When His Eyes Opened Chapter 941 -950(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 941 -950(Chinese)

Chapter 941

Tang Qian sneered in despair: “I know. I can only be beaten now, and I can’t fight back. Otherwise, what I have left now will be taken away by you.”

Tang Qian’s words reminded me Li Xiaotian.

Now that Fu Shiting and He Zhunzhi are supporting her, how can she let Tang Qian go?

She rushed in front of Tang Qian, and slapped Tang Qian with a speed that could not cover her ears!

This slap directly took off the mask on Tang Qian’s face.

“Tang Qian! You bug in the gutter! You are shameless, but I want everyone to see your ugly face! One day you will be punished! You will die miserably!” Li Xiao Tian seemed puzzled and raised her hand again, trying to vent all the anger in her body.

Fu Shiting stood beside him, watching coldly, without interfering.

He Zhun held Li Xiaotian in his arms and turned around: “Xiao Tian! This is the police station, don’t do anything here. She will definitely be punished! And, even if you want to take revenge, it’s me! You are obedient. Okay?!”

Li Xiaotian pursed her lips, and two lines of hot tears rolled down.

She didn’t want to mention it again, so she asked, “Why didn’t An An come?”

“I didn’t let her come.” Fu Shiting replied, “Go back first! She is very worried about you.”

He Zhunzhi beat Li Xiaotian across the board He picked it up, followed behind Fu Shiting, and left the police station.

Tang Qian covered her hot face with her hands and watched them leave.

“Mr. Tang, your mask.” Tang Qian’s bodyguard handed her the mask.

Tang Qian lifted the mask and said angrily, “I don’t wear it anymore! I don’t wear it anymore! Anyway, everyone knows how ugly I am!”

… In the

evening, Fu Shiting came with Li Xiaotian Qin An settles down at home.

Seeing Li Xiaotian, Qin Anan immediately hugged her.

“An An, I am impulsive today.” Li Xiaotian whispered, “Are you worried about me? I will try my best to control myself in the future…”

Qin Anan patted her back and said softly: ” It’s alright, sometimes you have to vent your emotions, otherwise you’ll be suffocated.”

“Well… An An, I’ve decided, I’ll go to a psychiatrist.” Li Xiaotian let go of her and put her own decided to tell her.

“Okay, I’ll accompany you tomorrow.”

“No, I’ll let Zhunzhi accompany me.” Li Xiaotian calmed down, “I’m a little tired, I’ll go back first.”

“Okay. Go back and have a good rest, don’t Thinking too much.” Qin Anan sent her out, “If you have something in the future, you must say it, don’t carry it alone.”


After He Zhunzhi took Li Xiaotian away, Qin Anan and Fu Shiting’s eyes were casual. confluence.

“Xiaohan will be back soon, you can go!” Qin Anan opened her mouth to drive people away.

Fu Shiting: “He will be back later tonight. I can leave after dinner.”

Qin Anan was surprised that he could take the initiative to rub food so shamelessly.

“You can’t bear to let me eat a meal, right?” Fu Shiting frowned, “In order to pick up Li Xiaotian, I didn’t eat lunch. If you don’t let me eat, I don’t know if I have the strength to step out. Your courtyard gate…”

“Stop talking! You go to eat!” Qin Anan glared at him.

Seeing her reluctance, he said, “I’d better go!”

After speaking, he made a gesture to leave.

Without hesitation, she grabbed his arm!

Chapter 942

Chapter 942

“Fu Shiting,” she called out his name and said word by word, “As soon as you see it, close it!”

The corner of his mouth unconsciously raised a beautiful arc.

Satisfied, he turned around and followed her into the living room.

When Mrs. Zhang saw the two of them coming in, she immediately greeted with a smile: “Dinner is ready, it’s time to eat. I’ll go see if Rila has finished her homework.”

Rila went to elementary school and had homework every day. A lot of work.

Qin Anan specially hired a tutor to supervise Rila’s homework every day.

Rila’s enthusiasm for learning is not particularly high, and if she is not pressured in this area, her academic performance will be difficult to keep up.

Fortunately, Rila is more obedient, and she can basically work hard to complete the customized learning tasks Qin Anan gave her.

Fu Shiting walked to the crib, hesitated for a few seconds, and picked Ziqiu up from it.

Qin Anan satirized him: “Isn’t it because I was too hungry to step out of my courtyard?”

