked about him now, she would be angry. If Tang Qian said it, she would be even more angry.

It’s best not to disturb her until things are resolved.

After the matter is resolved, he will personally explain to her that he is wrong.

Two hours later, a headline broke out on the Internet that Fu Shiting, president of ST Group, will spend huge sums of money to marry Tang Qian, the daughter of Xinhe Capital.

This news was released at the request of Don Johnson.

Tang Qiaosen wants to let the whole world know that Fu Shiting is going to marry Tang Qian.

Not only to marry, but to marry proudly.

In the news, it was detailed that Fu Shiting would give Tang Qian a 5.2 billion betrothal gift to show his determination to love her.

It also emphasized that Tang Qian was injured and disfigured by the fire, and Fu Shiting not only never gave up, but also gave her a grand wedding.

Of course, 5.2 billion won’t go through Tang Qian’s hand, but directly into Tang Qiaosen’s account.

Tang Qiaosen took advantage of this wedding to justifiably hit Fu Shiting hard, and made Fu Shiting a subject of ridicule by the public.

Because the news released photos of Tang Qian’s disfigurement.

As soon as this headline came out, it directly triggered an unprecedented upsurge of discussion in Country A.

——Fu Shiting and Tang Qian? Is there something wrong with my memory? Why do I keep remembering that Fu Shiting’s girlfriend is Qin An’an?

——Why did Fu Shiting marry Tang Qian? Tang Qian’s disfigured appearance is so scary! I’m not discriminating against her, but Fu Shiting looks at her face, is he really not afraid?

  • Are they really in love? Otherwise, I really can’t figure out why a rich man like Fu Shiting would marry a disfigured woman!

——Did Fu Shiting get kidnapped? ? [Dog’s Head]

——A few days ago, I saw Fu Shiting and Qin Anan kissing photos on the Internet! As a result, now Fu Shiting wants to marry Tang Qian? I really don’t know whether to call him a scumbag or praise him as a living Buddha! [Laughing and crying]

  • Will this matter become an unsolved mystery? ! A normal man wouldn’t choose Tang Qian, would he? And Fu Shiting also spent 5.2 billion… For me, I don’t even want to give 52 yuan!

Country B, Qin An’an’s fever finally subsided.

She went to the bathroom to take a shower, changed into clean clothes, and came out of the room.

“Is Fu Shiting sick?! Is it a big deal for him to marry Tang Qian? He even bought news headlines in country B! I’m so fucking obsessed!” Li Xiaotian scolded angrily, “Is he afraid that An An won’t be able to see it? How can he be so bad?!”

Sister Zhang saw Qin An’an approaching, and immediately motioned Li Xiaotian to stop talking with her eyes.

Li Xiaotian turned her head and saw Qin An’an, her intense emotions suddenly subsided.

“An’an, are you feeling better?”

Qin An’an turned pale and nodded.

She heard everything Li Xiaotian said just now.

Chapter 852

Chapter 852

“An An, don’t look at your phone these days.” Li Xiaotian couldn’t help reminding, “Fu Shiting bought a press release in country B, and it was disgusting to read.”

Qin Anan did not answer this sentence.

Although her fever has subsided, she is very hungry because she hasn’t eaten all day. And the throat is very dry and hoarse, a little unable to make a sound.

“An An, let’s have something to eat first! Mike asked me to pick him up at the airport. He’s coming soon, I’m going to the airport now.” Li Xiaotian finished and went out.

Sister Zhang came with a bowl of clear porridge and handed it to Qin Anan.

After Qin Anan finished drinking the porridge, her strength recovered a little.

“Rila, Xiaohan, why do you two keep looking at me?” Qin Anan pulled out a smile, “Mom just caught a cold and will be fine soon.”

“Mom, are you crying secretly?” Rila looked at Mommy’s eyes were red and swollen, and her mouth was shriveled. “Don’t be sad. You still have me, my brother, and my younger brother. We will never leave you.”

“Mom knows. Okay.” Qin Anan stroked her daughter’s smooth hair.

At this time, Xiaohan came over, said nothing, and hugged her silently.

She put her arms around a child, and there seemed to be a steady stream of energy pouring into her body.

“Mom wanted to give you a complete home before, but now my mother finds that there is no such thing as completeness. As long as you are happy, you are complete. So you don’t have to worry about your mother, as long as you are still by your mother’s side, your mother will be very happy.

