When His Eyes Opened Chapter 961 -970(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 961 -970(Chinese)

Chapter 961

“Ah? What a coincidence?” Li Xiaotian teased, “Will you two go to the same place?”

Qin Anan didn’t know.

She didn’t ask where Fu Shiting was going on business yesterday.

Although she was a little curious now, she couldn’t take the initiative to ask him.

After all, even in the same place, so what?

She went to the bathroom to wash up, changed her clothes and came out of the room. The two children had already gone to school.

Ziqiu slept in the crib in the living room, while Sister Zhang was busy in the kitchen.

“Sister Zhang, I’m going out today.” Qin Anan walked to the door of the kitchen and said to Mrs. Zhang, “I will be back in a week.”

Mrs. Zhang was stunned: “Why do you want to go out all of a sudden? When the child comes back in the evening, see When you’re not at home, I’ll definitely miss you.”

Qin An’an: “I’m going to attend a training abroad. I’ve already promised others.”

“Oh, the child will definitely understand about work. If you go alone, you will still have a partner. Together?” Sister Zhang was not at ease.

“I’ll go alone.” She walked to the dining room and sat down in the dining chair, “Don’t worry, it seems to be closed management, it’s quite safe.”

“That’s good.” Mrs. Zhang brought the breakfast to the table , “When are you leaving?”

“I’ll book the ticket after breakfast. Go out in the afternoon at the latest.” She picked up the milk glass and took a sip, “Where’s Mike?”

“He hasn’t gotten up yet.” Sure, Mike floated over from the side.

“What are you talking about me!” Mike sat down beside Qin Anan with messy blonde hair.

“I’m going out today, I’ll be back in a week and let me know.” Qin An’an said, “I’ll ask you at home.”

Mike was shocked by the news and suddenly sobered up: “Where are you going? Do you want me to go with you?”

“Qingshan University, have you heard of it?” Qin Anan scooped a spoonful of porridge into his mouth, and his stomach He was instantly warmed, “The vice president signed up for this school’s training class, but he can’t go to the family temporarily, so let me help him with it.

” The most famous of the aristocratic schools is not the main university, but the affiliated CEO training camp. This is the CEO training camp you are going to, right?”

Qin Anan was taken aback for a while: “If you are interested, you can go! All you need to do is take your class notes and bring them back to the vice president.”

Mike refused without thinking: “I hate training the most! I’m almost the same as training others, and no one else can train me!”

Qin Anan: “. …..”

Mike: “I don’t think you should go! Waste your time! Our company has been successful enough, unless you are invited to be a lecturer, you can consider it. Being a student will not bring down our company. Style?”

Qin Anan sighed: “I promised the vice president to take notes for him. He said that he signed up for this training course to better run the company. Since I promised him, I can’t go back. Moreover, What if I really learn something?”

Mike: “Then go! You will help you take care of your home!”

Qin An’an: “Well, it’s been hard work for you. But I’m curious, when are you going to My family is moving out?”

Mike frowned in disbelief: “When you and Fu Shiting become a family, I will consider moving!”

Qin Anan: “Oh, I asked casually, why are you so excited? Fu Shiting and I… By the way, do you know where Fu Shiting is on a business trip today? He is also on a business trip for a week, what a coincidence.”

Chapter 962

Chapter 962

Mike heard the meaning of her words and broke her fantasy mercilessly: “No matter where he goes on business, it is definitely not the Qingshan University you are going to. He is such a proud and pretentious person, how could he be willing to talk to him? Others share his successful experience? You search online, he has hardly ever given personal interviews, and with his character like gold, do you think he can stand on the podium and give lectures?

” Qin Anan woke up like a dream.

She clearly knew Fu Shiting, why did she still make unrealistic fantasies?

She blushed in embarrassment, and Mike didn’t continue to laugh at her.

“Why don’t I call Ziyi and ask? What if he really went to Qingshan?” Mike didn’t laugh at her, but he couldn’t help laughing at Fu Shiting, “Qingshan is a good place, the environment on the mountain is beautiful and the air is fresh. , is a good place for leisure and vacation, what if he goes to the green hills to play in the name of a business trip?”