Fu Shiting’s ridicule to her was all accepted, as long as she didn’t stop him from holding the child, everything else was easy to say.

“My son is so cute. When I saw him, I was instantly empowered.”

“Oh, if that’s the case, then stop eating. Just hold the child to replenish energy every day! It also saves Aunt Hong from cooking for you every day.” Qin An Ann continued to sneer.

Fu Shiting hugged Ziqiu, teasing his son, and responding to her: “I’m fine if I starve to death, I’m afraid someone can’t stand it.”

Qin Anan’s cheeks flushed, and he retorted: “I can’t stand anything, don’t be self-righteous. .”

After that, she went to the bathroom to wash her hands.

Fu Shiting hugged Ziqiu and stared into the child’s eyes.

Ziqiu’s faintly shining eyes, like a pair of black gems, are particularly bright and deep.

Fu Shiting felt that he was completely attracted by this little life.

When Ziqiu was just born, his feelings for the child were not so deep.

That’s why it was difficult for him to face Ziqiu after Yinyin’s accident, and he even resented Ziqiu for a short time.

It now appears that he was very wrong back then!

How could such a small person be wrong?

Ziqiu looked at Fu Shiting’s face, and his two small lips suddenly blew with a ‘puff’, and accompanied by saliva, sometimes made a ‘cuckoo’ sound.

Fu Shiting was amused by his silly appearance: “Dad’s silly boy!”

Qin Anan came out of the bathroom and heard his words, his face suddenly turned cold.

“How did you talk to the child?”

Fu Shiting realized that he had said the wrong thing, and immediately changed his words: “Ziqiu, Daddy’s good baby!” On the other

side of the stairs, Rila ran downstairs quickly.

“Mom!” After Rila called her mother, she saw that Fu Shiting was also there. She didn’t shy away, and asked her mother loudly, “Mom! Didn’t you promise brother that you won’t let your father come to our house in the future?”

Qin Anan felt guilty.

“If my brother comes back and sees Dad, my brother will definitely be angry!” Rila walked downstairs and reminded Qin Anan loudly.

Qin Anan immediately asked Fu Shiting: “You said Xiaohan will be back later today, are you sure?”

Fu Shiting nodded: “His teacher told me.”

Qin Anan: “You have a private connection with his teacher? Which teacher are you talking about?”

Fu Shiting was stunned: “All.”

Qin An’an: “…”

This man is amazing.

He not only bought her bodyguard, but even his son’s teacher.

She leaned into his ear and asked in a low voice, “Did you also contact Rila’s teacher privately?”

Fu Shiting: “That’s necessary.”

Chapter 943

Chapter 943

He is afraid that his daughter will be bullied at school. Although he knows that the probability of such a thing happening is extremely low, he is still worried.

The daughter is too beautiful, and her temper will never be submissive. If no one provokes her, then everything will be fine. If someone provokes her, even if she can’t win against others, she will definitely fight back!

So he said hello to the school in private.

“You are such a good father.” Qin Anan teased him.

Fu Shiting: “I know what I’ve done is far from enough. But I’ll try my best.”

Qin Anan looked at Rila and explained, “Your brother will be back later today. Your father went to pick up your auntie during the day, just now It’s hard to come back, so Mommy gave him a meal.”

Rila was explained, ‘Oh’.

Since there is a reasonable explanation, she also put away the barb that her father put up.

“Mom, I like my magic wand so much!” Rila held Qin An’an’s hand and walked towards the dining room, “I will be the most beautiful little princess tomorrow.”

Qin An’an: “In my mother’s heart, you will always be there every day. They are all the most beautiful little princesses.”

Rila’s face flushed red after being praised, and she said in high spirits, “Mom, let me tell you a secret!” Having said that, Rila turned her head to look at Fu Shiting.

Rila seemed to fear that he would hear it, and that he would not hear it.

In the end, Rila said the secret in a voice that only Qin Anan and Fu Shiting could hear: “Last night, my brother dismantled Xiaohu!”

Qin Anan looked embarrassed and looked at Fu Shiting apologetically.

Fu Shiting said generously: “It’s okay. The gift is given to him, it’s his, he can do whatever he wants.”

Rila: “Brother said Xiaohu is too stupid, he can’t stand such a stupid thing in the room. He wants to make Xiaohu smart. A little, so it was demolished.”

Qin An’an: “…”

Fu Shiting: “…”

It turns out that Xiaohan did not destroy Xiaohu, but to upgrade Xiaohu.