” Mom, I will never make trouble again. I will definitely listen to what you and my brother have to say.” Rila suffered a huge blow this time, casting a shadow over her young heart.

“Mom, I will take good care of my sister. You can do what you want in the future, don’t worry about us.” Xiaohan Laocheng said.

Qin Anan took a deep breath and forcibly held back the tears in her eyes.

If she can raise her child well, she will have no regrets in her life.


After receiving Mike, Li Xiaotian glanced at him: “Are you wearing pajamas?”

Mike opened the car door, got into the passenger seat, and fastened his seat belt: “Isn’t this in a hurry?”

“Aren’t you cold if you don’t wear a coat?” Li Xiaotian turned up the heating in the car.

“Thank you Fu Shiting, I’m going to explode.” Mike was wearing a sweater, a pair of casual trousers, and winter cotton slippers on his feet.

He was living a sweet two-person world with Zhou Ziyi at home at that time. After answering Zhang’s call, he ran to trouble Fu Shiting. After being blasted out by Fu Shiting’s bodyguard, he was sent to the airport by Zhou Ziyi.

“How is An An? She must have cried to death, right?” Mike said about her, frowning tightly.

“Almost! My eyes are red and swollen, like I’ve lost my soul. I’ve had a fever all day, and now I’m back.” Li Xiaotian drove the car out, “Fu Shiting is really not a thing.”

“Don’t mention this unlucky thing!” Mike gritted his teeth, “When An An was not with him before, every day was very happy, and the children were fine. They didn’t need Fu Shiting at all! Being close to this man will only make you unfortunate!”

Li Xiaotian: “I think You’re right. But don’t go to Ann and say that. She can’t be provoked right now.”

“I know. Thanks for coming with her. Your own affairs are a mess too… eh, it’s hard for the two of you right now. Sister in trouble?”

“Shut your crow’s mouth.” Li Xiaotian glared at him, “you can stay with her next, I’m going back to China.”

“Didn’t you say you want to study here? Why did you decide so suddenly? Going back to China?”

“Hehe, I’m going back to that man’s wedding!” Li Xiaotian sneered, “What if I can help An An get out of my anger?”

Mike put his hands around his chest and said calmly, “I think you want to go back to watch your ex-husband’s wedding!”

“I want to watch both of their weddings!” Li Xiaotian did not shy away, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the fun. , I don’t want to miss it.”

“Do you have any misunderstandings about men? What a once-in-a-lifetime marriage, both of them are second marriages!” Mike teased, “After this second marriage, maybe it will be a while later. I just left, and I’ll get married for the third time in a while…”

Li Xiaotian was stunned.

Mike’s mouth is too ugly, but it’s not unreasonable.

Chapter 853

Chapter 853

“Then I still have to go back and watch the fun. Have you seen Tang Qian’s disfigured face? It’s so scary, Fu Shiting married her, definitely not because of love! The country must be fried! I have to go back and find out why he is I want to marry Tang Qian. This is much more interesting than my further studies!”

After a while, the car pulled into the front yard of the villa and stopped, and Mike opened the door and strode into the living room.

Qin Anan is stacking wood with Ruila. Mike strode up to her side and took a look at her face.

“What are you doing?” Qin Anan pushed him, “Isn’t it about to start work? Who told you to come over?”

Mike said, “Come here if I want to. Could it be that the company can’t start work without me? Why don’t I know that I’m so important?”

Li Xiaotian smiled and said, “An’an, don’t blame him. He was wearing pajamas, not even a coat. It shows how anxious he is.”

Qin Anan heard the words, He glanced at Mike and teased, “I’m not going to die, can you stop exaggerating?”

Mike: “I’m more relieved to see you like this.”

If she is too sad, she doesn’t have the energy to be sarcastic . other’s.


In the dead of night, the needle drop can be heard.

Qin Anan was not sleepy, so he sat down at the desk and opened the notebook.

When the year is over, she will start working.

As long as the sky doesn’t fall and she is still alive, life will run on its original track.

She needs to adjust her mood as soon as possible. The next Yunmo surgery is no trivial matter, she must succeed.

A picture of Fu Shiting standing in front of the desk suddenly appeared in her mind when she woke up a few nights ago.

He was standing in front of her desk, what was he doing?

She remembered that after she called him, he hastily shoved something into the file box.

