When His Eyes Opened Chapter 861 -870(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 861 -870(Chinese)

Chapter 861

Country A.

Today is a big day for Fu Shiting and Tang Qian.

Tang Qiaosen and Tang Qian’s mother greeted guests at the entrance of the hotel.

Everything is proceeding in an orderly manner according to Tang Qiaosen’s plan.

Tang Qiaosen asked Fu Shiting to marry Tang Qian, firstly to humiliate Fu Shiting, and secondly to let all circles of society know that the Tang family and the Fu family were married, and the Tang family would have the Fu family to support them in the future.

As long as Tang Qiaosen holds the chips in his hands, there will be no accidents.

After Li Xiaotian entered the banquet hall, she found He Zhunzhi in the crowd.

He Zhunzhi and Sheng Bei were standing together, not knowing what they were talking about, they were happy and relaxed.

Li Xiaotian took a glass of champagne and found a conspicuous place to sit down.

Soon, Sheng Bei saw her and reminded He Zhunzhi.

Seeing her sitting alone, He Zhunzhi walked towards her.

Li Xiaotian was very upset when she saw him coming.

She wanted to talk to him, but she didn’t know what to say when they met.

“Didn’t you talk about a boyfriend? Why didn’t you bring your boyfriend?” He Zhunzhi stood beside her and asked with a smile.

Li Xiaotian didn’t expect his mouth to be so vicious, so he retorted: “Aren’t you going to get married? Why haven’t you seen your fiancée?”

“Since you want to see her, then I’ll call her over to say hello to you.” He Zhunzhi Saying that, he walked towards a group of brightly dressed women.

Li Xiaotian: “…”

He Zhunzhi actually brought his fiancee here!

Ha ha! Knowing this earlier, Li Xiaotian had to bring a male companion.

In less than a minute, He Zhunzhi walked over with an intellectual and elegant woman in his arms.

“Hello, Xiaotian, I’m…”

Just as He Zhunzhi’s fiancee introduced herself, Li Xiaotian put down the wine glass with a ‘bang’ and left with a bag!

He Zhunzhi did not expect that Li Xiaotian could not afford to play so much!

Under the watchful eyes of the public, he fled without ignoring etiquette and demeanor, which was completely different from what he imagined.

“Zunzhi, that’s enough for you!” Sheng Bei came over and patted him on the shoulder, “Where has Xiao Tian ever been so angry. Even if you get divorced, you won’t try to annoy her like this.”

He Zhunzhi thought The fire didn’t go away: “I see if she dares to come to my wedding.”

“Isn’t she going back to China now to attend your wedding?” Sheng Bei teased, “This wedding came by the way. “

I got angry when I saw her.” He Zhunzhi drank the wine in the glass, “She has such a good relationship with Qin Anan, why can’t she learn something from others?”

Sheng Bei: “Qin Anan You should be in the same mood as you now. Brother Shi Ting got married today, she is probably mad.”

He Zhunzhi whispered, “It may not be a smooth formation. I saw a lot of bodyguards surrounding the hotel.”

Sheng Bei: “Maybe it’s the bodyguard invited by Tang Qiaosen.”

“I went to find out. There are indeed bodyguards invited by the Tang family, but more are invited by Brother Shi Ting.” After a pause, he said again, “Here I’m not sure what it will be like in a while. Fortunately, I got Li Xiaotian away.”

Sheng Bei sighed: “Look at your success. You shouldn’t wait for April Fool’s Day, Li Xiaotian. Are you here to grab the marriage?”

He Zhunzhi put one hand in his pocket: “I’ll bet on this. If she doesn’t come, I’ll marry another woman and have children.”

At noon, the auspicious time arrived, but the groom and bride Both are invisible.

Chapter 862

Chapter 862

Tang Qiaosen called Fu Shiting, but no one answered.

Call Tang Qian, but Tang Qian picked it up.

But Tang Qian’s tone was calm: “Brother, have all the guests arrived?”

“Tang Qian! What the hell are you doing?! Don’t you look at what time it is? Did Fu Shiting not pick you up? I’ll give it to him. He didn’t answer the phone call! Could it be that he wants to go back on his words?!”

Tang Qiaosen received guests all morning and was a little tired at the moment.

Seeing that the two of them hadn’t come yet, my mood was completely broken.

“Brother, Fu Shiting didn’t call me, I don’t know what happened to him.” Tang Qian’s tone was soft, changing her humble attitude before, “I’m still doing my hair! I’m not satisfied with the makeup and styling you chose, So let the makeup artist do it again.”