After Mrs. Zhang brought the food to the table, she took Ziqiu from Fu Shiting’s arms.

Fu Shiting looked at the sumptuous dinner on the table, thinking that Ziqiu only eats milk, and suddenly felt pity: “When can Ziqiu eat? Can I give him meat?”

Qin Anan: “Now he can only eat rice paste and batter. , vegetable puree, fruit puree.”

Fu Shiting: “Can you eat meat puree?”

“Why do you have to give your children meat?” Qin Anan looked at him puzzled, “Do you think eating meat can make you grow faster? , become smarter? No matter what you think, he can’t eat meat yet.”

Fu Shiting said his thoughts: “I think meat is delicious.”

“It’s delicious, you eat more.” A bowl of spare ribs was delivered to him.

Fu Shiting: “An An, don’t quarrel in front of the children, it’s not good.”

Qin Anan asked Rila: “Baby, do you think your parents are quarreling?” Rila opened her

clear apricot eyes: “How can you two be quarreling? What? It’s obviously the mother who is teaching the father.”

Qin Anan gave her daughter a piece of meat and told her to shut her mouth.

After the warm dinner, Fu Shiting was afraid that Xiaohan would come back anytime and see that he was not happy, so he didn’t dare to stay longer.

Qin Anan saw that he was so interesting, so he took him to the door.

“Thank you for picking up Xiaotian today.” She hesitated and thanked him.

“You’re welcome.” He looked at her unnatural little face and said hoarsely, “See you tomorrow.”

“Well.” She lowered her eyes, turned quickly, returned to the living room, and closed the villa door.

The driver drove the car to him and opened the door for him.

He looked away from the closed villa door and got into the car.

Half an hour later, the black Rolls-Royce slowly drove into the greenway leading to the villa.

Fu Shiting glanced at a black figure outside the villa’s fence, sneaking and suspicious.

He immediately lowered the car window, trying to see the face of the man.

Chapter 944

Chapter 944

He thought that dropping the car window would at least shock the person.

He thought the man would bow his head, or turn his back.

As a result, after he lowered the car window, the man raised his head and looked towards him.

Fu Shiting frowned almost subconsciously and glared at each other!

Contrary to his angry emotions, the other party actually grinned and smiled at him!

A cold sweat broke out on Fu Shiting’s back! Not out of fear, but too weird.

No one has ever dared to stay near his villa, let alone face him so boldly!

Because his vision was not very clear at night, he could only vaguely see the silhouette of the man.

It was a middle-aged man, tall and slightly fat. He was sure that he had never seen that person before!

Why does this person appear outside his villa at night?

The car quickly drove into the front yard of the villa. After Fu Shiting got out of the car, he explained a few words to the bodyguard, and then strode into the villa.

After a while, the bodyguard trotted into the living room from the outside and reported to him: “Boss, I didn’t see the middle-aged man you mentioned. But I saw a black car driving away. It’s probably the person you mentioned.

” Go to the surveillance and see when he came.” In Fu Shiting’s mind, the middle-aged man grinned, his fingers clenched.

He wanted to identify that man as a mentally ill person, otherwise normal people would not dare to be so presumptuous in front of him!

But a voice floated in his mind, telling him that the man was not mentally ill!

The bodyguard said just now that there was a black car driving away. If that person is mentally ill, he should be madly wandering around on the road instead of driving away.

the other side.

When Li Xiaotian and He Zhunzhi returned home, they found that the house was brightly lit and the door was open.

He Zhunzhi’s parents were sitting on the sofa in the living room with brewed tea on the coffee table.

When the two elders saw them coming back, they didn’t say a word, but their eyes fell on Li Xiaotian’s face.

What Li Xiaotian did in Rongcheng today was circulated on the Internet, and the video went viral. In the end, relatives and friends of the He family forwarded the video to the two elders of the He family.

Although the He family is not as good as the Fu family, they are also the rich and powerful family in City A, and their family has never had such a shameful incident.

Although Li Xiaotian and He Zhunzhi are divorced, they are back together again and are about to remarry.

Everyone assumes that Li Xiaotian is the daughter-in-law of the He family.

“Dad, Mom, why are you here?” He Zhunzhi was afraid that his parents would blame Li Xiaotian, so he immediately said, “Xiaotian did do some impulsive things today, but I don’t think it hurts. If you want to accuse her, you can No need.”

