When His Eyes Opened Chapter 991 -1000(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 991 -1000(Chinese)

Chapter 991

Qin Anan is stunned!

“Mom, if I ate that box of cherries, I’d be dead!” Rila broke down and cried.

Qin Anan immediately took her daughter out of the safety seat and put her in her arms: “Don’t cry, baby, you’re fine now! You’ll be fine in the future! We won’t have dinner at school in the future! From now on, mom will ask the driver to bring you meals every day! Rila cried out of breath: “

Mom, Kiki is my friend, she died by my side…I’m so scared…I’m so scared!”

Qin An’an’s eyes were flushed, her emotions gradually collapsed, and she began to cry.

According to Rila, if Gigi ate Rila’s cherries and died, then the person who poisoned it would be Rila!

If it wasn’t for this girl named Kiki who ate the poisonous cherries originally given to Rila, Rila would be dead today.

Banyan City.

Sheng Bei woke up slowly after losing the liquid for several hours.

He saw Fu Shiting standing two steps away, talking on the phone with his cell phone.

“Why did this euthanasia drug appear in the school cafeteria?! Why did it appear in my daughter’s fruit lunch box?! If you can’t give me an explanation, you, the principal, don’t have to do it!”

Fu Shiting was extremely angry!

So forget that you are in the ward now.

“Shiting…” Sheng Bei heard the word ‘euthanasia’, so he said weakly, “What happened? Did something happen to Rila?”

Fu Shiting heard Sheng Bei’s voice and immediately hung up Telephone.

He strode to the hospital bed and looked at Sheng Bei: “How is your health? There is an accident at Rila’s school, I have to rush back. Would you like to go back with me? Or you should rest here first, and let me The bodyguard will take you back?”

“What happened to Rila’s school?” Sheng Bei felt that things were not easy, so he sat up, “I heard you say euthanasia drugs.”

“Today at noon, Rila’s after-dinner fruit was poisoned by someone This highly toxic drug is usually used for euthanasia.” Fu Shiting gritted his teeth, “Tang Qian escaped! I suspect Tang Qian did it!”

Sheng Bei turned pale and lifted the quilt: “No doubt, it’s Tang Qian. I gave her the poison! I planned to let her die without pain, who knew she kidnapped me! She dared to use poison to poison Rila! I’m so pissed off!”

Fu Shiting whispered, “This poisonous woman! I have to kill her myself!”

“I’ll go with you!” Sheng Bei pulled out the needle and got out of bed anxiously.

The two quickly came out of the hospital and rushed to City A.

Not long after, Fu Shiting’s cell phone rang.

He answered the phone –

“Boss! Tang Qian is dancing on the roof of the company building in a red dress! It’s very intimidating!” The vice president’s voice came from the other side of the phone, “She locked the door to the roof, we can’t get in! “

Fu Shiting: “…” Tang

Qian danced on the rooftop of his company?

Fu Shiting clenched his knuckles and shouted: “Call the police! I’m on my way now!”

Vice President: “Okay! Boss, Tang Qian might want to jump off the building! She jumped very close to the railing, feeling a little careless. You can fall downstairs! It’s scary!”

“She’s not scary if she’s dead, but she’s scary if she doesn’t die!” If there was a button that could immediately end Tang Qian’s life, Fu Shiting would press it now.

“But…she deliberately chose to commit suicide in our company, how unlucky! She is disgusting you!” The vice president didn’t want the company to make news because of such negative news.

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled.

Tang Qian did this to disgust him.

Does she want to become a ghost after her death and haunt him for the rest of her life? !

Chapter 992

Chapter 992

ST Group.

Below the building, there was a crowd of people watching the excitement.

On the ground, I could only vaguely see a red figure swaying on the rooftop.

“I heard that this woman in red was the former manager of ST Group’s PR department! She stayed by Fu Shiting’s side for more than ten years, but she didn’t get her name in the end, and I was heartbroken. Now I want to die, and I want to die here! What a stupid woman!”

“Is that the one who was disfigured not long ago?”

“Yes! She was very beautiful at first, but she was disfigured in a fire. What a pity! If she was not disfigured before, she could not get Fu Shiting’s heart. After the disfigurement, Fu Shiting couldn’t see it. Fuck her!”