Qin Anan’s temple throbbed: “Whether he goes on a business trip or a vacation, it has nothing to do with me. I don’t want to know that he goes Where, don’t ask Ziyi, don’t say anything.”

She peeled a boiled egg and put it on his plate.

“What time is your flight? I’ll take you to the airport.” Mike asked after biting into the egg.

“I haven’t bought a ticket yet!” Qin Anan lowered his eyes, “I’m a little confused. I’m totally unprepared. I was going to go to work today.”

Seeing her gloomy, Mike comforted: “Qingshan is a good place, then Bian has not been developed, isolated from the world, especially quiet, you should go to retreat for a week!”

Qin Anan: “What image do I have in your heart? If there is no internet there, I promise I will leave as soon as I get there.”

“How can there be no internet, that kind of CEO training camp, where all the CEOs go, you won’t die without internet, and they can’t stand it without internet. .” Mike teased.

“I can’t stand it without the internet. I have to make videos with my kids every day.”

“Okay, don’t be sad. The week is fast.”

“Well, I’ll go pack.” She put down the dishes and finished the milk , then go back to your room.

After she left the dining room, Mike took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Zhou Ziyi: Where is your boss on a business trip?

Zhou Ziyi was busy and didn’t see any news from him.

After a while, Mike drove Qin An’an to the airport.

Arriving at the airport, Mike’s cell phone rang, and the company called him and asked him to go to the company immediately.

“Go back to the company! I’m fine now.” Qin Anan took the suitcase from him, and his mood was completely calm.

If Vice President told her about it yesterday, she would not be so bored this morning.

Mike reached out and touched her head, “Call me when you arrive, and come back if you’re really uncomfortable! You don’t have to stay there for a week. The vice president is not your father, so you don’t have to do it for him. I’m not happy about myself.”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing: “Thank you for enlightening me, don’t do this next time.” The

vice president worked with his father for a long time, although he was only a small supervisor before, but later Qin’s group was rebuilt , he helped a lot.

Mike saw Qin Anan enter the waiting room, and then left the airport.

He drove in the direction of the company. On the way, Zhou Ziyi’s phone calls.

“I’m so busy today! What are you asking my boss for?” Zhou Ziyi took a mobile phone in one hand and a water glass in the other, and took a sip.

“I didn’t ask, it was Qin An’an.” Mike asked, “Why didn’t your boss take you on a business trip?”

Chapter 963

Chapter 963

“He doesn’t take me every time he goes on a business trip.” Zhou Ziyi put down the water glass and asked sharply, “Why does Qin Anan care about my boss suddenly? Won’t she ask my boss herself?”

“She is also on a business trip today, too She was on a business trip for a week. So she asked me casually if I knew where Fu Shiting was going.” Mike laughed, “She imagined that she might have gone to the same place as Fu Shiting, I said how could it be possible! How could Fu Shiting go to some bullshit CEO? Training camp! With his temper, he is only suitable to be the king of hell, let’s forget it as a lecturer! He looks like he is lecturing on the stage with that iceberg face, the picture is too beautiful, I can’t imagine it!”

Zhou Ziyi wrinkled When he frowned, he noticed something was wrong: “Where is Qin An’an going on a business trip?”

“Qingshan University! Where is your boss?”

“Uh! My boss is also going to Qingshan!” Zhou Ziyi was instantly refreshed, “Is Qin Anan also going to Qingshan as a lecturer? ?”

With a ‘poof’, Mike burst out laughing: “What kind of lecturer is she! She’s going to be a student! How the hell do I think this is a trap! Zhou Ziyi, honestly, is this a gift from your boss? Qin An’an’s trap?!”

Zhou Ziyi: “Impossible! At least I don’t know about it at all.”

Mike: “Oh, yes, this is a training that our company’s vice president signed up for. It was because the vice president’s house had a temporary emergency. Qin Anan went. It’s impossible for my vice president to be infiltrated by Fu Shiting, right?!”

Zhou Ziyi: “It should be a coincidence. God wants to match the two of them.”

Mike: “Fuck, God sees that they are not pleasing to the eye. Otherwise Why did the two of them spend so many years together and haven’t gotten married yet? Tang Seng only had to go through ninety-nine-eighty-one hardships to get the scriptures, and I think the two of them have already gone through one-hundred and eighty-one hardships!”