Mother He sneered: “You are going to be a son-in-law at someone else’s house. Of course you think her behavior is innocuous. After all, she didn’t really kill Tang Qian, did she?”

Father He took his wife’s hand Hold it, and use her eyes to signal her to say a few words less.

“Yes, my mother and I have calmed down for a few days. We have already recognized the reality about you and Xiaotian. We can’t control you. Now that you have made a decision, we respect you.” He Father’s words are serious.

Li Xiaotian thought they came here to scold him, but he didn’t expect it.

So she was rather restrained and embarrassed.

He Zhunzhi was shocked and said, “You really agree with me to join Xiaotian’s family?! Your love for me is too superficial, right? You said that I am a three-generation single biography of our family, and that the person I love the most is me! Really laughing! Lose my big teeth! How do you treat your precious son like this?”

He Zhunzhi was uncomfortable because his parents gave him up so easily.

In his heart, parents and Li Xiaotian can’t choose one or the other.

The reason why he dared to talk nonsense at the wedding before was because he felt that his parents would definitely compromise.

Chapter 945

Chapter 945

He Zhunzhi’s reaction shocked the two elders of the He family.

Li Xiaotian was caught between them, at a loss, not knowing how to ease their relationship.

Just when she was about to say something, Mother He sarcastically said, “Baby son? You are already thirty, and you still consider yourself a child!”

“Even if I am sixty, I am still your son!” He Zhunzhi argued with scarlet cheeks .

Mother He picked up the teacup and drank tea leisurely.

Father He sneered: “I agree with your mother that you and Xiao Tian are together, what are you doing with the matter?”

He Zhunzhi: “……”

“Xiao Tian, ​​come here. .” Mother He looked at Li Xiaotian.

Li Xiaotian’s heart beat faster and she walked to her mother-in-law.

“My dad and I have been reflecting on it for the past two days. When you had an accident before, our reaction was really inappropriate. Zhunzhi’s persistence has shown us that Zhunzhi is responsible, and we are very pleased. At the same time, it also made us aware of it. How selfish we are. Your life is yours and should not be tied by us, so the two of you will live your life well from now on.”

Mother He’s words made Li Xiaotian’s eyes red.

“But I still want to talk about what happened today. Sweetie, I know you feel bad. For a while, you can’t forget the hurt that happened in the past, but you can’t make fun of your future. If you are like this, you should be worried. You can’t be so impulsive in the future.”

Li Xiaodian nodded.

“Dad, Mom, it’s very late, you two should go back to rest first! Xiaotian and I have to rest too.” He Zhunzhi invited his parents out.

When he sent his parents away and returned to the living room, he saw Li Xiaotian came out with a bottle of red wine.

“Xiao Tian, ​​what are you doing with the wine?” He Zhunzhi closed the door and strode in front of her, “Don’t you want to drink to celebrate? Let’s celebrate in a different way! An An said you can’t drink.”

“I’ll drink a little.” Li Xiaotian took a goblet and poured a glass of wine, “I’ll drink it, but you don’t have to.”

“Why? If you insist on drinking, I’ll accompany you to drink it!” He Zhun He also took a wine glass.

“Okay, let’s drink together.” Li Xiaotian poured him some wine, “Husband, I think if I’m drunk, maybe I won’t be so scared. Let’s try it tonight!”

General He Zhunzhi The wine glass in his hand was put down: “This is not good?”

“Let’s try.”

“Okay, then try.”

The next day, Rila and Xiaohan’s birthdays came as scheduled.

Rila put on a princess dress early and knocked on Qin An’an’s door.

“Mom! Why haven’t you got up yet? My brother and I have a birthday today, aren’t you excited at all?” Rila appeared in front of Qin Anan with her hair disheveled.

Qin Anan stayed up late last night to read about the treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, so she was very sleepy.

“Rila, what time is it?” she asked in a hoarse voice.

“It’s seven o’clock!” Rila had an exaggerated expression on her face, as if the day was about to end, “Mom, get up soon! My brother won’t get up. I called him, but he ignored me

woohoo !” Forced to get up.

Not long after, Mrs. Zhang took a package, pushed the door, and walked in.

“An An, there is a package. I don’t know who sent it.” Sister Zhang took the package, walked to the bed, and gave Qin Anan a look, “How about I open it first?”

Qin Anan looked at the package , Liu Mei frowned.

