When His Eyes Opened Chapter 901 -910(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 901 -910(Chinese)

Chapter 901

She lowered her eyes, pondered for a few seconds, and quickly went to the bathroom to wash up.

Li Xiaotian had told her before that she would definitely go to He Zhunzhi’s wedding.

But now that she can’t get through to her phone, Qin An’an is a little worried.

Will Li Xiaotian temporarily change her mind and stop going? Or, will she be stimulated and do something stupid?

A quarter of an hour later, Qin Anan was neatly dressed and hurried out of the room with a bag.

Seeing her in such a hurry, Mrs. Zhang asked, “An An, what’s the matter? It’s still early, do you want to have breakfast before going? Isn’t the wedding ceremony going to wait until noon?”

Qin Anan went to the door to change her shoes: “I don’t After eating, I’ll go find Xiaotian.” The

bodyguard drove her to Li Xiaotian’s house.

After the car stopped, she immediately opened the door and got out of the car.

Li Xiaotian’s mother is watering the flowers and plants in the yard with a watering can.

When Li’s mother saw Qin An’an, she immediately said, “An An, Xiao Tian went out very early today, didn’t she tell you?”

Qin An’an was stunned for a moment: “Did she go to the hotel?”

“Yeah! It is estimated that She didn’t sleep last night! I heard movement in her room before dawn today.” Mama Li sighed, “I told her not to go with her father, but she didn’t listen. She was very stubborn. Most of them are like this. You said they got married, what did she do? Didn’t she mean to be unhappy? This silly child!”

“Auntie, don’t worry, I’ll go to her right away.”

“An An, you look at her today, I’m afraid What did she do out of the ordinary?” Mother Li urged.

After coming out of Li’s house, Qin Anan called Li Xiaotian again.

Li Xiaotian still didn’t answer.

Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of the hotel where the wedding was held.

He Zhunzhi’s parents received guests at the entrance of the hotel.

Qin Anan strode over, handed the gift money and gifts to the staff next to him, and looked at He Zhunzhi’s parents.

“Uncle and auntie, is Xiaotian here?” She glanced at the gift register, and there was no name of Li Xiaotian.

“She didn’t come! I thought she would come with you.” Mother He replied.

Qin Anan felt a chill in her heart.

“Auntie, I’ll find Xiao Tian first, and come back later.”

She came out of the hotel lobby, her eyes suddenly attracted by the fountain in front.

Next to the fountain, sat a thin woman.

This woman is Li Xiaotian.

Qin Anan strode towards her and sat down beside her.

“Xiao Tian, ​​I called you, but you didn’t answer.” Qin Anan held her cold hand, and after considering it for a while, said, “Fu Shiting told me a few days ago that this wedding is for He Zhunzhi to you. The test.”

Li Xiaotian’s eye makeup burst into tears. After taking a deep breath, she rested her head on Qin An’an’s shoulder: “An An, I’m suddenly bored. Just let He Zhunzhi marry another woman! I am unlucky myself, I can’t pull He Zhunzhi to be unlucky with me. “

Xiao Tian, ​​no matter what you decide, I will support you.” Qin Anan coaxed, “It’s too cold outside, let’s go into the hotel!”

Qin Anan took Li Xiaotian and entered the hotel.

When He Zhunzhi’s parents saw Li Xiaotian, they hesitated, but in the end they didn’t say anything.

Qin Anan led Li Xiaotian into the banquet hall, and the wedding photos of the bride and groom appeared in every corner of the scene.

Li Xiaotian looked at the wedding photo in front of her, her body tensed up!

“An An… He Zhunzhi lied to me!” Li Xiaotian’s tears rolled in her eyes, she gritted her teeth, “The fiancée he introduced to me last time was not the woman in the photo!”

Chapter 902

Chapter 902

At ten o’clock in the morning, the guests are basically all there.

Everyone in groups of three or five, drinking and chatting in every corner of the banquet hall.

Qin Anan accompanied Li Xiaotian and sat at the dining table.

She could feel eyes projecting towards them from time to time.

Of course everyone is not looking at her, but at Li Xiaotian.

As He Zhunzhi’s ex-wife, Li Xiaotian will come today, which is beyond the surprise of many people.

Everyone wants to know more, will something more exciting happen when the bride and groom come over.

“Mike is here.” Li Xiaotian slapped the seeds, looking at the entrance of the banquet hall from the corner of her eyes.

As long as someone she knows comes, she will tell Qin Anan.

