When His Eyes Opened Chapter 931 -940(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 931 -940(Chinese)

Qin An’an is puzzled: “Didn’t you say that your favorite is your brother?”

“Yes! I like my brother the most, but I just want to play the piano for my brother, because my brother can’t understand how I play. Wrong place.” Rila said why.

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing: “your brother can’t hear what you played wrong! He can’t play the piano.”

Rila was stunned for a moment: “It seems so! I thought my brother was a superman, he can do anything! Hehe!”

After speaking, she happily pulled Xiaohan upstairs.

Qin Anan smiled helplessly.

“An’an, didn’t you say jet lag? You went to take a bath and rest early.” Sister Zhang said.


Qin Anan went back to the bedroom, walked to the closet, and took out his pajamas.

There was a sudden throbbing pain in the abdomen.

She immediately held the cabinet door and slowly bent down.

She exhaled heavily, her face instantly pale!

Although it was painful, she was not particularly afraid. Because of this pain, it is very familiar.

After giving birth, she never had her period.

The pain in the abdomen at the moment is dysmenorrhea.

When she was on the plane, she felt chest tightness and a feeling of sinking in her abdomen. At that time, she thought it was caused by lack of rest, but she did not expect her period to come.

After the pain in her abdomen subsided a little, she immediately went to the bathroom.

Fu family.

After Fu Shiting took a shower, he took the birthday present he bought for Xiaohan in his hand and watched.

This gift is an intelligent robot in the image of a cartoon tiger.

Because Xiaohan is a tiger, Fu Shiting chose this robot.

On the day he went to buy gifts, he and Sheng Bei wandered around the Science and Technology Museum for a long time, but couldn’t find a suitable gift.

Eventually he ordered the robot abroad.

The robot was delivered to him only yesterday.

He pressed the power of the robot, and the robot said immediately: “Master, good evening, how can Xiaohu help you?”

Fu Shiting: “Can you make my son happy?”

Xiaohu: “Of course! Xiaohu can not only sing and talk Stories and jokes!”

Fu Shiting: “My son is seven years old, what do you think he will like?”

Xiaohu was silent for a while, then replied: “Mom!”

Fu Shiting: “…”

This robot is right Yes, it’s really smart.

It turns out that a seven-year-old child likes his mother the most.

I don’t know if Xiaohan will like this gift.

The next day, Fu Shiting brought the gift to Qin’s group, intending to give it to Qin An’an himself.

When the front desk saw Fu Shiting, he was very excited: “Boss Fu, my boss didn’t come to the company today. You can call her and ask, or I can call for you.”

Fu Shiting: “Then please call her for help.” The

front desk immediately took the call Pick up the receiver and dial Qin Anan.

Two minutes later, the front desk put down the phone with a blushing face, and said to Fu Shiting, “Boss Fu, my boss said she won’t come to the company today.” After a pause, he added, “She has her period today and has a stomachache.”

Chapter 932

Chapter 932

Xinghewan Villa.

Qin Anan was lying on the bed, all weak. She took a painkiller in the morning because her stomach was so painful.

I used to take painkillers, and the pain was quickly relieved.

But today, my stomach hurts very much. After taking the medicine, it can only be relieved a little.

So she didn’t go to the company.

In such a state, let alone going to work, she felt uncomfortable even lying on the bed.

After answering the call from the front desk, she lifted the quilt and got out of bed, wanting to drink some hot water.

When she came to the living room, she saw Mrs. Zhang hurriedly hung up the phone.

“An An, why did you come out?” Aunt Zhang asked anxiously, “If you’re not feeling well, just stay in bed.”

“I’m a little thirsty,” she said, “I’m better now than in the morning.”

“I use a thermos cup . I’ll fill you up with hot water and take it to your room.” Mrs. Zhang looked for a thermos cup, “By the way, my husband called just now and said he was coming over.”

Qin Anan was weak and lacked energy, so when he heard the news, he was not too worried . Lots of waves.

“He bought gifts for Xiaohan and Rila, and said they would bring them to you. Let you pass them on to the children.” Mrs. Zhang explained.

“He said this last night.” Qin An’an took a cup of boiling water and warmed his hands in his hands, “No wonder the front desk called me just now, I guess he went to the company to find me.”

“Well. An An , why don’t you let him eat at home at noon? The child is not at home, it should be fine to keep him for dinner.” Sister Zhang said.

Qin Anan wondered: “Is it still early for lunch?”