Chapter 946

Chapter 946

This is an international package.

She had also received an international package before, and when she opened it, there was Wei Zhen’s finger inside.

It was a nightmare she could never forget in her life.

After she took a deep breath, she said to Mrs. Zhang, “Help me unpack it!”

“Okay, I’ll go out to unpack.” Mrs. Zhang took the package and walked out.

Rila likes unpacking the most, so she followed behind Mrs. Zhang, planning to see the contents.

“Rila, come here, mom will comb your hair.” Qin Anan stopped her daughter, “Lady Zhang will bring in the contents for us to see later.”

“Okay!” Rilla went back to Qin An Beside Ann, he said whimsically, “Mom, do you think the package might be a birthday present for me and my brother?”

Qin Anan smiled and said, “Then guess who gave it.”

“I don’t know.” Rila thought about it for a while and had no clue, but she was very determined, “I think it’s a gift for my brother and me. Because today is my brother and I’s birthday! When can’t that package be delivered? It was delivered today.. ….”

Rila’s thoughts were a little childish, but a little cute.

At this time, Mrs. Zhang came over with the contents of the package: “An’an, it seems to be a birthday present for Rila and Xiaohan.”

Mrs. Zhang brought the two greeting cards to Qin An’an.

Qin Anan took the greeting card and glanced at it, the expression on her face froze immediately.

“Wow! What a beautiful card! I knew it was a gift for me and my brother! This little girl’s card must be for me!” Rila took the card from her mother.

A card with a picture of a little girl and a birthday cake.

Another card features a little boy and a birthday cake.

Although there is no text on it, the pictures have it all.

This is indeed a birthday card for Osamu and Rila.

“Bring me the package box.” Qin Anxin had some guesses, but he wasn’t sure if it was that person.

Sister Zhang immediately went out to get the box.

Soon, the box was handed to Qin An’an.

The package was sent from a very small country.

There is only one shallow English letter in the sender’s column: W.

“It’s Wei Zhen.” Qin Anan whispered.

Aunt Zhang felt a colicky pain in her heart: “This Wei Zhen is real! Although Yin Yin’s affairs have nothing to do with him, but Ziqiu is so healthy and cute now, the husband will definitely not trouble him, so why does he keep hiding!”

Qin Anan felt a little uncomfortable.

Before Yinyin’s accident, she always regarded Wei Zhen as her eldest brother. Every time something happened, whether it was happy or sad, she could talk to him one by one.

After he took the initiative to cut off contact with everyone, she felt that her life was missing a piece.

Although she was sad, she understood Wei Zhen’s behavior.

Wei Zhen has a good heart, no matter who he treats, he has kindness in his heart.

When he decided to pump Yin Yin’s blood to save Ziqiu, he must have been particularly distressed.

Yin Yin’s death must have caused indelible damage to him. It is not so much that he hid, but that he was struck down by this tragic reality.

“Mom, I remember that I seem to have an Uncle Wei, but I haven’t seen him for a long time.” Rila raised her head and asked Qin An’an, “Where did Uncle Wei go?”

“Then do you remember your aunt ? “?” Qin Anan asked.

Rila nodded: “Yinyin died to save her brother. I miss her so much… If she was still alive, she would definitely come to celebrate my birthday today.”

Rila had tears in her eyes. Light flickers.

Qin Anan took her into his arms.

Outside the courtyard gate, a business Buick slowly stopped.

Qin An’an took Rila out of the room and saw Jin Sinian coming from outside the door.

Fu family.

Fu Shiting woke up earlier today. In addition to thinking about the child’s birthday, it was also because of the strange person I met last night.

Chapter 947

Chapter 947

Last night, the bodyguard called for surveillance and found out when the person came over.

The man came after it got dark. He came to squat for about 20 minutes before Fu Shiting came back.

After seeing Fu Shiting, he left.

His car was parked in the surveillance blind spot, so it was not photographed. Without knowing his license plate number, it is impossible to find out his personal information.

And before he saw Fu Shiting, he kept his head down, and the surveillance did not capture his clear face.

Only when he and Fu Shiting looked at each other, his face was photographed.

But because of the lighting problem, the picture is very blurry.

The bodyguard took a screenshot of the video, printed it out, and showed it to Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting checked the photo over and over again, but he didn’t remember that he had seen this person, but he felt that this person seemed a little familiar.

This person came over last night to stand guard, just smiled at him and left, so weird!

