When His Eyes Opened Chapter 881 -890(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 881 -890(Chinese)

Chapter 881

Zhou Ziyi nodded: “You also know my boss’s temperament, he is not afraid of An An knowing.”

A happy day passed in the blink of an eye.

In the evening, Fu Shiting planned to take everyone to dinner.

Rila played in the park for a day today. She had a great time, and she was also hungry.

So she didn’t raise any objection to Fu Shiting’s invitation to dinner.

At this moment, Mike’s cell phone rang.

Mike took out his mobile phone, saw the call reminder, and immediately made a ‘shush’ action: “An’an is calling, don’t talk for now.”

After Mike finished speaking, he answered the phone: “Ann, you want to make a video with Rila. Are we outside now! I’ll call you when I get home.”

“I’m back home, now at home.” Qin Anan’s voice was unhurried and unhurried, “Bring Rila back now.”

Mike I was stunned for a moment, but before I had time to be surprised, Qin Anan hung up the phone.

“Fuck!” Mike blushed and his heart beat faster, “An An is back! She’s at home now! She ordered me to take Rila back immediately! She must know something!”

Zhou Ziyi’s heartbeat also accelerated.

“No, her tone seems to be very gentle.” Mike comforted himself, “She may not know… I’ll take Rila back first, you can go eat!”

Mike picked Rila and strode towards Go to the parking lot.

Zhou Ziyi was worried, so he said to Fu Shiting, “Boss, I’ll help you see Qin An’an!” The

three of them quickly disappeared in front of him.

Fu Shiting turned on the phone. He took a lot of pictures of Rila today.

In the photo, Rila’s smile brightened his gray world.

Star River Villa.

Qin Anan’s sudden return to China made Xiaohan very happy.

She decided to go back to China temporarily, because she wanted to surprise them, so she didn’t say it in advance.

After Mike brought Rila back, Rila plunged into Qin An’an’s arms.

“Mom! You’re finally back! I miss you so much!”

Qin Anan hugged Rila with a gentle smile: “Mom misses you too, so after my brother is healed, my mom will come back immediately.”

Mike and Zhou Zi Yi looked at the smile on Qin An’an’s face and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Mike, where did you take Rila to play today?” The smile on Qin Anan’s face disappeared.

Mike scratched his head: “Outside…an amusement park outside.”

Qin Anan: “Which amusement park? Is it fun?”

Mike tried to lie: “A newly opened amusement park…called I forgot the name. It’s funny, Rila refuses to come back!”

Xiaohan’s voice came leisurely: “My mother already knows. Who told you not to hide the promotional posters of Dream City.”

Mike: “…”

Zhou Ziyi: “…”

Rila pouted and apologized softly: “Mom, I’m sorry. I played with my dad today. And… It ‘s a lot of fun.”

Mike: “An An, don’t blame Rila. It’s mainly me…”

“Of course I blame you!” Qin Anan pointed his finger at him, “How did I talk to him in the first place? What did you say? How did you promise me? Did you forget everything?”

Zhou Ziyi couldn’t bear Mike’s blame, and explained aloud: “An An, this matter has nothing to do with Mike. I brought the poster, It’s me who’s going to take the kids to Dream City.”

Qin Anan’s cold eyes suddenly looked at Zhou Ziyi.

Suddenly, a dazzling white light came from outside the door.

After the white light went out, the black Rolls-Royce appeared in everyone’s sight.

Chapter 882

Chapter 882

Fu Shiting is here.

Everyone was surprised.

Qin Anan hates him and doesn’t want to see him. He is as bright as a mirror in his heart.

His self-esteem is so strong, why does he have to be sent to the door to be humiliated?

Fu Shiting pushed open the car door and stepped out of the car.

Standing at the gate of the courtyard, he saw Zhou Ziyi striding out of the villa.

“Boss, go back!” Zhou Ziyi pushed open the courtyard door and walked in front of him, embarrassedly said, “She doesn’t want to see you. I was kicked out too.”

In fact, it wasn’t as serious as what Zhou Ziyi said.

Qin Anan asked him to redeem his merits. As long as he gets Fu Shiting away, she doesn’t need to hold him accountable for taking Rila to Dream City today.

The reason why he said it was so serious was that he wanted Fu Shiting to leave quickly.

“She didn’t blame Rila, did she?” Fu Shiting asked.

“No. Rila is still a child. Even if she really made a mistake, Qin Anan won’t blame her. You don’t have to worry.” Zhou Ziyi said here and persuaded, “Now Qin Anan has come back, you will be more than enough in the future. Opportunity. Don’t be in a hurry.”