“It’s already ten o’clock. When he comes, it’s probably half past ten. He likes my dishes, and I haven’t cooked for him for a long time. “Sister Zhang said what was in her heart, “I was with him before, and he treated me well.”

Qin An’an softened?: “Well. I’ll go to my room and lie down.”

Twenty minutes later, Fu Shiting’s car drove into Xinghewan.

He entered the villa with a gift.

“An An is resting in the room, I’ll go see if she’s asleep.” After Aunt Zhang finished speaking, she walked quickly to the master bedroom, pushed open the door, and took a look inside.

If Qin Anan didn’t fall asleep, then when Sister Zhang opened the door, she would be alert and open her eyes.

Sister Zhang gently closed the door and returned to the living room.

“An An is asleep. She is not feeling well today.” Mrs. Zhang said, and held Ziqiu in front of Fu Shiting, “Sir, hold Ziqiu in your arms, and I’ll go to lunch. I have already agreed with An An, stay here. You have lunch, she agreed.”

Fu Shiting looked at the little baby who suddenly fell into his arms, and his heart melted instantly.

“Ziqiu, Dad loves you very much, do you know that?” He whispered to the child, “Dad wants to hug you every day. If he can hug you every day, Dad will feel that all the hardships he has suffered in the past are the result of It’s worth it.”

He murmured, at the same time, the little baby in his arms stared at his face with big bony eyes, eating his own little hands with relish.

“Are you hungry? Dad is going to make milk for you?” Fu Shiting held the child and planned to ask Mrs. Zhang when it was time to feed the child.

As a result, he stood up from the sofa with the child in his arms, and saw Qin Anan standing behind him at a glance.

She heard everything he said to the child just now.

Her mood was a little split.

On the one hand, she felt that he seemed a little pitiful. On the other hand, if she was asked to accept him immediately, she was a little embarrassed.

So she could only watch.

“Why is your face so bad?” Fu Shiting looked at her pale face and frowned, “Did I come to wake you up?”

“I didn’t fall asleep.” She walked up to him and glanced at the child, “Children of Ziqiu’s age like to bite, not because he is hungry. If he is hungry, he will cry.”

He replied: “Would you like to go back to your room and lie down? Have you taken painkillers? I remember you didn’t seem to have such severe dysmenorrhea before.”

“What was I like before?” She raised an eyebrow at him, “Even if I had pain before, it might not be the case. Tell you. Do you think you understand me well?”

A blush appeared on his handsome face.

He knew she was not feeling well, so he wouldn’t quarrel with her.

“Don’t quarrel in front of the children.” He said softly, persuading her, “Don’t look at Zi Qiu Xiao, he knows everything.”

Chapter 933

Chapter 933

“He knows shit. Let’s make a little noise, we won’t scare him at all.” Qin Anan speaks quickly, but in a low voice.

Sure enough, Ziqiu’s expression was still cute, and he had no idea what they were talking about.

Qin Anan took a molar stick and stuffed it into Ziqiu’s hand. Ziqiu shoved the molar stick into his mouth, biting it loudly.

“Do you want to hug the child?” Fu Shiting wanted her to be happy.

Qin An’an: “I don’t have the strength.”

Fu Shiting: “Then do you drink water?”

Qin An’an: “I’m not thirsty.”

“I brought the gift to show you.” Fu Shiting said, going to get it Gift.

Qin Anan watched him dangling in front of his eyes, still holding the child, and immediately said, “Can’t you just wait quietly while you are holding the child? I want to see the gift, so I will open it myself.”

He heard the words , sit down beside her.

“Just say you bought the gift, don’t mention me,” he reminded.

“I’ll help you give gifts to your children, don’t worry about the rest.” She looked at the two gift boxes on the table, and just looking at the boxes, she felt that the price was not cheap.

His cell phone rang suddenly, breaking the silence.

He is holding the child, and it is difficult to hold a mobile phone.

He originally wanted to give her the child, but thinking that she said she had no strength, he stood up and asked her to help with the phone.

She couldn’t refuse, so she reached into his trouser pocket and took out his cell phone.

She saw that the caller ID was Zhou Ziyi’s name.

“Help me pick it up.” He said, “Turn on the speakerphone.”

She answered the phone, turned on the speakerphone, and put it on the coffee table.