If he sees this person next time, he will definitely grab him immediately.

At eight in the morning, he came out of the room.

Aunt Hong said to him, “Sir, the coffee and breakfast you want are ready.” After a pause, she said, “Sister Zhang sent me a message saying that An An and the others are ready to go to the hotel. Let’s go to the hotel!”

Fu Shiting: “So early?”

“Well, Jin Sinian came very early.”

Fu Shiting looked disdainful, and his tone was even more disdainful: “He is attentive.”

“Yes! He treats An An and the children It’s just that you are here, no matter how diligent he is. An An’s heart is with you, and no one can take it away.” Aunt Hong’s words made Fu Shiting feel comfortable and exhausted.

Qin Anan left him for dinner last night, and she thanked him when he left.

Her attitude towards him changed significantly.

He believed that it would not be long before she accepted him again.

“By the way, Aunt Zhang also said that Wei Zhen sent a package. It’s a birthday card for Xiaohan and Rila.” Aunt Hong said about Wei Zhen, her face darkened, “I don’t know where he is now, Where did you bury Yinyin again?”

Fu Shiting’s eyes flashed a bit of bone-eroding chill, his fingers clenched tightly and his phalanx turned white.

He hated Wei Zhen, but he couldn’t hate it.

Yinyin is important, and Ziqiu is also important. God will only give him this choice if he makes fun of him.

Wei Zhen just made a choice for him.

If he had been asked to choose, he would have chosen Yin Yin.

And after choosing Yinyin, he will feel guilty for Ziqiu for the rest of his life.

There is no correct option for this question, how could he blame Wei Zhen?

If Wei Zhen appeared in front of him now, he would not do anything to Wei Zhen, but there was no way he could treat Wei Zhen as a friend.

“Sir, let the past be in the past! Today is a festive day, so don’t be so sad.” Aunt Hong adjusted her mood and comforted Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting responded in a deep voice.

Hotel, banquet hall.

Guests arrived one after another.

Qin Anan, as the host, greeted the guests at the entrance of the banquet hall.

Mike was entertaining guests in the banquet hall.

Many children came today, and the atmosphere was very lively.

Suddenly, a boy walked up to Qin Anan and asked, “Auntie, will Xiaohan’s father come today?”

Qin Anan recognized the boy. He is Xiaohan’s best friend at school, Xiaodong.

“It will come.” Qin Anan answered him.

Said that Cao Cao Cao Cao arrived.

Fu Shiting was wearing a haute couture suit today, looking bright and handsome.

He strode up in front of her and stopped. His deep eyes fell boldly on her face.

Chapter 948

Chapter 948

She also boldly looked directly at him.

He’s dressed up brightly today, and she’s not bad either.

She wore the most expensive dress in the wardrobe, with delicate light makeup, and her hair was simply tied up, gentle and generous.

“Come in!” he said.

“You go first! I’ll wait.” Qin Anan was waiting for Li Xiaotian.

Fu Shiting frowned: “Aren’t you waiting for me?”

Qin Anan said incredulously: “You are not only beautiful, but also ashamed. I am here to welcome guests, I am waiting for all guests, but you are not included in the guest list. .”

Fu Shiting glanced at the guests in the banquet hall, and then said to her: “Go and rest for a while, I’ll greet the guests here.”

“Little Tian and Zhunzhi are the only ones left.” She said, “You Call Zhunzhi and ask.”

Fu Shiting took out his mobile phone and called He Zhunzhi.

Called, no one answered.

He dialed Li Xiaotian. The phone was dialed, and it took a few seconds to be answered.

It was He Zhunzhi’s voice that came over the phone.

“Sure, what’s the matter with you and Xiaotian? It’s just the two of you.”

“Oh, I’m going! We both drank last night, so we overslept! We’ll get up right away! You eat first, don’t wait for us!” He After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Fu Shiting walked up to Qin An’an and wrapped her arms around her waist: “Go ahead! The two of them haven’t woken up yet.”

“What’s going on? It’s nine o’clock now, even if it’s normal, it’s impossible to sleep so late!” Qin Anan wondered.

“They both drank last night, so they overslept.”

“Drinking?” Qin Anan was stunned for a moment, “Why do you want to drink? I told Zhunzhi, let him look at Xiaotian and don’t let Xiaotian drink.”

Fu Shiting: “Qin An’an, you are sometimes smart, but you are not. It’s boring at the time.”

