When His Eyes Opened Chapter 951 -960(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 951 -960(Chinese)

Chapter 951

He probably felt that he had the responsibility to help Qin Anan entertain female guests, so he always cooperated with the ladies to take photos, sign autographs, and chat.

After coming here, he didn’t even have time to take a sip of water.

“Why don’t you call Si Nian over to have something to eat!” Qin Anan said to Mike.

“Don’t be funny, they don’t care about me at all.” Mike sighed, “Jin Si is so handsome, no wonder Fu Shiting always has a sense of crisis.”

“How do you know that Fu Shiting has a sense of crisis?” Qin Anan didn’t see it .

“Don’t you think Fu Shiting dressed up like a peacock today?” Mike teased, “Don’t tell me that he is so handsome and compelling to show these little kids.”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing: “You Greet the little guests here, I’ll go see Ziqiu.”

“If Ziqiu wakes up, take him to play!” Mike said.

“Well. He hasn’t seen so many people yet! I don’t know if he will be scared.” Qin Anan said, and strode towards the exit of the banquet hall.

When she was about to come to the banquet hall with Ziqiu in her arms, she met He Zhunzhi and Li Xiaotian who were late.

“An An, I’m sorry! We are late.” He Zhunzhi said apologetically.

“You go first!” Li Xiaotian released He Zhunzhi’s hand.

She wants to chat with Qin Anan alone for a while.

He Zhunzhi understood and strode into the banquet hall.

“You two last night…” Qin Anan looked at Li Xiaotian’s face and hesitated.

“Hey! I drank some wine last night. I wanted to try it, to see if I could not be so scared when I was drunk, but…” Li Xiaotian shook her head.

“Is it so serious?” Qin Anan frowned, “Xiao Tian, ​​don’t worry, it’s normal to have a psychological barrier, I believe you can overcome it slowly.”

Li Xiaotian: “It’s not that serious… ..We both drank alcohol last night, so I’m not afraid, but he thought about it and said to play some music for me to soothe my mood. As a result, he played a song for me, and I was not so afraid. That’s it.”

Qin Anan didn’t expect music to have such a magical effect.

“What song is it? Listen to it next time when I’m feeling down.”

Li Xiaotian: “Zhu Bajie carries his wife.”

Qin An’an: “…”

Li Xiaotian: “I feel like I think about it now. Outrageous! I don’t know how he would play this song for me… As soon as the song came out, we both laughed, and then… it was successful.”

Qin Anan sighed “It’s amazing!”

“Although I succeeded last night, I’m sober now, and I still feel that there is a hurdle in my heart. So I still have to receive psychotherapy.” Li Xiaotian said, poking Ziqiu’s little face with her finger, “It’s a pity, I can’t have my own baby.”

“Little sweet, not necessarily.” Qin Anan said, “I showed your last examination result to a specialist in gynecology, and she said that you can’t. It’s just more difficult to conceive than ordinary people. It’s not completely impossible.”

Li Xiaotian was stunned for a moment, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Isn’t it impossible for you to have sex with Zhunzhi? Now, you are under more pressure.” Qin Anan said.

“Uuuu! Actually, I know why I’m so scared, because I feel disgusted… As long as he touches me, I’ll remember that incident.” Li Xiaotian’s eyes were red, “but if I can still conceive myself My child, I can work harder to overcome.”

“Little sweet, don’t cry.” Qin Anan coaxed, “everything will be fine. Go and eat first!”

Entering the banquet hall, Li Xiaotian went to eat, while Qin Anan carried the child and walked towards Fu Shiting.

She only left for a short while, when Fu Shiting actually went to the mahjong table.

“Fu Shiting, can you play?” She looked a little awkward when she saw his gesture of touching mahjong.

“No,” Fu Shiting looked at her tenderly and the baby in her arms, comforting, “I just need to give the money.”

Chapter 952

Chapter 952

Someone next to him laughed and said, “Boss Fu’s assistant has gone to get him cash. It seems that Boss Fu is going to bleed a lot today!”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Qin Anan’s cheeks were slightly red. I didn’t expect Fu Shiting to work so hard to accompany the guests.

“Don’t play too much.” She reminded.

“An An, you just started to feel sorry for Boss Fu’s wallet?”

Everyone laughed again.

Fu Shiting looked at her meaningfully and asked, “Would you like to sit next to me and be my military advisor?”

Qin Anan avoided his deep eyes and said to others, “You can play, don’t be merciful to him.”