Qin Anan looked towards the door of the banquet hall, Mike and Zhou Ziyi came together.

“To be honest, I am very envious of them now.” Li Xiaotian said with a calm expression, “What is the grievance between me and He Zhunzhi compared to the difficulties of the two of them?”

Qin An’an: “If it makes me feel better this way, then you are right. During the Spring Festival, Mike ran to Zhou Ziyi’s hometown and was almost beaten. No matter what you follow, you won’t get into such an ugly situation. “

Li Xiaotian: “Mike is so brave.”

Qin An’an: “You are brave too! I didn’t want to attend Fu Shiting’s wedding last time.”

Li Xiaotian: “That’s different, if it was He Zhunzhi If you dump me, I won’t come to his wedding.”

Qin Anan: “Oh.”

“Fu Shiting is here.” Li Xiaotian’s sharp eyes were fixed on the man.

Qin Anan was startled.

She didn’t look towards Fu Shiting because she felt his eyes fell on her.

After Fu Shiting came over, Mike, Zhou Ziyi and the others followed.

Mike’s conditioned reflex wanted to sit next to Qin An’an, but Zhou Ziyi pulled Mike away without thinking.

Zhou Ziyi took Mike and sat down on a chair across from Qin Anan.

Then Zhou Ziyi sat down on the other side of Mike.

The others were tacit, and took their seats one after another, leaving a vacant seat next to Qin Anan for Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting didn’t feel anything wrong and sat down beside her.

Qin Anan’s body immediately turned to Li Xiaotian’s side.

This is a silent protest.

“An An, why did you get up so early today? Mrs. Zhang said you’d be out at seven o’clock.” Mike said, enlivening the atmosphere.

“An An called me in the morning, but my phone was on mute and I didn’t receive it. She was worried about me, so she went out early to find me.” Li Xiaotian explained.

“Oh, I said why she didn’t tell me when she went out!” Mike looked at Li Xiaotian, “Xiaotian, have you cried? Your eyes are so swollen.”

Zhou Ziyi glared at him: “You don’t speak , do you? People think you are dumb.”

Mike said “oh” and continued: “Today is the day of Zhunzhi’s great joy, why are you all crying…”

Zhou Ziyi glared at him again: “You Shut up!”

Mike took a deep breath, took out his phone glumly, and played a game.

At this time, Li Xiaotian aimed at Sheng Bei: “Sheng Bei, last time at Fu Shiting’s wedding, He Zhunzhi brought his fiancee to say hello to me. Are you having a good time watching the play next to you?”

Sheng Bei: ” Eh? I didn’t watch the show!”

“The woman he brought to me that day is not the same woman as the woman in his wedding photo! Do you take me for a fool?” Li Xiaotian was particularly unhappy.

“Oh, you said this! I taught him a lesson at the time about this matter.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?” Li Xiaotian dissatisfied.

“Is this important? I don’t think it matters. You two are divorced. Does it make any difference no matter which woman he marries now?” Sheng Bei was adding fuel to the fire.

“Brother Bei, don’t say a few more words!” Zhou Ziyi saw that Li Xiaotian seemed to be slamming the table, and immediately spoke to ease the atmosphere.

After Sheng Bei took a sip of water, he also took out his mobile phone.

Qin Anan felt that the atmosphere was suffocating, so she unconsciously picked up the melon seeds on the table and peeled them.

Chapter 903

Chapter 903

Seeing her like this, Fu Shiting also took the seeds and peeled them.

Half an hour later, Fu Shiting brought a bowl of peeled melon seeds to Qin Anan.

Qin Anan glanced at him: “I don’t want it.”

Fu Shiting: “Then I won’t peel it.”

Qin Anan sent the melon seeds to Li Xiaotian. Li Xiaotian pulled out an expression more ugly than crying: “This is what your man peeled for you, so I won’t eat your dog food! Besides, eat melon seeds and get angry!”

Qin Anan immediately took back the bowl.

“I’m not afraid of getting angry, let me eat it!” Mike took the bowl with the melon seeds in front of Qin An’an, and happily said to Fu Shiting, “Sure enough, successful men are good at anything. If you go to the peeling competition, I’ll definitely win the championship.”

Qin Anan saw Fu Shiting’s face turning cold out of the corner of his eyes.

She took a deep breath and retracted the bowl containing the sunflower seeds from Mike’s hand.

Sheng Bei smiled bitterly beside him.

Zhou Ziyi raised his foot and kicked Mike.

