When His Eyes Opened Chapter 981 -990(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 981 -990(Chinese)

Chapter 981

It’s interesting that he sent candy to her company.

“It’s not decided yet!” Qin Anan said sternly.

“Ah? Didn’t you say Liu Yi got married?” The front desk was surprised, “I asked the people in ST, and they said you and Boss Fu Liu Yi got married!”

Qin Anan: “…”


She didn’t even know that she was getting married on June 1, but the employees of Fu Shiting’s company knew first.

She and Fu Shiting only agreed to get a certificate on Qixi Festival, and the date of the wedding depends on the preparations for the wedding.

As a result, he ordered the marriage on June 1, but did not inform her?

She returned to the office and immediately called Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting answered the phone and said in a low voice, “An An, I was about to call you. The renderings of the dress are out, and I sent them to your mobile phone. Take a look.”

“So soon?” She forgot herself in surprise. The reason for calling him, “Then I’ll take a look now.”

After that, she hung up the phone.

Clicking on WeChat, she saw several dress renderings sent by him.

After reading it, she called him: “Is it the work of the designer yesterday? The renderings are pretty good.”

“So it’s settled?”

“Well.” Qin Anan is not picky. As long as the style is simple and dignified.

The wedding is sacred in her heart.

The dress style he sent just now basically meets the requirements.

“My vice president helped us calculate the good days and auspicious days, and said that June 1 is suitable for marriage.” He asked, “What do you think of June 1?”

“It turned out to be your vice president’s wedding date. Now my company’s employees all know that the two of us are married on June 1.” Qin Anan walked to the desk and sat down, “Let’s go on June 1! It’s just that time will be too tight. “

It shouldn’t be a problem.” He chuckled, “As long as you spend a little more money, you will be able to hold the wedding tomorrow.”

Qin Anan’s cheeks blushed slightly, and she changed the subject: “Do you want to invite your eldest brother and nephew?”

“No contact . It’s necessary.” His tone became a little colder, “When I see their father and son, I will remember that my mother was killed by them. My mother’s biggest wish in her life is to see me get married. Unfortunately, she can’t see it anymore. Qin Anan’s heart touched: “

Do you have a good relationship with your mother?”

“She loves me very much.” He said hoarsely, “I know who treats me well. Except for my mother, you are the best for me. “

Qin An’an has mixed feelings, and her eyes are a little hot: “I always quarrel with you, why do you think I am good to you?”

“Even if you quarrel with me, I can feel that you care about me.” His tone, With a bit of stubbornness.

Her breathing suddenly became heavy, and she didn’t want to hide her feelings any longer, “Fu Shiting, I really care about you. Maybe more than you think.”

He was satisfied with her answer.

“An An, I have no relatives except you and the child.” His voice continued.

At such a tender moment, she remembered the DNA identification of him and Fu Yechen.

Results will be out in a week.

She was curious, if Fu Shiting was not from the Fu family, who would be his relatives?

Chapter 982

Chapter 982


Qin Anan came home and saw Fu Shiting and the designer in the living room.

The designer came to measure Qin Anan’s size.

“Mom, I want a pretty dress too.” Rila looked at Qin An’an with envy.

“Baby, mom bought you so many new dresses, and there are still many that haven’t been worn!” Qin Anan coaxed.

“That’s different.” Rila frowned.

“Why is it different.”

“Dad showed me the wedding dress you are going to wear. It’s much prettier than my dresses.” Rila said this, and suddenly laughed, “Dad said he would buy me the exact same dress as you. her skirt.”

Qin Anan looked at Fu Shiting and said, “Are you sure you want to buy a wedding dress for your daughter?”

Fu Shiting stunned: “It’s good if your daughter likes it.”

Qin Anan felt that there was a very big problem with his attitude.

First of all, the hem of the wedding dress was very large, and it would be very inconvenient for Rila to wear such a bulky dress.

Secondly, how can everything be used to children?

“How can you follow her with everything? If she wants to marry a man casually in the future, would you have the same attitude?” Qin Anan must correct his wrong view of education.

He hasn’t moved in yet, but he has been obedient to Rila. When he moves in in the future, won’t he spoil Rila?

Her question made Fu Shiting frown.

In his eyes, Rila is still a little girl. He never thought about her future marriage.