“There are so many women that Fu Shiting looks down on, do they all jump off the building like her? Is it her own problem?”

“Who knows the private life of the rich? I just I think she is so miserable and pitiful now!”

“There is a saying that a poor person must have something to hate. If I were to die, I would never die in someone else’s company. There are so many people in the building still working, this Are women lacking in virtue?”

Everyone was discussing incessantly, and at this time, the fire rescue came.

After the police car stopped in front of the building, firefighters quickly got out of the car and prepared to carry out rescue work.

On the rooftop, Tang Qian looked at the crowd of people downstairs and showed a hideous smile.

“It’s over… it’s over…”

she muttered, and then jumped up and down!


Qin Anan brought Rila for a physical examination, and when the test results were waiting, Rila fell asleep in Qin Anan’s arms.

Qin Anan sent Mike a message and asked him to come to the hospital.

After sending the message, she looked at the big screen in front of the hall.

The noon news is playing on the big screen.

“Now there is an emergency news, someone committed suicide in the ST Group Building on Chengzhong Avenue, causing traffic congestion on Chengzhong Avenue. Remind drivers and friends to detour, and remind everyone to cherish life…”

With the voice of the anchor Then, the picture of ST Group Building appeared on the screen.

The front of the building has been cordoned off. Outside the cordon, there are onlookers, and inside the cordon, there are corpses with mosaics.

Because Tang Qian was wearing a red dress, after sizing, it looked like a cloud of red, like a pool of bright red blood.

Qin An’an’s body was tense, and her heart was chilled from the inside out!

who is it? Who is dead?

Why do you want to jump off the building at ST Group?

After a while, Mike rushed to the hospital and took Rila from her arms.

She went to the window to get the test results.

The test results showed that the data of Rila were normal.

Qin Anan breathed a sigh of relief.

“An An, Tang Qian is dead.” Mike whispered, “I jumped from the building in Fu Shiting’s company.”

“I saw the news.” Qin Anan’s emotions were already calmer, but when he mentioned this, he was still angry.” Damn she! She wants to poison Rila, she is too vicious! How can children be involved in the grievances and grievances between adults?!”

Mike looked at Rila’s sleeping face and said distressedly: “Fortunately, Rila Fukuda has a great life.”

“But Rila’s classmate was poisoned to death. That’s also a treasure held in the palm of other people’s hands!”

“An An, let’s go back first! There are too many people here.” Mike said, “We only passed today. For a long time, so many terrible things have happened one after another, let’s go back first, don’t let anything happen again.”

Back at the Xinghewan villa, Fu Shiting called.

He just returned to City A.

“Rila is fine, she’s asleep. Go and deal with your company’s affairs first!” Qin Anan said. “Then I’ll go to your place later.” Fu Shiting

hesitated for a few seconds, “An An, stay home with your daughter for the next few days!” Do

n’t worry about sending her to school.”

“Thank you.”

Chapter 993

Chapter 993

Listening to Fu Shiting’s deep voice, Qin An’an’s eyes suddenly became a little sour.

Obviously she didn’t say anything, but he seemed to sense it.

“An An, do you want to cry?” he said hoarsely, “I’ll go with you! The company’s business is not important.”

Qin Anan took a breath: “I’m fine. It’s just that my daughter was almost poisoned, and I feel bad. I can’t imagine how painful it would be to lose her. I can’t imagine…”

“I know. I can’t lose her either. She won’t be eating all three of her meals at school.”

“Um. You Let’s take care of the company first! I’ll sleep with Rila for a while.” “

Okay. Call me if you have anything.”

“Yeah.” Rila was sitting on the sofa in a beautiful nightdress, holding her favorite rag doll in her arms, and the expression on her face was melancholy not her age. Usually she is the pistachio of this family, no matter who she sees, she is very enthusiastic and active. Now she is silent and sullen, so everyone doesn’t know how to coax for a while. “Let’s go eat first! I’ll accompany her outside to wait for Xiaohan. I asked the bodyguard to pick Xiaohan back early today.” Qin Anan told everyone. Then she took Rila and walked out. Everyone went to the dining room and sat down. Li Xiaotian asked, “Has Tang Qian’s body been disposed of?” “She was taken away by her mother.” Zhou Ziyi replied. “Oh, I thought their family was gone!” Li Xiaotian asked again, “What will happen to their company? Her mother definitely doesn’t do business, right?”