“What are you kicking me for? Fu Shiting knows how to peel melon seeds for someone he likes. You are his assistant, so you can’t learn from him?” Mike grabbed a handful of melon seeds and put them in front of Zhou Ziyi, raised his eyebrows at him, “Peel it. !”

Zhou Ziyi: “Peel it for me! Otherwise, you can go back by yourself later!”

Mike took a deep breath, put down his phone, and started peeling the seeds.

Li Xiaotian leaned into Qin An’an’s ear, whispered a few words, and then got up and left.

Everyone watched Li Xiaotian leave the table and talked a lot.

“Ann, what did Xiaotian say to you?” Mike asked.

Qin An’an: “she goes to the bathroom.”

“Oh, I thought you two were plotting something!” Mike tentatively asked, “Did she do anything today?”

Mike learned from Zhou Ziyi that He Zhunzhi was waiting for Li Xiaotian to grab the marriage.

Qin Anan: “Yes, but I won’t tell you.”

Mike: “If you don’t tell me, I know that Li Xiaotian is planning to grab the marriage, right?”

Qin Anan: “Since you can predict the future, then you can help me test it. Let’s find out when Wang Wanzhi will die.”

Mike: “…”

At 11:30 noon, the bride and groom came to the hotel.

And Li Xiaotian hasn’t come back since she went to the bathroom an hour ago.

Now it is certain that Li Xiaotian will definitely act.

Even if she doesn’t grab the marriage, there will be a lot of trouble.

He Zhunzhi didn’t see Li Xiaotian at the scene, so he sent a message in the small group to ask: Where is Li Xiaotian?

Zhou Ziyi: Yes, you may win.

Sheng Bei: Li Xiaotian has disappeared for an hour. I also think you can win.

He Zhunzhi was very excited: Then I will start the wedding now!

Zhou Ziyi: …

Sheng Bei: …

The wedding ceremony was originally scheduled to start at 12:00 noon, and was directly advanced by the groom by half an hour.

After the ceremony, romantic and melodious music played in the banquet hall.

He Zhunzhi stood on the stage and looked around.

Suddenly, a red figure appeared in front of him unexpectedly.

“He Zhunzhi, today is April Fool’s Day.” Li Xiaotian stood in front of him and looked at him coldly, “Who are you trying to fool? Let me tell you, you don’t want to get married when I’m here today!”

He Zhunzhi also said coldly: “Then what do you want to do?”

“What do I want to do? Of course I want to go back on it! I have a hard time, don’t think about it!” Li Xiaotian grabbed his wrist and demanded loudly, “Come with me!”

Under the stage, Qin An’an’s phone screen lit up.

She picked up her phone and saw the message from Fu Shiting: An An, give me another chance!

Chapter 904

Chapter 904

She felt dizzy.

The two of them are sitting together now, is it necessary to send messages to each other?

After Fu Shiting sent Qin An’an a message, he clicked on the small group while waiting for her reply.

Sheng Bei: Li Xiaotian’s wave is too fierce! What kind of arrogant line is this? I usually see TV dramas going to act like this, and I will definitely call the screenwriter crazy, but when Xiao Tian said this, I think what’s the matter with being so sweet?

Zhou Ziyi: It’s better to know Xiao Tian! Do we have to give Zhunzhi a red envelope?

Sheng Bei: Zhunzhi made a lot of money in this wave!

Zhou Ziyi: Mike asked me to pull him into the group, should I pull him in?

Sheng Bei: Since you asked that, you definitely want to pull it. Pull it! Let him come in and give out red packets!

System prompt: Mike enters the group chat.

After Mike joined the group, he posted an emoji made of his handsome photo. No one can compare his coquettishness.

Fu Shiting: [Red Envelope]

Sheng Bei: [Red Envelope]

Zhou Ziyi: [Red Envelope]

Mike didn’t expect that he would join the group, but they all gave out red envelopes to greet him. Suddenly ecstatic, overjoyed, overjoyed!

He happily opened the red envelopes one by one and grabbed them!

Zhou Ziyi: Fuck! Who asked you to get the red envelope? ! This is for quasi!

@Michael Mike looks incredible: Humph! I got it and it’s mine. You can send him another one! You three dignified ST Group bosses, chief financial officer, and assistant to the president are not so stingy, right? ! @ Fu Shiting Fu

Shiting: [Red Envelope]

Mike: As expected of a little expert at peeling melon seeds, the speed of giving out red packets is also great! [Thumbs up] I just don’t know if it’s so fast on the bed [Thumbs up]

System prompt: Group member -1

Mike was ruthlessly kicked out by Zhou Ziyi.