Fu Shiting’s handsome face showed a hint of coldness: “You mean what I want to do to her.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Actually, you also know that Qin Anan will not embarrass Reila.”

Zhou Ziyi The implication is: boss, if I don’t expose you, it doesn’t mean I’m a fool. You are here now for Qin An’an.

Fu Shiting gave Zhou Ziyi a death stare, and then quickly walked to the side of the car.

After he got into the car, the door slammed with a ‘bang’.

Soon, the black Rolls Royce disappeared into the dark night.

In the villa, everyone sat down in the dining room and began to enjoy a warm dinner.

“Mom, we were going to play secretly, but we didn’t expect to meet Dad.” Rila tried to explain, “I didn’t call him Dad. I said I would listen to you and my brother, so I will definitely listen.”

Qin Anan has already Not angry anymore.

“Rila, are you still used to it at school?”

“Everyone likes me, so it’s alright!” Rilla said, the conversation changed, “A boy asked me to be his girlfriend, and I scolded him. I cried.”

“Eh? Rila, you can refuse others, but it’s better not to curse.” Qin Anan taught.

“It’s not scolding, I said that my boyfriend must be as handsome as Uncle Sinian.” Rila said, “He said he was more handsome than Uncle Sinian! I said you can’t just because you’re ugly. Ah, he cried.”

Qin Anan wanted to educate Rila well and let her be gentle, but after listening to her words, Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing.

“Baby, you did a great job. Next time let’s be brave and tell the truth.” Mike encouraged.

Rila nodded, then looked at Xiaohan: “Brother, you didn’t play with us today, I really regret for you. You don’t know how fun it is there.”

Xiaohan: “Then what are you doing here? Just live there. How good.”

Rila licked her little mouth, not knowing how to answer.

“Brother, although it’s fun there, I still prefer home. And my mother and brother are back, I’m so happy!”

“Then go and play with your brother!”

Rila couldn’t catch her brother’s words again.

She originally thought that she could speak well and had excellent eloquence, but in front of her brother, she felt like a fool who was not in the middle of winter.

Brother Mingming didn’t speak much, but every word he said hit the nail on the head.

Rila didn’t want to just admit defeat, so after a long breath, she said to Qin An’an, “Mom, I think my brother will definitely not be able to find a wife when he grows up, woohoo, what should my brother do!”

Qin An’an: ” …”

Mike: “Rila, your worries are superfluous. Your brother will definitely make a lot of money in the future. As long as he can make money, a lot of women will stick to him.”

Rila: “If Will he not make any money in the future?”

Chapter 883

Chapter 883

Mike: “That’s fine. With your brother’s handsome face, there will definitely be girls who will take the initiative to pursue. Even if you can’t find a girlfriend, you can find a boyfriend.”

Rila: “… Xiaohan put down the table and chopsticks with

a sullen face: “boring.” After

Xiaohan got off the table, Qin Anan also left the table full of food.

Because of the jet lag, she is not very comfortable.

She went back to the bedroom to pack up, then lay down on the bed.

She turned on her phone and planned to send a message to Li Xiaotian that she had returned to China.

As a result, he turned on the phone and saw dozens of messages from Fu Shiting at a glance.

She was stunned for a moment, then clicked on his dialog box.

All he sent were pictures of Rila in Dream City today.

In each photo, Rila’s smile is bright and happy.

After reading the photo, she saved the better-looking photo, and then closed his dialog box.

She didn’t know what to say to him. The last time they parted at the airport seemed to be yesterday.

She couldn’t have forgotten how painful it was so quickly.

She dialed Li Xiaotian’s phone, “Little Tian, ​​I’m going back to China.” On the other

side of the phone, Li Xiaotian was very surprised: “Are you home?”

“Well. I decided to go back to China temporarily, so I didn’t tell you in advance. “

Then I’ll find you tomorrow! By the way, Rila is on the news today, have you seen it?” Li Xiaotian sighed, “Fu Shiting paid the full price this time! Half-price tickets, so much less money! Just for the sake of Let Rila have a good time. Tourists who bought half-price tickets today thank Rila online.”

Qin Anan didn’t watch the news, but after hearing what Li Xiaotian said, her heart was not disturbed.

Fu Shiting has always been generous when it comes to money.

But does she want money? no.

“An An, He Zhunzhi’s family is really preparing for the wedding.” Li Xiaotian’s voice suddenly dropped, “Everything was like a dream. I was too impulsive for divorce. Maybe I shouldn’t go back to China. When I was abroad, I’ve never regretted it so much.”

