When His Eyes Opened Chapter 871 -880(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 871 -880(Chinese)

Chapter 871

The genius class of Beijing University where Xiao Han is located is not an ordinary elementary school in an ordinary school. Even if Qin An’an is rich, there is no way to send Rila there.

And Rila didn’t want to be in the genius class either.

She didn’t understand and was not interested in what Xiaohan learned at all.

Mike took Rila out of the villa and was stunned when he saw Fu Shiting’s car.

The Fu family driver opened the trunk and took out Mrs. Zhang’s luggage from it.

Mike took Rila and strode over to check the situation.

“This is Mrs. Zhang’s luggage. She didn’t work at Fu’s house, so the boss asked me to help her bring her luggage.” The driver said.

“Your boss asked you to use a Rolls-Royce to deliver your luggage?” Mike felt that Fu Shiting might be in the car.

The driver was embarrassed for a few seconds and explained: “My boss is in the car. He said he would let me take him out for breakfast.”

Mike sneered, then let go of Rila’s little hand, strode towards the back seat, and patted Slap the door.

With a ‘whoosh’, the window slammed down.

Fu Shiting’s handsome and cold face appeared in Mike’s sight.

Mike smirked and teased: “It’s only half past seven, shouldn’t you, a CEO who doesn’t eat human fireworks, sleep in the bed? Which CEO gets up at seven for breakfast? You didn’t eat last night. Is it?”

Fu Shiting: “…”

“Speak straight, you came to my house for breakfast, right? I still have leftover porridge and steamed buns, if you don’t dislike it, you…”

Mike said Before finishing speaking, Fu Shiting opened the car door and walked out.

Now, it was Mike’s turn to be speechless.

Shouldn’t he really be thick-skinned enough to go in for breakfast?

Seeing Fu Shiting getting out of the car, Rila frowned immediately, ran behind Mike, grabbed Mike’s hand, and pulled Mike away.

“Fu Shiting, you’d better go back to your car! Don’t make our baby Rila cry! Otherwise, I will make a video for Qin An’an at night and sue you!” Mike threatened.

Fu Shiting stopped in his footsteps.

He misses children so much.

That’s why I couldn’t help but come over, even if I could take a look at the child.

Rila hid behind Mike, not wanting to see Fu Shiting or being seen by Fu Shiting.

She thought she had a father, and was very happy, but after a few days of happiness, her father changed back to a scumbag father.

Although she knew that there was a reason for her father to become a scumbag this time, how could her broken heart recover in a short period of time?

“Rila, Dad wants to say sorry to you.” Fu Shiting rolled his Adam’s apple and his voice was low and solemn, “It was Dad’s fault before. No matter what my reasons are, it’s my fault that I made you sad.”

Rila Hearing his apology, his eyes suddenly turned red.

She tugged at Mike’s arm, trying to get out of here quickly.

Mike immediately picked her up and carried her towards the garage.

After she was picked up, she immediately lowered her head, not wanting to be seen by Fu Shiting.

But after a few seconds, she couldn’t help but secretly raised her head and looked at Fu Shiting –

it happened that Fu Shiting was also looking at her.

After the eyes of the father and daughter met, Fu Shiting seemed encouraged and said loudly, “I’m sorry baby! Can you give Dad a chance?!”

At this moment, Mike stopped. The phone in his pocket rang.

He put Rila down, took out his phone, and answered the call, “What? Ziqiu has a fever? An An, don’t worry…”

When Fu Shiting heard these words at the gate of the courtyard, he immediately strode over and grabbed Mike’s cell phone!

Chapter 872

Chapter 872

Mike was so scared that his soul almost floated away!

“Why the hell did you grab my phone?!” Mike roared and grabbed the phone back.

On the other side of the phone, Qin Anan was stunned.

Who stole Mike’s phone? Who dares to steal Mike’s phone?

In her mind, Fu Shiting’s face automatically appeared.

“Turn on the speakerphone!” Fu Shiting’s eyes were scarlet as he ordered Mike.

Ziqiu has a fever, he wants to know what Ziqiu is now.

Qin Anan took a sharp breath when she heard Fu Shiting’s voice.

Why is Fu Shiting and Mike together?

It’s after seven o’clock in the morning in China, how could Fu Shiting appear at her house?

“I’ll do it if you let me? Do you think you’re my boss?!” Mike couldn’t get used to his bad temper.