“Boss, I asked someone to ask your eldest brother’s quotation. Your eldest brother quoted 100 million yuan and must pay the full amount. This price is considered a bargain.” Zhou Ziyi said, “I guess he is very short of money now. Yes, Fu Yechen They don’t have a job now, their father and son have no source of income, but you can imagine how miserable it is.”

Qin Anan immediately looked at Fu Shiting when he heard these words: “Your brother wants to sell the old house?” On the

other side of the phone, Zhou Zi When Yi heard Qin An’an’s voice, a string of question marks appeared on his head.

Fu Shiting: “Well. Do you think I should buy it?”

Zhou Ziyi was tangled: Is the boss talking to himself, or… talking to Qin An’an?

Qin An’an: “Buy it if you want, why don’t you ask me.” After a pause, he said, “And 100 million is not worth mentioning at all to you, so what’s the point of entanglement.”

Fu Shiting: “What do you mean? Do you want me to buy it?”

Qin Anan blushed: “You can buy it if you want, ask me what to do?”

Fu Shiting looked at her with deep eyes: “You are by my side, let me ask casually.”

Qin Anan: “Then I won’t sit here anymore. .”

After speaking, she got up and walked towards the kitchen.

Fu Shiting spoke to the phone: “Ziyi, go to Fu Han and buy it directly.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Oh, okay, boss!”

At night, Fu Shiting drove to the old house.

Now here is his estate.

It’s a shame, this is his home. He spent his childhood here.

But after breaking up with Fu Han, he never came back.

Now, this place belongs to him again.

He walked to the gate and inserted the key into the keyhole.

Suddenly, a pungent smell came!

Chapter 934

Chapter 934

Xinghewan Villa.

Qin An’an’s mental state is much better than during the day.

Aside from being a little tired, my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore.

After the warm and pleasant dinner, she took the two children to the living room, and then took out the gifts she prepared and the gifts prepared by Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting asked her not to say that his gift was from him, she couldn’t do what he thought.

Because she doesn’t want to deceive the child.

“Mom, how come there are four gifts?” Rila looked at the four gift boxes, her piercing eyes flashing with brilliance.

She especially wanted to unpack all the gifts.

“Mom bought these two, and your dad bought these two.” When Qin Anan said this, he paid special attention to Xiaohan’s expression.

As soon as Xiao Han heard the word ‘father’, the soft expression on his face suddenly cooled down.

“Let’s open the gift and see what’s inside!” Qin Anan picked up the gift Fu Shiting bought first.

If you open the gift she bought first, Xiaohan will leave when it is finished.

Qin Anan didn’t know what gift Fu Shiting bought, she was very curious.

Given how much Fu Shiting attaches importance to children now, she feels that the gifts Fu Shiting bought should be things that children like.

Qin Anan opened the first gift and took out the exquisite and compact box inside.

Before Qin Anan opened the box, Rila immediately exclaimed: “This must be a gift for me! There must be a beautiful hairpin inside!”

Qin Anan smiled and handed the box to Rila: “Baby, open it.”

Rila excitedly took the gift box and opened the box –

a pink heart-shaped diamond appeared in front of Rila’s eyes.

Under the light, the pink diamonds are shining and dazzling.

Rila opened her mouth in shock and surprise!

“What a big diamond!” Sister-in-law Zhang held Ziqiu and stood by to watch the excitement. When she saw the diamond in the box, she was surprised.

Rila took the diamond out of the box with trembling hands.

This is a raspberry drill. Very big!

“Mom, Dad gave me this diamond, and it can’t be worn around my neck or clipped into my hair. Is it for me to play with as a stone?”

Rila joked, and then threw the diamond into the air like a pebble. Tossed, then caught.

“What do you want to do, Mom can take it to a jewelry store for others to process.” Qin Anan explained, “Don’t toss it around, this diamond is very expensive, don’t break it.”

“Oh. Mom, then you help me. I’ll take it to a jewelry store and ask someone to make me a magic wand!” Rila said whimsically, “It must be super cool to set this diamond on the magic wand!”

Qin Anan: “… “

Qin Anan opened the gift that Fu Shiting bought for Xiaohan, and took out a tiger-shaped robot from it.

This robot is not very big, about the size of a large piggy bank.

“What is this?!” Rila looked at the little tiger curiously.

Qin Anan took out the product manual from the box. After looking at the manual, she turned to her daughter: “This is an intelligent robot.”

“Wow! My brother likes robots the most!” Rila said, bringing the little tiger over.