Said When it was over, she walked away with the baby in her arms.

He Zhunzhi walked over from the buffet area with his plate.

“An An, don’t worry about Brother Shi Ting. He won’t lose money.”

Qin Anan bit the bullet and explained, “I’m not worried about him.”

“Then why did they laugh so loudly just now?” He Zhunzhi showed no mercy. He pierced her, “What did Xiaotian say to you outside? Shouldn’t she tell us what happened last night?”

He Zhunzhi felt a little ashamed of what happened last night, so he didn’t want to be publicized.

But based on what he knew about Li Xiaotian, he felt that Qin Anan probably knew it.

“Uh…the playlist on your phone is unexpected,” she teased.

He Zhunzhi sighed: “The system automatically recommends it, not the playlist I created.”

“That’s because the system wants to help you.” Qin Anan smiled happily, “But you should try to drink less alcohol in the future. Xiaotian is still pregnant. It’s possible, don’t accidentally get pregnant, and because you drink alcohol, something goes wrong with the fetus.”

The expression on He Zhunzhi’s face suddenly froze.

“But I suggest you don’t tell your parents that first. I’m afraid they have too much hope and think it’s an easy thing.” Qin Anan reminded.

He Zhunzhi nodded again and again: “I’ve made up with my parents. They also apologized to Xiaotian. So Xiaotian was a little excited last night and had to try it.”

“That’s it.”

“An An, go find someone Just sit there! Holding the baby all the time, how tiring! After I finish eating, I will go to see Brother Shi Ting play cards!” After He Zhunzhi finished speaking, he returned to the buffet area.

Qin Anan holds the child and prepares to go to Xiaotian’s side.

At this time, Rila suddenly ran over to hug her brother.

When Rila was at home, she hugged Ziqiu. She could move, but not for too long.

“Mom, I want to take my brother to show my brother’s classmates!” Rila discussed with Qin Anan, “I think my brother is better-looking than them! They will definitely feel inferior when they see my brother!”

Qin Anan didn’t understand Rila The brain circuit: “Those big brothers like you very much! Why do you want them to feel inferior?”

Rila: “I just want to show off my brother! My brother grows up, he is so handsome, when he grows up, Definitely the invincible handsome in the universe!”

Qin Anan understood that Rila was playing with her vanity.

“An An, it’s alright if I watch the child.” Mike came over and said, “You better go and relieve Jin Sinian!”

Qin An nodded.

Mike put his hand on Rila’s shoulder, Rila hugged Ziqiu and walked towards the children.

When the children saw Ziqiu, they all showed curious eyes.

“Rila, is this your brother?” a classmate asked.

“That’s right! Isn’t my brother handsome?!” Rila looked smug.

“Your brother looks so strange…” Another classmate stared at Ziqiu’s face without blinking, “He doesn’t look like you at all!”

“My brother is not me . Born, of course he doesn’t look like me!” Rila frowned, “He looks like my dad! My dad is handsome too!”

Chapter 953

Chapter 953

Xiaodong: “Why hasn’t your dad come yet?”

Rila: “My dad has come a long time ago! He’s in the banquet hall now!”

Xiaodong grabbed his head and looked around.

“Which one is your father? Why doesn’t he come to play with you? Does he eat lazy and do nothing right every day, so your mother doesn’t stay with him? So you don’t like him either?” road.

Rila was stunned, but she just didn’t want to tell Xiaodong the truth: “My father is not good, lazy and not doing a good job! I just won’t tell you who my father is, don’t you say you are better than my brother, then you go by yourself Look!”

Mike smiled: “Xiaodong, why do you want to know who Xiaohan and Rila’s father is?”

Xiaodong: “I’m curious! My mother said Xiaohan’s father was Fu Shiting, but my father said no. , the two of them have argued several times about this.”

Mike laughed: “Then do you believe in your mother or your father?”

“I believe in my father. Because my father treats me better.” Xiaodong is sure He said, “If Xiaohan’s father was really Fu Shiting, Xiaohan wouldn’t want this father! Fu Shiting is so good! He is my idol!”

Xiaohan listened to Xiaodong’s words, didn’t bother to argue with him, and walked away silently.

Not long after, there was a melodious piano sound in the banquet hall.

Seeing Jin Sinian playing the piano on the stage, Rila immediately handed over her younger brother to Mike, and then ran towards the stage.

Mike hugged Ziqiu and stared at Xiaohan’s classmates.