Zhou Ziyi glanced at Fu Shiting, and then replied: “Xinhe Capital will be annexed by my boss. In the future, there will be no more Xinhe Capital company.”

Li Xiaotian: “Haha! As I said, she will be punished. She will die horribly! I’m right!”

He Zhunzhi held Li Xiaotian’s hand under the table, “Xiaotian, let’s not talk about Tang Qian! Rila today Stimulated, let’s talk about something else!”


After a while, Xiaohan returned home.

After hearing what happened today, Xiaohan gives Rila a hug.

“Brother, I almost died.”

“Rila, you’re not dead.” Xiaohan let go of her, “Since you’re not dead, don’t cry.”

Rila’s eyes were a little red and swollen: “I’m not crying. I’m just scared. “

Brother is here, don’t be afraid.” Xiaohan took her hand and led her to the living room.

“Brother, Dad is here.” Rila reminded.

Xiaohan: “I know.”

It would be strange if Fu Shiting didn’t come with such a serious incident.

“Dad said he would stay with me at our house for the next few days.” Rila whispered to her brother, “Brother, will you be angry?”

“Do you want him to accompany you?” Xiaohan asked.

Rila lowered her eyes and said nothing.

“Since you want him to accompany you, my brother won’t be angry.” Xiaohan compromised.

If it weren’t for such a serious incident today, Xiaohan would not compromise.

Rila’s place in his heart was as important as his mother’s.

Five days later.

A courier will be sent to Xinghewan Villa.

Mrs. Zhang took the courier in, and Fu Shiting , who was sitting on the sofa, asked, “What is it?” “

Chapter 994

Chapter 994

Qin Anan came out of the bedroom, and when she heard Mrs. Zhang recite this sentence, a cold sweat broke out on her back!

The identification results of Fu Shiting and Fu Yechen’s uncles and nephews came out.

She got a text message on her phone. She did not expect that the identification center would send the paper results directly to her home.

“Sister Zhang, is there my courier?” She walked over pretending to be casual and took the courier from Mrs. Zhang.

She could feel Fu Shiting and Aunt Zhang looking at her curiously.

Because this courier is sent by the paternity test center.

Normal people would naturally guess whether she went to the testing center and did a paternity test.

Fu Shiting stood up from the sofa and walked towards her.

“It was I who asked this identification center to do a genetic test for one of my patients because he had a strange disease… This matter is more complicated, and now the patient’s disease is almost healed. Qin Anan said, looked at Fu Shiting and reminded, “Today you are going to Qiqi’s funeral, why don’t you change your clothes?”

Fu Shiting raised his wrist and glanced at his watch: “Isn’t the funeral ten o’clock? It’s only eight now.” It’s still early.”

“Oh, then you can continue to play with Ziqiu! I’ll go and change Rila’s clothes.” Qin Anan took the courier and walked towards her daughter’s room.

These days, Rila has been resting at home.

Qin Anan and Fu Shiting wanted to take her out to play, but she refused to go.

She plays the piano, watches TV, and plays with toys at home every day, and is much quieter than before.

If she used to be a lively bird, she is now a quiet little dragonfly.

Qin Anan pushed open the door of the child’s room, and immediately closed the door after entering.

She took the document out of the courier bag and opened it quickly to see the identification result.

Identification opinion: According to the DNA analysis results, it is ruled out that the uncle sample A and the nephew sample B are related by blood.

Sample A is Fu Shiting, and sample B is Fu Yechen.

Because she didn’t want to reveal her privacy, she used sample A and sample B as proxy names.

Seeing this result, Qin An’an’s body couldn’t stop shaking slightly!

Although she had already made the worst plan, she was still deeply stimulated to see the result!

Fu Shiting is not from the Fu family. It’s no wonder that looking at the albums of his childhood, around the age of five, he looks different.

Because the child was replaced!

The real Fu Shiting suffers from the same disease as Yin Yin.

The Fu family claimed that Fu Shiting’s illness was cured by a divine healer. In fact, where did the miraculous doctor come from, but they replaced a healthy child!