For now, he simply cannot accept his daughter’s marriage. Even just thinking about his daughter going to live with other men in the future, his heart will be blocked and uncomfortable.

“Until the age of 18, Rila cannot fall in love. Before the age of 25, you cannot marry.” After a brief thought, Fu Shiting settled on this rule, “Before the age of 18, the mind is immature and easy to be deceived. Before the age of 20, her thoughts were not fully mature, so I wouldn’t worry about marrying her to any man.”

Qin Anan felt that his rules were outrageous.

“If you say that your daughter can’t get married before the age of eighteen, I totally agree. Why can’t you get married before the age of twenty-five?” Qin Anan had a disagreement with him, citing the facts, “When I married you, I could Not twenty-five years old!”

Fu Shiting thought back and analyzed: “We are in different situations. I was lying in bed in an uncertain state. If I wasn’t in that state, I wouldn’t have married you at all.”

His words , is to respect the facts and say it without any emotion.

And Qin Anan was directly blown away by his words.

“Do you regret meeting me?”

Fu Shiting stood up from the sofa as if on pins and needles, and explained, “I didn’t mean that. I just assumed…”

“Don’t you mean that if you were not in a vegetative state, Do you absolutely despise me?” Qin Anan slapped his palm away, “I still despise you! If our family hadn’t been down and out, and your family gave me a lot of betrothal gifts, I would have been beaten to death. I won’t marry you either!”

Fu Shiting’s temple hurt.

“You may have no idea about the situation at the time. After all, you were lying in bed for so long, and you didn’t know what happened. I’ll help you sort it out,” Qin Anan was annoyed by him, how could he let him go easily, ” At that time, your family doctor said that you were dying, and your mother was anxious to find women everywhere, and wanted to give you a child and leave a descendant, but no woman was willing to marry you!”

Fu Shiting: “…”

” Even Tang Qian, who was infatuated with you, didn’t know where to go at the time.” Qin Anan continued to mock him, “You should thank me for not disliking you in the first place!”

Fu Shiting repented: “An’an, thank you for not disliking me at the beginning.”

Qin Anan saw that he admitted his mistake, and his anger halved: “I didn’t dislike you at first, but your bodyguards guarded me like a prisoner. I can’t run away.”

Fu Shiting: “……”

Chapter 983

Chapter 983

Then he should thank his bodyguard?

After listening to the two of them quarreling, the designer smiled and said, “Miss Qin, it is a great fate to be together. No matter how unpleasant encounters you have had in the past, you will definitely reconcile with Meimei in the future.”

Qin Anan was charming to the designer He smiled and said, “Well. Are you here to measure me? Take it now! Do you need to take off your clothes?”

“Take off your coat, it’s best to wear tight clothes inside. This will make the size more accurate.”

“Oh, Then I’ll change clothes in the room first.” Qin Anan walked into the room.

Rila walked up to Fu Shiting quietly and asked with doubts: “Dad, what is a vegetative person? I only know that plants, like the flowers and plants outside, are all plants, right?”

Fu Shiting nodded: “Yes, the flowers and plants outside are all plants . , they are all plants…”

“Oh,” Rila couldn’t wait to interrupt him, expressing her own understanding, “

Veterative means that people can also germinate and bloom, so they are called vegetative people.” ‘s remarks were startled.

“Rila, that’s not the case.” Sister Zhang walked over with a smile. “Veteran means that it doesn’t move like a plant, but it has life. This is a very serious disease.”

Rilla was shocked: “My father had such a serious illness before?”

“Well. It’s a miracle that your father can wake up.” Sister Zhang said.

In the evening, nine o’clock, the children’s room.

Rila tossed and turned, so she hugged her little pillow and climbed onto Xiaohan’s bed.

When the siblings were six years old, they slept in separate beds.

But still in the same room.

Sometimes when it rains and thunders, Rila is afraid that she will climb onto Xiaohan’s bed.

“Brother, our dad used to be in a vegetative state.” Rila asked in a showy tone, “Do you know what it means to be in a vegetative state?”

Xiao Han: “You don’t have to tell me. I don’t care.”

“Oh… .Dad used to bloom and bear fruit, that’s what vegetative people mean.” Since my brother didn’t care, Rila started talking nonsense seriously.

Xiaohan slammed the light on and turned on the light: “Rila, this joke is not funny at all. You go to sleep in your bed.”