Tang Qiaosen’s mouth was crooked: “Tang Qian, you don’t think you are Mrs. Fu, so you dare to be presumptuous in front of me?!”

“Even if I do it with him today The wedding, I am not Mrs. Fu.” Tang Qian reminded, “I didn’t get the certificate, what kind of Mrs. Fu.”

“Then how dare you speak to me in such a tone?!” Tang Qiaosen held the mobile phone and walked out of the banquet hall , “Who allowed you to change your makeup and style without authorization? I just want everyone to see how ugly you are!”

“Brother, when I wasn’t disfigured, how nice you were to me!” Tang Qian sighed, “I Knowing that you have feelings for me, if I change back to the way I was before, you will definitely continue to hurt me.”

“Shut up!” After Tang Qiaosen said this, he exhaled heavily, but said no more Do not say anything else.

Tang Qian was right.

Tang Qiaosen couldn’t accept Tang Qian’s ugly appearance, so in his heart, he divided the current Tang Qian and the previous Tang Qian into two people.

“Brother, is my mother next to you? I have something to tell her.” Tang Qian’s tone was suddenly serious.

“Why are you looking for her? She may not be willing to talk to you!” Tang Qiaosen said, but he still walked towards the banquet hall.

“You asked her to pick it up, but she would pick it up? Although you are not her own son, she takes you as her own son!” Tang Qian mocked.

After a while, Tang Qiaosen called Tang’s mother.

“Tang Qian, what the hell are you doing?! So many guests are waiting for you!” Mother Tang said angrily after answering the phone.

“Mom, what would you do if Dad died? What would you do if Dad gave me all the Tang family’s property before he died?” Tang Qian laughed when she said this, “You Will you kneel down and beg my forgiveness?”

Mother Tang’s delicate face distorted instantly: “What are you talking about?!”

“Dad died. He died this morning. He died peacefully.” Tang Qian smiled The voice became more and more evil, “Before he died, he found out in his conscience and asked his lawyer to change his will. He gave me all his property! Hahahaha!”

Tang’s mother fell suddenly and fell to Tang Qiaosen ‘s arms.

“Mom, Tang Qiaosen is nothing now! He is not the heir of the Tang family, he has become a pauper! Nor is he your own son! It is your biological daughter, and I have obtained the inheritance of the Tang family!” The words were transmitted to Tang Qiaosen’s ears without a word through the external voice of the mobile phone.

Tang Qiaosen grabbed the phone and exclaimed hysterically: “Tang Qian! Say it again! Say what you just said again!

” Qian said word by word, “After all, today is my father’s funeral, how can I be absent?” The


Tang Qiaosen’s face turned pale: “Dad is dead? You killed him?”

Tang Qian smiled coldly and hung up the phone.

Listening to Tang Qian’s undisguised arrogant sneer, Tang Qiaosen noticed what happened, and a layer of sweat broke out on his back!

He dialed the phone to his confidant, and the call went over, but no one answered.

He called another confidant, but no one answered!

Two of his confidants had already fallen in a pool of blood and passed away.

This morning, Tang Qiaosen and Tang Qian’s biological mother were busy entertaining guests at the hotel.

Chapter 863

Chapter 863

At the same time, Fu Shiting’s personal bodyguard team and manned helicopter surrounded the entire Tang family.

Tang Qiaosen’s subordinates had never seen such a terrifying battle in reality.

After Fu Shiting smoked a cigarette in the living room, his bodyguard took his things back!

Because Tang Qian eavesdropped on Tang Qiaosen’s phone call last time, and knew that Tang Qiaosen put things in the hands of his confidants, she had this careful plan.

After Fu Shiting got the things, he left.

Tang Qian knew that today should be the last time she and him met in their lives.

He doesn’t belong to her, he didn’t belong before, he doesn’t belong now, and he can’t in the future.

She didn’t get love from him, but she learned to be cruel from him!


After Sheng Bei received a call, he said to the people who came with him: “Shi Ting won’t be coming, you can go first!”

“Eh? Can you stay here for lunch?” He Zhunzhi was hungry.

“The Tang family has changed.” Sheng Bei whispered, “If you don’t want any accidents, you should go first.”

“What about you?” He Zhunzhi decided to leave immediately. Although I want to watch a play, my life is more important.

“I’m not afraid of death, so I want to stay and watch the fun.” Sheng Bei didn’t expect Tang Qian to have such great ambitions, so he wanted to see if she could take the inheritance from Tang Qiaosen.