Fu Shiting’s face was instantly gloomy, and his cold eyes were murderous.

And Mike wasn’t afraid of him either.

Rila stood beside Mike, watching the two of them quarrel with black faces, as if they were about to start a fight in the next second, with an ‘Ow’ and cried.

“…I’m going to be late for school woohoo!” Rila wasn’t the kind of little girl who would shed tears casually.

As soon as she cried, Mike and Fu Shiting put away all their sharpness and looked at her at a loss.

“Baby Rila don’t cry! I’ll take you to school now, I promise you won’t be late!” Mike picked Rila up with one hand and strode towards the garage.

Fu Shiting wanted to chase after her to coax her, but thinking that doing so would only make her cry even more sad.

He came out of the yard sadly.

After he got into the car, the driver immediately got into the driver’s seat and asked, “Boss, where are you going?”

He looked out the car window and didn’t seem to hear the driver’s voice.

The driver knew he was reluctant to bear Rila, so he didn’t speak again.

Mike turned on the speakerphone and put the phone in the car.

He carried Rila to the child safety seat, quickly sat down in the driver’s seat, and drove the car out.

“How is Ziqiu now? Why did he suddenly have a fever?” He asked Qin An’an while driving.

“The heating failed at noon, and the heating stopped for a few hours. Ziqiu should not be able to adapt to the sudden change in temperature.” Qin Anan took a few steps away, holding the phone, “Now his fever has subsided, I guess It’s time to postpone returning to China.”

She originally booked a flight to return to China tomorrow, but because Ziqiu suddenly had a fever, she refunded the flight.

She had to wait for Ziqiu to fully recover.

She called Mike to say that she was going back to China later.

Mike heaved a sigh of relief: “It should be fine after the fever is gone, right? It won’t be like when I was born again, will it?”

“No. Ziqiu’s spirit recovered a little after the fever went down, and he fell asleep now.” The child went to the hospital to be prescribed medicine. After the fever subsided in the hospital, the doctor asked him to take the child home to take care of him.

Children’s fever is easy to repeat, so Qin An’an is not sure whether Ziqiu will continue to have a fever in the future.

But it is certain that this time it is just a cold, not another disease.

“That’s good. I was shocked just now. I thought it was like last time…” Mike exhaled heavily, “Fu Shiting, that bastard, robbed my phone just now, and I almost lost my soul. I thought it was a ghost in broad daylight!”

“Why is he here?” Qin Anan asked.

“He made an excuse to deliver luggage to Mrs. Zhang, but he actually wanted to see the children. When can’t the luggage be delivered, so it has to be delivered so early? Besides, the driver can do such a trivial matter as delivering luggage. Does he have to come over in person?” Mike Analyzing his thoughts clearly, out of the corner of his eyes he glanced at the rearview mirror, “Huh? He’s actually in my car.”

Qin Anan frowned.

She is not in the country now, so she can’t stop Fu Shiting from doing anything.

Chapter 873

Chapter 873

Although she knew that Fu Shiting would not take away or force the child, she was still uneasy.

“An An, I hung up first. His car followed me.” Mike’s tone seemed to want to get rid of Fu Shiting.

Qin Anan said immediately: “Mike, don’t speed racing! Safety first. If he wants to, let him follow. He can’t follow Rila’s school.”

“Okay! He may be worried about Ziqiu! He I heard that Ziqiu had a fever, and his face became very ugly. I guess his reaction was the same as my first reaction, thinking that Ziqiu was the same as last time.” Mike’s mood gradually calmed down.

“Then explain to him later! You drive well, I’ll hang up first.”


After hanging up, Mike glanced at Rila.

Rila pursed her mouth and her eyes were red. Although she didn’t cry, her expression was particularly aggrieved.

“Baby Rila, did we scare you just now? Don’t be afraid, he doesn’t dare to hit me. Even if we fight, I won’t necessarily lose!” Mike coaxed.

Rila: “If he hits you, I don’t like him anymore.”

“Uh? You mean, are you liking him again now?”

Rila frowned, distressed: “He didn’t let him Shall I give him a chance? I’m still thinking about it!”

Mike sighed: “How could you forgive him so easily? Baby, you will suffer easily in the future! You have to learn from your mother, look at your mother.. ….”

“He’s handsome, rich, and sweet… so my mother gave him three children.” Rila lays out the truth.

Mike was speechless. After being silent for a while, Mike retorted: “His mouth is sweet? Where is his mouth sweet?”