“I haven’t finished yet! Dad said today that I can’t fall in love until I’m eighteen. You can’t get married before the age of twenty-five, do you want me to be angry?” Rila asked in confusion.

Xiao Han thought seriously, and after a while, he realized that he thought the same as Fu Shiting.

“Anyway, you can’t get married too early. Otherwise, you will be deceived and help count the money.” Xiaohan took her out of bed, “You go to sleep in your bed. Otherwise, I will move to the next room.”

Rila hugged the pillow and returned angrily . to your own bed.

With a ‘pop’, Xiaohan turned off the light, and the room fell back into darkness.

the next day.

Sheng Bei came to Rongcheng and handed Fu Shiting and Qin An’an’s wedding invitation to Tang Qian.

Tang Qian opened the invitation and saw their names and wedding dates. Her face was calm, but her phalanx was pale.

“How could they invite me? Aren’t you afraid that my appearance will scare the guests away?” She laughed at herself, then threw the invitation lightly on the table.

“Tang Qian, did you instigate the matter of Qingshan Villa?” Sheng Bei got straight to the point.

“No.” Tang Qian replied without hesitation.

“Give me your cell phone, and I’ll take it back to Shi Ting.” Sheng Bei reached out to her, “If you didn’t do it, he wouldn’t touch you. But if it turns out that you did it…he I won’t keep you alive.”

Chapter 984

Chapter 984

Tang Qian glanced at his outstretched palm and refused coldly: “No.”

Sheng Bei frowned: “So you ordered it?!”

“No! Why don’t you believe me?” Tang Qian Angrily, he walked to the office chair and sat down, “Sheng Bei, what you just said to me, is Fu Shiting’s original words?”

Sheng Bei put his hands on her desk: “Otherwise you thought I was coming to you by myself. Yes? Of course he asked me to come! I was not in country A a few days ago, and I only found out what happened in the country yesterday.”

“Oh, I heard about Qingshan Villa, and nothing happened at all.” Tang There was a mocking smile on Qian’s mouth, and she said inexplicably, “There is no danger at all, why does he doubt me and hold on to it?”

Sheng Bei guessed the result from her nervous and frightened tone.

What Fu Shiting said was right.

After Tang Qian was disfigured, her mind was distorted.

She used to love Fu Shiting the most. If anyone wanted to hurt Fu Shiting, she would be the first to rush out to fight him.

But now, she is killing Fu Shiting.

Not only did he kill Fu Shiting, but he also implemented it.

Although the final plan failed and did not cause any danger, if she did not kill her, she would definitely have a second plan in the future.

“Tang Qian, don’t lie anymore, and don’t continue to do terrible things.” Sheng Bei frowned, very painful, “People have to pay for their own mistakes. Your life is your life, and other people’s lives are also lives. “

Sheng Bei, I don’t admit it…I don’t admit it, what can you do to me? Can you convict me directly?” Tears welled up in Tang Qian’s eyes.

“Did you forget that you went to the Qian family’s banquet before? Shi Ting didn’t. If he wasn’t sure, he wouldn’t let me come to you!” Sheng Bei told her to give up completely.

Tang Qian’s body trembled slightly, and tears fell from her eyes.

“I’m sick…” She yanked the drawer open and took out several boxes of medicines, “These are the medicines I’m taking… I have a mental problem, my spirit is Something went wrong too…I can’t control myself…Sheng Bei! Help me!”

The medicine she took out was not a brand-new, unopened box.

It can be seen that this is indeed the medicine she is taking.

This coincides with his conjecture.

If Tang Qian didn’t have psychological problems, it would be impossible to kill Fu Shiting.

“Tang Qian, it’s useless.” Sheng Bei frowned, “We’ve guessed that you’re sick. Even so, he still can’t keep you. What if you get sick again and want to kill again?”

Sheng Bei Saying that, he took out a white pill from his pocket: “I didn’t want you to die too painfully. So I found this pill. You just need to take it, and you will soon be able to fall asleep. After you fall asleep, , within ten minutes, he will die.”

After he seemed to say these words calmly, Tang Qian was stunned.

“Tang Qian, if you don’t listen to me again this time, you will definitely die in pain! Because no one will sympathize with you except me now!” Sheng Bei put the white pill in front of her and said sharply, “Eat it I will bury you well!”