And that real Fu Shiting… very likely… is Yun Mo!

From the first time she saw Yun Mo, she felt familiar.

She always thought that it was because she missed Yinyin too much that she kept seeing the shadow of Yinyin in Yunmo. Unexpectedly…

She took a deep breath and decided to find a chance to combine Yunmo’s DNA with Fu Ye. Chen’s make a comparison!

If it is determined that Yun Mo is from the Fu family…she took a deep breath! If she was sure that Yun Mo was from the Fu family, she didn’t know what to do.

She hopes that Yunmo will leave the Yun family.

But thinking that the current Fu family is not the former Fu family, Fu Han and Fu Yechen are no better than Yun Shijie.

The most important thing is that Fu Shiting may not be able to accept this result.

“Mom, what are you looking at?” Rila immediately came over to see her mother’s serious expression.

Qin Anan folded the identification result, put it in his pocket, and tore off the courier bag.

Chapter 995

Chapter 995

“Rila, have you chosen which clothes to wear?” Qin Anan asked without answering, “Usually when you attend a funeral, you will wear black clothes. You wear this black skirt and black bottoming pants. , how?”

Rila nodded: “Mom, you look very unhappy. What did you see just now?”

Qin Anan pulled out a stiff smile: “It’s my mother’s work.”

“I can let Daddy help you solve it.” Rila gave her an idea. “He lives in our house now, let him do something for you, can he still not be willing?”

“Mom can solve it by herself. Mommy can help you. Change your clothes!” Qin Anan was very solemn, but couldn’t show it, so he changed the subject, “Rila, are you sure you will go back to school next week?”

“Well. I have to be brave. Other children can go back to school, I can too.”

“Rila, you are really great. Mom is proud of you.” Qin Anan squatted down and kissed her daughter’s forehead.

In the living room, Fu Shiting’s cell phone rang.

When Ziqiu heard the ringing of the phone, his jet-black eyes stared like copper bells.

Fu Shiting smiled at his son, then answered the phone.

“Boss, have you seen the interview with Tang Qian’s mother?” Zhou Ziyi’s voice came over the phone, “During the interview, she was so pitiful and created an image of a victim. She said you killed her. The owner of the Tang family has occupied all the property of the Tang family. This is to kill her too. During the interview, she asked for help from all walks of life, and I hope everyone can help her get justice.”

Fu Shiting’s face turned ashen!

This shameless old woman!

Did she think she dared not touch her?

“Boss, do you want to block her interview video, or respond to her video?” Zhou Ziyi asked. “She looks haggard in the video, but the words she said are very annoying.”

“Don’t she just want money? I just don’t give her a penny.” Fu Shiting said indifferently, “She thought a mere interview video could affect me? It’s hopelessly stupid!”

“Well! Her behavior It’s disgusting.” Zhou Ziyi sighed, “It’s like Tang Qian had to die in our company. The mother and daughter are really the same.”

Qin Anan took Rila out of the room and heard Fu Shiting talking on the phone.

Her eyes fell on him madly.

He is arrogant, arrogant, and noble!

He made the entire Fu family famous, and when others talked about him, they never dared to be disrespectful.

The dazzling halo he worked hard for the Fu family now looks like a joke.

Mrs. Fu must be aware of it, right?

It’s hard for the old lady to treat Fu Shiting as her own. As long as the old lady is not so good to Fu Shiting, Fu Shiting will not miss the old lady after the old lady’s death.

Fu Shiting saw Qin An’an and his daughter out of the corner of his eye, and immediately hung up.

“Ziqiu was awake, so I didn’t go out to talk on the phone,” he explained.

Qin Anan looked at his handsome face and replied, “Shi Ting, I’m going to change my clothes. When I change my clothes, let’s go out! It’s a little stuffy at home.”


After Qin Anan returned to the room, Fu Shiting left. to Rila.

“Rila, your dress today is so beautiful. Dad never saw you wear it before.” Fu Shiting tried every way to praise his daughter and make her happy.

This trick is very useful for children.

Rila’s feelings for him were deeper now than before.

“Dad, Mom is in trouble at work, please help her!” Rila murmured, “Although she said she could solve it, I think she’s obviously very unhappy.”