He Zhunzhi pulled Zhou Ziyi away.

The two came out of the hotel and decided to go to Fu’s house very tacitly.

The matter of Fu Shiting should have been resolved, otherwise the wedding will not end.

When they came out, they saw Tang Qiaosen, as anxious as ants on a hot pan, circling around the entrance of the banquet hall.

Tang Qiaosen actually wanted to fight Fu Shiting! I don’t even weigh my weight.

Fu’s house, living room.

According to Fu Shiting’s request, Aunt Hong lit a stove in the living room.

After the stove was burning, Fu Shiting unfolded a piece of paper with obvious creases, glanced at it, and threw it into the stove.

In an instant, the flames rose, and the white paper instantly turned to ashes.

Aunt Hong stood by and watched, not daring to speak.

“Do you know what this is?” he said suddenly, breaking the silence.

Aunt Hong looked at the CD in his hand and shook her head.

“This is my dad’s funeral record. Every year on his death day, I will take it out to read it.” Fu Shiting said in a hoarse voice, his fingers loosened, and the CD fell into the fire with a ‘bang’, “I killed him. You should still remember this, right?”

Aunt Hong’s face changed greatly: “Sir, I don’t remember! The past is long over, you should look forward. These things should have been burned long ago. You don’t You should be bound by anything!”

“You are the person my mother trusts the most, so of course you won’t blame me.” Fu Shiting watched the burnt CD, and the corners of his mouth curled up, “If I could do it all over again, I would still kill him with my own hands. . He is the devil, and I am a more terrible devil than him.”

Country B.

After the long operation, Qin Anan went into the bathroom and washed his face with cold water.

She turned on the phone and planned to let Mike pick her up.

As a result, after the phone was turned on, countless messages jumped out!

Chapter 864

Chapter 864

Li Xiaotian: An An, I’m so angry! He Zhunzhi actually brought his fiancee to show off his power in front of me! This bastard! I never want to see him again in my life!

Li Xiaotian: I’m probably confused! How did I get out of the banquet hall? ! I originally wanted to disgust Fu Shiting and Tang Qian… No, I can’t go! I have to wait outside the hotel!

Li Xiaotian: It’s almost twelve o’clock, but the groom and the bride haven’t come yet… I don’t know if it’s a traffic jam or the two of them won’t come! My legs are sore when I stand! No, I have to find a place to sit for a while!

Li Xiaotian: An An, what are you doing now? I sent you so many messages and you didn’t reply. I know you are definitely not crying secretly, but busy!

Mike: Why did your surgery take so long? I am waiting for you at the hospital.

Qin Anan came out of the bathroom immediately after seeing Mike’s text message.

Sure enough, Mike sat on the corridor bench, playing games with his mobile phone.

Qin Anan strode over and patted him on the shoulder: “Have you waited for a long time? If you didn’t come, I’d call you too… I can’t even open my eyes.”

Mike immediately I quit the game and stood up: “Is the operation still going well? Why is it taking so long? If the operating room lights weren’t on, I would have wondered if you were kidnapped.”

“Whether it goes well depends on the patient’s recovery after the operation. It’s been a long time since I performed surgery on Yinyin before. But this time I’m obviously tired.” She said and yawned. “You didn’t rest well after giving birth to the second child

.” Mike complained, “If I were you, I would definitely rest at home for half a year. I think you are working hard, and you won’t stop for a while.”

It will gradually age!” Qin Anan retorted, “How is the company?”

“You also said that you didn’t work hard, so you came out of the operating room and started caring about the company again.” Although Mike complained, but the next second, he reported to her, “Both companies are operating normally. With me, You don’t have to worry about anything.”

Qin Anan glanced at him gratefully.

“Don’t look at me like this, I’m going to get goosebumps,” Mike pushed her face away and changed the subject, “By the way, Fu Shiting and Tang Qian are not married.”

Qin Anan’s face relaxed The expression disappeared for a moment.

In fact, Li Xiaotian sent her a few more messages later, and she hadn’t had time to read it.

“Fu Shiting has already taken back his things. So he didn’t go to the wedding venue.” Seeing her stunned, Mike told her the whole thing in detail, “Ziyi told me that Fu Shiting and Tang Qian had already joined forces in private. As long as Tang Qian helps him get his things back, he will help Tang Qian take down the Tang family.”

Qin Anan looked at him for a moment, shocked by this bizarre trend.

“So even if they do have a wedding, it’s only a nominal relationship.” Mike continued to explain.