“Rila! Put it down!” Xiaohan frowned, “I don’t want the gift he gave!”

Rila pouted: “Don’t want it for nothing! Such a cute little tiger, you don’t want it, I want it!”

Rila said , the little hand finds the robot power button and presses it.

Xiaohu: “Good evening dear master! I’m the omniscient Xiaohu, ask me a question!”

Rila: “Xiaohu Xiaohu, what if my brother doesn’t want you?”

Xiaohu was silent for a few seconds, then burst out A burst of fierce and cute cries!

Chapter 935

Chapter 935

Everyone: “…”

Xiaohu conquered everyone like this and successfully stayed.

Fu’s old house.

When Fu Shiting opened the lock of the courtyard door, he smelled the smell of gasoline.

It took no more than three minutes from the time he smelled gasoline to the roaring flames in front of him.

Fu Shiting was stunned when he saw the sudden burst of fire.

The bodyguard immediately rushed over and pulled Fu Shiting out of the courtyard: “Boss! Someone set the fire! You go out first! I’ll go see who set the fire!”

Fu Shiting was pushed outside the courtyard by the bodyguard, and then rushed in to find the arsonist!

Fu Shiting looked at the burning fire in front of him, and immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed the fire alarm number.

Fu Han is so brave!

Are you unwilling to sell the house to him?

Dare to set fire to the old house!

Aunt Hong also told him yesterday that Fu Han should be reluctant to sell the old house, because Fu Han has lived in the old house for most of his life, and it must be Fu Yechen who is out of the house and owes money, so Fu Han had to sell it. old house.

Now it seems that Aunt Hong has mostly lost her sight.

Fu Yechen was so afraid of death, how could he dare to die like this? ! Certainly Fu Han also participated in this plan.

Did Fu Han expect that Fu Shiting would not dare to kill him? ! Ah!

Then Fu Han is afraid that he is very wrong! Except for Qin An’an and the child, if other people anger him, what would he dare not do?

The fire truck came in quickly and began to put out the fire.

The community staff also came. Seeing Fu Shiting’s gloomy expression, he immediately asked, “Mr. Fu, are you alright? Why is there such a big fire? No one lives in this villa! Logically speaking, there should be no fire. Yup!”

The staff’s voice was settled, and the bodyguard dragged the arsonist out.

After Fu Shiting saw the face of the arsonist, he clenched his fists tightly!

About 20 minutes later, news of the fire in Fu’s old house appeared on the Internet.

Because the price of this old house is high, and people from the Fu family have always lived here, the fire quickly made headlines.

Qin Anan was with the child and didn’t see the news.

“An An! There’s a fire in Fu Shiting’s house!” Mike spoke too fast because he was emotional.

Hearing him say this, Qin Anan’s expression suddenly became tense, and she asked in a deep voice, “What’s going on? Why is there a fire? Is he all right?!”

“I don’t know! I only found out by watching the news. I called Ziyi, but he didn’t answer.” Mike showed her the news, “Look how hot this fire is! The sky is dyed red! It’s scary! If Fu Shiting is in the house, I don’t know if he can escape. Come out!”

Qin Anan took his mobile phone and looked at the picture, she was relieved!

“This is not his house! This is his old house! He shouldn’t be in it!”

Mike: “Oh, I read the news that it was his house.

” The house is bought! He may be in the old house now!”

After speaking, she returned the phone to Mike and ran out quickly!

“An An! Wait for me! I’ll go with you!” Mike chased after her.

Half an hour later, Qin An’an and Mike came to the community where Fu’s old house was located.

After entering the community, she trotted all the way to the Fu family’s old house.

The fire has been put out.

But the cordon in front of the old house has not been removed.

There were many people around, whispering about the fire and the story behind the fire.

Qin Anan has no intention of listening to gossip! She just wanted to know if Fu Shiting was injured!

“An An, call Fu Shiting and ask!” Mike gasped and reminded, “If he is okay, he will definitely answer your call!”

Chapter 936

Chapter 936

Qin Anan stepped aside, and immediately dialed Fu Shiting’s number without waiting for his emotions to calm down.

Unexpectedly, Fu Shiting answered the phone in seconds.

“I’m fine.” His voice was low and powerful.

She breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, and asked in a calm tone, “Who set the fire?”

“My brother’s driver. I’ve been with my brother for many years.” He replied.

Qin Anan looked at the old house that had just experienced a catastrophe under the night, and felt infinite sadness in her heart.