Mike was kicked out of the group and was furious, so he sent a message to Qin An’an: An An, a few of them set up a small group to discuss you in it!

Seeing the news, Qin Anan immediately looked at Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting received her look, so he put down his phone and looked back at her.

On the stage, Li Xiaotian and He Zhunzhi stared at each other.

Everyone thought that He Zhunzhi would be taken away by Li Xiaotian soon, but the reality was different from everyone’s imagination.

“Li Xiaotian, why should I go with you?! If you say you regret it, then you regret it. What do you think of me?” He Zhunzhi said proudly, “When we were together before, I listened to you everything, no It means that everything is right for you! Because I love you, even if you have made mistakes in the past, I will praise you for doing the right thing!”

“Then continue to love me!” Li Xiaotian said with a sour nose. .

There was a small burst of laughter from the audience.

“Li Xiaotian, look at how you look now! You are still so arrogant, and you still don’t take my dignity seriously!” He Zhunzhi shook her hand away, “You insisted on divorce from me, regardless of my dignity. Why don’t you listen to me? Now, if you say a word, let me erase your mistakes? Impossible!”

“I’m sorry!” Li Xiaotian cried bitterly, “He Zhunzhi, I apologize to you! I Can’t I apologize to you?”

Qin Anan’s heart clenched tightly when she heard Xiaotian’s cry.

At this moment, her phone screen lights up again.

It was Fu Shiting’s message to her: I can also publicly apologize to you.

Qin An’an’s cheeks were hot for a while, and her fingers quickly jumped on the screen: You do the shameful thing yourself, don’t pull me.

She didn’t feel that He Zhunzhi and Li Xiaotian were ashamed now. Everyone handles problems differently. Acceptable levels are also different.

She doesn’t like to spread her private affairs in front of relatives and friends to let everyone watch the fun.

He Zhunzhi took the microphone from the emcee next to him.

“Li Xiaotian, if we get together again, will you divorce me in the future?!”

Chapter 905

Chapter 905 After

he finished asking, he pointed the microphone at Li Xiaotian.

“…Don’t leave! He Zhunzhi, even if you dislike me in the future, I won’t let go!”

“Are you still mad at me with other men in the future?!”

“No mad at you! I won’t be mad at you in the future!” Li Xiaotian finished crying, threw herself into He Zhunzhi’s arms, and hugged him tightly with both hands.

Under the stage, Mike shouted loudly: “Kiss one! Kiss one!”

No one echoed him.

Because He Zhunzhi’s parents didn’t want to see such a situation.

They sincerely want their son to get married and start a new life.

On the bride’s side, except for the calm face of the bride, the other relatives were all angry.

Zhou Ziyi especially regretted sitting with him: “Can’t you use your mouth to eat honestly?”

“Ah! Kiss!” Mike exclaimed excitedly, “But Li Xiaotian took the initiative to kiss it. !”

If He Zhunzhi was still hesitant and unwilling, then after Li Xiaotian took the initiative to kiss him, all the entanglements in his heart were all stifled.

He responded fiercely to her kiss.

After a while, he led Li Xiaotian to his parents.

“Dad, Mom, I’m not going to get married. If you can accept Xiaotian, that’s even better. If you can’t accept it, then I’ll go to her house and become a son-in-law.”

After He Zhunzhi finished speaking, he pulled Li Sweetie left quickly.

Qin Anan watched them leave, relieved, and at the same time, looked in the direction of the bride uneasily.

“An An, don’t worry. Zhunzhi and the bride are elementary school classmates, and the bride has long known that Zhunzhi will never forget Li Xiaotian. She also expected the current result. She is a cameo for Zhunzhi’s friendship, and Zhunzhi will thank her when he returns. Yes.” Sheng Bei explained.

Qin Anan was relieved.

Although there is no wedding, but the luncheon has been put on the table, there is no reason for everyone not to eat this meal.

After lunch, Qin Anan planned to deliver the bag to Li Xiaotian.

Sheng Bei immediately took Li Xiaotian’s bag from her arms: “An’an, just now let us go to his house and sit down, I’ll just take Xiaotian’s bag.”

Qin Anan took out his phone embarrassedly. , I plan to send a message to Li Xiaotian.

By the time her news was finished, the others had disappeared, and only Fu Shiting was standing beside her.

She immediately walked towards the elevator: “Fu Shiting, don’t send me that message again. I can’t give you a chance.”