“Then do you want to go abroad to relax?” Qin Anan asked.

“No, those who should come can’t escape. Let’s talk about it after his wedding.” Li Xiaotian suddenly gasped, “I have been in a relationship with him for so many years, and he said he would remarry if he remarryed! I thought he was better than Fu Shiting! Now It seems that he is not as good as Fu Shiting at all! After Fu Shiting broke up with you, he has never found another woman!”

Qin Anan’s temple suddenly hurt.

If you say He Zhunzhi, say He Zhunzhi, what is Fu Shiting doing?

“I know you’re still angry with Fu Shiting, but I thought about it carefully, He Zhunzhi is much more ruthless than Fu Shiting! Fu Shiting was threatened by someone and had no choice but to publicly marry Tang Qian, but He Zhunzhi took the initiative! It was he who took the initiative to marry another woman!”

Li Xiaotian couldn’t help crying when she said this.

Qin Anan didn’t know how to persuade her.

Faced with this kind of thing, there is no other choice but to let go.

“Xiao Tian, ​​find something to distract your attention!” Qin Anan pondered for a while, then said, “I plan to start work next Monday.”

Li Xiaotian took a breath and calmed down: “Where’s Ziqiu?

” Ziqiu has a babysitter to take care of. I can’t keep the children at home all the time.”

“Well. Then we’ll see you tomorrow.”


After hanging up, Qin Anan put down the phone, and Li Xiaotian’s voice kept echoing in her mind.

Could it be that Fu Shiting is really not guilty of this?

She picked up her phone again, clicked on Fu Shiting’s dialog box, and after scribing down dozens of photos, she accidentally saw that he sent a sentence before sending the photos!

Chapter 884

Chapter 884

He said, An An, give me one last chance!

She took a deep breath and put the phone down.

the last time! These four words made her heartstrings tense.

She remembered Li Xiaotian’s cry.

When Li Xiaotian said divorce, she was so determined! When he left country A after the divorce, he was so decisive. But He Zhunzhi’s remarriage caused her emotional breakdown again.

Who doesn’t want to be a decent and dashing person?

If there is anything in this world that can make people crazy, it must be love.

Fu Shiting came out of the Xinghewan villa, turned on his mobile phone, and swiped WeChat.

Qin Anan didn’t reply to him.

He intuited that Qin Anan must have seen his message. Although she didn’t reply, he was not in a hurry.

No one or anything will threaten him in the future.

He can deploy and wait patiently.

The next day, Li Xiaotian came to the Xinghewan Villa, carrying a lot of snacks and gifts.

Aunt Zhang smiled and said, “It’s so good, it feels like it’s back to the past.”

Qin Anan saw that the expression on Li Xiaotian’s face was obviously stiff, and immediately said: “Little Tian, ​​come and see Ziqiu! He I scratched my face twice last night, and now I look like a little cat.”

Li Xiaotian followed Qin Anan to the crib, and after seeing Ziqiu, she laughed, “My little one! What are you doing? A mark is drawn on one side of his face, and it is so symmetrical! He really turned into a little cat haha!”

“His nails are obviously not long.” Qin Anan said puzzled.

“Maybe he thinks his little face is chubby, it’s fun to hold it! Haha!” Li Xiaotian poked Ziqiu’s cheek with her fingers.

Ziqiu stared at Li Xiaotian with big eyes, and Li Xiaotian’s heart was about to melt.

“An An, doesn’t your son look too much like Fu Shiting? Are you sure you don’t think of Fu Shiting when you look at him every day?” Li Xiaotian sat down on the sofa beside the crib.

Qin An’an: “It is true that there will be troubles in this regard.”

“The child is so cute! Seeing Ziqiu, my mother’s love flooded all of a sudden! If I were you, I’m afraid I don’t even want to go to work.”

Qin An An was afraid that if she continued to talk, she would think of the sad thing about her infertility, so she changed the subject: “Xiao Tian, ​​let’s go shopping! I’m going to work tomorrow, and I want to buy some new clothes. By the way, I will also buy some new clothes for the child. “

Okay! It just so happens that I have to buy clothes too. When I attend He Zhunzhi’s wedding, I have to dress nicely.” After Li Xiaotian stood up, she teased Zushiqiu again, “Little baby, Auntie Xiaotian, wait a moment.” Come play with you again!”

When going out, Li Xiaotian suddenly thought of Rila: “Aren’t Rila and Xiaohan supposed to be at home this Sunday?”

Qin Anan: “Si Nian took them both out.”