She looked at the file frame and took out the portfolio on the far side.

The moment she took out the portfolio, she looked at the white line hanging from it and lost her mind.

Fu Shiting opened the bag, because the white thread was originally tangled.

She opened the bag and took out all the documents from it.

It contains Yun Mo’s medical records and Yin Yin’s. Yinyin is what she re-summarized based on her memories.

What is certain is that Fu Shiting took out the documents inside, but he didn’t know how much he read.

She lowered her eyes and exhaled heavily.

It doesn’t matter if he’s seen it or not, or how much he’s seen.

He has gone back to marry Tang Qian, and he doesn’t care what she is doing or thinking now.

Why did she bother to think of him again?

After flipping through the document, she put it down in a distraught. Then enter the words ‘Fu Shiting’ in the notebook search box and press the Enter key.

Soon, news about Fu Shiting appeared in front of her.

The keywords in the title, marked in red and bold, appeared in front of her.

  • 5.2 billion betrothal gifts to marry.
  • Disfigured and never abandoned.

——True love is earth-shattering!

With a ‘pop’, she slammed the notebook shut!

Chapter 854

Chapter 854

Country A.

After the news that Fu Shiting was about to marry Tang Qian spread, various details about their wedding were exposed.

The wedding hotel, the number of guests, wedding menu, souvenirs, bridal jewelry, etc., everything is published online.

This upcoming grand wedding has given the Tang family enough face.

Wang Wanzhi, who had ridiculed Tang Qiaosen in the hospital, couldn’t help calling Tang Qiaosen after seeing this world-shattering news.

“Tang Qiaosen, you are so insidious!” Wang Wanzhi was a little angry, “You stole the contents of the box halfway, right?! It should have been mine!”

If the things were not taken away by Tang Qiaosen, then the threat to Fu Shiting is now People, it’s her!

The 5.2 billion should also be included in her pocket!

“Wang Wanzhi, are you coming to my sister and Fu Shiting’s wedding? Let’s talk face-to-face about the question you asked just now!” Tang Qiaosen smiled arrogantly, “If you dare to come, I will definitely entertain you. And Let my brother-in-law show mercy to you.”

Of course Wang Wanzhi wanted to go to the scene to see Fu Shiting marry Tang Qian.

The reason why this news broke the world is not only because of Fu Shiting’s status, but also because he wants to marry an ugly ugly monster!

Who wouldn’t want to watch this kind of fun? But Wang Wanzhi was afraid of death.

She is now hiding in country B. Although she is a little helpless, at least she will not be hunted down by Fu Shiting.

“Tang Qiaosen, you are so courageous. If I were you, I wouldn’t necessarily dare to threaten Fu Shiting so directly.” Wang Wanzhi hesitated for a while and said, “Aren’t you afraid that he will kill you?”

“Hahaha! He almost killed him before. Did you miss me? In the face of a ruthless person like Fu Shiting, you can only fight against him if you show more ruthlessness than him.” Tang Qiaosen expressed his experience, “Now he has the handle in my hands, as long as he dares to Move me and I’ll make him notorious!”

“Oh, then you have to hide the things. If the things are taken back by him, your time of death will come.” Wang Wanzhi reminded.

“Of course I will hide it.” Tang Qiaosen smiled recklessly, “To tell you the truth, the things are not on me. So if Fu Shiting dares to kill me, my subordinates will immediately announce his scandal!”

“You put the things away ! In your hands, aren’t you afraid that your subordinates will betray you?” Wang Wanzhi didn’t expect Tang Qiaosen to tell herself so much.

“I dare to do this, of course I’m not afraid. Because this subordinate’s relatives are in the hands of another subordinate. If he dares to betray me, the other subordinate will kill his whole family. Isn’t this kind of mutual restraint wonderful?” Tang Qiaosen He laughed out loud at his own resourcefulness.

Wang Wanzhi wanted to say, what if two of her subordinates betray you together, but she calmed down and didn’t say anything.

Because ordinary people simply don’t dare to take such a big risk.

There was a knock on the door outside the room.

Tang Qiaosen hung up the phone, walked to the door, and opened it.

Tang Qian stood there with a frowning face: “Brother, can I choose the makeup and hairstyle on the wedding day?”

Tang Qiaosen looked at her face and said bluntly: “Of course not. Didn’t I tell you, you are just my humiliation now? A chess piece of Fu Shiting. How can a chess piece have ideas and opinions?”