“He called me baby.”

Mike: “…”

Also, it is not easy for an iceberg-type man like Fu Shiting to say the word ‘baby’.

You can see how hard he worked to win Rila’s heart back.

A quarter of an hour later, the car stopped at the gate of the elementary school.

After Mike stopped the car, the Rolls-Royce behind him also stopped.

Mike got out of the car with Rila in his arms.

Before Fu Shiting got off the station and stabilized, a tall and handsome figure suddenly appeared and took Rila from Mike’s arms.

A bright smile appeared on Rila’s face.

Fu Shiting looked from a distance and saw Rila hugging Jin Sinian’s neck and kissing him on the cheek.

Fu Shiting tightened his fingers holding the car door.

When Rila had Jin Sinian, she suddenly forgot that there was his father behind him.

Jin Sinian entered the school with Rila in his arms, while Mike walked leisurely to Fu Shiting.

“Go back! Come back when An An returns to China.” Mike patted him on the shoulder, “As long as you ask An An to forgive you, no matter how many children you have, you will eventually recognize you obediently.”

“How’s Ziqiu?” He calmed down and asked.

“The fever has subsided. It’s not the same disease as last time. It’s just a common cold and fever.” Mike said, “So Ann will have to come back after a while.”

Fu Shiting was relieved and got into the car.

“Don’t go to country B to find her in a feverish mind. This will only stimulate her rebellious psychology.” Mike leaned over to his car and said to him, “If you are really ashamed of her, you can’t help but want to find her. She, you can call her first! What if she answers your call?”

After Mike finished, he closed the door for him.

The black Rolls-Royce started slowly and drove towards the main road.

Fu Shiting sat in the car, his jaw tightened, and his heart was suffering.

Why didn’t he want to call her?

He frowned and held his breath, turned on his phone, and dialed her number.

Chapter 874

Chapter 874

When Qin Anan saw his call, he hung up without thinking about it.

His self-esteem is so strong, seeing her hang up the phone, he will definitely not call again.

Fu Shiting was stunned when he saw that the phone was hung up in seconds.

Qin Anan doesn’t answer his phone, he understands. After all, he was damned and broke her heart.

But she was hanging up too fast!

It caught him off guard, panicked, and grief-stricken.

If Qin Anan thought that this would make him lose, then she would underestimate him too much.

He found Sister Zhang’s phone number and dialed it firmly.

Before he called Qin An’an, he had already thought about the reason. The reason is that I heard that Ziqiu had a fever, so I called to ask.

If Mrs. Zhang answered the phone, he would also use this reason.

As a result, Mrs. Zhang also hung up his phone.

Fu Shiting looked at the hung up call, the expression on his face was frozen and still.

Mrs. Zhang had been with him for no more than half a month. How could she be so cruel? !

After all, their decades-long master-servant relationship was no match for her short-term friendship with Qin An’an?

So heartbreaking!

country B.

After Aunt Zhang ruthlessly hung up Fu Shiting’s phone, she saw that Qin An’an was obviously relieved.

Sister Zhang is not a fool.

When Qin Anan hung up the phone just now, Mrs. Zhang could see clearly.

And Qin Anan had reminded before that Mrs. Zhang should not contact Fu Shiting.

So how could Mrs. Zhang answer Fu Shiting’s call in front of Qin An’an?

Even if he wanted to contact Fu Shiting, he would contact him secretly!

“An’an, I didn’t answer his call.” Mrs. Zhang put the phone back in her pocket, “but if he called, would there be any urgent matter?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “He probably wanted to ask Ziqiu about his cold.”

When she was talking to Mike on the phone just now, she asked Mike to explain to him that she believed that Mike did what she said.

So she didn’t need to answer his phone again and repeat the matter of Ziqiu.

“Oh, he’s going to your place at this time, shouldn’t he be going to deliver my luggage?” Mrs. Zhang said, and immediately explained, “He didn’t say on the phone before that he would deliver it to me in person.”

Qin Anan: ” Sister Zhang, although I broke up with him, it’s not a deep hatred. He secretly watched the child for the purpose of delivering your luggage. I can’t stop it, and I won’t argue with him about it.”

“Well, An An, I know. You are not that cruel. What parent doesn’t care about their children?” Mrs. Zhang said, looking at the time, “Are you hungry? I’ll cook.”