There is hatred between people, why destroy the house?

“Could it be your elder brother’s instructions?” She couldn’t control her doubts.

In her impression, Fu Han and Fu Shiting have very different personalities. Even in the comparison of Fu Shiting, he appears to be extraordinarily honest.

She couldn’t understand why Fu Han would do such an outrageous thing.

“The driver said no one told me. I’m checking.” Fu Shiting asked in a hoarse voice, “Where are you now?”

“I…” She was embarrassed to tell the truth.

Wouldn’t he think she cared about him if he knew she was at his old house?

“You’re not feeling well today, go home early to rest.” He didn’t embarrass her.

She took the initiative to call him and explained everything.

“Oh, I gave the gift you bought to the child.” Qin Anan changed the topic to ease the atmosphere, “Rila likes the gift you gave. But you don’t want to give such expensive jewelry next time, I don’t think so Appropriate. No matter how big a diamond you give a child, it is no different from a stone.”

Fu Shiting: “As long as my daughter likes it, why not play with it as a stone?”

Qin An’an: “…”

Fu Shiting: “Where’s Xiaohan? Does he like that robot?”

Qin Anan: “I think he likes it. It’s just because you gave it, so he doesn’t want it. But Rila likes it. Rila took it to their room.”

Fu Shiting expected this result: “As long as you don’t Just return it to me.”

“Well, I’ll go back first.” She held the phone and walked towards Mike.

On the other side of the phone, Fu Shiting’s breathing suddenly increased: “You went to the old house to find me? An An, since you still have me in your heart, why didn’t you give me another chance?”

Qin Anan clenched his fingers tightly while holding the phone.

She was careless and slipped her tongue just now.

“Go back first! I’ll find you when I’m done with this matter,” he said.

“Why are you looking for me? Let’s just keep this relationship, okay?” She retorted.

He was silent for a few seconds, decided to be true to himself, and said what was in his heart: “I want to go further with you.”

“There is everything in a dream.” She sneered and hung up the phone.

Mike crossed his arms and watched her come over after talking on the phone. He joked: “It seems that Fu Shiting is fine. I knew that a person like him would definitely not die easily.”

“He is also a human being, so why not die easily? ” Qin Anan pushed the wind-disturbed hair behind her ears.

“Isn’t there a saying that ‘good people don’t live long, and disasters leave a thousand years’?”

“Don’t use a word after you learn it.” Qin Anan went out in a hurry and didn’t wear a coat, and felt a little cold at the moment.

It happened that Mike was not wearing a coat, and was shivering from the cold.

“How about we hug each other for warmth?” he suggested.

Qin Anan glared at him: “Don’t you men know shame? What are you thinking, you have to say it?”

“So angry! Did Fu Shiting tell you shameless things? Otherwise, why do you shoot all the men?”

Qin Anan pursed her lips and didn’t answer.

Chapter 937

Chapter 937

But thinking of what Fu Shiting said, she felt like a fire was burning in her heart, dispelling a lot of chills.

police station.

Fu Han received a call from the police and came immediately.

Entering the police station hall, he saw Fu Shiting at a glance, and immediately lowered his head.

“Mr. Fu, it’s like this. Your driver set fire to the Fu family’s old house tonight. Do you know about it?” a police officer asked Fu Han. Fu Han shook his head: “I don’t know. I gave him a severance payment a few days ago, and we haven’t contacted since then.” After a pause, he continued, “I’ll explain to my brother


Glancing at Fu Shiting, seeing that he had no objection, he stepped back.

Fu Han walked up to Fu Shiting and explained, “Shi Ting, let Lao Zhou go! He has been a driver for me for half his life. Wrong. If I knew his plan, I would definitely stop him.”

Fu Shiting remained unmoved.

“Well, I’ll pay for the maintenance of the old house.” Fu Han discussed with him, “I really didn’t order this matter. If I have bad intentions, I won’t burn the old house, but the place where you live. There is nothing in the old house except for an empty house.”

Fu Shiting looked at Fu Hancang’s haggard face, and his thin lips lightly parted: “I believe you for now. You must restore the old house to its original state, otherwise I will not let it go. Over the old week.”

“Okay.” Fu Han’s expression was solemn, he hesitated, and finally sighed, “If there is nothing else, then I will go first.”

It’s really sad that the two brothers are in the current situation. weep.