“When I embarrass Fu Shiting, I also embarrass the Tang family?” Tang Qian asked back.

“Of course it’s different. You’re not my sister. What you lose is your face and your mother. You are destined to have no right to inherit the Tang family from birth. You can never represent the Tang family at any time.” Tang Qiaosen said coldly and ruthlessly, ” If you don’t show your ugliness, how can Fu Shiting be laughed at? Hahahaha!”

Tang Qian clenched her fists and turned to leave.

Just now, she heard everything Tang Qiaosen said on the phone in the room.

He said things were in his hands.

Tang Qian’s mouth rose slightly.

Some people die of stupidity. And some people die of arrogance.

Tang Qiao Sen is not stupid, but Tang Qiao Sen is arrogant.

Once he gained power, he treated everyone around him as a fool!

She swore that she would do her best to snatch the Tang family over!

Chapter 855

Chapter 855

She didn’t care about the Tang family’s property before, she just wanted to be respected and recognized by her family, but now, she doesn’t need anyone to look down on her, she only needs the entire Tang family!

ST Group.

Today is the first day of work.

No one expected that Fu Shiting, as the bridegroom-to-be, would come to the company early.

However, since he came to the company, he has been in the office and never came out.

The red envelopes for starting construction are distributed by the vice president and the chief financial officer.

Of course, the employees would not pass up this opportunity to gossip close to the truth.

“Vice President, does our boss really want to marry Tang Qian? Why can’t the boss think about it?” The

vice president was very embarrassed: “I really don’t know this. Why don’t you ask the chief financial officer?”

Sheng Bei looked funny: “Boss How could I possibly know about his personal affairs? I only found out after the news broke. If you want to know that, you can go to his office and ask him himself!” The

employees waved their hands again and again, expressing that they did not dare.

“Chief Treasurer, you have such a good relationship with the boss, don’t you want to give the boss a hand?”

Sheng Bei: “I know you care about the boss, but don’t be so pessimistic. The law stipulates that men and women can get married or divorce!”

Everyone suddenly With a stunned expression.

After the red envelopes were distributed, the vice president asked Sheng Bei in private: “When will the boss get divorced?”

Sheng Bei: “He hasn’t gotten married yet, how do I know when he will divorce.”

“I thought the boss had already told you his plan. What!”

“What plan? Why didn’t I know he had a plan?”

Vice President: “Didn’t the boss marry Tang Qian in order to cooperate deeply with Xinhe Capital?”

Sheng Bei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Even if we cooperate deeply with Xinhe Capital, Xinhe Capital will use us to make money! And the 5.2 billion betrothal gift is not the figure in the press release, but it was really passed on to Tang Qiaosen.”

Vice President: “It seems that the boss has a handle on Tang Qiaosen’s hands.”

Sheng Bei was noncommittal: “It’s a pity that some people won’t sympathize with him.”

“Who are you talking about?” The vice president asked in confusion.

Sheng Bei raised his eyebrows and did not speak.

“Oh! You said Qin An’an, right?” The vice president understood, “Actually, if Qin Anan wants to marry another man, our boss may not be able to respect and understand and wait silently. The boss doesn’t bring a knife to the man. It’s slaughtered, my surname is yours.”

Sheng Bei was speechless.

country B.

Children’s room. Rila was lying on the bed with her eyes open and her mouth murmured: “Brother, I don’t believe Dad is a badass… The last time I lost his things, he didn’t blame me… “

Rila’s words were like a flash of lightning.

Xiaohan’s mind flashed white light.

Fu Shiting suddenly decided to marry Tang Qian. Could it be because his belongings were taken away by the Tang family?

Although Xiaohan resented Fu Shiting in his heart, seeing his mother and sister hurt by his actions made Xiaohan feel uncomfortable.

Isn’t his scandal a mental illness?

He loves face so much and is so afraid of being known about this, but he was controlled by the Tang family because of this.

Xiaohan didn’t want to get involved in his affairs, but seeing the Tang family so arrogant, he was really unhappy!

Chapter 856

Chapter 856

Eight o’clock in the evening, country A time.

A Weibo exploded on the Internet.

This Weibo was posted by Tang Qiaosen’s private account, and the content was: Fu Shiting is mentally ill.

Just seven words, but shocking.