Tang Qian looked at the pills in front of her, and her tears quickly stopped.

After all, there is no escape.

She must die.

Even if she doesn’t take the pill today, Fu Shiting will kill her in person before long.

In this case, she can only accept her fate.

She picked up the pill, hesitated for a few seconds, and put it in her pocket.

“Sheng Bei, I’ll eat it later. I want to catch up with you before I die.” Tang Qian walked out from the desk and held Sheng Bei’s hand, “Sheng Bei, if I married You, you won’t be reduced to this point now.”

Sheng Bei looked at her broken face and couldn’t bear it: “If you miss it, you miss it. There is no regret medicine in life. You can take the pill I just gave you. It’s painful. I know you’re afraid of pain, so I brought it here specially. Tang Qian, be a good person in your next life!”

Tang Qian nodded, then wrapped her arms around his body: “Sheng Bei, hug me! No one has hugged me since I was disfigured. I’ve been so lonely and painful!”

Chapter 985

Chapter 985

Sheng Bei listened to her aggrieved tone, and stretched out his arms to hug her softly: “I know that you have been in pain. You used to be a high-ranking queen, how have you suffered such grievances.” Tang Qian burst into


She now knows that Sheng Bei is the man who loves her the most in the world.

But before she died, she had to hurt him again.

“Sheng Bei, I want to marry you in the next life… Whether you want to promise or not, you must promise me first. After all, I am dying, and you will satisfy me for the last time.”

Sheng Bei: “Okay. I will marry in the next life. You.”

City A.

After seeing the psychiatrist, Li Xiaotian called Qin Anan.

After Qin Anan asked where she was, she immediately rushed to see her.

The two sat down at a restaurant for lunch.

“Why doesn’t Zhunzhi eat with us? Is it because I am here that he is embarrassed?” Qin Anan asked.

Li Xiaotian: “What’s he embarrassed about? We are chatting together. Is he acting as a light bulb? I told him not to disturb us.”

Qin Anan asked with a smile, “How do you feel after seeing the psychiatrist? “

It feels very complicated.” Li Xiaotian sighed, “Actually, I know that many people have their own painful experiences. In this world, very few people can have a smooth life.”

“Then do you want to change to a psychiatrist? ?” Qin Anan felt that her mood seemed even lower.

Li Xiaotian shook her head: “This psychiatrist is very good. She told me not to escape the pain, but to face it and overcome it.”

“It takes a process.” Qin Anan said.

“She told me a funny thing,” Li Xiaotian laughed suddenly, “she said that Fu Shiting had also approached her. But after receiving one treatment, Fu Shiting never came again.”

Qin Anan was surprised: “She Why would I tell you this? Isn’t it impossible to reveal the patient’s information?”

Li Xiaotian shook her head: “She didn’t reveal the content of Fu Shiting’s treatment, but only said that Fu Shiting came to see her, but she didn’t come again, so she asked a friend to inquire about it. , and found that Fu Shiting was talking bad about her behind her back.”

Qin Anan was gossiping: “How did Fu Shiting talk bad about her?”

“Fu Shiting complained to his friends that it is better to see a psychiatrist than to see a wild dog on the roadside.”

Qin Anan: “. ……”

“This doctor knows my relationship with the two of you, so that’s why he told me this.” Li Xiaotian sighed, “I didn’t expect that Fu Shiting, who looks so powerful, even went to a psychiatrist. “

He also suffered a lot of painful things.” Qin Anan said, “Xiao Tian, ​​it will pass.”

“Well.” In the

evening, Fu Shiting found out that Sheng Bei had lost contact.

He called Sheng Bei during the day, but Sheng Bei didn’t answer.

He thought that Sheng Bei would call him back when he was done, but at night, Sheng Bei hadn’t called him back.

There was an ominous premonition in his heart.

Tang Qian is now mentally distorted, and Sheng Bei has gone alone again. Shouldn’t Tang Qian hurt Sheng Bei?

Fu Shiting thought of this, Ying frowned, and dialed the phone again——

Chapter 986

Chapter 986 The

phone was dialed, it was connected, but no one answered.

If Sheng Bei saw his call, he would definitely answer it.

He became more and more sure that something happened to Shengbei!

When he was about to go out to find Sheng Bei, Sheng Bei sent a text message: Shi Ting, it is not convenient for me to answer the phone now.