“Are you talented? Do you want to go on stage to perform?” Mike was a little bored watching them stalk.

Everyone shook their heads, not interested in performing arts.

“You won’t find a girlfriend in the future.” Mike scared them.

“My dad said that as long as he can make money, he will definitely find a girlfriend!” Xiaodong said sternly.

“Your dad is right, you can find a girlfriend if you have money, but you can’t find a rich, beautiful and talented girlfriend like Rila.”

All the little boys: “… …” The

time flickered, and it was four o’clock in the afternoon.

After the game ended, Fu Shiting gained a lot.

Qin Anan asked him: “Didn’t you say you can’t play cards? How can you win so much?”

Fu Shiting: “No matter what cards I play, they don’t care. Are they afraid of me? Do I seem like such a careful person? “

Qin Anan was speechless.

“Where’s Ziqiu?” He wanted to hug his son.

“Just fell asleep.”

“Oh, where’s Rila?” he continued.

“With Sinian.”

“Where’s Xiaohan?” Fu Shiting knew that Xiaohan didn’t want to see him, but he still wanted to know what he was doing.

“Being with Mike.”

“Why is it similar to being at home?” Fu Shiting frowned slightly, “Aren’t the two of them not very gregarious?”

Qin Anan: “You are not gregarious, and I haven’t seen you well. Children don’t get along well. What’s the matter?”

Fu Shiting looked at her helplessly and asked in a low voice, “Why are you so angry? I didn’t show a cold face to anyone today.”

Qin Anan: “Who let you win so much money alone? You saw it earlier. If others are afraid of you, you should end the game and make a substitution.”

Fu Shiting was a little aggrieved, but after thinking about it, she felt that she was right.

“I’ll pay attention later,” he promised.

“I haven’t finished today, what will I do in the future?” She felt hot in her heart, and turned around to leave.

His big palm grabbed her slender arm, and his tone was a little hurried: “An An, I’m going on a business trip tomorrow. When I get back from a business trip, let’s have a good talk!”

Chapter 954

Chapter 954

“What to talk about? Can’t we talk now?” She asked, her heart like a mirror.

The misunderstanding between the two of them has been resolved, and all he wants to talk about is to ask her to give him another chance.

She politely refused last time, and now she can’t agree.

It’s not that she hates him so much, but that she doesn’t feel calm enough.

Moreover, the current relationship between the two of them, respecting each other, neither too close nor too distant, isn’t it good?

“If we talk now, we can’t talk about the outcome.” He could guess what she was thinking just by looking at the expression on her face.

“Do you think you’ll be able to talk about the outcome after you come back from a business trip?” Qin Anan felt unbelievable. “How long have you been on a business trip?”

“A week.”

“Oh, let’s talk about it in a week!” “Have you finished playing cards and haven’t washed your hands yet?”

She thought his hands were dirty.

He was stunned for a moment, and led her to the bathroom: “Then let’s wash our hands together!” The

two of them passed through the banquet hall under the watchful eyes of everyone.

“Have you noticed that their relationship has warmed up very quickly today?” Mike asked Jin Sinian.

Jin Sinian’s handsome face lacked interest: “I didn’t find it. An An was forced to look at it.”

Mike sighed: “If another man forces her, see if it will succeed.”

Jin Sinian’s chin raised slightly “I’m not optimistic about them. Don’t look at Fu Shiting looking like a man now. In a few years, he won’t be able to do that.”

Mike sighed, “What’s the matter? Are old men like scraps here? What? If he still looks like a man now, could it be possible that he can transform into a woman in two years? Qin Anan must not know that your mouth is so poisonous, right?”

Jin Sinian looked at him gently and explained, “I don’t discriminate against old men. I will grow old one day. But I discriminate against old cows like Fu Shiting who have to eat young grass.”

Mike patted his with a smile. Shoulder: “Don’t be sour. If Fu Shiting is really bad after two years, I’m afraid Qin Anan will not abandon him, but will find a way to treat him. Have you forgotten Qin Anan’s occupation?”

Jin Sinian He frowned at his answer.

Zhou Ziyi saw that the two of them were chatting in secret, and came over with a smile: “What are you two talking about!”

Mike held back his smile: “He said your boss will die in two years.”

Everyone is a man, Mike’s words , Zhou Ziyi understands in seconds.