“He helped Tang Qian take down the Tang family?” Qin Anan thought it was absurd.

Even if Tang Qian helped Fu Shiting this time, could it be possible to erase Tang Qian’s previous hurt to her and Li Xiaotian?

“I know you hate Tang Qian. But there are priorities. Fu Shiting must choose the plan that is beneficial to him first.” Mike took her shoulders and comforted, “Do you think He Zhunzhi and Li Xiaotian don’t hate Tang Qian? They definitely won’t let Tang Qian go so easily. This matter is one code at a time. Don’t think about it for now, go back and get a good night’s sleep!”

After Qin Anan got into the car, she turned on her mobile phone and returned to Li Xiaotian. Message: I just came out of the operating room, and I didn’t cry secretly!

Li Xiaotian: That wedding became a funeral for the Tang family. To be honest, seeing the Tang family being punished makes me so happy! It’s a pity that I can’t go in and see their siblings fight with their own eyes!

Qin An’an: Don’t join in this kind of fun. Are you home safe now?

Li Xiaotian: Well, I’m lying at home right now! Sheng Bei was watching the fun inside. I asked him to find me a video of the scene. He told me that Tang Qian won. Because Fu Shiting helped her secretly.

Qin Anan looked at the message and didn’t know how to reply.

Chapter 865

Chapter 865

Li Xiaotian: An An, I don’t blame Fu Shiting. My business has nothing to do with him. And this time, if Tang Qian hadn’t helped him, he wouldn’t have been able to get his chips back so smoothly. I can handle it.

Qin An’an: Sometimes it’s too easy to be wronged.

Li Xiaotian: Do you know why I looked away? It’s not that I am so magnanimous, but that Tang Qian is now disfigured. Her face will never recover. She was going to live with that horrible ugly face all her life. If I become like her, I’m afraid I won’t be able to live for a second. She won’t feel better these days than I did.

Qin An’an: This is called suicide if you do too much injustice.

Li Xiaotian: Mmmm! Sheng Bei sent me a message just now, asking me to go to He Zhunzhi’s wedding in a while, what do you mean by him?

Qin Anan: Do you want to go? If you want to go, go, if you don’t want to go, don’t go, don’t be influenced by him.

Li Xiaotian: I wanted to go, but I was so angry today that I didn’t want to go.

Qin An’an: Then you don’t make a decision. Wait until you calm down.

Li Xiaotian: Good. An An, when are you going back home? Xiaohan and Rila are about to start school, right?

Qin An’an: Well, I’ll decide after seeing the patient’s recovery after surgery. I asked Mike to send the children back to China first, so as not to interfere with the two of them going to school.

Li Xiaotian: Then tell me when you are sure of the time to return to China.

Qin Anan: Good.

Putting down the phone, Qin Anan reached out and rubbed his sore eyes.

“Who are you messaging! So serious.” Mike teased.

“Little sweet, or who do you think it is?” Qin Anan closed her eyes, leaned in the seat, and closed her eyes.

“Oh, is Fu Shiting looking for you?” Mike gossips, “Isn’t he betraying you this time? He didn’t marry Tang Qian, and he was threatened. You know the reason…”

“Who asked you to speak for him?” Qin Anan opened his eyes and glared at him.

“Am I not stating the facts?” Mike shrugged, “I swear, no one asked me to speak for him. I just thought about it from his point of view. He is so arrogant, he must not accept his privacy. Being exposed.”

“You’re right.” Qin Anan agreed, “so he would rather hurt my relationship with my child, but also save his face. From his point of view, there is no problem with what he did.”

Mike Pai He patted his mouth: “I still don’t talk about him. The more you talk about him, the more you hate him.”

“No, my hatred for him is constant and will not be affected by the outside world.” Qin Anan said fairly.

“Well, you take a rest, I’ll call you when you get home.”


Country A, evening.

Sheng Bei drove to Fu’s house and brought news of Tang Qiaosen’s death.

“Shi Ting, I didn’t expect Tang Qian to be so ruthless now.” Sheng Bei opened a bottle of red wine, poured himself a glass, and took a sip, “Tang Qiaosen knelt on the ground and begged her, but she didn’t hesitate. I suddenly I think she’s a little scary.”

“It’s not her that’s scary,” Fu Shiting said coldly with his Adam’s apple rolling, “I told her that she and her brother can only survive one.”

Chapter 866

Chapter 866

Sheng Bei suddenly understood what was going on.