“Si Nian It’s great, I’ll help you take care of your child when you have time.” Li Xiaotian was envious, “If only I were your child.”

“Your parents will be sad if they hear this.” Qin Anan said, “Although I don’t see many uncles and aunties, but I can feel that they love you very much. You should be content!”

“I know. Except for my bad relationship, I am very happy in other aspects.”

“The future is still long! I will be by your side in the future. The man you are, must love you more than He Zhunzhi.”

“Your mouth is so sweet.” Li Xiaotian took her arm, “Then I’ll be your driver!”

“You wear high heels, okay? “

It’s not a problem to be ten centimeters taller.”

The two went shopping in the downtown business district. After filling the trunk with the spoils, they went to the restaurant for lunch.

Li Xiaotian drove the car and looked for restaurants everywhere.

Chapter 885

Chapter 885 When passing

a high-end restaurant, Li Xiaotian’s eyes were attracted by a luxury car parked outside the restaurant.

Li Xiaotian had an idea: “An’an, let’s go have a big meal!”

Qin Anan was looking at her phone and responded: “Okay! I’ll treat you.”

Li Xiaotian drove the car to the door of the high-end restaurant, stopped, and got off. After the car, give the key to the parking clerk.

Qin Anan put away the phone and glanced at the restaurant: “This one, I’ve been here before. The taste is really good.”

“When have you been here? I rarely come here! Except for the price, this restaurant is expensive. , you have to make an appointment in advance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to eat their signature dishes.”

Qin Anan thought about it, and his face became a little subtle: “I came here with Fu Shiting before.”

“Oh, no wonder! How expensive is a person like him? Where to go. I guess when you two fell in love, you ate all the high-end restaurants in the city.”

“It’s not that exaggerated. There are only a few fixed restaurants he likes.”

Li Xiaotian suddenly realized.

No wonder Fu Shiting is dining here now! Because this is one of his favorite restaurants.

She saw his car outside just now, so she decided to come here for dinner.

Not to meet him by chance, but to know who he is eating here with.

After entering the restaurant, Li Xiaotian did not find Fu Shiting in the hall.

It’s right to think about it. People like him have always had high requirements for privacy. Even if he comes to a high-end restaurant, he will choose a private room.

After the two sat down by the window, the waiter handed them the menu.

“Is there any signature dishes?”

“Sorry, miss, signature dishes need to be reserved in advance.” The waiter explained with a smile.

Li Xiaotian is probably out of her mind, and now she really wants to eat this restaurant’s signature dish.

“Why can some guests eat without making a reservation in advance?” The

waiter said embarrassedly, “I don’t know about this! We usually make reservations in advance…”

“If Fu Shiting came here and didn’t make a reservation in advance, If you have to eat your signature dishes, don’t you cook them fresh?” Li Xiaotian’s question made the waiter run to the manager immediately.

“Xiao Tian, ​​do you really want to eat small yellow croaker that much?” Qin Anan saw that she was in a bad mood, and held her hand, “Then let’s make a reservation now, and eat it when they are ready, okay?”

“I’ll just do it now. I want to eat it.” Li Xiaotian knew that she was willful, but she couldn’t control her emotions.

Soon, the manager came over.

After the manager’s eyes met Qin An’an, she immediately lit up: “Miss Qin, are you here too?”

Qin An’an didn’t think about why the manager said ‘I’m here too’, she discussed with the manager: “Now book the little yellow croaker, today Can I eat it? I can increase the price.” The

manager said, “If there is, I will definitely make it for you, but unfortunately it is not available anymore. Otherwise, I’ll go take a look again?”

“Okay, please.” The

manager can’t leave . In five minutes, he brought a plate of cooked signature small yellow croaker.

Qin An’an was stunned: “Didn’t you say there is none? How come it was done so quickly?”

Li Xiaotian looked at the little yellow croaker in front of her and asked, “This fish is so big, is it a big yellow croaker?” The

manager raised his hand to wipe the sweat: “Two young ladies, this is a fake little yellow croaker. This is the best little yellow croaker we bought this year in our store. It is reserved for the most distinguished guests…”

“The most distinguished guests?” Qin An An looked at the manager and raised her eyebrows, “Who are you talking about?”

Li Xiaotian quickly cleared her mind: “couldn’t it be that you brought this from Fu Shiting’s table?” The

manager nodded awkwardly and explained to Qin An’an, “Miss Qin, we really don’t have anything in the store, so I’ll go. Mr. Fu said it. Mr. Fu asked me to bring him to you to eat, and he said that a chopstick didn’t move!”