Fu Shiting frowned slightly: “your mother told you that she is in trouble at work?”

As far as he knows, the Qin Group has not encountered any trouble.

Rila nodded: “Mom took out a few pieces of paper in my room just now. After reading it, her face changed.”

Chapter 996

Chapter 996 How many sheets of


Fu Shiting thought for a while and asked, “Is it the paper she took out of the express bag?”

Rila nodded: “It seems so, otherwise I don’t know where she took it from. Mom must be in big trouble. It’s gone.” The

reason Rila said it so seriously was to get Dad to help Mom.

She didn’t want her mother to suffer alone.

Fu Shiting took his daughter’s words to heart: “Don’t worry, Dad will definitely help her. When we go to the funeral later, I will have a good chat with her.”

Rila: “Don’t say I told you Yes . Because she said she could solve it by herself.”

Fu Shiting patted his daughter’s head and chuckled, “Your mother didn’t hurt you in vain.”

“Of course, I love my mother the most.”

“Last time I seemed to listen to you . Said the one I love the most is my brother.” Fu Shiting deliberately gave her a problem.

“Mom and brother are my favorites!” Rila said without hesitation.

“What about me?” Fu Shiting wanted to know where he was in his daughter’s heart now.

Rila stared at his handsome and mature face, and after careful consideration, she gave an answer: “You must be behind your younger brother.”

Fu Shiting was quite satisfied with this answer: “As long as he can be ranked in front of your Uncle Mike, Dad will be satisfied. “

Rila frowned: “You must be behind Uncle Mike! What are you thinking! How good my Uncle Mike is to me, he is better than you in everything except that he is not my father.”

Fu Shiting : “…”

In order to make her words more convincing, Rila said to Ziqiu who opened her eyes in the crib: “Brother, sister, right?”

Fu Shiting: “…” Rila: “

Look, my brother nodded.”

Fu Shiting could see clearly, but Ziqiu didn’t nod at all.

But he couldn’t refute his daughter, otherwise she would be angry.

He knew that he was too impatient.

Mike and Rila have lived together for six or seven years, and they have a deep relationship. Couldn’t he be a substitute for his father who came out halfway?

Let’s ask this question after he has been with his daughter for six or seven years!

master bedroom.

Qin Anan locked the identification results in the cabinet, and then changed into a black spring dress.

After coming out of the bedroom, she strode up to the father and daughter.

“What were you two talking about just now? So loud.”

Fu Shiting was embarrassed, not wanting to say it and be laughed at.

Rila: “I asked my dad just now who my favorite woman is. I can only say one, and my dad said…”

Fu Shiting sighed helplessly: “Rila, didn’t you promise dad that you won’t tell me?”

Rila blinked her bright apricot eyes: “But I promised my mother before that I will tell my mother everything!”

Qin Anan glanced at Fu Shiting with a smug face, and then asked Rila, “That question just now, did you How did Dad answer?”

Rila said, “Dad said his favorite woman is his mother.”

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment.

Rila’s eyes shone brightly: “I asked him whether he was talking about his mother or my mother, mother, guess what he answered!”

Fu Shiting raised his hand to rest on his forehead.

Qin Anan glanced at him with a smile, and then turned back to her daughter: “He said it was his mother?”

“NONONO! He said it was my mother, which is you! Hahaha!” Rila’s laughter penetrated the whole living room.

Chapter 997

Chapter 997

This is the first time she has laughed so happily in the past few days.

At ten o’clock in the morning, Qiqi’s funeral was held at the funeral home.

After the memorial ceremony, Kiki was sent to be cremated.

Fu Shiting held Rila in one hand and a tissue in the other to wipe her tears.

“Let’s go home!” Qin Anan said.


After coming out of the funeral home, they were going to the parking lot.

At this moment, a shadow came out, took the microphone, and asked Fu Shiting, “Mr. Fu, did you really do the demolition of the Tang family?” The

bodyguard immediately pushed the reporter away.

Fu Shiting saw that his daughter was frightened, and planned to carry her daughter into the car first.

But Qin An’an’s footsteps were still in place.

Fu Shiting may not care what the outside world says about him, but she does!