Fu Shiting entered the elevator with her in a hurry: “Do you have any other arrangements today?”

She Today’s arrangement is to accompany Li Xiaotian to He Zhunzhi’s wedding.

Now that the wedding is over, Li Xiaotian has also returned to He Zhunzhi, and she plans to go home to sleep.

“If you have no other arrangement, let’s go outside!” Fu Shiting said, “I won’t force you to do anything, nor will I force our children to recognize me.” The

elevator stopped on the first floor.

The two walked out of the hotel one after the other.

The weather is good today, the temperature is not too low, but it is windy.

Qin An’an was wearing a long navy blue retro dress. Although she was wearing a thin woolen fabric, she still felt the chill to the bones when a cold wind blew.

Fu Shiting took off his coat and put it on her shoulders.

“I’m not cold.” Qin Anan saw that after he took off his coat, he was wearing only a shirt, and immediately returned his coat to him.

“I’m not cold either.” His big palm held her small hand.

His palms were large and powerful, wrapping her cold hands warmly.

Her face instantly turned crimson.

“You are afraid of the cold in winter, how dare you come out with bare legs?” He put his coat on her again, and his eyes fell on her smooth and white calf.

Chapter 906

Chapter 906

She was in a hurry to go out in the morning. She didn’t care about the weather, so she put on her coat and went out.

Moreover, she didn’t expect to stay outside for a long time.

“Why don’t we go for coffee!” he suggested.

“I can’t drink it.” She was too full from lunch, “Let’s go!”


His coat was draped over her shoulders, his breath penetrated into her body, and her thoughts seemed to be wrapped in him.

If the man beside him was not him, she would never be in the mood to blow the cold wind outside.

“You misunderstood me on the last call.” He said, breaking the dull atmosphere, “The reason why I mentioned Yinyin was not to make her a shield for me. I’m sorry you said that.”

Qin Anan listened His low voice suddenly became silent.

If he had said that over the phone, she might have retorted him without a second thought.

“Then why did you mention Yinyin then? Fu Shiting, we are not children anymore, I don’t like to guess.” She raised her foot and kicked away a small stone in front of her.

She completely forgot that she was wearing high heels. After wagging his heel, she grabbed his arm violently.

He immediately hugged her body.

The faces of the two, separated by a close enough distance, can easily spy on the emotions in each other’s eyes.

“Is something wrong with your feet?” His Adam’s apple rolled and asked in a hoarse voice.

She quickly pushed his arm away, and after she stood firm, she shook her head: “It should be fine.”

“Let’s go for coffee.” After thinking for a few seconds, he began to look for a nearby coffee shop.

“Fu Shiting, I don’t want to drink coffee.” She stood there, looking at his back, “If it was before, I didn’t want to drink it, but you insisted on drinking it, I might think that this kind of trivial matter, following you can make you happy , I’ll follow you. But now I don’t want to follow you against my will.”

He was startled when he heard her words.

He insisted on going to drink coffee, not because he wanted to drink coffee too much, but because he was afraid that she would stay cold outside or slap her feet again.

The two were separated by a distance of about one meter, saying that they were not far away, and they said that they were not close.

She didn’t walk towards him, and he didn’t walk towards her.

The wind was in his ears, whistling past, as if mocking them for being deadlocked again.

“Many years ago, I killed my dad, and my mom took me to see a psychiatrist, who gave me a psychiatric diagnosis certificate.” He said these words without emotion, “I don’t know. Am I really mentally ill, or did my mother ask the doctor to do this to help me avoid criminal responsibility.”

Qin Anan listened to him, her body seemed to be frozen.

The nightmare I had a few days ago suddenly came to my mind.

Tang Qiaosen said that he had killed people, but he did not expect that he had actually killed people.

He didn’t kill outsiders, but his own father.

Qin Anan’s fingers clenched uncontrollably. Her mind was in a mess, she didn’t know how to take his words, and she didn’t know what to do next.

How could Fu Shiting be such a person?

He saw the pain and entanglement on her face, and he strode in front of her: “It’s too cold outside, let’s drink coffee!”

She was like a marionette, and he led her all the way to a coffee shop.

Entering the store, he took off her coat.

The two sat down by the window.

He ordered a black coffee and a latte for her.

“Do you think I’m scary?” He took her hand on the table.

Chapter 907

Chapter 907

She was frightened and quickly retracted her hand, “Fu Shiting, don’t touch me!”

She looked at him timidly, as if he was a beast.