Although the account that posted this Weibo is Tang Qiaosen’s private account, netizens quickly found out that it was Tang Qiaosen’s Weibo according to the information released by the account.

Fu Shiting and Tang Qiaosen’s sister, Tang Qian, are about to get married. At this critical juncture, Tang Qiaosen broke the news on Weibo, is this marriage ending or not?

After Tang Qiaosen’s Weibo was widely spread, Tang Qiaosen’s friend called and told him about it.

Tang Qiaosen gritted his teeth: “I haven’t been on Weibo for 800 years, I haven’t posted on Weibo!”

After speaking, he logged on to his Weibo, which he hadn’t been on in 800 years, and saw this terrifying new Weibo.

Tang Qiaosen stared at these words, the blood in his body boiled, and his mind was a mess.

who is it?

Who landed on his Weibo and posted this supposedly secret Weibo?

Tang Qiaosen immediately deleted the Weibo and then posted an explanation: The Weibo account was stolen. The previous Weibo was not posted by me, and it has been reported to the police!

After Tang Qiaosen posted this Weibo, he immediately called the police.

But it was all too late.

His Weibo has been screenshotted for a long time, and it has been circulated ten or ten times…

When Fu Shiting saw this Weibo, his deep eyes were filled with disbelief.

If Tang Qiaosen hadn’t been drunk and lost his mind, he wouldn’t have dared to post such remarks on Weibo.

You know, this is Tang Qiaossen’s threat to him. Now that Tang Qiaosen has made his chips public, it means that he no longer needs to be threatened by Tang Qiaosen.

Not long after, his cell phone rang, and the call was from Tang Qiaosen.

He answered the phone, and Tang Qiaosen’s anxious voice came: “Fu Shiting, I didn’t post Weibo! My Weibo account was stolen! Weibo can provide me with evidence! Also, I have already called the police! I have bought the press release and will clarify this matter! You don’t have to worry about being affected! I will handle this matter!”

Tang Qiaosen is most worried about Fu Shiting’s plan.

After all, the fact that Fu Shiting is mentally ill has spread everywhere.

This incident may have a certain impact on Fu Shiting’s reputation, but it will not affect his status as the boss of ST Group.

Although Tang Qiaosen knew in his heart that Fu Shiting’s father was killed by him, Tang Qiaosen had no evidence.

As long as there is no evidence, Fu Shiting can sue him for defamation.

So Tang Qiaosen will not take the risk.

“Tang Qiaosen, guess how much patience I have.” Fu Shiting questioned word by word in a hoarse voice.

Tang Qiaosen blushed: “I really didn’t do it! If I did this, wouldn’t I be blocking myself?!”

“Besides you and me, who else did you tell me about this?” Fu Shiting asked calmly.

After thinking quickly, Tang Qiaosen replied: “Tang Qian! I told Tang Qian! It must have been Tang Qian! She doesn’t want to marry you! Because she doesn’t want to be laughed at! She stole my account and made such remarks. , just to provoke hatred between us! But you don’t need to be afraid of her, she has no evidence in her hands! Even if she speaks out, no one will believe her!”

Fu Shiting listened to Tang Qiaosen’s words quietly, thinking silently.

This was not done by Tang Qian.

Because Tang Qian had long since formed an alliance with him in private.

Tang Qian helped him get the things in Tang Qiaosen’s hands, and he helped Tang Qian get the Tang family.

At this moment, the office door was knocked open.

Zhou Ziyi strode in.

Chapter 857

Chapter 857

“Boss, I called Mike just now, and Mike said that Tang Qiaosen’s account was not stolen by him.” Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and continued, “Mike said Xiaohan did it.”

Fu Shiting held the phone The handset, then, hangs up the phone.

It was made by Xiaohan. No surprise then!

The box was taken by Rila, and Xiaohan always knew about it.

So Xiaohan should have seen the contents of the box long ago.

He suddenly remembered that he almost strangled Xiaohan because Xiaohan said he was sick.

He didn’t think about why Xiaohan said this at the time, but now that he thinks about it, he feels stupid!

Xiaohan has always known his secret, even if he didn’t do anything to Xiaohan that time, Xiaohan wouldn’t recognize him as a father!

Xiaohan doesn’t look down on him at all! Otherwise, he would not have deliberately stolen Tang Qiaosen’s account and made his secrets public in such an understatement.