“Do you know how the girl who was sent away at the memorial service just now died?” Qin Anan took the reporter’s microphone and said loudly, “The girl’s name is Qiqi. She is only six and a half years old this year, less than seven years old. She is me. Daughter’s classmate. She was poisoned by Tang Qian. Do you have children? If your child was poisoned, would you come to the memorial service to clean up the murderer?!” The

reporter was ashamed when asked Face: “Miss Qin, I don’t mean to clean up the Tang family. I just watched Mrs. Tang’s interview…”

“If you don’t clean up the Tang family, then why do you ask the Tang family to kill Fu Shiting?” What did you do? Do you have any evidence?” Qin Anan retorted word by word, “I didn’t watch Madam Tang’s interview, but since Madam Tang is still alive, why do you say that the Tang family is destroyed? Madam Tang is not a human being?”

Reporter: ” “…”

“Instead of asking here, you might as well investigate carefully and see how much good things the Tang family has done over the years!” Qin Anan returned the microphone to the reporter.

After Qin Anan got into the car, her cheeks were slightly red, but she was still a little excited.

Fu Shiting twisted a bottle of water and handed it to her: “Thank you for defending me just now.”

“I’m not defending you, I’m telling him the truth.” Qin Anan took a sip, “I know you don’t bother to explain to these reporters, but This is a funeral home, how dare these people come here to block people?”

Fu Shiting: “They want to make big news.”

Qin An’an: “No matter what news, it must be based on the principle of fact.”

Fu Shiting: “Don’t I’m angry. Let’s go home first.”


After returning home and having lunch, Fu Shiting took Qin An’an back to the room.

“Why are you pulling me into the room in a hurry?” Qin Anan’s heart beat fast when he saw him closing the door.

“What’s in that courier in the morning?” Fu Shiting wanted to help her solve the trouble.

Qin Anan’s scalp exploded, and he didn’t understand why he would ask this.

“Didn’t I tell you this morning?”

“Rila said that you were very unhappy after reading the documents inside.” Fu Shiting said frankly, “She was worried about you, so she told me.”

Qin Anan was very moved that her daughter was worried herself, but her small mouth is too incapable of keeping secrets.

Qin An’an took a deep breath and sat down beside the bed: “Didn’t I do a DNA test for my patient? The test results show that my patient’s genes are unusual. In his genes, there is a kind of ancient times. The genes of the extinct gorilla…”

Fu Shiting was fascinated.

“Can you accept that you are not who you are now?” Qin Anan saw that he was stunned, so he asked tentatively, “For example, you are not actually the young master of the Fu family…”

“Am I a gorilla in ancient times? ‘ he asked back.

“I didn’t say you were a gorilla, I meant…”

“I know what you mean. Humans actually have a common ancestor. It’s a fact that scientists have long discovered,” he told her. science.

Her temples throbbed.

“Of course I can’t accept that I’m not who I am now.” After a moment of silence, he answered her last question, “Just like I can’t accept that I’m a gorilla.”

Chapter 998

Chapter 998

His answer was somewhat unexpected to her.

She thought he didn’t care so much about his external identity.

But his answer just now was unequivocal and firm.

He couldn’t accept that he was not the real Fu Shiting!

So, she will keep it a secret for him.

“Shi Ting, I was just joking with you just now.” She raised the corner of her mouth to ease the atmosphere.

“I think your joke is very interesting,” he discussed with her seriously. “I’ll tell you first why I can’t accept that I’m not who I am now.”

Since he wanted to discuss it, of course she was willing to listen.

“Everything I have now is what I have accumulated over time. Including my career, my wealth, my friends, and you and my children. If I am not who I am now, it will not change what I have. I should be indifferent to this identity. But obviously, if I am not in my current identity, I will definitely lose what I have now. I don’t want to lose part or all of it.”

Qin Anan listened to his words, nodded.

“Indeed, you are very thoughtful.” She changed her words, “but I have a different opinion.”

“You said.”

“In my opinion, your personal ability and charm are far greater than your current identity. No matter if this identity is the master of the Fu family or the president of ST Group, I believe that without these two identities, you can still have everything you want through hard work.” She looked at him firmly, “Also, if You are not who you are now, you will not lose me and the child.”