Mrs. Zhang entered the kitchen and cooked rice After getting up, he immediately sent a text message to Fu Shiting: Ziqiu is fine for now. An An said she didn’t hate you that much, you give her some time.

After the text message was sent, Mrs. Zhang immediately put away her phone and started cooking.

When Fu Shiting saw the message from Mrs. Zhang, his mood gradually calmed down.

Tang Qian held a press conference as the new boss of Xinhe Capital after handling the funeral of her father and brother.

She has long hair and a shawl, wearing a concise black suit, with a black mask on her face, covering half of her face, revealing only a pair of indifferent eyes.

Accompanied by bodyguards, she walked to the stage and sat down.

Chapter 875

Chapter 875

“I think it’s necessary for me to explain a series of things that happened to the Tang family in the past few days.” Tang Qian faced the camera and said, “My father was diagnosed with lung cancer five years ago. After the late stage, he has been fighting against the disease. His body has long since collapsed, and his life has been supported by drugs. On the day of my wedding, he unfortunately passed away.”

“Miss Tang, we would like to know more about your wedding with Fu Shiting. What’s going on?” Offstage, a reporter asked this poignant question.

Soon, another reporter also asked: “Miss Tang, why didn’t Fu Shiting show up on the wedding day? Are you going to make up the wedding next?” Tang

Qian already knew that reporters would ask these questions.

“No. It’s impossible for me and Fu Shiting to get married.” Tang Qian said, “I’m very grateful to him for cooperating with me in this scene. All this was forced by my brother Tang Qiaosen. He wanted to take the Tang family’s property for himself, and even wanted to kill me. , if it wasn’t for Fu Shiting to help out for the sake of his old love, I would have died at Tang Qiaosen’s hands.”

After she gave this explanation, the audience sighed for a while.

“After my father was diagnosed with cancer, Tang Qiaosen forced my father to step down. He always created the appearance that my father was patriarchal. In fact, my father loved me very much. It’s a pity that my father’s health is not as good as the day. Bless me again.” Tang Qian continued.

“Miss Tang, before your disfigurement, your relationship with Tang Qiaosen seemed to be very good. Didn’t you live in his house when Tang Qiaosen’s apartment was on fire?” The reporter asked.

“You also said that it was before my disfigurement. Before I disfigured, all the men I knew treated me well.” Tang Qian said here, forcibly suppressing her sadness, “The past has passed, and I will Lead Xinhe Capital to a more brilliant future.”

After the press conference, Tang Qian returned to the car and took off her mask.

She raised her hand and touched the scar on her face.

She seems to have got everything and nothing at all.

Even if she owns Xinhe Capital and has so much money, this is not the life she wants!

ST Group.

Fu Shiting didn’t come to work today.

Zhou Ziyi called Aunt Hong and asked about Fu Shiting’s situation.

Aunt Hong told him that Fu Shiting got up early today, so he rested at home.

Zhou Ziyi couldn’t help laughing.

He had reminded Fu Shiting to have a good rest at home for a while, but Fu Shiting was not one to listen to advice.

It’s good that he can rest at home today.

After Zhou Ziyi took the documents to the deputy general manager’s office, he went to the finance department to find Sheng Bei.

Sheng Bei just made a cup of coffee, and the whole office was full of fragrance.

“Brother Bei, let’s help the boss!” Zhou Ziyi said.

Sheng Bei raised his eyebrows: “What should I do? Tie Qin An’an back to his bed?”

Zhou Ziyi: “…”

Sheng Bei: “My mother came to see me yesterday and stayed at my house. I thought she It’s an old lady with a very trendy thinking, but she played a love movie in the living room and pulled me to watch it so that I could learn how the male protagonist on TV conquers women.”

Zhou Ziyi was very interested and listened attentively. .

“I watched her for a while in order to make her happy.” Sheng Bei said here, took a sip of coffee, and continued, “I saw the hero’s mother tied up a beautiful woman for the hero, wrapped it in a quilt and tied it up. Come here. This beautiful woman is the heroine. After the heroine was tied up, she was sent to the actor’s bed, and then the actor was pushed into the room. The old lady laughed and locked the door to death. The protagonist stayed in the room for seven days.”

Zhou Ziyi: “My God! Then what?”

Sheng Bei coughed: “Then the hero and heroine never knew each other until they fell asleep. Awesome, right?”

Zhou Ziyi praised: “Bull! Too cow!”

Shengbei: “I understand you want to help Shi Ting’s mood, but I really can’t help it. I haven’t stepped out of the shadow of the TV series.”