The smile on Zhou Ziyi’s face suddenly solidified: “Si Nian, I know you don’t like my boss, but you don’t have to curse him like that. If he can’t do it, who will suffer? It’s Qin Anan. If you are really good for Qin Anan , you have to bless my boss when he is old and strong, and his sword is not old!”

Jin Sinian: “Bless him, it is better to bless me to chase Qin Anan earlier.”

Zhou Ziyi: “It seems that my boss is right, you The thief’s heart will not die.”

Jin Sinian: “Your boss Toad wants to eat swan meat.”

Zhou Ziyi’s face suddenly became extremely gloomy.

Mike suddenly coughed dryly and reminded: “The toad is here.”

Zhou Ziyi and Jin Sinian looked to the side.

I saw Fu Shiting come over with a refreshing look on his face.

It seems that his relationship with Qin An’an has improved by leaps and bounds today.

“What are you talking about?” he asked lightly.

He didn’t expect that after this question was asked, the expressions of the three of them showed varying degrees of embarrassment.

“Ziyi.” Fu Shiting concentrated and put pressure on Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi immediately cleared his throat and said, “Jin Sinian said that you are about to die.” After a pause, he added, “You also said that your toad wants to eat swan meat.” .

Just when the war was about to start, Qin Anan came over.

“What are you talking about?”

Chapter 955

Chapter 955

Qin Anan knew that Fu Shiting and Jin Sinian didn’t have a good relationship, so it was strange to see them standing together.

“Nothing to talk about,” Fu Shiting looked at Jin Sinian coldly and replied to Qin Anan, “Jin Sinian is worried about your sex. Fu, remind me to exercise more.”

“You guys are so boring!” Qin Anan’s cheeks rose Red, angry and walk away.

When Jin Sinian saw Qin An’an’s anger, the calmness on his face disappeared: “Fu Shiting, you are so shameless!”

Fu Shiting said, “I’m afraid I’m not as shameless as you. It’s not about your mouth. You don’t have to worry about it. I can’t, why don’t you find a woman to prove you can.”

Jin Sinian angrily left after his words!

“You’re screwed.” Mike said to Fu Shiting, “When Rila finds out that you are mad at Jin Sinian, she will definitely be mad at you!”

Fu Shiting felt a pain in his temple.

It is impossible for him to chase Jin Sinian back.

But he didn’t want to make Rila angry either.

“I have a solution,” Mike immediately came up with a plan, “you go too. That way Rila won’t be mad at you.”

Fu Shiting frowned.

He doesn’t want to go!

He’s going on a business trip soon, he won’t be able to see the child for a week, and he wants to spend a little more time with the child.

After thinking about Mike’s proposal carefully, Zhou Ziyi persuaded: “Boss, why don’t you go first! Otherwise, you will make Rila angry, and it will take a long time to coax her well. Besides, Qin Anan is also angry. “

Fu Shiting’s eyes flashed a bit of chill.

Jin Sinian, a defeated general, dared to provoke him!

If Jin Sinian hadn’t taken the initiative to provoke him, he would not have fought back.

After he left, Mike went to coax Qin Anan, “They are gone. Don’t be angry. So many guests are watching!”

Qin Anan frowned and said resentfully, “You are too much.”

“I swear, this It has nothing to do with me, and it has nothing to do with Fu Shiting. It was Jin Sinian’s fire.” Mike said, “He can’t catch up with you, so he has a big opinion on Fu Shiting. Of course, you don’t have to blame him, he is young and energetic, It ‘s inevitable that he’s a little impulsive.”

“He’s impulsive, so are you impulsive?” Qin Anan retorted, “If you don’t fight for it, what can he do by himself?”

Mike laughed and changed the subject: “Say, you Has your relationship with Fu Shiting improved today? I think you took the initiative to find him a few times.”

Qin Anan looked cold and followed his words: “Yes, we have an appointment to get married tomorrow.”

Mike smiled , disappeared suddenly: “I was wrong. I shouldn’t have made fun of you. You calm down, I’ll go see what the children are doing.”

Fu family.

When Fu Shiting returned home, Aunt Hong wondered that he had come back so early, but did not dare to ask why.

“Sir, haven’t you eaten yet?”

“Yes.” Fu Shiting unbuttoned his jacket and threw it on the sofa.

“You take a break, I’ll cook now.” After Aunt Hong finished speaking, she walked quickly towards the kitchen.

Fu Shiting picked up the water glass and took a glass of cold water to drink.

The cold water is too hot, but the body still feels hot.

He loosened the collar of his shirt and strode toward the second floor.