“Boss, Xiaohan is just a prank.” Zhou Ziyi only knew that Xiaohan did it, but he didn’t know why Xiaohan said that.

“He’s not a prank.” Fu Shiting said firmly, “He did it on purpose.”

“Even if he did it on purpose, don’t bother with him. After all, he is still so young. And he did this to vent his anger on his mother’s behalf. “Zhou Ziyi guessed from Xiaohan’s point of view.

Fu Shiting closed the notebook and walked out of the desk.

When he walked to Zhou Ziyi, he whispered, “Get off work!”

Xiaohan did this to tell Fu Shiting that he knew everything.

He didn’t take Fu Shiting in his eyes before, and he doesn’t take Fu Shiting in his eyes now.

He can easily disclose what Fu Shiting is afraid of, and he doesn’t have to be afraid of Fu Shiting’s revenge.

Of course Fu Shiting would not be angry with Xiaohan.

As Zhou Ziyi said, Xiaohan did this to help his mother vent her anger.

Thinking of Qin An’an’s aggrieved face, he wanted to beat himself up.

After Fu Shiting left, Zhou Ziyi looked blank.

The boss’s reaction seemed too calm.

Xiaohan said that he was mentally ill, he just didn’t get angry. Now there are rumors about this on the Internet, why is he so calm?

country B.

During breakfast time, Mike glanced at Xiao Han several times with his eyes.

Xiaohan ignored him and went back to his room after eating breakfast.

After a while, Qin Anan’s cell phone rang.

Sister-in-law Zhang came over with her mobile phone and handed it to her: “Xiao Tian is calling.”

Qin Anan immediately answered the phone.

“An An! Great news! Fu Shiting is mentally ill!” Li Xiaotian did not expect that she had just returned to China when she encountered such exciting news, “This is not what I said! It was Tang Qiaosen who said it! But Tang Qiaosen also said that his account was stolen, no Really.”

Qin Anan’s mood went up and down with the tone and content of her words, and she was in shock.

“But everyone doesn’t believe Tang Qiaosen’s explanation. Everyone thinks that Fu Shiting must be ill, otherwise he would not marry Tang Qian. I read the analysis of netizens, and I think they are right!” Li Xiaotian hasn’t been so excited for a long time. .

Probably seeing others as more miserable than yourself makes you appear less miserable.

“An An, did you hear what I said?” Seeing her silence, Li Xiaotian gradually calmed down, “Don’t you know about this long ago? If he was really sick, I wouldn’t Will gloat. I’m just surprised!”

Qin Anan: “I don’t know about him.”

“Oh, it scared me to death!” Li Xiaotian breathed a sigh of relief. “He hasn’t responded since the incident happened. Do you think he is really sick?”

Chapter 858

Chapter 858

Qin Anan thought for a few seconds, and then replied coldly, “I don’t care.”

Li Xiaotian felt her decision to Fu Shiting from her tone.

Also, no matter what happens to Fu Shiting now, it is not worthy of Qin An’an’s sympathy.

Overnight, the rumors about Fu Shiting on the Internet disappeared completely.

Although it can’t be said on the Internet, everyone is still discussing this matter in private.

“I also think our boss is abnormal,” an ST Group employee said. “I don’t even think he’s from Earth. He may have come from another planet. Otherwise, how could he be so good at such a young age?”

Others laughed crazy.

“Anyway, I think that even if our boss is mentally ill, it is not the kind of mentally ill who slashes people with a knife. I have been in the company for so long, and I have never heard any negative news about him. Our company’s annual salary increase is the industry’s top, so Good boss, I can’t find any flaws at all!”

“Yes! I think Tang Qiaosen deliberately hacked our boss! The excuse for the theft of the account is too bad!”

Sheng Bei passed the pantry and heard everyone After the discussion, he strode towards Fu Shiting’s office.

He didn’t knock on the door, just pushed the door and walked in.

Fu Shiting sat quietly in the chair, the computer on the desk was turned on, but his attention was clearly not on the computer.

“Why don’t you rest at home?” Sheng Bei walked across to him and sat down, looking at him.

“It’s work time.” He said blankly.

“…The rumors on the Internet, are they true?” Sheng Bei had a strong premonition in his heart from the incident to the fermentation, and now that the news has been completely blocked, “Tang Qiaosen is using this to threaten you, right? ?”

Fu Shiting responded lightly.