Looking at the text message, Fu Shiting immediately replied: What’s your current situation? Is it dangerous?

Sheng Bei: I am not in danger. Give me a little more time, I’ll be back tomorrow.

Fu Shiting looked at the text message, pondered for a moment, and replied: OK.

Star River Villa.

After Rila finished her homework, she showed it to Qin Anan for inspection.

“Mom, why didn’t Dad come today?” Rila asked in a low voice.

“You want him to come?” Qin Anan opened her daughter’s workbook and asked with a smile.

Rila sighed: “Brother doesn’t like him, if I say I like him, I betray my brother.”

“Rila, how can you think so?” Qin Anan looked at her daughter, “The matter between brother and father , it’s their business. If you like Dad, you can express it. Just don’t express it in front of your brother. That way, the brother won’t be sad, and you don’t have to keep your love for Dad in your heart.”

Rila With a sweet smile: “Mom, you are so smart! I am your daughter, why am I not as smart as you?”

Qin Anan: “Who said you are not smart anymore? You are much smarter than your mother. Mom didn’t have you when she was a child. Smart!”

“Mom, I like you so much! I don’t want to marry when I grow up! I want to be with you forever.”

“Did your father’s words affect you yesterday? Rila, you are still young. It’s not time to think about marriage. All you have to do now is to be happy, grow up healthy, and talk about the future. Qin Anan patted her head, “Your handwriting is getting neater and neater, and my mother wants to praise you.”

“My brother also said that my handwriting is beautiful, and he said that he would give it to me when he got the bonus.” Buy gifts to reward me.” Rila looked expectant, “I’ve already thought about what gifts I want.”

“Bonus?” Qin Anan was stunned, “Is there any competition in your brother’s school? Why didn’t I hear about it?”

” Not now! My brother said it would take two months. I don’t know what competition, but my brother said he would definitely get the prize.” Rila said this with a look of admiration, “Brother is amazing, I will find a husband in the future, Just looking for my brother.”

Qin Anan tapped her daughter’s head with her finger: “Didn’t you just say you would stay with your mother forever? Now you have changed your mind?”

Rila laughed.

Next to him, Ziqiu was awakened, and when he heard their laughter, he smirked.

“Brother is awake!” Rila heard Ziqiu’s voice and immediately took Ziqiu out of the crib, “Mom, I want to take my brother out to play!”

“I’ll change my brother’s diaper first.” Qin Anan will do the homework Ben put it down and planned to take Ziqiu over. As a result, Rila put

Ziqiu on the sofa and volunteered: “I’ll change my brother! It’s as simple as changing a diaper, it’s hard for me!”

Put it in the stroller, then pushed the stroller out.

The bodyguard carried the baby bag and followed behind the siblings.

After a while, Rila pulled the cart and stopped.

A man came on a leash with a big dog. That big dog, with dark eyes, was staring at Ziqiu.

“Wow!” The dog barked suddenly!

Rila panicked and planned to push her brother away.

At this moment, Ziqiu in the cart made a fierce cry: “Wow!”

Rila pushed the cart and ran home quickly.

“Mom! My brother can talk!” Rila told her mother in surprise, “My brother just spoke!”

Chapter 987

Chapter 987

Qin Anan looked surprised after checking Rila’s homework: “Really? What did my brother say?”

Beside him, the bodyguard couldn’t help snickering.

Rila: “Brother said ‘Wang Wang’! It was super loud! Uncle the bodyguard heard it too!”

Qin Anan looked at the bodyguard. The bodyguard held back a smile: “Rila is right. Ziqiu did quarrel with the dog! He was very imposing! It scared the big dog away.”

Several black lines appeared on Qin An’an’s head.

Can this be called learning to speak? This is learning how to bark!

Sister-in-law Zhang taught Ziqiu to call Mom and Dad every day, but Ziqiu hadn’t pronounced Mom and Dad yet.

“Brother! You tell Mommy twice!” Rila urged Ziqiu, “Like this—wang wang!”

Ziqiu seemed to feel that he was being laughed at just now, so now he is arrogant and wrinkled. The brows, the small mouth did not move.

Rila: “Wow!”

Ziqiu: Unmoved·jpg

Qin Anan was a little dizzy from the noise, so she reminded: “Rila, your brother is coming back soon.”