Zhou Ziyi: ” Well, then I’ll figure out a way myself.”

In a blink of an eye, it was evening.

Star River Villa.

Xiaohan and Rila returned home one after another.

Chapter 876

Chapter 876

Zhou Ziyi brought dinner to the table and winked at Mike at the same time.

Mike understood and nodded.

“Let’s go out for the weekend, babes!” Mike announced after the two children sat down at the dining table.

Rila is the king of cheers: “Okay, okay! Uncle Mike, where are you taking us to play?”

Xiaohan: “Today is only Tuesday.”

Mike: “We can make plans for the weekend first! Brother Han, do you have a weekend? You should be free, right?”

Xiaohan said, “No time.” This semester, he has a very heavy learning task, and he has no time to play at all.

“You’re only in elementary school! Why is it so miserable! If you wait for you to enter junior high school, won’t you even have time to go home?” Mike said with a frown, “I wasn’t as tired as you when I went to school, and I’m not that good. Is that right?”

“I will be more powerful than you in the future.” Xiaohan said in a serious manner.

Mike felt an arrow in the knee.

If Xiaohan said this before, he would definitely refute it. But now Xiaohan said so, he has no confidence.

Zhou Ziyi laughed and gave Xiaohan a thumbs up.

“I asked your mother to transfer you out of the genius class.” Mike said angrily.

“My mother doesn’t listen to you.”

Mike was so beaten that he couldn’t straighten his back, so he ate with his head down.

“Uncle Mike, when will my mother come back?” Rila looked forward to her mother’s return. She wanted to hang out with her when her mother came back.

“Your mother has to come back later. Your brother has a cold, and he will come back when he recovers.” Mike explained.

“Didn’t you say your brother doesn’t have a fever?”

“I don’t have a fever, but he may have complications such as coughing! We will have to wait for him to fully recover.”

“Is my brother still coughing? I haven’t heard him cough!” Rila was curious ‘s big eyes blinked.

Because babies can’t walk or talk, she subconsciously thinks little babies are different from them.

“Then will my brother fart?” Before Mike could answer, Rila continued to ask questions, “My brother is fragrant, is it possible that his fart is fragrant?

” leave.

Zhou Ziyi passed by Mike and smiled directly on Mike’s back.

Mike sighed helplessly: “Rila, your brother drinks milk all the time, his farts definitely don’t stink. However, can your focus be more meaningful, such as paying attention to where we go to play on weekends.

” I asked just now, but you didn’t answer me.” Rila picked up the small bowl and took a bite of rice into her mouth, “What if my brother is hungry later? He doesn’t like snacks.”

“Wait a minute. Son, your brother is hungry, I’ll make it for him.” Zhou Ziyi said, and took out a promotional poster.

This poster is a promotional poster for Dream City.

Rila’s eyes lit up when she saw the poster, and her little hands put down the tableware.

“What a beautiful castle! Uncle Mike, are we going to play here on weekends?” Rila held the poster and carefully looked at the pattern on it.

Mike: “If you want to go, let’s go.”

“I want to go! It’s so beautiful here! Why haven’t I been there before?”

Zhou Ziyi introduced: “This was the end of last year and it was officially released to the public. It’s open.” After a pause, he added, “This is a theme amusement park built by your father’s company, you can play whenever you want.”

Rila immediately put down the poster, “I’m not going to my father’s amusement park! I haven’t forgiven him yet!”

Chapter 877

Chapter 877

“Rila, your dad didn’t know you went to his amusement park! I won’t tell him.” Zhou Ziyi explained, “Let’s go there on weekends to see, if it’s not fun, then leave immediately, okay? “

Rila nodded with a smile after tangled for a while.

“When you’re playing a video with your mother later, don’t tell me you missed it, okay? Otherwise, your mother won’t let you go.” Zhou Ziyi reminded, “That amusement park is very fun! I took my niece to play, She had a great time playing.”

Rila’s heart had already flown to the castle of the propaganda poster, and she nodded when Zhou Ziyi said anything.

In the blink of an eye, it’s the weekend.

The entrance to Dream City was crowded with people.

When Zhou Ziyi brought his niece last time, the weather was not very good and there were not so many tourists. So he misjudged today’s situation.

“Fortunately, Xiaohan didn’t come.” Mike sighed as he looked at the moving heads in front of him.