Chapter 886

Chapter 886

Qin An’an’s temple hurts: “Since you really don’t have one in your store, then you can tell me that you don’t have it. Why do you have to go to him?”

Manager: “Sorry! I think you and Mr. Fu have been here before. , the relationship must be extraordinary. And your friend is not in a mood, so…”

Qin Anan interrupted him immediately: “How much is this plate of fish?”

“It has been recorded in Mr. Fu’s account. “The manager smiled, “If you are really upset, you can transfer the cost of this dish to Mr. Fu. The price of this dish is 58888.”

Qin Anan: “???”

She knows that the shop’s signature small yellow croaker is good Eating in and the price is more expensive than outside, but really didn’t expect it to be so expensive.

Seeing her stunned, the manager immediately explained: “This little yellow croaker is different from the ordinary little yellow croaker. It is the best of the best. We haven’t caught such a beautiful little yellow croaker in our store for several years.”

Qin Anan took a deep breath and told him He waved his hand: “I see.”

After the manager withdrew, Li Xiaotian apologetically said, “I’ll invite you for this meal! I didn’t expect the fish at this restaurant to be so expensive. He Zhunzhi and I came to eat once before. “

Qin An’an: “I’ll invite you if you agree. You want to eat this fish so much because of He Zhunzhi?”

Li Xiaotian pulled out an embarrassed smile: “No, I just want to be emotional!

” It’s okay, just let your emotions out.” Qin Anan brought the little yellow croaker in front of her, “Eat it! No man spoils you, I spoil you.”

Li Xiaotian took a piece of fish with chopsticks and put it into her bowl: “Then you Do I have to transfer the money to Fu Shiting?”

“Let’s talk about it after eating!” She considered that he was also in this restaurant now, so she didn’t want to cause more trouble, “We should avoid this restaurant when we go out to eat in the future. I’m here too, so I won’t choose here.”

Seeing Qin An’an’s depressed face, Li Xiaotian couldn’t help but tell the truth: “I came here on purpose because I saw his car parked outside. Aren’t you curious who he came to eat here with? It’s impossible to be alone. Come and eat!”

“Then do you want the manager to take you to his private room?” Qin Anan joked.

“That’s not necessary. Could it be that he won’t come out later? We can just sit here and wait.”

Qin Anan: “…” In the

private room.

Fu Shiting glanced at his phone to see if Qin Anan had transferred the money.

The manager came over just now and said that Qin Anan would transfer the money from the little yellow croaker to him.

“Mr. Fu, the Miss Qin that the manager said just now is Xiao Han’s mother Qin An’an, right?” The person who spoke was the guest that Fu Shiting invited today.

This person is the person in charge of the genius class of Beijing University.

Fu Shiting asked him out for Xiaohan’s business.

Fu Shiting not only moved Rila with his actions, but also took care of Xiaohan.

Even if Xiaohan didn’t know, he didn’t appreciate it.

But as a father, what he should do for his children cannot be left behind.

“Well, have you met her?” Fu Shiting asked.

“I met once. She brought Xiaohan to school for the first time, and we chatted. But she is busy with work, so I’m afraid she doesn’t remember me very much.” The person in charge said, “Does Miss Qin know that you are investing in the genius class this time?”

“I made her angry, and she didn’t want to pay attention to me.” Fu Shiting said frankly, “Don’t make a noise about the money I put into you. If Xiaohan finds out, with his temper, he may drop out of school.”

“The relationship between your father and son. Are you so nervous?”

“Well. He is my son, I hope he has a better learning environment and development.” Fu Shiting put forward his own requirements, “I hope you will give him more care in his studies.”

“That’s for sure. We will definitely take good care of him,” said the person in charge.

Chapter 887

Chapter 887

“I’m talking about taking care not to follow him blindly, but to increase the difficulty of his learning and let him learn more… He is my son, he should be the same as me. Difficulties will make progress faster.”

“Okay. In the future, Xiaohan’s studies will be reported to you at any time.”

“Well. The foreign teacher I invited will arrive tonight, and I will give you his contact information later. At that time, he will take the genius class to participate in the International Hacker Cup programming competition.” Fu Shiting said.

This is the road he paved for Xiaohan.

He hopes that Xiaohan can be at the top in the world, it is not how much he expects Xiaohan to make, but he thinks this is Xiaohan’s goal.

As a father, he will work hard to help Xiaohan achieve his goals.

“Mr. Fu, you are definitely a good father. It’s a pity that Xiaohan is still young and can’t understand your painstaking efforts.” The person in charge said with emotion, “When he grows up, he will definitely understand you.”