Rila immediately covered her mouth.

If my brother heard her learn to bark, he would definitely despise her.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Qin Anan came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, drying her hair.

When the phone on the bed rang, she immediately walked over to pick up the phone and answered the call.

“An An, why didn’t you answer a few calls to you?” This is the third call from Fu Shiting.

“I was taking a shower just now.” Qin Anan sat down beside the bed, “You didn’t come today, Rila said she missed you. Are you happy?” On the

phone, Fu Shiting chuckled, “Where’s Xiaohan?”

“Xiaohan has been back late recently. He has to compete for a place in the competition in June, and he feels a lot of pressure. But he is quite confident and has already thought about getting the bonus and buying gifts for Rila.” Qin Anan expressed concern, “If he doesn’t get the quota in the end, he will definitely be disappointed.”

“Don’t worry, I know about it.” Fu Shiting gave her peace of mind, “Why don’t I go to dinner tomorrow?”

“Well, you can’t touch it anyway. To Xiaohan.” Qin Anan teased, “I think you are more afraid of your son now.”

Fu Shiting: “If my relationship with him continues to deteriorate, it will be difficult for you and your daughter to be caught in the middle.”

“That’s right.” Qin Anan lay down on the bed, “By the way, is there any progress in the Qingshan Villa? I had a nightmare last night. That person didn’t succeed in Qingshan. Will there be other plans in the future? I’m afraid that something will happen to you.”

“This matter will soon be It will be resolved.” He gave a definite answer, “You don’t have to worry.”

Sheng Bei said that he would be back tomorrow, which means that Tang Qian will die tomorrow at the latest.

“Oh, it looks like you already know what’s behind the scenes.” She asked curiously, “Who is it? Do I know him?”

Fu Shiting hesitated and said Tang Qian’s name.

Qin Anan was silent for a while.

“This time, she will definitely die.” Fu Shiting promised.

The next day, eight in the morning.

Fu Shiting received a message from Sheng Bei: Tang Qian was dead. I plan to bury her and go back. I will be busy today, I will probably go back tomorrow.

Fu Shiting looked at the words ‘Tang Qian is dead’ and was relieved. And vaguely felt something was wrong.

Sheng Bei does not like to send messages. When they didn’t see each other, they always contacted by phone.

But since yesterday, Sheng Bei didn’t answer his phone or call him.

Chapter 988

Chapter 988

After a brief thought, he decided to visit Rongcheng in person.

If Tang Qian really died, he could bury her with Sheng Bei.

I was afraid that Tang Qian didn’t die, and it was Sheng Bei who really had an accident.

At ten o’clock in the morning, ST Group.

The vice president knocked on Zhou Ziyi’s office and asked, “The boss didn’t come today? Why can’t I contact the chief financial officer since yesterday?”

Zhou Ziyi: “The boss has something to do, so he won’t come to the company today. As for the chief financial officer, I can’t contact the chief financial officer either. Get on him. I don’t know what happened to him.”

“Oh, the chief financial officer should not have any trouble, right? This has never happened before.” The vice president said worriedly, “Is the boss looking for the chief financial officer?”

“Maybe! He didn’t say it clearly.” Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “Don’t worry, there should be nothing wrong. If something happens, the boss will tell us.” The

vice president nodded, thinking of a Event: “The president training camp of Qingshan University that the boss went to a few days ago was officially announced to be permanently closed today.”

“Oh? I haven’t seen the news yet.” Zhou Ziyi asked, “Where did you get the news?”

” My friend in Qingshan told me.” The vice president said in a low voice, “It was a few days ago that Qian Heng offended everyone who went to the event. Although there was no danger at that time, everyone saw through Qian Heng as a person. Even if Qian Heng didn’t take the initiative to close the CEO training camp, no one would dare to go there in the future.”

“That’s true. Qian Heng’s mind is afraid of getting into the water, and he is at the mercy of others.”

“You know Qian Who was Heng instructed?” the vice president asked.

Zhou Ziyi shook his head: “I don’t know.”

“Oh, this man is so bold. I can’t guess who it is! If you know, let me know.” After the vice president finished speaking, he strode out.

After the vice president left, Zhou Ziyi’s mind flashed.

Sheng Bei has been unable to contact him since yesterday. Is it possible that it has something to do with this behind-the-scenes instigation?