Zhou Ziyi: “Maybe the trip to Qingshan will have A satisfactory result.”

Mike: “Hopefully! Qin An’an went too far today and asked me when I would move out of her house. Did she dislike me?”

Zhou Ziyi sneered: “It’s rare that you always think that you are a sweet pastry.”

Mike: “Are you looking for smoke?!”

Zhou Ziyi coughed: “I’m busy right now. “

Qingshan, located near the border of country A, is an original ecological mountain that has not been developed commercially.

Many years ago, a wealthy businessman surnamed Qian spent a lot of money to build a high-priced villa on the mountain, and the mountain has become famous since then.

When Qin Anan arrived at the foot of Qingshan Mountain, it was already evening.

Time in the mountains seems to go much faster than time in the city.

After the staff received her, they drove her up the mountain.

She looked at the winding mountain road outside the window and couldn’t help but complain: “Why do many rich people like to live in the deep mountains and forests? Can this show their status? Don’t they think the deep mountains are terrible?” The

staff laughed: ” Miss Qin, it is said that Boss Qian chose to build a villa here because he listened to the advice of the master. Boss Qian was not in good health, so the master asked him to move to Qingshan, so as to avoid disasters.”

Qin Anan: “Oh , After this Boss Qian moved in, is he really free from illness and disasters?” The

staff continued to laugh: “As a result, Boss Qian died of illness not long after he moved in. Later, the villa was taken over by him. The son of Mr. Qian, who is now Boss Qian, has been transformed into a training camp for presidents.”

Qin Anan was shocked and speechless for a while.

About a quarter of an hour later, the car arrived at Qingshan Villa.

She pushed open the door and got out of the car—

Chapter 964

Chapter 964

“Miss Qin, this is Qingshan Villa.” The staff handed the pass to her, “You can only enter if you wear the pass. You can keep the pass.”

Qin Anan took the pass and dragged her suitcase , walked towards this mansion full of modern technology.

Entering the lobby on the first floor, she suddenly found that the villa looked more open and spacious from the inside than from the outside.

It was as if she had entered a magnificent maze.

She turned on her phone and found the lesson plan sent by the vice president. Then drag the suitcase to find the multi-purpose training room.

After a while, she came to the door of the training room, knocked on the door, and pushed the door open.

There were about twenty or thirty people of men and women sitting inside.

After she pushed the door open, everyone’s eyes turned to her.

Her face turned red. Just when she was about to say “I’m sorry I’m late”, a low and familiar voice came from the podium: “Why don’t you come in soon?”

Qin Anan felt like an electric shock, and her whole body was numb.

Did she have hallucinations? Why did you hear Fu Shiting’s voice?

She will never hear his voice wrong! It’s Fu Shiting!

She looked at the podium, and saw Fu Shiting, well-dressed on the podium, looking at her with a well-groomed look.

How could this be?

Why didn’t the vice president tell her in advance that Fu Shiting would come here too?

If she knew that Fu Shiting was here to give lectures, she would never come…be a student!

How embarrassing she is!

“Sorry, I went to the wrong place.” Qin Anan remembered that the teacher for tonight was a man named ‘Xie Zhicheng’.

“Qin An’an, you’re right.” Fu Shiting strode up to her, took the suitcase in her hand, and explained, “Xie Zhicheng is not feeling well, let me take the class instead.”

Qin An’an: “??? “

You go to a vacant seat first. The rest will be discussed after class.” After he finished speaking, he carried her luggage and went to the podium!

She stared at her stolen luggage with scarlet eyes, almost conditioned to grab it.

She took a deep breath, turned and walked towards the back row.

After she sat down, she immediately took out her mobile phone, intending to send a message to the vice president, asking him if he knew about Fu Shiting replacing other lecturers.

“Don’t play with your mobile phone.” On the stage, Fu Shiting could see Qin An’an’s little movements clearly.

After he spoke seriously, everyone followed his gaze and looked at Qin An’an with a ‘swish’.

Qin Anan is ashamed!

What the hell is he doing? Do you really think you are her teacher? Professor Hu Qing was not so strict with her before, why should he care about her?

“I’m recording, record what you said, and go back and study hard!” She looked straight at him boldly.