“Hopefully!” Fu Shiting now Don’t ask Xiaohan to understand, just ask Xiaohan to let go of his hatred for him.

“Mr. Fu, I have a meeting in the college later, so I have to go back first. If there is anything else, we will contact you by phone.” The person in charge looked at the time and said.

“Okay. I’ll take you out.” The

two came out of the private room.

When passing the hall, Fu Shiting couldn’t help but glanced at the hall, and his eyes quickly locked on Qin An’an.

The moment he looked at her, she looked over as if she had a feeling.

But she was not looking at him, but at the people around him.

“An old man.” Li Xiaotian said this after seeing the people around Fu Shiting.

“This man…a little familiar.” Qin Anan only glanced at him quickly, and then withdrew his gaze.

Because Fu Shiting kept staring at her, it made her feel like her body was on fire.

“Do you think you are familiar with the old man next to Fu Shiting?” Li Xiaotian stared at the man a few more times, “You’re fat and bald, are you sure you’ve seen him?

” Where did you see it?” After Qin Anan finished speaking, Fu Shiting had already sent the man out of the restaurant.

After a while, Fu Shiting turned around and came back.

“An An, he came in again. Do you think he will come to say hello to us?” When Li Xiaotian spoke, she looked straight at Fu Shiting.

Qin Anan raised her hand and turned her face back: “What do you think he does? Are you watching the fun and don’t think it’s a big deal?”

“I’m afraid you’ll miss him, and you will regret it as much as I do.” Li Xiaotian shrugged Shrugging, “But I believe he won’t marry another woman. Other men will never let me down.”

Fu Shiting went straight to the cashier and settled the bill.

Li Xiaotian looked at his tall back and couldn’t help but tease: “I thought that a distinguished guest like him would leave after eating, waiting for the restaurant to send the bill to his company… I didn’t expect him Just like our ordinary customers! The service in this store is not good!”

Qin Anan: “Last time he didn’t seem to pay the bill. He just signed.”

Li Xiaotian: “But I think he took out his card just now.”

Qin Anan : “Oh, eat it! Don’t waste so many dishes.”

Li Xiaotian took a bite absentmindedly, and then saw that Fu Shiting finished the bill and turned to leave.

“He just left like this. They don’t even come over to say hello. An An, if he doesn’t kneel down and beg you, don’t forgive him.”

Qin An An responded, “I’ll go to the checkout.”

She got up and turned towards the cashier . go to the desk.

When the cashier saw her, he immediately said, “Miss, your meal bill has been settled. Mr. Fu just settled it.”

Chapter 888

Chapter 888

Li Xiaotian just laughed at Fu Shiting for taking out the card to check out. Who knows that he is not his account, but their account.

Although he did not greet them, he paid for them.

Qin Anan walked up to Li Xiaotian quickly: “I’ll go out. Wait for me.”

Before Li Xiaotian could react, Qin Anan walked out quickly.

Sure enough, Fu Shiting was standing outside the restaurant.

He seemed certain that she would come out to find him. The feeling of being pinched by him made her frown.

After their eyes met, he immediately faced her.

Her mood was like boiling water, rolling up and down.

Did he think that he could write off the past by sending her a photo of his daughter and paying her the bill?

She stood at the door of the restaurant, turned on her mobile phone, opened his chat, and clicked on the transfer.

After transferring all the meals, she entered the restaurant without looking back.

Fu Shiting was stunned.

He thought that when she came out, she would at least come over and talk to him.

Even letting him get away would be better than not saying a word.

Qin Anan returned to the seat and sat down, Li Xiaotian asked, “What are you doing? Is Fu Shiting outside?”

“Well,” Qin Anan quickly adjusted her mood, “He paid for us, and I transferred the money. “

Damn it! He just swiped the card to pay for us?” Li Xiaotian couldn’t help laughing, “I said how could such a distinguished guest be like our ordinary guest? Hahaha! This man is interesting! I dare not come over to say hello, But dare to pay for us secretly.”

Qin Anan’s cheeks were slightly red, and she was a little confused.

Although she didn’t speak to him, his eyes seemed to be imprinted in her mind.

His eyes were so direct and hot, as if he was going to devour her.

“Why did you go out and come back within seconds? Didn’t you speak to him?” Li Xiaotian asked.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Then did he take your money?” Li Xiaotian continued to ask.

Qin Anan turned on the phone and glanced at the interface.

He didn’t get paid. Not only confiscated, but also sent her a message: more, re-send.

She deliberately transferred more money to him, and noted in the transfer that the extra part was the transfer fee for the dishes.