Could it be… is it Tang Qian?

After thinking of this possibility, Zhou Ziyi got goosebumps all over.

After Tang Qian was disfigured, it was like a different person.

If she was really the mastermind behind the Qingshan Villa destruction plan, Zhou Ziyi would not be surprised at all.

It seems that only she can have such crazy thoughts.

Her life is ruined, so she will ruin others too.

A Downtown Elementary School.

This primary school is the best public primary school in City A. Whether it is a team of teachers or a student’s enrollment rate over the years, they are all excellent.

When choosing an elementary school for Rila, Qin Anan chose this place without hesitation. Because this is the primary school she wanted to go to when she was a child.

After the morning class, the students went to the cafeteria to eat in an orderly manner.

Rila and her classmates finished dinner and sat down in the dining chairs. The teacher came over with a few boxes of fruit.

“There are fresh cherries today. Everyone has one.” The teacher put the box with the most weight in front of Rila.

After the teacher left, the female classmate sitting next to Rila looked at Cheerilee in front of Rila with envy.

“Rila, you have more cherries than ours! The teacher is so partial to you!”

Rila handed her cherries to the female classmate: “I don’t really like to eat these, let’s eat them!”

The female classmate looked excited: “Rila, you are so kind! I love cherries the most! Thank you!”

Rila: “You’re welcome! Eat it if you like!”

After a while, Rila ate After dinner, get up and prepare to go back to the classroom.

Just after she walked away a few steps, someone suddenly exclaimed: “Qiqi! What’s wrong with you, Qiqi? Why are you asleep?! You haven’t finished your meal yet!”

“Qiqi! Wake up! “

Chapter 989

Chapter 989

Rila heard the scream and immediately returned to the seat just now.

This girl named ‘Kiki’ is the girl sitting next to her to eat.

Just now she only cared about eating for herself and didn’t pay attention to Qiqi’s state. Why did Qiqi fall asleep suddenly?

“Qiqi?” Rui stretched his hand and patted the ‘sleeping’ Qiqi, and asked in puzzlement, “Qiqi! What’s wrong with you, Qiqi?”

At this moment, the teacher came following the sound.

“Teacher! Kiki is asleep! I can’t wake her up! Why is she sleeping so deeply!” Some students wondered aloud.

When the teacher saw Qiqi’s table, the food didn’t move, but there were two boxes for cherries.

One of the cherries in one box has already been eaten, and there are still three uneaten in the other box.

The teacher patted Qiqi on the shoulder and shouted louder: “Qiqi! Wake up! This is the cafeteria! Let’s go back to the lounge to rest!

” Yes, it’s so scary!” A timid student cried out, “I saw the dead people on TV like this, and they couldn’t wake up no matter what…”

The student’s words instantly made the cafeteria’s All the people gathered around.

The teacher was so scared that her face was red, and she put her fingers under Qiqi’s nose to probe for her breath.

Five seconds later, the teacher was so frightened that his face turned pale!

“Get out of the way! Get out of the way! There is an accident with a student here! Get out of the way!” The teacher picked up Qiqi and rushed out quickly.

Rila was standing beside Kiki just now, so she could clearly see the change in the teacher’s expression after she gave Kiki’s breath.

Kiki is not breathing!

Kiki is dead!

How did Kiki die? Isn’t it painful before death? But Kiki was having fun eating cherries just now… The

cafeteria suddenly turned into a mess of porridge!

The children were so frightened that they cried into a ball. The teachers hurriedly organized to take the students out of the cafeteria, and called the parents of the students to notify the parents to pick up the children.

When Qin Anan received the teacher’s call, he was a little puzzled.

Because of this point, it should be the child’s lunch break.

After she answered the phone, before she had time to speak, the teacher’s voice came anxiously: “Miss Qin, please come to school now. A classmate in the class had an accident today, and now the parents need to take the child home, okay? Soothe the child’s emotions. I will make it clear in the class group, you will pay attention to the group news later. “

Qin Anan had already heard the cry of the child over the phone.

Although it wasn’t Rila’s cry, she could imagine that something serious must have happened.

She didn’t dare to delay, and immediately left the company and drove towards the school.

While waiting for the traffic lights on the way, she called Fu Shiting.

The call was answered quickly.

She said: “Shi Ting, something happened in Ruila’s class. I don’t know what happened yet. The teacher asked me to go to school and pick up the child.”