Qin Anan was very unhappy when he was clearly mocking him, so he opened his big palm on his waist: “Don’t think I didn’t know you were secretly hugging me.”

Fu Shiting was disgraced, but Don’t be angry or annoyed: “Drinking can strengthen your courage. Think for yourself why they drank last night.”

After being called by him, Qin Anan immediately understood what he meant.

“It’s a cure for the symptoms but not the root cause. It’s impossible to get drunk every time…” The words behind her got stuck in her throat.

“It’s better than nothing. And it’s definitely not forcing Li Xiaotian, it must be Li Xiaotian’s idea.” As Fu Shiting spoke, his eyes suddenly fell on Xiaodong, and his voice suddenly became a little colder, “That little boy What did Fatty say to you when he ran up to you just now? He actually ran to talk to my daughter again!”

Qin Anan was startled by the hostility emanating from him.

“Fu Shiting, Xiaodong is only ten years old. What do you think a child of his age can do to our daughter?”

“That’s because you don’t know the boys now. The children are precocious.” Fu Shiting didn’t wait for Qin An An was persuaded and walked directly towards Xiaodong.

Before he walked in front of Rila, Xiaohan took a step to block Rila.

“I warned you, stay away from my sister!” Xiao Han frowned and said coldly to Xiao Dong.

Rila grabbed Xiaohan’s arm and explained softly: “Brother, he asked me if I had a phone watch, and I said I didn’t.”

“Xiaohan, don’t be angry! I won’t bully your sister. I just… …. I just want to be her friend.” Xiaodong’s cheeks flushed, and he changed the subject, “By the way, I asked your mother just now, and she said that your father will come today! You can see your father now. ,are you happy?”

Xiaodong’s voice was settled, Xiaohan immediately raised his eyes and saw Fu Shiting standing not far behind Xiaodong.

Rila saw him too.

Chapter 949

Chapter 949

Rila almost blurted out ‘Dad’.

At this point, her arm was pulled, and her entire body was taken away.

Xiaohan pulled Rila and walked to the other side, not wanting to meet Fu Shiting.

When Fu Shiting saw his son pulling his daughter away, a flash of loss flashed across his eyes.

“Uncle, you look like a famous person.” Xiaodong saw Fu Shiting and immediately came to strike up a conversation.

Fu Shiting understood, this fat boy has social bullshit.

“The celebrity you mentioned is over there.” Fu Shiting pointed in the direction of Jin Sinian, then turned to find Qin An’an.

“Uncle! I’m not talking about Jin Sinian! I’m not chasing stars!” Xiaodong caught up with Fu Shiting, “Are you Fu Shiting? A famous businessman! The annual tax you pay is higher than the GDP of other countries. The value is high! I adore you so much!”

Fu Shiting: “…”

Xiaodong: “Uncle, can you sign my name? I want to regard you as my idol, learn from you in the future, and strive for Be a great person like you!”

Fu Shiting looked at Xiaodong’s pious and sincere eyes, and suddenly felt sad in his heart.

Xiaodong regarded him as an idol, but his son avoided him like a plague.

How ironic.

“Sorry, uncle didn’t bring a pen today.” Fu Shiting declined his request.

Fu Shiting knew that Xiaodong was the best student in Xiaohan’s class. He is Xiaohan’s classmate and Xiaohan’s competitor.

As Xiaohan’s father, Fu Shiting did not want to leave the impression of a kind elder in Xiaodong’s heart.

“Uncle, I brought a pen!” After Xiaodong finished speaking, he took out a pen and paper from his pocket and handed it to Fu Shiting, “Uncle, please sign a to sign for me! To Liu Zidong, I wish you success in your studies and a bright future. Xijin, write your name uncle!”

Fu Shiting’s expression was cold and his body was a little stiff. He didn’t want to sign the kid.

At this time, Qin Anan came over and glanced at Fu Shiting: “What are you doing? It’s not like asking you to sign a contract, is it so embarrassing?”

After speaking, she took the pen and paper from Xiaodong’s hand: “Xiaodong Dong, repeat what you said just now, auntie wrote it for you and asked him to sign.”

Xiao Dong was so excited that he immediately repeated what he just said.

After Qin Anan wrote that paragraph on the white paper, he handed the paper and pen to Fu Shiting.

He looked at her helplessly: “Don’t you know that you can’t reveal your signature casually? Are you unprepared?”