She put down the phone and went back to Li Xiaotian: “No.”

“It’s fine if he doesn’t accept it. It’s not that you don’t give it, he just didn’t accept your money on purpose and wants you to take the initiative to find him. Oh, it’s all a trick! “


After a while, the two came out of the restaurant.

Li Xiaotian still wanted to continue shopping outside, but Qin Anan wanted to go home.

“The trunk is full, what else do you want to buy?” Qin Anan said, “Why don’t you come out and buy it next time?” Li Xiaotian said angrily

: “Well, I don’t have anything to buy, I just don’t want to calm down. Calm down. I like to think wildly.”

Li Xiaotian found her car in the parking space, and at the same time, she also saw Fu Shiting’s luxury car.

The two cars are next to each other. What kind of evil is this?

“Why hasn’t he left yet?” Li Xiaotian asked in a low voice, unlocking the central control lock.

Qin An’an’s breathing suddenly became solemn.

She opened the car door, ready to get in.

At this moment, the Rolls-Royce door opened and Fu Shiting walked down.

“Qin An’an.” His eyes fell on her face, and he called out her name in a low voice.

After he spoke, time stopped.

“An An, he called you.” Li Xiaotian reminded Qin Anan.

Qin Anan clenched her fingers tightly, took a deep breath, and looked at him: “What are you doing?”

Chapter 889

Chapter 889

Hearing her response, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He didn’t do anything, just wanted her to take care of herself.

“I sent you a message and you didn’t reply.” He was so clumsy in front of her.

“Then don’t message me.” She gave him a cold look and got into the car.

The red BMW starts the engine, makes a neat U-turn, and leaves quickly.

After the car drove to the main road, Li Xiaotian asked, “An An, are you attracted to him again? You look like the way I always look when I have insomnia and can’t sleep every night.”

Qin Anan lowered her head slightly, not in the mood to speak . .

“I looked at Fu Shiting carefully just now. I found that he is well maintained! He can be so handsome at his age, and he is no different from when I first met him…”

Qin Anan couldn’t help interrupting her: “Xiao Tian, ​​how old do you think he is?”


“Not so old.” Qin Anan frowned, “It’s definitely not forty, if he is forty, I should know.”

“Why? Could it be that he has a grand birthday party at his 40s?”

“No. I just don’t think he is that old.”

“That’s why I said he is well maintained. Not only does his face look pleasing to the eye, but he also maintains such a good figure. Why do you ask him to be a filial husband? It’s not bad to treat him as a lover!”

Qin Anan was shocked: “Do you think I’m the kind of person who can play with other people’s feelings?”

“You’re wrong, I’m not Let you play with his feelings, I am the one who let you play with him!” Li Xiaotian blinked, “Didn’t you say that women are like wolves and tigers? Don’t you need men?”

Qin Anan: “… ….”

The topic was too shameful, she refused to answer.

In the evening, Jin Sinian sent Xiaohan and Rila back and stayed for dinner by the way.

“Mom, my brother and I went to the place where Uncle Sinian works today. My brother helped others control the drone, and someone else gave my brother a big red envelope!” Rila said, and took out the big red envelope.

“What about you? What did you do today?” Qin Anan asked.

“I filmed the MV with Uncle Sinian!” Rila handed the red envelope to Qin An’an, “I had a great time today!”

Jin Sinian explained: “It’s a public welfare short film, and it doesn’t get paid, so I didn’t tell you. Say.”

“Haha, am I that snobby? If I don’t believe you, how can I let you take your two children out?” Qin Anan had a relaxed smile on her face.

Jin Sinian raised the corners of his mouth: “You should smile more.”

“Well, I’m going to go to work tomorrow.”

“It’s good, you shouldn’t only belong to the family.” Jin Sinian said, “Because of you I can do more and more meaningful things.”

“I work because I don’t want Mike to be so tired. Originally, the company was mine, but I’ve been a hands-off shopkeeper for a long time.” Qin Anan glanced at Mike.

Mike was suddenly cued, and his face thickened: “Since you said that, then I’ll start taking vacation tomorrow?”


“Forget it, Ziyi is so busy right now, I’ll talk to him when he’s on vacation. Let’s rest together.” Mike calmed down.

“You can take a break anytime.” Qin Anan was full and put down the dishes: “I’ll go see Ziqiu.”

She came out of the dining room and walked towards the living room.

Ziqiu is sleeping right now.

She sat down beside the crib, picked up her phone, and opened WeChat.

Her chat with Fu Shiting came first.

She clicked to chat. The money she transferred, he still confiscated.