She praised him in the first half, and the second half was her confession to him.

He was in a good mood when he heard it.

“It’s your turn now,” he asked, “what if you weren’t who you are now?”

“My career is not as successful as yours, and I don’t make as much money as you. Also, even if I’m not in my current status, my children won’t leave me. So if I’m not in my current status, it doesn’t matter to me,” she wrote lightly.

He nodded: “These are just assumptions, my identity will not change, your identity will not change, and our relationship will not change. On June 1st, we will get married. From now on, we will never be separated. .”

She looked at his solemn and serious face and nodded with a smile.

She said in her heart: Fu Shiting, even if you are not the real Fu Shiting, I will always love you.

She loves who he is, not who he is, his name.

The weekend passed in a flash, and on Monday, Qin Anan and Fu Shiting sent Rila to school.

Seeing that Rila entered the classroom and sat down, Qin Anan and Fu Shiting left with confidence.

“Are you going to the company?” Qin Anan asked.

“What about you?” Fu Shiting asked back.

“I made an appointment with Xiaotian at the beauty salon at noon.” Qin Anan’s face turned slightly red, “There is still a month before the wedding, and she said that she would start taking care of her skin in advance.”

Fu Shiting: “Have you noticed that after Tang Qian’s death, Li Xiaotian is a lot more lively?”

Qin An’an: “If Wang Wanzhi were dead, I would be a lot more lively.”

Fu Shiting nodded: “I sent someone to watch her, she has been hiding abroad and dare not come forward.”

Qin An An: “Then let her be a tortoise for the rest of her life!”

Fu Shiting: “Which beauty salon are you dating? I’ll take you there.”

Qin Anan shook his head: “It’s still early, take me to the company first!”

Chapter 999

Chapter 999


Fu Shiting sent Qin An’an to the Qin Group.

At this time, it was the peak time for work clocks. When employees saw them, they immediately gathered around to say hello: “Good morning, Boss! Good morning, Boss Fu!

” Just call him Xiaofu or Laofu.” Mike walked over from the crowd and joked.

Qin Anan glared at him: “You came to the company so early today?”

“Is it wrong for you to come early?” Mike said, and looked at Fu Shiting again, “Boss Fu’s wedding is ready? There’s only one month left!”

After being reminded by Mike, Fu Shiting felt a sense of urgency in his heart.

For the past week, he has been with Rila at the Xinghewan Villa. I don’t know how the wedding scene is set up.

“An An, I’ll go first.” He said.

After Fu Shiting left, Qin Anan walked over to Mike and whispered, “I have something to tell you.”

“What? It’s so mysterious.”

“I want you to help me find out where my patient lives now. Which area.” Qin An’an said, “I have his number. Can you find out where he is from his number?” The

two entered the elevator. Because there were other employees in the elevator, the chat was suspended first.

After a while, the two got out of the elevator and walked towards Qin An’an’s office.

“What are you doing with your patient? He is in country A now?” Mike wondered, “Qin An’an, in a month’s time, you will be married. At this time, don’t mind your own business. With Fu Shiting’s character, I definitely don’t like that you are entangled with your patients.”

“I talked to him about this issue. He supports me.” Qin Anan looked smug, “Fu Shiting is not as stingy as you think!”

“Tsk tsk! I seem to smell the sour smell of love!” Mike walked in front of her, pushed open the door of her office, and walked in first, “Can’t you contact your patient’s family?

” People don’t want to talk to me. They think I’m annoying.” Qin Anan said truthfully, “My patient called me and said that his family treated him badly. He asked me for help. I can’t wait for help.”

“So serious?” Mike Frowning, “You send me your patient’s number, and I’ll try to see if I can find the area where he lives.”

“Okay. Keep this a secret, don’t tell anyone,” she confessed. ” Ziyi don’t say it either. Because this matter is not suitable for gossip.”

“Oh, what are you doing so serious? I won’t say it.” Mike looked at her, “Qin An’an, I really don’t like it sometimes. You are like this. You are too fraternity, and you are good to everyone, like central air conditioning.”

Qin Anan: “If you don’t owe a word for a day, you will feel uncomfortable, right?”