“Shi Ting, take a good rest for a while!” Sheng Bei took an empty wine glass and poured it for him, “You have endured too much recently.”

Fu Shiting took the wine glass and said hoarsely, “I didn’t endure anything. “The

main reason is that Qin An’an and the child are wronged.

“I know what you’re thinking, but she probably hasn’t calmed down yet. If you rush to find her like this, you’ll only be abused.” Sheng Bei couldn’t bear to see him suffer such grievances. I invited her, she should come. This is a good opportunity.”

Fu Shiting didn’t answer.

He wasn’t sure if he could wait that long.

More than a month, whether it is long or short, is enough to change a lot of things.

“Xiaohan and Rila are about to start school, right? She should be returning to China soon.” Sheng Bei saw that he was unhappy, so he racked his brains to find a way for him.

If Qin Anan returns to China soon, it means there is still drama.

If she has been refusing to return to China, it will be more difficult.

“She had an operation in country B.” Fu Shiting remembered the document bag he saw in her room, “The patient’s disease is the same as Yin Yin.”

“Oh? Is it such a coincidence?” Sheng Bei was a little surprised, ” So she won’t go back to China for the time being? It’s a pity. But she should have Yinyin in her heart after receiving this operation!” It

wasn’t long before Yinyin died, how could Qin Anan not remember her?

Two days later, Mike returned to China with Rila and Xiaohan.

Zhou Ziyi picks up at the airport.

Seeing the two children, Zhou Ziyi gave them a small gift.

“Thank you Uncle Zhou.” Rila took the gift. Xiaohan turned his head and was unwilling to accept it.

Because Xiaohan knew that Zhou Ziyi was Fu Shiting’s right-hand man.

“Rila, take it for your brother! It’s not an expensive gift.” Zhou Ziyi quickly resolved the embarrassment and asked Mike, “When will An An and Ziqiu come back?”

“I don’t know, her patient didn’t wake up until we came back. Mike picked up Rila, “Let’s go back first! Do you have anything to eat at home? Or else go out to eat and then go back?”

Zhou Ziyi said modestly: “I made a few simple home-cooked dishes. But you can eat outside. Okay.”

“Since you’ve done it, then go home and eat!” Mike glanced at Xiaohan, cleared his throat, and reminded, “Xiaohan, your uncle Zhou and your father are only in a work relationship! He is on our ship. People.”

Xiao Leng gave him a cold look: “Then you ask him to resign.”

Mike: “I…”

Zhou Ziyi saw that Mike was blushing but couldn’t say a word, so he immediately smoothed things out: “I am Your Uncle Mike is an undercover agent next to your father. Do you understand the undercover agent? That is, if your father has any troubles every day, I have to report to your Uncle Mike.”

Xiao Han lifted his eyelids and asked Mike, “Is that so?

” That’s right! If he wasn’t from our side, would your mother let him into our house?” Mike moved Qin Anan out, which was more convincing, “Brother Han, don’t worry, if he betrays one day, I will Definitely the first to stand up and cut him.”

Country B.

On the second night after Yunmo surgery, I woke up.

Although he woke up, the situation was not ideal.

Whether the doctor or his family spoke to him, he didn’t respond.

He seemed completely inaudible. He stared blankly for a while with his eyes open, then closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Chapter 867

Chapter 867

So Qin Anan has no way to get out, so he can only let Mike and the two children go back to China first.

Yunmo’s family was not satisfied with Yunmo’s postoperative reaction, but fortunately they didn’t make trouble with Qin Anan.

Before the operation, the two parties signed an agreement that Qin Anan would help Yunmo treat the disease, but there was no guarantee that the operation would be completely successful.

At noon on the third day after the operation, Qin An’an’s cell phone rang.

After hearing the ringtone, she quickly changed the child’s diaper, then picked up the phone to answer the call,

“Dr. Qin, Yun Mo is awake. He can hear us this time, and he has a reaction.” It was Yun Mo who spoke. ‘s father.

Qin Anan breathed a sigh of relief: “I’ll go to the hospital right away.”

After talking on the phone, she gave the child to Mrs. Zhang.

Driving to the hospital, she quickly entered the ward.

“Doctor Qin, he fell asleep again.” Yun Mo’s father frowned and said puzzledly, “Is he too weak right now after the operation? Wouldn’t he be so drowsy in the later period? Qin Anan said sternly: “

Have you never done major surgery? Any major surgery, the week after surgery is the weakest time.”