After entering the master bedroom, he walked to the window and closed the curtains, and with his slender fingers, he undid the buttons of his shirt one by one.

At this moment, his eyes suddenly glanced at the printing paper on the bedside table.

It was sent by the bodyguard last night. The above prints the surveillance screenshot of the strange middle-aged man last night.

He strode over, turned on the light, and picked up the piece of paper.

Chapter 956

Chapter 956

He stared at the middle-aged man in the picture for a while, but still had no clue.

He hadn’t seen this man.

Maybe this person is really mentally ill, that’s why he showed up at his neighborhood and smirked at him last night.

He crumpled the paper, threw it in the trash, and strode into the bathroom, closing the bathroom door.

In the kitchen, after seeing Fu Shiting going upstairs, Aunt Hong quickly called Aunt Zhang.

“I heard that Mr. and Jin Sinian had a quarrel.” Mrs. Zhang said, “but it wasn’t Mr. who picked it up. They both left after the quarrel.”

Aunt Hong: “Oh, why did I come back so early? What!”

“How is your mood, Mr. Zhang?” Mrs. Zhang asked with concern.

“I’m not very happy, but it’s okay.” Aunt Hong continued to ask, “How is he getting along with the child today?”

Over the phone, Aunt Zhang laughed: “Sir didn’t get along with the child today. He stayed with him for a day. Guest. An An asked him to accompany him.”

Aunt Hong blushed: “It seems that the two of them have a very close relationship.”

“Yes! They look better than before. I hope they will not have conflicts in the future.” “Otherwise, the three children are too pitiful,” said distressedly.

“Well. I’ll go cook for the husband first.”

Fu Shiting took a shower and went upstairs in his household clothes.

Aunt Hong took the prepared dishes and put them on the table.

“Sir, dinner is ready.”

Fu Shiting walked towards the dining room and sat down on the dining chair, “I’m going on a business trip tomorrow. I’ll go out for about a week. You can go back to your hometown on vacation.”

Aunt Hong was dejected: “Sir, after my parents passed away , I have no home.”

Fu Shiting was slightly startled: “Then do you want to travel?”

Aunt Hong shook her head: “Sir, don’t worry about me. I’ll be happy staying at home.”

Fu Shiting no longer insisted.

After dinner, he went into the study. After about an hour, he came out of the study.

It was getting dark outside, and he turned on his phone to see if Qin Anan had contacted him.

As a result, no.

His eyes dimmed a little, and he couldn’t help but feel lost.

Back in the bedroom, he put the phone on the cabinet, turned to open the wardrobe, changed into a sports vest and shorts, and walked towards the gym.

He would never admit that he was angry with Jin Sinian’s words.

He has a habit of exercising himself.

Moreover, he never believed that he would fail in a few years.

He had read a story before that a 70-year-old man made the headlines when his forty-year-old wife was pregnant.

A seventy-year-old man can do it, but why can’t he be in his thirties?

The sky soon became thick as ink.

The villa is as quiet and deserted as every day in the past.

In the monitoring room, two bodyguards stared at the monitoring screen, observing the dynamics outside the wall at any time.

That strange middle-aged man last night had better come here by accident, or if he comes again today, the bodyguards will definitely not let him go!

After working in the Fu family for so many years, this is the first time that the bodyguard has met such a strange and bold person.

At eight o’clock in the night, a black figure, like the wind blowing the shadow of a tree, slowly approached the Fu family’s villa.

After the shadow appeared in the surveillance area, the bodyguard immediately confirmed that this person was the one who offended Fu Shiting last night!

The bodyguard picked up the walkie-talkie and said to the colleague on duty: “The target person has appeared! He is outside the fence! Alone, visually without a weapon!”

Chapter 957

Chapter 957

Colleagues received the news and immediately replied: “Received! Act now!”

About five minutes later, there was a burst of punches and kicks from outside the villa, accompanied by the man’s gruff screams!

Aunt Hong heard the movement and immediately ran out to check the situation.

She saw two bodyguards beating a man and asked, “What’s the matter? Who is this person?”

“Aunt Hong, this person is the man from last night! He was sneaking around the courtyard wall, Even if he doesn’t want to do bad things, he must beat him up!” A bodyguard stopped and explained to Aunt Hong, “Otherwise, if he comes every day in the future, the boss will definitely be angry.”

“Oh…” Aunt Hong Look carefully at the middle-aged man curled up on the ground.