“I haven’t spoken to you for several days, right? ?” Mike teased, “You and Fu Shiting are tired of being together these days. Where do you still see me? By the way, Rila went to school today, should Fu Shiting go back to his own house too?”

Qin Anan Liu Mei raised her eyebrows: “You said he was my fiancé , where do you want him to go? My house is his!

An Dao: “You help me find out the location of my patient first, don’t worry about moving.”

Mike: “Oh, you suddenly remember that I still have value?”

“Go to work, and notify me immediately when there is a result. .” Qin Anan pushed him out.

In the afternoon, three o’clock.

Qin Anan came back from the beauty salon. Not long after he sat down in the office chair, Mike pushed the door and came in.

Mike handed her a drawing, then stared at her radiant face and looked at her: “Why don’t you bring Fu Shiting to the beauty salon? He’s so much older than you, and he doesn’t think he’s old, why should you think you’re rough?”

Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000

Qin Anan took the blueprint and glanced at him, then replied, “Who said that my beauty is for Fu Shiting to see? Can’t I show it to myself? Can’t I show you?”

Mike snorted: “You patient, you live very close to Fu Shiting! It’s quite a coincidence.”

The blueprint Mike gave her was a simple map drawn by him.

The red dot in the middle of the picture is Fu Shiting’s villa. To the southeast of him, there is another red dot, which is the approximate direction of the cloud phone signal.

“There is no way to get a more accurate position, only this position.” Mike said, “Didn’t you say that Fu Shiting supports you? If you ask Fu Shiting to send someone to search for a nearby house, you will definitely be able to find your patient.”

Qin An An put away the drawings and shook his head: “He’s busy with the wedding now, I’ll find it myself!”

“How do you find it? Let the bodyguard find it.” Mike was afraid that something would happen to her, “Just stay at ease and wait for the best. Beautiful bride.”

“Mike, I know you’re worried about me.” Qin Anan said to him, “he is not in danger for the time being, and I didn’t say to go to him immediately. Now that I know where he is, I feel more at ease. I’m done.”

“Oh, then I’ll go to work first.” Mike strode out.

After Mike left, Qin Anan unfolded the drawing again –

she was still familiar with Fu Shiting’s house. Fu Shiting’s villa was a single-family house, surrounded by greenery for several hundred meters.

From his villa to the main road, there is at least a distance of two kilometers.

And the drawings given by Mike showed that the cloud ink was a large piece next to the main road.

There is a community there, and many people live there. If you go door-to-door to find it, it is tantamount to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Besides, she thought of something even scarier.

Yun Shijie brought his family to settle in country A and chose to live near Fu Shiting’s villa. Is it a coincidence or intentional?

It seemed that she had to find a chance to have a good chat with Yun Shijie.

I don’t know if he is out of the hospital now.

In the evening, after dinner. Qin Anan took Ruila and Ziqiu for a walk in the community.

Qin Anan pushed the baby stroller, and Rila took her arm and told her what happened at school today.

“Mom, we are all psychological counseling classes this week, and we won’t start classes until next week.”

“Well, Mom knows. The teacher informed the class group.”

“Mom, I feel that today’s psychology teacher is like a grandmother.”

” Do you remember what grandma looked like?” Qin Anan thought of her mother and said sadly, “If she was still alive, she would be very happy to see you so beautiful and brave now.”

“Of course I remember what grandma looked like. Mom is Grandma’s daughter, mother looks like grandma!”

Rila’s voice was settled, and a cute voice came from the cart: “Mom!”

Qin Anan and Rila were stunned.

Did your son speak? !

He opened his mouth to call mother!

ST Group.

Fu Shiting went to the wedding banquet during the day and didn’t return to the company until the afternoon, so he was working overtime at the company.

The executives work overtime with him.

The mobile phone rang on the table, he saw Qin An’an’s call and immediately answered.

“Shi Ting! Ziqiu will call his mother!” Qin Anan’s voice came excitedly, “I asked my son to call for you! His voice is so soft and cute! He looks like a little girl!”

Qin Anan said to Ziqiu after finishing speaking: “Baby, call me mom again.”

Zi Qiu looked at Qin An’an’s gentle face, and opened his mouth obediently: “Mom!”

The sound of ‘mother’ clearly fell into Fu Shiting’s ears.

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