“Oh, Doctor Qin, don’t be angry, I didn’t question you. I just feel He still seems a little stupid.” Yun Mo’s father rubbed his hands, obviously not satisfied with the postoperative reaction.

Qin An’an’s strings tightened: “Come out, let’s talk alone.” The

two came out of the ward, Qin An’an said: “My last patient was in the same condition as Yunmo, and she returned to life after two operations. The extent to which you can take care of yourself. It is not that you can take care of yourself immediately after the operation, but slowly recover through the patient companionship and care of your family in the later period. I know you are worried about Yunmo, but can you stop treating him as a fool? I can I can tell you with certainty that it is almost impossible for him to return to the level of a normal person.”

Yunmo’s father’s eyes showed a trace of loss.

“I thought you were really a genius doctor! Didn’t you say that your last patient was similar to a normal person after the operation?”

“I’m not a genius doctor. Who told you that my last patient was similar to a normal person, who are you going to go to?” Qin Anan thought about Yin Yin Moan, emotions inevitably rise.

“Why are you so excited? I didn’t ask you for compensation.” Yunmo’s father looked at Qin An’an with a puzzled face, “Why are you still crying? I didn’t scold you or beat you, so you can bear it. How can you be a doctor with such poor ability?”

A nurse passed by, heard their conversation, and came over immediately.

“The patient’s family, how did you talk to Dr. Qin?” the nurse said. “Do you know how difficult it is to ask Dr. Qin to perform an operation? And your son’s operation was very successful. He is not sober now because he just woke up. Generally speaking, if he can wake up and his life is not in danger, it means the operation was successful.”

Qin Anan took a deep breath, quickly adjusted his mood, and strode into the ward.

She hasn’t seen Yun Mo sober, so no matter what Yun Mo’s father says, it shouldn’t affect her mood.

After she entered the ward, she looked at Yun Mo’s pale face, and her emotions were shaken again.

The reason why she had red eyes just now had nothing to do with the operation.

But she actually heard Fu Shiting’s voice from Yun Mo’s father’s voice.

In her mind, the middle-aged man and Fu Shiting gradually overlapped and became the same person.

She had hallucinations, thinking that Fu Shiting was yelling at her, so her emotions suddenly collapsed.

After a while, the nurse came in and handed Qin Anan a glass of water.

“Doctor Qin, don’t have the same knowledge as Yunmo’s father. He doesn’t care much about this son at all. It should be said that no one in their family cares about Yunmo. Every day, the nurses take care of Yunmo. After Yunmo wakes up, we will call again. Call them to come here.” The

nurse’s words made Qin Anan’s brows sink.

Yun Mo’s father told her more than once that he loved this son very much.

But judging from his performance today, what he said before was false!

Chapter 868

Chapter 868

If he really loves Yunmo, he won’t use the word ‘stupid’ to describe Yunmo.

Fu Shiting never said that Yinyin was stupid, and even if others said that Yinyin was stupid, he would be very angry.

This is the difference between not loving and loving.

“There is a saying in country A that there is no dutiful son in front of the bed for a long time. I think Yunmo’s family should love him, otherwise they wouldn’t try to spend money and energy to treat him.” Qin Anan adjusted his attitude after drinking a sip of water.

“That’s true. But no matter what, his family shouldn’t be angry with you.”

“I didn’t communicate with them well before the operation. They thought I could make Yunmo return to normal.” Qin Anan looked down at the man on the hospital bed. Yun Mo, “Maybe it was what I said that gave them this illusion.”

“They are whimsical. It would be a good achievement to make Yun Mo’s condition a little better.” The nurse comforted, “Doctor Qin, you Don’t be familiar with them. By the way, don’t forget to pay the surgery fee that you should charge.”

Qin Anan only accepted the deposit they gave in the early stage, and agreed to pay the rest after the operation.

But looking at the attitude of Yunmo’s family, Qin Anan has no plans to collect the remaining money.

She promised to perform surgery on Yun Mo, not entirely to make money, but because of Yin Yin.

After sitting in the ward for a while, the person on the bed suddenly opened his eyes.

Qin An’an looked away from the phone screen and looked at him.

“Yunmo, how do you feel?” She put down the phone and asked softly, “Your head may hurt a little, this is normal. Can you hear me?”

Yunmo looked at her face, very Respond quickly.

He not only nodded, but also let out a ‘um’ from his throat.

Looking at his eyes and expressions, Qin Anan didn’t think he was a fool at all.

He and Yin Yin’s reaction were similar at the beginning.