He said that he was ill, and no matter what the disease, she had a certain ability to bear it.

But he said that he had killed people, but it was his biological father, she didn’t know how to accept it!

Her reaction left him choked up. There are so many things in my heart that I want to tell her, but she may not be willing to listen.

The waiter came over with coffee and placed them in front of them.

She picked up the coffee cup and took a big gulp.

He looked at her calmly, waiting for her to calm down.

“Fu Shiting, you dare to kill your own father. In this world, what else is there that you dare not do?” She calmed down a little, but her heart was still cold.

She thought she knew the man in front of her very well, but he always gave her unexpected surprises! Or frightened.

“Are you going to convict me without asking me why?” he said coldly.

“What’s the reason?!” She lowered her voice, but couldn’t hold back the anger in her heart, “No matter what the reason is, it is wrong for you to kill! According to the laws of our country, killing is a crime! It doesn’t matter who you kill! If you have committed a serious crime, let the law punish him! Instead of you killing him!”

“What if the law can’t punish him?” He asked back, “If Wang Wanzhi lives well in the future, would you want to kill her with your own hands? “

It’s different!” Qin Anan’s eyes were scarlet, and she gritted her teeth, “Wang Wanzhi killed my mother! Where’s your dad? What did he do, you want to kill him?!”

“He wants to kill Yin Yin.” He looked at Her eyes and fingers clenched the coffee cup tightly, and she said word by word, “You asked me not to mention Yin Yin, and I don’t want to mention it. Because her life is a complete tragedy.”

All the anger, resentment and confusion in Qin An’an’s heart were extinguished at this moment.

She hurriedly picked up the coffee cup and took a sip.

He also picked up the coffee cup and took a sip.

The two drank coffee silently, each calming down their own moods.

After drinking the coffee, Qin An’an’s body was much warmer.

She looked at Fu Shiting again and asked, “Tang Qiaosen knows about this, right? The reason why you were threatened by him is not only because you don’t want to be known that you have a history of mental illness, but also because you don’t want your murder to be exposed. Right?

” If it were you, how would you choose?” He threw the question back, “The family scandal cannot be made public. Although my mother is gone, she and Yin Yin make me feel that I am not alone. I don’t want this scandal to be exposed, it’s wrong. “

You’re right.” Qin Anan got up, “Go for a walk outside!”

She is so hot now, she wants to go out and blow air.

He settled the bill and came out of the coffee shop with her.

The streets were full of traffic, and people were rushing about.

She said, “Fu Shiting, I need a little time to digest these things.”

“Well.” He was not in a hurry.

He confessed this to her today, not to make her pity him, but not to let her misunderstand him again.

“Did I get a little emotional just now?” She recalled what she said in the store, and couldn’t help blushing, “I should ask you the reason first, instead of blindly accusing you.”

“I don’t blame you. If you tell I’ve probably killed someone, and I’ll probably be very excited.”

“Oh…I haven’t killed anyone.” She lowered her eyes slightly, “I really want Wang Wanzhi to die, but I have too many concerns.”

“Don’t be impulsive. I’ll find a way to deal with her.” He shook her hand and quickly let go.

She draped his coat over her arms, he was afraid she would be cold. Just touched it, her hand was hot.

“Fu Shiting, don’t do this kind of thing again.” She took his arm and stopped, “I know you’re not afraid of anything, but this kind of thing is always scary.

” Laugh: “Do you think I don’t long for warmth and love?”

Chapter 908

Chapter 908

If his father was a father in the normal sense, he would not become the cruel and cruel Fu Shiting.

Qin Anan stared at him blankly, unable to say a word.

She never thought that behind his glamorous life, there was such a tragic experience.

She thought that she was miserable enough when her father cheated, her parents divorced, and her stepmother bullied her, but she didn’t expect him to be more miserable than herself.

Her misery is obvious, and everyone knows it.

And his misery can’t be expressed, he can only be bored in his heart.

“Qin An’an, don’t look at me like this.” He frowned, “I don’t need sympathy.”

She shook her head: “I didn’t sympathize with you. I was just thinking, if you had told me this earlier, Can we not make such a big circle?”

“My character determines that I can’t tell you sooner.” He walked forward, and his voice came slowly, “My love for you is a matter of time after day. The precipitation and accumulation of the day, when you reach a certain size, can you fully open up to you. Therefore, Qin Anan, I want to be with you, not for the sake of the children, and not for the sake of being hot-headed.”