Fu Shiting: “I’m not in City A now. Go and pick up the child, or I’ll ask the bodyguard to pick me up.”

“I’m on my way to school now.” Qin Anan wondered, “Where have you been? You didn’t tell me you were going out of the market.”

“I’m in Rongcheng.” Fu Shiting couldn’t hide her , “Sheng Bei is in a coma, I’m waiting for him to wake up in the hospital now.”

“Are you looking for Tang Qian? How could Sheng Bei be in a coma?”

“Tang Qian kidnapped him yesterday. He spent a day in Tang Qian’s office. I fell into a coma overnight.”

“What about Tang Qian?!”

“She’s missing now. I don’t know where she fled to.” Fu Shiting said, “I’ve already sent someone to look for it.”

Qin Anan broke out in cold sweat and couldn’t help but wonder: “There was an accident at Rila’s school… Could it be Tang Qian’s doing?!”

Chapter 990

Chapter 990

Fu Shiting’s heart suffocated, and then he said sharply: “An An! Stay where you are now! I’ll let the bodyguards pick you up and the child!”

If it wasn’t for her reminder, he never thought that Tang Qian might escape to City A.

The more dangerous the place, the safer it is.

Moreover, what Tang Qian is thinking about now may not be to hide, but to pull a few backs before dying!

Although he still doesn’t know what happened at Rila’s school, the teacher asked the parents to take the child home, something very serious must have happened!

Qin An’an’s heart was beating in shock by his reminder.

In front of you, the red light goes out and the green light turns on.

She was in a hurry to pick up Rila from school, so she couldn’t listen to him.

“I should be fine. If Tang Qian really came to trouble me, she wouldn’t necessarily be able to hurt me.” Qin An’an made up her mind, “I’m going to Rila’s school soon, I’ll go and bring Rila back first. “

Fu Shiting was also worried about his daughter, so he understood her anxiety.

“Then you pay attention to safety.”


After hanging up the phone, Qin Anan stepped on the accelerator and continued to drive towards the destination.

In the Central Primary School, several police cars and an ambulance were parked outside the courtyard.

Qin Anan stopped the car on the side of the road, got out of the car in a hurry, and ran towards the school gate!

“I heard that a child died…a first grade…a little girl…”

“How did it die? Was the child sick, or was there an accident? “

I don’t know! Wait for the school’s announcement! I’m afraid that my child will have a psychological shadow now, and I won’t dare to come to school in the future. This is too scary!”

“I heard that the dead child was from the third class of the first grade. Are any of you the parents of the third class? Do the parents of the third class have any inside information?

” , our other classes also suspend classes, it’s really unlucky! I don’t know when it will be back to normal!”

“What kind of unlucky suspension of classes is! The one with the dead child is really unlucky!”


Qin Anan heard their words After talking, the body becomes stiff and cold!

Rila is in the third class of the first grade.

A little girl died in Class 3. Maybe this little girl was Rila’s playmate. Even if she wasn’t a playmate, she was a classmate she saw every day. This would be a big blow to Rila!

When the teacher handed Rila to Qin An’an, he explained the matter to Qin An’an: “Miss Qin, the child in the accident is called Qiqi, and the two of them sat together to eat at noon today. The accident happened before Qiqi’s meal was finished, and I am initially suspecting it. It’s food poisoning. Because Qiqi’s entrance examination is normal and she doesn’t have any disease. Now take Rila to the hospital for a checkup to see if there is any problem with Rila’s body.”

Qin Anan nodded: “Okay, I’ll take Rila to the hospital now. “

Qin Anan came out of school with her red-eyed daughter in her arms.

Rila usually sees her and has endless words to say, but now she has not said anything until she sits in the child seat.

Not even shouting ‘mama’.

Qin Anan sat down beside her daughter and asked in a low voice, “Rila, tell mom, are you feeling unwell?”

Rila froze for a moment, then shook her head.

“Mom knows that you were frightened, and so does my mother. When the school and the hospital investigate clearly, they will tell us why she left us.” Qin Anan held her daughter’s cool little hand and coaxed patiently.

Rila’s eyes filled with tears, and when she opened her mouth, tears rolled down her cheeks: “Kiki died from eating cherries. She ate my cherries… It must be poisonous cherries. !”

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