Sheng Bei’s face was ashen, “Shi Ting, I’ve known you for so many years, how come I’ve never heard of you talking about this? It’s ridiculous, if you are really mentally ill, how could I not know!”

Fu Shiting: “When you said It’s exactly the same thing.”

Sheng Bei was stunned for a moment, and then he understood what he was talking about.

He was groaning.

Before Yinyin was exposed, no one around Fu Shiting knew of Yinyin’s existence.

“This disease must have happened in the past, right? You must be fine now, right?” Sheng Bei still couldn’t believe it, “You have a physical examination every year, aren’t you doing well?”

“Whether it was before or now, What’s the difference?” He looked at Sheng Bei coldly.

People who watch the fun will not care about this.

A word of ‘Fu Shiting is mentally ill’ can make them party all night!

“Since this matter has been revealed now, there is no need for you to marry Tang Qian again.” Sheng Bei said decisively, “The wedding is canceled, and the Tang family will return the dowry!”

Fu Shiting shook his head: “The show has just begun. “

What a good show? Shi Ting, what are you planning? If you really marry Tang Qian, Qin An’an will definitely not forgive you!” Sheng Bei said emotionally.

“I look like this, do you think I still expect her to love me?” Fu Shiting’s mouth curled into a thin arc.

When his scandal was raging, he saw Jin Sinian posted a group of photos on Weibo.

This is a photo of Jin Sinian taking Qin An’an and Ruila Xiaohan skiing at the ski resort.

From the photo, you can see Qin Anan’s smiling face wearing goggles. She and Jin Sinian are such a perfect match.

“She’s a doctor, how could she despise you because you’re sick?” Sheng Bei said, “and your illness doesn’t affect your normal life at all. If it wasn’t for Tang Qiaosen to reveal that you were sick…”

“It was Xiaohan who exploded. Xiaohan has always known about this.”

Chapter 859

Chapter 859

“Then Qin Anan… What is her attitude?” When Sheng Bei asked this question, he hesitated.

Because the answer was already written on Fu Shiting’s face.

Fu Shiting opened the cigarette case, took out a cigarette and lit it.

“Shi Ting, stop smoking.” Sheng Bei saw that he was holding a new lighter in his hand, and guessed that he probably smoked a lot these days. “I don’t want to embarrass the child.” When he said this, there was a deep hatred in his scarlet eyes, “I want

Tang Qiaosen to die without a place to be buried!”

Ashamed,’ and instantly understood his mood.

Rila and Xiaohan are already in elementary school, they are no longer three-year-olds.

They can get any hot news in the society from their classmates and teachers.

If this incident becomes a big issue, will the classmates look at them differently? Do you think they are not normal?

country B.

Today, Jin Sinian took Qin An’an and two children out for skiing.

Originally, she didn’t want to go out, but the two children wanted to go out, so she agreed to play together.

Because she is not very good at skiing, Jin Sinian took her with him the whole time.

Trying new things can really make people forget their troubles for a while.

After playing outside for a day, she felt that her body was hollowed out, and she had no energy to think wildly.

“Si Nian, I’ve worked hard for you today!” Mike said, “But when you posted the photo on Weibo, did you deliberately anger some people?”

Jin Sinian: “I just share my daily life with fans.”

Mike I especially like Jin Sinian.

Even if he makes small movements behind his back, he can still look upright.

After dinner, Qin Anan went back to the room to take a bath.

When she came out of the shower, she found Mike standing in her room.

“Do you know the difference between men and women?” Qin Anan put on a coat over her body, “You have less and less sense of boundaries.”

“Don’t you often break into my room without knocking on the door?” Sitting down in the chair, straight to the point, “An An, you must already know what happened in country A. Li Xiaotian must have told you?”

“You are here to tell me this?” Qin Anan Sitting down beside the bed, his eyes were as cold as ice.

Mike stretched out his hand and scratched his head: “Actually, I already knew about it. But it’s Fu Shiting’s privacy after all. If he doesn’t tell you, I can’t talk nonsense, right?”

“He told you that he was sick, Do you believe it?”

Her words left Mike at a loss: “What do you mean? Could it be that he lied to me?”

“Do you think he looks like a mental patient?” Qin Anan found out about this through Li Xiaotian and thought about it carefully I learned every bit about myself and Fu Shiting since they met.

Fu Shiting doesn’t have a good temper, but he can’t pick out any major faults in his life and work.