“Miss Qin, is this your first time to attend the training? Don’t you know that the training content is strictly confidential?” The female student sitting next to her reminded her in a disdainful tone, “And you are not wearing a uniform, and you are carrying such a large Come in with your suitcase, do you think this is a vegetable market?”

“Yes, it’s my first time here. Have you come many times?” Qin Anan looked at each other innocently, “Is it an honor to come many times? Didn’t you say that this place is to teach everyone how to succeed? You have come so many times and you still haven’t succeeded?”

Someone snickered at the scene.

“Qin An’an! If you think you are successful, what are you doing?!” The other party exploded.

“Do you want to hear the truth?” Qin Anan looked at the woman who was close at hand, and dragged Fu Shiting into the water word by word, “I didn’t come to listen to the class at all, I came to see the man on the podium!”

Chapter 965

Chapter 965 The

scene is in an uproar!

On the podium, Fu Shiting’s ears blushed quietly.

Although she knew what she was saying, she still had a strange feeling in her heart.

But this was a public place after all, and he couldn’t make her the target of public criticism.

“Qin An’an, come to the front.” After Fu Shiting spoke, he stepped off the podium and asked the students in the first row to move back.

He let Qin Anan sit in the first row alone, without the same table beside him, so that there would be no more quarrels.

After Qin Anan sat down in the first row, he gave him a grand look. Then he openly took out his mobile phone, and under his nose, sent a message to the vice president: Fu Shiting is also here, why didn’t you tell me in advance?

Vice President: If I had said that in advance, you would not have gone. I paid 300,000 yuan for the registration fee, and I really can’t bear to waste this money.

Qin An’an: Why don’t I transfer 300,000 yuan to you now, and I’ll go back tomorrow, okay?

Vice President: Huh? An An, do you just don’t want to see Fu Shiting? Or is he embarrassing you? If it’s so hard for you to be there, come back! You don’t have to transfer money to me. What an embarrassment!

Qin Anan looked at the vice president’s reply, and his emotions gradually calmed down.

Fu Shiting didn’t embarrass her.

It wasn’t that Fu Shiting lied to her, so why did she put her anger on him?

Just when she took a deep breath and planned to listen carefully to what Fu Shiting said, the pink suitcase beside him made her sanity collapse again!

She really wanted to go up and drag her suitcase down.

Isn’t he ashamed?

At this moment, in a luxuriously decorated bedroom of Qingshan Villa, the mobile phone of the villa owner, Boss Qian, rang.

Boss Qian answered the phone. A female voice came over the phone: “I heard that Fu Shiting and Qin An’an have both gone to your place?”

“Oh yes! What’s the matter?” Boss Qian said casually with a cigar in his mouth, “I know you don’t get along with them, but I’m friends with Shi Ting.”

“Haha! Boss Qian, as a successful businessman, you should understand that there are no permanent friends and enemies, only permanent interests!” The female voice laughed wickedly, “I have a perfect one here. Do you want to listen to the plan?”

Boss Qian put away the smile on his face: “Tell me! If it is not 100% beneficial to me, I will not take any risks.”

“Don’t worry, if you Do as I say and the benefits you will get will be incalculable!”

an hour later.

The training session is over tonight.

During this hour, Qin Anan listened to Fu Shiting for about 20 minutes, and she was drowsy, so she sent a message to Li Xiaotian and complained for 40 minutes.

Fu Shiting carried her suitcase and walked in front of her. She wanted to take it over, but he didn’t let go.

“Is what I just said boring? I think you almost fell asleep.” He narrowed his eagle eyes, and his tone seemed dissatisfied.

“You saw that I was about to fall asleep, so you still asked me?” Qin Anan didn’t want to hit him on purpose, “You speak well, but I don’t understand it well.” When

the people in the training room were almost gone, He asked her in a low voice, “Then you’re leaving tomorrow?”

Qin Anan glanced at him: “Are you driving me away?”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to stay here. After all, it’s boring in the mountains.” He said Here, the conversation changed, “But if someone is with you, it won’t be so boring.”

Qin Anan looked at his handsome but reddish face and said directly: “Fu Shiting, what circle are you going around? You tricked me here. Right? You unite with my vice president…”

“I think we need a space to be alone.” He interrupted her, staring at her little face with deep eyes, and asked in a hoarse voice, “Qin An’an, do you really have the heart to keep me thousands of miles away?”