Fu Shiting looked at Fu Han’s leaving back, and moved with pity: “Brother, take the money from the house sale yourself. Don’t be squandered by your trash son!”

Fu Han’s eyes were scarlet, and he choked: “Yechen is not only a waste, but also stupid to die, but he is my son after all, I can’t ignore him! Aren’t you a father too? You should be able to understand me.

” Before, Fu Shiting definitely couldn’t understand the meaning of Fu Han’s words.

Now, he has a bit of sympathy.

His love for his three children is beyond the control of his reason.

He didn’t expect the three children to be good people, he just wanted them to be healthy and safe.

In the future, they may be ordinary, or they may go down the wrong path.

If one of the children goes down the wrong road, can he be cruel to cut off the relationship with the child? I’m afraid not.

Star River Villa.

Qin Anan took a shower and lay down on the bed, but Fu Shiting’s low-pitched voice always echoed in his mind.

Without this fire, she wouldn’t reveal that she still has feelings for him.

Now that he knew, she seemed a little passive.

She turned on her phone and sent a message to Li Xiaotian to complain: Xiaotian, are you asleep? There was a fire in the Fu family’s old house tonight, have you seen the news?

After about five minutes, Li Xiaotian replied: I see.

Qin Anan looked at the three words she sent, and calmed down a little.

Xiao Tian’s mood seems to be wrong.

Qin Anan sent a message and asked: Sweetie, are you okay with Zhunzhi?

Li Xiaotian: Well, since the last failure, he has never touched me again.

Qin An’an: I know that Zhunzhi will definitely not force you. He loves you very much.

Li Xiaotian: I love him too. The more time I spend with him, the more I feel like I can’t live without him.

After Li Xiaotian sent this message, her eyes became moist.

He Zhunzhi was so kind to her, but she couldn’t love him like before. She always felt that she was broken and unworthy of him.

The next morning, Qin Anan was woken up by the ringing of his mobile phone.

In a daze, she found her mobile phone and answered the call.

“An An! Do you know where Xiao Tian went? I woke up this morning and found that she was not at home! Call her, her phone is off! I can’t find her now, I’m going crazy!” He Zhunzhi said The voice came anxiously.

Chapter 938

Chapter 938

Qin Anan sat up from the bed immediately if he was hit hard.

“I don’t know what happened to her. When she slept last night, she was fine.” He Zhunzhi’s voice was thick and nasal, as if he was about to cry, “I think she hid on purpose! She must regret it again. She doesn’t want to be with me anymore! Obviously we made an appointment to remarry on Qixi this year…”

“Yes, I sent her a message last night and she said she loves you very much.” Qin Anan comforted Said, “She said that she found herself more and more inseparable from you, so she should have no regrets and will not break up with you. She may have done something.”

“What does she have to hide from us? He Zhunzhi calmed down a little. “Did she go to see a psychiatrist ?

Where can I find it?” He Zhunzhi had no clue.

“I recommended a psychiatrist to her a few days ago, and I went to see if she went to see that doctor.”

“That’s hard for you. You have news about her, please tell me as soon as possible. I I’m very worried about her.”


After speaking, Qin Anan tried to call Li Xiaotian.

The system prompts her to turn off her phone.

Qin Anan opened the message they sent last night and read it again.

She didn’t notice anything last night, but looking at Li Xiaotian’s words today, it’s obvious that she’s unhappy.

If she is in a good mood, she will send all kinds of emojis.

She didn’t post a single picture last night.

Qin Anan was very regretful. Why didn’t you notice her mental problems last night?

If you found out last night, have a good chat with her, maybe she won’t hide now.

After a while, she came out of the room, planning to go out.

Sister-in-law Zhang saw that she didn’t even eat breakfast, so she immediately stopped her.

“An An, are you feeling better today? Where are you going in such a hurry? Go out after breakfast!”

If she wasn’t on her period now, Mrs. Zhang wouldn’t be so worried.

“I can’t eat it.” Qin Anan was in a hurry, “Xiao Tian doesn’t know where she went, I have to find her.”

“What happened to Xiao Tian? Are you in conflict with He Zhunzhi?” Sister Zhang frowned.


“An An, your face is not very good, you go to eat something first. Otherwise, I won’t worry about you going out like this.” Mrs. Zhang took her arm, “Xiao Tian is not a child anymore, she is in a bad mood. If you relax outside, there will be no accidents.”