“I hate you for that.” Behind him, he complained, “The first year I met you, I told you everything about me. But you hide it. Until now, our children are almost as tall as me. , you just realized that your love for me is true love. How ridiculous! Why don’t you wait for my hair to turn gray before telling me this?”

He looked back at her: “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry. What’s the use of these three words. Not only will it not make me feel better, but it will remind me of how ruthless you are to break my heart.” She handed him his clothes, “I’m going home with

my new shoes.” Bought it when I was shopping with Li Xiaotian.

When I tried on the shoes at the time, they were very comfortable to wear, but today I walked a little farther and found that they were not suitable.

It’s like two people are attracted to each other because of each other’s advantages at first, but they will find each other’s shortcomings after getting along for a long time.

“An’an, do you really think I’m ruthless towards you?” Fu Shiting asked.

“Fu Shiting, believe it or not, if my life hadn’t started without you, I would have suffered 90% less pain and trouble.” Qin Anan said firmly, “Of course, the three children are not included.

” You are right. But as far as I am concerned, I am not unkind to you. Apart from Yin Yin, you are the woman I care about the most.” After he finished speaking, like a gust of wind, he strode away.

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment.

Did he just leave?

Are you angry?

He said that she was the woman he cared about the most, and he just left her on the street like that?

She said just now that the new shoes didn’t fit, did he plan to let her walk back to the hotel just like that?

Although he wanted to carry her back, she would not let him carry it…

Qin Anan took a heavy breath, took out her mobile phone, and saw the message from Li Xiaotian: Anan, I feel my sky is full again color. I knew God wouldn’t treat me like that. He Zhunzhi is still the He Zhunzhi that I am familiar with. He has not abandoned me, and I will never mess around again.

Qin Anan: Hmm! what are you doing now?

Li Xiaotian: We went back to our new house. I was cleaning up my room, and I was chatting with Brother Bei and the others in the living room.

Qin An’an: You clean up alone? You let the nanny clean up!

Li Xiaotian: I have to clean up myself. That feeling of being lost and found is like winning the lottery, you know?

Qin An’an: …

She has a very awkward relationship with Fu Shiting, so she can’t understand what Li Xiaotian said for the time being.

Li Xiaotian: Why did you reply to my message? Didn’t you say you were with Fu Shiting? Are you two not together anymore?

Qin Anan: He’s gone. I am also ready to go home.

Chapter 909

Chapter 909

Li Xiaotian: What is the situation between you two now?

Qin An’an: There’s no quarrel, but I’m not in the mood to fall in love.

Li Xiaotian: My mother said that if there are too many quarrels, even the best feelings will be wiped out.

Qin Anan looked at the message and didn’t know how to reply.

She and Fu Shiting have been together over the years, and their conflicts have never been broken.

I still remember how much I loved him. It’s just that she can no longer be like a moth to a flame, recklessly loving.

So is he. Otherwise, he wouldn’t leave her on the road alone after saying that he cared about her the most.

Fu Shiting received a text message from Sheng Bei: Xiao Tian said that the two of you have gone back to their respective houses. It’s still dark, and she still doesn’t want to forgive you?

Fu Shiting: She’s going home, so I’ll be blowing the air outside.

He could feel that she couldn’t forgive his previous actions, so he avoided and calmed each other down.

Sheng Bei: If it really doesn’t work, forget it. The two of you keep fighting so hard, maybe it’s because the two of you just don’t fit. The most violent people around me are just like Li Xiaotian. If the trouble is a little fiercer, they are basically divorced, old and dead.

Fu Shiting: I’m thinking about this. I have completely confessed my past to her. She can’t seem to accept it.

Sheng Bei looked at his words and felt very distressed: Shi Ting, you are too humble in front of her. No matter what happened to you in the past, you are the best man in my eyes. Of course, she is also very good. She can live well without you. You’re both too strong, so it’s not a good fit.

Qin Anan walked back to the hotel, and when he went to the parking lot to pick up his car, he saw that Fu Shiting’s car was still parked in the parking lot.

She thought he had left long ago.

The information about He Zhunzhi’s wedding at the entrance of the hotel has been removed, and the guests have all left, so Fu Shiting has no reason to stay here.

So where did he go after he left?

She stood beside his car for a while.

A black figure suddenly appeared, startling her.

“Miss Qin, where is my boss?” It was Fu Shiting’s bodyguard.

Qin Anan’s chest rose and fell rapidly, and her cheeks were flushed: “I don’t know. We separated when we were on the street. He left first. I thought he had already left the hotel, so it was a bit unexpected to see his car still there.”