Chapter 966

Chapter 966

“Fu Shiting, can you not slander me?” She tried her best to keep a clear head, and was determined not to be led by his nose, “If I really rejected you thousands of miles away, yesterday’s child’s birthday banquet would not be at all. I’ll let you participate.”

He pursed his thin lips into a thin line, trying to say something, but he didn’t say it.

“I’ll take you back to your room to rest.” He pushed her suitcase and walked to the door.

“Do you know my room number?” She saw him walking in front and teased, “You really bought my vice president? Fu Shiting, why do you dare to do anything?”

Fu Shiting stood at the door waiting for her, explaining: “It’s not what you think Yesterday at the hotel, your vice president asked me for help. His son was really sick. He wanted to refund the application fee here, but it won’t be refunded here. So I refunded him. I asked him to help me get you Called here, he disagreed at first, but yesterday he saw that our relationship was very harmonious, so he changed his mind to help me.”

“Are you sure?” She listened to his explanation, and the fire in her heart subsided half.

“You can call your vice president now. If you don’t even trust him at all, how dare you let him be your vice president?” Fu Shiting teased.

“Even if you have a reason, it won’t change the fact that you’re a bastard.” She raised her lips and mocked, “President of ST Group, do you rely on such unprofessional methods to chase women?”

Fu Shiting saw her feigning anger, and the corners of his mouth curled slightly. “Then how do you want me to chase? I can do it.”

She strode up to him and snatched her suitcase, “I’ll go back to my room by myself, don’t ask you to send it!”

He followed behind her, not hurriedly .

She took out her room card and checked her room number.

He calmly said, “Your room is next to mine. I’ll take you there.”

After that, he took her suitcase into his hand again.

“Qin An’an, if I’m really so incompetent, I’ll have to conquer you. As for sharing a room with you now?” He pushed her luggage and walked to the elevator door, “I’m afraid you haven’t seen any bad news. Man. Also, blame me. Usually too indulgent to you.”

Qin An’an: “…”

People are shameless and invincible.

There was a sudden hunger in her stomach, and she hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Hunger stopped her from arguing with him.

He sent her to the door of the room, and then pointed to the room next to him: “Next to me is my room. You are welcome to drop by at any time.”

She brushed the door open and said coldly, “No, don’t come to me either. Come by.”

She entered the room and closed the door!

The two were separated by a door, and it seemed that they could still hear each other’s breathing.

She was entangled in her heart, and just kept him out of the door. Isn’t she a little heartless?

Anyway, he helped her carry the box.

But on second thought, if it wasn’t for his gift, she wouldn’t have to rush here at all.

She took a deep breath, forced herself to calm down, and carried the suitcase to the bed.

She is very hungry now. In addition, she feels an unpleasant smell on her body. She plans to take a bath first and then go out to eat.

She opened the suitcase, took out the daily necessities one by one, then took out a set of clothes and walked towards the bathroom.

After about twenty minutes, she came out of the shower.

Her hungry stomach began to cramp slightly, so she didn’t care about drying her wet hair, she took the phone and the room key and walked directly to the door.

She opened the door, took two steps out, and accidentally saw a slender woman standing at the door of the next room.

When she looked at the woman, the woman also looked at her.

The two looked at each other. The expression on Qin An’an’s face was a little surprised, but the woman had a charming and playful smile.

She seemed to be saying to Qin An’an, I’m going to go in and conquer the man inside!

Chapter 967

Chapter 967

At this moment, the door next door opened, and the woman walked in with a graceful posture!

Qin Anan’s eyes widened!

She couldn’t believe that Fu Shiting was flirting with her half an hour ago, but now he’s fooling around with other women!

She suddenly felt that the world was spinning, and she didn’t know what kind of drama was being staged!

The rooms of the two of them are next to each other. He dares to blatantly find a woman to play in the room. He thinks that the sound insulation effect of the room here is better. When the two of them play together later, she can’t hear the movement?

She was disgusted and lost her appetite!

She went back to her room and slammed the door with a loud bang!

That’s ridiculous! Fu Shiting is such a man, why didn’t she find out before?