He has his own way of dealing with the world, as long as he follows his rules, he will never hurt others casually.

Mike was stunned: “Of course I don’t think he doesn’t look like him! It may be that he had this disease in the past and was cured later.”

“Why use the past to torture people?” Qin Anan retorted, “He can tell you He used to be sick, why can’t he tell me? He thought that breaking up with me was good for me, that’s good, I’ll never talk to him again!”

Mike walked over to her and patted her on the back.

“Don’t be angry. Don’t you have surgery tomorrow? Go to bed early tonight.”

Qin Anan raised his hand to wipe away the tears from his eyes: “he looks like he loves me, but he actually loves himself the most. At the airport that day, I almost knelt down and begged him, but he was indifferent. Mike! He was indifferent!”

Chapter 860

Chapter 860

Mike hugged her and comforted her in a low voice: “Men and women think differently. He should be afraid that this incident will affect you and the child. But he wrongly assessed your and the child’s ability to bear.

” I don’t want to know what he thinks in his heart, because he never tells me what he thinks in his heart.” Qin Anan choked, “If I always have to rely on other people or the news to know what he has gone through, then I am ridiculous. I can’t sympathize with him! Even if he’s going to die now, I won’t sympathize with him!”

“An An, don’t cry.” Mike had a lot of words to comfort her, but when he opened his mouth, he couldn’t say anything.

Emotional matters cannot be explained in a few words.

Fu Shiting is now threatened and must marry the disfigured Tang Qian and become everyone’s laughing stock. Just imagine that he has been beautiful for half his life, how has he ever suffered such humiliation?

But what did Qin Anan do wrong?

After Qin Anan was tired from crying, she fell asleep drowsily.

I slept well this night.

Woke up in the morning, except for a little swollen eyes, in good spirits.

Today is the date of surgery that she and the Yun family had agreed to do.

At ten in the morning, she drove to the hospital.

“Doctor Qin, are you alright?” Yun Mo’s father looked at her with bright eyes, “You and Fu Shiting won’t affect this operation, right?”

Qin Anan didn’t expect Yunmo’s father to say such a thing.

Her relationship with Fu Shiting has not been fully disclosed. But he seems to know a lot.

“Mr. Yun, if I’m not feeling well and can’t have surgery, I’ll tell you the truth. Since I’m here, it means I’m fine.” Qin Anan looked at his face and explained word by word.

I don’t know why, but looking at this face up close again made her feel like she was once again.

“Sorry, I didn’t question you. I just think Fu Shiting shouldn’t treat you like this.” Yun Mo’s father smiled slightly.

“Mr. Yun, this is a private matter between me and him.” Qin Anan said in surprise, “Do you know Fu Shiting very well?”

Yun Mo’s father smiled and shook his head: “How could I know a big man like him? I’m just an ordinary businessman. , I’m afraid that the money I make in a year is not as much as what he makes in a day!”

Qin Anan felt very uncomfortable listening to his jokes and teasing words.

He always felt that his words were mixed with some strange emotions towards Fu Shiting.

“Doctor Qin, go and see Yunmo! The doctor has already checked him and said that he can operate.” Yunmo’s father calmed down and spoke in a serious tone.

Before entering the ward, Qin Anan glanced at a man and a woman standing behind Yun Mo’s father.

The girl is Yun Mo’s younger sister, who she met last time.

But the man beside the girl was the first time I saw it.

“Doctor Qin, this is Yunmo’s brother. I’m usually very busy, so you haven’t seen it. Today is the big day of Yunmo’s surgery, so our family is here.” Yunmo’s father explained.

“Oh, your wife isn’t here?” she asked involuntarily.

She is generally indifferent to the private affairs of the patient’s home. But Yunmo’s father made her uncomfortable, so she asked one more question.

“My wife and I are divorced.”

“I’m sorry.” Qin Anan’s curiosity stopped there.

After the conversation was over, she entered the ward. After checking the results of various inspections Yunmo did today. Then, she took out her phone and checked the time.

She wasn’t sure how long the operation would take.

But what is certain is that when her surgery is over, Fu Shiting and Tang Qian’s wedding should be almost over.

They announced their marriage a few days ago, and now they can’t wait to hold the wedding.

No matter if this wedding is what Fu Shiting wants, he will be someone else’s groom today!

She pursed her thin lips and pressed the power button for a long time until the phone screen went out.

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