If Xiaohan came and saw so many tourists, he would definitely turn around and leave.

Xiaohan doesn’t like this kind of crowded place.

Zhou Ziyi was a little apologetic: “It took too long to wait in line. I’ll go to the person in charge and tell us that we will go in through the staff passage.”

Mike: “We went in through the staff passage, and then what? There are more people inside, and everyone must be There are long queues for projects…”

Zhou Ziyi: “What should we do? Don’t we stop playing?”

The reason why Zhou Ziyi wanted to bring Xiaohan and Rila over was to tell them about the project. Which buildings were designed by Fu Shiting.

He wanted the children to worship Fu Shiting, and then forgive Fu Shiting.

Rila frowned and pursed her mouth: “I don’t want to go back. But there are a lot of people here, and I don’t like it either…”

After Zhou Ziyi understood Rila’s request, he discussed with Mike in a low voice, “How about I call my boss? If my boss comes over, I can clear the whole park and let Rila play alone.

” Knowing that I brought Rila to see Fu Shiting, do you think she can spare me?” Mike rejected his proposal, “Go ahead and have a look!”

Zhou Ziyi used his identity to take Mike and Rila from the staff Quick access to the park.

After Rila entered the park, she quickly chose the project she wanted to play.

They use VIP cards, but there are many people in the VIP channel, so they still have to queue up honestly.

“Rila, I’m sorry, I didn’t know there were so many people here.” Zhou Ziyi said apologetically.

“Isn’t this project managed by your company?” Mike asked.

“There is a special person in charge who manages it directly with my boss. I only heard that this project is more profitable, and it should not be long before I can make a return, but I didn’t expect it to be so popular.” Zhou Ziyi said, “After all, this is not the city center. I don’t usually come here.”

“It’s okay, we won’t come next time.” Mike especially hates queuing.

Rila raised her head, “I think it’s beautiful and fun. I like it here.”

“Okay, let’s choose a time with less people to play next time.” Mike did not forget to tease, “Or wait for your parents and Come back later.”

Rila held his big palm tightly and began to look anxiously at the team in front.

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman dressed in jewels brought two people to the front of the line to cut in line.

After someone protested, the woman instantly shouted at her throat: “Do you know who my husband is?! He is in charge of the whole film! If I want to cut the line, I will cut the line! Shut me up!

” The orderly environment suddenly became chaotic.

The little girl standing in front of Rila was startled and cried with a ‘wow’.

Rila immediately patted the little girl on the shoulder and comforted her softly: “Little sister, don’t cry, I’ll teach that bad aunt a lesson!”

Chapter 878

Chapter 878

Rila took Mike’s hand and strode forward.

Zhou Ziyi saw that the staff in front seemed to be a little afraid of the woman. He was afraid that things would get bigger, so he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed the person in charge of the park.

Rila walked up to the arrogant woman and said loudly, “Auntie! It’s not right to jump in the queue! You made a mistake and shouted so loudly, didn’t your teacher teach you etiquette and integrity?

” Frightened for a moment.

The little baby really improved when he went to primary school, and his speaking level was obviously different from when he was three or four years old.

Rila’s words caused the surroundings to be silent for two seconds.

The middle-aged woman glared at Rila and scolded: “Stinky girl! How dare you teach me, what kind of onion are you?!”

Rila calmly corrected: “Are you blind? Can’t tell the difference? Onion is green, it’s a kind of plant, you can’t scold anyone, idiot!”

There was a burst of laughter around!

The middle-aged woman’s face was black, and she was about to hit someone when she raised her hand.

Mike immediately blocked in front of Rila, while the brawny man beside the middle-aged woman looked at Mike, the tense atmosphere opened, and the war was about to ignite at any time!

Zhou Ziyi strode over and said, “Are you Ms. He? Hello! I’m the assistant to the president of ST Group, and this is my business card. This little girl was brought by me. She is young, and she is innocent. Also, please don’t bother with her.?”

Zhou Ziyi handed his business card to the middle-aged woman.

Just now, Zhou Ziyi called the person in charge of the park to confirm the identity of the lady.

It was indeed allowed by the person in charge of the park to cut the queue, because the lady’s husband was indeed not easy to offend.

Unexpectedly, after seeing Zhou Ziyi’s business card, this lady threw the business card behind her!

“It’s just an assistant who brings tea and water, I don’t want to know you! The person in charge here agreed to my jumping in the queue. But since you brought this little girl, I don’t have to teach her a lesson, but you must let her Apologize to me with such a loud voice just now! Otherwise, this will never end!”