Blame her for being naive, she always thought he was a man who kept himself clean and kept his private life in check!

Her face was red with anger, and she stood in the room blankly, but she couldn’t calm down at all.

She wanted to leave here immediately, but outside the window was a deep mountain and an old forest, and the transportation was inconvenient. Even if she wanted to leave, she would have to wait until tomorrow.

Her psychological defense was completely destroyed!

How could such a ridiculous thing happen?

What did Fu Shiting take her for? Did you deceive her just to let her see his true colors?

She squatted beside the bed, tears welling in her eyes.

How could Fu Shiting open the door for that woman?

Oh no, maybe it was Fu Shiting who called the woman to come.

Otherwise, how could he let that woman in?

After she figured it out, she reached out and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, then turned on her phone and booked a flight back tomorrow.

Suddenly, a message came out, which was sent by Li Xiaotian: An An, I heard that you are in Qingshan with Fu Shiting now. This is too exciting!

Qin An’an looked at the text message, and the tears she held back poured out again.

yes! So exciting!

She replied: Hmm. Our rooms are next to each other. It is really exciting for him to be in the room with other women now.

After the message was sent, Li Xiaotian called immediately.

She hesitated for two seconds and answered the phone.

“An An! You said that Fu Shiting is now with another woman…” Li Xiaotian said this, it was hard to say.

“I saw it with my own eyes.” Qin Anan took a breath, “that woman was wearing a tight suspender skirt, her whole thigh was outside… Of course, what other people wear is their freedom, it doesn’t matter to me, I’m just disgusted Fu Shiting…before he was looking for this woman, he pretended to tell me that he wanted to pursue me.”

After cursing a few times, Li Xiaotian gave her an idea: “An An, don’t cry! You are now In the past, knock on his door! I don’t think they dare to continue playing! He makes you sad, and you can’t make him feel better!”

“It’s not necessary.” Qin Anan didn’t want to see such a scene, it would make her suffer for the rest of her life. “Tomorrow morning, I’ll go back.”

“How could this happen? An An, I don’t believe it! Even if Fu Shiting is really hungry and thirsty, there is no need to do such a thing in front of you!” Li Xiaotian was confused puzzled.

Qin Anan covered her face with her hands and said hoarsely, “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it… It feels like a dream, sweetie, tell me if you’re dreaming.”

“No Dreaming! An An, don’t cry! It’s not worth it for a scumbag!” Li Xiaotian tried to find a way while comforting Qin Anan.

“Xiao Tian, ​​I have a headache… Let’s not talk about it.” Qin Anan choked up and hung up.

Chapter 968

Chapter 968

After an unknown amount of time, the doorbell rang.

Qin Anan heard it, but didn’t want to open the door or know who was outside.

She felt that she was hollowed out, and the whole figure floated on the water, as if she was about to drown, but she couldn’t die.

She thought about why she was so desperate, because she still had fantasies about him.

Even if he lied again and again in the past, she never really learned a lesson!

Otherwise, she can leave immediately after he admits that this is his plan!

The doorbell rang tirelessly, and she had a splitting headache from the noise.

If she doesn’t open the door, she feels that the people outside the door will not give up.

She stood up on the edge of the bed and walked towards the door vainly.

She opened the door, and there was a tall and familiar figure standing outside the door!

She sees him, and her body reflexes back.

“Qin An’an! You misunderstood me!” Fu Shiting saw her crying red and swollen eyes, heartbroken, “I was not in the room just now. After I took you back to the room, someone called me to the reception. So I went to drink. “

He strode into her room and closed the door.

Immediately, she smelled the alcohol emanating from him.

Her eyelashes fluttered, and she looked at him carefully.

He was neatly dressed, barely wrinkled. But his brows were wrinkled and his face was serious, “Li Xiaotian called me and scolded me! Only then did I know what happened.”

Qin Anan turned around suddenly embarrassed.

She wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth or a lie, she couldn’t tell.

“The woman who entered my room is Boss Qian’s niece. I’ve met her a few times, and I don’t know her at all. We didn’t have any personal interactions. If I was in the room at the time, I would never have opened the door for her.” He walked over to her In front of him, he held her shoulders with both hands to prevent her from escaping.