“Aunt Hong, do you still remember me?” The middle-aged man raised his head, brushed the hair from his forehead, and stared straight at Aunt Hong with his shrewd and scarlet eyes.

The bodyguard heard the middle-aged man talking to Aunt Hong, and immediately stopped beating him.

This person actually knew Aunt Hong?

Since he knew Aunt Hong, why didn’t he tell me earlier?

“You are…” Her vision was dim, Aunt Hong looked at his face and didn’t recognize him for a while.

“Maybe you don’t remember me. I used to work with you in the old house.” Yun Shijie got up from the ground with a smile.

Yun Shijie was fat, and his face was full of flesh, so before he reported his name and previous position, Aunt Hong didn’t recognize him. “Since we worked together in the old house before, then come in and tell me!” Aunt

Hong invited him into the house, “By the way, what’s your name? Why are you here?”

A non-smiling arc.

“My name is Yun Shijie. I used to be a driver at the old house for a while.”

Aunt Hong had a little impression of this name.

She froze, thinking carefully.

After a while, she whispered: “I remember! There was indeed a driver named Ajie in the old house! It’s you!”

“Yes! I am Ajie!” Yun Shijie showed a wild look at Aunt Hong. He smiled, “Aunt Hong, you’ve taken good care of yourself, and it’s not the same as when you were young!”

“Yun Shijie! I remember you were fired! You stole things, and you messed with the nanny! Mr. fired!”

Aunt Hong said this, her face was red and her ears were red, and her emotions were intense!

How could she invite such a corrupt person into the house?

Just when she was about to let the bodyguards drive him out, Fu Shiting heard the movement and walked down the stairs.

“What’s the matter?” Fu Shiting, dressed in home clothes, strode to Aunt Hong’s side.

After his eyes fell on Yun Shijie’s face, his doubts were resolved.

“Who are you?” Fu Shiting looked directly at Yun Shijie with a cold voice, “Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for you!” Yun Shijie grinned at Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting looked at his ugly smile and clenched his fists tightly.

This middle-aged man, greasy and evil, intuitively told Fu Shiting that he was not good.

“Sir! He was the driver of the old house! He was fired by your father because of his behavior!” Aunt Hong immediately explained to Fu Shiting, “Just let the bodyguard drive him out! You don’t need to waste time with him!

” Aunt Hong, you are just the nanny of the Fu family, do you really think you are the master of the Fu family?” Yun Shijie mocked and sat down on the sofa.

Fu Shiting’s bottom line was easily broken by Yun Shijie!

He pulled Auntie Hong behind him, then strode forward, pulled Yun Shijie up from the sofa, and punched Yun Shijie’s face crookedly!

“Who allowed you to rant on my site?!” After Fu Shiting finished speaking, he raised his fist again!

“You beat me! You’d better beat me to death!” Yun Shijie’s scarlet eyes bulged like copper bells, and after spitting out a mouthful of blood, he gritted his teeth, “You stinky brat! Don’t you ask me why I came to see you? !”

Fu Shiting’s fist stopped in the air, tightened tightly, and finally restrained and let it go.

Just when Yun Shijie breathed a sigh of relief and planned to continue sitting on the sofa, Fu Shiting kicked him to the ground!

“The last person who was so arrogant in front of me has been dead for several years.” Fu Shiting’s voice was as cold as ice.

Chapter 958

Chapter 958

Yun Shijie has been muddled all his life and has never been afraid of anything.

But now, when he looked at Fu Shiting’s cold and arrogant face, he felt scared for the first time!

He felt that if he continued to anger Fu Shiting, he would definitely be beaten to death here.

When he rolled to his mouth, he swallowed it back into his stomach.

He has failed! He miscalculated Fu Shiting’s temper! He shouldn’t be so reckless here.

He just wanted to leave alive now.

“Aunt Hong! I have a broken rib! Hurry up and call me 120!” He dared not speak to Fu Shiting, so he shouted at Aunt Hong.

Aunt Hong saw that his face was bloody, his body was paralyzed on the ground, and he couldn’t stop twitching. She was so frightened that she immediately went to her mobile phone to call an ambulance.

“Aunt Hong, don’t be merciful to this beast!” Fu Shiting shouted to stop.

Aunt Hong immediately woke up: “Sir, let the bodyguard throw him out! I will never let him step into the house again in the future!”

Fu Shiting gave the bodyguard a wink.

The bodyguard immediately grabbed Yun Shijie’s arm and dragged him out.