From what she knew about him, if she didn’t correct the transfer amount, he wouldn’t accept it.

But she didn’t change, why should she follow him?

With a sigh of relief in her heart, she sent him a message: I took the money!

Four words and an exclamation mark were sent, and he quickly responded.

The system prompts: [Transfer] has been accepted

Chapter 890

Chapter 890

Her eyelashes trembled, I didn’t expect him to be so obedient.

When the two of them were in love before, he didn’t listen to her everything.

He is a very principled man. For example, when spending outside, he will not let her spend it, nor will he accept her money.

So she didn’t think he would let go of his principles and take her money.

As a result, he took it.

This shows that he can now give up his inherent principles for her.

If he was so obedient, she would indeed easily fall for him.

“Shi Ting, do

n’t keep looking at your phone! Qin An’an must have ignored you, right?” In the

private room, Sheng Bei patted Fu Shiting on the shoulder, and then handed a glass of wine to him.

“Just ignore me.” Fu Shiting put down the phone.

“You’re the truth? Then you call her out to play. If you can call her out, I’ll trust her to take care of you.” Sheng Bei’s eyes were fixed on Fu Shiting’s phone.

Fu Shiting put the phone in his pocket, then picked up the wine glass and took a sip.

“She has to go to work tomorrow.”

“Don’t we have to go to work tomorrow?” Sheng Bei boldly exposed his lie, “If she ignores you, can you continue to sit here drinking with us? I’m afraid you would have run to find it long ago. She’s gone. Hahaha!”

Seeing Fu Shiting’s gloomy expression, the others fell silent.

Sheng Bei’s laughter stopped abruptly.

Fu Shiting’s cold eyes looked at Sheng Bei, and sarcastically said, “If you can say that, go on.”

Sheng Bei raised his glass and touched Fu Shiting’s glass: “Shi Ting, you don’t have to be sad. You are so good, even if Qin Anan doesn’t want you now, you don’t have to be discouraged. When she reads the thousand sails, she will find that no man can Comparable to you. When the time comes, won’t she come back to you obediently? “

Fu Shiting couldn’t tell for a moment whether he was comforting himself or demeaning himself.

“Brother Bei, Brother Shi Ting is already miserable enough, don’t make fun of him.” He Zhunzhi brought the topic to himself, “Why don’t we play something exciting!”

Everyone suddenly became energetic.

Fu Shiting put down his wine glass and stood up suddenly: “You guys are playing, I’m leaving.”

“Shiting, don’t spoil the fun! You don’t know what kind of person Quanzhi is? After he married Li Xiaotian, he has long since gotten married. What exciting tricks do you think he can play hahaha!” Sheng Bei pulled Fu Shiting back.

He Zhunzhi blushed in embarrassment: “Let’s bet whether Li Xiaotian will grab the marriage when I get married!”

Fu Shiting heard the words and sat down again.

“Sure, you see that you scared your brother Shi Ting just now… Don’t be so ambiguous when you talk in the future. I bet Xiao Tian won’t grab the marriage!” Sheng Bei said, “Let’s gamble! Otherwise, it’s not exciting enough! He Zhunzhi: “

Okay! I bet Xiaotian will grab the marriage! I still have 100,000 in my card, so I’m all-in!”

“I’m just like Brother Bei, I don’t think Xiaotian will grab the marriage.” Zhou Ziyi Said, “I’ll bet on a month’s salary!”

Others bet that Li Xiaotian would not grab the marriage.

This made He Zhunzhi a little sad: “You guys are too unconfident in Li Xiaotian. Brother Shi Ting, what about you? What are you betting on?”

Fu Shiting: “I’m like them, I bet Li Xiaotian won’t grab the marriage. He Zhunzhi’s confidence was shaken: “

Why? Brother Shi Ting, aren’t you optimistic about me and Xiaotian?”

Fu Shiting: “I saw her at noon today. She and Qin An’an were eating out. I think her mental state is very good.”

He Zhunzhi: “…”

Fu Shiting: “At least her mental state is better than Qin An’an’s. Good.”

He Zhunzhi: “…”

Desperate and sad. Not only did he overestimate Li Xiaotian, but he also lost the remaining 100,000 yuan in his bank card.

the next day.

After Qin Anan sent the two children out, he drove to the company.

At nine in the morning, she arrived at the Qin Group.

The employees greeted her when they saw her.

“Mr. Qin, good morning! You’ve recovered so well, you can’t tell that you have given birth to a child!”

“Yes, Mr. Qin, you look good too! It seems that our company is going to be booming again this year!”

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