“Who opened the door for her? I saw her enter your room with my own eyes.” Her voice was hoarse, with a bit of grievance.

“It’s the waiter.” His chest heaved quickly, “Turn-down service, you know? Actually, I didn’t call for this service, it should have been arranged by the housekeeper. The waiter knew Boss Qian’s niece, so he let her in with me. Room. If you don’t believe me, I’ll take you to the surveillance now.”

She suddenly felt light, as if she had suffered a serious illness.

She thought of her out of control state just now, and the explanation he gave echoed in her mind. Suddenly, she understood her own mind.

She broke through the shackles in her heart, hugged his body, and leaned her face against his broad and strong chest: “I’m sorry, I misunderstood you. I should have followed up and looked at it.”

“It’s okay, just resolve the misunderstanding. He hugged her tightly and put his chin on her head, “Qin An’an, can you think of me smarter next time? I did my best to invite you, not to make you sad.”

“I don’t know what’s going on. It seemed like my brain twitched just now,” she explained in a low voice, taking in the familiar breath on him, “I obviously care about you, and I feel sad when I see you hanging out with other women. It ‘s going to die.”

“I know.” After thinking for a few seconds, he made a decision, “Qin An’an, let’s get married when we go back!”

She raised her head abruptly, staring at him with red eyes.

He also lowered his eyes and looked at her: “I said, we will get married when we go back. We have known each other for seven years, how many more years of life can we go back to? My heart for you has never changed. Since you also care about me , why waste any more time?”

She looked at his affectionate and serious face and tried to speak several times, but there was something stuck in her throat and she couldn’t make a sound.

She could only nod sharply in response to him.

At night, Qin Anan woke up suddenly.

Her hand touched her side, and she was relieved until she touched his warm body.

She turned on her phone and sent Li Xiaotian a message: Xiaotian, we have decided to remarry.

At this point, Li Xiaotian has rested.

She opened her eyes and looked at the screen, without any sleepiness.

She is sober and determined that the man she will spend the rest of her life hand in hand in the future is the man beside her.

Chapter 969

Chapter 969

She opened the address book, found her mother’s business card, and clicked it.

She sent a message to her mother: Mom, Fu Shiting and I are reconciled. This time, we solved all misunderstandings, and I believe we will never be separated again in the future. Hope you are all well in heaven. I will also live a good life and raise my children well.

After she has sent the message, she will put down her phone and get ready to sleep.

At this moment, the room suddenly lit up.

She looked towards the light source.

It was Fu Shiting’s phone screen on the bedside table that lit up.

She could only vaguely tell that he had received a new message on his phone, but she couldn’t tell who sent it and what the content was.

His phone had never been on her guard, and even if she looked, he wouldn’t be angry.

If his phone was by his pillow, she might take a look at it out of curiosity. Now she didn’t want to get out of bed, and she didn’t want to wake him, so she gave up the idea of ​​taking his cell phone.

She closed her eyes, no longer afraid of any unknown fear in her heart.

The next day, seven in the morning.

Fu Shiting woke up slowly.

He saw Qin Anan lying beside him peacefully and well-behaved, his eyebrows stretched instantly, and the corners of his mouth raised a gentle arc.

He was afraid of getting up and waking her up, so he decided to accompany her to lie down for a while.

He picked up his phone from the bedside table, turned it on, and saw a new message.

After reading the news, his face suddenly became extremely gloomy!

An hour later, Qin Anan opened her sleepy eyes and woke up.

After waking up last night, she had some insomnia, so she was not in a good mood and was in a trance.

Especially the picture that appeared in front of her made her even more certain that she might still be in a dream and not wake up at all.

“Are you awake?” It was Boss Qian’s niece who spoke.

Qin An’an suddenly woke up like she was electrocuted!

Why is this woman in her room? !

She suddenly sat up from the bed and looked at Fu Shiting with a startled expression.

Fu Shiting held a cigarette in one hand, and put his other hand around Boss Qian’s niece.

The two stood by the bed and looked at her like monkeys in a zoo.

“Qin An’an, didn’t you say you left today? Hurry up and pack your luggage and go!” Fu Shiting exhaled a faint ring of smoke as he spoke.