Qin Anan corrected: “Xiao Tian is not in a bad mood. Do you know about post-traumatic stress disorder? This is a mental illness that is often overlooked. If a normal person is in a bad mood Well, there may not be any accident, but Xiaotian may be very dangerous.”

Aunt Zhang realized that she had said something wrong and immediately apologized: “An An, don’t worry, I’ll get something to eat, you can take it to the car. “

Xinhe Capital is headquartered in Rongcheng, which is next to City A.

After Tang Qian took over Xinhe Capital, she basically stayed in Rongcheng. One is that the headquarter personnel needs to be cleaned up, and her work has not been fully started, and the other is that she is disfigured and does not want to be exposed to the public too much.

Today, Tang Qian donates to local charitable foundations in the name of Xinhe Capital. The donation campaign was held in a five-star hotel in the city.

At the scene, many reporters and media staff carrying cameras were ready to take their places.

Accompanied by bodyguards and executives, Tang Qian stepped into everyone’s sight.

Tang Qian was dressed in a black uniform, streamlined and capable. She wore a blue mask covering her disfigured face.

As long as she doesn’t show her disfigured face, she can pretend that she is still a normal person!

After she sat down on the stage, a waiter held a glass of water in front of her.

She looked up at the waiter, but saw a familiar face!

Chapter 939

Chapter 939

Just when she was about to call a bodyguard, a sharp dagger touched her slender and white neck!

City A.

Qin Anan went to the psychiatrist she introduced to Li Xiaotian.

The psychiatrist said that Li Xiaotian had never contacted herself.

After that, Qin Anan drove to the shopping malls, coffee shops, and even cat cafes that she and Li Xiaotian often went to…

After two hours of searching, she found nothing.

She called Li Xiaotian, but she was still turned off. The news sent in the past also sinks into the sea.

Where has Li Xiaotian gone? Where can she go?

Qin Anan sat in the car, staring blankly ahead, not knowing where to drive the car.

Just when she was at a loss, her cell phone rang suddenly!

Her heart was beating so fast!

She picked up the phone, saw Fu Shiting’s name, and immediately took it.

“An An, go home now. We found Li Xiaotian’s whereabouts.”

Her tense heartstrings suddenly relaxed, and then she asked nervously, “Is Xiao Tian all right? Where did you find her?

” Rongcheng. I’m going to pick her up with Zhunzhi now.” Fu Shiting said calmly.

He didn’t want Qin Anan to be frightened.

But he also knew that he couldn’t hide it from her.

Tang Qian’s hometown is in Rongcheng, and Xinhe Capital is headquartered in Rongcheng. At the same time, Li Xiaotian doesn’t have any relatives or friends in Rongcheng, but she went to Rongcheng, there is only one possibility.

She went to find Tang Qian!

If Li Xiaotian finds Tang Qian in City A, Qin Anan will also feel very dangerous, because Tang Qian has a deep scheming and a lot of methods, and Li Xiaotian is definitely not Tang Qian’s opponent.

But now Li Xiaotian ran to Tang Qian’s site to find trouble with Tang Qian. Isn’t that a death sentence?

“Fu Shiting, how is Xiao Tian?! Tell me!” Her voice came hysterically.

She intuited that something had happened to Xiao Tian, ​​otherwise Fu Shiting would not need to go to Rongcheng in person.

“She’s fine.” Fu Shiting frowned, soothing her, “We’ll bring her back safely. You go home and wait for the news.”

She breathed a sigh of relief: “You better not lie to me!” “Do n’t


With Fu Shiting’s answer, Qin Anan was relieved.

She drove the car home, and Mrs. Zhang immediately brought the prepared dishes to the table and called her to eat.

“You definitely didn’t eat the breakfast I brought you this morning.” Mrs. Zhang said, “You must be hungry now?”

“Well, a little hungry.” She sat down at the dining table, looking at the sumptuous lunch, her appetite wide open.

“By the way, Mike called and said he was coming back for lunch. But you don’t have to wait for him, you eat first.” Mrs. Zhang held a bowl of rice and put it in front of her.


After she was full, she went to the living room to play with Zi Qiu.

Mike came back, saw her, and immediately complained to her: “Li Xiaotian is really bold! She dared to run to assassinate Tang Qian! It’s enough to pay someone to do this kind of thing, why should she do it herself? I Seeing that she is so confused, she doesn’t even care about her own life!”

The calm on Qin An’an’s face disappeared instantly.

“You said Xiao Tian went to assassinate Tang Qian?”