Bodyguard: “Oh, you two quarreled again?”

Qin Anan: “No!”

“You lied! If you two didn’t quarrel, why did you separate on the street? If you didn’t quarrel, my boss would definitely go back to the hotel with you. Come.” The bodyguard looked at her angrily, “You’re a woman who doesn’t know what to do! I’ve given birth to a few children to my boss, so I keep bashing my boss! I’m sure my boss has never suffered like this in his life. So angry!”

If it was usual, Qin Anan would definitely be angry when he heard the bodyguard’s words.

But today, she knew about Fu Shiting’s past, and her emotions towards him inevitably changed.

“Perhaps you’re right. I really don’t know what to do. He’s given me the best he can do, and I can’t think he’s an asshole just because he doesn’t meet my requirements.” She was suddenly open-minded and thought about it. .

The bodyguard was stunned, not knowing how to answer.

He is good at quarreling, but not at sensationalizing!

After Qin Anan left, the bodyguard took out his mobile phone and called Fu Shiting.

The bodyguard told him what happened just now. His cold heart suddenly warmed up.

Chapter 910

Chapter 910

“Are you sure she said that?” he questioned.

A white light flashed in the bodyguard’s mind, and suddenly he forgot what Qin Anan said just now.

“Uh… Anyway, I scolded her, but she wasn’t angry.” The bodyguard said firmly. “You scold her?” Fu Shiting

frowned, breathing solemnly, “Who told you to scold her?! How did you scold her?”

I don’t know what’s wrong! How nice you are to her, not only is she not grateful, but she even makes trouble with you every day! I think she’s better than Li Xiaotian! If I were you, I wouldn’t be accustomed to her! I just dumped her , snatch the child over again, make her bowels regret, and wash her face with tears every day to regret the beginning!”

Fu Shiting gritted his teeth.

If he was in front of the bodyguard now, he might have punched him directly.

The bodyguard heard Fu Shiting’s heavy breath, and his heart was alarming: “Boss, I didn’t scold her so harshly in front of her! She’s really not angry, don’t believe you call her! I’m giving you an idea! You If you think my idea…”


Fu Shiting hung up the phone.

How miserable is he? Sheng Bei and the others just have to pity him, now even the bodyguard dares to make an argument for him to ‘justice’!

The bodyguard said that Qin Anan was not angry, and he didn’t quite believe it.

However, he was not going to call her to explain.

He told her too much today, and she might not be able to digest it for a while.

And what she really can’t accept is definitely not what the bodyguard said.

When Qin Anan came home, it was four o’clock in the afternoon.

She went back to her room and changed into loose, warm home clothes.

Even though he didn’t do anything, he felt exhausted.

She lay down on the bed, her mind kept echoing what Fu Shiting said to her today.

The big and small questions they once quarreled about have all been answered today.

She should have let her go, but she was in a panic.

Because they paid a heavy price for it.

She didn’t blame Fu Shiting. If it’s right or wrong, it can’t be considered his fault.

She lay on the bed, after thinking for a while, she fell asleep in a daze.

In the evening, Jin Sinian sent Rila back.

Jin Sinian was carrying a few shopping bags, and Rila was also carrying a beautiful bag.

“Has my mother and my brother come back?” Rila said excitedly, and said to Mrs. Zhang, “Uncle Sinian bought me a lot of things today! He said that it was my birthday, so he bought me gifts first! I bought it for my brother!”

“Your mother is sleeping in the room. Your brother hasn’t come back yet! The driver has picked him up, and he should be back soon.” After rubbing Rila’s head, Mrs. Zhang put the The bag took it, “Si Nian, you have your mind.”

“Why is she still sleeping?” Jin Sinian glanced at the time, it was almost six o’clock.

“She came back at four o’clock in the afternoon. Plus she got up too early this morning, so I didn’t wake her up.” Mrs. Zhang said, “Si Nian, if you’re not busy, stay for dinner!

” Hmm.”

Jin Sinian sat down on the sofa.

Rila ran to the master bedroom, quietly opened the door, and slipped in.

She was thinking about Li Xiaotian in her heart. I don’t know if He Zhunzhi’s wedding had any effect on her little sweet aunt.

She tiptoed to the bedside.

Qin An’an’s mobile phone lay quietly beside the pillow.

Rila stared at the phone, her eyes twinkling. After thinking for a few seconds, she picked up her mother’s phone.

Holding her phone, she walked out of the master bedroom and met Jin Sinian face to face.

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