“Fu Shiting! What the hell are you talking about!” Qin Anan held the quilt tightly and asked him with all his might, “You and this woman… Didn’t you say you didn’t know her well? Why did you hug her? She?! Didn’t you say you wanted to marry me? Did I remember it wrong, or did you lie to me again?!”

Outside the door, the violent quarrel in the room could be clearly heard!

After a while, Qin Anan rushed out of the room with the suitcase in hand.

With tears in her eyes, she dragged her suitcase and walked quickly towards the elevator.

“Miss Qin, wait for me!” Fu Shiting’s bodyguard caught up with her.

Qin Anan walked to the elevator and stood still, looking at the bodyguard with red eyes: “What are you doing with me? Did your boss ask you to humiliate me?!”

Just now, Fu Shiting was in the room in front of her and said no Marry her, love her last night, just to trick her into going to bed.

The humiliation she has suffered in her life is not as much as the humiliation she suffered in one day with Fu Shiting.

She can’t wait to slap herself hard!

Chapter 970

Chapter 970

“The boss asked me to take you to the airport.” The bodyguard entered the elevator with her after the elevator door opened.

“I don’t want you to send it!”

“What are you yelling at me?” the bodyguard scolded, “I’m just completing the task assigned by the boss!”

She looked at the bodyguard’s dark face, swallowed the words that were in her mouth, and swallowed them back in her stomach. .

All this is bizarre. Something was wrong with her.

“He asked you to take me to the airport, did he say anything else?” she asked in a low voice.

Bodyguard: “You wipe away your tears first, I’m upset to see you crying.”

Qin Anan raised his hand to wipe the tears from his face: “Has he been threatened?”

Bodyguard: “I don’t know. What he told me The original words are, take Qin An’an to the airport as soon as possible.”

Qin An’an: “…”

Bodyguard: “Based on what I know about my boss, it’s probably not safe here. He quarreled with you because he wanted to cover you first. Leave.” The

bodyguard thought that after he told Qin An’an like this, Qin An’an would be so moved that he stayed with Fu Shiting to advance and retreat together.

In the eyes of the bodyguards, Qin Anan is a woman who is affectionate and righteous, never greedy for life and fear of death.

Otherwise, the boss would not like her so much.

As a result, she just silently started to stay.

“Hey, what are you thinking?” The bodyguard bumped her body with his elbow. “Did you hear what I told you just now? Give me some reaction!”

Qin Anan took a deep breath and said: ” When I get out of the elevator later, do I want to continue crying?”

Bodyguard: “???”

Qin Anan looked at the bodyguard and negotiated sincerely: “What if others don’t let me go? I will show grief later. If you want to be a little more desperate, the bad guys won’t be suspicious.”

Bodyguard: “…” The

bodyguard followed Fu Shiting and had seen all kinds of wind and waves, but he had never seen Qin An’an, a serious actor!

The heartbroken woman who dared to cry just now is someone else, not the real her.

She is so calm now that she wants to get away, and she has not considered whether Fu Shiting will be in danger at all. She is really heartless!

The bodyguard felt that he had seen the wrong person, and even the boss felt worthless!

Why would you dig your heart out for such a wolf-hearted, ruthless and ruthless woman?

Her behavior truly verified the saying that ‘the husband and wife are birds of the same forest, and when disaster strikes, they fly separately’!

The staff of Qingshan Villa sent the two of them to the foot of the mountain, and then drove back to the mountain.

Qin Anan immediately took out his mobile phone and called the police.

The bodyguard saw that she decisively finished calling the police, and then called Zhou Ziyi, asking Zhou Ziyi to find a way to find someone to rescue Fu Shiting in Qingshan.

The bodyguard immediately understood that the reason why she was in a hurry to escape was not ruthless, but to save Fu Shiting better.

Otherwise, if she was trapped on the mountain, not only would she be Fu Shiting’s fuel bottle, but she would not be able to help Fu Shiting in the slightest.

“Qin An’an, what’s the next step?” the bodyguard asked with his arms crossed.

“Why don’t you go back to the mountain?” Qin Anan said after thinking seriously, “otherwise, it would be very dangerous to leave him alone on the mountain. If you were there, you could block him.”

Bodyguard: “You let me walk up the mountain. ?”

Qin Anan looked around, it was relatively remote, and he couldn’t find a car at all.

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