Fu Shiting looked at Yun Shijie’s embarrassed appearance, and coldly told the bodyguard, “Throw him away!”

In a flash, the living room returned to calm.

Auntie Hong went to the bathroom to bring a basin of hot water and wiped the blood on the floor with a towel.

As she wiped the floor, she apologized to Fu Shiting: “Sir, it was my dereliction of duty. He said he worked together in the old house before, so I invited him in, blaming me for not recognizing him…”

Fu Shiting said The mood is still not calm: “Did he say what happened to him?”

Aunt Hong: “No. But I can guess. He must have come to ask for money. Either he asks me for money, or he asks you for money. He is just a scoundrel. Dao: “I don’t think he is afraid of death.”

Aunt Hong: “This kind of market scoundrel doesn’t know how to write fear. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so stupid. If he dares to come again in the future, let the bodyguard beat him directly. Let’s go. I don’t believe that he is not afraid of death.”

Fu Shiting strode towards the bathroom.

He beat Yun Shijie just now, and he thought his hands were dirty.

After Auntie Hong wiped off the blood on the ground, she disinfected the ground with disinfectant, and then sprayed the living room with air freshener to remove the smell.

While doing these things, bits and pieces of the past came to Aunt Hong’s mind.

This Yun Shijie is not a serious person.

Just a little weird.

When Master Fu wanted to dismiss Yun Shijie, his wife actually pleaded for Yun Shijie.

Aunt Hong also asked his wife at the time why she wanted to intercede for Yun Shijie. The answer her wife gave at the time was that she could give the servants a chance.

But later, some servants made mistakes, and the lady did not give them a chance.

So why Madam indulges Yun Shijie so much, she still can’t figure it out.

Star River Villas.

When I got home from the hotel, the two children were tired and fell asleep on the bed.

After Qin Anan turned off the lights for them, he dragged his tired body out of the children’s room.

Face to face, Mrs. Zhang came over with Ziqiu in her arms.

Ziqiu had slept in the evening, so she was in good spirits at the moment, but Qin Anan was very sleepy and had no energy to take care of the children.

Chapter 959

Chapter 959

“An An, you are exhausted today!” Mrs. Zhang said to her, “I’m here to tell you that I put the gifts Xiaohan and Rila received today in the warehouse on the first floor.”

“Okay. Yes, I’ll deal with it tomorrow.” Qin Anan patted Ziqiu’s round head and said softly, “Baby, are you having a good time today? When you are one year old, my mother will also throw a birthday party for you, okay? Mrs.

Zhang smiled and said with emotion: “Time flies so fast, we Ziqiu are already half a year old !


Qin Anan nodded and walked towards the room.

She planned to take a bath and then sleep, but when she returned to the room, the big bed in front of her seemed to be calling her with magic.

She walked over to lie down in a daze, intending to rest for a while, and then take a bath when her energy recovered a little, but not long after she lay down, she fell into a deep sleep.

She usually has the habit of having nightmares, no matter how she adjusts it, she can’t adjust it.

The pictures she dreams of most often come and go.

The first is when Dad died, holding her hand in the room, apologizing to her, begging for her forgiveness. Before she could speak, Dad swallowed. It became her regret in her life.

The second is that her mother died in a car accident. She was hit with blood and blood, and she didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to her mother. She could never let go of this painful injury in her life.

The third is to break up with Fu Shiting and divorce.

The fourth is Ziqiu who almost died after giving birth prematurely.

These regrets and pains took turns to torment her every night.

But that night, she slept very soundly.

Not only has no dreams, but also does not wake up frequently during the night.

The next morning, Qin Anan woke up abruptly when the phone rang quickly.

After waking up, she conditioned reflexively to reach for her phone by the pillow. But the phone is not by the pillow.

She opened her apricot eyes suddenly, and glanced at the pillow.

Where’s her phone?

The bell continued to ring, making her flustered.

She got out of bed and found that she was still wearing yesterday’s skirt. She took a deep breath and patted her head violently.

When she woke up a little, she saw her bag on the cabinet, and the ringtone of the mobile phone came from the bag.

She took the phone out of her bag and saw the call from the vice president.

She answered the phone, and the voice of the vice president came anxiously: “An An, something happened to my house! I want to ask you to do me a favor!”

Qin Anan frowned and said calmly, “What happened to your house? Don’t you? I’m in a hurry, if I can help you, I will define it.”