Except when she quarreled with Fu Shiting, when she deliberately angered him with Yin Yin’s illness, she said Yin Yin was a fool. At other times, she never felt that Yin Yin was a fool.

“I’m your attending doctor, and my name is Qin An’an.” Qin An’an introduced herself to him because she had never had the opportunity to introduce herself to Yinyin before.

If time can be reversed, how much she hopes that after Yin Yin operation, she can say this sentence as soon as possible to give the patient a sense of security.

“If you have any discomfort, you can tell me. If I’m not by your side, you can tell the people around you about your situation and let them notify me.” Qin Anan held his cool palm, “I I’ll try my best to help you.”

Yun Mo’s brows stretched and he replied softly again.

“If you feel dizzy, you can close your eyes and rest.” Qin Anan saw that he was quiet and continued.

He shook his head and looked at her with clear, clear eyes.

She smiled politely at him at first, but when he looked at him for a long time, she was a little embarrassed: “Yunmo, what are you thinking?”

“My name is… Yunmo?” He hesitated and said these few Character.

“Yeah, your name is Yunmo. You are sick, and your family invites me to treat you.” Qin Anan explained patiently, “You may have a headache now or occasionally go blank. Don’t worry, it will gradually ease in the future. .”

Yun Mo’s lips moved, and he made a hoarse voice: “Thank you.”

At the door of the ward, Yun Mo’s father was stunned when he saw this scene.

Yun Mo had woken up twice before, one time he didn’t seem to be able to hear the sound and didn’t respond, and the second time he could hear the sound, but his eyes were dull and ignored.

Unexpectedly, when he woke up this time, he was able to speak.

Chapter 869

Chapter 869

“Yunmo! My good son!” Father Yun strode in and pushed Qin Anan away.

Qin Anan couldn’t feel the respect this man had for him at all.

He seemed to be pushing himself out of the ward.

She stared at the man’s profile and wanted to say something, but she was stopped by reason.

Although she felt sorry for Yun Mo, she and Yun Mo had no relationship and no reason. She had done the operation on Yun Mo. If the Yun family was satisfied with the operation, her work would be over.

“Doctor Qin, I was the one who blamed you just now!” Father Yun turned around immediately after receiving a response from Yun Mo’s speech, and said excitedly to Qin An’an, “Yun Mo can understand me calling him, this is a great improvement! Dr. Qin, I will transfer the remaining balance to your card within three days. As for the follow-up… If Yunmo has no other incurable diseases, we will not disturb you. “

Qin Anan was stunned . a moment.

What he meant was that if she asked her to take the money and leave, everything after Yunmo would have nothing to do with her. And don’t bother them again in the future?

But she really wanted to know about Yun Mo’s subsequent recovery.

“Mr. Yun, I don’t have to pay the final payment. As long as you let me follow up on his condition. This is the professional habit of our doctors.” Qin Anan said.

“Doctor Qin, are you so responsible for every patient?” Father Yun pulled out a meaningful smile, “If I can receive your call at that time, of course I will. If I’m too busy to answer When it comes to your phone, then you can’t blame me!”

Qin Anan felt that the smile on his face was a bit evil.

She would never speculate on a person with the greatest malice, but Father Yun made her shudder.

The meaning of his last sentence was: You may call me in the future, but I will never answer.

She didn’t understand, why didn’t she let her return for a visit?

Can he guarantee that Yun Mo’s illness will not cause problems again in the future? If he really cares for Yun Mo, it is impossible to be so rude to her as the attending doctor.

She was very angry and wanted to accuse him, but out of the corner of her eyes she caught a glimpse of Yun Mo on the hospital bed, and she endured her anger.

Well, anyway, she knows the address of the Yun family, so she can go directly to the Yun family at that time.

She came out of the hospital, and within half an hour, she received a text message from the bank on her mobile phone.

In her bank card, she received the final payment from Father Yun.

Looking at the money, her fingers clenched tightly.

This family is so weird!

Before the operation, they respected her very much. They all responded to what she said, for fear that she would refuse to treat Yunmo.

But after she performed the operation on Yun Mo, their attitudes changed 180 degrees.

She decided that she must go to Yun’s house for a return visit in the future. She didn’t believe that they could close the door and prevent her from entering.

When she got home, Mrs. Zhang looked at her with a sullen face and asked worriedly, “An An, what’s the matter? Is your patient in a bad condition?”

She shook her head: “The patient is fine, but the patient’s family is not right.”