Mike couldn’t help laughing when he saw Ms. He’s arrogant look.

Mainly because of Ms. He’s words, ‘It’s just an assistant who brings tea and water’, which is really shocking! I don’t know if Zhou Ziyi was hurt or not.

“What are you laughing at?! Don’t think that you are a foreigner and I will be afraid of you! This is country A, my husband’s territory…”

Mike quickly responded: “Your husband is amazing! Your husband is awesome! But no matter how good your husband is, he is not good enough for you. It’s just that you won’t be able to join the team today.”

Ms. He frowned.

At this time, the person in charge of the park rushed over.

Zhou Ziyi took the arm of the person in charge and took a step to speak.

“Have you seen the little girl in the pink coat next to Ms. He?” Zhou Ziyi pointed at Rila and said to the person in charge.

“I see. Did this little girl have a conflict with Ms. He? Let that little girl apologize to Ms. He! It’s better to have less than one thing, and Ms. He doesn’t come to us often.” The person in charge quickly decided.

Zhou Ziyi swallowed: “She is the boss’s daughter.” The

person in charge: “Huh? Do you mean this little girl?”

Zhou Ziyi: “Did I say Ms. He? Maybe Ms. He is older than the boss? The

person in charge took a deep breath and asked slowly and solemnly, “This little girl is the boss’s illegitimate child? Does the boss admit this child? If the boss doesn’t admit this child, we don’t need to take the risk of offending Ms. He.. …After all, the boss must be more than this illegitimate child, right?”

Zhou Ziyi was shocked!

Is Fu Shiting’s private life so messy in the eyes of outsiders?

“Let me put it this way, if you make this little girl wronged today, you won’t have to go to work tomorrow. Because you will be fired tonight. It’s useless even if you are hired by the boss!” Zhou Ziyi didn’t want to talk to him. He is nonsense, so he directly points out the stakes.

Chapter 879

Chapter 879 The

person in charge looked at Zhou Ziyi’s serious expression, took a deep breath, and nodded hurriedly, indicating that he knew what to do.

Ms. He was quickly invited away by the person in charge!

When Ms. He was invited away, she shouted, “Stinky girl! Wait for me! I won’t come to teach you a lesson later!”

Rila made a face in Ms. He’s direction.

After Ms. He was asked to leave, the scene quickly returned to order.

“Rila, that woman won’t come. Don’t be angry with her!” Zhou Ziyi coaxed with a smile.

“I’m not angry! It’s her who is embarrassed, not me.” Rila said, taking Mike’s hand back to the previous position and continuing to line up.

The little sister standing in front of Rila gave Rila a thumbs up: “Sister, you are amazing!”

Rila showed a proud and brilliant smile.

After sending Ms. He away, the person in charge immediately called Fu Shiting.

“Boss, your daughter has come to our park!”

Since this little girl is the boss’s beloved daughter, the person in charge will of course not miss the opportunity to flatter her.

Fu Shiting glanced at the call reminder, and after confirming who was speaking, he said solemnly, “My daughter?”

“Yeah! Assistant Zhou said it was your daughter! It shouldn’t be wrong, right?” The person in charge flattered, “You Do you want to come and play?”

“You said Zhou Ziyi took my daughter to Dream City?!” Fu Shiting didn’t receive the news at all.

Zhou Ziyi actually carried him behind his back and took his daughter out to play.

Zhou Ziyi didn’t even announce it in advance, what a daring one!

“Yeah, yeah! That little girl is tall and thin, with long black hair and big eyes, she’s very beautiful! It’s like a child star I’ve seen on TV before…” the person in charge described road.

Fu Shiting couldn’t control his emotions, and his heart flew to his daughter’s side: “I’ll go right away!”

An hour later, Fu Shiting rushed to Dream City.

The person in charge took him to the project that Rila was playing.

This was Rila’s first event, and there was a nearly hour-long queue.

After half an hour, the project was over. Rila came out in high spirits, and when she saw Fu Shiting, the smile on her face suddenly froze.

“Rila, I came here today to inspect the work.” Fu Shiting found a lame reason.

Rila saw through his lie at a glance: “Isn’t today a weekend?”

Fu Shiting: “Well, I sometimes work on weekends.”

“Oh, then go to work!” Rila took Mike’s hand and walked towards the next project go.