“That’s it, I applied to study at Qingshan University three months ago. You know Qingshan University, which specializes in training successful people. You can enter. They are all successful businessmen, and the quota every year is very precious. I finally got through the relationship and the application was successful. The result…my son is ill and needs surgery.” The vice president’s tone was full of regret. , “I can’t go now, can you go instead of me?”

Qin Anan was confused: “I’ve never heard of Qingshan University, what is this for?”

“It’s training for the president.”

“Oh, what’s the training? ?” Qin Anan was still a little confused.

“Training successful thinking skills and making more contacts. The lecturers are among the top business giants, they will teach you how to make the company stronger and bigger. I also applied for this in order to run our company better. Course.” The vice president regretted, “If my son was not sick, I would definitely go.”

Qin An’an: “You take care of your family first. It doesn’t matter whether you go to this training class or not.”

“Why doesn’t it matter? After you go, you will definitely benefit a lot. By the way, you can help me make a record when the time comes.. …. okay?”

Qin Anan didn’t agree to attend the training, but when the vice president said it, she couldn’t refuse, “How long will this training take?”

“One week.” The vice president said, “It starts tonight. , you have to book a flight now.”

Chapter 960

Chapter 960

Qin Anan had slept well and was refreshed, but because of this phone call, her heart burned with urgency.

After the call, she received the address of Qingshan University from the vice president.

Next, she has to book a flight and rush over.

Just when she opened the flight booking software, the alarm clock popped up on the screen of her mobile phone, so scared that she almost threw the phone out.

She clutched her chest and took a long breath.

Why be in such a hurry?

It’s just a training session, even if you’re late, it’s fine.

Even when she was a student, it was okay to be late for class, not to mention that she is not a student now.

And she didn’t sign up for this training either. She could promise the vice president to participate in the past.

Thinking of this, she fell onto the bed, planning to lie down for a while.

She turned on her phone and sent a message to Li Xiaotian: Xiaotian, I’m going away today. Come back in a week. Don’t forget to tell me after you saw the psychiatrist in the past two days.

It was still very early, and she felt that Li Xiaotian should still be asleep, so after sending the message, she put down her phone and planned to get up and pack her luggage after a while.

A week is a long time for her.

She hadn’t been on a business trip for so long since giving birth.

Just as she closed her eyes and adjusted her mood, the phone rang.

She opened her eyes, picked up her phone, saw Xiaotian’s call, and immediately answered it.

“An An, why are you going out all of a sudden? You didn’t say you were going out yesterday. What’s the urgency?” Li Xiaotian was worried after seeing the news, so she called her back to ask.

“The vice president asked me to do him a favor. He signed up for a training class before and asked me to help him attend. His son is sick and has to have an operation, so I can’t say no.” Qin Anan yawned, “I The two things I hate the most, one is meetings and the other is training.”

Li Xiaotian couldn’t help laughing: “Since you promised others, you must go.”

“Well, it’s still early, I’ll lie down for a while.” Qin An An looked at the ceiling, her voice muffled, “I can’t bear to have children. Thinking of going out for a week, I feel very uncomfortable.”

“A week is very fast. You should give yourself a vacation.” Li Xiaotian said, suddenly wondering “I heard that Fu Shiting was going on a business trip yesterday.”

“Well. He also went on a business trip today. Do you know what he told me yesterday? He told me to wait for him to return from his business trip. Let’s have a good talk. ” Qin Anan grinned and said helplessly, “The more he pushes me to express my position, the less I want to give him a happy answer.”

“I understand your mood. Don’t promise him so quickly, hang him for a while longer. Let’s see how long he can last.” Li Xiaotian gave her an idea, “Otherwise he will catch you so easily, and he will surely make you angry again in the future.”

The smile on Qin Anan’s face gradually faded.

She recalled her recent relationship with Fu Shiting, and murmured: “He has a good temper recently. No matter how I slap him, he is not angry.”

“That’s because you haven’t promised to reconcile with him. Even if he doesn’t I want to get you, and I want to get three children through you.” Li Xiaotian said straight to the point.

“Okay! That’s exactly what you said. He really cares about children. My mother said that the older you get, the more you like children and your patience will get better. It seems to be true.

” , of course it makes sense.” When Li Xiaotian said this, she thought for a while, “When he comes back from a business trip and sees that you are not there, I guess he will get angry.”

Li Xiaotian’s words instantly made Qin Anan sit on the bed. up.

“He’s also on a business trip for a week.”

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