“You are a doctor, you Just take care of the patient. It’s their business if the patient’s family is not right. If you have to take care of the patient’s family, how tired you are!” Sister Zhang hugged Ziqiu and comforted.

“The patient’s illness is the same as Yin Yin’s. When I saw him, I thought of Yin Yin. I was worried that he might not be well taken care of in the future.” She explained the reason.

“They spend so much money to ask you to do surgery, it shows that they value the patient? Even if they don’t love him so much, they shouldn’t abuse him.

” Yang Yang said with a smile, “I don’t know if I want Yin Yin too much. I always feel that my patient is somewhat similar to Yin Yin. What’s even more bizarre is that I think his father is a bit like Fu Shiting.”

Chapter 870

Chapter 870

She said this as a joke.

When Sister Zhang heard this, her expression was a little unnatural.

After being stunned for a moment, Mrs. Zhang replied with a stiff smile: “Maybe you not only want to Yinyin, but also your husband. Now the work here is over, can we go back to China?”

Qin Anan didn’t want to go back to China so soon.

After Osamu and Rila went to school, they didn’t need to worry much. And she was busy with surgery these days, consuming too much energy, and was very tired.

She wanted to rest before thinking about returning to China.

Otherwise, if you are in a hurry to go back now, you will be locked at home to rest.

“If you feel too tired, you can take a good rest first. I’m not in a hurry to go back to China.” Mrs. Zhang is very careful, “I just miss Xiaohan and Rila a little bit. If I don’t see them for a day, my heart will be empty.”

“Yeah . I miss them too. But I’m too tired these days. Let’s go back to China after two days of rest! ” Qin Anan compromised.

It is impossible for her to delay her return to China in order to avoid Fu Shiting.

“Okay, An An, I’ve stewed chicken soup. After you drink some soup, go to bed! You look thinner these days.” Sister Zhang carried Ziqiu into the crib, and then went to the kitchen to serve her soup .

Ziqiu is very good. Lying alone in the crib and not crying.

Some children are so used to holding them that they can’t let go.

“Baby, do you want your brother and sister?” Qin Anan stood by the crib, teasing Ziqiu, “Will your mother take you back in two days? Are you full? Do you want a hug from your mother? “

She was very tired, but after teasing her son for a while, she couldn’t help holding him in her arms.

Sister-in-law Zhang came over with the soup bowl. Seeing this scene, she smiled and said, “Do you want to hug Ziqiu when you see him?”

“Well, he’s so good. I always think he can understand us.” Qin Anan carried Ziqiu to the sofa and sat down, “otherwise, how could there be such a good baby? Don’t cry, don’t make trouble, mom I kept staring at my mother when I spoke, are you my mother’s little angel?”

Mrs. Zhang put the soup bowl on the coffee table: “An An, drink the soup first!”

“Well.” Qin Anan gave Ziqiu to Mrs. Zhang, ” After I went to the hospital in the morning, did Rila call?”

“I did. She said she wanted to see her brother.” Aunt Zhang sat down beside Qin Anan with Ziqiu in her arms, “She said that school will start tomorrow, so she was a little scared. Said that you promised to accompany her to the new school in the first grade.”

Qin Anan stopped while drinking soup.

She did seem to have promised Rila before.

But after receiving Yunmo’s surgery, he forgot about it.

“I’ll look at the ticket.” She immediately put down the soup bowl to see if she could rush back now.

Mrs. Zhang said, “I comforted her. She said she understands your work and won’t blame you.”

“I was negligent.

” Hundred, you have to give 200% of your energy. Rila is not a three-year-old child, and she should learn to be considerate of her parents. Only in this way can we grow together.”

“You are right.”

Mrs. Zhang blushed slightly: ” By the way, Mr. also called. But don’t worry, he didn’t ask you about the child’s business. He said help me pack my luggage and bring it to me when it’s convenient. “

Qin Anan broke with Fu Shiting . , but it doesn’t mean that he will change his face when he talks about it.

“How did you tell him?”

“I said that Mike has returned to China, so he can either contact Mike and send it directly, or wait for me to return, and I will get it.” Aunt Zhang said truthfully.

Qin Anan nodded.

“He said let the driver take him to the Xinghewan Villa. I thought it would be no problem, so I agreed.”

Qin Anan nodded again.

The next day, country A, at 7:30 in the morning.

The black Rolls-Royce slowly drove into the Xinghewan villa, and finally stopped in front of Qin Anan’s villa courtyard.

At this time, the bodyguard has sent Xiaohan to school, and Mike is going to send Rila to another elementary school.

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