Fu Shiting followed closely behind them.

Zhou Ziyi and the person in charge of the park followed Fu Shiting.

Zhou Ziyi asked the person in charge in a low voice, “You called the boss here?”

“Yeah! Didn’t you say that the boss is very fond of this daughter? So I called the boss to try it out. I didn’t expect the boss to really care about this daughter. What! Assistant Zhou, thank you today! If you hadn’t reminded me, I would have to pack up and leave tomorrow.”

Zhou Ziyi clenched his fists and gasped.

If Qin Anan knew that he brought Rila to meet with Fu Shiting, Qin Anan must have thought that he arranged it. Even if Qin Anan is embarrassed to scold him directly, I’m afraid he won’t let him into her house in the future.

Chapter 880

Chapter 880

After arriving at the second project, there was still a long queue at the entrance.

Rila naturally walked to the VIP channel and queued up.

How could Fu Shiting let his daughter line up?

Although the outdoor temperature is relatively cool and comfortable today, it is tiring to line up.

He hates queuing the most!

He strode forward, pulled Rila’s arm, and said lovingly, “Baby, Dad will take you in directly.”

Rila frowned, “Are you saying we cut the line?”

Fu Shiting nodded without hesitation.

Mike is gearing up, already anticipating what will happen next.

At this time, Zhou Ziyi walked up to Fu Shiting and reported to his ear the little episode that happened an hour ago.

“I hate queue jumping the most! Just now, a bad aunt cut the queue and was driven away by me! Would it be fair if I cut the queue myself?” Although Rila didn’t want to queue, she couldn’t do what she hated with her conscience.

After Fu Shiting understood his daughter’s mood, he still didn’t want her daughter to suffer in line.

So he made a decisive decision: “We won’t cut the queue. Dad will close the park and let you play alone.” The

person in charge’s face froze.

If the park is closed for one day on weekends, how big is the loss, has the boss ever counted it?

The park has only been in operation for more than three months, and it has not returned to its original budget!

Zhou Ziyi had long expected that Fu Shiting would be like this.

Because Fu Shiting didn’t like crowded places.

If Rila hadn’t come here to play today, he wouldn’t have come here.

Even if the work inspection is carried out, it will be sent to the following people to do it.

Rila was stunned. Before her father had a falling out with her mother, her father was also obedient to her like this.

The familiar feeling of being loved came back, but she was a little nervous.

“I…I don’t like playing alone…I want to play with other kids.” Rila stammered, insisting on continuing to line up.

Fu Shiting will not force Rila.

He can only find a way to keep his daughter from queuing and at the same time not let her have the psychological burden of jumping in the queue.

He walked to the side and discussed countermeasures with the person in charge.

Mike pulled Zhou Ziyi to complain: “If An An finds out about this, she will definitely scold me.”

Zhou Ziyi was ashamed: “I’m sorry! If An An finds out, I will explain it to her.”

“What do you explain? Use, she didn’t want to scold me in the end. Why don’t I take the blame myself!” Mike has already looked away.

“As long as Rila is having fun, it’s worth it.” Zhou Ziyi comforted him.

Mike lowered his eyes and asked Rila, “Is it fun here?”

“It’s fun! Don’t worry, I won’t tell my mother.” Rila weighed it in her heart, “I thought about it, I still can’t forgive Dad. Because I promised my mom and brother that I would listen to them. I can’t forgive my dad unless they forgive my dad.”

Mike: “Children think so much, be careful not to grow taller.”

Rila: “No way! Mommy Said that my president is taller than her!” On the

side, after Fu Shiting and the person in charge of the park discussed the countermeasures, the person in charge immediately went to implement it.

Fu Shiting told Zhou Ziyi the solution and asked Zhou Ziyi to coax Rila.

Ten minutes later, the park broadcast sounded: Dear tourists and friends, good morning everyone. To celebrate this wonderful weekend, the park is offering a half-price event today. As long as everyone can let the children of Rela play all the projects first, they can enjoy half-price discounts on all projects in the park. For tourists who cannot accept this activity, the park will provide a full refund service, thank you for your support, and wish you a happy weekend!

After listening to the broadcast, Mike sighed: “Fu Shiting is not only good at chasing women, but also good at coaxing little girls!”

Zhou Ziyi: “If you have money, you can do whatever you want.”

Mike: “It’s better to sigh. However, this matter I’m afraid it’s on the news, right?”

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