After he finished, she signed her name on the paper.

For a ten-year-old child, is it necessary to guard against this?

If it’s a child you don’t know, it’s okay to take precautions, but Xiaodong is Xiaohan’s classmate, and the teacher said that Xiaohan doesn’t usually interact with other students, and only gets close to Xiaodong.

Under such a premise, what’s wrong with giving Xiaodong a signature?

“Qin An’an, it’s enough for you to spoil your own children. Other people’s children are hurt by other people’s parents.” Although Fu Shiting was crusade against her, he still accepted his fate and took the paper and pen from her hand, next to her name , sign your name.

After handing the paper and pen to Xiaodong, he took her shoulders and walked away.

“You treat that kid just now, better than me.” He was dissatisfied.

“Then you call me auntie, and I’ll sign your name?” Qin Anan teased him, “Is it interesting that you don’t go with the guests, you just stare at the children? Everyone else is watching your jokes.”

He froze for a moment: ” To accompany the guests? How?”

“Your assistant is over there, go and ask him.” She said, looking at his big palm on her shoulder, and asked, “Do you think there are many guests today, I dare not talk to him? Are you arguing?”

Chapter 950

Chapter 950

She was right.

He did have such careful thoughts.

In addition, he also took the oath of sovereignty in front of all her relatives and friends.

Although they are not yet reconciled, they are almost reconciled.

Other men, especially Jin Sinian, had better not hit Qin An’an again.

He took his hand back and prepared to accompany the guests.

She was worried and confessed: “Don’t keep your face sullen today, all the guests here are guests. If you don’t want to drink a toast, you can politely refuse, don’t refuse too bluntly. The same is true in other aspects. For example, the child just now, he No malice, why do you make people unhappy?”

He took her account to heart.

“I see, look at my performance.”

Qin Anan saw him walking towards the guest, but he was reluctant to take his eyes away from him.

Not because he has changed, but because she has always been fascinated by him.

“Mom, I want to eat cake! Come and help us cut the cake!” Rila ran over, took Qin An’an’s hand, and dragged her to the children’s table.

Fu Shiting watched Qin Anan being taken away by his daughter, and his heart flew over.

“Boss, Ziqiu is also here, rest in the guest room.” Zhou Ziyi said to him, “If you want to see the child, you can go and see it anytime.”

Of course Fu Shiting wanted to see Ziqiu, but he didn’t forget what Qin Anan told him Task.

As the father of two little birthday stars, he wants to accompany the guests today.

“Qin An’an asked me to accompany the guests, did he agree with me as the father of the child?” he asked.

Zhou Ziyi was shocked: “Boss, even if Qin Anan doesn’t agree, you are the father of the child! She has to disagree with this kind of ironclad matter.”

Fu Shiting looked at him contemptuously: “You don’t understand how important her approval is to me.”

Zhou Ziyi opened his mouth, but in the end he didn’t say a word.

That’s right, the boss is the big love they stamped in private.

Qin Anan is his heaven, Qin Anan is his earth. Qin An’an’s approval is more important to him than legal approval.

“Am I going to toast them?” Fu Shiting asked, “I don’t know their identities very well, Qin Anan didn’t tell me.”

Qin Anan didn’t say the identities of these guests as long as he accompanied them.

Zhou Ziyi solved the problem for him: “You don’t need to toast them, you just need to listen to them flatter you, and don’t show any impatience.”

Fu Shiting: “Will this make them neglect? They are all Qin An. Ann’s guest.”

Zhou Ziyi: “But your alcohol intake is not very good. If you drink too much, you will not be able to entertain guests.” After a pause, he added, “You are right to listen to me, believe it or not, etc. When they go back, they can play with their friends all night.”

Fu Shiting followed Zhou Ziyi’s advice.

Zhou Ziyi was afraid that Fu Shiting would be too tired to entertain guests alone, so he accompanied him to entertain.

With the two of them entertaining guests, Mike finally got some rest.

Mike sat down beside Qin Anan and ate.

“I don’t know what Jin Sinian is thinking at the moment.” Mike picked a piece of cake into his mouth and looked at Jin Sinian.

Since Jin Sinian entered the banquet hall this morning, he was surrounded by female fans.

Except for Qin An’an, all the women in the banquet hall were by Jin Sinian’s side.

In fact, Jin Sinian is also a guest, but obviously, Jin Sinian doesn’t think so.

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