“Yeah! Don’t you know?” Mike said in shock, “Li Xiaotian put a knife on Tang Qian’s neck and took off Tang Qian’s mask, causing Tang Qian to lose face in public, but unfortunately Tang Qian’s The bodyguards captured Xiao Tian, ​​and the whole process was filmed by countless media at the scene, and the full video is already available on the Internet! Now Xiao Tian is locked up at the Rongcheng Police Station, Fu Shiting and He Zhunzhi are here to save her!”

Chapter 940

Chapter 940

Qin Anan rushed out the door almost immediately.

Mike’s eyes are fast and he grabs her!

“An An! Fu Shiting and He Zhunzhi have already picked her up, she is no longer in danger!” Mike looked at her eyes full of hatred and took a deep breath, “Don’t be so impulsive like her! She is already an adult. Now, not a child! She ran to Rongcheng alone, do you think she did it right?”

Qin Anan threw his arm away: “Mike, she did something wrong, but what you said just now is also true. No. Don’t persuade others to be kind before they suffer. You have no right to criticize her because you haven’t experienced that kind of pain.”

Mike was unable to resist her words.

“Let me recruit you. It was Fu Shiting who asked me to come back and watch you. He said he would bring Li Xiaotian back unharmed.” Mike pulled Qin An’an onto the sofa and sat down, “Here we go to Rongcheng, It takes two hours for a one-way trip, and four hours for one trip. Aren’t you feeling sick? Don’t suffer that guilt.”

Qin Anan’s eyes were flushed, her red lips were pursed, and she said nothing.

Seeing this, Mike was at a loss: “Don’t do this! If you really want to go, I’ll drive you there. It’s not a big deal. But I still have to say it, sweetie…”

“You don’t want to . Talk about Xiaotian!” Qin Anan interrupted him, “If Xiaotian had other ways to relieve the pain in her heart, she would not choose this stupid way.”

Mike raised his hands and surrendered: “I didn’t want to accuse her . She. I want you to wait for her to come back and persuade her well. She can’t go on like this. Aside from her own danger, He Zhunzhi probably won’t be so patient and tolerate her all the time. “

Qin An’an He looked at him coldly.

He covered his mouth, “I still don’t say it. But don’t take my words seriously. She is really dangerous today. Ziyi said that he changed Tang Qian’s previous temper and killed Li Xiaotian on the spot. , will also peel off a layer of her skin.”

Qin Anan’s expression was gloomy and she said word by word, “If Tang Qian dared to do that, I would not only kill her, but I would even dig up her family’s ancestral grave.”

Mike: “…don’t be angry! I Go and pour you a glass of water. Take your

breath away.” Qin An’an breathed heavily.

In the crib, Ziqiu suddenly burst into tears.

She immediately stood up and hugged Ziqiu.

“Baby, did your mother’s tone sound too fierce just now and scared you?” She blamed herself, “I’m sorry, baby, my mother forgot you were there just now.”

“An An, Ziqiu must be hungry. He is two The milk I ate hours ago.” Sister Zhang heard the child’s cry and immediately came over, “I’ll make milk for him.”

Mike brought a glass of water over, put it on the table, and then took Ziqiu from her arms .

“Didn’t you have lunch yet?” Qin Anan asked.

“I’m not hungry. Eat when I’m hungry.” Mike pointed at the water glass on the table with his chin, “Drink your

saliva.” Qin Anan picked up the water glass and took a sip.

“I heard that you went out early again today. You must be tired now? Go to bed! They won’t be back until evening.” Mike said, “Tomorrow is Xiaohan and Rila’s birthday, if you are tired today I’m broken, what will I do tomorrow?”

Mike’s words calmed Qin An.

Banyan City.

After Fu Shiting and He Zhunzhi arrived at the police station, they successfully met Li Xiaotian.

Li Xiaotian’s state was completely different from what they imagined.

Not only did she not cry, but there was no trace of cowardice and remorse on her face.

Seeing them, she wasn’t much surprised or grateful.

She doesn’t seem to have withdrawn from the world of her hatred.

“Shi Ting,” Tang Qian walked to Fu Shiting’s side, “I didn’t do anything to her. But she almost killed me.”

Tang Qian’s neck was tied with gauze.

“Do you think you’re pitiful?” Fu Shiting retorted indifferently, “Even if Li Xiaotian really killed you, I wouldn’t sympathize with you. You should have died a long time ago.”

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